Monuments and Motifs of the Luciferians

  • What is the Scottish Rite and its Center all about?
  • Is there a common encrypted pattern of Solomon's Temple?
  • What role do the Masons play prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. . . Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. …The doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of darkness and evil.’  -A.C. De La Rive, La Femme et l'enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle,

The purpose of this study is to suggest that the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in San Francisco is patterned after 2 designs. As with the construct of the ‘Rite’, their prime directive is to have all things related and referenced to the Temple that King Solomon built. Thus, the Masonic ‘Temple Complex’ on Sloat and 19th Street is fashioned to that of the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem. The 2nd pattern that this study suggests is that the ‘Temple’ center, which is essential an event center auditorium is fashioned to portray a double-headed eagle as is the motif of the Scottish Rite when looking at the building from a top view. If one is ever driving through ‘The City by the Bay’, that is San Francisco, one will traverse inevitably through one of the main arteries, 19th street.

At the intersection of Sloat, there is a very prominent building on the 4-way intersection that looks very ominous with seemingly ‘Christian’ motifs that adorn the exterior façade on 19th Street. There are Maltese Crosses, Templar Crosses, Hexagrams with Hebrew lettering, etc. Then there is a double-headed eagle etched into the building. This study will consider the obvious and what is revealed and made to project outside in plain sight. Then the study will consider the esoteric nature of some of this possible meaning and significance of such a design and the origins of the Scottish Rite.

First-off, the building is orientated in a north-south, east-west fashion where the entrance is facing the rising of the Sun. Such were the orientation of the ancient temples of the world and especially that of King Solomon’s. It speaks of the ‘light of illumination’ that it receives, etc. Thus, if one superimposes the 2nd Temple blueprint layout from a top view, there does appear to be certain key markers that correlate directly with each other. The  entire ‘Temple Fortress’ perimeter ‘fits’ nearly exactly from the center divider of 19th Street to the edge of the housing track on the east side. The compound or center is apparently ‘divided’ along the lines as the Temple was with the Court of the Women to the East and the Temple proper with the various Courts of the Priest and Israel. This delineation is also based off the phi ratio proportions. 

The Sacred Measurements
Interestingly, the Court of the Women corresponds to an open area of playing courts that the school compound there is associated with the Lutheran Church. At each corner, of this church compound section, there are certain builders that would then correlate to the 4 champers within the Court of the Women; that of the Lepers, the Wood, the Oil and the Nazarites. What is further interesting is that the delineation of the Scottish Masonic Center and the Lutheran Church would appear to line up with the main ‘Temple’ Lutheran Church building itself. The actual church building would be apparently the length of the Altar of Sacrifice ‘ramp’. The Altar of Sacrifice itself would be situated nearly on ‘top’ of where the Lutheran Church ‘Altar’ would be at the end, inside of the Nave. Then the ‘steps’ leading up to the Temple Porch is nearly the distance from the edge of the Masonic Center building entrance to the first delineation in the structure.

Then the Masonic Center ‘Temple body’ is nearly the same distance as would be the Temple in King Herod’s model inner chambers having each respective Temple’s ends terminate at the 19th street’s edge. The inner portions would constitute the Holies and Holy of Holies. Such ‘chambers’ would span the core of the Scottish Masonic Center building that is essential an auditorium for various types of meetings, gatherings and performances. Obviously, inside the Scottish Masonic Center ’Temple’, one will not find the exact dimensions of a 20x20x20 cubits of the perfect cube Holy of Holies or the 20x40 cubits Holies. One will find the tapestry and artwork on the various wall panels throughout the Masonic building. It is replete with the drawings of King Solomon, Temple blueprints and esoteric motifs of the Scottish Rite persuasion of Freemasonry. The following is the approximate measurements taken from Google Earth that characterizes the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple with their many encrypted numerology symbolism. This is from a top view and with an east-west orientation to the building.

The width of the 2 corner ‘eagle heads’         13 smooths
Width of the ‘eagle head’ with recesses        888 inches
Width of the outer edges of 1st section          88 feet
From recesses to main façade 1st section    13 yards or 6.66 smooths
The length of the center section or ‘body’      1260 inches or ~33 yards
The approximate with of ‘body’ at end           999 inches
The entire length from entrance to end          33 smooths or 176 feet (1776)
From the ‘head’ to end of ‘Temple’                 1776 inches
And the diagonal from corner to corner         100 yards

In terms of the 2nd type of design and layout, if one looks toward the east from a top view, the entire Scottish Rite Masonic Center building appears to be construed to look like that of the double-headed eagle motif of the Scottish Rite. There is the ‘head’ with the 2 respective edges recessed to show this effect. There are to flanks of ‘wings’ or sections that parallels the main ‘body’ of the ‘beast of prey’, etc. Then there are the 2 symbiotically ‘feet’ of the eagle that is resting on the Masonic ‘sword’ that would thus correlate to the sidewalk on 19th Street. As to the name of the Scottish Rite, it is called ‘The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’. It is the counterpart to the York Rite and is also referred to as the Rose Croix or the Rosicrucian's.

A Luciferian Rite
Supposedly, the Rite, ‘builds upon the ethical teaching and philosophy’ of the Craft or that of the Blue Lodges of Freemasonry. Their symbol is the double-headed eagle motif that is perched on a Masonic sword and has the number 33 within a triangle on the breast of the eagle. The number stands for the 33 degrees that are known to exist, publicly. The other prominent motif is the Rose and Cross within the Compass of the Masons that also depicts a pelican with younglings. For example, such a ‘pelican’ motif is the symbol on the flag of the state of Louisiana in the USA. There is much debate as to the origins of the Rite that involve such personages as the ‘myth of Stuart Jacobite’, King Charles II of England, and German noblemen, etc. It is believed that the first inception of the order was brought-over by the French in what is now Haiti. 

Although the order would be considered ‘Christian’ in its veneer, there have been Jews and Jesuits that have influenced and led the Rite at various times. Interestingly, the ‘Mother Lodge’ in the Western Hemisphere is situated in the Supreme Council at Charleston, South Carolina. And this Rite is heavily influenced by the Kabbalist Jews that have their ‘Craft’ going back all the way to Nimrod of the Tower or ‘Temple’ of Babel. What many may not suspect nor consider is that such motifs and leaders have not been ‘Christian’ nor have had anything to do with Jesus as the true Christ and His Gospel of Salvation. Albeit, the Freemasons believe in a ‘Christ’, a Deity and Creator, the ‘Grand Architect of the Universe’, it has not Jesus nor YHVH of the Bible.

This assertion is stated and established well within the Albert Pike writings of the Morals and Dogmas. Pike basically codified the ‘Rites’ and essentially defined that their ‘religion’ is that of Lucifer. To the Freemasons, Lucifer is the true ‘God’ and that YHVH is the evil imposter. It is Albert Pike and others like Manly P. Hall that later on confirmed that indeed this ‘religious order’ is Luciferian and Lucifer is the God whom they worship.  The Rite such as this one and any other affiliated Order might  have the vestiges of being ‘Christian’ but that would be a falsity. However, such Rites and Orders have infiltrated and coopted many of the mainline Christian churches, such as the one in which the compounds of the Scottish Rite Masonic Center are situated within. It is the Lutheran Church and school that are linked to this Rite.

Such Freemasonic association, by the way that is forbidden by the Apostles in the writings of the New Testament. Rather, that Christians are to expose ‘False Brethren’ and the false ‘Ministers of Righteousness’ that are masquerading as such. The Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 11 stated the following regarding such ‘Rites’. ‘For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the Apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an Angel of Light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the Ministers of Righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.’ One of the Rite’s main aim is to complete their ‘Great Work’. This ‘Great Work’ is to enthrone Lucifer one day in Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Many believe this will concur with the rebuilding of the Jewish 3rd Temple that will be eventually coopeted by the Luciferians for the purposes of enthroning their false Messiah. It is to be the New World Oder Temple for the coming King Solomon type that will rule the world from Jerusalem.

It will be a time on Earth of Humanity’s last generati
Morals and Dogma

Abomination of Desolation Spoken by Daniel

  • What is the Image of the Beast consisting of?
  • How soon will Daniel's 70th Week of Years start?
  • What does the Bible have to say about the coming 'Beasts'?

by Luis B. Vega

‘The day is coming when you will see the sacrilegious object that causes desecration standing where he should not be spoken of by Daniel the prophet, (Reader, pay attention!) Then those in Judea must flee to the hills.’ -Mark 13:14

The purpose of this study is to so provide a prophetic comparison to strongly suggest that the Abomination of Desolation spoken prophetically by the prophet Daniel will indeed be a physical statue like the one Nebuchadnezzar erected in the plain of Dura. The coming AntiChrist will erect such an ‘image’ on the Temple Mount in proximity to the rebuilt 3rd Temple to divert the worship centered around the 3rd Temple away from YHVH.

This study suggests that during the coming Tribulation Period, such a statue will be in keeping with the Biblical types since Nebuchadnezzar’s day when not only was he given the dream of a statue of world empires as types of ‘Beasts’ to come until Messiah, but he was the first to have a statue of gold venerated and worshipped in his ‘image’, a 6 by 6 by 60 cubit dimension, thus the ‘Image of the Beast’. The timing is suggested to be at the mid-point of the Tribulation to coincide with the cessation of the Daily Sacrifices as the AntiChrist diverts worship to himself.

Perhaps it will be at this time that the last Beast of the Masonic Empire of Lucifer’s AntiChrist begins the intense persecution of YHVH’s People to primarily include national Israel for rejecting such a precept as did Sadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the days of Daniel. This statue, as an abomination will cause the 3rd Temple to be desolated. This coming abomination has not been the 1st attempt at causing desolation to the Holy Temple of YHVH.

Throughout Temple history world empire rulers as ‘Beasts’ have been infused with the spirit of AntiChrist that have sought to divert worship from the true and living GOD, YHVH. For example, during the times of King Herod, several prominent Priests were executed for objecting to having the Roman Eagle emblem set up over one of the Temple gates. During the times of the Exiles in Babylon in Daniel’s day, if the whole world did not bow down and worship the Image of the Beast such would be thrown into the furnace alive as was Sadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

Prophetic Déjà-Vu
This study suggests that as it was then for the Exiles of Judah in Babylon, so will such a time will be for the Exiles of Judah from Rome since 70 AD, i.e., Israel during the coming Tribulation Period will typify the 3 young men prophetically. Once again those who do not pay homage to this Image of the Beast set up by the False Prophet to venerate and give worship from the Temple to the AntiChrist and the Dragon or Lucifer will suffer capital punishment by beheading. Such a practice is now commonplace in Islam, from those that Jesus warned would think they are doing a favor for GOD.

The backdrop will be within the context of Jacob’s Trouble, a time of testing and purification that will transform Israel to the point that they will acknowledge the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. In Daniel’s day, the mandatory worship of the Image of the Beast was a ploy to try and get the Jewish Exiles from Judah to forsake YHVH as it will be in the Last Days during the coming Tribulation Period to test Israel. As in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, YHVH will not leave Himself without a Prophet to Israel during such a time of national testing. In fact, YHVH will dispatch 2 of them that the Bible calls the 2 Witnesses.

The 2 Witnesses like Daniel will step in the gap to warn and admonish Israel to look away from such an Image of the Beast and not pay homage to the False Prophet and AntiChrist come on the scene that will have deceived Israel into accepting the coming AntiChrist as their long awaited Messiah. Perhaps national Israel will be beguiled into believing such false Messiah because such a ‘man’ will have apparently brokered a deal to ‘Peres’ the land or divide it in exchange for a false sense of permanent ‘Peace and Security’ and for an allowance to reconstruct the 3rd Temple. The name Peres means to divide. It will be very interesting if the likes of Shimon Peres was always somehow involved in the planned division of the Land of Israel.

Israel will not recognize spiritually that for such conditions, it will have had to sell its soul to the Devil, that Ancient Serpent called the Dragon, Satan and Lucifer who are one in the same. This study also suggests that as only Daniel’s friends were summoned to this fiery trial, it was because Daniel was/ is a type of the Beloved, the Bride of Christ that won’t be around to be summonsed because the Rapture of the Bride which Daniel typifies will have taken place. Thus this study suggests that the Rapture has to take place prior to this testing that is to come upon Israel by the last Beast Empire of the AntiChrist and the Christ-rejecting world.

This does not include the multitudes of people that will come to faith in the true Messiah, Jesus Christ during the Tribulation Period as a direct result of the work and ministry of the 144,000 Jewish Evangelist and during the Great Tribulation with the 2 Witnesses during the time-span. This precept is based on the promise of deliverance by Jesus Christ specifically to the Church of Philadelphia. This type of church that is to be gathered-up would be those that the LORD would spare from the Wrath to be poured out to test the inhabitants of the world. An ‘Open Door’ would be provided as was to John from which he was summonsed to ‘come up here’ to be shown what was to take place thereafter.

The Sign in the Heavens
Likewise the Bride of Christ will be summonsed to witness the Wrath that the Lamb that will be pouring out on the last Beast Kingdom of the Dark Lord on Earth from the perspective in Heaven. Furthermore, the need for the summonsing of the Bride is to present her not only to Jesus Christ Himself but to face her accuser, Lucifer to be adjudicated. This study strongly suggests that only then can the Seal judgments be broken as they are the adjudication of the Bride that legally sentences Lucifer out of Heaven. Such a judgment will prevent Lucifer from having any legal and/or judicial claims to Heaven and is cast down to Earth.

It will be at this time that the Principalities, Thrones, Dominions in Heaven will be thus vacated by Lucifer and his Princes to be transformed over to the Bride of Christ. It will be from that point forth that he, Lucifer knows his time is short and will go and make war with the Remnant, i.e., Israel and those that come to faith in Christ after the Rapture. It is alluded to that the AntiChrist when blaspheming and cursing GOD will direct such contention not only against the Lamb but those living in Heaven, far from his grasp and power. It will be at this time that the Bride will go into the Chamber for protection during the indignation to come on Earth.

Many believe that the Rapture unto itself will be a ‘sign’ for Israel. Perhaps the Rapture is not tied to a specific Moed such as most expect it to be at a Rosh HaShanah event. Perhaps the Rapture is to coincide with Pentecost or an eclipse and/or a comet or both instead. Nonetheless, the Rapture is a sign that corresponds to the glorified Bride of Christ seated around the Throne of the Lamb as the 24 Elders depict. There are other ‘Heavenly Signs’ to be considered also that allude to this scenario astronomically. Many believe that the September 2017 Virgo alignment in the Mazzaroth is the Revelation 12 Sign that demarks the soon Rapture ‘Event’ of the Bride of Christ. This assertion remains to be seen.

This study suggests that the timing of when the statue will be set up that will comprise the Image of the Beast. It might have a prelude astronomically that is tied directly with the time and place concerning the retrogrades of Saturn. A study on the mythological implications of Saturn is highly significant at this time as the AntiChrist, as a type of Saturn is purported to be the god of wealth, freedom and time. The Bible clearly describes a time coming wherein the AntiChrist, as the god Saturn will even seek to change and seasons of time after the Rapture. Bible experts believe that as it pertains to Saturn’s mythology, it goes back farther than that of the human history records.

Based on the notion of Earth’s earliest stages, Lucifer was attributed with the characteristics of Saturn. Lucifer was perhaps the god and ruler of the Golden Age of Aquarius on Earth and commander of the Titans with his 7-ray crown like Saturn's 7 primary ring groupings from A-G. It is interesting that many of such statues that rulers of world empires as types of ‘Beasts’ have erected over the ages have this 7-ray crown depiction of the Sol Invictus, the ‘Unconquerable Sun’. In Luciferian circles, Lucifer is the Sol Invictus, in direct competition to GOD the SON, Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is the true ‘Sol Invictus’ promised to Israel and the world. Jesus is the ‘Image of GOD’, the Creator Himself that has obtained the victory at the Cross of Calvary over Lucifer by conquering Sin, Death and Hell. Yet Christ Himself warned Israel that when they would see this coming Luciferian Sol Invictus set up on the Temple Mount, that is the Abomination of Desolation standing or ‘set in place’ spoken by Daniel, i.e., as the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, that it would be a sign to flee to the mountains, Petra in this case during the Tribulation Period. Many End Time scholars believe this to be the approximate half-way mark of the last prophetic Week of Weeks as foretold by the prophet Daniel.

This act of sacrilege would coincide with the command by the AntiChrist to stop the Daily Sacrifices at the Temple that will be rebuilt. As it has been with the prior 3 Luciferian Beast empires of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, Judah will have similar circumstances in that Israel is left to deal with a coming world ruler infused by the spirit of the combined 4 Beasts empires and the spirit of the AntiChrist. This coming last ‘Beast’ at the end of prophetic time like Nebuchadnezzar at the beginning of a prophetic time will likewise set up a statue, an image in the likeness of the AntiChrist himself to be worshipped as ‘God’ after the Rapture.

This act will also be in keeping with the type of historical ‘Beast’ images set up by the rulers of those ‘Beast’ empires such as Nero, for example. Nero also erected the Sol Invictus, the Conquering Sun statue just outside the Roman Coliseum in the form and likeness of Nero himself. As the 4 Beast Kingdoms started with a literal statue, so too will it end with one. The only difference with this last Sol Invictus of the 4th and last Beastly Empire will involve technology. Due to the current technological advances, such as with holograms, robotics, and perhaps a measure of Tran-humanism.

The Bible declares that the False Prophet, whomever is the predominant religious leader of the time, be it the Pope or the Jewish High Priest…will make the statue, the Image of the Beast speak and be animated to a certain degree. In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ is referring to the Abomination of Desolation which is ‘standing’ where it ought not to be. The statue will be somewhere in the Temple Mount platform. Jesus did not necessarily reference the statue as being set in the Holy of Holies as many believe. It is speculated that the Ark of the Covenant will be in the Holy of Holies where the AntiChrist will sit upon it. The purpose of the statue is to be seen by the entire world from Zion.

Lucifer will require the whole world to pay homage to this Sol Invictus that is the ‘Image of the Beast’ in direct competition to the worship that will be going on in the 3r Temple. If the statue of the Sol Invictus is to have a torch of some type, it would epitomize the Luciferian type of the AntiChrist being a ‘Light Bearer’ that the Masons and Humanists revere Lucifer for and welcome as the Serpent of Wisdom that has bestowed Humanity with fire and knowledge. In reality it is a false light as the Bible clearly warns that Lucifer is a Fallen Angel full of lies. Jesus said of him that he was a murderer from the beginning and the ‘father’ of deceit bent on a mad quest to rule the Universe in YHVH’s place.

The Standard of Measure
Lucifer has a dark light and masquerades as an Angel of Light as do his ‘workers of inequity’, his Master Masons are hell bent on making sure that at some point the 3rd Temple will be a Masonic Temple suitable for their Master, their Dark Lord to take possession of and sit in its Throne Room, the Holy of Holies. A token of their ‘Great Work’ has been to set up such statues venerating Lucifer throughout the ages that depict this ‘Image of the Beast’, i.e., their Sol Invictus. Such are none but a disguised Baphomet, a hermaphrodite as is the Statue of Liberty in NYC. It is a tribute to Lucifer the Light-Bearer, of Apollo in drags with one hand up and the other down in the Luciferian pose of ‘As Above, So Below’ proclaiming ‘liberty’ as the god Saturn.

It is not a political liberty that Lucifer ascribes to but an eternal liberty from the Law and Authority of YHVH. Thus this coming Sol Invictus will be prominent in the Temple Mount that will be seen as a direct competition to the 3rd Temple that will have had been also allowed to be erected by the coming AntiChrist. This is where there has been much confusion about what and where and when the AntiChrist will cause the desolation and with what. In some Scripture references, the Bible specifically describes the AntiChrist ‘sitting’ in the Most Holy Place.

It is the statue, that ‘image of the Beast’ that is to be standing, outside the Temple in the outer court given to the Gentiles; perhaps in-between the rebuilt 3rd Temple and the Dome of the Rock. This study strongly suggests that thereafter, the AntiChrist will literally enter the Holy of Holies and sit himself how on the Ark of the Covenant of Moses and proclaim himself God, the ‘Master Builder’; imposter. The dimensions of the Ark are in proportion to the human body, the Statue will be in relation to the AntiChrist’s ego but more interesting, it matches the height of the Temple.

This study suggests that the coming statute of the Image of the Beast set up by the AntiChrist will approximate the size of the Statue of Liberty at 111 feet or the Sol Invictus of Nero that was 103 feet. This Statue or ‘Image’ of Nebuchadnezzar was 1 x 60 cubits and will approximate the height of the coming 3rd Temple. This height would correspond to approximately 14 storeys because as with building practices, there is no 13th floor or storey due to superstition. Also there is a factor of different types of cubits used, two of which appear in the Bible. One is mentioned in Ezekiel 40:5 dealing with the Millennial Temple to come after the Tribulation Period.

It will be very interesting what measurement or standard of a cubit Israel will use in the construction of the 3rd Temple. Perhaps it will be what was used during the 2nd Temple that Solomon used. In Solomon’s day there were at least three different cubits in use nonetheless. The first is the common cubit which was about 17.5 inches long, while the less common long cubit was about 20.4 inches long. The standard cubit length is around 18 inches. The Temple cubit was 21 inches. Thus there can also be some measure of discrepancy as to what is the standard unit of measure when using a cubit. The cubit is taken from the length of a human forearm; the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.

The Unconquered SON
There is no standard story height either and like a cubit, it can vary considerably from country to country as it has from ancient civilization to the next. In these modern times, 10 feet is a rule of thumb for estimating the height of a commercial building. A ten story building would be 100 feet high for example. The following is an approximation conversion.

19.8” Babylonian Cubit x 60 Cubits = 1,188” / 12 inches = 99 feet
1 cubit =45.72 centimeters or ~90 feet
60 cubit = 90 feet high x 6 cubits = 9 feet base

or 60x6x6 (6-6-6) The number of the name of the Beast

This study suggests that the Sol Invictus statue of which AntiChrist types from Nebuchadnezzar to Nero erected was a type of the Image of the Beast that is to come and be attributed to the ‘Abomination that will cause Desolation’ in the House of YHVH; that is the 3rd Temple. Such world leaders of the Beast empires as noted from Nebuchadnezzar to Nero for example had the spirit of the AntiChrist. They severely persecuted the Church and Jews in their Luciferian Empires. Nero was of a demonic depraved mind and reprobate disposition that perversely behaved without any moral restraint. He did not start out this way as neither will the AntiChrist either.

Such ‘men’ as Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar and Nero, like the coming AntiChrist will be, were initially considered men of valor. The coming AntiChrist will appear to be a man of honor and peace but gradually their constitution change drastically. Nebuchadnezzar ended up literally eating grass like a beast for example. To reiterate, this ‘Image of the Beast’ is modeled after the prophetic statue of the empires that YHVH gave Nebuchadnezzar in his prophetic dream with an accompanying stone. This Sol Invictus statue will approximate the height of the Statue of Liberty for which it is modeled after with the crown of 7-rays of Saturn, the god of wealth, liberty and time.

This Sol Invictus as the Image of the Beast will be Lucifer’s counterfeit of the creation lexicon of the ‘Image and Likeness of YHVH’ as written in the book of Genesis. As it was given to Nebuchadnezzar during Daniel’s day, so too during the Tribulation Period will the People of Israel and the world in general be faced with a competing Luciferian and Masonic New World Order religious system as it was then. Lucifer seeks to divert the true worship to YHVH to himself instead. Lucifer seeks to be the ‘creator god’ in substitution of YHVH’s creation by mimicking the creation of Mankind at best with a golden statue as Lucifer in incapable of creating and giving life out of nothing.

The only thing Lucifer can create out of nothing is his worthless paper fiat money that his Money Changers only can only produce. Lucifer cannot create a Humanity with a body of flesh and blood that reflects the ‘image of its Creator’. This is why Lucifer seeks to deface any vestiges of beauty in the Human form with the coming Trans-humanism movement and genetic engineering. The best Lucifer will do is to appear that he can emanate the ‘breath of life’ into the statue and make it appear to come to life.

Saturn’s Retrogrades
Lucifer will appeal to Humanity in promising a ‘better’ Humanity that seeks to attain immortality and ‘godhood’ perhaps even through Trans-Humanism. Thus this is why Lucifer, by way of the AntiChrist and False Prophet will introduce some form of Trans-Humanist option to be had through the combined economic and medical grid set up that will make up the Mark of the Beast system. Lucifer as a copy-cat will see fit to step in the gap of always wanting to be the ‘creator’ of Mankind but in his image and in direct opposition to the original divine blueprint of YHVH’s Glory which even the Heavens or Mazzaroth proclaim in advance.

Astronomically this study suggests that the coming of AntiChrist and accompanying ‘Image of the Beast’ statue will be mirrored by the Saturn retrogrades that are very pronounced during the Sign of Ophiuchus. At this time and place in the Heavens, Saturn is accenting Ophiuchus with its retrogrades. It is as though Ophiuchus is to be taken notice of as that statue or Image of a Man and a Beast corresponding in the very Heavens. It perhaps will be a prelude to the ‘statue’ that is an ‘Image of the Man of the Beast’ on Earth that Lucifer will erect on the Temple Mount after the Rapture and perhaps at the midpoint of the Tribulation Period.

Thus this study suggests that the retrogrades are acting as witness of this coming Image of the Beast, that is the rise in tandem with the rise and exposing of the AntiChrist. Saturn has a normal retrograde motion period of about 140 days. Retrograde just means 'backward' as in the skies sometimes certain planets appear to be traveling backwards through the Ecliptic of the Zodiac from Earth’s perspective. Although planets move forward, an optical illusion causes the planets to appear to be traveling backwards because some planet’s orbits are faster than Earth’s for one example. What is also peculiar is that when a planet finishes its retrograde motion, it will station itself briefly before resuming its direct motion again. This period of being stationary will last about 5 days before and 5 days after retrogradation.

The following is a table showing the retrograde periods of Saturn for the remainder of the decade. The following are some interesting aspects of the planet Saturn, astronomically. Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun but the 5th from Earth’s perspective. This can also be construed as the 6 to 5 ratio of the macro to micro relationship of the mortal to the divine aspects. It is considered a Gas Giant meaning it has no defined surface. Saturn has a radius of about 9 Earths wide with 62 named moons of which Titan is the most prominent being larger than Mercury. It has been confirmed by NASA Explorers that such and other moons of Saturn possess a substantial degree of atmosphere with lakes even. Saturn has a very prominent polar cap region in the shape of a hexagram. It takes 29.5 Earth years to equal 1 Saturn year or the time it takes for Saturn to make 1 orbit around the Sun.

Retrogrades of Saturn: 2013-2022
FEB 18, 2013 | 04:05 PM | 11SC32 | SA SR
JUL 08, 2013 | 03:53 AM | 04SC49 | SA SD
MAR 02, 2014 | 03:52 PM | 23SC19 | SA SR
JUL 20, 2014 | 06:42 PM | 16SC39 | SA SD
MAR 14, 2015 | 01:02 PM | 04SA56 | SA SR
AUG 02, 2015 | 04:11 AM | 28SC17 | SA SD
MAR 25, 2016 | 08:48 AM | 16SA24 | SA SR
AUG 13, 2016 | 09:08 AM | 09SA47 | SA SD
APR 06, 2017 | 04:23 AM | 27SA48 | SA SR
AUG 25, 2017 | 10:33 AM | 21SA11 | SA SD
APR 18, 2018 | 00:56 AM | 09CP09 | SA SR
SEP 06, 2018 | 09:23 AM | 02CP33 | SA SD
APR 29, 2019 | 11:42 PM | 20CP31 | SA SR
SEP 18, 2019 | 06:48 AM | 13CP55 | SA SD
MAY 11, 2020 | 01:48 AM | 01AQ57 | SA SR
SEP 29, 2020 | 03:52 AM | 25CP20 | SA SD
MAY 23, 2021 | 08:35 AM | 13AQ31 | SA SR
OCT 11, 2021 | 01:47 AM | 06AQ53 | SA SD
JUN 04, 2022 | 08:57 PM | 25AQ15 | SA SR
OCT 23, 2022 | 01:55 AM | 18AQ35 | SA SD

The Serpent Bearer Ophiuchus
The festival of Saturnalia is basically Christmas. The 7th day that is the Sabbath in Biblical time is named Saturday in honor of the god of time, Saturn. Its astronomical sign is the Scythe or sickle that denotes the master of ‘time’ and rules Aquarius. It is rather interesting that during this coming time from 2016-2018, the retrogrades of Saturn will be very pronounced in Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. Saturn is the planet associated with Satan. It even has the corresponding 7 strata of rings that make up the 7-ray crown of the Sol Invictus statue. This study suggests that Ophiuchus’ celestial struggle will mirror the struggle of the coming AntiChrist on Earth of the kingship of Israel for one.

This area of Ophiuchus in the heavens, based on the Mazzaroth is key in helping determine the timestamps of its reflection on Earth that could correlate to when the ultimate prophetic fulfillment of Daniel and Revelation is to occur. Astronomically, the time would correspond to sometime in 2022where the retrograde of Saturn crosses the Galactic threshold of the Center Meridian and Equator that corresponds to the 10 Toes of Ophiuchus. This astronomical time and place perhaps will correspond to the 10 Toe imagery of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

Perhaps this is when the last conspirator Masonic Empire of Lucifer’s New World Order is fully manifested with its political, economic, religious and military power. The AntiChrist that will come in peace initially then will unleash the worst Admonition that causes Desolation in all of human history. This time period of when the Image of the Beast is to be set up could indeed correspond to the cessation of the Daily Sacrifices of the 3rd Temple. This is the spirit of the coming AntiChrist that seeks to overtake the Temple precincts on Earth and stamp it with his image, the ‘Image of the Beast’ because he has failed to do so in heaven and especially after the rapture of the Bride.

It is the Bride of Christ in Heaven that will occupy Lucifer’s former estate, power and privilege with no chance of Lucifer ever assaulting the Church again or entering Heaven to accuse the Brethren anymore. As Daniel does allude to and John in Revelation, Lucifer will try one last time to make war in Heaven and recapture his lost estate but to no avail as he is thrust to the Earth on his prophetic downward trajectory to the Lake of Fire. The coming AntiChrist will, at this point be physically possessed by Lucifer from whom he derives his power. This demonic power comes from the Serpent, the Beast, the Dragon that will give life and power to the Antichrist that will even appear to mimic the resurrection of Jesus Christ at some point.

The AntiChrist is apparently shot or mortally wounded to death at some point. Perhaps it will be at the midpoint of the Tribulation when some Jews realize who he really is and take drastic actions. It will be Lucifer, the Serpent that will uphold the ‘man’ Ophiuchus as his sign appears to either be upheld by the serpent or in struggle with it. This interpretation depends on one’s cosmology and theology. Nonetheless it would appear that perhaps as this literal statue of the Antichrist is erected on the Temple Mount, it will coincide with a foreshadowing of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue in that as a ‘mountain’ or asteroid came from the ‘heavens’ to smash it.

The Gospel according to Lucifer
Thus a ‘mountain’ of an asteroid spoken by John is seen to come crashing on the Earth, one of 2 so profound it makes the Earth’s waters bitter, aka Wormwood, etc. Asteroid collisions on Earth would be a literal fulfillment of the judgment and wrath to come upon the ‘beastly’ empires as they came out of metaphorically, the sea. To the Luciferians, Ophiuchus is a type of Antichrist. He is supported by the Serpent that is seeking to usurp a crown of glory for himself; this is in essence the ‘Gospel of Lucifer’. From a pure Biblical perspective, it is a clear prophetic picture of Jesus, the Prince and Messiah.

It was Jesus who metaphorically wrestled the Serpent Lucifer for the souls of Humanity and the dominion of the Universe and Heaven itself. Despite the victory of Jesus at the cross, Lucifer still conspires as the Dragon to usurp the Throne of Heaven. In the Luciferian and New Age circles, it is the Dragon the Serpent of Wisdom that upholds the coming ‘man’, the AntiChrist. Such believe that Lucifer is the rightful ‘Christ’ that is owed the crown of life that Jesus Christ is withholding. This is just like the lie of the Garden of Eden. It is a message that one can obtain or rightly should be able to obtain the Crown of universal kingship and rulership from the hands of the true Sol Invictus, Jesus Christ.

Lucifer tries to twist the true Gospel of Jesus Christ into portraying Jesus as not allowing Humanity to become ‘gods’ and rule the Universe instead under Lucifer’s leadership. This has been Lucifer’s best kept secret and aspiration all along; he envies Humanity for having GOD the SON take on human flesh and blood and yet be worshipped in bodily form as the Creator that He is and rightly so deserves. This is something that the GOD-Head had not done before or become; that GOD became a Man. Luciferians and Humanists have it backwards in their quest for Man to become GOD.

This is the lie of Lucifer that was introduced in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer suggested this to Eve and Adam that they were really ‘gods’. They were the 1st humans created in bodily form of flesh and blood after the ‘Image of the Creator’ for which Lucifer is desperately jealous over to mimic and will attempt during the Tribulation Period. likewise seeks to do and experience that same hypostatic union, in an incarnation of a Man made in his image and likeness to physically possess, aka the AntiChrist. Lucifer’s aim has always been to create Humanity in his own image as Jesus Christ did.

Lucifer wants this version of humanity to be made in his image and to be worshiped by such, like Jesus is now. Lucifer as the Anointed Cherub is technically a ‘Christ’ as that is what the word means. Thus Lucifer is a true substitution of Jesus Christ, a name befitting him as the AntiChrist. For example, this is why the pattern of a Man and a Woman within marriage for one and any other related sacred institutions on Earth that are founded on morality and law and based on GOD’s image have been attacked and reconstituted into something that is not reflecting of YHVH’s image, but of Mankind…or Lucifer’s.

The Masonic Conspiracy
The aim of Lucifer will be 3 fold during the Tribulation Period. First to deceive Israel into believing that He is the long awaited Messiah as come in ‘his own Name’ that Jesus Christ warned Israel would instead accept at the End of Days. Second, the Antichrist after allowing a period of approximately 3.5 years of Temple sacrificial worship will lead that worship away from the Temple and will be positioned and will erect the Sol Invictus to draw away all worship of Israel and the world to the AntiChrist. Once the world is conditioned to worship the ‘god’ amongst them as a Nimrod, Nero or Nebuchadnezzar by penalty of death, the AntiChrist will be physically possessed by Lucifer to sit on the Ark of the Covenant inside the Holy of Holies.

One interesting facet about the Image of the Beast Empires of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream as it pertains to the 4 main kingdoms is that the last will be made up of a ‘mixed’ people that will have trouble being united, strong as iron yet fragile as baked clay. This last Masonic New World Order could constitute the last rendition of the 4th Kingdom Beast which is Rome still, all inclusive of the southern Mediterranean base that is at least half Islamic. This study suggests that such a condition could be the case with Chrislam in that a mixture of Catholicism and Islam will be forged but really unable to mix in the Last Days during the Tribulation Period.

In some interpretations, it goes far beyond a geo-political aspects as some assert that the mixing is even at the level of genetic manipulation with Humanity and the Nephilim. This is where some speculate perhaps that the time and place will be the coming of some sort of alien deception that will introduce genetic engineering on a mass scale as it was in the Days of Noah from Genesis chapter 6. Perhaps such technology might even be introduced through the medical forced conscription of the Mark of the Beast that everyone will have to have because it is also facilitate a genetic ‘upgrade’ that the AntiChrist will promise a new Humanity with. It could be coupled with the banking system needed for everyday commerce of the people.

Another interesting facet about this statue of Nebuchadnezzar was that it was tied to the music industry. Every time a sort of music was played the multitudes had to bow down and pay homage to the statue, the ‘Image of the Beast’. Such perhaps will be the same set up for Lucifer’s AntiChrist Abomination of Desolation that like Pan, the Pied-Piper will play and the multitudes of the Earth will follow the cloven-hooked Goat of Mendez, Baphomet. Through such means, Lucifer has Hollywood and the music industry infiltrated with such worship as it is. It is through music that is a spiritual gateway into the soul of Humanity.

The Bible alludes that the once ‘Celestial Orchestrator’ of the Divine Throne of YHVH, Lucifer was bestowed with the pipes and wind ensemble to perform music and melody for the direction of worship to the LORD. Such divine faculties given to Lucifer to perhaps lead worship in the Throne Room of YHVH were taken with him at his falling from grace. Ever since then Lucifer as ‘Pan’, has tried to lure Humanity into either a slumber, a sleep of death through his false worship of himself by way of music. He seeks to divert true worship away from the LORD of Creation though music.

The Year of Restitution
Perhaps such will be the case with the AntiChrist as he will stop the Daily Sacrifices and lure the worship at the Temple through some sort of music and choir ensemble of the Temple to be diverted to the Image of the Beast statue as was the case of Nebuchadnezzar. It is rather interesting that King Nebuchadnezzar only summoned the 3 friends of Daniel. Daniel was not thrown into the fiery furnace of judgment and refinement. The prophet Daniel represents the Beloved that will be spared the wrath of GOD that Christ Himself promised the Church of Philadelphia to be spared the ‘Hour of Trial’ or testing of the metaphorical fiery furnace of the coming AntiChrist. This does not mean exclusion from trouble as in persecution that was promised and is perhaps the most intense now just before the rapture of the Bride of Christ as is the darkest hour before the dawn of light breaks forth.

It appears that the time has come as there is a current convergence of many prophetic Signs. Perhaps it will be that prophetic time when the 3rd Temple is to be constructed and the Temple oblations and Daily Sacrifices commence after the rapture. What is remarkable is that such prophetic convergence of events is now at the threshold of human history. What the New World Order will require is a lot of ‘chaos’ to initiate their ‘order’. Thus there will be much destabilization of nations, societies and commerce to achieve a threshold where they can introduce their long awaited ‘savior’.

According to some interpretation of the Bible, the AntiChrist is revealed after the rapture of the Bride of Christ. This is all based on the 70-year prophetic decree of how long Jerusalem was to be desolate during the Babylonian Captivity and who at 70 AD the 2nd Temple was also desolated. In pure simple mathematical notions, if a 70 year time span is added to when Israel became a sovereign Nation in these modern times, in 1948, the end year would be 2018-19. Will this time signal when the reign of the AntiChrist is to have its prophetic countdown to and unveiling of who the AntiChrist will be? If 70 years is added to when the previous World Order started for Israel from in 1948, it suggests that there will be a New Order transition.

The year of 2018 astronomically was when there was very rare Central Blood Moon over Jerusalem. It had a 7-year span of time from 2011 from when the 1st of the pair of Central Blood Moons occurred. Thus a 3.5 year or 1260 day count from 2018 would put the timeframe in the 2022th year. Will this year be when the Tribulation Period occurs?  Will this year be when Daniel’s vision has all been fulfilled in the - fold revelation of what is required for Jesus Christ to come and take possession of His Earthly Davidic Kingdom? The 70 Weeks determined of Daniel for ‘his People’ The following is the revelation given to Daniel in a 7-fold unveiling. This study suggests that it encompasses the span of Israel’s prophetic history as typified in the 7-branch ‘Menorah pattern’ of time and dispensation.

Messiah’s 1st Coming
1. For your People and for your Holy City
2. To finish the transgression
3. To make an end of sins

Church Age
4. To make reconciliation for iniquity

Messiah’s 2nd Coming
5. To bring in everlasting righteousness
6. To seal up vision and prophecy
7. And to anoint the Most Holy

This hypothetical timeframe is only suggesting that such a culmination of prophetic event will occur at the end of the Tribulation Period. This speculation is based on prophetic patterns of the 70-year desolation decreed upon Jerusalem and Israel’s rebirth in modern times. The starting point may be illusive or arbitrary at this time, but this study suggests that the timeline is clocked to the recapture of Jerusalem in 1967 it could have marked the true countdown to the year that perhaps pegs when the 3rd Temple is to be starting its construction. It is no means intended to date-set when the Rapture is to possibly occur or when the AntiChrist is to be revealed. What are permissible and plausible are the patterns based on Biblical types and shadows.

As it has been shown, the simplistic delineation of the Menorah pattern differentiating the 7-fold stages of prophetic time was given to the prophet Daniel. The Bible states that it is to be understood in these Last Days as the LORD would increase knowledge about it. The time frame of when the possible Tribulation is to start is only speculative but based on such prophetic patterns based on the 7-numerical cycles of time.

Thus, this is when perhaps the start of the Tribulation Period is to occur, being a literal 7 year prophetic time piece to correspond to Daniel’s last Week of Weeks that is yet to be fulfilled in its totality prophetically speaking. As it pertains to Jerusalem, it was shortly after the War of Independence that Israel miraculously survived the fight of its life against 7 well equipped and Soviet trained Muslim armies that the newly formed government decreed ‘to rebuild Jerusalem’. The western portion of Jerusalem was drawn within the 1948 Armistice Line.

Perhaps with the decree to rebuild this portion of Jerusalem that was destroyed is the start of the 70 year countdown to the coming of Israel’s Messiah or the start of the Great Tribulation of 1260 days or 3.5 years from 2018. This timeframe would again speak of around 2022. According to the Bible, there will be an eventual ‘Stone’ that smashes the statue of the evil Luciferian world empires. In the end, the Tribulation Period will fulfill Daniel’s vision of the 4 Beast empires coming to an end as depicted in the Sol Invictus or statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. It would be about 1260 prophetic days from May 14, 1948 that this decree went out, ~3.5 years based on the 70 year desolation duration of time pattern. Thus the following equation is presented

1948 + 3.5 years = 1952.5
1952.5 Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem (echoes of Daniel)
1952.75 + 70 years = 2022.75

Consequently a 3.5 year subtraction would place the timestamp of when this Statue that is an abomination and causes desolation to the 3rd Temple is possibly erected.

2022 (rounded off) - 3.5 years = 2018.5 (A 3rd Temple Event?)
Consequently a 3.5 year subtraction from 2018, rounded off would place the timestamp of when the 3rd Temple is possibly constructed.
2018 (rounded off) + 3.5 years = 2022

This study holds to the eschatological interpretation that the Tribulation will be a literal 7 year prophetic cycle of time. A treaty amongst Israel with the Many will initiate the start of the 7-year long Tribulation period that will reflect and be in keeping with this pattern of Daniel’s 70 Week of prophetic time. As it has been stated, during the Tribulation worship will continue in the Temple Mount but staring at the halfway mark, it’s a diverted worship from YHVH in the context of the 3rd Temple. Worship will first be diverted to the statue or Image of the Beast that will be an Abomination and cause the 3rd Temple to be desolate, spiritually speaking.

Then worship will be directed to the false imposter Christ, Lucifer and his AntiChrist made in his image and likeness, a copycat of the divine form of Christ, i.e., the true Sol Invictus. This ‘bait-n-switch’ set-up will be initially construed by the confirming of the 7 year Covenant with the Many that will divide the land, land for ‘Peace and Security’. This prophetic countdown is tied to Jerusalem and its desolations decreed. The revelation given to Daniel concerning the desolation period was for 70 years. These 70 years where corresponding to the Sabbatical years of 7s for the land to rest that were not kept by Israel.

Thus, the Tribulation Period could commence at the beginning of a Sabbatical cycle where Israel left off. What is very striking is that the beginning of the Sabbatical cycle appears to coincide with the true count of the Jubilee Year in 5776; the 50th year from when Jerusalem was liberated. It will thus be 1260 days later that Israel will reach its 70th year anniversary of becoming a nation.

~1948.75 + 70 Years = 2018.75
~1966.75 + 49th Year = 2015.75 + 3.5 years = 2018

This pattern of 70 is also the numerical coefficient of when the Temple and Jerusalem was laid desolate by the Romans in 70 AD, of all years. The year 70 AD was in phi ratio to the celestial cycle of the solar and lunar eclipse patterns that marked astronomically when the 2nd Temple was destroyed.

The Prophetic Countdown
One prophetic factor that is true of all such Luciferian Masonic Empires that have dealt directly with YHVH’s People, Jerusalem and the Temple over the centuries is that they all have a prophetic countdown to their end as well. The statue of Nebuchadnezzar was a descending of time and of a culmination based on the timing of the coming of the Messiah, His 1st and 2nd times. For example as Balthazar saw the Handwriting on the Wall in the last day of the Babylonian Beast Empire; the prophetic countdown for Babylonia had expired. One of the words was Peres, which means divided. This study suggests that such a prophetic parallel is about to take place in the world. As the USA is the current world empire that was solidified as the New World Order after World War 2. The time is about up for America.

If America is to be involved in the division of the land of Israel, then America will be divided in some sort and/or fashion as it pushes for Israel to be divided to accommodate a Palestinian State. As it is tied to Israel, if and when the decree will be set to confirm the Covenant, this study suggests that it will be ‘obscure’ AntiChrist that will be one the instrumental agents representing Israel that will ‘Peres’ or divide the land of Israel in the prophetic Covenant of Death that the AntiChrist will guarantee in exchange for a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’. What Israel will also get in exchange will be the permission to reconstruct the 3rd Temple and begin the Daily Sacrificial ordinances for which Israel is ready now.

Based on one interpretation of Daniel in chapter 9, it would appear that the 1290 days are from the AntiChrist ordering the stop of the Daily Sacrifices in the rebuilt 3rd Temple that coincides with the setting up of the Statue ‘Image of the Beast’ instead. The reason Lucifer will set up a statue next to the Temple is that it is to be direct competition to YHVH’s ‘Image’. Lucifer’s statue will mimic the Temple that is proportioned anthropomorphically to the form of a man. The Bible teaches that the Temple is as the Body of Christ, thus Lucifer will seek to divert worship from Christ’s Temple ‘Image’ to the AntiChrist statue as an alternative body. During the Tribulation, the AntiChrist will be the vessel or body used to have Lucifer go into the Holy of Holies as a ‘man’ in flesh and blood like Jesus Christ was and is now in a glorified state. Lucifer’s goal is to sit on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant and proclaim himself ‘god’ to be worshipped as a Man as Jesus was and is.

This is as close as Lucifer will ever get at sitting in YHVH’s Throne since he was unsuccessful at doing that in the real Throne in Heaven. Such a mad quest to divert worship of YHVH to Lucifer is not unprecedented throughout history. This notion of ‘God-Kings’ is first insinuated by the Anunnaki chronicles of mixed genetic human hybrids of Genesis 6 and later of royal blood dynasties of various kingdoms on Earth. Later on Nimrod attempted to divert worship of YHVH by building the Tower of Babel to invade Heaven through a star portal of some sort. Later on, Antiochus Epiphanies desolated the Temple Mount by slaughtering a pig on the Altar, etc. He like Nebuchadnezzar erecting a statue, of Zeus or Saturn in this case, a Sol Invictus on the wing of the Temple Mount and demanded his subjects to worship him as a ‘god’.

The End of the American Phoenix
All throughout human history the ‘God-Kings’ of the world empires were thought to be of divine origin. In some cultures today, that is still the case. The Roman Caesars for example were considered ‘gods’ and temples were made in their honor and worship. Citizens had to pay allegiance by publically demonstrating their worship of such ‘gods among men’. The Sol Invictus that were set up in their honors was but a token of this notion. In Daniel’s time, Nebuchadnezzar’s golden Statue set up in Dura was 60 cubits high and 6 cubits by 6 cubits in diameter according to the Bible. (6-60-6) This will be the case during the coming Tribulation Period for Israel and the world in general.

This coming Abomination of Desolation that this study suggests will be a statue of the likes of a Sol Invictus will be associated to the same 60-6-6 measurement or 666 numerological factor of the AntiChrist’s economic system to come. It will be associated with the ‘number of his name’ that will be the Mark of the Beast. Jesus Christ seeks to transform humanity from its state of sin. He has secured this process through the Cross of Christ Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This salvation or transformation is only available to those that avail themselves of the saving grace that is unmerited but based on an unconditional surrender to YHVH’s will. Most of Humanity is hesitant to relinquish its trust to Christ Jesus because of not only pride and unbelief at what YHVH has done in Jesus Christ for Humanity but because there is an alternate Gospel that has been presented by Lucifer.

Christ seeks to mark and seal His followers with the Holy Spirit that will empower this transformation of Humanity from within. As this is the divine pattern, so too does Lucifer desire to transform Humanity but into his image and what better subjects than the Creator’s own creation that was specifically made in YHVH’s image and likeness to deface. In part, this transformation of Lucifer during the Tribulation Period will involve a tangible component that Humanity can relate to, a number. Such a number directly associated with the AntiChrist will be given to all those that will need to demonstrate their allegiance to such a world leader that in turn will enable the transforming of humanity into the likeness and image of Lucifer through the political, economic, medical and religious grid set up by the False Prophet and the AntiChrist. The Bible declares though that this coming time national Israel and the whole world will be put to the test, religiously for one.

This test is seen in Daniel chapter 2 as the Exiles of Judah and the whole realm of the King are put to the test. Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that no Wiseman or Astrologer of his entire realm could reveal it and interpret it. Because of such a limitation, the King decreed that all the Wiseman of the empire where to be put to death. This was to include YHVH’s people. In that day, there was a man of YHVH who stood up and addressed the issue. This man was Daniel. Daniel went before the LORD to inquire about the dream and its interpretation. Daniel sought his friends, others to converge in fellowship and prayer before the LORD in humility and with a servant’s disposition. It is YHVH that revealed to the prophet Daniel the mystery of the Image of the Beast. By doing so, that resulted in the sparing of the King’s judgment of death not only of Daniel and his friends but to all those of similar importance throughout the empire.

The Highly Esteemed of YHVH
Will this happen today in America, in the World in these Last Days? Will there be Daniels that will rise up and lead GOD’s people and cause them to be spared the death penalty that is coming upon the world that will be demanded of the coming Prince of Lucifer upon the land, the world? The birth pangs of the coming Seal judgments are upon the world it seems. Salvation came only when such a formula of prayer and fasting before the LORD was implemented. It spared not only YHVH’ people from death but those of the world as well were delivered. It is rather interesting that Daniel chose to fast for 3 weeks as Scripture states. This is 21 days or a 7-7-7 numerological factor of completion of a matter is always in opposition to the 6-6-6 Luciferian number association and attribute of the spiritual struggle the Church is under.

It was 3 days later after Daniel’s fast, on the 24th day that the Glorified LORD, the Theophany of Christ appeared above the River Tigris. As with Ezekiel in similar fashion, the LORD revealed Himself and answered the prayers of Daniel. Not realizing it, such a 21 day fast corresponded precisely to the spiritual delay caused by Lucifer’s minions in strife against the messengers of the LORD. Such a time frame also corresponded to the eclipsing spiritual warfare that is waged against the Saints of the Most High GOD in the Heavens but is manifested on Earth. YHVH does answer prayer but it may take 21 days or 21 years to get the answer to those that like Daniel are highly esteemed because such have their hearts and minds set on being transformed into Christ’s image and likeness.

With regards to Daniel’s concern over Jerusalem, the answer given to Daniel had to do with the dealings in the End of Days concerning ‘your people’, that is the Jews or the Exiles of Judah. Such will be the case during the Tribulation Period but specifically the last half that is referred by some as being the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. What was fulfilled then in Daniel’s day is to also be fulfilled in Jerusalem and in Babylon for that matter in the Tribulation Period to come shortly. As this study suggests, the coming Tribulation Period will be as in the time of Daniel when Nebuchadnezzar set up the Golden Image. This 6-6-6 Golden Image was set up in the plain of Dura and had all bow down to it to worship the Image of the Beast. This event took place soon after the Remnants of Judah were well established and incorporated in the Babylonian ‘New World Order’ service. One critical insight as to a possible timestamp is when the start of the 7-year Tribulation is contingent upon when the Jubilee Year is to commence.

This is what the Tribulation is all about, a revelation of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ and a transformation done by Him in His Image and Likeness. The Bible states that the entire world, except for the Jewish remnant represented by Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego worshipped the statue that was in the image of Nebuchadnezzar, a type of the AntiChrist to come as a Beast. This time-period will mirror the events of the Tribulation in that only after Israel has ‘Peace and Security’ for about 3.5 years will the AntiChrist then put them to the religious test of whom will they worship. Presently on Earth, the place of this intense persecution is in the Middle East, in the very plains of Dura, of Iraq. It was there where the first Image of the Beast statue was set up by Nebuchadnezzar.

The Coming Persecutions
Presently, the army of Islam is on a Satanic frenzy energized by the power of the Prince of the Air to slaughter whole ancient Christian communities. Such demons unleashed from the Gates of Hell are clearing the chessboard for the coming AntiChrist that requires bloodletting to initiate Lucifer’s New World Order that will encompass a transformation of not only the economic, political framework of a new world but its religion as well. Such a transformation is taking place now in the Middle East as whole Christian communities are put to the religious test that constitutes a ‘Christian Holocaust.’ Throughout time since the LORD revealed the 4 evil Beast Empires do Daniel, such have been used by Lucifer to demand worship to a statue, a Sol Invictus akin to the Image of its Beast.

Those that refused to worship the Image of the Beast have been put to death, be it on account of Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Darius, Xerxes, Alexander the Great, the Caesars, the Popes. Currently this same spirit of AntiChrist -Islam in the Middle East is beheading, raping, shooting or extorting Christians out of money they don’t have to pay the evil Muslim tax to exist. This is the prelude of what will befall the entire world and Israel when the AntiChrist turns on them. Such groups like ISIS that has been documented to have been trained and equipped by the CIA and MOSSAD are also used as a pretext to solidify an excuse to continue the destabilization of the Middle East to condition it for the advent of a Jewish-Muslim nuclear world war to come. This 3rd World War will pave the way for the 7 year Covenant of the ‘Many’ with Israel.

As a pattern from Daniel’s visions, it is rather interesting that 3 nations had to fall before the AntiChrist took full possession of the last 10 Toe confederation of nations as the last Beast rendition of Rome. This study suggests that Egypt, Libya and Syria are those nations as a type of the 3 that will be destroyed. This is why Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner had initiated a ‘war’ on ISIS as a pretext to take down Assad and Syria although ISIS was created, trained and supported by the CIA, MOSSAD MI6 and funded by the Saudis. It is by design as these 3 nations are to fall before the AntiChrist comes to power by the energies of the bloodletting. And again, this is but a prelude of the prophetic shadow being cast upon the real prophecy that is yet to occur during the actual Tribulation Period. In some mysterious way, the LORD Jesus has seen it fit to call such Christians in the Middle East to martyrdom now.

Although persecution has occurred and been spoken of by the LORD Himself throughout the Church Age, the barbarism of Islam’s true colors are matching the horrific atrocities of Nero’s Roman Coliseum crowned by his Image of the Beast, his Sol Invictus statue as Christians were crucified and used as light torches and where thrown to the starved  lions. Thus, based on this typology from the book of Daniel, this study strongly suggests that the dispensation for the coming Tribulation Period often called the Time of Jacob’s Troubles will be for the fiery trial that national Israel. This is typified through Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego whose faith in YHVH was tested and as such prophetically, Israel will go through as well to be purified in faith in order for them to look toward the true Messiah Jesus Christ and be able to say as Jesus foretold, ‘blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD’.  

Daniel is a type of the beloved Bride of Christ that will not be present during this fiery trial to come upon Israel and the nations. The Tribulation Period will be for the Remnants of Judah that Christ Jesus said would come to test those on Earth and His People, the Jews in particular. Prophetically like Jacob, the LORD wrestled his stubborn unbelief and transformed this son of Abraham of Promise from a Jacob to a Prince, an Israel of YHVH. It will only thereafter be a time when the whole nation will ‘see Me whom they have pierced’ coming in the Clouds of Glory with His Bride, His ‘Daniels’ at the end of the Time of Troubles of Jacob.

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