End Times Mockery

  • Are Earthquakes part of Possible Omens?
  • What type of Omens would they be about?
  • Why is any Attribution to Omens Ridiculed?

by Luis B. Vega
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That imagery of the 4.8 New Jersey Quake rattling the U.N. Security Council, on April 5, 2024, at the United Nations was a Divine Masterpiece. It was during a Session on how to, once again, Gang-Up on Israel and Manage its War against its Attackers. It was as if YHVH, the GOD of Israel spoke. YHVH is Israel’s Security Council. In fact YHVH has 24 Elders around His Throne and in His Council that speak about Israel and the Bride of the Son. Soon, the Bride of Christ will be joining that Assembly in Glory to be the Key Witness at the Demise of Lucifer’s Council and Craft, as the Nations conspire against the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the 3rd Temple, etc.

This will be after the Rapture Event where Jesus, the Lion of Judah will be opening the 7-Fold Seal Judgments, at that Divine ‘Security Council. So, in reviewing some of the Articles that came out about the 4.8 Earthquake in the USA New England Region of New Jersey, the Powers-That-Be tried to put their ‘Spin’ on it, as usual. It was reported that over 40 Million New Englanders felt the Quake. That is no insignificant Number to trivialize the Event. According to Reports, it was the strongest Quake since the 1880s.

But the News Media Mocked any possible Divine Judgement being attributed to it or its Link to the April 8, 2024 (4-8) Great American Eclipse, as some People have. The level of Mockery could not be helped. Not sure if the Editors are instructed to downplay such Signs, with such Mocking Perspectives as to not cause the ‘Natives to go Restless’.

And if the Earthquake is a Poetic Justice of how the New York Stock Market is going to Crumble after the Eclipse, well, no doubt those who handle the Markets do take it very Seriously. It is just that they do not want the Ignorant Masses to, in one’s Opinion. But it reminded one of the Apathy that Noah and the Mockery that Lot endured in their Day about Divine Signs of Pending Judgement, etc. Below are just some Samples, a Taste of such Mockery going on, at this Present Day, that always attempts to Downplay or Dismiss, altogether any possible Divine Warnings that could most likely be the Signs.

Conspiracy Theory runs Wild linking New York City’s 4.8-Magnitude Earthquake to Date of Solar Eclipse

The 'Meaningful' Link between the Natural Events all comes down to Numbers
Kathleen Livingstone, Freelance Reporter
Published: 19:41 ET, Apr 5 2024

WILD Claims have circulated Online about a Supposed Link between the 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake that shook New York City and a Solar Event— and some Eclipse Reason.


US East Coast Earthquake rattles Millions, but Region escapes Sweeping Damage
By Jennifer Peltz and Mike Catalini
Updated 5:59 PM PDT, April 5, 2024


Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges Americans to ‘Repent!’ in Bonkers Earthquake Prophecy
Amanda Yen
Fri, April 5, 2024


Earthquake interrupts UN Security Council in NYC

An Earthquake shook the New York City Metropolitan Area Friday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said. At U.N. Headquarters, the shaking interrupted the Chief Executive of Save The Children as she briefed an Emergency Security Council Session.

Published 9:15 AM PDT, April 5, 2024

In reading some of the Commentaries by fellow Brethren about the Days of Noah, it is clear that the Bible does not emphatically state that the People were Mocking or Laughing at Noah for building a Boat in a World without Rain. True. But if Human Nature is consistent, and it is, then the Mocking that is going one now, most probably just as much, occurred then. Here are some Observations about the Times then, compared to the Times now.

‘As were the Days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For as in those Days before the Flood they were Eating and Drinking, Marrying and giving in Marriage, until the Day when Noah entered the Ark, and they were Unaware until the Flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man’. -Matthew 24:36-39

End of Days Comparison
Notice, that these Verses are used a lot to depict the Rapture Event. One can see why, but the clear implication is not the Rapture, but the 2nd Coming of Jesus. This occurs at the End of the 7-Year Tribulation, etc. But what is a ‘Given’, is that the End will be like the Beginning. And that is what the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses had broadcasted. The Overarching Theme of the Days of Noah was that Life carried-on as usual or ‘Normal’. And that is what has now characterized the World. Evil is Normalized.

It was and is the case now in the World, that when the Rapture Event does occur though, it will be a Place and Time where most People will be ‘Unaware’ of how it was supposed to happen. That is the Point. However, many People around the World are taking notice of all the Events that are becoming ‘Biblical’. Increasingly, for those that have ‘Eyes to See’, they are taking notice of and a lot are Repenting.

But by Contrast, what is sad, is that the Body of Jesus on Earth, currently are mostly in league with the Mockers and Scoffers. Most are Deniers of the Rapture, etc. What it boils down to is the Measure of one’s Faith. Now Faith is not ‘Blind Allegiance’. The Faith of the Bible is based on the Solid Evidence and Proof of what Jesus said and did. There is an Aspect of Integrity, that has been Tested and is True.

‘By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning Events as yet Unseen, in Reverent Fear constructed an Ark for the saving of his Household. By this he Condemned the World and became an Heir of the Righteousness that comes by Faith’. -Hebrews 11:7

Here we have what will be the Saving Factor and ‘Escape’ in the End of Day, in which most that are watching the End of Days would agree the World is in. Consider what the Watchers on the Wall, Figuratively Speaking have been Warning about. Granted, considering Human Nature, Warnings come and go and Apathy sets in. And Failed Rapture Dates that come-and-go do not help. But like Noah, his Actions were because of a Warning given to him and taken to Heart. The Events that were to be of Pending Judgment were Unseen for the Most Part.

Perhaps no Earthquakes, Solar or Lunar Eclipse occurred, all during the Construction of the Ark for Noah. Perhaps no Comets raced across the Sky as ‘Omens of Doom’. Or no Planets aligned like a ‘Parade’, etc. Yet, Noah continued Day-In, Day-out in completing the Ark. Why? It was to Save his Household. That is the Reason for the Endeavour. Salvation. Why? Consider what was also going on, during the Days of Noah.

‘When Man began to multiply on the Face of the Land and Daughters were born to them, the Sons of God [Angels] saw that the Daughters of Man were attractive. And they took as their Wives any they chose. Then the LORD said, My Spirit shall not abide in Man forever, for he is Flesh: his Days shall be 120 Years.

The Nephilim were on the Earth in those Days, and also afterward, when the Sons of GOD came in to the Daughters of Man and they bore Children to them. These were the Mighty Men who were of Old, the Men of Renown. The LORD saw that the Wickedness of Man was great in the Earth, and that every Intention of the Thoughts of his Heart was only Evil Continually’. -Genesis 6:1-22

What is the ‘Ark’ in the Last Days?

If one wants to know what the Days of Noah looked like then, all one has to do is read the Daily Headlines Today. Here is what made the World Wicked and deserving of YHVH’s Divine Judgment. The World then, as it is now, was full of the following. There was Angelic Genetic Manipulation and Hybridization of Humanity. There was Rampant Wickedness. Societies or Nations of the World were given over to Thoughts, coming from the Heart of only doing Evil, continuously. Evil was Normalized.

So, in these Last Day, Apathy on 1 Hand is occurring. And on the other Hand, Mockery and Scoffing is as well. Yet, like Noah, the Bride of Christ is Preparing her ‘Ark’. It is about demonstrating her Faith in the Promises given to Jesus. This constitutes the Marriage Covenant pledged at the Passover by Jesus and His Disciples. It is contingent also on that Promised Door of Escape to the Philadelphian Church. And it is about being a Witness of the Gospel that Saves and is the ‘Ark’ of these Last Day, as in the Days of Noah.

Despite the Mockery of some that are trying to Warn the World with, as in the case of the 3 Great American Eclipses, Comets, Earthquakes, with the Rapture and the Return of Jesus, the Bride of Jesus is preparing her Wedding Garments. The ‘Ark’ in the Last Days, as it was for Noah, was based on his Faith in the Promise of a similar type of  Escape. That ‘Word’ of Warning became Flesh. His Name is Jesus. By putting one’s Faith and Trust in Jesus’ Work on the Cross, that becomes one’s ‘Ark’ of Deliverance and Door of Escape from the Pending Judgment that is to surely come as it did in the Days of Noah and Lot. Do not be caught ‘Unawares’ due to Apathy and the Mundane Cares of Every Day Life.



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