Study of the Prophetic Converges for Church Age

  • Is there a pattern from the Sinai account to end of Church?
  • Does a Pentecostal 120 numerical coefficient factor in?
  • When will the Church Age end and will that be like an 'unveiling'?

by Luis B. Vega

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The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, what is this proverb you have in the land of Israel: ‘The days go by and every vision comes to nothing’? Say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am going to put an end to this proverb, and they will no longer quote it in Israel.’ Say to them, ‘The days are near when every vision will be fulfilled. For there will be no more false visions or flattering divinations among the people of Israel. But I the Lord will speak what I will, and it shall be fulfilled without delay. -Ezekiel 12:21-25

The purpose of this this study is to consider the spiritual and perhaps prophetic Sinai pattern as it relates to the possible end of the Church Age that may converge in 5776. This Church Age pattern is based on celestial nuances and the prior Sinai patterns that are ‘scripted’ to the numerical time of 120. The underlying current or thought of this study is that there is going to be an ‘unveiling’ of Biblical proportions in the Biblical year of 5776 as it was in Mt. Sinai from Pentecost to Yom Kippur. This assertion is stipulated based on various expectations of the ‘unveiling’ of prophetic events that this study will try to bring out for analogy and analysis. Will all these unveilings converge at the same time or one after the other? What this study will show is that there are various prophetic patterns based on sacred Biblical delineations of time such as 7, 49, 72, 120, etc.

One such unveiling is the world market economic collapse that is based on the now infamous Shemitah cycle theory. Many scoffers point out that Elul 29 when the stock markets are to collapse occurs on a Sunday and therefore the collapse cannot happen as projected. This is a narrow-minded view based on Americentrism. What such pundits fail to realize is the Jewish reckoning of a day starts at sundown the prior day. This means that the Far-East markets will be open that day and will be the first to take the brunt of the collapse. This will also be a tell-tail sign if in fact the western markets that subsequently open will follow suit.

Another unveiling event could be that of the Bride of Christ, which is the Rapture Event that will coincide with the end of the Age of Grace; the end of the Church Age. The other primary event is the unveiling of the Son of Perdition, the AntiChrist. As it pertains to the possible Rapture Event and the end of the Church Age, this study will attempt to show that the duration of the Church Age to conclude with the Rapture can be linked to the timeframe of the events that transpired on Mt. Sinai, specifically with the 120 day count. This will be extrapolated in terms of a prophetic pattern to see if when it might possibly occur when overlaid to a countdown to the Jewish year of 5776. This study is not emphatic that the Rapture has to be tied to any crash resets or ‘crashes’ but that possibly, if modeled after the 120 day count from Pentecost on Mt. Sinai could provide a prophetic clue as to the end of such a 120 prophetic count that ended on Yom Kippur.

The Timing of the Rapture?

On Mt. Sinai, a veil was lifted and a veil was put on. When Moses came down the mountain it was at the 40th day mark after Pentecost when the whole congregation of Israel gathered to receive the Law. It was Moses that had gone up to receive the Law Tablets. Thereafter he had to put on a veil so as to not have the Israelites gaze upon the reflected Glory of the LORD in the face of Moses. So too has the Bride of Christ been veiled and Christ, in a mysterious way been ‘veiled’ from the Jews so as to not see Jesus reflected in the Glory of the Church. It is a mystery as the Apostle Paul explains that due to unbelief and the idolatrous Golden Calf event with Israel the rejection of Jesus as their Messiah has had the same effect now upon Israel. The prophetic scales have come down the ‘eyes’ of Israel as it was then with Moses due to unbelief and rebellion. It will only be at Jesus’ 2nd Coming when as Zechariah states, all of Israel will gaze upon Him whom they pierced; only then collectively unveiled for all of Israel to see.

The start of the 120-day countdown typology starts with Pentecost. This feast is always in phi ratio of time from Passover to Sukkot. Moreover, at Pentecost there were exactly 120 Disciples gathered in the Upper Room. At the end of the 120th day is when the LORD descended on a sea of sapphire and face to face communed with the 70 Elders of Israel as the Elders ascended to meet halfway up the mount near the Cleft of the Rock along with Moses and Joshua. This is the type of the Rapture unveiling when the LORD unveiled His Glory and invites His Beloved as a type of the Bride into His Chambers to also be unveiled. This 120-day timing from Pentecost dramatically concludes at Yom Kippur that was to be celebrated thereafter once the Tabernacle of Moses was constructed. This is the prophetic pattern that this study strongly suggests could be the actual Rapture Event scenario. The 120 Pentecostal countdown to the ‘unveiling’ at Yom Kippur can also further be delineated into 3 periods of 40 days. The 120th day of a given year also nearly approximates 33% of the year.

Passover                   Pentecost                                                                  Yom Kippur
Past                            Present                                                                       Future
| --------------------------------- |<----------------------
120 day pattern ------------------------>|
Justification                 Sanctification                                                               Glorification

Crucifixion                   Church Age                                                                 Rapture of Bride

This ‘Rapture unveiling’ to coincide at a Yom Kippur Feast has the same prophetic principle of drawing back the curtain of separation between the Holies and Holy of Holies as the High Priest was allowed  to come and see the LORD face to face, unveiled. Thus, as a typology, will the Bride be ‘unveiled’ or realized who they were at that time as she is ushered into the Holy of Holies chamber in Glory at a time of a Yom Kippur unveiling? Will it be, can it Rapture Event occur in this convergence of time and events that herald the beginning of 5776? Will the Rapture Event itself commence on Rosh HaShanah and type of Yom Kippur realized in Heaven? This convergence could very well be the ‘end of the age, the Church Age. Jesus promised He would be with the Disciples as He commissioned them for the Church Age as stipulated in Matthew 28. This ‘end of the age’ is not to be confused, as it is with the context of Matthew 24 when the Disciples, i.e., Israel asked Jesus when the end of the age was to occur.

Israel and the Church each have a royal commission from the King of Glory, Jesus and cannot overlap. The following is a simplistic matrix of this delineation of each testimony.

Israel               Royal Commission     @ Pentecost               Begins with judgment – a veiling
Church Age     Royal Commission      @ Pentecost               Ends with the Rapture – an unveiling


144K                Royal Commission     @ 1st Half                    Ends with a rapture
2 Witnesses    Royal Commission      @ 2nd Half                   Ends with a rapture

The Parousia and Epiphaneia
Israel and the Church are 2 distinct spiritual economies, one ending the Church Age with the Rapture, the Parousia and the other concluding Daniel’s week with Jesus’s 2nd Coming with the Bride at His Epiphaneia. Every Feast of YHVH is a rehearsal and has elements and type of the Rapture but in no recent memory or time have such celestial and earthly ominous signals converged at the same time as they do in the Fall of 2015. What are some of these ominous prophetic signs? There is new information that suggests that the Tribulation may start on Passover of 2016 which is on April 26. This is pegged to the start of the 70th Jubilee since the Law was given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. This time would also coincide with the disclosure of Planet 7x that Gil Broussard has charted based on his computer models and research. Yom Kippur 2015 to Passover of 2016 could very well be that ‘intermission’ or gap in between the Rapture, the Confirming of the Covenant and the unveiling of who the AntiChrist will be.

The possible unveiling of the Rapture Event does not need to be pegged to any Shemitah economic crash cycles, on the other hand it could. What is unique about Yom Kippur of 2015 is that it occurs on the Fall Equinox. The Feast on the Equinox signifies a ‘reset’ to the equalization of the physical light and the darkness in the world; why not also in the spiritual realm. If the world economic and financial markets do come crashing down on Elul 29, it will be accented by a partial solar eclipse and on the commencement of Rosh HaShana It also coincides with the Muslim Feast of Slaughter, Eid al-Adha. Also, the planet Mars converges on Regulus that very time. Will this be the start of the Psalm 83 War of the inner ring of Muslim nations perhaps led by ISIS and Iran’s new emboldened support of Hezbollah? This time would also allow for the word markets to reset into the new Reserve World Currency and regather after the possible World War 3 scenario that would lead to the New World Order soon or sometime in 2016.

This Muslim Day of Sacrifice would follow the typology that as the Pope is literally saying ‘Peace and Safety’ in light of the world chaos and especially regarding Palestine and Israel, it would be when such a destruction instead comes upon them and the Bride escapes. This then suggests a need to ‘reset’ of an equilibrium of spiritually and earthly recalibration. This reset could be the starting point of the New World Order and the last Shemitah perhaps that could be Daniel’s last 70th week of years. In other words, such convergences to occur with celestial and earthly signs on YHVH’s High Holy Feasts cold validate the 120 Sinai pattern for the end of the Church Age.

The End of Which Age?
Yom Kippur in light of the Rapture is the holiest day of the year and it is when YHVH’s People are made ‘white as snow’ in having all their sins ‘atoned’ for or covered by the Blood of the Lamb. This Feast also coincides with the 49th year or Jubilee Year since 1966 when the Temple Mount was ‘unveiled’. If one hears ‘no man knows the day and the hour’ one more time, one will go insane as a standard operating reply to shrug-off the possible Rapture timing. The verse is taken out of context as it is referring to the 2nd coming of Christ. There are 2 references that Jesus made about His coming; one like a thief in the night when the world is not expecting Him and one when His appearing will be announced and seen by the whole world. In the Greek they are distinct and in the English they have been ‘lost in translation’ and have led to division and discord.

The Thief in the Night is about the time of the Rapture that Jesus warned would be like a good Man of the House that was on watch, the 4th watch in fact to know when the thief would come. This is the Parousia or the presence. This mean the great appearing or revealing that is in line with the Rapture typology of Jesus coming in the clouds and rendezvousing in the air that no one will see Him coming as a ‘thief in the night’. The 2nd type of appearing is that of the LORD’s return with the Bride the end of the Tribulation called the Epiphaneia or manifestation. The Rapture of the Bride does not take place at the end of the Tribulation when the wrath is being poured out on the world, Lucifer, AntiChrist, False Prophet, and Israel. Many Christians sadistically expect the Bride to endure ‘to end’ so that she can still prove the need to be faithful and tested.

They miss the context that the Church Age has been that time of tribulation and testing of correction. The point of the Rapture is that at that time, the Bride will have made herself ready by the power of the Holy Spirit, not during or after the Tribulation. Also, the end of her royal commission is the end of her age, the Church Age when the last Gentile will be saved and the Testimony to Jesus, of Jesus will be transferred to the Agents of Israel. According to one interpretation from the book of Revelation, they will be Israel once again. This is seen collectively with the anointing and commissioning of Evangelists from each of the Tribes of Israel and later on with the 2 Witnesses. The Bride and the Church Age cannot overlap into Daniel’s last week of years.

If the Restrainer is removed and not within the Church as an agent to check evil as some speculate, how much less power will she have to ‘make herself’ ready during the Tribulation? One of the purposes of the Tribulation will be that it is a time when the LORD will allow Lucifer to ‘wear out the Saints’ and make war with them and overcome them. This is not the promise given to the Church during her royal commission that she would have power to bind and loosen, tread snakes and scorpions and not be overcome by the assault of the Gates of Hell. In this context the ‘Elect’ spoken of that will be of GOD’s during the Tribulation will be those Believers, both Christians and Jews that come to saving faith in Jesus after the Rapture. Other Christians believe that the pre-Tribulation Rapture is a ‘cop-out’ and escapism pie in the sky aspiration. If this is the case, then they are impeding the work of Jesus’ schedule much like the misguided and carnal Peter that wanted to impede the LORD from going to the Cross, although sincere.

The End of the Church Commission
The risen LORD in Revelation promised only the type of the Philadelphian Church an open door to ‘escape’ the judgment that is to befall those on Earth. It is Jesus that wants us to ‘escape’ the coming Tribulation, but some Christians demand a masochistic type of endurance race still. Such insist Jesus cannot make the Bride pure as snow or iron out any wrinkle but have to ‘tribulate’ to do that on behalf of Jesus because He somehow can’t. This amounts to the same sin of unbelief in how the Jews rejected Jesus’ 1st disposition as being ‘inadequate’. This line of erroneous thinking suggests that the issue is still sin for the Bride because Jesus could not complete that for the Church Age and has to do some type of overtime to complete it during the Tribulation

The proper context is not sin but the ‘blemishes’ and the ‘wrinkles’ that speak not of sin as that was deal with at the cross but the sanctification, or holiness of the Bride. Whenever the argument arises that the Rapture is a pre-Tribulation timing, those opposed to such a scenario always bring up the notion that the Bride seeks to avoid suffering and/or persecution. The rationale of the Rapture is solely based on its timing not its condition or circumstances that will exist at the event. If one has a proper perspective, one would realize that as the Apostle thought, the Last Days would be going from bad to worse on one level and its usually another Americentric view of the Rapture because the American Church for the most part has not seen tribulation and persecution as the rest of the 90% People of Jesus.

This is soon about to change, and such will hope and pray the Rapture does occur before the judgments as disclosed in the book of Revelation. Nonetheless those not choosing to believe in the pre-Tribulation/Wrath Rapture scenario are insisting that they need to ‘prove’ their resistance to the tyranny to come. Such will strive to avoid the Mark of the Beast as if it is some contest to see who can hold their breath the longest and outwit the AntiChrist’s schemes. The Tribulation in proper context is to deal with Israel as she is still veiled from seeing Jesus much like Moses was veiled of his glory to them. It is a time of Jacob’s Trouble to deal with the sin of Israel’s unbelief and rebellion. As in Jesus’ 1st coming, there will be a shaking loose of the Luciferian Talmudic chokehold the Elder of Zion currently have on Israel. Currently, YHVH’s People in national Israel is anti-Jesus and rooted in Talmudic Judaism that has supplanted the Torah by the Talmud and other Luciferian AntiChrist spirit books from Babylon.

Regarding the religious leaders of Israel today, the Elders it is much as it was in Jesus’ day when Jesus called them out as the ‘Blind Shepherds’ and ‘White-Washed Tombs’, etc. They are blind because they have a veil upon them much like Moses as a judgement against their hardened hearts and rejection of Jesus as their Messiah. These are the Learned Elders of Zion that coincidentally have 24 Protocols on how to rule the nations and YHVH’s People, both Jew and Gentile. It is a mockery of the 24 Elders surrounding YHVH’s Throne that to some is a representation of the Bride of Christ. Some Christians also insist that the Jews of today are not the Jews of the Bible due to insufficient amount of DNA or bloodlines. It may be the case that not all the current bloodlines and genetic stock of the Jews currently in secular Israel are what are considered a ‘Biblical Jew’ to the satisfaction of many.

The Restoration of Israel
In the Middle East, one’s race is tied to one’s religion and is not mutually exclusive in most cases. Realize that a Jew from the beginning was a mixed race. There has also been a lot of intermarrying along the way; case in point Rahab, Ruth, etc. At the time of Jesus, only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin remained. During the times of the Romans Judea was a Roman province and yet Jesus referred to Nicodemus as a ‘Teacher of Israel’ still. Thus, Nicodemus was not only a Jew but also still an Israelite, of the nation of Israel, all-inclusive in the eyes of Jesus. The LORD knows whose are His and can keep track of who are the 10 Lost Tribes and that of Judah. Due to the Diaspora, Jews were exiled to the 4 corners of the world and from where the LORD will harvest and gather from the 4 corners His Elect at the end of that harvest regarding Israel that is to occur at the end of the Tribulation.

When the LORD promised to return the Exiles back to the Land, they are all inclusive of all the Tribes. Also consider that because of the Diaspora the Jews have virtually intermingled at the DNA level with almost every major race on Earth. Also, to be a Jew, the affirmation comes from the female side of the bloodline. The 70 and 2 Elders, that of the 6 leaders of each tribe plus Moses and Joshua constituted the Judges and the council of the Elders which would later be called the Sanhedrin. Over time this legislative body became subverted and it is they on behalf of Israel that unjustly judged Jesus several times illegally and rejected Him as the Messiah. They are the ones that instituted the Teachings of Men and introduced heretical extra-Torah books like the Talmud, the Zohar and others that are not Orthodox Judaism.

It cannot be denied though that there are some Jewish elements, that Jesus called the Synagogue of Satan that has infiltrated the highest ranks of Jewry. These are the very ones that are orchestrating the economic collapse cycles and wars among the nations to induce their Chaos out of Oder and unveil their LORD, the AntiChrist. These became the Protocols that mock the 24 Elders that are associated with the Bride that many believe are a euphemism of her. The LORD has His Elders, 24 symbolically that may in fact be the true type of the Bride that is to co-rule, co-reign with Christ on the Throne on Earth as it is in Heaven. These are the ones that made their bridal garments white as snow with the blood of the Lamb, Jesus throughout the Church Age.

The Apostle John mingled with the 24 Elders. John was interacting with them as he was called up through a door or portal to be shown what was to occur thereafter as a witness to the breaking of the Seals. Any possible timing of the Rapture tied to a specific Seal is totally conjectured. The Seals cannot occur prior to the timing of the Rapture as they take place after the Bride is ‘called up’ to be a witness of the breaking of the Seals and of what is to take place thereafter. Of course, the assumption is that chapter 4 of Revelation is a type and unveiling pattern of how the Rapture and Tribulation are mutually exclusive. This does not preclude the notion that the Seals are progressive, multilayered and echo prophecy throughout time, meaning that their typology can be seen leading up to the actual events yet to occur literally.

The Sinai Pattern of the Unveilings
The assertion of the possible Rapture Event occurring on a Yom Kippur which itself is an unveiling as the curtain is pulled back does not have to coincide with the Fall Feasts of YHVH or occur in 2015 but perhaps a future year. If Yom Kippur will be Biblically prophetic in 2015, it has a long list of why the Rapture Event could occur at such a time but so does Rosh HaShanah. Consider though  that at Yom Kippur, the veil is drawn back as noted also when the LORD descended on a sea of sapphire to meet the Elders of Israel much like it will be at the point of the Rapture when the Bride meets the LORD in the ‘sapphire air’. The Sinai 120-day count that starts on a Pentecost and ends on a Yom Kippur does appear to insinuate that perhaps the Rapture Event is correlating to such a typology.

What is unique in constructing the timeline in 2015 is that from the total solar eclipse on the Religious New Year, March 20, 2015 that happened to occur on the Spring Equinox to the Pentecost of May 25, 2015 is 66 days. From October 4, 2015, the end of Sukkot that includes the end of the Tetrad Blood Moon to Hanukkah on December 7, 2015 is 67 days. This could be an example of the possible prophetic overtone of how the 66- and 67-day counts mirror the Jubilee count from 1966-67. Such connections are also celestially encrypted in the very Sinai 120 pattern that seem to bare a prophetic witness at the conclusion of the Fall Feasts of YHVH in 2015 that could see the fulfillment of the Rapture Event. It is an amazing witness that the Jubilee, which occurs on the Fall Equinox could indeed involve the 120 Sinai pattern countdown to the unveiling of the Bride of Jesus and perhaps the long-anticipated Rapture Event.

What this study suggests is that Pentecost may very well be at least the start of this countdown. This very same creative force is seen in another monumental Pentecost in another Mt. Sinai typology, the Upper Room. There were exactly 120 Disciples that mirrors the 120 days from Pentecost to Yom Kippur were the unveiling of the LORD Creator, Jesus took place with the 70 and 2 Elders on Mt. Sinai. It was at such Pentecostal times that Jesus bestowed His authority to Israel and to the Church to take His Gospel to the 4 corners of the world and occupy until the last Gentile is to be saved and the Bride has made herself ready, etc. The Church Age is about a harvest and the grafting in of the Gentiles to the promises of Abram that this study suggests could follow the Mt. Sinai 120-day count from Pentecost to Yom Kippur prophetically.

Pentecost at both at Mt. Sinai and at the Upper Room is also about a re-creation prophetically and spiritually. In both prophetic instances, the GOD-Head was in unison actively recreating and commissioning as it was in the Garden of Eden. One can see the Trinity working as the GOD-Head created all in the Beginning and renovated or re-created the Earth for Humanity subsequently. In the very first couple of verses of Genesis, what is seen is GOD the Father creating out of nothing all the dimensions by the moving of the Spirit. What is not seen but present is the Aleph and the Tav that is Jesus. In the Upper Room on Pentecost there was the sound of rushing waters, of trumpet blasts, of fiery tongues as it was on the Mountain with fire as the People of YHVH trembled in fear of the sounds of the trumpets. There too was the force of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Himself later was unveiled to them.

The Unveiling at Yom Kippur
He is the SON silent but present and in fact according to Philippian’s the creative agent that like Moses, is veiled and not seen of the Jews in their Holy Scriptures given by Moses from YHVH on Mt. Sinai because of unbelief and rebellion. The following are various day counts and numerical associations dealing with the countdown of the impending unveiling of the Bride based on the Mt. Sinai 120-day pattern of prophetic time that is also in phi ratio.

 At Pentecost at Mt. Sinai and the Upper Room: A ‘re-creation’ occurred much like Genesis
involving the collaborate work of the Father-Son-Spirit. In one aspect of Yom Kippur, the pulling back of the curtain or veil to enter the Holy of Holies can be considered as a door, a portal to Heaven, even a ‘Stargate’…the Golden Gate. This typology of the mediator of the King, the High Priest which is Jesus will be likened to the commission of the Bride of Christ during the Church Age. This notion of the curtain or veil is the point in that it is Jesus and that unless a Jew comes to Jesus, this curtain or veil of separation will always exist. In this case the Bride throughout the Church Age can be likened to the High Priest that has been stripped to the bare Priestly white garments.

It is figuratively much like a picture of a bride’s white garments, bare foot, serving faithfully within the Holies in the House of YHVH. In her Priestly duties she will one day pierce the veil to be ushered in and presented to the King, dressed in all white, bathed, washed and with no blemish or wrinkle as the garments of the High Priest were. Realize that this unveiling rehearsal on Yom Kippur has not been done literally by the Jews since the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. This unveiling rehearsal however has been occurring spiritual in the collective Body of Christ, which is a Temple. The promise of the New Covenant with Jesus is that Believers can boldly appear before the Throne, piercing the Veil which is Jesus. The point is that one day; this rehearsal will itself be fulfilled at the time of the Rapture that could coincide with a Yom Kippur date.

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble
If this typology is valid and in keeping with the prophetic schedule, it will be 7 years later that the King will come back from the veil whereby His pure white garment is now stained with blood, but His own this time. In the case of the LORD’s 2nd Coming, the blood is from the war the returning Lion of Judah will impose on Lucifer, the AntiChrist, the False Prophet, and all those in league with darkness and falsehood. Many believe that the Rapture Event of the Bride, as a type and shadow will follow the pattern of Noah and Lot as they may thus coincide with. The Rapture Event may very well be accompanied by a sudden destruction scenario. It could be of some type that perhaps could cover for an economic collapse or a world war of some type and to a degree.

Again, the context is the Time of Jacob’s Trouble in Israel is during the Tribulation, not the parenthetical Church Age. Conversely one could not correctly assert that the Time of Jacob’s Trouble would overlap into what is considered the Church Age. So why would the Church Age overlap into the Time of Jacob’s Trouble? With such a perspective one can easily have discernment that the first 3 Spring Feasts of YHVH were completed by Jesus in a span of a week. So too the Fall Feasts will be completed at the LORD’s 2nd coming starting with a Rosh HaShanah. It is the present salvation, the work being done in the center Feast, that of Pentecost that is to come to a completion before the Time of Jacob’s Trouble starts. Those that reject the pre-Tribulation Rapture timing do so because there is another ‘rapture’ event about halfway into the Tribulation period.

There is a rapture at the midpoint of the Tribulation, but it is not the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. This rapture deals with the 144, 000 and all those that they evangelized. They are seen thereafter as one of the 24 Elders tells John that such were the ones that came out of the Great Tribulation. They are the ones sealed with YHVH’s Mark as the counter measure to the AntiChrist’s Mark of the Beast during the Tribulation. The Church of Jesus is now currently sealed with the Holy Spirit, eternally as a deposit of the amazing inheritance and reward Jesus is coming back with to give His Bride at the point of the Rapture.

‘To the end that we who were the first to hope in Christ would be to the praise of His glory. In Him, you also, after listening to the Message of Truth, the Gospel of your salvation-- having also believed, you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is given as a pledge of our inheritance, with a view to the redemption of God's own possession, to the praise of His glory. – 1 Corinthians 1:12-14

There is no need for an addition ‘Mark’ or pledge to the Church by Jesus. Consider that if the Church of Jesus is to still enter the Tribulation and thus need an additional ‘sealing’, it would constitute Double Jeopardy. Even in the earthly realm, a defendant cannot be charged for the same crime twice, why would Jesus do the same with His Bride? No, the Remnant seen within the context of the Tribulation is distinctly Jewish because there has already been transference of the Testimony to Jesus, of the commission from the Church to Israel. Such know the Song of Moses that speaks of Sinai and the Covenant made between them at a Pentecost.

They are holding palm branches that speak of Passover when the LORD rode into Jerusalem as the humble King on a donkey at His first commission. The Bride is never arrayed in such adornments and described in such a Jewish context.  As Passover occurred in Egypt it is a picture of the Lamb of YHVH, Jesus crucified on Passover for sin to justify this People. YHVH brought out the congregation to Mt. Sinai on Pentecost that speaks of the covenant of marriage, of a betrothal. It was at this time that Moses was veiled much like the Christ within the Church Age has Jesus been ‘veiled’ to the Jews due to their rejection of Messiah and unbelief.

This time also speaks of the present tense sanctification of the Bride, those 5 Wise Virgins that made themselves ready. It is at the future time, the glorification of the body at the point of the Rapture that the Bride will be unveiled as was the LORD that unveiled Himself unto the 70 and 2 Elders of Israel on Yom Kippur 120 days out from Pentecost on Mt. Sinai. This study has only insinuated that the 2 Pentecostal timelines and typologies appear to converge due to the Jubilee Year, the end of the 49th year and beginning of the Year of Light 5776 convergences.  They exemplify the possibility that the Sinai pattern of the Church Age is tied to the Pentecostal 120 pattern culminating on a Yom Kippur. Could it be realized in 5776?

‘For in your days, you rebellious people, I will fulfill whatever I say, declares the Sovereign Lord. The word of the Lord came to me: Son of man, the Israelites are saying, The vision he sees is for many years from now, and he prophesies about the distant future. Therefore, say to them, This is what the Sovereign Lord says: None of my words will be delayed any longer; whatever I say will be fulfilled, declares the Sovereign Lord.’ -Ezekiel 12:25-28

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