Orwellian Efforts to Identify, Isolate COVID-19 Resisters

  • What are COVID Strike Force Teams and what are they used for?
  • What is the purpose of the Ambassador Outreach Program?
  • What is the desired outcome of this type of Orwellian Effort?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘In early times, it was easier to control 1 million People than physically to kill 1 million People. Today, it is infinitely easier to kill 1 million People than to control 1 million People. It is easier to kill than to control’. - Zbigniew Brzezinski, 2009

The purpose of this report is to draw attention to an Outreach Program that the World Governments are now implementing to ensure ‘everyone’ gets the poison and toxic gene-altering COVID-19 Injections. This program is being rolled-out as an ‘Ambassador’, Door-to-Door Outreach Program whereby Government have trained ‘Ambassadors’ that will be asking for one’s COVID-19 Status and/or to ‘educate’ those Resistant, Hesitant or Anti-COVID-19 Injection People to get the shots. In the USA, the President made the statement that it was a top priority. Then the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra stated on National TV that the Government does have the right to ask one’s COVID-19 Status. And this of course, for one’s ‘own safety’ and that of the community, which is not the case. It is about a total control grid.

He, and the like are only sell-outs and mouthpieces for the Luciferian Elite ‘Apparatus’ that use such ‘Useful Idiots’ to implement their plans for total control and de-population efforts that are now well under way. Their Operation is Military and being exposed. To a degree, their plans are being revealed. Their Agenda has been hampered, as if by a ‘Restrainer’ behind the scenes. It is operating and hindering their full-on assault against Humanity. Various Alternative Media outlets have reported on the next step in their incremental and diabolical ‘Extinct Protocols’ of eventually securing a World Population that is totally injected, biometrically. The Injections are not about irradicating COVID-19 but that through them, they will damage People and those that will not die from their Adverse Reactions will be ushered-in to their Biometric Humanity 2.0 total control grid.

It is not about COVID-19 as yet, a year and a half out, there is still fear-mongering of ‘COVID-19 surging in all States’. Australia, Canada and the UK have now imposed yet another round of Lockdowns and Mask Mandates. Then French President Macron has now been the 1st World Leader or Stooge to require a Vaccine Passport for participating in ‘Normal Societal’ events, venues, and travel, etc. This re-post is taken mainly from the website, Canada Man's Sandbox that really did a nice job in analyzing the PDF from the Lake County Government website regarding the COVID-19 Door-to-Door Ambassador Outreach Program. The Training Document analysis was broadcast by Mark Adams, the Health Ranger. He has been reporting on how the White House announced ‘Strike Forces’ to target Anti-Vaxxers. The document instructs on how to clear Buildings, violate Trespass Laws and flag ‘Anti-COVID-19’ Injections Resisters.

Lying to the Public

Such a list of those ‘Marked’ will be utilized for future Forced Quarantines of the ‘Resisters’ into COVID Camps. See the CDC Operation SHIELD, it is in the books, as they say. Certain words will be highlighted and/or capitalized for emphasis. A commentary and/or adaptation to the articles will be made to highlight and expand portions of the reports. As such, a U.S. State Government Training Document has surfaced that offers horrifying details on how trained door-to-door ‘Strike Force’ Vaccine Enforcement Teams plan to operate in the USA. The document is Labeled, ‘Community Health Ambassador Outreach Door Knocking Project’.

It is a Public Document, for now unless it is taken down, published by the Government of Lake County, in the U.S. State of Illinois. It will no doubt serve as a blueprint for all other U.S. State and Municipality Governments to copy. Consider that as a ‘Strike Force’, such terminology is only used in Military and/or Militarized Police activities and/or campaigns. That is exactly what this COVID-19 Agenda is about. It is a Military Operation, gone live and the Theatre is the World. The Enemy is You, the ‘too many Humans’. In the Training Protocols, ‘Ambassadors’ are instructed to do the following.

  • Violate ‘No Soliciting’ restrictions and illegally Trespass onto Private Property.
  • Impersonate Health Dept. Officials and attempt to intimidate Building Managers into consenting to allowing entry for the Strike Force Teams.
  • Lie to the Public and falsely claim COVID Vaccines are safe by withholding information about serious Vaccine Side Effects, including Hospitalizations and Deaths.
  • Clear buildings in Military Fashion, going floor-by-floor, wing-by-wing, knock on doors and impose on Residents of Apartment Buildings and Residential Units.
  • Record the locations (address, room number) of those either Hesitant or Resisters to the COVID-19 Injections in order to generate a Government Database for further action - most likely Forced Quarantine Removal in the near future.

As noted, the U.S. President has initiated this Military Protocol against its own Citizens. White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki announced in early July of 2021 that the Biden Administration would activate door-to-door ‘Strike Forces’ to ‘inform and educate’ more People into getting the COVID-19 Injections. Following that White House announcement, Lake County, Illinois posted the Training Document in questions that provides instructions for how such COVID-19 Strike Teams should operate.

Then Articles exposing this Military Operation began to surface on how the Municipal Governments, supposedly elected to ‘Serve and Protect’ are publicly engaging in subversion against its Citizen. The following are some examples of their ploy that is only going to get worse as time goes on, if the majority of the World does not wake-up and resist this Orwellian Evil. The ‘Ambassadors’, as noted are instructed to make False Claims. They are trained in stating that the COVID-19 Injection is ‘Safe and Approved’. This is despite, as of July 11, 2021, the VAERS system (https://vaers.hhs.gov/) now reporting over 9,000 Deaths in the U.S. following COVID-19 Injections.

Trespassing Teams

As the reports noted, the Strike Team Ambassadors are essentially instructed to lie to the Public. They are being trained to imply that the COVID-19 Injections are ‘Approved Vaccines’, which is a half-truth. Most ordinary People do not know the difference about that statement. As most who do know what is going on, the COVID-19 Injections are ‘Approved’ but only under Emergency Use. They have not been proved conclusively to be ‘Safe and Effective’. On the contrary, the VAERS statistics is bearing this out.

The COVID-19 Injections have been ‘Approved’ only due to the Fear-Mongering success of scaring the entire World into forced Lockdowns, Mask Mandates, Quarantines, Social Distancing and now Forced Inoculations. Presently, all COVID-19 Injections have not been proven to be conclusively safe nor effective. And it is understood that only about 1%-10% of VAERS are being reported. In Europe, the number is over 30,000 Deaths and over 1 million Side Effects reported and counting as of July 2021. Here is an example of their Training Protocols.

Question: Is the COVID-19 Vaccine safe?
Answer: COVID-19 Vaccines are tested in large Clinical Trials to make sure they meet Safety Standards… All routine Safety Standards must be met to ensure that any Authorized or Approved Vaccine is as safe as possible.

Yet, such a Military Operation is strong-arming People to take the Injection even under the Emergency Use Authorization phase, that is due to expire. All it will take is for 1 of the COVID-19 Injections to be FDA Approved. And consider that now being a year and a half out from the original release of the COVID-19 Virus, that strand for which the mRNA is programed for has already fizzled-out through the General Public. In other words, as Dr. McCullough of Texas has emphatically warned, People are getting a shot for a virus that no longer exist and has largely passed through the Populations. But that is the plan. It has never been about COVID. The virus has been the cover. The objective is to inject as many People of the World. Why? Total biometric control. It is what is inside the COVID Injection and what the Luciferians of the World seek to do with the Human Body in their next man-make ‘Great Leap Forward’ into the Human Evolutionary quest.

They seek to become ‘Immortal’ and re-create Humanity ‘in their own image’. The end goal will be the Mark of the Beast. Nonetheless, starting in the Fall of 2021, it is anticipated that at least 1 of the 4 major World COVID-19 Injections will be approved by the FDA in the USA. This will then set the standard and precedence for requiring all People to get the shots. If only 1 of these Medical Devices is approved, that is all it takes and any subsequent ‘Booster Shot’ does not then need to also go through the Clinical Trials. This is when the COVID ‘Ambassadors’ come in, literally. They will be going onto People’s Private Property despite seeing clear Signage about not Trespassing. As noted, the ‘Ambassadors’ are instructed to ignore the Signs. This is serious as such purposeful and blatant violation of the Law is subject to one being arrested. That is if the Local Police come and do their job. Most, one suspects will not as they will be or are already on the side of this Military/Police Operation.

Resisting is Futile

The following is what the Training Document Protocols instruct the Strike Team to do, basically Trespass and Lie. The ‘Ambassadors’ are instructed to also Impersonate Health Department Officials. Realize that all this is illegal under State Law in the USA and no different as one would Impersonate a Police Officer, etc. The following is the explanation given in the Training Document.

Ignore No Soliciting Signs. You’re not Soliciting! You’re offering Critical Information and Resources. What you are doing is not illegal. And make clear up front that the building has let you in and you’re from the Health Department.

As the reports rightly assessed, these Strike Force ‘Ambassadors’ are in fact, soliciting for the commercial, for-profit benefactors, the Big Pharmaceuticals. They are essentially working on behalf of the ‘Vaccine’ Manufacturers who stand to generate billions of Dollars in ‘Vaccine’ sales to World Governments. The COVID-19 Injections are a Medical Product. It is a pity that now local Municipalities are doing their ‘dirty work’ as Big Pharma billions have bought-out most World Government Agencies and Politicians.

This door-to-door COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ coercion campaign benefit only the for-profit Corporations which fund Election Campaigns of Government Officials that are ordering the COVID Mandates. Consider a following Meme that circulated after the Assassination of the President of Haiti. It was noted that as of the beginning of July 2021, only 3 countries refused to force and mass inoculate their People with the COVID-19 Shots. Guess what countries they were? Haiti, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Now, all 3 of their Presidents have ‘Died’ unexpectedly. Jovenel Moise of Haiti, gunned down by an orchestrated Military raid. John Magufuli of Tanzania died unexpectantly in March of 2021 and Didier Ratsiraka of Madagascar also in March of 2021. Soon thereafter, COVID-19 orders were submitted to the WHO and provided by the USA. Now in the West, door-to-door Dragnets of those not injected are under way. It was noted that under Illinois Statutes Chapter, Criminal Offenses, Sub-chapter 3, Criminal Trespass to Real Property, the Law states the following. Emphasis added.

(a) A person commits Criminal Trespass to Real Property when he or she:

1) knowingly and without Lawful Authority enters or remains within or on a Building;

(2) enters upon the Land of another, after receiving, prior to the Entry, Notice from the Owner or Occupant that the Entry is forbidden;

(3) remains upon the Land of another, after receiving Notice from the Owner or Occupant to depart;

(3.5) presents False Documents or Falsely Represents his or her Identity orally to the Owner or Occupant of a Building or Land in order to obtain Permission from the Owner or Occupant to enter or remain in the Building or on the Land;

Military Psyop

It was rightly reported that a ‘No Soliciting’ Sign is ‘Prior Notice’ that Entry is forbidden. And as noted, the Strike Force Team Ambassadors are being instructed to tell People, that ‘they are from the Health Department’. They are willingly and willfully illegally misrepresenting themselves as Health Department Employees or Officers, when they are neither. Most regular unsuspecting People will not know the difference. These ‘Ambassadors’ have no Authority to be asking or knowing about one’s Medical Status.

The ‘Ambassadors’ are being trained to imply that their questioning and reason for Trespassing is covered under the ‘Color of Law’. They are told to impersonate Health Department Employees or Officials. This is illegal. The reports rightly assessed this criminal activity by the U.S. Government in that this Military Operation is equivalent to a local Police Department recruiting ‘Volunteers’ and instructing them to say, ‘We are from the Police Department and are Law Enforcement Officials’.

The Training Document further gives instructions for ‘clearing’ Residential Buildings, Flood by Floor, in Military Style Operation. Why? It is because this Outreach Program is a Military Psyop. All the while, they will be meticulously recording the locations of those who refuse or are resisting the COVID Cancer. The Governments will need a database of the physical locations of People who refuse the COVID-19 concoction of poison for later extraction. The purpose is very clear, the Dragnet is to canvass localities and record the People who refuse the COVID-19 Injections. The following is from the document.

After you enter the Building, orient yourself so you systematically proceed from Floor-to-Floor, covering each Wing. Utilize the Tally Sheet to keep count of those interested in getting the vaccine, those who refuse and those with further questions.

These instructions are exactly how the Military and Law Enforcement train for a Dragnet Operation. The next stage will be, at some point in time to then have the Military and/or Law Enforcement come to forcibly inject those resisting the COVID-19 shot at gun point. Or it will be to extract those to be forcibly quarantined. One will not be able to opt-out even if there are legitimate Exemptions due to Medical Condition and/or Religious Convictions. Such Exemptions are only touted to exist for legal purposes and to appease the People, for now. But once the ‘Order’ is given, even the COVID-19 Recovered that have 100% Natural Immunity will still need to be injected.

The reports further went on to note regarding this Training Document that there are really only 2 logical reasons why the Government will come back to the ‘Marked’ addresses of those that refuse the COVID-19 Injections or said they would not be taking them. 1) As noted, the Authorities will force inject these remaining People. 2) The Authorities will forcibly take away these sorts of People, the ‘Resisters’ to COVID ‘Quarantine Centers’. These will be the COVID Camps run by FEMA and/or the CDC. The issue is that one cannot come out ever of such COVID Camps until one gets the shots. The CDC’s Operation SHIELD describes the facilities as having only 1 entrance or way to getting in or out as in ‘escaping’.

The Authorities, under the COIVD ‘Emergency’ will have the power to then detain or ‘imprison’ those COVID Injection Resisters, indefinitely. This scenario will mirror the popular song, ‘Hotel California’ where People could ‘check-out but, could never leave’. The Ambassadors are then told to downplay the Injection Side Effects and significance. This is irresponsible as it will dissuade honest People from reporting them to VAERS. Most are scared and un-informed of the potential serious Medically Adverse Reactions.

The Ambassadors will be informing the People of the need to have Informed Consent. As a result, many will needlessly die. But as noted, that is the plan as only about 1%-10% of Adverse Effects and/or Deaths are being reported to VAERS in the USA. For example, if as of July 2021 about 9,000 Deaths have been reported to the U.S. VAERS, and it is only approximately 1% of the actual cases, how many have really died? Here is a simple Mathematical Ratio Calculus based on only the 1% factor.

1%         =        100%
1%X      =        100% x 9000
X            =        100    x 9000 / 1%
           =        900,000 / 1
           =        900,000 (Nearly 1 Million People have actually died statistically in the USA.)

Consider that it has been broadcasted that as of July 2021, nearly ~620,000 People in the USA have died of COVID-19 Virus. And this is based on inflated numbers by 2X as the reporting of Deaths by the COVID-19 Virus have been intentionally made to be exuberant. Thus, with such a COVID-19 Virus Death Rate, the percentage for a 332,000,000 population of the USA would be about a
.0018% Death Rate. Realize that this COVID-19 Virus Death Rate is less that for the prior Seasonal Influenza Death Rates. However, if compared to the Death Rate of those statistically killed by the COVID-19 Injection, it is the following.

900,000 dead of COVID-19 Injection / 332,000,000 USA pop. =

Thus, based on this Mathematical Extrapolation, statistically, the COVID-19 Injections are killing more People than the COVID-19 Virus in the USA. As one can see, the Cure is worse than the supposed Disease and the thus, there is no justification for continued Lockdowns, Mask Mandates, Social Distancing, nor ‘Vaccinations’. But this is, has been and will be the plan.

In fact, such a fact is 1 of the primary suppositions of why an Emergency Use Authorization was granted in the 1st place. The argument was that the ‘Vaccine’ could be more beneficial to People. But the decision was not and is not based on the Scientific Method. It was based on ‘Faith’ that it could be beneficial. The mRNA is new Experimental Technology never tested on Humans before. But because of the induced mass hysteria, it has not been based on solid Science, but a hope that it will be. This is not Science. To reiterate, the COVID Strike Force Ambassadors are instructed to lie to the Public about Adverse Events, downplaying their significance of the Side Effects.

A Psyops

The reports rightly discerned that the ‘Ambassadors’ have been instructed to not be truthful about the ramification of the COVID-19 Injection Side Effects. They will be twisting the outcomes from a negative to a positive effect. They are insinuating that Side Effects are ‘not a bad thing’. Try to tell that to a Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Aunt, or Uncle who have been damaged or have died of the COVID-19 Side Effects because of the Injection. So, it is ‘not as bad as COVID’ if one drops Dead, suffers Neurological Damage, has Uncontrollable Seizures, Blood Clots, Bell’s Palsy, Heart Damage, Heart Attacks, Bleeding, etc. The following is the script giving in the Training Document to reply to those who ask if there are any Side Effects taking the COVID-19 Injections.

…It is important to know that Side Effects are a Sign that your Body is working to build up a Defense against the Virus. And Side Effects are not nearly as bad as a bad case of COVID.

Yet, unbelievable, there have been cases where People’s skin has flaked-off or have broken-out in blood-filled soars and yet they praise the shots. They claim that they were fortunate enough to get the COVID Injection and ‘that is it working’. The rationale that the ‘Ambassadors’ are trained to say is that the Side Effects is proof that the ‘Vaccine’ is ‘working’. That no matter how bad the Side Effects are, getting COVID is worse. This is not Science. And this, most People do not realize nor understand that the CDC’s own website shows that COVID-19 has a 99% Recovery Rate and the COVID-19 Virus Death Rate is no worse than a yearly Seasonal Influenza.

What has contributed to the elevated Death Counts is that Doctors have been instructed to not treat the COVID Symptoms until it is too late. At which point, any result that ends in Hospitalization will have a 70% chance of sure Death thereafter as by that time, it is too late for many People. It is rather ironic that the Powers-That-Be that own the Mass Media Outlines, the Banks, Education, Science, Big Ag and Big Parma and most Politicians are the ones hypocritically claiming that it is the Alternative Media and COVID-19 Injection Resisters that are to blame for ‘mis-information’. Yet the Lake County Document on how to train and script the ‘Ambassador’ are guilty of this very crime. This is why this Military Operation is a Psyop that is shamedly being supported by the President to be ‘legally’ dishonest and defuse dangerous misinformation.

It will cause many People that do get the COVID-19 Injection and its Side Effect to avoid seeking Emergency Medical Attention when they suffer Serious Adverse Reactions following the Injections, and this may lead to Permanent Injury or Death. It will also prevent them from reporting the Side Effects and/or Death to the VAERS. Thus, the Lake County Government is directly teaching its Strike Force Team of Ambassadors to distribute misinformation that will result in unassuming People ending-up Dead. One sure evidence to show how this COVID-19 is a Military Psyop is that the Ambassadors are falsely telling People who already have Natural Immunity, COVID Recovered, that they still need to get ‘vaccinated’. This is not Science. The reports rightly assessed that in direct violation of Medical Ethics and Science, the Training Document instructs the COVID Ambassador to tell People that one’s Natural Immunity does not work.


People are being told that only the COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ can provide true Immunity. This is not Science. The CDC is falsely publicizing on their website on the Adverse Effect Page that Deaths due to the COVID-19 Injections and Heart Condition in Young Adults are ‘Extremely Rare’. This is false. The VAERS data bear this out. And what the People will not be told is that most of the reported cases now being Hospitalized with COVID are those who were previously injected with the COVID-19 Injections. The Ambassador will also not be informing the Public that they have the right to have Informed Consent.

No ‘vaccine’ is 100% effective but that it is not the better option than having recovered and acquired Natural Immunity from COVID-19 Viruses. They will not cite the Scientific Papers that show that virtually any recovery from a virus will last almost one’s entire lifespan. Nor are they told to inform the Public that the COVID-19 Injections are already failing to work against COVID Variants, such as the Delta variant. And now a 3rd shot is required, as in Israel. The following is from the ‘Talking Points’ Training Document.

Question: Do I need to get vaccinated if I already had COVID-19?
Answer: Yes. Right now it is unclear how long immunity for COVID-19 lasts after you have been sick. We do know that immunity from having the virus decreases over time, especially for mild cases. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself from getting COVID-19 again.

This is not Science as Scientists and/or Virologists will argue that a Variant is always less potent than the original. What these Lake County Training Documents reveal is a dangerous escalation and precedent that will be used to intimidate, harass and illegally coerce People into accepting a Medical Device into their body, against one’s will and without Informed Consent. It is a violation of the Nuremburg Code, of one’s Civil Rights the U.S. Constitution and Human Rights in General. At some point in time, the rising Death Rate from the COVID-19 Injections will be blamed on the Resisters.

This will be cause for the Governments to impose stricter measures in the COVID World Order. It will be a Medical Martial Law that will forcibly remove the Resisters to permanent COVID Camps. All that it will take is for one more ‘COVID Emergency’ or an International Event to trigger this ‘Final Solution’ against Humanity. Covid ‘Internment Centers’ already exist in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. The reports went on to state that even USA Today, a mouthpiece for Big Pharma, the CDC and the WHO, tried to ’Fact Check’ claims about the COVID Quarantine Camps and ended up confirming they are real.

Fact Check:

Quarantine ‘Camps’ are real, but COVID-19 Camp claim stretches truth.
From the story: The claim: U.S. Military has approved COVID-19 Quarantine ‘Camps’ that will access personal information and be monitored by Militarized CDC Police.

USA Today does not dispute the existence of Militarized Covid Quarantine Camps in the USA but cites some unknown internet user who speculated about exactly what might go on there, attempting to discredit the entire idea.

NAZI 4th Reich

The following are some strategies about how to handle these COVID Ambassador when they come knocking on one’s door. These are from the components of the reports. One is under no obligation to answer any questions related to one’s Medical Condition or Vaccination Record to any Governmental Authority. Local Authorities can ring one’s doorbell but once you put them on notice that they need to leave, they cannot stay on one’s premises. The COVID ‘Ambassadors’ will be saying that one has to answer their questions, this is not true. The following Rights apply to the USA.

Under the 4th Amendment

One has a right against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures.

Under the Fifth Amendment.

One has the right to remain silent. One does NOT have to speak to Government Officials.

-Place ‘No Trespassing’ Sign at all entry points to one’s property and/or door.
-Place ‘No Soliciting’ Sign at all entry points to one’s property and/or door.
-Do not open the door.
-Never mention the COVID-19 Injection.
-Politely ask them to leave.
-Do not try to convince them of not taking the ‘Vaccine’ or that one will not.
-Call the Local Police to report their Trespassing on one’s property, if refuse to leave.
-Video the encounter for evidence.

In the reports, it was noted that Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Orlando, Florida-based Liberty Counsel, sees parallels of this COVID Dragnet to 1930’s pre-Nazi Germany. When Hitler started consolidating his power in 1933, a primary goal was to exterminate Germany’s 600,000 Jews, but first they had to be identified or ‘Marked’. They were seen and treated as a ‘Virus’. Hitler targeted the Jews and other ‘Undesirables’ by using a Census to get personal information. This was done through a door-to-door Outreach Program to acquire the information. The Nazis used a Globalist but American company, IBM, to data-mine their Citizens and ‘Mark’ their targets.

The same People are still in place and power. They are using the same tactics. The difference is that now, with modern technology, they will succeed where Hitler failed. Hitler actually hired IBM to execute a Racial Census to ‘Mark’ the Jews in particular. IBM created a system to cross-reference the data against their Employment Records and also from their Financial Institutions Records. They used the information gathered to then mass transfer the Jews into ‘Quarantine Neighborhoods’ called Ghettos. Ultimately, they were sent to either Slave Labor Camps or outright Death Camps. 

This same information gathering apparatus is in place now. There is the NSA, for example in the USA and this same Game Plan is being used presently with COVID-19 Forced Injections. It will serve to do the same and produce the same ‘Scientific Outcome’, all thanks to the Corporate IBMs of the world. For more on this tragic history that is about to be repeated, see the 2012 book by Edwin Black entitled, ‘IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation’.

The End Game

Not surprisingly, the IBM of today is also involved in the creation of the inevitable Digital Health Passports for every person on the planet. Hello ‘Mark of the Beast’. They have partnered with Vaccine-maker Moderna in New York’s Excelsior Pass. This ‘Pass’ is being required for anyone attending Sporting Events or other large-venue events in the state of New York. Bill Gates’ Microsoft has likewise partnered-up with the City of Los Angeles Schools District and Anthem Health to implement the Daily Pass QR Health Portal. This ‘Pass’ will track or ‘Mark’ every Student in the largest School District in the USA, under the premise of ‘Protecting’ People from COVID.

Presently, the Health Passes are voluntary in the USA, but they are being rolled-out and will become mandatory. It is only a matter of time. This was already required in Israel and now in France as of July 2021. The outcome? It will convert the Unvaccinated into ‘Jews’ to be ‘Marked’ of the likes of Nazi Germany. Individuals will be effectively excluded from Society and marginalized to the point of ‘extermination’ like the Jews. Many End Times Researchers have sounded the alarm that such Health Passes will be tied to the Luciferian broader agenda known as the Great Reset. It will eventually all lead-up to the Mark of the Beast.
This ‘Reset’ involves a complete redesign of Society, Governments, Supply Chains, Capital, and the Human Body. The reports also mentioned how a Kris Anne Hall, a Constitutional Attorney is offering advice to those that might end up in legal issues pertinent to the door-to-door COVID-19 coercion campaign. On her website, KrisAnneHall.com, she is offering a free Trespass Warning Form. One can print-out it out and hand it to any uninvited Government COVID Agent who shows up on one’s doorsteps asking if one has received the COVID-19 shots or not.

Then a Dr. Steven F. Hotze MD has made himself available to the General Public (281.698.8698) to refer People out to Attorneys who will fight to defend one’s rights to not be coerced or forced into taking a Gene Modification Experimental COVID-19 Injection. People will need legal help to fight this violation of one’s Alienable Rights and Civil Liberties and not be ‘Marked’

Sign in European Format: English   French

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