Countdown of the Prophetic Celestial Harbingers

  • Is there a Comet Pattern that might be a prophetic 'countdown'?
  • Will the coming 3rd Temple be accompanied by a comet?
  • Are Naked-Eye comets harbingers of bad omens and doom?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to highlight several key and unique properties of the ‘Naked-Eye’ comets that have thus far been cataloged from 1996-2012. There appears to be somewhat of a ’pattern’ since 1996. Perhaps such a pattern of these types of comets is heralding a time in the upcoming decade that will be of some great significance prophetically. Several elements of these comets will be noted, and some definitions will be provided for context.

The dates used to mark the comets on the timeline are taken from data that was available, of when the comets reached their ‘epoch’ or perihelion and not necessarily when they were first ‘seen’. Metaphorically, comets seem to be ‘underlining’ the storyline of the Zodiac as it passes through certain constellations of the Mazzaroth. If the Mazzaroth is indeed the ‘Gospel’ written in the Stars as many Biblical scholars propose, then these comet’s path is accenting or underlining specific parts of the ’Witness’ or Gospel in the Cosmos. The ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’ are like a clock with the 3 corresponding hands, the hour, the minutes and the seconds, etc.

YHVH, the Creator of the Universe wants the world, and especially His Bride, those within His Church to take note of such Signs as they were designed to tell time. It could be clocking the countdown to the Rapture, the world’s judgment, and 2nd coming of Jesus. What is significance to note of is that the apparent pattern of comet’s paths seems to follow the Ecliptic for the most part. This would make sense because most of these Naked-Eye comets have their orbits around the Sun. The constellations that are traversed by the comets the most are notably: Pegasus, Pisces, Andromeda, Taurus, Orion and Argo. In more than several occasions, strangely, comets end up at Argo, the ‘Ark’ or boat.

The Biblical symbology in the Stars is very simple to interpret according to E.W. Bullinger. Christ is coming for His Bride, within the Church Body to rescue her as He did with Noah in his day with an ‘Argo’ or Ark/Boat. YHVH, through Noah provided an Ark of Salvation and escape. Likewise, when the Rapture occurs and the Bride of Christ meets Jesus in the Air, the Bride will be taken up or escorted to the Ark of Heaven. She will be taken to the ‘Banqueting Hall’ on a ‘Celestial Merkavah’ chariot or ‘boat’ as Elijah and others were. The ‘Days of Noah’ season is particularly significant for this timeline because the comet Hale-Bopp that appeared during the ‘Days of Noah’ has returned in this present and perhaps ‘last generation’. Since the advent of this ‘ancient’ comet that returned in 1996/1997, many have believed that the countdown to a similar judgment has begun.

Naked-Eye Comets
It was after the Flood of Noah that a New World Order emerged. It was reminiscent of the Genesis Creation. According to the Bible, shortly after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, a ‘New World Order’ will be established after the final 70th prophetic Week of Years according to the Prophet Daniel. Some Christian communities propose that YHVH is using such celestial bodies like comets as ’Signs’ to the world in these Last Days that the Rapture and His Seal Judgments are at the door. There is to also Jesus Christ’s physical return to Earth are fast approaching perhaps at the very end of the present Age of Pisces.

The book of Revelation does speak of at least 2 celestial bodies that will affect the Earth directly and catastrophically. They will be an asteroid ‘like a big fiery mountain’ as described whose orbit will be in direct line with Earth’s. It is not a matter of if but when an asteroid will collide with Earth according to most scientists. As it can be confirmed, asteroid craters are found all over the Earth. The Moon itself is littered with such impacts that according to Revelation, at least 2 will come crashing upon the Earth with catastrophic consequences. Many believe that such celestial impacts will be as the result of the Earth crossing the orbit of Planet X, roughly 150 days or 5 months apart.

On any given night, there are literally 100s of comets in the sky, but most can only be seen by the world’s largest telescopes and hundreds of other comets by common telescopes. The vast majority of comets are never bright enough to be seen by the Naked-Eye. Therefore, it is very rare when a comet can be seen with the Naked-Eye. This phenomenon makes it all the more poignant. Most comets generally pass through the inner Solar System unseen except by Sky Surveyors. Automated Sky Surveys are designed to locate objects with orbits that intersect with Earth’s and could conceivably collide with Earth. Here are the following designations:

LINEAR           - Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research
NEAT              - Near Earth Asteroid Tracking
SOHO             - Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
EPOCH           - Extrasolar Planet Observation

The Naked-Eye comets usually have a large and active nucleus. For example, comet Hale-Bopp had an exceptionally large and active nucleus, but it did not approach the Sun very closely at all. Yet it still became an extremely famous and well-observed Naked-Eye comet. Equally, comet Hyakutake was a small comet, but appeared bright because it passed extremely close to the Earth. In many cultures, comets were and are attributed to omens of ominous judgment or warnings. Comets have been referred to by ancient historians as causing great calamities. Many times the suddenness of their appearance would cause panic and terror, as many of these comets have tails that can stretch across the horizon. Comets and their appearances have often been attributed to be ‘heralds’ of such events as the fall and rise of rulers and nations.

Celestial Omens
The Aztecs attributed the fall of their empire to the Spanish due in part by a prophecy that was attributed to a comet as a ‘Sign’. It is believed that Halley’s Comet did appear in 1531. For the Aztec Empire, the comet did indeed signal a radical change to their world and to an end of their ‘Age’. The comet thus was associated with the doom, catastrophe, and conquest for its people. Still in today’s modern societies, many see the sudden appearance and passing of a comet as bringing impending doom or disaster. There might be some discrepancy as to which comet should be on the list. The research is not all-inclusive and at time, not clear; this is an approximation. The list of the compiled Naked-Eye comets from 1996-2012 are as follows.

#   Name                                DATE
1. Hyakutake                           Apr      1996  
2. Hale-Bopp                           Feb      1997  
3. SOHO98                             May     1998  
4. LINEAR C2001/A2             May     2001  
5. LINEAR C2000/WM 1        Jan      2002  
6. Utsunomiya                         Apr      2002  
7. Ikeya-Zhang                       Oct      2002  
8. NEAT C2002/V1                 Feb      2003  
9. NEAT C2001/Q4                May     2004  
10. LINEAR C2002/T7           Apr      2004  
11. Banfield                             Apr      2004  
12. NEAT C2001/Q4              May     2004  
13. Machholz                         Feb      2005  
14. Pojmanski                         Feb      2006
15. SWAN C2006/M4             Oct      2006  
16. McNaught I                       Jan      2007  
17. Holmes                             Oct      2007  
18. McNaught II                      Apr      2010
19. Honda                               Jun      2011
20. Lovejoy                             Dec     2011

Biblically speaking there is credence to such associations as Christ did state that the End of Days would be characterized by the ‘Signs’ the Sun, Moon and Stars (comets?). The ice that makes up comets appears to be the very building blocks of the physical Universe since Creation. They are the remnants of when the Solar System began. Most comets are located outside the Solar System. It is theorized that comets originated in the parts of the Universe that have remained virtually untouched. These regions are referred to as the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt.

It is thought that objects within these clouds occasionally eject comets either by collision or by the gravitational forces. This study suggests that the comet timeline presented could be suggesting similar patterns like those of the Blood Moon Tetrads and solar eclipse patterns. The Comet Pattern presented of only the Naked-Eye comets could possibly be alluding to a countdown of sorts. There does appear to be some sense of ‘symmetry’ in the Naked-Eye ‘Comet Pattern’ theory thus far.

A Great Comet
A comet becomes exceptionally bright as it nears the Sun. There is also a category called Great Comets. They are rare; on average only 1 will appear in a decade. While comets are officially named after their discoverers, Great Comets are sometimes referred to by the year in which they appeared or because how bright they became. Comet McNaught has been one of the brightest comets in 40 years. The comet Machholz in 2005 was the brightest in about 7 years. Prophetically for example, Machholz attained its peak brightness as it approaches the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus.

There is a 61-week span from Hale-Bopp 1997 to SOHO 1998 that is equal to the time between Comet McNaught II of 2010 to comet Honda of 2011. The timeline has 3 prominent comets at the beginning, 13 comets in the middle and 3 comets at the end. The middle section of 13 comets has further symmetry of 5 comets at the beginning, 3 in the middle and 5 comets at the end of the suggested timeline up to the given years. In the middle section of the timeline presented, there are 13 comets. The year 2004 experienced the most visible comets to date, 5 total ‘Naked-Eye’ comets, etc.

Comet Haley reached its perihelion on September 25, 1985, which happened to be on Yom Kippur. From comet Holmes of 2007 to comet McNaught II 2010, there was exactly 188 weeks, a likeness to the 188-Day Earthquake Pattern. The Comet Pattern timeline starting in 1996 is when the ‘Ancient Noachian’ comets returned. If one adds a prophetic factor of 7-7-7 years total or that of 21 years, the resulting year would be 2017. It also appears that in some cases, the distances between comets are in the φ Golden Ratio proportions.

Here below is are some peculiarities of the spiritual significance of the number 21. The reason why 21 is referenced here to the Comet Pattern timeline is that since 1996 and 1997, the comets that heralded the ‘Diluvian Judgment of Noah’. Comet Hale Bopp in particular, could possibly have set the time clock for a 21-Year Countdown. As Christ stated that right before His 2nd Advent, the days leading up to it where to be like the Days of Noah. Thus, it is possible that in this generation or lifetime since 1996, the years since then have been characterized by the same attributes ’As in the Days of Noah’. What would those characteristics in society be? They would be foremost, violence, the redefinition of marriage, homosexuality, etc.

1997/1998 + 21 years of days = 2018/2019

Pertaining to the Biblical significance of the number 21, the number 21 is used 7 times in the Bible. The number 21 is the number of chapters of the book of Judges in Old Testament. The number 21 is the number of destruction or of universal termination. The number 21 is the number of the perfection by excellence that is (3 x 7) that also represents the maturity or ripening. The Archangel Michael was delayed 21 days to Daniel’s prayer and Jacob worked 3x times 7 years for his bride, etc. It would thus be the prophetic case that such a Comet Pattern is heralding an end to something.

Comet Characteristics
It is believed the comet came from the outer Kuiper Belt. For example, before Comet Linear 2001/A2 made its first visits to the inner Solar System in 2001. It has the most elongated orbit, with a period of approximately 30,000 years. In another case, Comet Ikeya-Zhang of October 2002 was the brightest comet since 1997 and had the longest known orbital period at the time. Only twice before, in recorded history, in 1911 and in 1970, have 4 comets managed to reach Naked-Eye brightness within a single calendar year. Spectacularly, in the year 2004 there were 5 Naked-Eye comets that were witnessed.

1. C/2001 Q4 NEAT               2004
2. C2002 T7 LINEAR              2004
3. C2003 K4 LINEAR
4. C/2004 Q2 Machholz          2005
5. C/2004 F4 Bradfield           2004

Comets are popularly called ‘Shooting Stars’ because they are rather small celestial objects with a big tail. Technically, a comet is a collection of billions of rocky and metallic particles coated with frozen ices of water, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and methane. Comets revolve around the Sun like planets the orbits of comets are very large and very eccentric. As a comet approaches the Sun, it shines brightly due to the reflection of the Sun’s light. At that point, the ice crystals within the comet core vaporize to form the tail that points away from the Sun. A comet’s tail can extend for millions of miles into space. The tail always points away from the Sun because the pressure of the Sun’s rays repels the gases. As the comet moves away from the Sun, the gases condense, freeze again and the tail disappears.

Some comets come on the scene very rapidly and brush by the Earth so close that they seem to stretch across the whole skies, only to be gone in a few days. Generally, these types of comets are called ‘Sungrazers’. These Comet Sungrazers are pulled into the Sun. These comets either pass remarkably close to the Sun, disintegrate, or collide into the Sun. Then there are Periodic Comets that usually have elongated elliptical orbits and return after a certain period of time. There are 1000s of Periodic Comets throughout the sky. Each year, a few of them pass close enough to the Sun and Earth that they become easily visible in small telescopes, but again, only a very few get to be seen by the Naked-Eye without the aid of powerful telescopes.

There is another class called Non-Periodic Comets that are seen only once. They are usually on Near-Parabolic Orbits that will not return. Probably the most famous of the comets is Halley’s Comet. The path of Halley’s Comet is seen after every 76 years. It was last seen in 1986. Interestingly every time it approaches the Sun, its 15 km nucleus drops about 6 m of ice/rock into space. This results in the formation of an orbiting trail, which when it falls on Earth is called the Orionids Meteor Shower. Comet Halley is also purported to have been seen 3.5 years prior to the destruction of the 2nd Temple (Herod’s) in 66 AD. If this is the case, here might be some math speculation that as the coming 3rd Temple is on the horizon to be built, it might be accompanied by a comet as a possible ‘confirming’ Sign perhaps.

Comet Hale Bopp
Comet Hale-Bopp is famous for holding a record for the longest period of Naked-Eye visibility. It has been said that this comet last entered our Solar System 4,210 years ago. This would put the timeline right about the time Noah build the Ark to be saved from the ‘waters of judgment’. Many refer to this Comet Hale-Bopp as the ‘Noah Comet’. What is interesting, aside from having crossed ‘Satan’s Star’ or Algol in the constellation Perseus as did Comet Hyakutake exactly a year earlier and is that Comet Hale-Bopp left the skies in 1998. This is the equivalent to the Jewish year of 5758.

When some Jewish Rabbis converted the Jewish Year 5758 to its equivalent in Hebrew letters, it turned out to mean ‘Season of Noah’. Thus, many in the Christian and Jewish communities consider Comet Hale-Bopp as a confirming ‘Sign’ from YHVH regarding the ‘Days of Noah’. Perhaps the comet like in the days of Noah, is announcing the beginning of the series of events ‘As in the days of Noah’ that will eventually lead to a catastrophic judgment of the world. Realize that 5758 encompasses 1997/1998.

1997/1998 + 21 years of days = 2018/2019

The following is a list of most of the Naked-Eye comets presented in the Comet Pattern timeline. From what could be researched, the comets paths will correspond with the constellations they traveled through. There appears to be some patterns that emerge as a result of the comet’s paths that converge, mirror, or replicate one another to a significant degree.

Hyakutake                    Apr       1996     Libra, Bootes, Draco, Perseus, Taurus-
Hale-Bopp                    Feb      1997     Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, Aquila, Andromeda, Perseus, Taurus,
SOHO98                       May      1998     Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Orion, Canis Major, Argo
LINEAR C2001/A2        May      2001     Lepus, Eridanus, Cetus, Pisces, Pegasus
LINEAR C2000/WM      Jan       2002     Sagittarius, Aquila, Hercules
Utsunomiya                  Arp       2002     Pegasus, Andromeda, Pisces, Triangulum, Taurus
Ikeya-Zhang                  Oct       2002     Pisces, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Draco-head, Hercules-foot
NEAT C2002/V1           Feb      2003     Pisces, Aquarius
NEAT C2001/Q4           May      2004     Canis Major, Cancer, Ursa Major
LINEAR C2002/T7         Apr       2004     Pisces, Cetus, Eridanus, Lepus, Canis Major
Banfield                        Apr       2004     Pisces, Andromeda
Machholz                      Feb      2005     Eridanus, Taurus (Pleiades), Perseus
Pojmanski                     Feb      2006
SWAN C2006/M4          Oct       2006     Cornea Borealis
McNaught I                   Jan       2007     (Great Comet), Aquila, Sagittarius
Holmes                         Oct       2007     Perseus, Auriga, Gemini
McNaught II                  Apr       2010
Honda                          Jun       2011
Lovejoy                         Dec      2011     Ophiuchus, Sagittarius Orion

Comets in Phi Proportion of Time
The Golden Ratio occurs if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. There also appears to be in the Comet Pattern timeline presented in this study. An apparent phi ratio proportion or Golden Ratio is associated to some of the distances between the Naked-Eye comets that have occurred thus far. It can be purely coincidence but if it valid, then mathematically even comets have the ‘Signature of God’ to them, especially those that become visible and come close to Earth. With respect to the Golden Ratio, it is a phenomenon that operates as a universal law. This universal law is not limited as it has been also demonstrated to occur with the Tetrad Blood Moons and solar eclipses, etc.

Ever since the creation of time and matter, YHVH has revealed to His Creation that He is a Righteous Judge and that He is a King, Christ Jesus. Both are about to pay a visit to a rebellious and wicked generation on Earth once again as in the ‘Days of Noah’. This study has only sought to see if there is any time and/or frequency variations or correlations amongst the major Naked-Eye comets. The Comet Pattern was presented to see if there is any pattern to the corresponding constellations that comets travel through in terms of Biblical symbology and meaning. By far, there does appear to have been and there is a record number of Naked-Eye visible comets for a 17-year span of time as noted in the Comet Pattern.

Such mathematical properties in the Heavens are a reflection of the Creator’s handiwork of designed intelligence. How fitting it is that since the comets are made up of the elements that first constituted the creation of the Universe, these comets are serving as visible evidence that such timing is not of ‘random’ occurrence. Perhaps such Naked-Eye comets are serving as time-markers for certain prophetic sequences that have been echoed down the halls of time and space. Such a ‘witness’ appears above in the Heavens as comets, accenting the constellations; as a similar ‘witness’ is also written below in the very Word of God, the Bible.

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