The Planet Mars Passing

  • Will the Comet Siding Spring collide with the planet Mars?
  • What will be the impact of collision and will be seen from Earth?
  • Is there a possible prophetic overtone to this event as a Sign?

by Luis B. Vega
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And there will be Strange Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars. And here on Earth the Nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the Roaring Seas and Strange Tides. – Luke 21:25

The purpose of this study along with chart illustrations is to consider some of the peculiarities of Comet Siding Spring as a Prophetic Sign. The title is taken from a play on words from Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds in which a simulated invasion of Earth from Mars was orchestrated. The Comet was named Siding Spring after the place in Australia where it was discovered in 2013. In particular, the illustrations will show approximate depictions of various views of the Solar System when the Comet reached Perihelion or closest approach with Mars on October 19, 2014. According to NASA’s calculations, Comet Siding Spring C/2013 A1 did pass extremely close to planet Mars.

It is estimated that the distance of the Comet was about 133,000 km or around 80,000 miles away from the surface of Mars. This is about 1/3 the distance, or less from the Earth to the Moon. Although the Comet was not expected to directly collide with the Planet, the Atmospheres of each did interact to a certain degree due to the Comet’s close proximity. NASA predicts that the Comet’s Nucleus will not hit the surface of Mars but that their respective Atmospheres would collide is some fashion. Such a Collision of Atmospheres did produce an Electromagnetic ‘Light Show’ that would be seen from Earth vantage point as Earth will be in a direct line of sight with Mars and the Comet. This Comet passing Mars is considered a once in a life-time event.

Although a slight probability, there was a chance that the Comet’s course could be changed enough to allow the Comet to directly impact the surface of the Planet. Comets have been known to collide with Planets as was the case with Jupiter in 1994. It will be almost exactly 20 years (2014) since the Shoemaker-Levy comet broke apart into 21 (7-7-7) pieces on the 9th of Av and slammed into Jupiter. Comets do collide also with the Sun as the Gravitational Pull exerted on the Comet, changes their Trajectory and are vaporized. Perhaps such a Gravitational Pull from Mars could have changed the Comet’s Trajectory altogether and/or break it apart in a similar fashion.

Another unique property about Comet Siding Spring is that it has peculiar associations with comet ISON and the infamous Mayan Doomsday Calendar. For one, during the Hybrid Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013, comet ISON crossed Earth’s Orbital Plane as it passed by Mars on the way into the Inner Solar System. Interestingly, it was exactly 666 days from the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012 to October 19, 2014 when Siding Spring reached Perihelion with Mars.

Comet ISON also had a unique Numerical Factor, in that 666-Days from ISON’s Perihelion on November 28, 2013 corresponded to the time in between Rosh HaShanah and Sukkot, the end of the Tetrad series of 2014-15. The other peculiarity was that the difference of the distance between Siding Spring and Mars is approximately the difference between ISON’s tail length compared to the distance between the Earth and the Moon. The trajectory of Siding Spring on the way out of the Solar System did have a similar path that ISON took as the comet traversed through certain parts of the Constellations of Ophiuchus, Serpens and Bootes. Specifically, Siding Spring reached Bootes or Perseus exactly on September 28, 2015, which was the end of the Tetrad of 2014-15. Perseus is the Shepherd Reaper that signifies a ‘Harvest’.

This event was marked by the 4th and last Blood Moon of the Tetrad which was also be a Super Moon and the end of the Sabbatical 7-Year long Reset Cycle. Why these Celestial Depictions are possibly Prophetically Significant to Earth is that the Comets are highlighting the particular sequence of the Constellations that mark a poignant segment of the Gospel Witness of the Stars, ‘As Above, So Below’. The possible Prophetic Implications for Earth from such a path taken by such a Comet depicting the various Constellations will be punctuating the rise of the Serpent and the Harvest of the Bride. This Prophetic Notion will be examined further down the study.

Comets are often referred to as ‘Dirty Snowballs’ because they are Small Celestial Objects, made of Ice, Gas, Dust, and a small amount of Organic Material. One theory of where Comets originated stipulates that it was from one source or Planet that had Water. They orbit the Sun for the most part. If they are not disintegrated by the Sun, Comets will return on an Elliptical Path. There are about 1000 known Comets thus far documented. Many more Comets are being discovered each year. Most Comets go unnoticed as few are observable with the Naked-Eye.

An approximation of the distance from Earth to the Moon that is about 30 Earths, side to side. The average sized Comet’s Tail is about half this distance. The distance from the Earth to the Sun is 1 Astronomical Unit or AU. This is the Basic Unit of measure to determine Relative Distance of objects in Space. At the estimated time of the passing of Comet Siding Spring with Mars, the distance to Earth was about 1.61 AU and 1.403 AU from the Sun. The approximate length between Siding Spring and Mars was about 9 to 10 Moons in width.

It has long been postulated and confirmed in recent years that Mars once had a vibrant Water System and Atmosphere that could have supported life. The MAVEN, Mars Atmospheric and Evolution Mission is but one attempt in learning how and why the Atmosphere of Mars was stripped away. Some theorize that the core of the Planet cooled down enough to allow the Solar Winds to dismantle the Electro-Magnetic Shield or it was caused by some outside Catastrophe. Most, if not all Planets have an Atmosphere, to one degree or another; so do Comets. For the Comets, this is the Coma. It is made up of Ice (Water) and Metal Elements that are surrounded by the Coma made up of Dust and Gases.

Climate Change

NASA speculates that if at all, the 2 Atmospheres of the Comet and that of Mars would interact or ‘collide’ is some way. For an approximate scale of how big an average Comet’s Coma is, it is roughly bigger than the diameter of Jupiter. There was some sort of Electromagnetic Charge of Plasma that did occur at the Upper Atmospheric levels of Mars. This Atmosphere interaction could lead to some Atmospheric Affects such as Auroras or worse. Is it any coincidence that NASA has a fleet of Mars Orbiters that will be positioned just precisely in-between the Comet and Mars for this particular time and place?

NASA has been sending Orbiters to Mars since 1964. The latest one, MAVEN will try to learn what caused Mar’s Climate Change. MAVEN is the 21st (7-7-7) NASA Mission to Mars. To reiterate, at least 3 major NASA Orbiters were in-between Mars and the Comet to gather data and images. However, NASA did ‘Black-Out’ nor has released to the public non-doctored images of the Collision for examination. The Orbiters around Mars are the following.

1. 2013-MAVEN
2. 2005-Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
3. 2001-Odyssey

As noted, it is rather unique and amazing that a 666-Day Count from the infamous Mayan Doomsday Calendar date and Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012. It correlated exactly to the Perihelion of Comet Siding Spring when it intersected with Mars. The Planet Mars has a 666 ‘Sols’ Day-Count and has an orbit around the Sun equal to 1.88 Earth years. The following is an abbreviated account of the Collision of Comet ISON with Mar’s Atmosphere as predicted by the Bible Code.

Some Statistics related to Comet Siding Spring
-Perihelion: Oct 19, 2014
-Discovered at Siding Spring, Australia on January 2013
-From Dec 21/22, 2012 to Oct 19, 2014 = 666 Days
-Siding Spring to Mars = ~133,000 km / 82,600 miles
-Distance from Earth to Moon = 238,900 miles (384,400 km)
-Estimated distance to Earth = 1.61 AU, from Sun = 1.403 AU
-Radius: 30,000 km
-Phase Angle: 106.5
-Temp: ~160k
-Mars revolves or orbits around Sun once every 1.88 Earth Years
-95 weeks of 7 Sols each (95x7.01 = 666 Days)
-1 Earth Tropical Year 365.2422 Day = 355.4699 Sol Days

Significant Dates – Siding Spring Timeline
The difference between a Day and a Sol is that a Day is based on Sidereal Count. It is the time it takes for the Earth to rotate once. It is measured relative to the Stars. Sols are Solar Days, which are measured at the instant the Sun crosses the Meridian and reaches its Highest Point of the day. Sol Days is slightly longer than the Sidereal Day because of the Earth's Rotation.

The Sun has to rotate at an angle slightly more than 360 degrees for it to return precisely at the same location in the sky. Thus, it takes less Sol days to make 1 Year than a regular Sidereal Day. The following are key dates that are highlights on the Charts of the path that Comet Siding Spring took on its trajectory with Mars.

Oct 19, 2014 Perihelion with Mars
Oct 25, 2014 Moves up the stem of Ophiuchus
Nov11, 2014 At core of body of Ophiuchus, End of WW1 11am (11-11-11)
Dec 21, 2014 Winter Solstice, phi ratio within Ophiuchus
Jan 23, 2015 At edge of Ophiuchus body going into Serpens
Mar 20, 2015 In the midst of Serpens
Sep 23, 2015 Reaches Boots end of Tetrad and Shemitah, Super Blood Moon

The illustrations will attempt to approximate the trajectory of the Comet Siding Spring. Many were speculating that the Comet might have disintegrated due to the strong Atmospheric Collision that could have resulted of a stronger than normal Gravitational Pull from Mars. The distance from the Comet to the surface of Mars was approximately 9 Earth’s in width. This sort of Celestial Event has never been witnessed before nor recorded of a Comet passing by so close to a Planet, other than Asteroids or the Jupiter Collision back in 1994.

As noted, the path of Comet Siding Spring had a common trait with Comet ISON in that the Trajectory on the way-out of the Solar System approximates the same path Siding Spring took. It traversed parts of the Constellations of Ophiuchus, Serpens and Perseus or Bootes. This study suggests that it was a ‘Prophetic Path’ highlighting a certain portion of the Gospel, ‘Written in the Stars’. As there is an Ancient Axiom, ‘As Above, So Below’ what happens and is depicted in the Heavens has a direct correlation on Earth, nonetheless.

Ophiuchus:     Serpent Bearer, the Struggle
Libra:               Saturn, Judgment and wrath to come
Lupus:             Slaughter of the innocent Christians by ISIS
Venus:             The Bride
Mercury:          The Messenger
Spica:              The Harvest

Prophetic Path of Siding Spring

What is striking about Siding Spring is that from Earth’s vantage point, the Comet appeared to rise on the Eastern Sky up the stem of Ophiuchus precisely at the same Geometric Angle and had peculiar time-markers corresponding to certain key dates. For example, on October 19, 2014 in Jerusalem, Israel having the day-atmosphere removed for illustration just before the Midday/Noon hour, on the Eastern Horizon over the Temple Mount, Mars was rising precisely over the Church of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives. This echoes of the similar depiction of Comet ISON’s Perihelion at sunrise over the Temple Mount on Hanukah, November 28, 2013.

If the speculation of Siding Spring’s flyby does nothing more than charge Mars with Electromagnetic Currents, the spectacle of this interaction might not have been seen from Earth. Such a spectacle had Mars ‘Lit Up’ like a ‘firecracker’ of sorts. The Planet would seemed to ‘Glow’ as it would be sitting on the Western Horizon over the Temple Mount. Such a spectacle could have rendered Mars, the God of War with a punctuation of ‘War’ to come, no doubt. According to ancient tradition, Comets are Omens of Doom.

Although what qualifies for such a condition is that the Comets have to be close enough to the Earth that they are seen with the Naked-Eye. Even though this Comet Flyby directly affects Mars, with modern Astronomical Orbiters and Telescopes, the scope of ‘Eye-Witnessing’ takes on a new meaning. Due to the angle of the Planets Orbits, Earth had a ‘Front Row Seat’ to this Heavenly Spectacle. Many are speculating is was an Omen of a coming World War, Judgment, and a Harvest, perhaps as in a Rapture to come.

This study is not suggesting that such Biblically anticipated events were to coincide with the Comet’s Perihelion or Trajectory but that this event was highlighting the inevitable, according to some interpretations of the Bible’s Eschatology. Based on the research of E.W. Bullinger, the Constellations convey the Gospel characterization stamped in the Stars of the Sky. This depiction was perhaps a ‘Dress Rehearsal’ of the Biblically anticipated characters to come on the scene on Earth; Lucifer, i.e., the AntiChrist (Serpens) and Jesus, (Bootes) the true Christ. There will be also the coming Judgment of the World. Lucifer as the Snake/Dragon Serpens will himself be ‘Decapitated’.

The Celestial Depiction culminated in Bootes with a Harvest of the Bride of Christ, Virgo. As the Comet was only about 9 Earth’s across in width to Mars, the Comet was drawn in much like the Sun pulls in Comets and are disintegrated. The Comet did not break up initially, in which it provided a spectacular ‘Light Show’ although only seen through powerful Telescopes from Earth. This was the same case with Jupiter when the Comet Shoemaker-Levy in 1994 broke-up and collided into Jupiter 20 years ago. That event correlated to the end of the Sabbatical Cycle in 2015. (1994+21 Years) It was also the 21st Year count since the Comet Collision, another 7-7-7 Year delineation and Prophetic Countdown.

Omen of World War
From the surface of Mars, the Comet would have seemed like a Giant Comet and an Ominous Sign and perhaps an Omen of Doom. Mars is the God of War and many are speculating that with the recent Retrograde and now the Comet Conjunction could be signaling a major World War on Earth to occur on the horizon. It would seem as though this ‘Collision’ was displayed as a ‘Billboard’ for Earth to take notice of as it will be in the direct Line-of-Sight from Earth. As noted, Spring's Prophetic Path occurred on September 28, 2015 when Siding Spring reached Perseus, the Reaper. It coincided with the end of the last Blood Moon of the Tetrad and end of the 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle.

In typology, Jesus is Bootes, was pierced through the Heart to shed His Blood to pay for the Sin of Humanity. As a ‘Shepherd’ type, Jesus gave His Life for the Sheep, the Church to make her a Virgin through the Cross of Christ. Amazingly, on the day of the Comet’s passing of Mars, a Cross was configured in Virgo. It occurred due to the Conjunction of Venus, Mercury with the Sun and Spica…as if she is holding the Cross in her Left Hand. The Cross of Christ is the instrument by which the Church has received Salvation and the Blessed Hope of Escape to come. The Church is to be Raptured from the Wrath of the Lamb to come upon a Wicked World.

This was depicted by Saturn being weighed in the balance of Libra’s Judgment. Again, the Bride of Christ is not subject to the Wrath and Judgment to befall the World soon; it is ‘Written in the Stars’. Saturn in this rendition, Lucifer is to suffer the Wrath and Judgment of the Lamb of GOD, Jesus. The depiction of Siding Spring’s path from Ophiuchus to Bootes perhaps illustrates the Biblical theme of Judgment, Sudden Destruction, War and the Escape or Deliverance of YHVH’s People. What was unique about the Perihelion of Siding Spring was that it correlated to a unique Planetary Conjunction. Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, is a depiction of the Rise of the Beast, the Serpent Dragon Lucifer that through World War with forge a New World Order.

When this Destruction, suddenly to come occurs, the Bride of Christ will be ‘Harvested’. The Bride of Christ is holding His Cross because it is the instrument of her Salvation from the coming Wrath of the Lamb to come upon the World and Lucifer’s Kingdom of Zion built in his image and likeness. Currently there is an all-out war against Christians by the Muslims in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, where many Christians are literally being Crucified by the Cross. This Genocide against Christians by the murderous Muslims is but a foretaste of how it will be during the Tribulation when People will refuse to take the Mark of the Beast.

In Biblical terms, the number 666 has an evil connotation and is associated with the rise of the AntiChrist as it a number of a ‘man’. Perhaps in some Prophetic Innuendo, the timing of this Comet’s 666 Day-Count was in some way be another Prophetic Time-Piece in the unveiling puzzle of the Son of Perdition, the God of War, Mars, aka Lucifer’s Christ on Earth ‘as it is in the Heavens’. This Astronomical ‘Picture’ of what the Sky depicted on October 19, 2014 was perhaps an Omen of what is Prophetically written in the Scriptures.

From an Eschatological possible interpretation, Mars denotes War and the timing and juxtaposition of the Comet’s Perihelion, its Day-Count from the Mayan Doomsday date and the Cross Configured in Virgo presented an amazing array of Omens that are seen in the Bible that are to come. This interpretation is not asserting that when the Flyby occurred that was when all such innuendos commenced but that it is an Astronomical certainty to come on Earth, as it is written in the Heavens. Prophetically, what could be all this means? For one, it is a Heavenly Sign that based on interpretations of the Mazzaroth, the timing depicts a ‘Message’ that when World War III occurs, i.e., Sudden Destruction, there will be a Harvest of the Bride of Christ in tandem.

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Dr. Fritz Helmut Hemmerich
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