The 8th Tetrad Since Christ

  • Will the new mRNA COVID shots lead to a mass die-off?
  • What does mRNA shots have to do with Blood Moons and Codes?
  • Was the 8th Blood Moon Tetrad since Christ of any significance?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘I will show Wonders in the Heavens above and Signs on the Earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The Sun will be turned to darkness, and the Moon to blood, before the coming of the great and glorious Day of the LORD. And everyone who calls on the Name of the LORD will be saved.’ -Acts 2:19-21

The purpose of this study is to consider some Bible Codes pertaining to the ‘Message’ of the Blood Moons. As to Blood Moons, they are Celestial Signs that according to the Jews are ‘Bad Omens’ for Israel. Conversely, Solar Eclipses are Bad Omens for the Nations or the Gentiles. Why the topic is pertinent in these Last Days is that during the investigation of the Tetrad Blood Moons that occurred in 2014-15, a Bible Code Table Matrix came up with some unique terms that were clustered together. These terms were ‘Death Methods - DNA’, ‘In Me’, ‘3 Times’. And as the Tetrad phenomena came and went, not much has or had been derived from such ‘Signs and Wonders’ or has it?

What were these phrases possible alluding to? This study strongly suggests that these phrases occurring in 1 of many Blood Moon Bible Codes suggested the coming COVID-19 pandemic and its outcome. And more specifically, how the new Experimental mRNA technology affecting one’s DNA would be the cause of ‘Death’ on a massive scale. For a refresher, what are ‘Tetrads’ and why bring up the issue now related to COVID-19? The reason is that starting on May 26, 2021, there will be a series of 4 Blood Moons that occur in both 2021 to 2022. Both sets occur in May and November. And the 1st one in the series is a Super Moon, meaning that the Moon is closest to the Earth when the Lunar Eclipse occurs. Coincidence? No.

1. 2021            May 26            11:19:53         
Total     121      1.009 03h07m
2. 2021            Nov 19            09:04:06          
Partial 126      0.974 03h28m
3. 2022            May 16            04:12:42         
Total    131      1.414 03h27m
4. 2022            Nov 08            11:00:22         
Total     136      1.359 03h40m

But the series of these 4 Blood Moons will not actually be a true Tetrad, which means 4. In this sequence, all but the 2nd Blood Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse. The 2nd Blood Moon will only be a Partial Lunar Eclipse. Thus, one calls this series a ‘Pseudo-Tetrad’ occurring with this first Blood Moon that will be a Super Moon to boot on May 26, 2021. Suffice to say that when such a series of Blood Moons occur, it has always spelled ominous danger for Israel. And perhaps that will be the case as the violence has escalated to unprecedented levels in the Middle East between the Jews and Muslims leading-up to the start of these Blood Moons. What has exasperated the situation is that the dynamic of the conflict and violence is different than prior flare-ups.

Table Matrix

And secondly, the factor of the worldwide COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ has contributed to stresses that will reach the brink. The brink of what? All-out war in the Middle East perhaps and mass Death due to mRNA shots. Nonetheless, what this study seeks to bring attention to is how in 1 of the many Blood Moon Bible Codes, the reference to a coming ‘Death’ would be by way of one’s DNA and in ‘me’, by ‘3’ shots. For context, the following structure and observations will be presented. The topic of the Blood Moons is a favorite Prophecy Subject among those that are watching the Biblical timeline unfolding. One does think, from what one has studied that there is much Prophecy enveloped in the Blood Moons as Signs for sure and specifically pertaining to Israel. Such Celestial Signs can be argued as evidence for how the modern State of Israel is intertwined in Prophecy regardless of who is ruling the country Politically, Religiously.

That being said, one thinks that the key to the ‘Message’ of the Blood Moons is how many Tetrads since Jesus have occurred. Why? All Biblical Prophecy is pegged to Jesus or should be for context and meaning. In Revelation 19:10, it states that, ‘The aim of Prophecy, is to testify of Jesus’. Why Prophecy exists is to point always to Jesus. Why? Because if Jesus is ‘lifted up, He will draw all Men to Himself’ for Salvation and Redemption, etc. Thus, if one wants a ‘Deep Dive’ study on the Blood Moon Tetrad subject matter, there will be links in the endnotes along with a book written about them. According to NASA, there have only been 8 Blood Moon Tetrads since Jesus. Realize that there are countless Blood Moons that occur regularly. The difference with these is that they have occurred on Passover and Sukkot in the set.

This is extraordinary and why they are thus considered ‘Prophetic’. The 8th Blood Moon Tetrad is also tied to the Revelation 12 Sign in 2017 and had a 1260 specific day count from the Blood Moon of 2014-15. What was the ‘Message’ or is? One believes that the 8th Tetrad that occurred in 2014-15 gave the 7-year countdown to 2022 that could very well be when Daniel’s 70th Week is to start. This to say that it is that close and the Rapture event then even closer. And the number 8, has a meaning of New Beginning. But the next Tetrad of 4 Blood Moons is to come actually in April 25, 2032. They will not be that far off, but the Tetrads that occur on the Passover-Sukkot Feasts of YHVH, then yes, will occur way beyond and in the Millennial Kingdom for sure.

So, what is the deal with the Tetrad phenomenon? Based on the timeline since Jesus Christ, the occurrence of only 8 Blood Moon Tetrads were significant or near significant historical turning points when it concerns Israel. In particular, the last 3 Tetrads were pivotal as they occurred in tandem with Israel’s rebirth and restoration process to Faith; which will ultimately conclude at Jesus’ return. So, the Tetrads since Israel’s ‘rebirth’, the Blood Moons of 1949-50, 1967-68 and 2014-15 have a ‘Before-During-After’ pattern that is signaling the 3-fold Prophetic Restoration of the 3 main items that were destroyed and in reverse order being restored as taught by Jesus.

Order of Destruction

1. Temple        - 2nd
2. City              - Jerusalem
3. Nation         - Israel

Order of Restoration

3. Nation         - Israel 1948
2. City              - Jerusalem 1967
1. Temple        - 3rd Temple ??? 2022 (Beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week.)

This is the Prophetic Template of the Olivet Discourse, and that Jesus did not allude/infer the events as having to do with the Rapture. As to the Bible Codes on the topic of Blood Moons and COVID-19? Back in the mid-2010’s, one had partnered-up with CodeSearcher. He is one of the most prominent Experts in searching the Bible for ‘Codes’. One had helped him annotate his Bible Codes, Tables and Matrixes, etc. There were 100s of Bible Codes annotated ranging from various topics, Political, Social, Religious, and the Prophetic, etc. The entire listing of the ones made-up for publication and viewing can be found on the PostScripts webpage. The point is that the Bible Codes were construed during the Obama Era but it appears that they are still pertinent.

And especially when coming across 1 particular Bible Code on the Blood Moons that dealt with Death on a massive scale due to ‘DNA in a person’. How could this be? To reiterate, what was shocking in reviewing the Blood Moon Bible Tables is that the one entitled, ‘The 7th Tetrad-Death Methods DNA’, made one’s jaw drop to the floor as they say. At the time, one was puzzled as to what the 3 phrases meant then. As it is in searching through the Bible Codes, the terms that come up may not be understood then. But now one believes it was truly a ‘Message’ for the Last Days and through the connection dealing with Blood Moons. As noted, one believes it is, it was referencing to the coming COVID-19 mRNA shots that will be resulting in mass Deaths by DNA.

This alarmist assertion is not coming from a ‘Conspiracy’ argument but from Scientists and Doctors who would have reason to know. Such Scientists like Dr. Bhakdi of Germany and former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Yeadon of English say so. They claim that the Gene Therapy new Experimental mRNA COVID shots will lead to Genocide, mass de-population and the Death of millions eventually. To reiterate, in the Bible Code Table for the 7th Tetrad Table, crossing the term, ‘Death Methods DNA’, was the term, ‘3 Times’. This is to allude perhaps that there were to be 3 major Lockdown of the World and that there would be 3 Shots needed to be administered to the People for a ‘full effect’. And this is the case as the COVID-19 crisis is made to persist, Scientists and Doctors are preparing the People that have already taken the 2 doses of the Pfizer and Moderna shots to need a 3rd ‘Booster’ shot. Coincidence?

Not likely if this is the ‘Message’ of the 7th Tetrad Blood Moon Bible Code Matrix. Based on one’s research into the Blood Moons and the Bible Codes, this occurrence is a prime example of the Prophetic Convergence, many believe is in play. One does think that there is something there. Consider the ‘Handwriting on the Wall’ at Belshazzar’s Banquet as recorded in the Bible. That ‘Message’ on the Wall was a ‘Bible Code’. In the Code Matrix, there is the other phrase ‘In Me’. And like the time and case for Belshazzar, it led to an eventual Death. When the Bible Code of the 7th Tetrad was derived, it was a mystery as to what it could possibly be referring to? Or how that would be dealing with one’s DNA and ‘Death'? But now with COVID and the new Experimental mRNA shot, many say it is affecting one’s DNA, and Death will come to many.

Death by a DNA ‘Reset’

The COVID-19 Virus and the mRNA shots are what will be changing People’s DNA and what will lead to Death. This, if a person does not have compromising conditions or is not older. Death from the shots is happening already but not readily reported. This is what is happening in India because of the shots. The virus and shots are being used as a method of mass Death via one’s DNA manipulation that is compromising one’s Natural Immune System. The shots will also be used to construct ‘Platform Scaffolding’. The COVID-19 shots have injected into a person’s body Nano-Technology or ‘Bots’. Such will be the building blocks, much like ‘Legos’ to operate through frequencies. With such a platform, a Digital Wallet can be assigned through the Block Chain that is currently being completed and then interfaced with one’s body biometrically.

This is exactly what the Globalists have desired to do in order to prepare the World for their 4th Industrial Revolution where Man merges with Machine. It is not a secret as the likes of Klaus Schwab stated in his book, COVID-19 The Great Reset. They are actually telling the World of their plans and how they are going to do it, have, are doing currently. To the types of Klaus Schwab, they fully support and expect nothing less than Trans-Humanism to be the rule and order of the day, their ‘New Day’ or ‘Dawn’ for the coming Global Reset. It is a Reset of everything. Think of a computer, as that is what they want and will be turning the People into. When one wants to update an old Operating System,  upgrades are installed, then the computer has to Shut Down, Power Down.

Then the ‘Reset’ occurs when the computer is Turned On and the systems Uploaded runs the New Operating System in the unit. This is exactly what is occurring now; it is occurring in a person’s body. This is why the COVID-10 crisis was and is manufactured. The COVID-19 virus was computer created, ‘In Silico’. The end result was and is to get as many People taking their mRNA shots because it serves them in multiple ways. First, the shots are killing-off the weak. Second, it is biometrically through Nano-Technology preparing the body for a coming ‘On Line’ event once all the satellites and 5G/6G/7G installations are turned-up to full capacity. That will kill-off more. Those that survive the Gene Therapy and changes to one’s DNA will be ushered into their New COVID World Order where Medical Martial Law will be the rule of the day. It will be about control.

The COVID-19 Virus and shots have been an excuse to ‘tag and control’ all the People possible on the Planet. Once the COVID shots have been taken, there is no turning back as one then will become a ‘Human Antenna’ whereby a person’s very own body can be monitors and tracked, 24/7. Worse, is that the ‘Planform’ now within the body, in every cell and through the blood stream acts as a ‘Bio-Transponder’ and thus can receive and transmit data, vitals and information that can be used against that person. Thus, the new Humanity 2.0 will be all about total control. Every action, transaction will be recorded and many are convinced this has been the set-up that is in preparation or a ‘precursor’ to the coming Mark of the Beast system the Bible warns about. Anyway, the reason for this study is that the May 26, 2021 Super Blood Moon starts the 4 Blood Moon series. They will be nonetheless ‘Bad Omens’ for Israel. So, could somehow the mRNA COVID-19 shots be connected as the Bible Code Table suggests then to Blood Moons and ‘Death Methods DNA, in Me’? One is only reporting on its ‘coincidence’.

Eclipse Patterns

But this connection is just one more example how Biblical Patterns dealing with the Sun, Moon and the Stars are for Signs and Wonders, for both Israel in particular and the Nations. As to Signs in the Sun for the Nations? In proximity of the timing for the start of the Pseudo-Tetrad Blood Moons, there is the Annular Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021. Is it significant or prophetic? Like the Tetrad chart that depicted the 8 Tetrads since Christ, one has also done charts showing all the Total Solar Eclipse series on a timeline since Creation and since Jesus that specifically occurred on the Spring Equinox, March 20/21s. What one found out is that only 9 such Solar Eclipses occurred before Jesus and after Jesus. Now, so as to not get mixed-up as to which is when and where, such will be delineated.

There are 4 sections of time within an Earth Year that are delineated by 2 Solstices and 2 Equinoxes due to Earth’s rotation. And this in turn also estimates the Grand Equinox Precession. This is for another topic. Simply, the Equinoxes, being ‘equal’ is easy to remember as that is when the Sun is relatively in the middle of the Earth’s wobble with equal times of ‘Light and Darkness’ occurring. This Day/Night marker of time occurs in Spring and Winter, March and September. Then there are the Solstices. Consider when the Sun peaks but either having the Longest Day or hours of Daylight in Summer or the Shortest Day, in December. Of course, they are flipped within all 4 points on the Globe for the Southern Hemisphere. And this is only considering a Globe Model. Such a Celestial Construct cannot/does not occur on a Fixed Flat Earth Model.

So, someone has to explain the 4 Seasons on a Flat Earth Model, etc. Well, what to say of the 9 Spring Equinox Eclipse Pattern then of March 20 since Creation? The 9th one occurred on March 20, 2015. And this, right in the ‘midst’ of the 8th Tetrad Blood Moon series since Christ. If one could conjecture a meaning, it is that one is truly in the Last Generation that infers when Daniel’s 70th Week is to start perhaps. And they both are converging at this Last Generation, being a ‘countdown’ to it. And what is the meaning of the number 9? Number 9 symbolizes Divine Completeness or conveys the meaning of Finality. Christ died at the 9th hour of the day, or 3 p.m. The purpose of Jesus was to make the only Way of Salvation open to everyone, etc. The number 9 also represents the Fruits of YHVH's Holy Spirit. The number 9 is the number of ‘Finality’. But of what?

How about the Church Age for starters? The 9 Total Solar Eclipse occurring on the Spring Equinox, before and after Jesus has Him at the focal point in the timeline. So, that Total Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 on the Spring Equinox occurred in the ‘midst’ of the 2014-15 Blood Moon Tetrad and it was one the precise day of the Religious New Year. Coincidence? No. Surely a Celestial Sign for the both the Jews/Israel concerning the Omens of the Moon, and Omen to the Gentiles with the Sun. And of course, 2015 was the 7th year of that 7-year Sabbatical Cycle Pattern. If by some calculations, it is the correct sequence of years, it could mean that thereafter, there would be just a notice given of a 7-year countdown to Daniel’s 70th Week? 2022. Is it like there was that 7-day countdown for Noah and Family, locked-down in the Ark. Has the World been in the last 7-year Sabbatical Cycle with 2021 being the 7th year in preparation for the coming 70th one of Daniel’s that will thereafter see the return of Jesus back to Earth?

A Set-Up

With the World in Lockdown the ‘Door’ is about to close. To then have the Rapture Door open which can only be found in Jesus. As the saying goes, ‘when one Door shuts, it is because another Door is being opened.’ Then after the Rapture, the Rain. As to the Death Methods by DNA? How will this look like? Well, a Commentator named Archangel noted in a blog post the following. In the USA, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has put Employers on notice that should they attempt to require Employees to receive injections of the Experimental COVID-19 Gene-Therapy shot resulting in Adverse Reaction, it will be considered ‘Work-Related. The Employer may then be held liable and will be vulnerable to Workers’ Compensation claims that could affect their safety record. In addition, it is possible that Employers requiring COVID-19 injections may be held legally liable for violating Federal Law.

According to America’s Frontline Doctors, Medical Products like the new mRNA shots approved for Emergency Use only ‘Are prohibited from being mandated by Federal Law.’ The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) specifically states that People must have the Free Option to accept or refuse these shots, ‘Informed Consent’. Many argue the prospect of being terminated from one’s job by refusing such shots certainly undermines such necessary Freedom. America’s Frontline Doctors’ Legal Team has prepared a Template Letter to put Employers and Schools on notice that Experimental Medical Treatment cannot be mandated. All that was posted and said is true/valid so long as the Emergency Use Authorization is in play. The issue is that it will not be for much longer. And when that clause or condition is removed and the FDA ‘Fully Approves’ the Shots, all bets are off. No legal cover.

It will be problematic in the Fall as Society plans to return to a measure of ‘normalcy’. But that is the plan. Like at one’s work for a University Campus, one has requested to still continue to work from home. But the University is still preparing one’s Office. Ok, but when they know that one cannot wear a Mask nor will be taking the Shots due to both the Medical and Religious Exemptions, such People will then be the Personas Non Grata. This is the plan. Students and/or Staff will not want to meet or be near such People not ‘vaccinated’. Or will have to still wear a Mask if those not ‘vaccinated’ will be among the People in a given space. Perhaps that is the ‘conflict’ they want. But this scenario will be playing-out with millions across this country and the World. It will be a 2-Tier Society, Segregation Laws…but that is the plan. More ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactics.

This is what the University had notified the Staff, Students and Faculty about. To them, they are being gracious but they plainly and publicly say and cannot wait for the Emergency Clause to expire as they anticipate the Full Approval decision to come down by Fall. It will be just in time for all the Students, Faculty and Staff to require the mRNA shots by then, legally. They had informed the Office a month prior so that one could do that to one’s self ahead of time and avoid ‘trouble’ or any scenes possibly made in the Fall. No mistake about it, the FDA/CDC/WHO Full Approval of all these mRNA shots is next. And worse is that the subsequent ‘Booster’, the 3rd dose and all subsequent ones will need to be ‘downloaded’ for life. These ‘Boosters’ will not need the Emergency Use condition nor to go through any Animal Trials, much less Human ones now.

Humans are presently the ‘Trial’. The University has stipulated an ‘Exemption Clause’ for Medical and/or Religious Exemptions. But that can be dismissed as the argument will be made that the Health ‘Threat’ to Society outweighs the Exemptions of the Individual, etc. Hello COVID Camps. One is sad to report that after warning several of one’s Colleagues about the dangers of the new COVID mRNA Shots, and the unknowns and how it is ‘Experimental’ and one should wait, they have gone ahead and taken both doses. They have a disposition of ‘everyone is doing it’ and I do not want to be left out as it is a fad statement. Many brag about how they now are ‘Fully Vaccinated’ and do not need to wear a Mask’. That was the plan. And then they take a Selfie with their COVID Passport ‘Papers’ and share it with the World. This mindset comes from many of the Commenters to such articles written-up, so this is what they have said.

Being in a University, most of the general population are young, mainly Students. They state that ‘nothing has happened’ to them like dropping dead. They mockingly say, ‘Where is the Mass Die-offs? Well, the Reporting System is not mandatory but voluntary. But that even with that, in comparison to other ‘vaccine’ rolled-outs and tracking of the Death Rate, this COVID-19 shot is off the charts and has induced more Deaths than any other ‘vaccine’ in the past 20 years alone. But this statistic will not be broadcasted on the 6 O’clock News. And even if it were, such ‘Science’ and ‘fact’ will be dismissed. The ‘proof will be in the pudding’ as they say when in the Fall, the natural occurring Corona Viruses come around during the start of the Flue Season. The natural occurring Corona Viruses will test the resilience of such People who have taken the Experimental mRNA COVID-19 shots.

The World will see if their Natural Immune Systems will be strong enough to withstand the Gene Therapy changes to their body’s DNA. One does suspect that the 18-30-year-old group will fare better as they naturally have the most robust Immune System. So, it will yet be determined and seen. But hopefully not. But if the Bible Code Matrix of ‘Death Methods-DNA’ was and is a warning, then the Death Rate will skyrocket upwards. The young may not die right away from the COVID mRNA shots but they might very well end-up sterile. This is also what other Scientists and Doctors have warned about- That is another goal of this Gene Therapy Medical Product, population reduction. How? By ‘Death Methods’ in ‘In Me’, then, ‘3 Times’ by way of one’s own DNA. And People have been made to receive it gladly and willingly, even demanding their poison and Death to be administered by the People themselves.


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