Relation to Economic Cycles

  • Is there a hidden pattern with earthquakes and Stock Market?
  • How old will the coming AntiChrist when he will be revealed?
  • Will there be a parallel age correlation as with Jesus Christ?

by Luis B. Vega

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'And I beheld when he had opened the 6th Seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.' -Revelation 6:12

The purpose of this study and chart is to show a possible association of earthquake patterns to the speculative stages of the Biblical AntiChrist’s age. This will be a fusion between scientific facts and eschatological suppositions that are purely hypothetical for this study. The speculation of the possible stages of the age of the AntiChrist is based on the specific total count of 8.0-9.0 quakes/year since 1973. These yearly totals are taken from the official recordings made by the US Geological Survey (USGS). There appears to be some sort of odd sequence of numerical patterns that emerges from this specific 8.0-9.0+ range of earthquakes. This notion might be simplistic to some or absurd to others, yet it could be very profound if true, perhaps ‘Biblical’ if the hypothesis is to be validated by 2015.

As it stands now, this stipulated association cannot be verifiable; at least not from the outside reference point of view that is not within the confines of the occult and/or those that are in the ‘know’. A secondary comparison will be made between the Dow Jones economic cycles since 1973 with that of the particular yearly totals of the 6.0-7.0 range of quakes/year. The Dow seems to mirror this specific earthquake pattern. Perhaps these so-called number sequences seem to be random patterns. If there is any appearance of correspondence, it may be by mere coincidence. Nonetheless, an attempt to show their relationship will be made. Here are 6 key facets of the hypothesis that will be highlighted in this study. The earthquake pattern specifically between the 8.0-9.0+ range (USGS) will be plotted out on a timeline since 1973.

This pattern is characterized by phenomenal occult number sequences such as 5-5-5, 3-2-2, 1-1, 3-3-3 etc. The earthquake pattern specifically from the 6.0-7.0 range will also be plotted out onto the same timeline since 1973 for comparison. It appears that the Dow Jones Average since 1973 -as if in anticipation of the quakes in turn mirrors the 6.0-7.0 quakes/year pattern specifically since 1982. A brief study of the numbers 333 and 555 will be given as to the possible implication of the ‘Number of the Name’ 666 associated with the AntiChrist could be. Will this number sequence be some sort of an ’economic’ pin number associated with the coming world economy and advanced biological/physiological advancements to genetically alter the human body as a direct result of the ‘marking’? This in turn will lead to a brief look at the possibilities of what this could mean to the anticipated coming world ‘evolution’ of mankind -in terms of Transhumanism.

The Birth
This study suggest that based on such earthquake patterns, the year 1982 seems to be the ‘birth year’ based on a 3-3-3 number association study. The number sequence of the 3-3-3 quakes/year that occurred in 1979, 1980 and 1981 could perhaps be a code of the initiation that started the signaling of the preparation for the coming of the AntiChrist. The occult always has initiations based on certain dates and times. This could possibly be a highly significant date correlation -if one where to speculate on when the advent of the AntiChrist could be. It could be from this 1982-year reference point because of the following relationships.

From the assertion that 1982 is the birthday of the AntiChrist, 13 years later from 1982, the timeline presented takes you to the pinnacle of a ‘pyramid’ shaped made by the 5-5-5 quake/year sequence. This 5-5-5 sequence of total quakes/year occurs on ‘94,’95,’96.  This hypothetical numerical ‘pyramid’ of 555 of quakes/year is bracketed with a reversed 2-2-3 total quake/years that occurred in ’81,’82,’83. It is also followed by a 3-2-2 total quakes/year sequence on ‘97,’98,’99. The mystery of who the AntiChrist is has baffled many for millennia. Some current assertions range from Benjamin Netanyahu, Prince William, Felipe of Spain and others to name the top contenders of this present age.

Then 13 years later from 1995 the timeline will take the numerical pattern count to the age of 26 in 2008. At this juncture it interestingly corresponds to when the Dow Jones crashed and dropped 777 points also in 2008. There is also a significant dip in the quake activity of 2008 in comparison to previous and subsequent yearly quake total counts. Interestingly enough, the 13-26-33 age relationship of (1982-1995-2015) is also a perfect Golden Ratio proportion.

This speculative study will not support the assertion of many who have studies such topics and stipulate that the identity of the AntiChrist is that of the current US President. It could be but if one believes the AntiChrist is literally the current US President there is still no conclusive proof based on solid evidence. Thus, at this point in time it is just another possible speculation into such possibilities. Do realize that since the 1st century, Followers of Christ in the Church have ascribed the label of “AntiChrist Complex” to various personages throughout its history. These assertions have been ascribed to Caesars, Popes, Conquerors like Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, FDR, and to almost every US President up to the current one. Do realize that the revelation of who the AntiChrist will be will occur after the Rapture happens.

Although many have had incredible attributes of the AntiChrist’s qualities like U.S. President Obama perhaps –as described in the Bible it was or is because they all functioned in some capacity of that ‘Office and Satanic Spirit.’ The Bible is very clear on this facet and declares that the world has many Anti-Christ come into it to deceive, kill and destroy. The Bible further declares that the ‘spirit of the AntiChrist’ is working in direct opposition to the Will of YHVH, the GOD of Israel throughout the ages and will right down to the very Battle of Armageddon at the advent of the return of Jesus Christ.

If Barak Hussein Obama is the AntiChrist; it will remain to be seen. He does wear a ring that states, ‘There is no god but Allah’. On an aside note regarding his identity, as in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, when a person converts to either Christianity or Islam, they take upon themselves a ‘new name’ that is associated with that particular faith. If Obama grew up as ‘Barry Sotero’ then later changed his name at some point, this would only be to reflect his new identity based on his religious conviction when one enters into such a religion as Islam. After all, he did attend Muslim schools and is well familiar with its tenets. As he has now taken a Muslim name then this change potentially reflected the name, he chose that pronounced his chosen faith.

We will see later down in the study that those of the faith that worship Allah really venerate a monogram that numerically equals 666 –to which in Islam, is a holy and revered number, unlike in Christianity. In Christianity, the book of Revelation tells us that it is the numerical value of the AntiChrist and is an abomination. The Bible further elaborates that the AntiChrist will eventually be possessed by Lucifer himself at some point in time. The literal AntiChrist on Earth will be the one that opposes the true Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, the SON of YHVH come in the flesh to save His People Israel and the world. The book of Revelation is clear in describing the time of Jacob’s Trouble for Israel specifically and the Gentile Believers after the Rapture. If the Rapture is to be Pre-Tribulation, Wrath, Judgments, that is for another study. Most of the persecution will come from Muslim nations and those that have the spirit of the AntiChrist.

If Jesus Christ was indeed 32 years of age at the time of His crucifixion, burial and resurrection, by some calculations, then it would stand to reason that the coming literal AntiChrist would have his debut also at such an age. Perhaps his power to rule will be realized as he reaches the same year Jesus started His public ministry around 28.5 years. This coming time could correspond to when YHVH will allow the AntiChrist the last of the 42 Jewish months of total reign on Earth -as referenced in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. Lucifer has and is trying to mimic all the types and shadow of the Almighty. Like the true Christ, Lucifer promises to provide his followers ‘eternal life’, power and dominion on Earth, of glory, a mark, a seal on the forehead etc. This Earth-changing event could be the catalyst that triggers the about-face change in the status-quo of who will revealed as the AntiChrist. Perhaps the very healing of the mortal head and mimicked resurrection will convene the world that this particular person is the long Awaited One.

This ‘Great Work’ of Lucifer who is now Satan is being accomplished through his minions, governments, secret societies, and Synagogues of Satan to prepare the world for his false death and resurrection. This is alluding to the “Lie” that will be promulgated by his new world religious, economic, and social order. In the Bible, the LORD even tells its readers regarding the timing of such events. It would be in the ‘season’ of when the ‘Restrainer’ –the Holy Spirit would be taken out of the way to then have revealed to the world of who the AntiChrist really will be. If one follows the speculative timeline of this study based on the earthquake and Stock Market numerical patterns, then the year 2015 would be when the AntiChrist would be commencing his ascension into the world.

The Horned Pyramid of Taurus
The question of the age of the coming AntiChrist depends on what time he will equal in years to that of Jesus. Will that time be at the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation Period or the middle? If the timeline presented in this study does indeed correlate to the 8.0-9.0 quakes/year patterns, then a possible relationship does potentially exist as to the stages of what will be the age of the AntiChrist. In 2015 there so happens to be a peculiar total solar eclipse on March 20. This will be 14 days before the 3rd Tetrad Blood Moon that occurs on Passover and that will be directly over Jerusalem as it occurs on the Jewish religious New Year and is on the Spring Equinox. Perhaps this is the AntiChrist sign as it was for Constantine’s ‘in this sign, conquer’ –In Hoc Signo Vinces metaphorically speaking.

Was the Transit of Venus that astronomically occurred in 2012 then a foreshadowing of this coming 33-year association of what is to be the age of AntiChrist when Lucifer will have descended and possessed him in physical form? The Transit of Venus in 2012 happened to be 30 days from the point in time it crossed the disk of the Sun on June 4-6, 2012. Then 3 days later it conjoined with Aldebaran. This star is considered to be the ‘Eye of Lucifer’. Interestingly, Venus was at the apex of this configured pyramid made up of the horns of Taurus. The date from when the USA supposedly declared independence was a Venus cycle of 243 years from 1776. Was this the time foreshadowing the commencement of the Tribulation Period by 2019?

Likewise, could the year 2018 then be when the AntiChrist commands a commencement to the Passover sacrifices of the then rebuild 3rd Temple in the Passover season or soon thereafter sometime in 2019? Is this when Israel takes full measure of confidence of this false ‘Messiah’ enough so that they lower their military guard and take down their walls? Is this the time that the 1st of the two 42 months or 1260-day time segments commences? This will depend on one’s eschatology. Also, the 4th Blood Moon of the Tetrad happen in September of 2015. Regardless of the specific month and date, the 33rd year will fall within 2015; this means numerically that he will be on his 32nd birthday as was Jesus when he did on the Cross of Calvary. The year 2015 happens to be equivalent to the year 5776 of the Jewish civil calendar. Many Believers speculate that 5776 is the Year of Jubilee not to be confused with the literal return of Jesus Christ, not realizing perhaps that it’s the advent of the AntiChrist instead.

It has been known that natural calamities such as earthquakes and other natural disasters do affect the U.S. Stock Market and world markets. For the purpose of comparison in this study the parallels to the Dow Jones in relation to the 7.0-8.0 quakes/year count is remarkable. To reiterate, the Dow appears to mirrors the 8.0-9.0 quake/year counts from ’73-‘90. Then the Dow appears to mirror the 7.0-8.0 quakes/year count from around ‘90- to the present time. It appears that at certain points on the timeline, the Dow Jones averages precede the quake pattern. The year 1995 seems to be a pinnacle year of sorts. This year corresponds to the possible AntiChrist age of ’13.’ The year 1995 also is at the center of the numerical symmetrical ’pyramid’. Also, the year 1984 appears to be the year that seismic activity, disasters, and quakes in the rages of 7.0-8.0 started to increase.

Earthquakes in Scripture

The quake pattern depicting the 8.0-9.0+ quakes/year count from around 1973 has amazing number sequences that repeat within the timeline. Some numbers mirror each other in their order. Most, if either added or multiplied will follow the next years’ number count of total quakes. The following numerical associations of quakes/years totals are as follows:

The 3-4-5 series from ‘76 ‘77 ‘78 = 3+4+5 = 9

The 3-3-3 series from ‘79 ‘80 ‘81 = 3+3+3 = 9
The 1-3-1 series from ‘83 ‘84 ‘85 = 1+3+1 = 5
The 5-3-4 series from ‘85 ‘86 ‘87 = 5+3+4 = 11
The 2-2-3 series from ‘91 ‘92 ‘93 = 3+2+2 = 7
The 5-5-5 series from ‘94 ‘95 ‘96 = the 13th year from ‘82 at its mid-point
The 3-2-2 series from ‘97 ‘98 ‘99 = 3+2+ 2= 7 (then followed by 7 total quakes in 2000)
The 26th year from ’82 = 2008 and corresponds to dips in earthquake and Dow Jones
The 33rd year from ’82 = 2015

In the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, there are several references showing a direct association with event in Heaven that affect the Earth in geological terms. In the Old Testament, YHVH spoke on Mount Sinai and the ground trembled. In the book of Revelation when an Angel hurls fire and coal at the Earth, a huge earthquake worldwide occurs. Then there is the account when at the moment that Christ died on the Cross of Calvary, a great earthquake occurred so severe and prophetic and the Scripture states that the tombs of the dead were cracked, and the dead came out. One of the events of the judgments of the book of Revelation will correspond to when Lucifer is to be cast out of Heaven after the Rapture. This could be when there will be such an earthquake that the whole world will suffer from its effects.

The Bible declares that the Antichrist will be a man, the Son of Perdition that in the End of Days is totally possessed by Lucifer himself that is Satan that has been cast down from the Heavenlies. The AntiChrist will attempt to usher mandatory worship from the world through the control of its economic religious, military, and political power systems. He will declare himself ‘god’ over all in the 3rd Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem. During this time, the AntiChrist will acquire the power to mark every human within his domain. He will institute an ultimatum to join his ‘New World Order’ by receiving a ‘Mark’ that no one will be able to buy or sell unless they have his mark…his ‘Pin Code’ as it were. According to the Bible, it is the number of his Name. Some have speculated that it correlates to the Greek letters actually written in the manuscripts as Chi, Xi, and Stigma. It so happens to also equal in a numerical value using geometria of 666 for the name of ‘Allah’.

CHI         = 600
XI            = 60       

The Mark of the Beast
Evidently this mark if it is to be an RFID Chip, bar code or a tattoo or a combination will be directly tied to a cash-less world economy. In essence his ’system’ will be foremost an economic one based on a come collapse of the current world economy. This branding alone will be used to control the world. It will be the aim of the AntiChrist system to identify, label and market everything as a commodity. With the advent of the ‘chip’ or ‘mark’, it will become possible to tag everyone and everything. Everything will be reduced to a product number as most items for see and purchase are today. What is next is humans. New recent research into DNA and nanotechnologies suggest that the RDIF Chip of the near future could potentially have DNA alternating effect that renders beings non-human.

Possibly because such advanced technologies are now able to manipulate human’s genetic DNA many now see this technology as an endless potential to leap into the next stage of human evolution. If the trend continues, it has been asserted that humanity will cease to be fully 100% human as some vigorously seek to be ‘trans-human’ by the year 2025. In theory, this notion could be beneficial in remedying aliments, diseases etc. But perhaps it seeks to go beyond the ‘Image of GOD’ in the original design of Humanity and its purpose. Proponents of Transhumanism realize the ‘fall’ and/or shortcomings of the human species. But they do not recognize the cause of death and ageing of the body which is due to sin. Nor do such recognize the need for the LORD’s redemption through the Cross of Christ. Yet they seek to ‘transform’ Humanity to the level of ‘god’ without the help of GOD.

Such an endeavor seeks to make humans non-human by merging it with elements that are now at the molecular level. In reality this is nothing new. According to Genesis 6, this attempt at genetic mutation and altercation has been going on since Noah. In fact, it was for this quest at Transhumanism that YHVH destroyed the Anti-Diluvian world that is now possible. This is now no different than what was taking place ‘as in the days of Noah’ when species were crossed by the Fallen Angels–which the LORD forbid. What is damming for those that will take the Mark of the Beast is that it will condemn them to eternal damnation. Why? The taking of the Mark of the Beast, whatever that may look like, will in some way will alter the DNA genetic makeup those that take it to the point that they cease to be 100% human and thus un-redeemable.

If the line of thinking takes us there, thus this is the possible reason as to why the LORD would be unable to redeem those with such a genetic change at the DNA level. Such persons would forever be disqualified, not able to be redeemable within the Redemptive Plan of the Almighty through the work finished at the Cross by Jesus Christ. As it states in the book of Hebrew, it was for humanity, Abraham’s decedents that Christ incarnated to become the perfect 100% human substitutions. Christ Jesus did not die for the Fallen Angelic race; not angels or principalities, hybrids of such unions as in the ‘Days of Noah’ or Lucifer etc. Thus, Lucifer in rage, envy and spite has tried on many fronts to thwart the Plan of Redemption by genetically altering species from God’s creation since the beginning of Creation -as specified in the book of Genesis.

The Study of Numbers
Lucifer sought to directly destroy Christ at His birth and all along the way to the Cross not realizing that he sealed his own doom by it. The Bible declared that by ‘death’, Jesus through His death destroyed him who had the power of death over Humanity. Lucifer encouraged the union of Fallen Angels with humans that formed Hybrids up to the time of the Flood of Noah and beyond as it is now. It was Noah who was only ‘perfect in his generations.’ This wording can be rendered, ‘uncorrupted in his DNA.’ As in the Days of Noah, this direct manifestation will be occurring again and is where human DNA is being spliced and infused with non-human DNA. This would have made the Nazi’s envious of the current technology at hand.

Does this specific quake pattern presented in the timeline then lend some possible insight as to a possible AntiChrist’s age based upon occultic number definitions? This study only seeks to use the peculiar earthquake pattern discovered when using the specific rage from 8.0-9.0+ quakes/year counts as officially denoted by the USGS.gov stats. What does seem to emerge is an occultic-like number sequence that could not have been made up in fiction or conspiracy plots. One cannot make this pattern of numerical sequences up. A short numbers study will follow to help ascertain if there is any possible significance to the of several profound earthquake number sequences -such as 333, 555 repeating, 322 and in symmetrical reverse order, etc. Numerous studies already have established the fact that indeed, numeral configurations are highly significant to the occult in light of their diabolical plans to usher in their AntiChrist to rule and reign on this Earth.

Occultists multiply and add numbers in order to create other sacred numbers. They also group numbers in ways that will be recognizable only to other occultists - as with 3, 33, or 333. Obviously, twice 333 is 666. Similarly, 999 also conceals 666. Likewise, 39 conceals 13 and so on. These hidden in plain sight number sequences or patterns serve as an ‘occult signature’ of their work in progress. They often use the principle of intensification to acquire greater power usually done at the expense of human bloodletting through the Satanic murder rituals of children and helpless victims. Secret societies, Luciferians, etc., recognize the immense inherent spiritual power in the blood and of numbers. The occult always plans the timing of their sacrificial events according to a specific place and time. 

For example, many events are coordinated to match certain geographical locations around the globe as well–as in the 33rd north parallel. Interestingly many of the world’s great cities are on such energy ley-lines…. like Babylon of old or the Valley of Megiddo where the final Battle of Armageddon will be fought between the AntiChrist and the true Christ, the SON of GOD. According to some research and studies, the number 555 in the occult signifies 'Ultimate Death'. The occultist believes 5 to be the number of Death and the greatest intensification of any number is to be a triplicate. Thus a 555 literally means the ‘Highest Death’. Another example of the concealment of numbers using numbers can be seen in monuments. For example, one profound example is the Washington Monument. This 555-foot-tall obelisk is the tallest building in the District of Columbia and by law, no other building in is allowed to be taller.

The Sacred Numbers
The monument is 20% below ground which would make the total structure length to 666 feet. This means that the use of 555 is another way of saying 666, the Biblical number of the AntiChrist’s Name. This is just a glimpse at the secrets hidden in plain sight in Washington D.C. and who really rules such halls of power. Another example comes from the Iraq war. President Bush II began the war at 05:50 Baghdad time, on March 20th, 2003. This was on the Feast Day celebration called Ostara. March 20th, 2003 was 555 day from the attacks on 9-11. Some that study the occult suggest that the attacks of 9-11 were the first initiation stages requiring massive bloodletting to usher in the AntiChrist into the world in 7 year-long cycles of time. It is a graduating step procedure of sorts ruled by numbers and specific times.

Is it no coincidence that millions of Iraqis have died on that 33rd parallel? Will this make way for the literal rise of the future Babylon as a city where the AntiChrist will some sway in the Last Days? Some studies suggest that the use of 333 by occultists is a clandestine way to conceal the number 666. To others the number 333 is a powerful number representing the influence from spirit beings that many Christians would call them demons and/or Fallen Angels. To others, the number 333 is associated with the year 2012 and that the current Mayan Calendar of Baktun has a cycle of 144,000 days. This current Baktun is the 13th can be reduced down to 3/3/3. Here are some other peculiarities about the number sequence of 333.

- it is the number of 7-spells
- it represents the man-god becoming immortal through death, resurrection and ascension
- the Universal Schuman resonance is at ~33.3hz
- at 1 minute before midnight, 23:59:59 = 33
- when each number are added up 2+3+5+9+5+9 = 33
- the date of 12/12/12/ + 12/21/12 is 333+333 = 666

Since Lucifer has a fixation with the LORD’s own numbers, he twists their connotation for his own evil purposes to divert glory and honor away from the King. For example, Luciferians and secret societies such as his ‘Builders’ have a fascination with the number '33'. When they extend it to '333', the occultists add this extra 3 to mock Jesus Christ finished work of redemption. It speaks of the time of His death, 3pm. It speaks of the 3rd day when Jesus rose from the dead. Thus, this occultist designation of the number 333 linked to a death, resurrection and ascension process is what could somehow be used to usher in their AntiChrist. Perhaps with the aid of earthquakes or as a result of some of them in conjunction with a massive collapse of the Dow Jones.

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