Gulf Wars and Anniversary of World Wars Patterns

  • Is there a prophetic countdown to the last war on Earth?
  • Can this ultimate war on Earth be calculated mathematically?
  • What does the Gulf War Patterns have to do with the 'Last War'?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to examine if there are possible clues to when World War 3 (WW3) will start; it is not a matter of if but when. Such a horrific nuclear event will occur according to Biblical End-Time prophecies as the Luciferians secret and not so secret societies are bent on unleashing their last stage of ‘Order out of Chaos’ for their New World Order (NWO) to be ‘birthed’ soon thereafter. The New World Order that is to come will be taken from the pattern of the previous planned 2 World Wars and 2 Gulf Wars. The outcome of each was a ‘New World Order’ that was established soon after. Chaos was used of such World Wars through the systematic destruction of sovereign nations, i.e., the League of Nations after World War 1 (WW1) in 1919 and the United Nations after World War 2 (WW2) in 1945. If the patterns of these 2 previous World Wars and Gulf Wars are any indication of what is come, then the 3rd World War will finalize the last stage required for the Luciferian New World Order to commence.

Thus, one theory presented in this study postulates that this ushering in of the ‘Golden Age’ will occur sometime after a major regional war. Interestingly, the Luciferian Masons project that it will occur in the Middle East. The projected time of when WW 3 will commence is only an approximation based on the phi ratio but also based on Biblical prophecies. The Bible clearly speaks of coming invasions of Israel as depicted in Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39. A timeline will attempt to approximate this speculative scenario on the accompanied charts. The charts will attempt to illustrate such clues using key dates, correlations and projections based on the mathematical start to end dates and/or duration of the 2 prior World Wars and Gulf Wars. This study suggests then that one is witnessing presently in the current affairs of the Middle East this same pattern of World War and a New World Order to follow.

The escalating events that are unfolding now in Syria and perhaps Ukraine will provide the catalyst for WW3. The orchestrated Gulf Wars and the Arab Spring have aided in this quest as well. There has been a short pause on a US-NATO ground invasion of Syria due to a temporary hesitation by the Globalist New World Order masters. On 1 hand this hesitation has been in large part due to war weariness on the part of America’s military and citizenry after 2 Gulf Wars and Afghanistan. Nonetheless, the Luciferians and Money Changers that run the US Government, most notability the CIA and the State Department will eventually have their way and their plan will be executed; it is irrevocable at this point. If need be, to get the US people behind the Luciferian NWO cause for more war and an escalation to WW3, a False Flag event will be implemented like 9-11 or like the Boston Bombing sooner or later to foment the ‘patriotism’ on the part of the US citizenry.

‘Altar of Sacrifice’
As it pertains to a possible nuclear False Flag, consider that fact that the Luciferians during WWII detonated the nuclear devices in Hiroshima at the 33rd degree latitude and Nagasaki at the 32nd degree latitude. Consider that Damascus is also at the 33rd degree latitude. These are alarming tell-tale signs that if a nuclear False Flag were to occur in the USA, it would be at the 32-33rd degree parallel, aside from Washington DC. Some major assets along the same ley-line in the USA that are within this sacred geometric latitude are from the East to West Coast as follows. Regardless of an American home grown support or not, the End-Game is for a World War to shift in the current Balance of Power that favors the ‘Old Order’ of the USA and have it be transferred to the next and final new order to come in Europe. Following are U.S. major cities at the 32-33 latitude mark.

Bible End Times scholars agree that those that see the need for Europe to rise will one day see this phenomenon occur at the expense of the USA. For reasons not fully understood, the USA in the End of Days will not have a prominent role to play as will the European Union. The EU will see itself eclipse the military, financial and social order of the world. It will become the leader of the 10-Toe Confederation of nations from the Roman Empire. It is presumed that 5 nations will make-up the Western portion or ‘leg’. Then there will be the 5 nation from the Eastern portion that so happen to be Muslim, thus the ‘green’ clay that does not mix with the Iron, etc.

Most Americans are sound asleep with debauchery, deceived and debt to take note of that their civil liberties have been stripped away for such a time coming. Many people have asked the proverbial question if the USA is mentioned in the Bible. The USA is not mentioned in Bible prophecy for one of the following reasons. The USA was the successor of the New World Order after WW2, now it must make way metaphorically, as the ‘Phoenix’ is to be burned and consumed to make way for the new one to be birthed through the ‘fires’ of world war. The USA will have to be sacrificed to accommodate the new ‘Phoenix’ or NWO Power that is to rise out of the USA’s ashes. The ‘slaughter’ of the USA, will not only encompass its economy, morality and political influence in the world but the physical slaughter of its people in some form or fashion. This will be demanded of the Luciferian and Money Changers as it was on the altar of sacrifice for the prior World and Gulf wars and the 9-11 attacks.

The NWO Luciferians demand human blood to initiate such a monumental change through which their legions of demonic entities can witchcraft out their NWO. Currently, the millions of aborted babies in America alone has ‘fueled’ the current ‘Order’ that is about to end. The USA’s dominance, as an economic and moral leader that it once was among the nations of the world; it will be imploded and perhaps it will also coincide with the much deserved judgment of YHVH for its many sins. It is a travesty that Putin is the champion of morality and the defender to Christianity as politicians excuse away the USA as now only having been a former ‘Christian’ Nation. How the tables have turned in such a way that it was once upon a time that Ronald Reagan called the USSR the ‘Evil Empire’ and ‘Godless’. Yet, it is Russia and Putin that has called the USA a ‘Godless Nation’ as it has embraced and is calling ‘good’ evil and ‘evil’ good.

What is World War 3?
Regardless of any commitment on the part of the US citizenry for example, the Luciferian plan for a World War 3 will go forward. The aim of this coming world war is to restructure the ‘Old World Order’ as in the prior World Wars and Gulf Wars. Many Americans are now only starting to see the pattern of war, propaganda from the very leaders they have given Nobel Peace Prizes to and whom promised to not go to war. Wasn’t the reason for the ‘naked body’ scanners, militarization of the police and a whole new department to defend the ‘Homeland’ because of al-Qaeda? Now the ‘Free Syrian Army’ that is made up a conglomeration of Jihadist former al-Qaeda mercenaries from all over the Muslim world, are whom the US government helped create has been supporting against yet another sovereign nation that has not attacked the USA.

As the former US President was giving guns to al-Qaeda Muslim Jihadists in Syria bent on slaughtering Christians, he was attempting to confiscate guns at home in preparation for this coming ‘Battlefield USA’ bloodbath. This is why the Security of the Homeland Department and others agencies have bought up all the bullets as the Patriot Act has been extended. Whom are all those bullets and Patriot Act meant for? Such bullets are not meant for the radical Muslims beheading Christians but the American ‘sheeple’. Such are the majority, Christian that have been so dumbed-down, it is ridiculous. The theory presented in this study will define WW3 as a series of 3 interlinked events that will occur within an approximate 2-year period of time and has its basis in Bible prophecy. Some scenarios do put the Gog-Magog War farther into the future still. Given the current technology of modern warfare, the speed in which troops, armament and deployments can occur is unprecedented. The following stages are a possible scenario that constitutes WW3:

1) A nuclear strike on Syria –most likely by Israel or perceived to be by Israel as prophesied in Isaiah 17 due to a perceived biological and/or chemical strike to Israel from Jihadist Syria.

2) A retaliation by the neighboring Muslim nation against Israel as depicted in Psalm 83 War. This will foment the 7-year confirmation of the Oslo Accords led by the AntiChrist.

3) A Rapture type event might occur that will decimate the USA in particular that for the most part has sided with Israel in her defense.  

Thus, a 3-prong scenario staging up to the WW3 campaign is not out of the question. This WW3 scenario is comprised of events that perhaps could lead to a certain point in which either Syria or the ‘Rebel’ USA supported al-Qaeda coalition will spill over into Israel with either a threat of biological and/or chemical or an actual strike with such. At this juncture, Israel will be forced to use the Samson Option of’ Mutual Assured Destruction’ or MAD. The book of Revelation depicts an escalation of warfare, both Earthly and in the spiritual realms in tandem to a certain extent. This escalation of warfare is seen in the beginning, the middle and the end from the initial breaking of the Seal Judgements by Jesus Christ that characterizes the last judgments upon humanity before Christ’s glorious 2nd Advent. These time periods are attributed to being the start of the Biblical Tribulation Period, regardless if one believes in a pre-Tribulation and/or possible pre-Wrath Rapture scenario, etc.

The depiction of such a timeline that is subject to continued debate over events suggests that a state of ‘war’ will exist even during this promised ‘Golden Age’ peace of the Luciferian New World Order. However, this ‘Golden Age’ 2.0 will be short-lived. For example there is the factor of a 200 million man army coming over to Israel comprised of the Kings from the ‘Lands of the Rising of the Sun’, about mid-way during the Tribulation Period, etc. Then there is the 2nd Horse of the Apocalypse that is given power to take away peace. Based on the mathematical day-year correlations and calculations presented, one of the theories presented in this paper is that this 3-fold WW3 escalation will be beginning with the destruction of Damascus, then 2 consecutive Muslim invasions of Israel will commence sometime after Israel’s 70th year anniversary.

It is strongly suggested that what most understand to be the actual WW3 will be the climax of the Psalm 83 War which will be a Muslim invasion of Israel. Also, WW3 should not be confused with the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog War I itself that many place at the mid or end of the Tribulation Period. This war will be the 3rd stage of this coming 3-pronged escalation of WW3. This study believes that it will be the Psalm 83 War that will initiate the Luciferian NWO. This will then set the political and economic stage for a ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ with Israel thereafter. The Battle of Armageddon should not be confused with it being the actual WW3. According to the traditionally accepted timeline of eschatology, this battle comes 7 years later after the Gog-Magog War per some interpretation of Biblical End Time scenarios.

This study strongly suggests that by the extrapolation of date and year counts from the prior World Wars and Gulf Wars, the possible timing of WW3, given particular start and end dates of such, could yield possible dates to consider when WW3 will commence. Thus having this in mind, then it can be postulated when the season or general timing of the Battle of Armageddon will follow as prophesied in Revelation 16 at the end of the Tribulation Period. For the purposes of this study, Armageddon is considered a literal place and time when the convergence of the world’s nations for the last battle before the Return of Jesus Christ to rule and reign will occur. This assertion also is true for the literal 200 million man army that is not just a spiritual allegory. The connotation of the word does have direct reference to WW3 but only as a euphemism that is commonly used to describe a horrific culmination of destruction and death.

Thus WW3 could be seen as an ‘Armageddon’ but it will not be the one as depicted in Revelation 16. The fallout of WW3 will result in the NWO as it was after WW1 and WW2. Based on how some interpret End-Times, a ‘New World Order’ leader will arise to set up the ‘Confirming the Covenant’ with Israel and the ‘Many’. This pact with the newly emergent world leader of the NWO will promise to ensure Israel ‘Peace and Security’ for a duration of 7 years. This timeframe would also accommodate the burning of the radioactive waste from the nuclear fallout of WW3 to be used for 7 years of generated energy. To reiterate, this study seeks clues of when WW3 might commence based on purely mathematical correlations of past historical and verifiable dates of when the 2 prior World Wars and Gulf Wars started and ended. This study only seeks to illustrate that the 2 prior Gulf Wars mirror the 2 prior World Wars and mathematically eclipse each other at certain key point in time.

Mathematical Benchmarks
By applying certain numerical time differences, as to their start and end dates, such numerical coefficients could be applied mathematically to ascertain a probable time frame for when the 3rd and final stage of the diabolical NWO agenda for mankind would/could occur. There are at least 4 solid and verifiable dates in history that will be presented in a matrix of date possibilities for possibly establishing when WW3 might occur. The study will show that if one applies the phi ratio into the timeline subject to prior major World Wars and the Gulf Wars, there does appear to be some significant correlations. There appears to be unique number associations and recurrences that do reflect the signature of Masonic and Luciferian Secret Society numerology upon the past wars and inevitable one that is coming.

It is strongly suggested that World War 1, World War 2, Gulf War 1 and Gulf War 2 have all been engineered numerically by occultic sinister forces aimed at establishing an eventual New World Order. The ultimate aim is to prepare the New World Order for their false and created Angelic ‘God’, Lucifer. This Fallen Angel will seek to attempt to obtain total global dominance, control over every living soul on Earth. This Luciferian plan will be accomplished politically, economically, religiously, and genetically even to the point of obliterating any vestiges of a Judeo-Christian belief system on Earth. The timeline that accompanies this study will show references to some astronomical occurrences like Blood Moons only because some of the date counts do end up correlating to some particular eclipses, such as the Central Blood Moon of July 27, 2018 for example.

Gulf War 1 ---------------------Gulf War 2  ------------------------------------------------------------Gulf War 3 ?
    1991                                2003                                                                       20XX ?

The timeline presented will also take into account the prophetic context the dealings of the nation of Israel. The date-year clues appear to also be meaningful for the subject of Israel. Certain key dates, before and after the reconfiguration of the ‘world orders’ as a direct consequence of the World Wars and Gulf Wars are directly related to the nation of Israel; this will be highlighted. This study will have a speculative assertion that if and when WW3 starts, it will be like WW1 in 1914. It will be a series of escalating events that will spiral out of control due to a multitude of factors and variables. Such variables thus far have been the Arab Spring, the Syrian Civil War and now the Ukrainian Civil War This study presents the case that WW3 will mirror the escalation of both the World Wars and Gulf Wars based on their legacies.

Specifically, it will involve destruction of Damascus based on Isaiah 17. Mostly likely it will occur by a nuclear warhead, if either coming from Israel of the USA-al Qaida alliance. Then the retaliation by the Inner-Ring of Muslims against Israel referred to as the Psalm 83 War will occur. Then the Gog-Magog War alliance led by Russia and Iran will constitute the Outer-Ring of Muslim nations to attack Israel per Ezekiel 38 and 39. This escalation to WWW 3 follows the pattern of how WW2 in 1939 was really a continuation of the WW1 that started in 1914. Likewise, it had its trigger point, literally pulled by Muslim extremists with the assassinating a prominent world leader Archduke Ferdinand in Serbia. This escalation of events is now being perpetrated in Syria by Muslim al-Qaeda led factions that were backed by the Superpowers.

The 100th Year War
Since 2010 and 2014, ISIS has been committing atrocities against civilians and specifically Christians. This has been the pattern of atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iran, and now Syria. The 100th year anniversary of the 1st World War in 1914 occurred in 2014. The war officially started on July 28, 1914 and ended on November 11, 1918 at the 11th hour (11-11-11). It lasted 4 years and 11 months. In 2014 for example, from Israel’s Independence Day of May 14, 2014 to November 11, 2014 was 181 days or 60.33 x 3, a 6-6-6 and 33-33-33 pattern. So this is just one example of how there might appear to be a correlation with certain dates, numbers and timing. These mathematical projections are solely based on time and date relationships to be shown below and are only suggestive.

World War 1 ----------------------World War 2  ------------------------------------------------------------World War 3?

   1917            (in phi ratio)         1945                             (in phi ratio)                                2019-2023 Range?

Such phi ratio variables could give possible clues as to when the final 3rd World War will occur; maybe sometime after Israel’s 70 year anniversary that will coincide after the 100th Year Anniversary of World War 1. For the purposes of this study, the theory presented stipulates that the 2 prior World Wars of 1914 and 1939 mirror the timing and spacing of the 2 prior Gulf Wars of 1990 and 2003 in terms of proportion of time and when factoring in an approximation of the phi ratio coefficient to them. For example, just extrapolating a simple proportion ration of the wars yields the following: 1914/1990 x 1939/2003 = (1914 x 2003) / (1990 x 1939) = 1.

Because of such possible mathematical correlations, this study examines the unique mathematical correspondences of the prior World Wars and Gulf Wars. It does appear that there have been some key dates orchestrated that could be then related to when the start of WW3 and the invasions of the nation of Israel could commence. Given the current crisis in the Middle East, such a study is very interesting to contemplate as it also pertains prophetically to the nation of Israel and Syria in light of the recent and ever increasing volatile Syrian crisis that will be the ‘trigger’ point to the start of WW3. As far as Syria and the Ukraine are concerned, they are just another variable to be in line to have Russia, Gog-Magog possess the Crimean peninsula to launch its eventual joint Muslim led invasion of Israel.

Other factors have to do with securing the natural gas pipelines that run from Asia to Europe. Crimea used to be Russian but was given to Ukraine as a ‘gift’ by the Soviets. Western Ukraine has been primed to be engulfed into the tentacles of the IMF and European Union that has already is set to implement austerity measures. This means steal all the wealth of the people and transfer that wealth to the Money Changers. World War 1 in 1914 had similar geo-political dynamics as today’s events in the Middle East. If the escalation continues, and it will, it will be inevitable that the start of World War 3 will occur perhaps in late soon after Israel’s 70th year anniversary. Why?  To Biblical scholars and those who study End Times, such recognize that Israel is the ‘stop-watch’ of prophetic time. The Bible foretells that Israel and Jerusalem is and will more so  become the epicenter of the world’s attention and opposition to the plan of YHVH.

New Order to Come and Alliances
It was in the Balkan region that a Muslim extremist assassinated Prince Archduke Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo, Bosnia that sparked the 1st World War in 1914. Perhaps it will take a similar event of an assassination attempt or death of a prominent world leader or a False Flag attack that will be the spark to initiate the 3-stage WW3 plan. This plan could originate in the Crimean Peninsula, as there is a growing Muslim presence there bent on revenge for the Soviets decimating and exiling their people. The region of Dagestan is prime for such an undertaking. There was a balkanization of Eastern Europe by the ruling world powers of that ‘order’.

You had in the West the USA, France and England against German and Prussian Empires, the Austro-Hungarian Empire along with the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) who controlled the Balkan region. Then there was the Russian Empire of the Czar. Each had military obligations or alliance that like Serbia in 1914, if one Super Power declared war, they all did also. This is exactly the scenario today Then there is the USA-NATO alliance supporting the Muslim led al-Qaeda or ISIS forces trying to topple Assad as they did with Kaddafi and Mubarak. On the other hand, the Russian-Iranian block is in support of Assad. with the USA, EU, Russia, Iran, Israel etc., and their mutual military alliance. This was the case during and after the Gulf Wars which led to the destabilization of Iraq, and the subsequent Arab Spring.

Presently, the Luciferians have Balkanized the Middle East and the Ukraine to the point of destroying those sovereign nations specifically not yet under the control of the Central Banking apparatus. The Gulf Wars were initiated for just this purpose. They were, in other words to ‘prime the pump’ as they say for WW3 to start in the Middle East. The same End-Game plan to balkanize the Arab states in the Middle East and redraw the map in the Ukraine is occurring now in preparation for the last stage of the Luciferian NWO plan. As it was in 1914, the subsequent years perhaps will see the military alliances that are just as complicated as they were during WW1 enter a chain of events that will see the fruition of WW3 come to pass. For example, Hezbollah is supported and backed by Syria and Lebanon, Hamas is supported by the Gaza, Syria is supported by Iran and Russia, Israel is currently supported by the USA, etc.

Furthermore, the elements of Muslim extremism –as they were in Serbia, yet again will provide the catalyst for the Syrian and/or Ukrainian conflict to ignite into WW3 maybe sometime in late 2015 or 2016 after the 100th year anniversary of World War 1. Nonetheless these current Superpower military alliances will soon be put to the test as the current world powers have obligated themselves to engage in war that once the trigger was pulled as it was in WW1; there was no turning back once the escalation occurred. As it was in WW1, because of the assassination of the Archduke, Austria-Hungry declared war on Serbia, Russia then declared war on Austria-Hungry, Germany then declared war on Russia, then the Ottomans were allied with Germany, then England and France declared war on Germany, then the USA hesitantly joined in…sounds familiar?

Jerusalem, the Burden of the Nations
This same Luciferian End-Game plan was repeated after World War II as well, and a New World Order was birthed with the creation of the UN in 1945. The New World Order that came about totally reconfigured Europe and its former colonial empires. This New World Order set the stage for the Cold War that has run up to this current crisis in the Middle East with Syria at its crosshairs. What is left in the NWO plan is for a continuum of initiating the last world war of the Luciferian plan for world domination so that their NWO will come out of the World War 3 ready for their false Messiah to take hold of.

New World Order 1 ---------------New World Order 2  ----------------------------------------New World Order 3?
League of Nations                         United Nations                                           AntiChrist Confederations
1919               (in phi ratio)          1945                           (in phi ratio)                              20XX ?

This study has attempted to show that Israel and Jerusalem have been and will be interwoven into the very fabric of these orchestrated World Wars and Gulf Wars. The Bible speaks about one last ‘alliance’ or pack that Israel or Jerusalem will make in an attempt to finally obtain ‘Peace and Security’. Why? This quest and desire for ‘Peace and Safety’ has eluded Israel and Jerusalem ever since their rejection of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ; at least since the 1st century. According to the Bible, it is only the true Messiah of Israel, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ that can only give Israel ‘Peace and Security’; it is within Himself. It was because of this very rejection by ‘Jerusalem that stones its Prophets’ that Jesus Christ banished Israel into the 3rd and final Diaspora or exile

This last Diaspora was to be amongst all the nations of the world. Since that time, it has been Israel’s quest for statehood and above all, to have ‘Peace and Security’ within its secure border, especially now that they have been regathered to the Land. The Bible does prophecy an End Time alliance, a ‘Confirming the Covenant’ with the Many, at least in a political context. It will be this new order and its leader that will promise just that, ‘Peace and Security’ for Israel. It appears that this ‘alliance’ will be fomented to ensure Israel’s ‘Peace and Security’ as a direct result of the 3 stage outcome of WW3. This ‘Covenant’ has been in the works since WW1. During WW1 there was the Belfour Declaration, the liberation of Jerusalem from Muslim rule since the Crusades and the Jewish World Congress of 1917. Then there was the establishment of the UN Partition Plan for Palestine after WW2 in 1947, etc.

The Bible declares that despite the promise of ‘Peace and Safety’ for Israel and Jerusalem after the Isaiah 17, Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38, by the coming false Messiah, the NWO that will come out of the chaos of America’s implosion will not be able to deliver on its promise. This ‘Covenant’ that the Bible calls a ‘Pact with Death’ will be broken half way by the world leader of the new emergent NWO. Could this time correlate then to sometime after Israel has been fully matured as a nation. Why? It will be at that point in time where YHVH will continue where He left off. This convergence of prophetic time also will coincide with the termination or conclusion of the Church Age. Such a time has corresponded to the ‘parenthetical’ age of Pentecost where the Gentiles from among the Nations have been ‘grafted’ in the ‘Commonwealth of Israel’.

Some Observations
This study can only speculate that based on several unique mathematical associations that do occur when examining the Gulf Wars and the World Wars, the only plausible ascertain that can be made is that for sure the convergence of conflicts and probably World War 3 will come shortly after Israel’s 70 year anniversary since 1948. For example, in terms of the Gulf Wars, the first observation is that from the start of the Gulf War 1 on August 2, 1990 to when it was officially declared over on November 30, 1995 = 1947 days. (Or 1948 if one takes into account the time zone difference.) Then if one factors when the UN passed the Palestinian Partition Plan on November 29, 1947, it will be 48 years to the 1995 day when the Gulf War 1 officially ended with 1 day to spare. If one adds 19 years to the time from the end of the Gulf War 1 in 1995 one ends up with 7 days just before Hanukah on December 6, 2015. With this timeline, there is also a 48-19 or a mirrored 19-48 numerical pattern.

This extrapolation might be a stretch but it is interesting to consider nonetheless. It is approximately 66 years from the UN Partition Plan in 1947 to Israel’s Independence on May 14, 2014 on the 100th year anniversary of WWI. Interestingly, comet ISON reached perihelion or the closest point to the Sun on November 29, 2013 on precisely the 66th Year Anniversary. Then 666 days from this dates was September 25, 2015. Also it is approximately 33 years from the start of WWI on July 28, 1914 to May 14, 1948 when Israel became a State. If one adds the duration factor of days, 4031 from the end of the Gulf War 2 on May 1, 2003, one ends up at May 14, 2014, Israel’s Independence Day. The 4031 day factor is obtained from the End of Gulf War 1 Feb 28, 1992 to the Start of Gulf War 2, Mar 12, 2003. Some striking astronomical observations also occur.

If from the start of Gulf War 2 one adds the time from end of Gulf War I to end of Gulf War II, which is 4081 days one gets (March 12, 2003 + 4081 days = May 14, 2014), which is Israel’s Independence Day again. The 4081 day count is derived from the end of Gulf War 1 on February 28, 1992 to the end of Gulf War 2 on May 01, 2003. Perhaps this is a likely candidate pattern for the Psalm 83 War scenario. It would not be out of the ordinary for the Muslims to choose a feast or Holy Day of Israel to attack the Jews. This is why the 70 year anniversary should be a time of high alert. The Muslims have done this to Israel on at least 2 other occasions. One, it was done on the very evening that Israel declared independence on May 14, 1948 when 7 well equipped Muslim armies attacked the newly formed infant state of Israel on all fronts.

Then in 1973 during the holiest day of Judaism, Yom Kippur, several combined armies led by Egypt and armed by the USSR attacked Israel again. The Muslims know that most Orthodox Jews would not take up arms during this time as it was considered a Holy Sabbath. Here are some more observations concerning the Central Blood Moon of July 27, 2018 that are also very interesting. Many studies have been published about the timing and secret numerology of warfare. The World Wars and Gulf Wars were no different. Some of the numbers obtained from certain mathematical computations are interestingly associated with Israel to some degree, and astronomically as well. In what way? Consider that Blood Moons and solar eclipses have occurred on Jewish Feast Days. The Bible does say that the Sun, Moon and the Stars are for signs.

The Adjudication of the Accuser
Concerning the Virgo Sign in 2017, it has often been written that Israel is the Virgin or Virgo and Lucifer is the Red Dragon. It speaks of certain war to come, both terrestrial an spiritual. It also can allude to the Bride of Christ and Satan. However, the Accuser cannot stay in Heaven while the Bride of Christ is there. There have been many excellent papers discoursing how at the time of the Rapture, as the Bride of Christ goes up, Lucifer comes down to earth. He will be subsequently expelled from Heaven as this depiction in Revelation 12. Thus, many believe in a pre-Wrath or mid-Tribulation Rapture of the Church because the Revelation 12 Sign appears to be the midpoint of the Tribulation Period. This study suggests that the context and language of Revelation chapter 4 in the Greek portrays the Rapture of the Bride of Christ and the courtroom scene. Why?

The Bride of Christ has to face her Accuser, Lucifer. She also has to be the Witness to the breaking of the 7-Seal Judgments. Why? It is because they will seal the doom and expulsion of Lucifer from Heaven. The technical definition of adjudication is the ‘legal process by which an arbiter or judge reviews evidence and argumentation including legal reasoning set forth by opposing parties or litigants to come to a decision which determines rights and obligations between the parties involved.’ The Revelation chapter 4 is the Rapture of the Bride of Christ as depicted by the Apostle John’s call to ‘come up here’. It would stand to reason that, metaphorically John represent the Bride of Christ as he was the only one spared of life and limb not unlike the rest of the Apostles that where martyred.

The Apostle John was also the one of whom the LORD said that ‘He loved’ and John is depicted resting his head on Jesus at the LORD’s Supper, etc. On closer examination regarding the context of the scene in Revelation 4, John is called up or raptured. Now whether this is before the Bema Seat evaluation of the Saints for the Rewards or before or after the Bridal Chamber, that remains to be seen. However, perhaps after such, the business of the ‘Accuser of the Brethren’ has to be settled once for all. In Revelation 4, the Judicial Courtroom of the LORD is revealed where after the Rapture at some point the 24 Elders seated with Crowns around the Throne of YHVH. This study argues that the Rapture, not only serves to unite the Bride with the Glorified Christ, but that it will serve to adjudicate Lucifer out of Heaven once and for all.

This Fallen Angel, Lucifer who is that ‘Dragon’, Satan is currently operating as the ‘Accuser of the Brethren’, this is a legal term. The Rapture will thus also serve to legally, once and for all judgment against Lucifer to expunge Lucifer from the Courts of YHVH, eternally. However, for this to happen, the Defendant or the ‘Accused’, the Bride, the Saints of the Most High God collectively have to be present to witness the sentencing by the Lamb that was slain, Jesus as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. It is the risen and glorified Jesus Christ that will officiate this pronouncement or adjudication against Lucifer in the Celestial Courtroom. In fact, it will be the very Judge Himself, worthy to take the Scroll and break the Seals of Judgment against Lucifer and the world because of the sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary.

Because of the shed blood of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary, sin was paid for then. Humanity was not only redeemed then and there, but YHVH provided beyond measure the Sanctification and Glorification to be had at the time of the Resurrection/Rapture or the ‘Blessed Hope’ as it is referred to by the Apostle Paul. At the time of the Rapture, it is when the Glorification is given out in proportion to the degree of Sanctification via the Bema Seat of Christ. When the Bride of Christ then sits around the Throne. It will be time to fulfill Christ’s words that ‘Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world (Lucifer) will be driven out as depicted in Revelation 12 and John 12:31. Thus, the Accuser, Lucifer and the Accused, the Bride have to be present for this to happen. The Rapture has to take place before the Tribulation Period.

It may be the time where Psalm 23 states, ‘You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies’ and from Revelation 3:9-10 ‘I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you. Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the Earth’. At that time, the Bride of Christ, the Defendant, having been vindicated by the Blood of the Lamb, the Judge Himself will thus begin to pronounce judgment on the ‘Accuser of the Bride’, Lucifer. Thus, the commencement of the breaking of the Scroll of Seals Judgments is only done and can only be done in the presence of the Bride of Christ and by that person that as a perfect genetic human, never sinned, the Groom is there to execute His vengeance.

Thus, Jesus Christ having no sin and resurrected has now all power and authority to break the Seals and execute the Wrath of GOD and of the Lamb not only on Lucifer but the wicked world that has chosen to follow his ways as John 12:31 alludes to. Once the breaking of the Seals Judgement begins, many believe it will be the time that will correlate to the initiation of the 3rd World War that sets the unveiling of who the AntiChrist world rule will be. He is staged to then make ‘Peace and Security’ for Israel as the false Messiah with the Covenant that in turn kicks off the Tribulation Period. This will be the fulfillment of Daniel’s last 7 Week of Years. This is of course now some see it, other Bible scholars do not. Regardless, at some point, the physical and permanent expulsion of Lucifer from any access to the Heavenly Portal of Glory will occur.

This is when in Revelation 12, perhaps the actual event unfolds but not without a last ditch effort on the part of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels to attempt on last fight as he and his Angels are thrust down out of Heaven to the Earth. This is one reason why Lucifer loathes humanity because it took 1 Human to seal his demise. There are only but a few more years to find out. Until that time comes and in the meanwhile WW 3 is about to start, just as the Bride of Christ, the Church is not yet been raptured and glorified, the sentencing of Lucifer’s judgment and adjudication has not yet been carried out either. Soon everything will be converge to a point of prophetic singularity, the will commence with the Rapture of the Bride of Christ from this Earth. It will pave the way with the possible 3-prong stages that will lead to the Tribulation Period based on prior World War and Gul War numerical coefficients in phi ratio of time.

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