Comparative Study of the Sacred Layouts

  • Is there any Prophetic Significance to the Old City Layout?
  • What does the 3 Main Domes of Jerusalem convey?
  • Is there a Cosmological and Esoteric Inference to the Domes?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Since the Day I brought My People out of the land of Egypt, I have not chosen a city from any tribe of Israel in which to build a House so that My Name would be there, nor have I chosen anyone to be ruler over My people Israel. But I have chosen Jerusalem so that My Name will be there, and I have chosen David to be over My People Israel. Now it was in the heart of my father David to build a house for the Name of the LORD, the God of Israel.’ -2 Chronicles 6:6

The purpose of this study is to illustrate that the Old City of Jerusalem layout, when rotated 33 Degrees Counterclockwise from True North, will correlate to the Ley-Lines corresponding to the Great Pyramids of Giza. This Template, in turn, will thus correlate to the Belt Stars of Orion. Furthermore, the direct correlation to the Great Pyramids follows the Color Aspect of the Sun, Moon and the Stars with the respective to the Color of the 3 Main Domes of Old Jerusalem. These 3 Domes correspond to the 3 Main Religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The Layout is further corroborating that the Old City of Jerusalem Layout, also appears then to Mirror the Celestial Order of the Orientation Mirroring the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate. The Depiction of the Old City of Jerusalem from a Top View will show that the City has 3 Main Domes, the Yellow or Gold Dome of the Rock, the Dull Grey Dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the White Dome of the Grand Synagogue. The 1st Dome, that of the Dome of the Rock which is presently under Islamic Occupation is Gold in its Composition and thus the corresponding Color of Yellow.

Celestially, this Principle Dome thus corresponds to the Celestial Order of the Sun, and to Orion’s largest Star of Alnitak. It is the biggest of the 3 Domes and corresponds to an Octagon Sided Structure. This Octagon Geometric Configuration will Depict a Key Marker in lending Credence to this Theory that Old Jerusalem is indeed corresponding to the Ley-Lines of the Giza Great Pyramid of Khufu. It has been found to actually be an Encrypted 8 Sided Octagon when seen from the air and especially when observing the Shadow Effects on it. 

The next Dome that dots the Skyline of Old Jerusalem is that of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter. The main Dome of the Church is almost the same size as that of the Dome of the Rock and thus correlates to the 2nd Great Pyramid of Giza, Khafre, that likewise is almost the same Dimension as that of the Great Pyramid. This 2nd Dome in size and Celestial Order corresponds to the Moon, and thus has the Color of the Dome being Grey. This Dome corresponds to the 2nd Belt Star of Orion, Alnilam.

City With A Name
The 3rd Dome of Jerusalem is the smallest in terms of its size in comparison to the other 2 Domes described. This Dome pertains to the Grand Synagogue of Jerusalem in the Jewish Quarter. The Color of the dome is White and thus corresponds to the Celestial Order of the Stars. In turn, this Small White Dome corresponds to the smallest of the Great Pyramids, that of Menkaure and the Belt Star of Orion, Mintaka which is also the smallest.

What is also very interesting to note is that if one subscribes to the Supposition that Jesus Christ was indeed Crucified in-between the Garden Tomb and the Place of the Skull, then the Ley-Line drown from North to South will lead the Crucifixion Site right to the Grand Synagogue of Jerusalem. Pertaining to the constellation of Orion, the Mirrored Image on Earth onto the Map would orient the Depiction of Orion as being Inverted on its Axis and then Flipped Horizontally.

Why is there in Jerusalem an Encrypted Layout of Orion and the Great Pyramids of Giza and the apparent Celestial Order of the Sun, Moon and the Stars? According to the Bible, the Creator YHVH made the Celestial Order of Luminaries. And Jerusalem is His Abode. Their Degree of Correspondence and Power were given for the illumination on Earth and for the sake of the 1st Humans created there, those being Adam and Eve. This Celestial Order was then given for Calculating and keeping Track of ‘Time’. The next Question is why Jerusalem?

According to the Bible, Jerusalem is the place on Earth, out of all the Cities and Locations where the Creator, YHVH chose to place His Name. He is Directly Associated with Earth where He and a Fallen and Separated Humanity would meet at the ‘Gate’ and receive Atonement. This is predicted on the Storyline that the Place YHVH made and placed the 1st Humans was in Paradise and in turn, where they were Expelled from. Specifically, the area of the Dome of the Rock, more specifically to the North was where the Temples stood.

This Location provided the confines by where a Fallen Humanity could enter the Veil to go into the Holy of Holies, a perfect Cube to Commune with YHVH, as they did in the Garden of Eden. It is rather amazing that if the Rotation of a 33 Degree is made, a match is made with the Giza Great Pyramids and the corresponding Stars of Orion. Why is the number 33 Significant?

According to the Bible, this Number corresponded to the Age of Jesus Christ when He died to pay the Debt of Sin for the Fall of Humanity at the Cross of Calvary in 32 AD. It is a Sacred Number of Gematria and what is known more so is how the Luciferians use this same Number for their Antithesis. Astronomically, there is a 33-Degree Angle that orientates the whole Universe. When depicting the Mazzaroth or Zodiac and Delineating it with the 4 Cardinal Points of Leo, Scorpio (the Eagle), Taurus and Aquarius, along with their corresponding Stars of Regulus, Antares, Aldebaran and Fomalhaut, the Celestial Throne of YHVH is identified to be positioned at the 33-Degree Angle from the Golden Gate.

DOME                                                GIZA PYRAMID                     ORION
1. Dome of Rock                                Khufu                                      Alnitak
2. Church of the Holy Sepulchre        Khafre                                     Alnilam
3. Grand Synagogue                          Menkaure                               Mintaka

In essence, Jerusalem is a Sacred Motif of what it takes and what or how is the way back to the Garden attained, due to the Fall of Mankind. That Gate was Locked, and Celestial Sentinels were placed there. This would have been a Sad State of Affairs, if it were not for Jesus who came to Open the Gate back to Paradise once again. This was accomplished by the foreseen Sacrifice YHVH had to make to cover the Bodies of Adam and Eve with.

Instead, the Antithesis of the same Motifs are attributed to the Serpent that has Beguiled Humanity into an Alternative ‘Gospel’ that seeks to Enthrone and Ascribe all Human Worship to Lucifer, the False Christ, the Anointed Cherub that Rebelled against YHVH, eventually there in Jerusalem. The following is the Delineation of the various Overlays of the Dome to Giza to Orion Correlations. In what way?

It is also the Serpent, or Lucifer that seeks to take Control of the Access Jesus provides back to Eden and prevent Humanity from Returning there. Thus, Jerusalem needs to be Divided and Occupied. Why? In so doing, it will solidify the Power, Dominion and Authority given now to Humanity to Rule what Lucifer once had and Lost due to his Rebellion and being Cast-Out.

As it is, in the meanwhile, those who are ‘In the Know’ have made sure that Hidden in Plain Sight, such Sacred Geometry and Correlations of the City Outline Reflecting the Celestial Order are not Generally Realized. And that of especially, corresponding to Orion as he is seen as the Great Deliverer, the Champion and Rescuer, etc. And as mentioned, of course, there is a Double Entendre as there is a Thesis and Antithesis of how the Luciferians Interpret the Constellation of the Christ, Jesus to Lucifer, the Usurper Christ Cherub.

There is a correct Version established and rendered by YHVH Himself and 1st taught to Adam. Then there is the Corrupted Narration that ensued and negates such Holt Attributes. However, the True Thesis is the Testimony or Record found in the Bible. It confirms that the Celestial Storyline of the Stars pertains to Jesus Christ and the Plan of Redemption of Humanity is what it was meant to be conveyed, etc.

So, Jerusalem, out of all the Places in the Known Universe, on Earth, is why it is the most Contended Real Estate. It is for this Reason for which the Last Battles on Earth and for Earth will culminate there with the Return of Jesus. The Bible states that Jesus will Return with His Bride, to Re-Open these Gates of Jerusalem. Jesus has Recaptured them, as the Greater Orion and opened them up to restore Paradise.

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