March 1, 2023, the 60th Day of a 360 Year

  • Why is the 'Christ Star' appearing now?
  • Does the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction mean anything?
  • Is there Notice of a 'Birth' just been made? 

by Luis B. Vega

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‘After Jesus was Born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the Time of King Herod, Magi from the East arrived in Jerusalem, asking, Where is the One who has been Born King of the Jews? We saw His Star in the East and have come to Worship Him. When King Herod heard this, he was Disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him’. -Matthew 2:1-3

The purpose of this study is to provide a ‘Chart’ Intense Dive into Astro-Prophecy regarding the March 1, 2023 ‘Kiss’ of the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction. It will also be shown how Mars had to do a lot, in terms of imagery of the Wars against Israel, that Lucifer sought to impede. You have the Lion of Judah, Leo and Virgo, the Metaphors of Israel, Astronomically shown in the various Charts linked below. One wondered what the Sky ‘told’ when Israel was ‘Birthed’ in 1949 but ‘Conceived’ since 1947, etc.

And the same for when Jerusalem was Re-Captured, not since 70 AD in 1967. It so happens that in both of these 2 Prophetic Milestones, Mars, the God of War, was ‘Waging Battle’ to prevent the Birth of Israel from happening. It was sort of like the Revelation 12 Sign in that 7 Muslim Armies, as the ‘7 Heads’ of the Red ‘Mars’ Dragon came against Virgo and Leo to Devour the Man-Child, Israel in this case.

See Charts below as it is part of one’s Evidence from the Book written on the Revelation 12 Sign. One had compiled it as such Evidence due to Mars’ Prophetic Significance at those Points in Times. Now the Jupiter-Venus ‘Kiss’ or Conjunction on March 1, 2023? On the Western Hemisphere, March 1, 2023 is as close as it will get. From this point forward, the 2 Planets will start to drift apart. What one missed, in really looking into this Sign is just how Spectacular the Celestial Sign is and what it could be Signaling.

One was not able to see it due to some cloud-cover and Skyline but have made a quick Chart to show its possible Significance. One has been too busy with other studies that one is preparing for the possible updated Timeline of the Tribulation Scenario. It is in the Works. But realize that this Jupiter-Venus Conjunction is the ‘Christ Star’.

In recent Memory, it has not occurred since back in 2016, if one remembers, 7 Years Ago. And at that Time, there was a lot of Notoriety about the ‘Christ Star returning, not since 2000 Years Ago. A Jupiter-Venus Conjunction happens actually about every 9-12 Years. What made the ‘Chris-Star’ specifically stand-out or of Prophetic Significance is where it occurred. Now the one that occurred 1 Month prior to -3 BC on September 11 is Evidence, in one’s Assessment that it ‘Signaled’, a 1 Month Countdown to Jesus’ Birth-Day.

A 1 Month Notice of a ‘Birth’?
Thus, one is speculating that in exactly 1 Months’ Time, on April 1, 2023, thereabouts, something Extremely Significant and Prophetic will be ‘Birthed’. Not sure what that will be. Could the Sign be a Mirror of a ‘Birth’, in some Prophetic Way? Of the AntiChrist in some Behind-the-Scenes sort of way? Will it be a Move by the Enemies of Jesus Christ, in the Spiritual Realm that will usher-in, a Step closer to the Revealing of that Man of Sin?

Will it be finally the ‘Birth’ of the Bride of Christ? Where this March 1, 2023 Christ Star occurred, was depicted in the Stars in Pisces, as some End Times Observer had reported leading-up to its Conjunction. And some called it ‘The Kiss’, etc. But realize that it is at the Fish that is being Raptured-Away, riding on the Back of Pegasus, the Winged Horse. One has written about this Depiction in how the Rapture Typology is Strong in this case as the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction, for sure has many layers of Meaning, perhaps. See Chart below for a Visual Depiction and Links to the ‘Pegasus Rapture’ Typology.

Also notice how the Sun is right at the Pouring of the Water in the Aquarius Motif, as if to Highlight this Depiction. Thus, it is a Sign of an ‘Outpouring’. But of what? Of the Holy Ghost? Revivals? The Last Day’s Rain? A Season or Time of Spiritual Refreshment? Or something Sinister? And as others have noted, this Jupiter-Venus Conjunction also happens to occur when another Conjunction, that of Mercury with Saturn in Aquarius occurs also. Take note that this Double-Conjunction involves a Proportion in sizes; Giant, Massive Gas Planet, and then a ‘Tiny’ small Planet. It is very noteworthy.

Now on the Esoteric ‘Flip-Side’ of the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, the Luciferians reverse the Meaning and Attribution of the Mazzaroth to steal the Narrative and ascribe it to their Anti-Christ, Lucifer instead. Thus, to them, Saturn relates to Satan and Mercury is the God of Money, Medicine, Media and Thieves. It is the ‘God of this Present World’. They are those whom Lucifer has given Power to his Minions and are making sure the entire World ends-up like a Train Wreck.

So, will an Outpouring of Christ occur for His Church or will there be an Outpouring of a Judgement instead? Or both? Will Evil constitute a major Move on the part of the Enemy, just the same? Perhaps. How so or why? Remember that to the Luciferians, the New World Order is that of the ‘Age of Aquarius’. That Celestial Motif is attributed to their Anti-Messiah that they too are expecting him to show-up. He is to ‘Unite’ the World that is falling apart, thanks to their ‘Great Work’. The following are the Charts mentioned for Context.


Other Charts

Mars Retrograde 1947-1949 in Leo


Mars Retrograde in 1966-1967 in Virgo


Mars Retrograde in Virgo 2014-2015 during Tetrad


Christ Star of Jupiter-Venus ‘Kiss’ 1 Month prior to -3 BC, 1 of 2 Repeat Conjunctions and Evidence for an Astronomical inference to Jesus’ True Birth-Day, perhaps.

The 1st Christmas Jupiter-Venus Conjunction 1 Month Prior to September 11, -3 BC Speculated Birth-Day of Jesus.



Maiden, the Manchild and Monster
Revelation Chapter 12. The Main Argument will be that such a Sign, occurred Prophetically, matched the Astronomical Configuration on September 23, 2017 which was 1 day after Yom Teruah and the Fall Equinox. The Focal Point of the Sign or Motif is the Constellation Virgo, which plays the Central Role is an apparent Cosmic and Prophetic ‘Enmity’ of sorts that goes back to the Garden of Eden with Eve and Lucifer. This Book will attempt to introduce the various other ‘Characters’, to include the identity of the 7-Headed Red Dragon and the Man-Child.

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