Key to the Timing of Pentecost and the Rapture

  • What happened at the Cross of Calvary inter-dimensionally?
  • Can dimensions be crossed-over and by what means?
  • What is the prophetic significance of the numbers 4 and 40?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘He appeared to them over a period of 40 days and spoke about the Kingdom of God. On one occasion, while He was eating with them, He gave them this command: Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. For John baptized with[a] water, but in a few days you will be baptized with[b] the Holy Spirit.’ -Acts 1:3-5

The purpose of this chapter is to consider the Prophetic Significance of the Number 4 and 40 as it relates to Inferences made concerning Jesus Christ pertaining to Interdimensional Properties at play that could be connected to the Timing of Pentecost and the Rapture. In particular, the Number 4 Signals a Nuance of a Door, Pathway and Transference that occurs between 2 Places and/or Dimensions. In Hebrew, the 4th Letter is Dalet, and it denotes a Door, Pathway, Gate, etc. The Number 40, a Coefficient of 4, denotes a Time of Transition, of Testing and of Translating from a Beginning to an End, a Probation.

In a Geometric Sense, a 4-Sided Figure would have the Dimension of a Flat Square. However, if a 3-Dimensional Aspect is applied, it becomes a Tesseract or a Perfect Cube. This study suggests that a ‘Tesseract’ or Perfect Cube becomes a sort of Specific Time or Countdown as a ‘Key’ used then to Bridge and Transfer from one State of Being to another, as in-between Dimensions even, or in the case when the Rapture Event perhaps. Consider Jesus’ 40-Days of Appearing and Teaching after His Resurrection. The other Key Passage has to do with His Cryptic Inference to a 4-Month Duration until the Harvest of Souls, etc. This Type is in reference to a Summer Wheat Harvest.

The Word in the Strong’s for ‘40’ is G5062 ‘Tessarakonta’-Τεσσαράκοντα to mean ‘Forty’ or 40. The Root of the Word comes from the Number 4 τέσσερα/Tessera which is related to a ‘Door’ or the Dalet in Hebrew, as in Revelation 4, etc. It is the same Word found in the Hebrew, 'Arba`iym, Strong’s H704, to mean Forty or ‘40’. What is the Possible Significance Prophetically pertinent to the Timing of the Pentecost and the Rapture? Think of the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle of YHVH and later the Temples that stood. In essence, the Holy of Holies was a Tesseract that contained the Holy Presence of YHVH on Earth. It functioned as a ‘Door’, Chamber, Conduit between Heaven and Earth etc. Thus, the Question is posed, could a Factor of a Tesseract be the ‘Key’ in determining the Timing of when is True Pentecost and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ? In what way? It is in terms of the ‘Time’ it is denoting.

Feasts of Time

Jesus Cryptically stated the following in John 4:35-36, ‘Do you not say, there are still 4 Months until the Harvest? I tell you, lift up your Eyes and look at the Fields, for they are Ripe for Harvest. Already the Reaper draws his Wages and gathers a Crop for Eternal Life, so that the Sower and the Reaper may Rejoice together’. The 4-Month Code or ‘Tesseract’ could very well hold the Key to when the End of the Church Age would finish her Great Commission. Could it by a Year that ends in a 4 when a Harvest is but a 4-Month Count in a given Year. Concerning Pentecost, in prior studies, it was strongly suggested that Jesus alluded to this Timeline starting at the Spring Equinox.

This would then put the countdown to Pentecost of 120 days for the Winter Wheat to then be Harvested in late July of a given Year. Why 120 Days? This would be a count based on the Jewish Months of 30 Days, thus 30 Days/Month x 4 Months = 120 Days. This 120-Day Count would correlate when True Pentecost occurs and when the Rapture would ensue, if this is Valid and Correct.

This Model is predicated on the Assumption that the Rapture occurs on a Pentecost Feast. The Winter Wheat Harvest is planted around the Winter Solstice. The Sheaf Offering was the early Winter Wheat ‘First Fruit’ of that Wheat and lifted-up before the Throne of YHVH by the Priests. These typified the ones Resurrected after Jesus. The Sheaf Offering was not Barley. Jesus was the Barley Harvest Type. The First Fruit of the Winter Wheat that was plucked from the Wheat Fields. This was to secure the Down Payment and to Sanctify the whole Field and Harvest Souls to come, to conclude the Church Age with the Resurrection/Rapture Harvest, Etc.

1. Winter Barley - Harvested April (Spring)
= Passover, 1 Month prior to Spring Equinox (March 20) Jesus

2. Winter Wheat - Harvested July (Summer)

= Pentecost, 1 Month after the Summer Solstice (June 20) Those of Jesus - the Bride

3. Olives - harvested in September (Fall)

= Tabernacles, around the Fall Equinox (Sept 22) Israel after the Tribulation Period

The Point is that the Church Age Believers cannot overlap with the Tribulation Period Saints as it is a different type of Fruit and thus, Harvest. The Pattern is set-up with the Winter Barley to be Harvested in the Spring, soon after the Spring Equinox. Then, the Wheat to be Harvested in the Summer, soon after the Summer Solstice. The Feasts of YHVH followed/follow the 3 Assembly Feasts tied to these Agricultural Cycles of a Year.

They were and are divided within the Year in 3rds or .33; Spring, Summer and Fall. These are the times the men of Israel were to assemble before the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem. But so were the Feasts of First Fruits of the Grain, Wine and Oil. This is why the descent of the Holy Spirit on New Wine could not have happened in the small ‘Upper Room’. It was at the Temple Mount with more than 3000.

Bridging the Veil

These Feasts followed or were, and are pegged to the Spring and Fall Equinoxes and Summer Solstice, as the Sun, Moon the Stars are the Divine Keepers of Time, for Signs, and for Seasons, etc. This March 20 to September 20 Solstice Time Period is approximately 184 Days or 6 Months or half a year, 50%. Looking from a Geometric Point of View, the Factor of 4 Months alluded to by Jesus, to a Harvest Time would suggest a ‘Tesseract’ of Time. The Tesseract also becomes that Time-Frame of the Probationary 40-Day Period of Testing to be ready as ‘White’ for the Harvest’.

As to the Interpretation of Leviticus 23:16 being a Double-Count, in one’s assessment? Consider that there are 2 Subjects and 2 Verbs in the King James. There is the ‘Morrow’ #1 of Counting after from the Sheave Offering. Then the ‘Morrow’ #2 of Numbering after the 7 Sabbaths pertains to a separate 50-Day Count. And the 2 Verbs are ‘To Count’ and ‘To Number’. In the Strong’s, ‘To Count’ and ‘To Number’ are the same word, h5608 Caphar. The Point is, that the Words are not the same, in one’s Interpretation. Thus, with Jesus’ 40-Day Cypher, could such a Sacred Geometric Configuration be that Transitional ‘Countdown’ to the Resurrection-Rapture Event?

This 4-Month Time-Span as to when True Pentecost is to occur, is predicated on the Notion that Leviticus 23:16 is to be interpreted as a Double-Count of 49 Days and then 50 Days for a total of 99 Days or 100 Days, all-Inclusive. Later on, in the study, several Factors of 40-Days will be examined to support this Notion and one important one of Jesus being on Earth after His resurrection for ’40 Days’. This study will show that in reality, it was 60 Days Total. If one uses also the Menorah Model of the 7 Feasts of YHVH and how the Center Stem is Personifying Jesus, it will make perfect sense as these Events are then even pivoted on His very being Prophetically when His Bodily Form is then transposed as a Menorah Type of correlating Imagery.

It was/is still True that the 40-Day Count was/is correct from Acts 1:3. But from what Start Date? Did it start at the Mid-Point of the 49 Day Count? Thus, in the case of a 40-Day Tesseract ‘Time’ Factor at play, it is of a Sacred Geometric Property that appears to Translate Dimensions between Heaven and Earth. This is then seen at the End of this 40-Day Time Marker when Jesus Translated into Heaven or when the Jews Translated into the Promised Land or when Jesus was Translated to be Tempted in the Wilderness, etc. Could this Pattern then occur for the Rapture?

A Tesseract is construed by a 3-Dimensional Hexagram. Or in other words, the ‘Star of David’ has a Tesseract at its Core. It is an inference to a Merkavah or Celestial Chariot. This is still in inference in the Number 4 in how it functions as a ‘Stargate’ Chamber. Consider that the Holy of Holies was such a ‘Chamber’ to Earth. It was separated by a Thick Veil. The High Priest could only ‘Crossover’ and enter during the feast of Yom Kippur. And will occur at the Time of the Rapture. This Open ‘Door’ or Tesseract also occurred at the Cross of Calvary. It is believed that Jesus bridged the Dimensions between Earth and Heaven when being Offered as the Lamb of YHVH to Atone for the Sins of Humanity at that time. How so?

If a Tesseract is unfolded, it construes a ‘Cross’ Formation. In essence this ‘Chamber’ unfolded became the ‘Bridge’ back to Heaven that was barred due to the Fall of Adam. This Depiction was captured in the Famous Painting by Salvador Dali and others. This notion of a ‘Bridge’ or Door has Credence in the Gospels as Jesus was that ‘Door’, that literally became the Bridge back to Heaven, as the GOD-Man. He has both Natures now, 100% GOD and 100% Man that allowed for such a Restoration of Humanity. Amazing. It was a Restoration of Direct Fellowship with the Father again that was Lost in the Garden of Eden.

It is not Insignificant then when Jesus stated correctly, ‘I AM the Door’. ‘I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by Me’. Thus, the Calling of John to ‘Come Up Here’ at the 4th Chapter of the Book of Revelation is befitting. It is the Door. He is the Euphemism of the entire Bride of Christ that will likewise be Translated through such a ‘Tesseract’ Dimension that will occur at the Point of the Rapture. This Type of Offering for Sin would have needed to be of such Dimensions as it spanned the entirety of all Human History, Past, Present and Future.

The following will be some assertions made to the possible Sacred Properties of the Tesseract Theory related to the True Date of Pentecost and the timing of the Rapture perhaps. It is based on the Typologies of certain People and Events in the Bible. One such case was when one ascertained the Number 40 in the Exodus of the Israelites. The Hebrews spent 40 Years in the Wilderness before they could enter the Promised Land.

There was the Warning given by Jonah to the City of Nineveh to repent. This is also how Jesus was likewise Tested in the Wilderness for 40 Days before He could start His Public Ministry, etc. These were Times of Testing as in Preparation for a Transition of one’s State of Being to another one. In particular, this Number 40 Coefficient is seen again after Jesus’ Resurrection in the Appearances after His Crucifixion.

In Acts 1:3, it does say ‘A Period of 40 Days’, not ‘After’. Many naturally are convinced that it was 40 Days were after His resurrection and then 10 Days later was when Pentecost came on the 50th day, etc. No so. However, what this study strongly suggests is that the Final Appearance was when the Author of the Book of Acts interjected the mentioning of that Point in Time, being 40 Days from that Last Appearance.

Then 10 Days later would have been Pentecost, ‘When It Fully Came’. Again, this is to suggest the Alternative Rendering of Leviticus 23:16 as being 99 days total. And the Point being that the 40-Day Period was a ‘Tesseract’ Time Countdown. This then would not contradict the stated counting of 40 Days plus 10 Days but that is the Total Days presumed currently taught due to Church Tradition.

First Fruits                         Traditional Shavuot                                     Pentecost
Morrow after Sabbath                 Mid-Point                                          When Fully Come

0                  (49 days)                   49th Day               (50 Days)                   50th Day
                                                                     (‘Tesseract Time’)
                                                         Start           (40 days)            Finish       10th Day
|---------------------------------- (60 days total) ----------------------------------|

One does wonder how it could have been that if the case was that Jesus did Resurrect and was seen by His Disciples, Crowds of 500 and was in Jerusalem and even in Galilee, that the whole Nation of Israel and the Sanhedrin would not have Repented and Converted. This is a Mystery to be Understood and perhaps shows the Hardness of People’s Heart to Believe. So, in other words, Jesus was present for more than just 40 Days as the Appearances did not have a Precise Number of Days associated with those instances initially. What is to say that they could have been more than mere Days.

One does have a certain Degree of a Measure of Time when Jesus appeared to the Disciples on that one occasion, where Thomas was not present in the Company of the Believers at that Time. However, the following Week, Jesus appeared when Thomas was present and that is when they had that Amazing Encounter. So, one can be certain that at that Sequence, it would appear that there was but 1 week that had passed. However, this Time Segment would not account for the Times thereafter.

The Point of this study is that if one starts the 40-Day ‘Tesseract’ Countdown Time from the 49th Day, then the True Count would land on Pentecost, the 99th Day on the morrow after the 1st Sabbath from the Sheaf Wave Offering. If one subscribes to a Double-Count of Leviticus 23:16, of there being 99 Total Days to reach Pentecost, it would not be beyond the Realm of Reason to suggest that the Acts 1:3 Passage was the start of the 40-Day Marker. This would be the 49th Day from when Jesus would then Ascend to Heaven 40 Days Later, a factor of the ‘Tesseract’ Dimensional Span of Time. True Pentecost would then come 10 Days later, on the 99th Day Marker.

So, in observing such a Timeline presented, it would follow that Jesus actually spent 60 Days on Earth after His Resurrection. Such Properties of the Tesseract Concept of Translating Dimensions could be when the Rapture could occur as well, at the End of the 4-Month Countdown from the Spring Equinox. Again, this would be based on the Numerical Coefficients of 4 and 40 that denote a ‘Door’, Portal or Pathway, etc. Another Unique Attribute about this Scenario was that for the Year 2020, the Months of June and July had that Triad of Eclipses. They are a Lunar-Solar-Lunar Combination with the center one occurring on the Summer Solstice, which is very Rare. The Timeline Focal Point was the 49th Day, based on a Phi Ratio Template from the Resurrection of Jesus to the 99th Day. This has some Prophetic Overtones to the Depiction of the Apocalyptic Mural of the Bank of America at their Corporate Headquarters in the USA. In one Panel, there is a Total Solar Eclipse that is associated with a Woman being ‘Raptured-Up’ but that is in a Tesseract, or within a 3-Deminsional Cube.

It is Time for the Translation

What is rather interesting is that the Event is in direct inference to an Annular Solar Eclipse occurring. Moreover, as that ‘Rapture’ Event is in the background facing away from the Viewer. The focus is on the Chaos occurring with Calamities occurring on Earth with Humans unaware of what is coming nor prepared. Then at the forefront is the Advent of the Masonic AntiChrist Figure with the World Leaders pondering and admiring dis Disposition. Thus, could a Solar Eclipse which will be Annual in Type, be one that will be pegged to the actual Timing of the Rapture?

Or that the True Count of Pentecost, Jesus’ Ascension and/or the Rapture have been Miscalculated all this Time. Again, one is only Testing Hypotheses and considering Patterns. But if one considers the implications of a Tesseract Concept, it is denoting the Numerical Factors of 4 and 40, as in a Door, Portal and Gate that Transcends from one State of Being to another. This is exactly what will occur at the time of the Rapture. The Apostle Paul describes the Event as a Metamorphosis of the Body in how ‘Corruption’ will put on ‘Incorruption’ as the Church Age has been akin to the 40 Years of Probation on Earth before she is ushered into the Real ‘Promised Land’ in Heaven.

The Number 4 and 40 Tesseract Time-Frame will be a Transformative Process when the Believers in Jesus will cross-over into Dimensions that will allow the Body of Flesh, now ‘Glorified’ to enter Heaven and abide there forever in the presence of the King of the Universe. Specific to the Time Period of 40 is unique as one Knows and is Understood to be a ‘Time of Testing’ as in a Period of Probation and of a Transitional Space from one Place to another.

As it has been asserted by this study that the Dimensional Aspect of the Number 4 and 40 hints at being ‘Inter-Dimensional’, has this Tesseract Aspect been Predictively Programmed in Society? Yes. The Enemies of the Cross of Christ surely realize the Spiritual and Prophetic Significance of such Properties and of a ‘Tesseract’ Time pending. Is it no Coincidence how many Movies in the last 10 Years have specifically incorporated the Notion of a Tesseract and the need for a Transformative Time or ‘Age’ to occur or in this case, the New World Order that is coming? Movies like in the Avengers, Captain America, Thor and others use the Theme of Harnessing the Power of the Tesseract to initiate the New World Order Transformation of the World.

As noted, the Tesseract is a Multi-Dimensional ‘Cube within a Cube’ that many believe is a sort of Key and/or acts as a Bridge, Portal, Door when known how to operate into other Dimensions. One major example will be the New Jerusalem. It is described to be a Perfect Cube or Tesseract that will come down to Earth. It will be superimposed as Heaven and Earth merge Dimensions. Any Coincidence that the Fallen Angels seek to help Humanity break through these sort of Dimensions as with the Hadron Collider Type of Technology? Such seek to open the Door to the Bottomless Pit and release the Fallen Angels chained, to help Lucifer’s War in the End of Days. Thus, this 40-Day ‘Tesseract’ Time-Frame is seen in the Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness as well as Israel’s Testing after Exodus. Or the Time Moses spent when meeting with YHVH on Mount Sinai.

End of a Dispensation
It deals also with a sense of being Committed or Pledged to as seen in how Isaac was 40 Years Old when he received his Bride, Rebecca or the 40 Jewish Men that Conspired and Pledged to Kill the Apostle Paul in Acts.

It also has to do with Redemption as for example, the 40 Silver Sockets of the Tabernacle set the Foundation of the structure, etc. It was at Sinai thus that this ‘Tesseract’ Time coincided with the 1st Pentecost. But Pentecost occurred 50 Days after arriving at Sinai, not 50 Days after the Exodus as it is believed. This attests that Pentecost should be counted then as 99 Days after the Wheat Wave Offering of the Feast of First Fruits.

In essence, Pentecost is the Celebration of such a Changing of Dispensations. And it will be the Rapture that concludes the ‘Tesseract’ Time of Transference. Why? Every major Transference of a Change of Dispensations or Covenants has occurred on a Pentecost Summer Season. For example, it is believed that when Noah built the Altar and made the Sacrifice after they came out of the Ark that YHVH then reconstituted the Covenant given to Adam, it was on Pentecost.

 Likewise, after the Rapture, the Dispensation of the Church Age will have come to a close, as then the New World Order will ensue with the Tribulation Period or Daniel’s Last Week of Years. This will be the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, of the 7 Years. etc. This is to say that it will be the Rapture Event that will facilitate this undertaking for sure.


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