Plan to Initiate the New World Order

  • Are the Protocols a conspiracy or made to look like one?
  • WHo ae the 'Elders of Zion' and are they the Biblical ones?
  • Is there an effort and/or corporation to usher-in Lucifer's Order?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not be quiet, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a burning torch’. – Isaiah 62:1

The purpose of this study is to consider the meaning of the word Zion and how particular interpretations of it might possibly affect Humanity’s destiny on a global scale in the coming Masonic and apocalyptic last New World Order to come. This study will look at the multifaceted meaning and dimensions of what Zion is and is not. In this context, several aspect of Zionism will be highlighted and inferred to, as a result of notable interpretations throughout the centuries. This study is based on a Christian perspective taking only from what has been already been made public and published about the different meanings of Zion, Zionism and the Protocols of Zion, fictional or factual. The definitions of what Zion is alluding to in particular, will be examined given the different references of what Zion and Zionism was, is and will be as declared in the Judeo-Christian Bible.

The varying degree of meaning of Zionism will be taken from interpretations within the Old and New Testament Bible and the work of Josephus and the Protocols of Zion. The Protocols of Zion is said to be a hoax by some and accurate by others. The Protocols may be true or not, but all one has to do is to study its goals throughout history to see if they are true or valid. One has to only ascertain if the Protocols’ goals have come to fruition or not and/or if they are being orchestrated right before one’s very own eyes -if one has eyes to see such Zionism at play. It is no big secret that several Luciferian entities and like-minded Masonic Secret Societies of the world have taken and twisted certain aspects of the meaning of Zion and Zionism for their diabolical goals.

For one, such Secret Societies have consolidated almost all power and resources on Earth for 1 purpose. Given the current political and spiritual condition of the Middle East in particular, and the world in general, it appears that this purpose is to now initiate the final 3rd World War on Earth, as it is in Heaven. According to this interpretation of this Luciferian Zionist theology, it is required to usher in their false Messiah that is to rule their last Masonic Order from Jerusalem. According to the Bible, the Masonic false Messiah or AntiChrist will come out of the great ensuing chaos that will bring about their Luciferian New World Order for him to rule over. This great World War will culminate in the Earthly Zion for Lucifer, from Jerusalem in Israel. Some aspect of what defines ‘Zion’ is based on mathematics and sacred geometry. There appears to be certain degrees the Zion in the Bible, mainly Jerusalem.

The Contest over Zion
It is said that the Earthly Zion, Jerusalem is a mirror copy from the Heavenly Zion, etc. For example, the Bible gives us the direction and measurements of the Zion that is the New Jerusalem to come down in the book of Revelation. Without a doubt the Masonic Illuminati and the occult have taken over certain aspects of the identity and meaning of the true Zion of YHVH. What is the issue of having the Masons usurp the name of Zion? For one, the Bible declares that YHVH placed His very Name in Zion, so it is Holy and an issue if the greatest ‘identity theft’. Thus the City and word Zion represent all that YHVH was, is, and will be. It is an issue of His authority, reputation, character, etc. Zion is to be a City that embodies YHVH, set on a Hill as the true Zion of YHVH is, on the ‘Mountain of the LORD on the Sides of the North’. The City or the Heavenly true Zion is described to be like a ‘Burning Torch’.

Interestingly, the description bears resemblance to Lucifer’s name, the ‘Light-Bearer’ or torch. He falsely portrays himself as Prometheus who gave his ‘burning torch’ of illumination and wisdom to Humanity in anticipation of it. As a token of this brilliance, Lucifer bestowed so called ‘light’ or illumination to help a fallen Human Race become ‘gods’ in his version of Zion. To the Masonic Secret Societies, Illuminati, occult, etc., Lucifer is thus worshiped as the Supreme Light Being. The quest of Lucifer and his Masons, for example is to replace YHVH’s Zion with Lucifer’s counterfeit Zion, if not in Heaven itself, then on Earth. It is Lucifer who wants Zion for his glory, not for Jesus Christ’s glory. It is Lucifer that wants to overthrow the true Zion of YHVH and create it after his own likeness due to his lust and pride.

These Luciferians see Jesus Christ as being the evil one that is hindering the ‘godhood’ of Humanity. They seek justice for their Master Lucifer because he was expelled from YHVH’s Zion. Since Genesis 1, Lucifer has taken this conflict over Zion to Humanity since the Garden of Eden. As this Angelic War has raged on, the Human Race has now also been involved in this celestial conflict for the definition of Zion. It was Lucifer who convinced Adam and Eve of his version of Zion where one could be ‘like God’, etc. Because of this lust and pride for absolute power and knowledge, Lucifer’s notion of Zion has been both now the aspiration of, not only Lucifer himself but of a fallen Humanity and the Masons in particular that have embarked on its ‘Great Work’.

This ‘choice’ was presented and sold to Humanity then and now. It was done through deception and a lie, since Lucifer is the Father of Lies according to Jesus Christ. The Bible states that Lucifer persuaded Humanity that it is he that bestows this celestial Zionist domain to humanity. It is a counterfeit Zion as Christ Jesus has promised the true Zion, which is the New Jerusalem to His Followers in the coming Age. It is Lucifer that has used and uses Humanity against YHVH and themselves to help obtain and establish his version of Zion on Earth. This promise of Zion by Lucifer to his followers has come with delegated Satanic power at the highest levels in all human institutions. This power is used both for good and/or evil. Humanity has gone down the same path as Lucifer seeking lust and power, but those that follow and bow the knee to Lucifer are deceived all the same thinking they will end up with such for all Eternity. Wrong.

Which Zion?
The inevitable aim of Lucifer is to totally deface and eradicate the whole creation of Mankind. Those following Lucifer do not realize that they are just being used as means to an end. To this aim has Lucifer strived to eradicate Humanity off the face of the Earth and especially YHVH’s Earthly People, the Jewish race in general and Followers of Jesus Christ specifically. One reason is that Lucifer detests Mankind and is jealous of Humanity and seeks to destroy it because of what Zion represents to Jesus’ Followers. For one, the Sovereign LORD chose Humanity to die for and redeem through GOD the SON on the Cross of Calvary. Christ did not choose to become a man with flesh and blood do this for Lucifer or his Fallen Angels as the book of Hebrews states.

Another reason Lucifer detests Humanity is that Zion, both the Earthly Zion and the Heavenly Zion will be given over to the Redeemed of Christ to rule and reign over with Jesus. Humans, unlike the mighty Angels are made in YHVH’s image with beauty, a soul and free will with a body that is in some mysterious way is patterned like that of the Creator, although the Bible clearly states that GOD is Spirit. The Bible even declares that in the end, the Redeemed of the LORD will even be judging the Angels to include Lucifer’s Fallen Angels that rebelled with him. The Bride of Christ will be taking their positions of power alongside Christ Jesus to rule the coming Age. A Heavenly conflict in the true Zion occurred in Heaven in Eternity Past according to the Biblical narrative of several books of the Bible. A Luciferian rebellion against the Holy and Sovereign LORD of Zion as described in the Old and New Testament will not end just yet.

Heaven or Zion has been and is in a state of war ever since. This Angelic Rebellion was led by Halliel (Hillel), AKA Lucifer. The name Lucifer is where the root word ‘hallelujah’ or praise is obtained from. His name also means the Light Bearer that describes Zion in appearance – like a light or lamp set above a table or a city on a hill. There is now a totally opposite meaning ascribed to the word and meaning of Zion. It is thanks to Lucifer wanting to redefine it because of his rebellion in the Heavenly Zion. He has misinterpreted and distorted what Zion or Zionism really is. This Celestial War for Zion by Lucifer and his followers against the true Christ from Zion has reverberated right down to the political and cultural Earthly battles for Humanity’s soul to this day.

To this end, Lucifer is still convincing many of Humanity in each successive generation of this redefinition of Zion. He is using the same false promises that an eventual victory over the true Zion of YHVH can be obtained. The final showdown will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon and in the geographical Zion in the Middle East, i.e., Jerusalem, Israel. There will be one last attempt to assault the Celestial Zion by Lucifer after this final Battle of Armageddon. According to the Bible, Lucifer’s attempt will first be thwarted by Michael and his Angels, before Lucifer and his minions will be permanently cast down to Earth during some point in the coming Tribulation Period spoken of by the Prophet Daniel. This ‘casting down’ is when Satan and his minions will be thrown to Earth from the Heavenly Zion. Lucifer will never again to have judicial access before YHVH to accuse the Brethren. With 1 only option left, Lucifer will take over the Earthly Zion and its new Temple for himself instead in Jerusalem.

The Conflict over Zion
Astonishingly, Lucifer is bound for 1000 years during the Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth. Lucifer is not yet cast into the Lake of Fire. At the end of the 1000 years, Lucifer is let loose. What does he do? He still amasses an army that will join him in the last attempt to take over Zion, which at this point is about to literally merge from Heaven. In the description of the New Jerusalem, Zion as the City of YHVH, as ‘a Bride’ will come down and be superimposed over the Earthly Zion as the LORD makes a New Heaven and a New Earth with amazing new dimensions.

It will be at this time that finally Lucifer’s purpose has been served and is cast into the Lake of Fire for all Eternity. Many Biblical scholars believe that the expulsion of Lucifer from the Heavenly Zion will this will coincide when the Tribulation Period’s 1260 day-count is met somewhere within the midpoint of the Tribulation Period that is to come on Earth. The point is that is Angelic Conflict against the true Zion of YHVH in Heaven is about to now be involving Mankind directly by way of the Middle East where the Earthly Zion is, i.e., Jerusalem. The world is currently witnessing this build-up to this event as the whole of the Mediterranean, the realm of the Beast is on edge with economies collapsing, civil unrest, the radicalization of Islam and persecution and slaughter of Christians.

What does this build-up look like? It will involve a build-up that will lead to the Psalm 83 War and the nuclear destruction of Damascus as portrayed in Isaiah 17 as some interpret the Scriptures. This 3rd World War will lead to the Gog-Magog War and eventually lead to the Battle of Armageddon at Christ’s physical return to Earth at the end of the Tribulation Period whenever that is. Some Biblical scholars have delineated Satan’s ‘casting down’ in stages that mirror and compliment the 5 ‘I Wills’ that Lucifer declared against the Sovereign LORD of Zion as disclosed in the Old Testament. According to the Old and New Testament, Lucifer is cast down is in a downward progression as follows.

1. From Heaven itself, the Throne Room of the LORD or Zion to the Heavenlies.
2. From the Heavenlies, the Cosmos or Planetary realm also referred to the ‘Heavenlies’ or atmosphere above Earth, the air.
3. From the Powers and Principalities of the Air of the atmosphere to the Earth.
4. From the Earth to the inner part of the Earth such as Tartarus, Hades i.e., the Pit to be bound for 1000 years during the Millennium.
5. From the Pit to the Lake of Fire that burns forever for all Eternity.

In the book of Revelation, the culminating battle for Zion on Earth occurs at the Valley of Megiddo. Not only will the Angels choose sides but so will Humanity. On one hand the vision given to the Jewish Apostle John testifies of Christ Jesus coming down from the Heavenly Zion. Along with Jesus will be His ‘Warrior Bride’, His Redeemed is as an ‘Army of the Clouds’ to help save Zion on Earth. These ‘Clouds’ are seen as the Redeemed of the LORD that were raptured and are following Christ on a White Horse to engage in the Battle of Armageddon. These are those that metaphorically ‘made their robes white with the Blood of the Lamb’.

The Definitions of ZION
Who are the Redeemed? They are the Redeemed of Zion who availed themselves of the free gift of salvation and forgiveness of sins paid for by the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross of Calvary. On Earth, the vision is also given of the multitudes of world armies gathered on the side of Lucifer through the false Christ and the False Prophet at the Earthly Zion, Jerusalem to battle against the true Christ, Jesus. Lucifer along with certain multitudes of Humanity will be opposing YHVH to prevent Christ Jesus from rescuing His people Israel, the Nation, the City and His Temple based on certain definitions. The definition of the word Zion has many dimensions to it.

Primarily, Zion is ascribed to the City where YHVH, the true GOD of Heaven dwells in; not Allah or Vishnu or Krishna. The Bible declares that YHVH in His quest to dwell with His Creation of Mankind has mirrored His Heavenly Throne on Earth. YHVH chose a special geographical place for it on Earth; it is in Jerusalem, Israel. Zion is also ascribed to a Celestial City that comes down to Earth superimposed onto the Earthly Zion of Earth, Jerusalem at the end of time. This place is referred to as the New Jerusalem and the Bride of Christ according to the book of Revelation. Zion is also ascribed to the ‘Mountain’ that the City is founded on both in Heaven and on Earth. Following is a brief summary list of at least 7 definitions of the word Zion.

1. A City: in Heaven, on Earth and yet to come on Earth.
2. A Mountain: in Heaven and on Earth.
3. A Religion-primarily Jewish with Evangelical Christian support.
4. A Race-primarily Jewish, some Rastafarians would dispute.
5. A Political Movement.
6. A Global Movement.
7. A Luciferian antithesis to the Zion of YHWH.

Given the development of the concept of Zion over the centuries, one can see that the definition has taken on more than just a Biblical definition. The notion of the word Zion has come to include some specific inferences to a specific race, religion and political entity. These overtones have also gone well beyond the association that had mainly been ascribed to the Jewish religion. For example, the current Jewish theology includes a myriad of additional extra-theology such as the Talmud that in many cases, nullifies the Commandments of the Sacred Scriptures of the Law and the Prophets. The Talmud is also very hostile towards Christianity and Jesus Christ in particular.

Furthermore, some groups within the Jewish Faith have solely developed a purely racial, political and/or Kabalistic association and identity devoid of any primary religious affiliation to the Commandments of the YHVH in the Tanakh or Old Testament. Other elements of what a ‘Jew’ is, on the other hand have totally veered-off to such an interpretation of the meaning of Zion that it actually is diametrically opposed to the original orthodox view of Zion to the point that it also totally replaces the tenants of YHVH’s Commandments. Here are some primary inferences more in detail of the definition of the word Zion that in some cases might overlap or might well be diametrically opposed to each other.

Spiritual ZION
At the highest definition of Zion, one will find its root and primary source for its pure definition. It is ascribed to an all-powerful, righteous and loving Creator that abides in Mount Zion on the ‘Sides of the North’ in Heaven –wherever that may be. It is where YHVH’s Throne is at and all that is just, holy and righteous emanates from. This Zion can only be achieved by putting one’s faith and trust in the work of GOD the SON, Jesus Christ, and the Jewish Messiah according to the teachings of the Bible. It is not by being birthed to a race, or a religion, political persuasion, or works that one can access or be ushered in this true ‘Utopia’ that resides in Heaven and that one day will come down to Earth as the Bible describes.

The Bible declares that the Redeemed of the true Messiah, Christ Jesus, not Lucifer and his minions are to be the Co-Heirs with Christ to all that YHVH has, i.e., Zion. The inheritance of Christ is promised to Abraham’s Seed, both Jews and Gentiles. It is however predicated on having the same Faith as Abraham. This Faith of Abraham is required by such that like Abraham, who saw the coming of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ believed GOD -as though GOD had already redeemed him and it was ‘accredited to him as righteousness’, etc.

To such of like Faith of Abraham, they are not only promised an Earthy Zion as in the Promised Land of Israel geographically, but such are promised the Heavenly Zion for the future to come as well. The plans of Lucifer’s Globalist Zionist, Masons and his followers are particularly against this stipulation at any cost. Such oppose those Followers of the true Spiritual Zion and that of its rightful LORD, Jesus Christ. The antithesis to this notion of Zion is what Lucifer and his followers seek to establish in its place with Lucifer’s ‘image and likeness’. This acquisition on Earth has been a slow and painful work done by subversion and by agents of the Serpent.

In part, the ‘Great Work’ is to usurp the Earthly Zion. This is to be done through religious works, politics, and globalization to usher in their so called Luciferian utopian New Age or their New World Order on Earth. This plan is currently being planned out for the coming Luciferian Masonic Empire or New Age on Earth. This Empire will be the 4th Beast Empire that will rule the world but for as short time. During the Tribulation Period to come, Lucifer and his servants will be allowed to have total power and dominion of the Earthly Zion, but just for 42 months.

There was a confusion with the Jews about how many times the Messiah was to come as there confusion with the Christian just as much as to what type of appearance Jesus is to have. The majority of Jew did not realize that there was going to be 1 ‘coming’ of the Messiah. The 1st coming was going to be a mere ‘visitation’. This alone signified that there was to be a 2nd coming. In theological term, there was Messiah ben Josepha and Messiah ben David. The confusion was even seen as there being 2 distinct Messiahs altogether. The Jews did not really want a Messiah needing to die first as foretold but one who would conquer on a white horse, not a donkey. In same fashion, sadly most Christians suffer from the same type of theological ignorance.

Religious ZION
In this case, most confuse the ‘thief in the night’ secret rendezvous with the 2nd coming of Christ. The 1st coming of Jesus pertaining to the Church Age Believers has to do with His appearing to call and take His Bride, called the Rapture of the Church. At the 2nd appearance of Jesus, it will be with the Bride, etc. There those that consider themselves to be Religious Zionists. It is a theological interpretation that GOD, with the help of mankind, primarily through the Jewish religion, race and tenants of its Faith will establish GOD’s Zion on Earth in Jerusalem. This aspiration is believed to be done through adherence to the Law of Moses and by doing good works. Those that abide and ascribe to this type of interpretation of Zion are still looking for the 1st coming of the Messiah no less.

The notion that Jesus Christ is Messiah, being a Jew from the tribe of Judah was the true Messiah back in AD 32 was rejected by the Religious Zionist that ruled Israel then, as they do now. Although many Jews believed and followed this Rabbi, Yeshua or Jesus as Messiah, the Nation did not. As their judgments, the land the city and the Temple were destroyed. Still the last descendants of the last tribe that of Judah or what became the Jew were exiled for the 2nd time. Judaism thereafter went through some theological permutations as a result. On the whole, most that ascribe to this definition of Religious Zionism would consider themselves to be ‘Jewish’. It may be a bit more complicated than this in that one can be Jewish as a race and a culture but not necessarily in practice as far as its religion is concerned.

Many Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed Jews do genuinely seek the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Others would either call themselves or identify as being ‘Jews’ but are completely atheists and secular as in liberal.  Most noticeably, it is the Orthodox settlers within Israel today that see the regathering of the Jews to the Promised Land of Israel as a sign that YHVH is dealing with them again and not lost favor. Such are waiting and expecting the Messiah is to come and establish the Kingdom of Zion on Earth, etc. They also aspire to rebuild the Jewish Temple of worship on Mt. Zion (Moriah) in Jerusalem, someday. One does not have to be ‘Jewish’ racially to be a Religious Zionist. There are many Evangelical Christians that see themselves as such. In some cases, Evangelicals Biblically support Israel and the Jewish nation as the teachings of the New Testament prescribes.

Then there are Christian Zionists that support national Israel but for the most part, there are other tenants of Christianity that have misinterpreted theology which seeks to replace Israel with the Church like the Catholics do and some Protestant denominations etc. Religious Zionists have had a disdain for the followers of what they are told about Jesus and the New Testament. This is all found and taught in their Talmud. Such are taught to believe Jesus was a false Rabbi and worse. To such, Jesus Christ is seeking to destroy their ‘Jewishness’ and so are Evangelical Christian missionaries. There is currently a law that Christians cannot proselytize to Jews in Israel, despite Israel’s so called ‘democracy’ and respect of religious freedom. It is not entirely the case.

Political ZION
There is much distrust between Jews and Christians over the centuries but realize that the first Christians were Jews. Such to this day identify themselves as Messianic, meaning they accept Jesus as Messiah but not at the expense of their ‘Jewishness’ necessarily. There those that consider themselves to be Political Zionists. They are the ones along with the help of other Religious Zionist. The Political Zionist movements is what established the nation of Israel after World War 2 for example. This interpretation of Zionism provided a vehicle to prophetically allow for the return of those Religious Zionists, practicing Jews and/or believers of the Torah to return to Promised Land. Many Political Zionists can also be considered Religious Zionists while others within the Religious Zionist camp totally disown and/or do not accept the political State of Israel until Messiah returns.

Religious Zionists can be Political Zionists and Political Zionists can be Globalist Zionists but not necessarily Religious Zionists, etc. Up until recently Orthodox Jewish young males did not have to enlist and service in the Israel Defense Force IDF, for example. Nonetheless, Religious Zionists seek foremost to establish and maintain the State of Israel among the Nations of the world. This Zion or Israel has geographical and international borders regardless of any spiritual/religious domain. Most of the Founding Fathers of Israel were actually admitted atheists, for example. Some Political Zionists and as noted some Religious Zionists are actually very hostile toward the Gospel of Christ. They believe that the State of Israel is only for the Jews and that any non-Jew that does not identify himself/herself as ‘Jewish’ has no right to the Promised Land.

The State of Israel that was born in May 14, 1948 was foremost a secular political state, not a religious one. It was fashioned after the modern notion of a sovereign nation of the 19th and 10th centuries with a constitution and represented form of government. It stipulates certain degrees of civil liberties such as a citizenship, a standing army and diplomatic relations with other nations of the world. It also joined the United Nations as it was legally birthed into existence by a U.N. Partition Plan in 1947 under a ‘2 State Solution’ with the Muslim Palestinians. As the modern state of Israel has existed since 1948, it has had a troubled relationship with certain orthodox facets of its Jewish people also. The State of Israel, ironically has was formally declared itself to be a Jewish state.

This is due to the double-edged sword of the secularization of its founders, it cannot. To accept a religious precept would have to ask, which type of Judaism will be ‘official’. As it is, the State of Israel only does acknowledge for example that the Orthodox form of Judaism is the only one that is ‘officially Jewish’. Realize that the rest of the other types of practicing ‘Jews’ are not considered ‘Jews’ by the Jews. The secular stated did not also want to embark on exclusively as it had horror impressed in the historical minds of the Jews of Europe in particular of how the Jews were marginalized as such. Nonetheless, the Founding Fathers of the modern State of Israel did take much of the Jewish heritage from the Bible and inference to its ancient legacy, such as the name Israel and Jerusalem as its capital for example. Above all else, the core directive to return to the Promised Land was, is and will be pegged to the Bible and its ‘Covenant’.

Global ZION
There is also a Globalist Zionism. For example, the Founding Father of the modern State of Israel often attend the international World Jewish Congress. Such a world organization stressed the need for a Jewish homeland. However, it was and would not be based on a Religious Zionist foundations. Even so, as note in some cases even most of this type were atheists. Worse was that many were Luciferian Zionists although much adherence to the traditions of Judaism are practices to varying degrees by its leaders. Being secular, Israel has recognized laws that are contrary to the Biblical prescripts, such as gay right for example. Because of this discrepancy, some Religious Zionists are critics of the modern State of Israel and go so far as to denounce it as illegitimate. There are certain Orthodox Jews even that totally repudiate the State of Israel’s existence and government.

In terms of demographics, Israel is a genuine racial ‘melting pot’ as Jews from all over the world have returned to settle in Israel. Some Jews consider themselves totally secular and void of any religious practice or affiliation and see themselves more as ‘Israeli’. Other Jews argue that to be Jewish is to practice Judaism, in any religious form although for example, no female are to be Rabbis nor are Reformed Jews allowed a section unto themselves at the Western Wall, for example. Then there are those on the other side of secularism where civil liberties must be guaranteed as a modern democracy to include respect and tolerance for sexual orientation and such perverse practices. Within the fabric of the secular Israeli state, there is also a small Jewish religious minority that believes that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

These are the Messianic Jews that are having a growing impact in the state as many serve in the military and hold positions of influence in commerce. They are however frowned upon, marginalized and are not seen as legitimate ‘Jews’ by the Orthodox Jewry. The aim of the Global Zionists is to have borderless nations, un-vetted immigration, gun confiscation, a total Police State, with of course Israel at the top.  These don’t ascribe to the spiritual nor religious definitions of Zion. At this level, being a Globalist Zionist is not relegated to the religious or ethnicity of the Jewish nation, although most would claim to be ‘Jewish’. There are those who say that the Global Zionists exist behind the veneer of either or the Political Zionist or Religious Zionist definition of what Zion is.

Many of this type may indeed be tied to the Jewish religion, race or culture to some degree. Such are the ancient bloodlines and royal houses of Europe for example.  However, most that ascribe to this version of Zion are far removed from the original definition of the true Zion of YHVH. Some would say it has become the antithesis of the true ideals of Zionism, etc. These Global Zionists are the ones that have sought to acquire all power and wealth of the world in past, present and future Ages. These Global Zionists are the ones that have been given special ‘illumination’ and the ‘secrets’ of human history and knowledge. Such have been the rulers of the world that have been in league with the banks, education, military, media and religious institutions of the world. Their plans are evidently not the ones espoused by the Jewish God of the Bible.

Luciferian ZION
There is Luciferian Zionism. Such have another ‘God’ that comes also from the Bible, Lucifer. As the goals and plans of the Global Zionist have not been hidden in secret, the secret cabal of the Luciferian’s plans have. Such diabolical plans, orders and degrees are only taught and announced through their varied initiations and Secret Societies among many other agencies. They do ascribe to a religious creed, but it is not to that of the Jewish religion of the Bible. These are those that ascribe to the Protocol’s version of Zion. Thus their ‘Great Work’ is seen as a just cause, in pure humanist perspectives, to ultimately help usher in the Earthly Zion. This has been done primarily through Secret Societies, the occult world organizations like the United Nations, Freemasonry, and Kabbalism.

One does not need to be racially Jewish to participate in this cadre as multinational organization like the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, Lucis Trust, etc. Such Luciferian agencies are part of the entities that transcend the original prescripts of Biblical Zion. Contrary to popular belief, the Luciferian Zionists at this level does have a spiritual affiliation; they are not atheist at all. To them, Lucifer is ‘YHVH’, the true one and ‘God’, etc. These make-up the so called Elders of Zion that are nothing more than a ‘League’ of very well-educational, established and rational thinking men and women. Such however, have rather chosen to join the ‘Cosmic Rebellion’ against the ‘Empire’ sort of speak. The Rebels in this case has to do with the spiritual rebellion of Lucifer in Zion against YHVH’s, the Emperor’s Zion.

These Luciferian Zionists are the likes of the Masons, among many others too numerous to mentions and such that seek to do celestial battle for the Throne of YHVH and will eventually. In the Tribulation Period that is prophesied to come shortly, this struggle will physically manifest itself on Earth’s Zion through the attempts of Lucifer to occupy the physical Zion of YHVH that is Jerusalem. Within this Earthly Zion, it will be precisely at the 3rd Temple in which Lucifer himself -once physically possessing the Antichrist will seat himself on the Ark of the Covenant proclaiming to be ‘God’ and demanding the world to worship him as such from Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. To this end, Lucifer’s followers or the so called Learned Elders cloak themselves with the word ‘Jewish’ either politically, racially or religiously in an attempt to usurp the Birthright of Israel.

This Birthright is related to the very ancient promises that YHVH Himself gave to Abraham. The Promise or ‘Covenant’ was that the descendants of Abraham, of like Faith would someday be the Head and not the Tail of the Nations of the world and inherit the true Zion in which the ‘architect and builder was YHVH Himself’. Those that follow this Luciferian interpretation and aspiration of Zion have used and use all the prior forms of Zionism except the true Spiritual Zionist to some extent to advance their Luciferian goals. Given this context of one of the 7 meanings of Zionism, there is clearly a Luciferian ‘Zionist’ quest for global domination and consolidation of power and a final World War is needed for their Zion to be realized. There is clear evidence that the first 2 World Wars were induced and financed by such a cabal with this end in mind.

Order out of Chaos
What can or will be needed to foment this coming establishment of the Luciferian Zion on Earth? War. Many Bible scholars have proposed that there must be a series of 2 prophesied events primarily the nuclear destruction of Damascus based on Isaiah 17 as the catalyst. This event will cause the next stage for the Psalm 83 Muslim-Jewish War that will facilitate the ‘confirming of the Covenant’ with the Many, etc. Some have proposed that this likely scenario will lead up to the culminating Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel 38. Up until then Israel will be dwells in ‘Peace and Safety’ and in un-walled cities. It will take 7 months to bury all the dead and 7 years to burn up the fuel, etc.

Given that Lucifer mimics and uses the universal laws of the true Creator, YHVH for his purposes, it would not be a far stretch of the imagination if perhaps the mathematical factor of the Golden Ratio proportion would be ascribed to the prior and coming World War. As it has been alluded to, Masons, the occult and Lucifer use dates and times of world events as time pieces that synchronize certain events like False Flags as time-markers for their ever unfolding diabolical agenda against YHVH and His Followers.

The events that have been used the most as bench markers to initiate their ‘Orders’ or evil Empires is war. For example, at any given time on Earth there are over 150 armed conflicts going on around the world. What is first needed in terms of the populations is for a push to have gun confiscations. Wars must be controlled by them and are initiated by the Luciferians on Earth because have been very effective in reducing/murdering populations and furthering the process of attempting to overthrow YHVH’s true Zion and establishes Lucifer’s Zion, at least on Earth as they make money on both sides.

To this end, the Protocols of Zion are a true strategy to take over the world by the Luciferian Masons and affiliates. It is said to be a fabrication but if one is a careful student of history and its variations, one can discern that all the objectives have been met, just about now. Even if it is a forgery, the underlying tenants and goals parallel those of other secret Orders. Such are the likes of the Tri-Lateral Commission, Cabalists, Lucis Trust, etc., all controlled and run by their Grand Master, Lucifer himself. The goal of the Protocols is to take over every facet of Humanity for Lucifer at any cost or means, even at the expense of Political Zionist and Religious Zionist.

The aim of these Luciferian pseudo-Zionists has been to erode the moral fiber of society by infiltrating every aspect of a nations’ resources, wealth and people through the control of the economy, media, politics, education, military and religion, etc. The Protocols have just 1 last World War left to finalize their New World Order Masonic Empire. It has gotten to the point now where the Global Zionists have now total control of the world’s media, movie and music industries, banks, militaries and education that seek to control the masses. The New Age is what the Protocols speak about and have been preparing the world for by a designed accelerated implosion that in comparison to their orchestrated chaos will appear be all that is good, moral and just leading up to their promised Utopia or ‘Zion’ The Protocols of Zion that is really of Lucifer’s, can be read in the Protocols or the Learned Elders of Zion publication.

The Protocols of Zion
It is no secret that the Luciferian vision is published for all to read and discern. YHVH wants Humanity to see what His version of Zion will be like also, it is called the Bible. YHVH is inviting any and all of Humanity to be part of this true Utopia that is to come on Earth; all-expense paid by the gracious substitutionary atonement of Christ Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ is the only ticket and door to get in. By contrast, Lucifer is attempting to establish his Zion on Earth and is using any means possible, which has only been done through war, death, plagues, murder, rape, destruction, chaos to reach this goal. Foremost, his goal is to establish his image of Zion on Earth with a Humanity re-created in his image and likeness. It will have a One World Religion, Government, a New World Order in which all is standardized related to Humanity’s economy and spirituality.

By such means, Lucifer will be able to totally control the masses that remain once the 3rd World War ignites and the Masonic Empire is initiated thereafter. It is the very ‘protocols’ of the Brave New World book’s game plan. The difference with the past Masonic ‘Orders’ in an attempt to capture Earthly Zion is that the technology has finally arrived to carry out what Hitler and other AntiChrist types had failed to do and only dreamed of. Many enemies of the Jews and Jewish nation assert that the Protocols are an evil master plan designed and followed by Globalists Zionist bankers or Money Changers to rule the world at any means and thus associate that with anything having to do with the modern State of Israel.

Others have used it to instill anti-Semitic world views against the ‘Jews’ as a whole, meaning the entire Jewish race. The attacks come against the Jews regardless of ethnic background or religious degree in observance to the Torah. Such have always been blamed collectively for the failings of the world to achieve peace, especially with the Palestinian issue. As a result of the Luciferian Zionist ploys, it is the nation of Israel that receives the negative consequences. For example, Israel is seen as a racist and jingoistic nation bent on ethnic cleansing of Arabs in the region and are seen as ‘foreigners’ occupying Zion. This is but an example of how the Luciferian Zionists use the Religious Zionists to usurp the Promised Land for their evil purposes through their control of the Political Zionists.

This is no different in how the Luciferian Religious-Political ‘Elders of Israel’ treated the masses during the days of Jesus on Earth for which Jesus harshly rebuked them. In the days of Christ on Earth, very position within Israel’s education, commerce, the Temple Priesthood, the Military and the Sanhedrin was filled with Lucifer’s men. They plainly stated that ‘Caesar was their King’. While on Earth, Jesus confronted these so called pseudo-Zionists that made their way up to every position of power in Israel as they do now in every nation. Ultimately, these Globalist Zionists believe their Luciferian Messiah will usher in the Golden Age once again in which Lucifer, the Fallen Angles and their prodigy, the Nephilim reigned over the world with an enslaved Human Race. One thing most would agree on, the Luciferian pseudo-Zionist detest the Bible; the Old and New Testament because it speaks of the true Triumph of Zion, that of the true Christ, Jesus.

Jesus Christ, the True LORD of Zion
The Bible declares that Christ Jesus came from the Throne of the true Zion in Heaven to the Earthly one; it paled in comparison and condition. Jesus came in humility and grace to take His rightful place in the Throne of this Earthly descendant, King David. But YHVH’s people at that time, as in most times previously, did not take kind to having something they did not deem worthy to rule over them; as with Moses for example and rejected Jesus as their true Messiah Moses that taught them about. This streak of stubbornness and rebellion within God’s Earthly People runs hard and deep in the Religion they now have construed out of YHVH’s commandments since Moses. Some would even argue that the Jewish religion as practiced today is not what is originally prescribed as some books such as Daniel are not considered important or referenced.

The prophet Daniel gives the precise timing of Messiah’s 1st visitation to Israel. After numerous Prophets were sent to both Israel and Judah, the LORD of Zion Himself came to tell them and show them their errors and the true path. Jesus came to pay for sin and offer salvation by proclaiming the Year of Jubilee and the Gospel of the Kingdom. The New Testament records that Christ deemed His Earthly People unfaithful ‘tenants’ in YHVH’s Earthly Zion. Their ultimate rejection of Jesus, as LORD of Zion led to their exile worldwide and expulsion from Earthly Zion as the Holy Land was allowed to be occupied by Israel’s enemies, the Muslims. The Elders of Zion rejected Jesus as the Messiah due to this notion because the Religious Zionists sought and still seek salvation and Eternal Life by Works and not Grace.

Jesus was not up to their religious standards, as it is today. In Jesus’ day, such men as Barabbas would have been part of the Sadducees. Such aspired for a ‘political’ solution of liberating Zion or Israel from the Romans. The ruling priestly class of false Religious Zionists felt threatened that their political and religious positions would be lost because of Jesus as it is still to this day in Israel, Judaism. According to the Bible, the Masonic Elders of Zion rather ascribed and bowed down to Caesar’s throne as their King than to the promised Messiah, Jesus. They preferred a Political Zionist named Barabbas that led armed revolts to be released instead of Messiah on that Passover eve before Jesus was to be falsely accused, tried and crucified.

They did not want the Gospel of Jesus Christ that offered only a future Kingdom; Zion not realizing that salvation from sin, death and Lucifer’s possession was of the utmost importance to take care of first. Jesus Christ and Lucifer demonstrated in full public view their true nature and purpose of their version of Zion they were offering. Christ exposed Satan as a ‘murderer from the beginning’. The law of Satan’s Zion is that which only seeks to ‘kill, steal and destroy’. The Religious Zionists got offended because Christ went so far as to tell them that they were really ‘sons taking after the nature of their father Lucifer’. Jesus described them as ‘white washed tombs’, hypocrites, actors, imposters, vipers, den of thieves, the false circumcision, wolves in sheep clothing, ‘Synagogues of Satan’ etc. These were the ones in league with the false Political Zionists controlling the gathering of taxes required by the Romans and with the false Religious Zionists controlling the market and exchange set-up at the Temple.

The Triumph of Zion
The political and financial conspiracy of the Luciferian Zionist kind has continued to this day. The point is that it is no different today as it was then, since Cain and Abel. It was these types of false Zionists that Jesus overturned their ‘Banks’…or Bancas. Banca comes from the Latin word bench whereby people would come up to a money lender sitting at a bench dispensing loans with interest and trade for the Temple Shekels, for example. Jesus drove these Masonic Money Changers out of the Temple of YHVH. They have resented Jesus for this ever since. Wall Street could use such a cleansing by Christ, for example as the same operatives are the very same people type that continue to bankrupt the nations through their deceptive markets, usury and government sponsored bailouts which need to stop. Nothing is wrong with legal and honest commerce but such abuse the system to rob YHVH’s People and people in general.

Such use usury/interest and uneven balances that the LORD detested. Why? Lucifer, their Lord as ‘Mercury’, the God of Commerce, of money or Mammon whom Jesus Christ exposed because that is whom they prefer to serve. Christ drove such thieves and robbers from His Temple as He will at His 2nd Coming. For the Jewish nation, this national reconciliation with Jesus Christ has not happened yet because Israel as a whole still rejects Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. It will only happen as the LORD concludes the punishment of Israel per Matthew 24 for which the last prophetic Week of Years is to be completed for Israel’s judgment according to Daniel is reserved for. Because of the rejection by the Elders of Zion of Jesus as Messiah, the LORD exiled the Jews once again as He had done in the days of Daniel with Babylon.

This 2nd Diaspora was to the 4 corners of the world. Miraculously, the Bible foretold that the Jews were to be re-gathered at the end of the Age, The Church Age at that. Israel, as a nation can only survive and will only be the ‘Head’ of the Nations when Jesus Christ returns to set up His Earthly Kingdom on Earth from Jerusalem as in Earthly Zion during the 1000-year Millennium Kingdom. This was the promise YHVH gave to King David. Even though a state of war, a spiritual war ensues, the Zion of Jesus Christ will triumph in the end. Christ Jesus promised that the Gates of Hell or Lucifer’s Masonic Zionist will not prevail against the Church on Earth. What this has meant since the resurrection of Messiah is that the Church has been attacked in every stage of growth, in every generation and in every nation.

The Church may be beaten down and trodden, persecuted and many murdered, but it cannot die because its very life is in Christ Jesus who rose from the dead and is indestructible. Christ at the Cross defeated Lucifer, sin, death and secured the future Zion for His Followers as He is about to return to Earth to dispense that. The Triumph of Zion has been secured despite Lucifer’s quest to destroy any godly institutions on Earth that reflects its values, morality and laws. Despite the waves of constant persecutions over the centuries, the Church of Jesus has this same ‘Resurrection Power’ against Lucifer, his demons, and his league of men and women that are with him in struggle against the Body of Christ. Soon, as promised though, the Church will be raptured to the Banqueting Halls of the true Zion.

Christ Jesus promised His Followers that He would be leaving only to prepare ‘Mansion’ in Zion. It will be at the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that this is to happen when Christ comes back to call for His Redeemed and ushers them in to Glory. Despite this prophetic certainty, the Satanic Masonic Elders of Zion still seek to do Lucifer’s ‘Great Work’ even more adamantly after the Rapture. This will be the case as ‘Signs and Wonders’ and power of pure evil will be unrestrained by the Holy Spirit. After the Rapture happens, the aim of Lucifer will be to concentrate on totally taking over the nation of Israel. This will be done through the guise of the Religious Zionist that will call themselves, the ‘Learned Elders of Zion’ even. These where the very ones that accused, condemned and sentenced the true Messiah of the true Zion on Earth to death. They are the ones that have made war with YHVH’s People throughout the ages. These are the very ones that will make war with the Lamb, Jesus Christ and His Followers at His 2nd Coming.

Perhaps many will believe in Jesus Christ as the true Lord of Zion when the Rapture happens. However, the Bible states that there will be a ‘Great Lie’ that will explain it away. For sure, the Jewish nation as a whole, will see Jesus, ‘whom they have pierced’ at the 2nd coming in Power and Glory. It will only take the physical return of the Messiah to have those that ascribe to this version of a Religious Zion to see that Jesus Christ is who He said He was. It will be much like the analogy of Joseph revealing himself to his brothers that sold him out much like Judas did with Christ. In the meanwhile, Christians need to be careful and discern between what the LORD calls Zion and what man or Lucifer calls Zion. Just because a people take on a name does not mean that there is a blanket support or justification for what actions they take in its name. As it pertains to the physical nation-state of Israel, it is particularly evident that the rebirth of ‘Israel’ as a nation was something that the Sovereign LORD of the Universe allowed and is using for His will, purpose and plan.

As this study strongly suggests, there will be a Triumph of Zion but it depends on what type of theology one ascribes to and what definition of the 7 Zions one hold to be true. The Triumph of Zionism involves the restoration of Eden that was lost at the hands of Lucifer. The title deed to the Earth and Humanity has been restored by Jesus Christ from the clutches of Lucifer. It will be Lucifer and his Luciferian Zionists that will be cast down from Heaven and thereafter to the ‘Pit’ and ultimately to the Lake of Fire. The Triumph of Zionism involves the eventual enthronement of the rightful King, Jesus in absolute sovereignty and majesty as the Creator of the Heavens and Earth. It will be at His Throne, in Zion where all will bow the knee and confess that Jesus is LORD.

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