Alien Disclosure & DNA Genetic Engineering

  • What are Crop Circles and why are they formed?
  • Are Crop Circles a sign or Message from Aliens and why?
  • What is the 'Message' that these being are communicating?

by Luis B. Vega
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…’You know what is holding Him back, so that he may be revealed at the Proper Time. For the Secret Power of Lawlessness is already at work; but the One who now Holds It Back will continue to do so till He is taken out of the way. The coming of the Lawless One will be in accordance with the Work of Satan displayed in all kinds of Counterfeit Miracles, Signs and Wonders and in every sort of Evil that Deceives those who are Perishing. They Perish because they refused to Love the Truth and so be Saved. For the Reason GOD sends them a Powerful Delusion so that they will believe The Lie.’ -2 Thessalonians 2:5-12

The purpose of this study is to suggest that from a Biblical Viewpoint and accompanying Evaluation, the Crop Circle Phenomenon is not from YHVH. Crop Circles are clearly Extra-Biblical ‘Revelations’ if at all, that Followers of Christ need Spiritual Discernment to Decipher and Evaluate such Paranormal Occurrences with. The Design and layouts of various Crop Circles perhaps may appear to be Legitimate Forms of attempts at Communication between Mankind and ‘Aliens’, but they are not originating from the Creator GOD YHVH. The Bible declares that YHVH has spoken and is speaking to Mankind, specifically in these Last Days as GOD the SON, per Hebrews.

This excludes any ’New’ Revelation that contradicts the Gospel and tenets of the Old and New Testament, which all Aliens appear to contradict. Such supposed Ascended Masters reveal that Jesus became a ‘Christ’ to his Age and obtained ‘illumination’ at the point of His Death. They stipulate that Jesus become an Ascended Master, one of many showing Humanity the Path to Immortality. Christ Jesus warned of coming False Prophets and ‘Christs’ that would say such things about Him. The Apostle Paul warned the Church that Fallen Angels, Demons and Lucifer himself would be those that are Masquerading themselves as ‘Angels of Light’ or ‘Light Being’, Ascended Masters etc. Why? It is to deceive Humanity and lure them away from the true illumination of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as disclosed in the Bible.

Their Evil Intent is to inculcate the whole of Humanity with their ‘Doctrines Of Demons’ which has been done through Religion, Philosophy, Education, Media, and now through Crop Circles. In these Last Days such ‘Lies’ are coming in the form of Crop Circles that perhaps may incorporate some ‘Truth’ but its source is Luciferian. Christians in these Last Days need to be filled with the Discernment of the Holy Spirit to have such Supernatural Phenomena as Crop Circles, among many ever increasing Demonic Manifestations in the World, measured against the Word of GOD, the Bible. In part, this study is presented as a series of points to help those of the Faith understand some of the peculiarities of one particular Crop Circle, that being the Avebury Manor in the UK. This Crop Circle Phenomena will undoubtedly be used or incorporated the ‘Lie’.

Crop Circle’s Message
And what ‘Lie’ is that? It will be the Narrative that will explain-away the Rapture when it does occur. This study suggests that the particular Avebury Planetary Alignment Crop Circle is just another Demonic or Fallen Angel manifestation. It is giving Subtle Clues to the World in anticipation of what is to occur eventually. The Crop Circle alludes to the Planetary Alignment that occurred on December 21, 2012. The Hype about the end of the World because of the Mayan Coos Day Calendar was ‘non-event’ much like Y2K. But it does not mean that it was meant to coincide with such a Date but perhaps one in a future to come.

This study will consider the Crop Circle layout nonetheless as it appeared on July 15, 2008 in Avebury Manor in the UK. It had a Depiction of just where the Planets in the Solar System were to be, precisely on the December 21, 2012 date with one exception. And this is the jest of the Argument. The Planetary Alignment was not 100% true. Nonetheless, the Avebury Planetary Alignment Crop Circle will be placed onto a 3D and Ecliptic Line for comparison in the accompanying Charts for illustration. A brief survey of the ramifications of the coming AntiChrist and Alien DNA Alterations by the Mark of the Beast System will be covered also in this study for context.

It appears that some Crop Circles allude to such an event to come. The coming of what? It is the coming of the 2nd Binary Sun System, Planet X. Perhaps those People that become Christians that will find themselves in the Time Period called the Tribulation Period will have enough Discernment to understand this event and know how to deal with it. If the Avebury Crop Circle depicting the Planetary Alignments is anything that could come to pass, then this particular Crop Circle that surfaced several Years ago in the UK purports several Alarming Scenarios. The Avebury Crop Circle had a 2 Day Apparition Sequence. The original was plowed-under by the Field’s Owners.

Then on July 22, 2008, 1 Week later in the same Field, a Depiction of the Earth and Moon Orbits referencing December 13th emerged. It also was accompanied by many Strange Symbols. If there is any validity to these Depictions, then 2 main Book of Revelation Scenarios confirm that what is coming is ‘Apocalyptic’ in scope for the World. But the precise Time depicted is then possibly at a future Date and Time. One assertion from the Crop Circle is that a 2nd Sun with a Mini Solar System of 7 Planets is coming and is about to enter the Solar System. These Apocalyptic Scenarios have already had much coverage online and in the Media for several Years now.

The Sensational Speculation is that there may actually be a mini 2nd Solar System approaching Earth that is the Binary Star with the Sun. A possible ramification of the 2nd Sun or as many denoted it as Planet X would then lead to a Pole Shift that will ensue due to a Catastrophic Expansion of the Sun’s Radial Energies; Radiation and/or Flares. This Solar Expansion of the Sun may well be caused by this massive in-coming ‘Death Star’ in conjunction to the Sun coming into close proximity flyby coming around from under and behind the Sun. As a possible result, Super Solar Flares of immense magnitude would cause Worldwide Extreme Drought and rise in Temperatures and the eventual Death of Millions of People as the Book of Revelation states.

Red Dragon Star System?
According to the Depiction of the Book of Revelation, such a Scenario is foretold to actually occur. The purported Expansion of the Sun may not be literally in a physical sense but what it could be suggesting is a Super Solar Flare or a burst of Radiated Energy Field that is unprecedented. The Sun has had the most active increasing Cycles of Solar Flares to date. Nonetheless such an event would have Catastrophic Consequences for the Earth if there is any validity to such a composition on a mere Crop Circle depiction. Yet this area of the UK is no mere Crop Circle area.

Such sophisticated Crop Circles tend to appear near Ancient Stone Circles like Avebury or sacred mounts such as Silbury Hill that is near Avebury or appear next to Stonehenge or like the Uffington White Horses, etc. Such locations have been utilized by the Druids for Occultic Practices, for example that this study suggests are Pathways or Portal of Energy, ‘Star Gates’, opening-up into the Spiritual Realm and are dealing with the Luciferian Supernatural. Biblical Watchers need to be on-guard as to how these Crop Circles, their messages and most importantly who these ‘Messengers’ are and what they are up to on a grand scheme of things.

This is only a suggestive analysis of what appears to nonetheless, correlate to the significant Biblical fulfillment that is foretold to come according to the Book of Revelation. In particular, it has to do with an appearance of a ‘Red Dragon’ and a time of Intense Heat and Sun activity where 1/3 of all the Vegetation on Earth will be either burnt-up or dried-up. There will also be 2 Massive Objects Will that will hit the ocean and Land. They will be the cause of at least 1/3 of the Earth’s Water to turn Bitter and be undrinkable. Since the Crop Circle first appeared on the Avebury Field depicting an incoming mini Solar System, many have been speculating that the purported 2nd Sun System.

It could actually be the infamous and highly contested notion of Planet X, Nibiru, the ‘Red Dragon’ etc. According to the Crop Circle Depiction, the 2nd Sun’s Solar System will be coming into the Earth’s Solar System. If this anomaly indeed does appear, then the whole notion of Nibiru, Planet X will have been true all along. The point is that what is clearly to occur is being incorporated in the coming Depiction. It will be part of a universal Satanic/Fallen Angel deception. This study is looking at the Avebury Crop Circle Phenomenon as a Diversion in terms of correlating Biblical Prophecy.

It does seem to suggest the inevitable likelihood of such catastrophic events nonetheless from a Biblical stand-point is to occur. It also does correlate with the coming prophetic Scroll Judgments of the Book of Revelation that will occur at some point after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ from Earth. This event will occur in the very near future within this Terminal Generation per Psalm 150. If the increasing frequencies of earthquakes, Solar Flares, Global Warming, Erratic Weather, etc., are any indication of what the Crop Circle Depiction is going to happen, then the Earth and Humanity are in Dire-Straits. What is interesting in terms of the Avebury Planetary Alignment is that the advent of the 2nd Sun system and the start of the Sun’s Radial Expanse do not need to coincide with the start of the infamous date and time of December 21, 2012.
Mayan Dooms Day

As many have researched, this Avebury Crop Circle Planetary Alignment happens to converge on the famous and over sensationalized end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which ends on the 13th Baktun. These concurrent occurrences will coincide though with the time when the Sun crosses near the Galactic Core or Center of the Galaxy. What is striking is that all these configurations are associated with the Number 13 in more ways than one. In regard to the Avebury Crop Circle, in particular here are the following coincidences pertaining to the Number 13. 

1) The 2nd Sun System will appear as a ‘Red’ Anomaly coming from or in the backdrop of the 13th Zodiac Sign of the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus.

2) The accompanying Symbols depicts the Planetary Alignments emphasize the importance of a New Moon. The New Moon happens to be on the 13th of December 2012.

3) In terms of the Mayan Calendar, the first Baktun was numbered 0, thus the Date Baktun will occur after the completion of Baktun 12 on 12:21:2012.

As it has been noted, the 2nd Apparition of the Avebury Crop Circle depicts a Solar Expansion of some type. The Sun is projected to go out into the Orbits of Venus, near Mars and even the Earth. Many suggest that it will be some sort of Energy Blast as the Solar System reaches some sort of Cosmic Threshold. Perhaps the Pressure and Gases concentrated due to the flyby of Planet X will have an Adverse Effect on the Sun. It could be such a Cataclysm will cause a change in the make-up of Solar Particles and Radiation Emissions. It is a fact that since 2010, in particular the Sun has had a substantial and alarming increase in Solar Flare Activity. It is now taking less than 15 Minutes for Solar Blasts to reach the Earth, which in previous times would take Hours.

One thing is for sure, the Avebury Crop Circle does coincide with some particular Seal Judgments of the Scroll in the Book of Revelation Symbology. As many are alluding, this timing could be attributed to be associated or related to the advent of the AntiChrist or at least signifying that his ‘arrival’ is soon coming to coincide with the flyby of the Dark Dwarf mini Solar System from Ophiuchus. For example, the 13th Zodiac Sign of Ophiuchus is believed to be near the juncture where the 2nd Sun System, the ‘Red Dragon’ is to appear. It will be the focal point or occurrence when the Sun passes the Galactic Center on the Ecliptic and Nemesis will come from behind the Sun.

The Book of Revelation declares that the Scroll Judgments are to be initiated by Christ upon the World and Satan after the Church is ‘called up’ or Raptured per chapter 4. There are 2 very distinct Seal Judgments that can collaborate with the Avebury Crop Circle Depictions. For one, there will be a degree of Heat so intense that it will burn-up 1/3 of all the Earth’s Trees and Grass, as already mentioned. This clearly would describe a super Solar Flare of such a magnitude as to possibly affect Vegetation on at least the side the Earth that will be facing the Sun. At any given time, the Cotenants make up 1/3 of the Earth’s Land Surface facing the Sun. The following areas would be affected to some extent.

Book of Revelation Correlations
This same principle of proportion applies to the Earth’s oceans. According to another Seal Judgment, a Prophetic Future Event is described in Revelation that will be an object as big as a ‘mountain’ that hits the Earth’s ocean. As a result of this Cataclysm, 1/3 of the Earth’s Oceans and Rivers will turn bitter. Whether this will either be a Massive Asteroid remains to be seen. But at any given time, the oceans facing the Sun makes up 1/3 of the Earth’s Ocean Surface.

There will also be a ‘Red Dragon’ appearing in the Sky per Revelation 12. As to whether it is Metaphorical or perhaps in association to a 2nd Sun Planetary System or both, that remains to be seen. It is interesting that researchers of the Planet X Phenomena do ascribe 7 Planets to the 2nd Sun System. This does correlate perfectly to the 7 Heads the Red Dragon is depicted with in the Book of Revelation. Perhaps at this time in History, the Authors of the Crop Circle(s) will be ready to initiate a Full-On Disclosure. This Date and Time will lead-up to the ‘Proper Time’ as the Bible indicates, that is required before the AntiChrist can be revealed. One end result is certain if such Crop Circles are correlating to real physical occurrences. The Rapture comes beforehand.

Then the coming Alien Deception, thereafter, will be about altering the course of Humanity’s Eternal-Spiritual Destiny by way of their ‘Dark Lord’ or AntiChrist and his accompanying ‘Mark’ that is said will be introduced after the Rapture. According to 2 Thessalonians 2, the AntiChrist cannot be revealed fully until the Rapture occurs first. It is assuming that the ‘He’ being the Holy Spirit is within the Collective Body of Christ that is the Bride of Christ. This will necessitate the removal of the Bride of Christ. Perhaps these Pieces of the Prophetic Puzzle do appear to correlate to this Avebury Crop Circle, to some degree. If this is the case, it would demonstrate just how close the Holy Spirit is to be ‘taken out of the way’ i.e., the Rapture.

This would in turn allow for the free reign for the ‘Lie’ to propagate around the World -once the Rapture occurs to explain away the Rapture and the ‘Arrival’ of the Fallen Ones, that is, the Aliens to ‘Save’ Humanity according to their ‘Gospel’. Based on 2 Thessalonians 2:5-13, it clearly states that after the Rapture of the Church, Lucifer will take advantage of the Deception or ‘Lie’ on a worldwide scale, to the point that he will explain away the Rapture –in part by way of an Alien Disclosure and Direct Contact. After the Rapture, the World will be in such disarray that any explanation will be desired. Humanity will be too Distracted to contemplate the real Reason behind the disappearance of Millions of Christians from around the World, etc.

There will be a Shock due to the Dire Conditions brought about by the orchestrated collapse of the Economic, Religious, and Social Institutions, etc. At this time, the AntiChrist will be revealed and will set-up his New World Order. The Bible states that it will be in, ‘Accordance with the Work of Lucifer displayed in all kinds of Counterfeit Miracles, Signs and Wonders and in every sort of Evil that deceives those who are Perishing.’ The ‘Lie’ will also encompass an attempt by Satan to give Humanity a Genetic Make-Over and thus affect Humanity’s Eternal Redeemability by way of his Mark.  

As in the Days of Noah

The Threshold of Evil and Spiritual Darkness on Earth has reached such a Spiritual Level that it is now prime to coincide with the Full Discloser and Contact of these Evil Entities. This is per the Warning of Jesus Christ, that it would be, ‘As in the Days of Noah’ in the Last Days. At the Disclosure, such Alien Entities will pose themselves as ‘Light Beings’, as they are Spiritual and dwell in the 4th and 5th Dimensions per Ephesians 2:14. The Bible discloses such Entities as none other than Fallen Angels and their Demon Disembodied Prodigy as a result of the Flood of Genesis 6. There are several notable occurrences now on Earth that do bear noting, in light of Christ’s Warning of what it would look like in the Last Days. Most noticeably, there would be Wars and Rumors of Wars, Diseases, Pestilences, Famine, Earthquakes in peculiar places, Signs from the Sun, Moon and Stars, etc.

As the Months and Weeks are fast approaching to the End of Days, there has been an increase in every category. What also needs to be brought to light, is that the level of Paranormal UFO Alien Activity that is becoming more abrasive, blatant and overt. Along with such activities in the mix, current Technologies are now able to change and alter Humanity’s DNA Code to the very Genes –as in the Days of Noah. The ‘Lie’ will be believed by most of the World, as so many even now are believing and are even expecting the arrival of these ‘Saviors’. Not only will the ’Lie’ help explain the Rapture, but these ‘Light Beings’ will have a Message and Advanced Genetic Technology to offer a Blind Humanity in dire need of answers.

They will make the World believe that they have arrived in Time to Save the World by providing a ‘Leader’ and to ‘help’ Humanity evolve Genetically into ‘God-Hood’, that is Trans-Humanism. In reality, it will mean not the ‘cleansing’ of Earth but the Eradication of all the Christians from the Earth that will either have been ‘left’ behind after the Rapture or will come to Christ during the Tribulation Period per one interpretation of Biblical Eschatology. To reiterate, perhaps the ‘Lie’ will also encompass not only the explanation of why the Rapture occurred but now. how the Humanity that is left can become ‘Gods’ with the Technologies at the Aliens will bring a promise of Immortality to Humanity at the Molecular Level, as in the Days of Noah. Perhaps the AntiChrist will be able to promise and perform these Procedures through his Mark.

Aside from it being a Monetary Unit of Accounting, the AntiChrist’s Mark may be able to also infuse Genetic Codices at the Molecular Level that will irradiate certain Human Diseases or extend the Life-Span of Humans, for example. This Speculative Scenario could be that Promise and perhaps an Incentive to take the Mark. This will ensure a massive ‘buy-in’ by the World’s Peoples riddled with Disease, Pain and Ailments. As in those Days of Noah, there is now a dramatic increase in Spiritual Darkness; Lawlessness is rampant. The Moral Caliber of today’s Society at large, has been so ‘Programmed’ to the point that ‘Good’ is now called ‘Evil’ and ‘Evil’ is now considered to be ‘Good’. There is Moral Failure in-and-out of the Church as well. There is an acceptance of Alternate Definitions of what Marriage is, etc. As far as the World and particularly the USA are concerned, the USA has turned a Spiritual Corner as much of Europe has. With every Presidential Election, the Pulse of the National Morality falls.

A New Morality
It seems that the Morals of the Nation are such that it is precisely now as it was for Sodom and Gomorrah for America in particular. The Bible states that during Noah’s Day, there were not only those items listed, but there was Genetic Engineering going on. There was inter-breeding amongst Fallen Angels and Humans, crossing with other species done by these Aliens of Fallen Angels, etc. These similar Technologies and Procedures, since Noah are being done today with Stem Cells that cross Species, Mutations through Genetic Engineering etc. This in itself is a ‘Sign’ that it is indeed as in the Days of Noah, which means that YHVH’s Righteous Judgment is to follow shortly.

This type of Technology was not possible for Humans to accomplish until in the last Decade, at least with the known Scientific Verifiable Research. This is not to say of what has probably been going on with Secret Military Experiments or with Experiments done through Alien Abduction that the Fallen Angels, or ‘Aliens’ have been doing all along to Humanity ever since Noah. To reiterate, what has happened in the Days of Noah will be repeated in these Last Days according to the very words of Jesus. The same Fallen Angels, along with their Demons that were the produce of Illicit Sexual Relations with the Fallen Angels and Women per Genesis 6 are about to return as Jesus Christ told. They plan to ‘finish’ the Work they started and put into motion their Plan to corrupt and destroy Humanity at the Molecular Level and on a Massive Scale.

If they could not stop the Messiah, the SON of GOD from being a 100% Pure Human Being, then they will now attempt to condemn as many Humans to Perdition by altering Humanities Genetic Make-Up to render them Un-Redeemable, Non-Humans. This is why those that will take the Mark of the Beast will suffer the Eternal Condemnation, because they will not be able to be Saved. At one point in the Book of Revelation, it describes that all those that took the Mark of the Beast Number, ‘Chip’, or Implant will experience a break-out of Painful Boils all over the Skin of their Bodies. This could perfectly coincide with the Body’s rejection or Adverse Effect to the Mark’s attempt at changing the DNA Codes. Perhaps the Body will be dealing with the Mark as a Virus because it will be at the Molecular Level that the Infection will be taking place.

According to the Bible, it has been Lucifer and the Fallen Angels that have attempted to alter Humanity’s Genetic Make-Up from the very start of Creation. If this would have been successful, it would have meant that no Human could have procreated a pure enough Line of Humans to birth the Messiah as it was promised by YHVH to Adam and Eve, a 100% Human Descendant of theirs. This would be crucial because YHVH promised in Genesis 3:15 the Proto-Evangelium, that the ‘Seed’ of the Woman would crush or destroy Lucifer and his ‘seed’, the Dragon, etc. This meant that the Prodigy of Adam and Eve and thereafter had to be a 100% Human Being. Any Alteration to the Human Genetic Code or make-up would null-and-void GOD’s Promise of a Plan to redeem Mankind from the ravages of Sin and Death. This is why it was so crucial that the Messiah was to be not only the LORD GOD, but 100% a Human Being –the GOD-MAN devoid of the Sinful Nature through the Immaculate Conception. This same Satanic strategy to alter Humanity’s Genetic Code will again surface in these Last Days.

Genetic Engineering

The so-called Light Being/Ascended Master Entities will at some point disclose themselves to Humanity. Perhaps it will indeed coincide with the Rapture and soon thereafter. They will be posing as the ’Saviors’ of Mankind and will provide assistance or ‘Order out of the Chaos’ when ensued at the point of the Rapture. They will identify and anoint their AntiChrist with a promise to implement a New World Order, a Utopia of love, Brotherhood and Peace on Earth with a promise to the world to enable such to eventually attain God-Hood.

The problem will be that anyone not buying into that System will be Eradicated. To reiterate, the Aliens will probably also come bearing ‘Gifts’, a Technology that will aid Humanity in the Transmutation of the whole Human Race. This will be done by way of altering the Human DNA Code to enter the Next Stage of Human Evolution. Since the Garden of Eden, Lucifer has deceived Humanity with this ‘Lie’ of aspiring to be like God, but a False God in False Paradise. This is at the core of the coming ‘Lie’ that will be believed by most because as the Bible exclaims, People refuse ‘to Love the Truth found only in Jesus Christ and so be Saved’.

Humanity, after the Rapture, will be all too eager to attempt to make an Evolutionary Jump with the help and guidance of ‘Aliens’ and their Technology. This has been Humanity’s Downfall of Pride and Quest to be like ’God’. The AntiChrist’s Mark of the Beast will perhaps facilitate this endeavor. As far as the connection to Crop Circles, they just have been reinforcing this coming Alien Deception and this inevitable Human Condition to come.

It seems that the Common Theme of any interpretation of Crop Circles is always reinforcing the Message that Humanity is on the verge of an Evolutionary Transformation and New Age or Order. The connection to Crop Circles with such possible Futuristic Scenarios is that the possible Alien Alteration of Humanity’s DNA is already widely understood and in fact some are eagerly anticipating it, especially those in the Occult and/or those with some Religious Sects. Many People seek ‘Contact’.

For example, on November 16, 1974, a Binary Coded Sketch was sent out into Outer Space. It basically had a make-up and pertinent Information about Humanity and the Earth. It was sent out from the Arecibo Station in Puerto Rico, thus the Arecibo Message. It consisted of a 3 Terawatt Narrowband Binary Code Transmission. It was directed toward the M13 Globular Star Cluster in the constellation Hercules, at the speed of light. This main facet of the Human Code is as follows.

-A Binary equivalent of the Numbers 1-10 showing a Base of 10.
-The Atomic Numbers for Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Phosphorus.
-The Molecular Formulas for Human DNA (Deoxyribo-Nucleic-Acid).
-Human height and population on Earth.
-Earth’s position in reference to the Solar System’s other Planets.
-Diagram of Radio Telescope used to transmit the Binary Code.

Answers from the Stars
The Binary Code was comprised of Binary 0 for Empty Spaces or Blocks and 1's for Solid Blocks. The following is but a generalized listing of the main facets of the Information regarding the Earth and Humanity. Then on August 14, 2001, there was a Crop Circle that had unique properties in its design. It notably appeared next to the UK’s largest Astronomical Station. The 1st Crop Circle was characterized by a recognizable Human-Like Face. It was much reminiscent of the Face on Mars. Perhaps it was a clue or hint that it came from Mars. Then on August 17, 2001, just 3 Days later, another Crop Circle near it appeared overnight. It has thus been called the Arecibo Message Response.

It took 27 Years for the ‘Reply’ Crop Circle to appear in the Arecibo Message. With this ‘Reply’, many People are claiming that in a sense, it is the 1st ‘Contact’ in a Series of Communication with Extra-Terrestrials. The Arecibo Message Crop Circle appeared about half an Hour South of Avebury Circle. Was it the Reply to the Arecibo Message? The Arecibo Message reply Crop Circle basically looked similar to the 1974 Arecibo Binary Plates and message except in a few distinctive ways. It was basically the response by the said ‘Aliens’ in a Description of what and who they are.

1. Silicon was highlighted instead of Carbon.
2. The DNA had a 3rd Strand.
3. The Height of the Humanoid was around 4 Feet with larger Heads.
4. Humanoids inhabit the 3rd, 4th and 5th Planets of the Solar System.
5. The quantity was counted at 25 Billion.

At almost an exact Year later, from these 2 Arecibo Message Crop Circles, another profound Crop Circle appeared overnight that depicted a Grey Alien holding-up a sort of CD Disk with Codes. The Grey Alien with Disk Crop Circle appeared about 5 Miles Southwest from the Chilbolton Radio Telescope, in Winchester. Crop Circle Researchers used Image Analysis to convert the Binary Code Sequences into ASCII. In doing so, Words in English emerged. The following is their ‘Message ‘ to Humanity.

1. ‘Beware of the Bearers of False Gifts and their Broken Promises.
2. Much Pain but still Time.
3. There is Good out there.
4. We oppose Deception.
5. Conduit closing.’

It might appear to be understood as altruistic and harmless, but it is New Age Thematic at the core. These Aliens or Light Beings have prepped Humanity with their Messages ever since Eve in the Garden of Eden. They speak of Love, Peace and Truth but with an alternate ‘gospel’ and purpose for Mankind. They never speak of Jesus, as He is the embodiment of Love, Peace and Truth. Instead, any inference to Jesus, is that He is not what Humans have mis-interpreted from the Bible. That Jesus was ‘One of Them’ sent as a ‘Light Being’, but not GOD Almighty, the Logos, the Creator, etc. Such Crop Circles as the Avebury one in particular showing the 2nd Sun System and Super Solar Flare is an attempt by Lucifer and his Fallen Angels to be ahead of the Narrative.

Message and Answers of Jesus
By doing so, they thus obtain Credibility when the Seal Judgments do begin to fulfill the Depictions of the Crop Circles as conjured-up by the ‘Aliens’. It is just another Luciferian Deception aimed at Mankind for Disinformation and Distraction. Why? Perhaps in the case when the real ‘Red Dragon’ and Super Solar Flare and Pole Shift do happen, as it is prophesied in the Book of Revelation, People will not attribute them to the Judgments of Jesus, but to the Aliens. The following is a Scriptural attempt to address each segment of the ‘Alien’ so-called Transmission to Mankind. It will show that it is anti-Biblical, anti-Christ and a pure case of an example of the Doctrine of Demons.

1. ‘Beware of the Bearers of False Gifts

The Bible declares that YHVH, Creator of Heaven and Earth bestows and is a Giver of Good Gifts. YHVH has shown Favor toward Mankind in sending the ultimate True Gift, His SON, Jesus Christ. In GOD’s Benevolence, despite knowing Humanity’s Sinful Fallen State, Jesus provided Salvation for Man, by a Man.

This Appropriation for the Sin Exchange could have only been paid by a Perfect Sinless 100% Human Substitution. Furthermore, Jesus not only paid for Humanity’s Justification but gifted His Redeemed with a present Sanctification and future Glorification in Christ Jesus for those that place their Faith in Him.

Rom 11:29
…‘for GOD'S Gifts and his Call are Irrevocable’.

John 4:11
‘Jesus answered her, If you knew the Gift of GOD and who it is that asks you for a Drink, you would have asked Him and He would have given you Living Water’.

2. And their Broken Promises
The Bible declares that the Words of YHVH are Promises that can never be broken. Not one Promise of Biblical Scripture has been broken. Christ Himself reaffirmed this Truth. The ultimate Promise of YHVH was to Adam and Eve, regarding the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

This Promise was reiterated to Abraham, the Father of the Faithful. This unique Promise imputed the effect of ‘Righteousness’ by granting any other person of like Faith to participate in the Dividends of the Promise itself. What will be an Exuberant Culmination of this ‘Promise’ will be the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ to share all that as co-heirs with Christ in Glory.

Galatians 3:29
‘And if you are of The Messiah, you are therefore the Seed of Abraham and Heirs by The Promise’.

Romans 4:13
‘It was not through Law that Abraham and his Offspring received the Promise that he would be Heir of the World, but through the Righteousness that comes by Faith’.

3. Much Pain but Still Time

The Bible declares that ‘Today is the Day of Salvation’, not Tomorrow. Humanity does not have a guarantee of Tomorrow. Time is short, relative to Eternity Future. Humanity has no control over one’s Last Breath, much less relying on the likelihood of a Sure Tomorrow. The ‘Pain’ of Humanity has come about by the Willful Rejection of YHVH’s Perfect Law and Redemption only obtainable in Jesus. Perhaps the statement of ‘Pain’ is also alluding to a type of Birth Pangs that the Earth is experiencing.

It will not be compared to the Pain that shall come after the Rapture during the Tribulation Period. Many also do not even consider the Pain, metaphorically Jesus has seen throughout the Ages of a Humanity stricken with Violence, War and Death of the Innocent. As Christ warned of an Expiring Countdown to a specific Time for the coming Judgment, as in the case of Noah, so too will the Rapture culminate in a Time that is about to expire. After the Rapture, it will be too late to Escape the coming Wrath of GOD and of the Lamb.

Isaiah 55:7
‘Seek the LORD while he may be found; call upon Him while he is near’…

Hebrews 9:27
‘And just as it is appointed to the Children of Men to Die once, and after their Deaths the Judgment’…

4. There is Good out There.

The Bible declares the opposite; Mankind is not born Inherently Good. Scripture states that only YHVH is Good and Humanity is in a Fallen State, Depraved with Corrupt Minds and Hearts. Any attribute of Good emanates from Christ, who is Love Incarnate.  The Good of YHVH for example, provided the Messiah for the Redemption of Fallen Mankind. This demonstrated the ultimate ‘Good’ that while Mankind was still in the State of Enmity, Sin and Sinning, Christ Jesus Died on the Cross of Calvary for the Sins of Humanity.

Mankind has the capacity to do Good and Evil, as that is what is at the core of Humanity’s Disposition due to the taking of the Forbidden Fruit. This Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge gave Mankind the Knowledge of what was Good or Evil but based on Relative Definitions and Experience of what Morality is to be. It is in contrast to what could have been if Adam and Eve would have denied themselves and submitted to the Knowledge that Jesus would have taught them instead.

Rom 3:10
‘As the Scriptures say, No one is Righteous, not even one’.

Romans 3:11
‘…there is no one who understands, no one who seeks GOD. Why do you call me Good? Jesus answered. No one is Good, except GOD alone’.

4. We Oppose Deception
This Alien Answer to the Arecibo Message, said to come from Aliens who are saying they are not deceiving, is in itself one of the Greatest Deceptions by the masquerading Fallen Angels. They are taking after their Supreme Leader and Rebel Commander Lucifer. He is an Apostate 4-Winged Cherub that disguises himself to be a Holy Angel of Light. These ‘Alien’ or Fallen Angels have nothing Good but a Systematic Plan to Eradicate Humanity off the Face of their once Domain, Earth. Such Demons and Fallen Angels have always been opposed to Christ and His Followers will be to the very End.

The culmination of this conflict will occur on Earth, of all the places in the known Universe. It was through Deception that Lucifer made Mankind to Sin against YHVH in the 1st place. This has been his Mode of Operation ever since his own Fall from Heaven. It is interesting that every apparition of these so called Aliens are in the form of Light Being. Nothing could be further from the Truth. After the Rapture, Lucifer and such manifestations of Light Beings will make it all that much easier for the ‘Lie’ to be believed about them and their intentions.

In terms of Deception, already the Avebury Crop Circle Planetary Pattern is off in regard to the Planet Pluto; it is not entirely truthful but close as to the positioning for the Date and Time of December 21, 2012. This is how Lucifer always operates. The Planet Pluto is actually mirrored backwards when compared side to side with the 3D Computer Pattern to the Avebury Crop Circle depiction. Why?  What is this significance? What is also a bit of a Mystery is that Pluto is not precisely at the Coordinates given by NASA.

The Crop Circle places Pluto ahead of the current model projections near the Ecliptic. Pluto rarely travels directly along the Ecliptic. One possible clue is that Pluto will be on the other side of the Galactic Plane opposite Ophiuchus and Serpens when the 2nd Sun System is to appear in that area opposite Pluto. Pluto is considered in the occult as the Planet of the Dark LORD. Perhaps this ‘Image’ or ‘Picture’ will have something to do with the AntiChrist, the Serpent, the Red Dragon. Lucifer is the Lord of the Underworld that is about to make his AntiChrist the ‘Savior’ of the World.

2 Corinthians 11:14
‘But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an Angel of Light’.

Galatians 1:8
‘But even if we or an Angel from Heaven should Preach Another Gospel than the one we preached to you, let him be Eternally Condemned!’

5. Conduit Closing
A Conduit is a Pathway whereby Information or other Elements/Entities flow to-and-from between 2 Designated Points of Dimensions, etc. The Bible states that YHVH has opened a Way, a Conduit for Fallen Mankind to find its way back YHVH. The way back to Paradise has been opened by Christ Jesus. Christ said that He is the only Conduit, the Way or the Door/Gate that there is. In the Bible, John chapter 10 states clearly that if anyone tries to enter through a Different Conduit, that one is a Thief and a Robber.

Christ declared that wide is the Conduit that leads to Destruction and most Humans are on it. The Conduit that leads to Eternal Life has a Narrow Band-Width and few Humans will find it and/or be on it. The Conduit that YHVH has provided in Christ Jesus is specifically and physically made-up of his Body and Blood for a fallen Human Race; it is about to close. This is in reference to the Church Age. Christ is about to ‘Translate’ Brid, figuratively speaking, into the Kingdom of the Son of His Love, i.e., by way of the Resurrection and Rapture. 

John 10:9
‘Yes, I am the Gate. Those who come in through Me will be Saved. They will come and go freely and will find Good Pastures’.

Revelation 3:8
‘See, I have placed before you an Open Door that no one can shut. I know all the things you do, and I have opened a Door for you that no one can close’.

To reiterate, the Bible explicitly exclaims that anyone during the Tribulation Period that takes the Mark of the AntiChrist on either the Hand or Head is doomed to ‘Eternal Condemnation’. It could be the case because the Aliens, or Lucifer will most likely incorporate some sort of Genetic Alteration to the Human DNA Composition. The speculation here is that the introduction of a possible New Genetically Modified and Engineering DNA will be to such a degree that Humans will cease to be 100% Humans.

This Condition was the case for Noah’s Day. When the Bible states that Noah was ‘pure in his Generation’, it has a connotation that his DNA was not altered in some way. In other words, he was one that was still 100% Human. Through Noah, this allowed YHVH’s Promise of the Messiah to continue and be fulfilled. According to Jesus, as it was prevalent then in the Days of Noah, so too will the conditions exist leading-up to the Return of Jesus Christ.


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