The Sacred Ley-Lines of the Martian Temples

  • The ancient Persian temples were configured according to the Stars.
  • Such an ancient city design was based off of the Pleiades.
  • Spiritual energies open 'portals' or Stargates with such geometry.

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to examine some Astro-Archeological templates pertaining to the ancient ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire, Persepolis. The study will emphasize that the layout of the city of Persepolis in modern day Islamic Iran configures around the constellation of Taurus. Using such modern GPS positioning and aerial views from GoogleEarth, one can ascertain the apparent sacred ley-lines in which such ancient capitals of former empires were construed with. Persepolis is in the Fars Provence of Iran and nudged against a mountain slope at the end of a plain. In terms of the history aspect, Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire from around 550 BC – 330 BC.

The Persian Empire's true capitals were at Susa. This is where the Biblical story of Esther and Mordechai took place. Persepolis comes from the Greek Περσέπολις. It is a compound word from Pérsēs Πέρσης and pólis πόλις which meaning ‘City of the Pars’. The Persians call it Pārsa, which is an inference to Persia. The entire core of the great halls of Persepolis stand atop a 125,000 square meter stone terrace that is nested on the east side the Rahmet Mountain. It is believed that it was Cyrus the Great who chose the site of Persepolis, but that it was Darius I and his son that built it up.

However, it was Alexander the Great, the 3rd Empire of Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream that took over the Persian Empire. It is said that he allowed his men to destroy Persepolis as a revenge for the Persians having burnt down Athens about 150 years earlier. According to research, it was a woman, a courtesan by the name of Thais, an Athenian no less that was the first to light and cast the torch that burnt Persepolis to the ground. Perhaps given the cosmic ‘karma’ of things, she personified ‘Athena’ taking revenge against the Persians for destroying Athens.  The loss of the Persian Empire occurred under the leadership of Darius III.

This last king of the Pars was assassinated by his own men and it is said that Alexander buried him in Persepolis. Alexander took vengeance of the assassins as he is said to have stated that ‘only kings can kill kings’. Later on, Alexander married Darius’ daughter. The main roadway leading up to the Gates of Persepolis is called the Royal Road and is one of the ‘horns’ of the constellation of Taurus. The entire constellation is approximately rotated 180 degrees on the horizontal axis in reference to the site heading north. What is rather striking about this ‘Taurus’ constellation layout leading-up to the city’s main gate is that the ‘horn’ of the Taurus that has the Bull’s Eye, that of the Star Aldebaran constitutes an approximated dimension that is multilayered. 

On one hand, the Royal Way or Road approximates the Avenue of the Dead in the Orion Belt Star alignment of Teotihuacan, Mexico. It is also amazing to consider that this same ley-line actually has 3 ‘Star’ depiction of structures in the same proportion and order as the Great Pyramids of Egypt and those of Mexico. In Mexico, there is the Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Sun, and the House of the Shining One, Quetzalcoatl, etc. Given this apparent template of the constellation Taurus, the entire Persepolis complex suggests that the end or termination point of the overlay focused on the Star cluster of the Pleiades. The endpoint of the Royal Road ended at the Gate to Persepolis or perhaps the ‘Star Gate’ to the city of the ‘Pleiadians’ no less. What is also amazing is that these 3 apparent ‘Stars’ are in size proportion from smallest to largest as are the Great Pyramids of Egypt of which they get their pattern from Orion’s Belt.

Mexico                                    Persepolis                  Orion              Giza

Pyramid of the Moon               Traffic circle                Mentaka          Menkaure

Pyramid of the Sun                 Bull’s Eye ‘Star’           Alnilam           Khafre

House of Serpent                    Giant ‘Star’                  Alnitak             Kufu

The very gate to the Hall of all the Nations had Winged Bulls that served as its sentinels. It is well understood that the ancient peoples aspired to mirror the Stars of the various constellations on Earth and had their major political, social and religious centers and temples built on such astronomical ley-lines. These in turn functioned on a principle of pure mathematics as certain aspects of the ‘Pleiadian’ city can be brought out. The alignment to the Pyramids of Mexico and that of Orion and the Great Pyramids of Egypt does have a dual configuration. On one hand, when one superimposes the Giza alignment of the Great Pyramids of Egypt to peg the smallest pyramid, that of Menkaure to the Traffic Circle which is the smallest of the 3 ‘Stars’ leading up to the Persepolis Gate, the ley-lines intersect the structures that have the ‘Star’ configuration.

The Traffic Circle is correlating to the ‘V’ apex of the Taurus layout. If one however, reverses the Great Pyramid Complex alignment to have the Great Pyramid pegged to the smallest ‘Star’ configuration of the Traffic Circle, then the alignment of the Pyramid centers with the Persepolis ‘Stars’ match exactly in size and even in depiction as ‘inverted’ Stars geographically, which is astonishing. In other studies, it has been also shown that the very Temple Mount of Jerusalem where the Temples of YHVH once stood is also configured to this array of Orion’s Belt Stars. This is one way, at least astronomically that can be a decisive factor of where the Temple of YHVH stood and will according to how some interpret End Times prophecy of the Bible..

If such a celestial template is valid, then the Temple of the ‘Shining One’, was and will be built over the Dome of the Tablets. This theory of the Astro-Archeological association and correlation would also put to rest the recent theory that the Temples of YHVH were built in the City of David, etc. Pertaining to the entrance of Persepolis, there was the Grand Staircase that led to the ‘Gate’, or perhaps ‘Star Gate’ more appropriately. This massive staircase had exactly 111 steps and the Gate itself was 66 feet above on top of the stone platform. It is as if the Royal Road of the ‘Horn’ of the Taurus ley-line that traversed the Belt of Orion led to the entrance of the Pleiades.

Thus this study highly speculates that the entire layout of Persepolis was construed in the celestial pattern of the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. The illustrations will attempt to show this as there does appear to be an approximated depiction and alignment of buildings with the Pleiadian Star Pattern. In other studies of ancient sites that have incorporated such celestial patterns of Stars, some highlighted certain Stars in their layouts. This could be based on the time and aspect of the Precession of the Equinox the construction of the sites had in relation to the constellations, etc. The main structures of the core of Persepolis consisted of the famous Apadana or meeting hall. This was called the Hall of Darius 1 and took 30 years to complete. It is also very interesting that the titles of these monarchs included, ‘King of Kings, and Lord of Lords’. This is the same title that is ascribed to Jesus Christ and that of the Messiah. It had amazingly 72 columns that suggest 1 degree of Procession in terms of cosmic time.

The tail-tell sign of the astronomical inference incorporated into the Halls is noted in how the columns had only 4 types of capitals, that of Bulls, Lions, Eagles and Men. These are the same as those found depicted in the Bible of how the 4 Living Creatures are some sort of ‘markers’ and ‘sentinels’ around the Throne of YHVH, the Creator in Heaven. Also, astronomically, the 4 corners of the Cosmos is stationed by such ‘Signs’ to pertain to Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio (Eagle in ancient times). The Pleiadian Star of Alcyone would thus correspond to the famous Hall of Xerxes that had the 100 columns, etc. This 70 x 70 square meter hall was started by Xerxes I and completed by his son Artaxerxes I. What is also very interesting to consider is that although highly suggestive as well, the Belt Stars of Orion appear to match the cross-section of the core structures of Persepolis. 

The next observation of the Persepolis complex pertains to astronomical and esoteric blueprints. It has to do with the encrypted and hidden-in-plain-sight Martian Motif. Inevitably, of one overlays the certain constellation over an ancient and modern world capitals. As prior studies on Astro-Archeology have suggested and presented, there appears to have been a civilization on Mars and perhaps other planets in the Solar System where communication and travel were normalized between Earth. Such are the legends of Atlantis, etc.  It is highly suggested that the constellation Star templates used on Earth mirror not only the Stars but the configuration of a particular ‘motif’ on Mars, that of Cydonia. This Cydonia layout consists of 3 areas, all connected by a triangle of apparent sacred ley-lines. There is a giant fortress Pentagon, the 7 Pyramid City configured to the Pleiades layout and the Face of Mars.

Thus this study also suggests that this Martian Motif is also present in the layout of the ‘Pleiadian City’ of Persepolis. The following is suggested is the pattern. From a top view the area emphasized is incorporating the giant Star layout that is just outside the Gate of Persepolis to the west. It is at the corner on the south side of the Royal Road. This inverted ‘Star’ from the air has a core that is the inversion of the Star. In fact, in geometric terms, the layout of the 5 pointed star is the only design that ‘reproduces’ itself infinitely. Thus, the core is an upright ‘Star’ that fits a pentagon exactly. This is astonishing given that there is an angle or slope of a few degrees to from true North in how this Star layout was constructed.

This ‘pentagram’ would thus correlated to the D&M Pentagon fortress on Mars. The ‘Pleaides’ City would thus correlate to the 100 column Hall of Xerxes with its 72 inference to a degree of ‘time’, etc. Lastly the Face of Mars, that of Ala-lu in the ancient Sumerian texts corresponds to a rectangular building that is at the end of the cross street that intersects the Royal Way at the point of the entrance the Gate of Persepolis with the Grand Staircase. What do all these sacred ley-line mean and/or accomplish? That remains to be ascertained still but as mentioned, some clues are hinted in the Bible as it is taught by the book of Enoch that in the Last Days, such entities that taught such knowledge are said to return to Earth. It is rather telling that in such capitols of the world empires, in this case the 2nd one per the interpretation of the Dream given to Nebuchadnezzar, which the constellations used as a template was the combination of the Orion-Taurus-Pleiades connection.

What is astonishing is that such entities are still at work, behind the scenes of the very same world rulers that still have their modern world capitols laid-out in such fashions. The point is that these entities are one in the same that currently rule and govern the world affairs and influence them for their nefarious agenda of world domination among many others. As it has been suggested in other similar studies involving other ancient and modern configuration of such sites, it could be the case that Heaven is situated much like it is portrayed in the sacred ley-lines of such capitals. It is suggested that the Fallen Angles that are spoken about in the book of Enoch and Genesis 6 where from such places and desperately seek to replicate on Earth what was in Heaven that was perhaps their abode.

Also such places served as their ‘signature’ of sorts to impose their spiritual power over the city, nation and region as the Bible teaches is the case. The Apostle Paul in Galatians 6 speaks to this point of there being ‘Principalities and Powers’, etc., that Fallen Angles exert over Humanity, for the time being. This same 100 column Hall of Xerxes would thus correspond to the Great Pyramid and the Orion Star of Alnitak. As an aside note, it is well understood that in ancient times, as in some cases even now, the ruling so called ‘Elites’ maintained a Harem of women for their pleasure. It is interesting that the Pleiades represent the females and consorts of the Great King of the Universe. The point is that the depiction of the core city of Persepolis as the ‘Pleiadian City’ is where the ‘maidens’ were kept or perhaps ‘imprisoned’ by the Lord of the Persian Empire.

Astronomically, the Pleiades are said to be captured by Taurus and are imprisoned by such a Beast. It is the likes of an ‘Orion’ that comes to confront the ‘Bull’ with its furry and rage as denoted by the Bull’s Eye Star of Aldebaran and liberate the captive Pleiades. This has Biblical overtones of the Gospel written in the Stars according to the research and work of E.W. Bullinger. In such a Biblical perspective and interpretation, it is Lucifer that has captured and imprisoned the ‘Congregation’ of the Maidens, the Pleiades which represent the 7 Churches of Asia. It is the Orion, that of the coming Redeemer, the Christ, Jesus that has come to confront the ire of the Judge. This is represented in the furry of the Bull that is slain at the Cross of Calvary to liberate the Captives and set them free. Like a type of ‘Alexander’, Jesus came against the ‘Bull’ Empire of the Persians and defeated them. He then ‘married’ the daughter of the vanquished subjects, the Church, to co-rule and co-reign with the King of the Universe in the New Age to come.

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