Going Against the Official Narrative

by Luis B. Vega
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‘I will cast Terror into those who Disbelieve. Therefore Strike of their Heads and Strike of the Fingertips of them. Allah -Quran 8:12 Fight everyone in the way of Allah and Kill those who Disbelieve in Allah.’ -Muhammed, Ibn ishaq 992

The purpose of this study is to consider some Political Peculiarities about how the aftermath of the Hamas Attack against Israel, eerily parallel the Expected Reaction and Comportment of the World, much like with COVID. In what way? Consider the Attributes that occurred and were implemented during COVID. You had the following Strategic Points implemented. Just replace ‘Virus’ with Hamas.


Virus allowed to infiltrate Nations.
A State of War was Proclaimed.
A Quarantine of Citizens was made.
A Social Distancing was Implemented.
Lock-Downs were imposed.
Censorship was enforced.
‘Scientific’ Narrative could not be challenged
People lost Jobs for refusing the Injections.
People lost Jobs for questioning the Science.
Hamas was allowed to infiltrate Israel.
A State of War was Proclaimed by Israel.
A Quarantine of Citizens was made of Gaza by Israel.
A Social Distancing was Implemented in Gaza as 1.2 Million had to move away.
Lock-Downs were imposed as Hamas commanded People to not leave.
Censorship was enforced by Corporate Owned Media.
‘Political Scientific’ Narrative could not be challenged by Israel's ‘Intelligence Failure’.
People lost Jobs for refusing the Narrative of Israel.
People lost Jobs for questioning the Political Science.

Realize also that what the West refuses to acknowledge is that this Jewish-Arab Conflict is a Spiritual and Religious War, foremost. And Hamas was and is and will be designed to not have nor accept any Compromise with the ‘Jews’. Their Aim is solely the Total Destruction of Israel. The Hamas Attack on Israel was purely based on Religious Grounds. This is why there can never be a 2 State Solution. Islam will not allow it. This is why the Palestinians will only argue a ‘2 State Solution’ to justify their Complaints. But in actuality, they as ‘Good Muslims’ are only carrying-out what their Book instructs.

It is about the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple

What Hamas did on October 7, 2023 in Invading Israel from Gaza is exactly what they, as True Adherents of Islam are Commanded to do. As one has written about the event already from a Geo-Political Point of View, most of the World’s Western Media are preoccupied with just that side of the Narrative. And their Conclusion is their Solution of an imposed 2-State Solution, ‘Land for Peace’. Time-and-Time again, this is the best and only ‘viable’ Resolution to the Conflict, right?

As many Jews often surmise and rightly so, ‘If Israel lays down its Arms, they would be slaughtered. If the Muslim Palestinians and Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Egyptians, Iraqis, Saudis, would lay down their Arms, there would be Peace. The mere fact that Geographically, nearly 1/3 of all the Land-Mass of Europe, Asia and Africa are dominated by Muslims, they do not take in nor want the Palestinians of Gaza, especially. Why not? Consider what happened when they did.

This occurred after the PLO, led by Yasir Arafat was exiled to then Lebanon, then Jordan, then Tunisia, etc. In all those Muslim Nations, they tried to take over the Governments. Truly, in their case, the Biblical Prophecy given over Ishmael by YHVH has come True. It is the following Character Flaw and why given the Hamas Attack on Israel, neither Egypt nor Jordan that do have a Peace Accord with Israel will take in the Palestinians.

‘The Angel of the LORD proceeded: Behold, you have Conceived and will bear a son. And you shall name him Ishmael, for the LORD has heard your Cry of Affliction. He will be a Wild Donkey of a Man, and his Hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s Hand against him; he will live in Hostility toward all his Brothers. So Hagar gave this Name to the LORD who had spoken to her: You are the GOD who sees me, for she said, Here I have seen the One who sees me!’ -Genesis 16:11-13

But here is one’s Point. The same Power-That-Be that allowed Hamas to just walk over the Border into Israel, are the very same ones that are allowing countless un-vetted Illegal Immigrants to likewise just walk over the U.S. Border and in Europe. It is all part of the Plan: 9-11, Benghazi, Iraq, Afghanistan, COVID, the Ukraine, now Israel. One just calls  this latest Luciferian Chess Move, now ‘Israel COVID’. It is really the Luciferians behind the Proverbial Curtain that are manning the Switches, etc. Now anyone just Posting a Questionable Remark is enough to be fired from Colleges, Hospitals, Banks, Sports Teams, etc. Where is Free Speech? One may not agree with one’s Opposition or those with differing views. But to Censor them or deprive them of their Livelihood? No.

-Do not Question the Official Narrative.
-Trust and Listen to the Mainstream News.
-If you do, you are a ‘Conspiracy Ther-orist.
-The Politicians are telling us the ‘Truth’, we must Listen to them.
-They are the ‘Experts’ and you should not do your own Research’.
-You are not a Political Scientist, so just ‘Trust’ them.
-What they are telling us and doing is for our own ‘Peace and Safety’.
-Take your Shots! I mean, Support Israel!

3rd World War by Albert Pike
And the Desired Outcome? The Crisis in Israel’s Politics has allowed for their Government to Unify as never before and consolidate/centralize all Power into 1 Man. One’s Point is that what has happened in Israel is much greater than just the Israeli-Arab Contention. This next Geo-Political Move is preparing some ‘One’, some ‘Thing’. It is, as Bible-Believers know, a Spiritual War and as it has been said, the ‘1st Casualty of War is Truth’.

One just likes to point out, if the ‘Plan’ is being carried out like the Luciferians are doing, in one’s Opinion, then what their Grand-Master before had divulged would need to happen for Lucifer to be Ushered-in, would take 3 World Wars. And the Last One, in its Iteration is unfolding before the World, as planned. Divide and Conquer. Consider the said ‘Conspiratorial’ Plan by the Luciferians in how they are ushering-in this some ‘One’, Lucifer. Some ‘Thing’, Luciferianism, out in the open as the New World Religion.

The 3rd World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the Differences caused by the 'Agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between the Political Zionists and the Leaders of Islamic World. The War must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and Political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually Destroy each other.

Meanwhile the other Nations, once more Divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete Physical, Moral, Spiritual and Economical Exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the Atheists, and
we shall provoke a Formidable Social Cataclysm which in all its Horror will show clearly to the Nations the effect of Absolute Atheism, Origin of Savagery and of the most Bloody Turmoil.

Then everywhere, the Citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the World Minority of Revolutionaries, [Like Hamas?] will exterminate those Destroyers of Civilization, and the Multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose Deistic Spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, [The Rapture Event?] anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its Adoration, will receive the True Light through the Universal Manifestation of the Pure Doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the Public View.

This Manifestation will result from the General Reactionary Movement which will follow the Destruction of Christianity and Atheism, both Conquered and Exterminated at the same time.


It is conjectured that Albert Pike made these Statements as a Confederate Officer and 33rd Degree Freemason. Specifically, that of the  Southern Jurisdiction of the Masonic Scottish Rite Order. Copies of this Letter had circulated, of when he wrote in support to his Freemasonic and Luciferian Counterpart, the Italian Giuseppe Mazzini, in his attempt to Unity Italy at the Time.

This Letter was Cataloged and on Public Display in the British Museum but then ‘Disappeared’ in 1977 when People started to ‘Connect the Dots’ or the ‘World Wars’ in this case. The British library however denies that the letter ever existed. The Letter is referred to by Cmdr. William Guy Carr: Quoted in Satan: Prince of This World.

Provoke Social Cataclysms - Check

But as one can read, the Plan has come to fruition and still needs to run its Full Course. It is to instill Horror and Bloodshed. Realize that the Major Luciferian Chess Moves have been accompanied by Massive Blood-Letting. Consider 9-11, then the Millions Dead of the COVID Kill Shots. Then now with the Horrors of the Hamas Attack that essentially were Drug-Induced Muslims crazed in Slaughtering Jews at Will. It was a Massacre. It was a Religious Ritual as the Hamas Attacks occurred on Shemini Atzeret-Simchat Torah Weekend. Consider what the Letter insinuates, even if one believes it is a Forgery or a Conspiracy.

It is about a Divide and Conquer Strategy that has been used over and over again throughout Human History. Presently, the Events in the Middle East ring True of what Jesus foretold would occur and are in the Last Days. The Powers-that-Be are fomenting the Divide between Religion, Muslims against Jews. There is a North-South Divide of the World, and an East-West one also. Then the Plan is to totally Exhaust the Resources of the Nations that or get embroiled-up in the Contentions to the point that they must be totally destroyed in the following aspects of a Sane Society. Go after the following aspects of what makes a Society Civil or should by Destroying or Distorting them.


The Plan is to ‘Provoke Social Cataclysms’ to up-end entire Societies. Why? So as to Control them and Subjugate them. Why? It ultimately has to do with ‘Whom will you Worship and give your ‘Adoration’ as they State. And how do they choose to do that? This is exactly what they say will be needed and has to occur, and one argues is happening as with the Hamas Attack.

-Promote Savagery
-Foment Blood Turmoil
-Blame the ‘Other’

And the Ultimate Goal or Outcome of this Luciferian Plan? It is to Usher-In Lucifer, out in ‘Public View’ as Christianity, what is left of it, especially after the Rapture Event will create the Void and as the Plan clearly states, they know Humanity has a Divine and Inherent Constitution to Worship or ‘Ador’ as they phrase it. And now, one Humanity has been taken to this End-Goal. They can, as they state, ‘Steer’ that Adoration to Lucifer when he Shows-up to ‘Pick up the Pieces’.

For 2 Years, one did Research on those Doctors that dared to Challenge the COVID Narrative. Below is just 1 of countless events that had the Government Authorities forcefully silence those that provided Proof that the COVID was a Plandemic and the Shots were Lethally Dangerous. One is of a Wife of a Prominent German Doctor who was livestreaming his Evidence when the Police came and Arrested him.

COVID Conspiracy Truth

The one with the Pregnant Wife of the Doctor is embedded so one cannot give a Link to it. It was reported later that she had ‘Retracted’ her initial Statement. Of course. Here below is the Video of the Raid by the Police. It is surprisingly still up on YouTube. One suspects it has been left up to be a ‘Warning’ of what will happen to those that dare to Speak-Out.

Breaking News and Viral Videos

Then there is the List of Murdered or Suicided Doctors, Scientists and just Concerned People. It is a Sad Reflection of how the Luciferian Powers-That-Be, seek to Control all aspects of Humanity. They practically have. Here below is another example of how back when the COVID Plandemic 1st started to be released, a Chinese Researcher was on the Edge of making a Statement about it. Their ‘Error’ is that they always make it Public that they are going to do it. They end-up Died with 2 Bullet Holes in the Back of the Head and call it a Love Triangle Suicide, etc.


Here is another Casualty of the Pharmakeía People ruling the World and who are the Greatest Drug Pushers on Earth. This is about a former Merck Corporation Whistleblower who Outed their mRNA Shots as being Dangerous. She also never gave the Shots to her only Son. They had fled to France for a while but she came back to fight the ‘Beast’ in California. She was found ‘Died’.

DG Kalki Sene




Another Scientist that was found Dead was Dr. Rashid Buttar. He is one of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ the Media and Fauci placed it on them for daring to Challenge his ‘Science’ At the Top of the List is Robert Kennedy Jr. He runs the Children Defense Fund and is against these Dangerous types of mRNA Shot that are about to be rolled-out, just in Time for the New Declared Plandemic. Although Dr. Nuttar was associated with the New Awakening…Apostolic 7-Mountain Movement, despite him being Muslim, it was and is a Movement that is Christ-Less, or rather no Mention of Jesus.

He was close to making a Breakthrough on Cancer and about to make a Public Statement about it but was found Died. It reminded me of when Zecharia Sitchin met Robert Harrington, Director of the U.S. Naval Observatory and basically on Camera admitted that the U.S. Government was/is Tracking the incoming Trajectory of Planet X. All the Videos on YouTube that used to be up, initially are now all Scrubbed. That same Year, Harrington was to have attended a National Astronomical Conference in D.C. but was found ‘Died’ before he could make it to the Meetings. He was going to Publicly state his Findings.

We all know that the World is in the Hands, being Rocked to Sleep as a Baby in the Hands of Lucifer and all those Humans Minions, to name a few that are actively working for him to Destroy, Discourage and Deface Adam’s Race. All the World Government is controlled and run by such People under the Power and Energy of Lucifer. They traffic in Humans, Children, Drugs and ‘Souls’ as that is even mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The following Movie, with Ads is from YouTube that ventures into this Underworld.


It is based on the True Story of how the CIA, State Department, Pentagon are all in the Business of Trafficking Humans, Children and Drugs. They used all that to pay the Contras in the mid-1980 and spurred-on the Crack Epidemic in the US, etc. They keep Warr, ongoing, partially as a ‘Business’. And it has been Innocent and most often Times, unawares Service Men and Women who pay ultimately with their Blood.

And True to Form and Protocol, the Journalist who exposed all this back when the Internet 1st got started, Gary Webb, who won the Pulitzer Prize was later found Dead. Same Protocol, 2 Shots to the Head and ruled a ‘Suicide’. Soon, this Planet and all the Nations will become Jesus’. In the coming Millennial Reign, all such that have wielded their Corrupt Power and Decadency, will cease. Cannot Wait for such a Time.

The World seems to be Falling-Apart, but we know it is ‘Falling Into Place’. One surmises a Prophetic Correlation of how the coming AntiChrist will be like the Jewish King, Solomon. The Prophetic Correlation will be right down to when he went over to the Dark Side with the Magic he delved into. It is believed that he even Commanded those 70 Demons by his Ring and was associated with all the other Occult Magic Books as he went into this Journey into, as he called it ‘Vanity of Vanity’, and until he came out of it. He is even associated with the Mark of the Beast, 666.

Solomon received about 666 Talents of Gold Annually, which is equivalent to 25 Tons of Gold. It is generally estimated to be around 75 Pounds or 34 Kilograms. In today’s Conversion, it would be estimated to be 49,950 Pounds or 22,620 Kilograms of Pure Gold a Year. But as one can sense, the World is dissenting fast into All-Out Chaos. It has to and all this is in one’s Opinion, ‘Going According to Plan’. The whole World is being Prepared to Demand this ‘Man of Peace’, a ‘Solomon 2.0’. One is of the Opinion that Attacks on Israel and its Retaliations are what makes the whole World ‘Hate’ or go against Israel, just as Zechariah 12:2-4 foretold.

‘Behold, I will make Jerusalem a Cup of Drunkenness to all the surrounding Peoples. Judah will be besieged, as well as Jerusalem. On that Day, when all The Nations of the earth gather against her, I will make Jerusalem a Heavy Stone for all the Peoples; all who would heave it away will be severely injured [Gaza]. On that Day, declares the LORD, I will strike every Horse with Panic, and every rider with Madness. I will keep a Watchful Eye on the House of Judah, but I will strike with Blindness all the Horses of the Nations’.

Notice that it is inferring to the Southern Kingdom as Israel, what was called the Northern Kingdom is not in the ‘Picture’. Notice it is about the Inner-Ring of Muslim neighboring Nations only, just as Psalm 83 implies, etc. And, at the Core of the Contention is as one has written about, 3 Main Factors the Muslims want: the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

One believes this Prophecy has begun in this Last Generation and in one’s Hearing, Seeing and Comprehending. The whole World is literally going 'Mad' over Israel, as this Scripture implies. The World is being 'Intoxicating' with the Fight that is really Spiritual and Religious, as it is meant to be, and why the Muslims Attack Israel.

To the Muslims, there cannot be a 2-State ‘Solution’. The ‘Final Solution’, rather for them, is to be No Israel. That the ‘Name of Israel be Remembered No More’. This is where the World is at, in the Timeline at the moment, Prophetically. Of course, the Outcome of Zechariah 12 is in inference to the eventual Armageddon Battle, but the Prophetic Steps leading to that Event are now Irrevocable.



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