As it is on Earth based on the Orion Pattern

  • Is there a Prophetic Pattern of YHVH's Throne on Earth?
  • Is this Pattern also connected to the Constellation of Orion?
  • Does the Conflict occurring in Heaven spill over onto Earth?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Thus says YHVH, Heaven is My Throne and the Earth is My Footstool. Where then is a House you could build for Me? And where is a Place that I may Rest? For My Hand made all these things. Thus all these things came into being, declares YHVH. But to this one I will look, to him who is Humble and Contrite of Spirit, and who Trembles at My Word’. – Isaiah 66:1-2

The following suggests that the Temple Mount incorporates the Celestial Pattern of Orion’s Belt Star Alignment. The 3 main Structures of the Temple Mount presently appear to correspond to the Great Pyramid of Giza Complex, also in Angle and Orientation. Currently the size is reversed as the Al Aqsa Mosque corresponds to the Great Pyramid. The Dome of the Rock corresponds to the Middle Pyramid and Star and the Dome of the Spirits corresponds to the smallest Pyramid and Star of Orion’s Belt. Based on this Assertion, it could be very possible that the Orientation of YHVH’s Place of His Throne is situated in Orion. Out of all the 12 Constellations, perhaps Orion is the one that was chosen.

Numerous Pyramid Complexes of the Ancient Civilization also had this Orion Star Composition so it must have been Extremely Significant. The span of the Constellation Orion as all other Constellations are in a Phi Ratio Proportion. What is amazing is that given the Proportion of Orion’s Belt Stars Delineation, the Middle Star, Alnilam corresponds to the Fulcrum of the Phi Ratio Spiral that is used for greater emphases. If the Creator uses His Signature in all that exists, surely the Heavenly Realities of the Earthly types are fixed to such Dimensions. One has a Theory, thus, that Time and Prophecy occur also in Phi Ratio, according to this Researcher. As to the Orion Pattern on the Temple Mount? It is a Religious and Political Flashpoint that will someday see the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple.

And the 3 Stars of Orion’s Belt will correspond to 3 Structures that will be there, and that will ‘Unite’ the World in a False Peace, once the AntiChrist is Revealed after the Rapture Event, etc. For the purposes of visualizing how the Constellation of Orion is Laid-Out to Encompass the whole of Ancient Jerusalem, it will be Superimposed onto the Orion Constellation. The Overlay suggests that the Belt Stars of Orion appear to match the 3 Structures on the Temple Mount and the Gates of Jerusalem. Perhaps thus the Earthly Pattern is mirroring the Heavenly as was the Tabernacle and prior Temples.  The Temple has been shown to be Anthropomorphic, as is the Constellation of Orion. Currently, there are Remnants of this ‘Orion’ Motif Outline on the Temple Mount. It is formed in how the form is based on the Luciferian’s Anthropomorphic Image bound in Ancient Baalbek.

Anthropomorphic Man
One will find the Octagonal ‘Head’ shaped Temple, as is the Dome of the Rook. This is the Direct Relationship based on this being replicated by the Muslims when they took control of Jerusalem. Since Israel was not Faithful to YHVH’s Commands, their Rebellion led to their Expulsion from the Promised Land on 2 separate occasions. Then due to ‘Sin being in the Camp’, YHVH Presence and Glory departed from the Temple. Eventually, both Temples were Destroyed on the 9th of Av. This was the case with the Babylonians and with the Romans in 70 AD.

The Spiritual Vacuum was filled with the Enemies of YHVH, in this case, the Muslims who are currently occupying portions of the Promised Land. They are the Custodians of the Temple Mount through the Waqf. The Muslims are attempting to take over Zion and conform it to Lucifer’s Image, that of Ba’al or Allah. Of course, at the Root of the Effort are the Directives given by the Synagogue of Satan. Nonetheless, thanks to GPS Satellite Imagines, one can approximate the Outline of the Temples that once stood on the Temple Mount and will again during the Tribulation Period.

This will be thanks to the False Orion, or the AntiChrist that will usurp the Worship of Israel, whom it will accept as the Messiah. But it is the False ‘Orion’ that Jesus warned would ‘Come in his own Name’, etc. In Ba’al-Bek, the Octagonal shaped Temple corresponded to that of Jupiter or Zeus, or Lucifer. This is the ‘Head’ that corresponds to the False Orion that is then having the Octagonal Dome of the Rock configure the ‘Head’ of this Anthropomorphic Man or Orion, on top of the Temple Mount.

In fact there are 2 Motifs of Orion. The Ture Orion, that of Christ Jesus corresponds to the one that starts with the Golden Gate, as the Footrest there. The Head then corresponds to the Holy of Holies, etc. This is the current circumstance and a foreshadowing of the coming Abomination of Desolation wherein a statue will be erected on the Temple Mount to be Venerated, as the prior AntiChrist Figures or ‘Orions’ of History have attempted to do as well.

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