Celebration of Rebellion and Baby Murdering

  • What is the 'NOW' Golden Statue really about?
  • Why is there Apparent Luciferian Motifs to it?
  • What is it Representing and why at this Time?

​by Luis B. Vega

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‘NOW the Serpent was more Crafty than any Beast of the Field that the LORD GOD had made. And he said to the Woman, Did GOD really say, You must not Eat from any Tree in the Garden? The Woman answered the Serpent, We may Eat the Fruit of the Trees of the Garden’, -Genesis 3:1-2

The purpose of this study is to consider the in-depth Prophetic Implications of a Statue or ‘Idol’ that has been erected atop 1 of the Court Houses of New York City. This occurred at the start of the New Year, 2023. It is called the ‘NOW’ Golden Statue, of a Female Form, that is supposed to commemorate the Memory of the late Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Ruth B. Gensburg and  for Abortion Rights, according to its Designer. What has been News-Worthy about this Statue that was Erected, as opposed to all those that have been Dejected, and by the Same Mob, is its Depiction.

To some, this ‘NOW’ Statue (In one’s Opinion, a Play-on-Words for the Feminist National Organization of Women, N.O.W.) has clear Luciferian Innuendos. This study will 1st commence with what is known, reported and purported about what has become a Controversy, at least to some People. Then one’s Biblical Interpretations of its Symbolism, and possible Prophetic Significance will be made, as mere Observations of what it Represents and thus, could be coming, specifically for the USA, Spiritually. 

Here is what is known and reported about this Golden Statue, that others have now attributed it to being a Homage to ‘Lilith’. On January 25, 2023, just 3 Days after the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, a Golden, Horned-Head, Naked Female Statue, standing on top of an Open Lotus Flower with ‘Medusa-Like’ Arms and a Judicial Lace Collar, was placed atop a New York City Court House. Specifically, the Court House of the Appellate Division, 1st Department of the Supreme Court of the State of New York. That week, in January of 2023, also saw when precisely, a new Comet C/2022 ZTF, entered the Constellation of Draco, as in the Dragon that Slays, etc.

It was reported that this Statue or Idol to Ginsburg and Abortion is the 1st of a Woman type, ever set-up in the Court House, of only Male Lawgivers of the World, etc. Who Designed it and why is attributed to the Work of Artist, Pakistani-Born, Shahzia Sikander. According to her very own Words about the Statue, this is what she is recorded to have said about it. ‘It is a Symbol of Women's Empowerment and an Expression of Support for Abortion’. She goes on to further state that the Running Theme is also attributed to be, ‘A Representation of Resistance’. Or in other words, it is a Show-of-Force of a Celebration of Rebellion and taking the Life of the Unborn.

Ancient Demon, New Face

Then one will argue and demonstrate from its Luciferian and Occult Innuendos, why this Statue is indicative of the Prophetic Times and how it plays into the End of Days, and Days of Noah’s Spiritual and Moral Condition, or lack thereof. Unbeknownst to most, concerning this Topic, Artist and Statue, is how this ‘Idol’ is actually a Pair. The 1st Statue, of the same Frame and Design is found at the Madison Square Park, but in contrast to its size, it is huge. This one measures in Height, 18 (6+6+6) Feet (5.4 Meters). This initial Idol dedicated to the Feminist Cause, is called, ‘Witness’.

As one who considers to be an Expert in the Occult and all things Luciferian, the veiled Numbers are used for a Reason. This 18 Foot ‘Sister’ Idol is just another Inference to the Spirit and Power of Femininity of the Ancient Mystery Religions that are Luciferian at the Core. And? That the Numbers and Names attributed to the Statute, summons the Spiritual Entity from where it gets its Power from, the Beast, in this case. Why? The Height of the ‘Sophia’ Name is thus attributed to the Number of the Beast, 666.

This then correlates to having the Statue infer to that Luciferian or ‘Dragon’ Beast System, based on the Identification given by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation. Some further Observations about this Madison Square Park, 18 Foot Idol or 6-6-6 Innuendo, is that the Idol is enveloped with the Word, ‘Halvah’. It is in Hebrew, but translated to mean, among several, as ‘Eve’. Sikander, the Designer stated that she wanted to purposely have it placed to disrupt the present Culture and its Matriarchal Hierarchy of Power in the Public Square.

The placing of these Statues, of a Woman-being the ‘Disrupter’, is deliberately being attributed to that Spirit, i.e., Rebellion. But why Judge Ginsburg? This should give the Reader a sense of the Depravity of which this, so-called Piece of Art is drawing its Power from. It is attributed to a Jewish Woman that also broke YHVH’s Laws, specifically against Murder in the Womb and Marrying of Same Sexes, etc. Thus, the Golden Horned-Head Medusa Idol is representing Eve and to the Mystics, ‘Lilith’.

But what do all these Feminine Icons represent? The Force of Rebellion. And who are these Men that are so ‘Tyrannical, Woman-Hating that Oppress Women? Among the other Statues erected in the Court House, is Moses, Justinian, Zoroaster, and Confucius. In essence, it is an Attack, at the Core of a mainly dominant Judeo-Christian Culture and Morality, at least in the West, but specifically in the USA. Which by the way, Moses was Semitic, Justinian, Anatolian, and Confucius, Asian, etc. But that does not matter. The Leftists, ‘Eat their Young’, as they say.

In part, the Rationale of the Designer is that Eve, according to Sikander, was the ‘1st Law Breaker’. And here one has it. Despite the stated and clear Objective of Sikander is to present and Antithesis to Masculinity, all things Male and Judeo-Christian of what she deems, to be no more than now Relics of the Past. She and those countless like her, seek to Replace what those Men Represent, Law. Essentially, Sikander, like Eve, wants to become the Law unto themselves. And? It is a Spiritual Issue. Feminists and the Like, seek to ‘Liberate’ themselves from the ‘Bondage’ of a Male Ruled Morality. OK.

Replacement Theology

What Eve ended-up doing, though, was only to replace YHVH’s Command with another’s Command and Morality, Lucifer’s. The Designer said that her ‘Now’ Sculpture, ‘Was not intended to Replace or Cancel anyone, but was aimed at Feminizing the 127-Year-Old Building’. OK. If that were the True Intent, she or other Artist could have erected Statues of Woman that would reflect Law and Morally, not just counter-balance the Male Dominated Hierarchy. For Example? There is the very Name of the Jewish Female Ginsburg, ‘Ruth’. A Statue of the Biblical Ruth would have been a Prime Example. It is of a Woman that sought the GOD of Ruth Ginsburg, being Jewish.

Ruth, in the Bible proclaimed her Loyalty and Selfless Devotion to Naomi and the GOD of Israel. She became the Great Grand Mother of King David and then King Solomon, the Wisest Lawgiver, ever. And? And from whom the Messiah of Israel and Savior of the World, Jesus came and not to do-away with the Law, but to keep it. Jesus paid for the Infractions made against it, since Eve. Jesus did not come to Condone and Change the Culture to be ‘Relevant’ in the ‘Public Square’. In Jesus’ Culture, it was no different that it is now. Yet, Jesus did not condone Same Sex Marriages nor Abortions. As it was, He Himself was subject to the Mandates of a State that sought His ‘Forced Abortion’.

The Laws of YHVH, iterated to Moses are the Foundation of YHVH’s Protocols for a Just and Moral Society and how it defines the Roles and Expectations YHVH has bestowed on Humanity, for its Protection. For example, the 10 Commandments alone Define the Parameters of what is a Marriage and between whom, a Man and a Woman. Then there is the Relationship between Children and Parents, Work and Rest, Humanity and the Creator, YHVH, etc. But this Statue is about Counter-Balancing what is Moral with Rebellion. For example, the N.O.W. Movement, also started by another Jewish Woman, Betty Friedan in 1966 is 1 such example.

Their true intent is to Replace, like the Statue represents, this Morality of YHVH and erect Lucifer’s in its place. ‘Do what thou Want, is the Whole of the Law’, etc. Thus, this Medusa, Lilith, Isis Icon is a Homage to Redefining all that is Right, Holy and Pure: the Sexes, Mores, Laws that have defined what a Human is. For example, Marriage. When Jesus came on the Scene, Israel was like the USA, divided in all aspects: Religiously, Economically, Racially, Culturally, etc. It was a Time of Transitions, of whose Mores would prevail? The Sadducees? Pharisees? Essenes? Zealots? Herodians? Hellenic?

The Ruling Elite lived Above the Law and Morals. John the Baptist’s Cause of Death was for standing-up for Traditional Marriage. When he exposed Immorality in how a Ruler was living with another’s Man’s Wife, out in the Public Square, no one said anything for fear of being seen as a Male-Dominated, Misogynist, Bigot, that is outdated and needs to ‘Transformed’ to the Relative Culture. Jesus came not to condone illicit sorts of Marriage Arrangements. Jesus, rather Reiterated Marriage. Adam was not Gay. Jesus reaffirmed the Law of Moses. Why? Because it was His. There was no Moral Relativism with Jesus. He taught Repentance instead. He realized that desiring a ‘Freedom’ from it would and does destroy entire Societies, Nations and Empires. It has. One of the Last Signs of a Decaying Empire, People or State is what is occurring now.

You Get what you Want

The Pattern is the same, Tolerance, Acceptance and then Celebration of Sin, of Debauchery in the Public Square. The Outcomes? What are the Outcomes of Replacing YHVH’s Laws and Morality? Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Same-Sex Marriage, Killing of the Un-Born, Divorce, Pharmakeía or Drug Use, Trans-Genderism, Drag-Queen Story Hours, etc. And sadly, this is what the Left in the USA, in Europe have Embraced and now Expound. The Democrats were once the Voice of the Working Class. No more. It is now helping what is currently left of a Functioning Society to a sure path to Self-Destruction. And what comes next? National Judgment.

One can see this, Prophetically as a sure Pattern in the Bible. And YHVH’s Earthly People, Israel did not escape. Neither will the USA as no other Nation, Empire or State that gets to where Israel got, by doing all that the USA is doing now, will survive. Unless there is a Change in the Hearts and Minds and a return to the Law of Jesus. But as with Israel, that did not happen. In fact, the Jews hardened their Hearts. And this is what is happening to the USA. Jesus did not Seek and Promote Contemporary Cultural and Social Justice Relevance to replace the Mores deemed, ‘Out-Dated’ and no longer ‘Culturally Relevant’, etc.

Jesus was and is Reconciling Lost Souls to Return to the Original Pattern, the Purpose that YHVH had and has intended for Humanity, to regain one’s Humanity. As noted, the Name of the Statue is called ‘Now’. According to the Artist, she chose that Word to be Emblematic of the Urgency, according to her, of having the need to have, ‘A Cultural Reckoning’, where Cities like New York are going through a Transformation of who Represents ‘Power’ in the Public Square’. OK. So what does this Morality Change look like? For example, New York passed the Late Term Abortion Bill in 2019, The Reproductive Health Act that removed Restrictions on Late-Term Abortions.

This allowed Unborn Babies to be Aborted (Killed) despite being Fully-Formed and Viable, all the way-up until the Day of their Birth. All this was done with great Pride and Pomp of hand-clapping Mayors, State Senators and Congressmen. Even the Empire State Building was lit-up for the occasion, of Celebrating the Right to Murder the Innocent. Is it any wonder why a few Years ago, Images of Kali, the Destroyer were flashed onto the Empire State Building? That was the Magic being cast. This is now its Fruit and Outcome. Destroy the Unborn. Destroy Moses, the YHVH-Fearing Jews. Destroy Justinian, the Christians, etc.

Now, should a Nation honor Women in the Public Place? YES! How about Ruth as mentioned. Deborah? Abigail? Elizabeth? But this latest Icon of Luciferian Power? No. Why not? It is, in one’s Opinion, broadcasting its Luciferian Demons behind, Rebellion and Destruction of the Unborn. It is serving as a deliberate Cryptic Signaling and Predictive Programming tool that is Channeling that Force and Spirit behind it, ‘Rebel and Kill the Unborn’. And what Spirit and Power is it of? Lucifer’s, Lilith’s, Esther’s, Isis’, etc. As to its Name, ‘Now’? Easy. It is ‘Now’ when this Spirit has been unleashed. And like the Gates of Ba’al Replicas and Baphomets, it will be traveling across the USA. It will be conjuring-up their Demonic Spirits at Portals from where they come forth from.

Prophetic Inferences

Is it any wonder why there has been a sudden Explosion of Drag Queen Story Hours in the Public Venue, i.e., Public Libraries? Exactly. It is a Spiritual Contention. And what is the National Organization for Women (NOW)? It is an American Feminist Organization that embraces and supports such Works of Art and what they Represent. What is that? NOW lobbies for Gender Equality, Social Justice, has adopted LGBT Agenda, etc. Its founder, another Jewish Woman, was an Extreme Leftist, Marxist, devout and unapologetic about it.

She, like Ginsburg, was a Rebel that supported all that this Golden Lilith Statue Represents. And what does that Organization have to do with this Golden Horned-Headed Woman with Medusa Arms? The Supporters of NOW admit that there is a Force, attributed to what the Group called, ‘Ruth Sent Us’ to empower the Rights of Abortion for Women. This is the Example of the Spirit beaconing them.

This ‘Ruth Sent Us’, in particular, is the Group that Protested or Harassed the Male Supreme Court Justice’s Homes in Washington D.C. They also disrupt Roman Catholic Masses, by Stripping Naked and screaming Obscenities, while holding up Signs and shouting, etc. This is the Morality these Women want to replace Moses, Justinian and Jesus with, Lucifer’s Morality and ‘Laws’? The following will be one’s Interpretation of the Occult and Luciferian Symbolism the Idol Represents and is Broadcasting.


The 8-Foot Tall (2.4 Meters) Golden Color Idol, that some People have deeded the Golden Medusa or Lilith does have its Arms like that of Stringy, un-finished or Under-enveloped ‘Tentacles’, thus the ‘Medusa’ inference and that of, perhaps as one could argue, not a Fully-Formed Body, i.e., inferring an Un-Formed Fetus or Baby. The Artist even has stated that the ‘Horns mimic the Movement of the Arms and are there as a Symbol of the Figure's Sovereignty, and its Autonomy.’

One can understand this Imagery plainly. Now to be Fair, one would agree that one does not want a Government enforcing what one can and cannot do to one’s own Body. But where are they when it comes to the Forced Mandated COVID Injections into one’s Body? Where was ‘My Body, My Choice? Or lose your Job, not Travel or Participate in the Public Square? Hypocrisy.  


Astronomically, the Golden Medusa, Lilith Statue was placed at the Court House when a New Comet C/2022 E ZTF appeared, very Green in the Constellation of Draco, the Dragon. Astronomically, Medusa is in the place where one of her Eyes, corresponds to the Star called, HaSatan, Algol, i.e., the ‘Demon Star’. Here is a direct inference to Medusa and Satan, and thus the Statue by is stated Artwork, being just that, a ‘Medusa’ that is empowered by the Spirit of Satan. And that is? To ‘Kill, Steal and Destroy’.


Was it no coincidence that the Statue was erected, soon after the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, that of the Rabbit? That was on January 22, 2023. What many other Observers have noticed also about the Time that the Idol was erected, in January 25, 2023, is that it coincided with the Week that happened to be the 50th Jubilee Roe v Wade. So, what is so significant about the Rabbit? This is Amazing and why it is, for me, a True Sign of the Rapture Prospects for 2023, but in the Summer Wheat Harvest Time…

Recall the Movie, ‘The Knowing’ with Nicholas Cage. At the Point of the Departure or ‘Rapture’ of the 2 Children, they each were holding a Rabbit. A Rabbit = a Rapture, a Pending Departure …To be Taken, etc. Then in the I Pet Goat 2, many have noted, rightly so, how the Rabbit signals the Door at the Corner of the Room that is then opened when the Girl falls asleep. And the Room’s Lights are dimmed, except the Rabbit and the Door.

Realize that there is a Constellation of the Rabbit in the Sky and part of the Gospel Storyline, Astronomically. And where is it? It is under the Foot of Orion. He, as the Christ Figure is the Victor or Conqueror over the ‘Enemy’. In this Depiction, the Rabbit is the ‘Enemy’. So, is this Year, 2023, the Year Jesus vanquishes the Enemy underfoot, i.e., in that the Church Body is Redeemed, via the Rapture?


In the Bible, the Apostate King of Israel Married, by Covenant or a ‘Deal’ of Convenience, to Jezebel. She is the one that brought all of her 300+ Prophets and Priests of Ba’al. This is the same Demon, Power and Source that required Child Sacrifices and which Israel participated in, i.e., a Form of Aborting Practices, etc. Jezebel is the one who Challenged YHVH’s Prophet, Elijah and sought to Murder all the Godly Men who stood on YHVH’s Word and Law.

This Ancient Force was of a Demonic Spirit in which it is said Jezebel was Possessed by. And why is this noteworthy? The Spirit of Jezebel is what is being summoned by this Golden Statue. And what did that do? In Ancient Israel, it is a Prophetic Picture of YHVH’s People being in a State of Apostasy and Rebellion. It was a Time of Great Apostasy that even the Kings of Israel, their Rulers sacrificed their Children by fire in Jerusalem, in the Valley of Hinnom, i.e., Gehenna or ‘Hell’.  


As noted, the Golden Idol, Stands atop an Open Lotus Flower. And? The Lotus flower only opens-up in the Night. It is of a Beacon, an ‘Antenna’ summoning the Dark Forces that operate in the Darkness, when the Light Sets in a Day. As Jesus declared to the Priests that went to Arrest Him in the Garden. He told them, ‘Now is your Hour…of Darkness, when you Work your Works’…(Emphasis). So, as the Lotus Flower only opens at Night, in the Darkness when it Blooms, it is directly associated with ‘Lilith’. Thus, this Statue represents that which is being empowered by the Night and the Forces/Energies of Darkness.


A fellow Sister in Christ, Writer and Researcher, Lyn Melvin, wrote an Article (Linked Below in Endnotes) also connecting the Nefarious Dots about this Idol’s connection to not only Lilith, but Kamala Harris. This is based on a Given Prophecy, that if it comes to pass, will be incredible. She delved into the Associations of how Kamala Harris has been attributed to the NOW Statue, as ‘Lilith the Destroyer’. Apparently, there is a direct connection as in Sanskrit, Kamal means Lotus. And as mentioned, this Occult Association crosses-over to how Lilith, in Jewish Mysticism is attributed to the Powers of Abaddon, the Destroyer.

So, what is this Contention about? This Strife? Is it just about Men vs. Women? Not only that. That is just the ‘Cover’ or Excuse. How so? In one’s Meditation Times, the Word, ‘Adversary’ came up. It was perhaps prompted by this latest Golden Medusa Statue Event and ‘Chess Move’ that the Luciferians made. And as always, hidden in Plain Sight, in the ‘Public Square’, etc. These Marxists, Leftists, complain about wanting to show Feminine Icons to disrupt the Male Judeo-Christian Monopoly of Power in the Public Square. OK.

But what do they replace it with? No measure of True Virtuous Women of History. But instead, it is an intentional show of Epitomizing Rebellion and Replacement of Demonic Powers in their Symbols of Debauchery. And? They advocate Perversion, Immorality and Murder of the Innocent. Is that what the USA wants? Yes, just like Ancient Israel wanted… The Cultural Relativism, as then, is now, also often referred to as ‘Going Woke’, gripped the Nation. Such Forces seek and do Display these intentions.

Although, they are veiled and hidden to the Common Man and Woman, who drink, willingly, like an ‘Eve’, from Lucifer’s Cup or ‘Statues’ of Spells. Such do not see what is being perpetrated against them, in the Public Square. And? It is a Spiritual Contention, not only for the Public Square in America, but the whole World. Worse, it is a Spiritual Contention for the Hearts, Minds and Souls of every possible Human on Planet Earth before Jesus returns. As the Apostle Peter warned about such Adversaries, consider what he had to say about such Luciferian Efforts.

‘Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. Be sober-minded and alert. Your Adversary the Devil prowls around like a Roaring Lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in your Faith and in the Knowledge that your Brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kinds of Suffering’.… I Peter 5:8

…So, Humanity, but especially, those Followers of Jesus have an Adversary against them, an Enemy. What? One might rightly say, ‘One did not Sign-Up for this!’ Some Christians would say or do. Sorry, it comes with the All-Inclusive Package. Welcome to the War! Just thinking that most Christians are Nonchalant about not realizing that they are Targeted, just for having ‘Switched Sides’ to Jesus’ when they got Saved. As a Follower of Jesus, one is in a ‘State of War’ and currently in ‘Enemy Territory’. It is presently the case and Reality, until the Rapture Call. Such are, like being the ‘Spies’ of the Greater Joshua in a Land of 666 Golden Horn-Headed Giants, and Medusas.

What will be the Outcome of This?

One can also ‘Gage’ what the Adversary is doing and what will be the Outcomes. Flashback: New York and the USA. The Year? 2015. It seems to have been a Satanic Watershed Year. And why? New York City was the USA’s 1st Capital. And to many, it is still the Gateway to the USA, i.e., Statue of Liberty. That, in itself is a veiled Masonic ‘Baphomet’ Depiction, etc. The following will be Outcomes of such Luciferian Efforts made in the Public Square since then based on their Statues and erected Icons, etc.

Baphomet Statues

In 2015, the USA witnessed the rise of Baphomet Statues across the USA. The 1st was worshipped in a Satanic Temple in Michigan and from then, many more started to appear in various other places, even Publicly. In fact, in 1 case, in the State of Arkansas, a Baphomet Statue was placed next to the 10 Commandments. And 1 of the Statue’s Devotees ran his car, smashing the 10 Commandments.

OUTCOME: This Statue depicting a Half-Man, Half-Woman with veiled Phallus and Pan Goat Head and Feet epitomized the Explosion of Trans-Genderism across the USA. And the start of supported Drag Queen Story Hours in the Public Square began after.

Goddess Kali
In 2015, the Hindu Demon was showcased on the Empire State building in New York City. The Hindu Goddess is known as the Goddess of Time, Change, Power and Destruction. Can anymore be said? In the West, this Entity is equivalent to Chronos, Saturn, Father Time, Satan, Abaddon, Apollyon, etc.

OUTCOME: New York introduced in its State Legislature, the Late Term Abortion Bill that would allow Women to take the Life of their Baby, even up to its Birth Day.

Gates of Ba’al

In 2015, to commemorate the Destruction of the Ancient Gate of Ba’al in Palmyra, Syria by the Muslim CIA-Backed ISIS, a Campaign was hatched to replicated this ‘Portal’ and set them-up in the major World Capitals: London, New York, etc.
OUTCOME: Spiritually speaking, these became ‘Portals’ that were activated in those Capitals to let loose the Demonic Powers that came through those Spiritual Portals.

‘NOW’ Golden Lilith Statue
Now in 2023, the Statue dedicated to Rebellion and Abortion. It goes contrary to YHVH’s Laws of Life. It epitomizes Law-Breaking and proudly of it while Replacing it with its Spell, to do what? Now in 2023, the Statue dedicated to Rebellion and Abortion. It goes contrary to YHVH’s Laws of Life. It epitomizes Law-Breaking and proudly of it while Replacing it with its Spell, to do what? It is a Statue or Idol to Lilith or is portraying Lilith. She is the ‘Icon for Abortions’. Or of the Stealing of Babies from their Cribs.

​According to Jewish Mysticism, she was the Original Wife of Adam, before Eve. She went Mad/Deranged because 1 of her Babies Died and she went looking for it in a state of Limbo. And as a result of her loss, she attempts to ‘Steal’ and/or Kill other Women’s Babies, i.e., Abortions. She is the same Lore found, for example in Mexico of ‘La Llorona’ (Yo-ro-na). Or the ‘Crying One’ that is heard crying at Night throughout the streets, etc. 

OUTCOME: Increase the Frequency of Abortions, and the Killing of the Innocent. Support all that, such Organizations like N.O.W., stand for and represent: Rebellion, LGBT Normalization, Celebration and Curriculum incorporation in Schools, Drag Queen Story Hours in Public Libraries and Schools, Trans-Genderism. But, spiritually, it is an unleashing of the Demonic Forces, of the Spirit of Lilith and Jezebel against YHVH’s Earthly People, Israel and Spiritual People, the Bride of Christ.  

Such Luciferian Forces, that are working to Rebel against YHVH’s Laws and Kill the Innocent, are working in Darkness… But soon, the Bride of Jesus is to hear the Military Trumpet of Retreat! To Fall Back, as in, to ‘Apostasia’. It will be at that Time, when the Call comes to Evacuate this ‘Theatre of War’, Earth. It will be Time for the Commander’s Ambassadors to be Recalled to His County where one’s True Citizenship resides in, Heaven.

This has to happen 1st before the ‘Captain of our Salvation’, Jesus will then go… ‘Nuclear’ on this World for Rejecting and Breaking His Moral Law. This is why this Event important to those who follow End Times Prophecy. Know the Adversary and his Wiles. Such People need to constantly take the Spiritual Pulse of one’s Culture, Society, Nation and the World, because the Onslaught of Luciferian Programming, Broadcasting and Pharmakeía is relentless.


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