Omens of Doom and Judgment

  • ​Is the USA being give 7 Years to Nationally Repent?
  • What is the Alef and Tav have to do with Eclipses?
  • Are such Celestial Events alluding to Prophecy?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to draw attention to a very peculiar Phenomena that the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses will construe, Astronomically over the Continental USA. This will be a follow-up to the Article #747: ‘Corpus Christi Rapture on October 14, 2023 Solar Eclipse, A Marking, Exiting and Birthing before Judgment’. In that study, it notes how the October Great American Eclipse over Texas produces a Graphic about how the Intersections of these 3 Great American Eclipses form an ‘A’ or Alef. And with the ‘X’ or Tav Eclipse in 2024? And?

It means a sarcastic ‘Bye-Bye USA’, the 'Once and Great'. From 2017 to 2024, a span of 6.66 Years, spells a Bad Omen for the USA, a ‘Beginning and an End’…Of what? One would think it is obvious, based on the Daily News of all the Depravity that is going from Bad to Worse. As it has been stated by many in the End Times Watcher Community, Solar Eclipses are understood to be related to the Nations. This is in contrast to the Blood Moons that deal with Bad Omens related to Israel.

The only Research that one came across online was from the following Sites. One was not aware of their Finding until one made the Summary of one’s own Research. So, the Identification of the Alef and the Tav implication of the 3 Great American Eclipses is not Novel. What is, is one’s Biblical Interpretation of what they Represent, specifically to the National Judgment of the USA. Both Sights only merely suggested the Association but did recognize that these Great American Solar Eclipses are about a National Judgment.

1-The Alef, the Tav, Eclipses and the Exodus
February 18, 2022
Pete Rambo

2- Eclipse Witness
Date not Posted
Cosmic Timekeeping on the paths of history

Thus, this study is about this Alef-Tav Connection that one believes YHVH is now revealing to the Body of Christ of what is coming, but what is here. one thinks it is very Significant, Prophetically for the following Reasons. To start, one has to Define the Letters or the Motifs of what the Alef and the Tav Mean and Represent.

National Judgment
What is surprising is how most Watchers or Bible Students may not know of the Paleo-Hebrew Alefbet, that is the original one or Predecessor to the Modern Version that are based on such 'Motifs' or Symbols. That is Outstanding. So, when one did the study of the 3 Great American Eclipses, combined, wow, it looks like the Ancient Letter and Motif for Alef, the Bull. And now with the 'X' or Cross that is the Tav, going to appear next to it in 2024? Again, most Bible Students who have not studied the Ancient Origins of Modern Hebrew would not realize this about the Letter Tav.

The following is a Timeline of one’s Research into the Alef-Tav Prophetic Association regarding the 3 Great American Eclipses or Attribution Sake. As the Realization of what this Prophetically implies for the USA, it will become a more Relevant Topic of Discussion and Source Research for those Watching the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, etc.

3 GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSES 2017-2024 - Alef-Tav


Alef Tav X ORPUS HRISTI, TEXA S Comet 67p ODY OF HIRST 17:00 UTC REVELATION 12 SIGN September 21, 2017 to October 14, 2023 ' ODY OF HRIST' ELIPSE = 2214 Days = 6 Years, 23 Days THE EGINNING AND THE END OF USA'S PERIOD OF GRA E EFORE NATIONAL JUDGMENT 2017-2024 Moon Jupiter TavSUN Virgo REVELATION 12 SIGN -2017

April 28, 2023
Posted Article about the 3 Eclipses to Personal Website: www.PostScrpts.org
A Marking, Exiting and Birthing before Judgment

May 29, 2023

Corey @ End Times: Darkness Descending referenced one’s Research on his Blog.

On Oct. 14, 2023, an annular solar eclipse will cross North, Central, and South America. Visible in parts of the United States, Mexico, and many countries in South and Central America, millions of people in the Western Hemisphere will see this spectacle. It will occur roughly 6 months (177 days), or 5 months and 25 days before the April 8, 2024 eclipse that will complete the “X,” or the Aleph/Tahv over America, signaling a sort of “crossing out” of the nation (for more concerning the possible prophetic messaging of this eclipse, see article here). https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-747.html (Luis Vega)

June 11, 2023
Posted Article on 5 Doves about the Alef and the Tav Connection of the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses.

CORPUS CHRISTI RAPTURE - October 14, 2023 Eclipse

July 2, 2023
Posted a Subsequent Article on 5 Doves about the Alef and the Tav Connection of the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses.

3 GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSES 2017-2024 - Alef-Tav 6.66 Year Countdown

July 6, 2023
The following is an online Blog, Revelation 12 Daily, in which one had a Conversation about the Great American Eclipse. However, this Post was about only how a Gentleman had ‘Discovered’ that the ‘Alef’ was configured with the October 2nd of the Eclipse. One replied that it is ‘Half’ the Story as there are 3 Great American Eclipses and the Series makes a Prophetic Warning of a Beginning and an End, or Alef and Tav.


This guy on twitter RANDYS777, @RandySevy has something interesting that he found. He shows a map of the US with the three eclipse paths and together they form an Aleph. He then proceeds to tell of the significance of the Aleph. Pretty cool!!

Not sure if this has been discussed on here yet, or not, or if you have recognized this already.


July 6, 2023

Hi StephE,
Yes, we have discussed this here already. The Alef is just ‘Half the Celestial Story’. The other Half of this Prophetic story or Warning is the Final ‘X’, that will Marked over the USA in 2024 by the 3rd and last Great American Solar Eclipses. As one surmises, these 3 Great American Eclipse are a 1-2-3 Punch of the final Countdown YHVH has given the USA to Repent.

1. Eclipse #1: It started on Elul 1, the Month of the 40 Day Fast and Time of Repentance. It was 33 Day from the Revelation 12 Sign. It was YHVH’s Sign to the Head of the Nations, at this Time, to Nationally Repent.

2. Eclipse #2: Is it going to occur on October 14 of this Year, 2023. It will ‘Exit’ the USA at Corpus Christi, the ‘Body of the Christ’. How cool is that? Perhaps the Rapture in 2023 then? Maybe. ;;0 But it alludes to the Exit of the Bride of Christ. YHVH is signaling that before National Judgment is to begin in the USA, the Rapture of the Bride of Christ will occur 1st. Perhaps. The Body of Christ could see and is seeing the Depravity and Destruction that is Pending, even now.

3. Eclipse #3: going to occur on Nisan 1, as in ‘New Beginning’, and a ‘Time Over’. It speaks of the coming Globalist Reset and Agenda 2030 Protocols to be implemented from that point on. It is where YHVH has given the USA 6.66 Years to Turn or Burn. Ironically the Satanic Temple during Pride Month rallied to let the ‘Christians’, to leave them alone and ‘Let us Burn’. They have no idea what is coming. Or maybe they do. From the Social Trends, the USA, as a whole, has hardened its Heart like Pharaoh. It has lost its Soul. And coincidentally, as it is now known, the Eclipse will end over ‘Little Egypt’.

One also believes that the 3 Celestial Signs are echoing, Prophetically a coming Exodus 2.0 of the Rapture Kind in 2024. One believes that the Revelation Sign back in 2027 + 1 Sabbath Cycle is what the Sign alludes to for this Last Generation. It is no coincidence that it occurred in these last Years, leading to Israel’s Last Week of Discipline, not that of the Church. Below is the Chart one made of the Alef and the Tav, the ‘Beginning and the End’ of the Grace Period calling for the USA to Repent, nationally.

I do not have Twitter, but perhaps you can send the Gentleman the Chart.
Keep the Watch,


One does think, now, that this Celestial Convergence has been and is, at the Core, the Message of the 'Celestial Sign'. It has been a Sign of Warning to the Greatest Nation on Earth of Pending Judgment, much like Nineveh. Here below is a Poster of the Ancient Paleo-Hebrew Alefbet for Reference. As one is on the Subject of the Hebrew Alefbet, the following is also a Contribution to the Phenomenon of the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses. It has to do with the Word for ‘Truth’ in Hebrew, which is ‘Emet’.

One Working Theory is that the National Judgment the USA is pending after the 3rd Great Solar Eclipse occurs is to be ‘True’ or ‘Sure to Come’. How so? As to the Emet ‘Truth’ Hebrew Word? One is incorporating it in the Prophetic Interpretation about the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses. And the finding is more Compelling of what is coming to the USA. The Hebrew Word, ‘Emet’, is actually 3 Letters that have the Upside-Down ‘A’, Alef and the ‘X’ Cross or Mark. And these stand for the Bull and the Mark, the Beginning and the End as noted.

Emet = ‘Truth’ = ‘
A’ Upside Down +  ‘M’ + ‘X

But realize that in such a Context, the  Middle or 2nd Letter is the Mem, or the ‘Middle’. It is understood that this ‘Position’, is the Condition in how every Beginning and End must have a ‘Middle’. So, the Hebrew Word for Truth, also has the Middle, literally the M in the Alefbet. It is the 13th Letter in the 22 Hebrew Alefbet.

Its Numerical Value is 13. And? Its Symbol is Water, as in Mar, Maritime, etc. It still does have then that connection to the ‘Arrow’ even more so, as in being On-Target or on the Mark, of Truth, as it is in-between the ‘A’ Alef, the Bull, as in ‘Bull’s Eye’ and the Cross or the Mark as a Target, etc. Alef is thus, Astronomically linked to the Star of Aldebaran, which is the Red Eye of Taurus.

And the Tav, or the Mark is directly then associated, most appropriately with what is Truth, always hitting the Mark. One is reminded of how often Sin is Defined or Explained as, ‘Missing the Mark’ or the Tav in this case. It is an Archery Term; one has been told. As to the Great American Eclipses Connection to ‘Truth’ then? Note that there are 3 Eclipses as is the Hebrew Word for Truth, a Beginning, a Middle and an End.

1. The Beginning Eclipse:   August 21, 2017      = Alef ‘
A’                a Bull Coming Judgment
2. The Middle Eclipse:        October 14, 2023     = Mem
M               a Water Over Multitudes
3. The End Eclipse:            April 8, 2023             = Tav ‘
X’                a Mark On Target, True

So, this is more of the exact Essence of the Word in Hebrew for ‘Truth’, a Beginning, a Middle and an End. It reminds one of Colossians 3:11, how Jesus is ‘All and in All’. But nonetheless, in this Context, no wonder there are 3 ‘Great American Eclipse’, and they spell-out, ‘Truth’, Fierce Judgment, over the Waters of the Multitudes of People, On-Target to Mark what is certain to come to pass.


3 Great American Eclipses

Alef and Tav Great American Eclipses
PS: Here is the in-depth study I did about the #2 Eclipse, in particular about the Body of Christ.

A Marking, Exiting and Birthing before Judgment


Emet = Truth 

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Chart: 3 Great American Eclipses Alef-Tav Judgment

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