Reversing the Curse

  • The 40-Day Pattern of Testing as in the Wilderness.
  • Such a Prophetic Pattern is occurring also during the Church Age.
  • National Israel is yet to complete Daniel's 7th Week of Years Testing.

by Luis B. Vega
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'As soon as Jesus was baptized, He went up out of the water. At that moment Heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a Dove and alighting on Him. And a voice from Heaven said, This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased...Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil. After fasting 40 days and 40 nights, he was hungry’. -Matthew 3:16-4:1

The purpose of this Chapter is to chart the apparent 40-Day Pattern that Jesus was in the Wilderness after His Baptism by John. The study will show a Correlation to the Jewish 40-Day Elul Prophetic Pattern of Repentance that could lend some Evidence as to when Jesus’ Ministry began and how long it was. Also, it could hod the Key of when the 7-Year Tribulation is to begin. The Month of Elul is the 6th Month with 29 Days based on the Civil Year Count.

The Month of Tishrei would thus be the 7th Month with 30 Days. The 7th Month begins the last 3 of the 7 Major Feasts of YHVH to conclude with a 7-Day Feast, that of Sukkot. The Month of Elul is when the 40 Day Marker starts to include the Time of Tehsuvah or Repentance for Israel. One suggests that this Elul 1 Time-Frame is a Prophetic Template of when the End of the Church Age occurs.

There is some Discrepancy in that the ‘Head’ of the Year, that being Rosh HaShanah has been changed by the Rabbinical Jews contrary to what YHVH prescribed to Moses that Nisan would be the New Year, or Religious New Year in the Spring. Nonetheless, the 40-Day Countdown is what was given to the Prophet Jonah in his Warning to the City of Ancient Nineveh. At the 40th Day, the King, People and empire Repented as did even Jonah on the account that he did not want to perform this Work of Evangelism.

 These were the Enemies of YHVH’s People at that time and being non-Hebrews although they were Semitic, racially. It is thus postulated, that if the Prophetic Pattern is applied to Jesus’ Ministry, He was Baptized by John on the Jordan River just before or on Elul 1. It was at this Time that Jesus was presented Publicly and shown His Divine Credentials as being the ‘Chosen One’ of the Father who was ‘Well Pleased’, etc.

From that Time, Jesus was said to have been led to the Wilderness for 40 Days and 40 Nights. It was here that He endured the Time of Testing as the ‘Lamb of GOD’ had to be. This Time was one of Repentance, not for Himself as Jesus was Sinless from Birth, but that on behalf of Eve, Adam, Israel and Humanity, Jesus took the place as the Last Adam at that Place and Time, by Proxy.

Jesus did what Eve and Israel failed to do in overcoming the Temptation on 3 Levels. It is well taught that the 3 Sins that led Eve, Israel and all of Humanity to Fail and Fall are reduced to what 1 John 2:16 outlines. The Account of Genesis relates how these same 3 Temptations overcame Eve and Israel caused their Fall. These same Temptations are in play, even now and plague Humanity. Jesus came as the Last Adam to Reverse the Curse and overcome the Temptation on behalf of Eve, Israel and Humanity. What was the Key or Difference?

The Difference was and is the Word of YHVH. It is not found in the Quran or other ‘Holy Books’ of Man’s Vain Philosophies. It is what Jesus used to overcome each Temptation and this after Fasting and being at the most Physical, Mental and Psychological Weakest Point, humanly possible. Consider that it was Jesus’ Humanity where He was tempted. However, Jesus, being fully GOD and Man, did not rely on His Divine Power, other than to be led by the Holy Spirit, etc. These are the Sins of Eve, delineated and how Jesus overcame them all.

Eve                                       1 Peter 2:19                          Jesus
1. It was Good to eat.            The Desires of the Flesh.      To turn Stone to Bread.
2. That which was Attractive. The Desires of the Eyes.       To test Fate at Temple.
3. Seek to Dominate.             The Pride of Life.                   To possess Kingdom.

Jesus’ Sword was the ‘Sayings of YHVH, the Rhema’s found in the Devarim or the Book of Deuteronomy. Devarim means, the ‘Spoken Words’. It is the last or 5th of the Books of Moses in the Torah. It basically specifies Conditions and Commitment of the Contract or the Covenant made between YHVH and Israel. It was as a Husband to a Wife, in a Marriage Contract and Holy Vowes made and Exchanged to each other, etc.

This Recounting of the Contract was given by Moses to the Congregation of Israel in the Desert just before entering in the Promised Land. The following are the specific Weapons or Words used by Jesus in each account based on this Covenant or Promise made between each other.

The Testing of the Messiah                                               Solution
1 Make bread out of stones to relieve his own hunger.        Deuteronomy 8:1-3
2 Jump from a pinnacle and rely on Angels.                        Deuteronomy 6:16
3 Worship Lucifer in return for all the Kingdoms.                 Deuteronomy 6:13

In one sense, Jesus, at this Time of the 40 Day Testing technically defeated Lucifer, Sin and the World. What was required next was to proclaim this ‘Good News’ to Israel 1st and then to the Gentiles, as a type of Prophet Jonah. The ‘Enactment’ of the Work was to be Initiated by the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus by way of the Cross.

The 40th Day occurred on Yom Kippur, or 10 Days after the Feast of Trumpets. These 10 Days are called the ’10 Days of Awe’. If the Prophetic Pattern is what occurred, then it was in the Synagogue of Nazareth where then Jesus was given the Scroll in which the Reading for that Day was Isaiah 61. It was the Portion of Scripture that proclaimed the Year of Jubilee, the setting ‘Free of the Captives that sat in Darkness’, etc.

Amazing, as it has been noted over the Centuries, is that Jesus did not read the 2nd Portion of the Text that specifies the ‘Vengeance of our GOD’. That Day is reserved, in Full Measure for the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ to come after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ takes place. It was at that Time that even as a Typology, the sending off of the Scapegoat to be hurled off a Cliff is what occurred with Jesus to a certain extent. As the Last Prophet of YHVH had ‘No Honor in his own Home’, the Elders of Zion of the Synagogue were irate and skeptical of His Credentials. And for Proclaiming the Jubilee, they sought with the Crowd to throw Jesus off the Cliff, just outside of the Town.

This occurrence followed the Prophetic Script of the Scapegoat that would be released on Yom Kippur as Jesus came to be the Scapegoat, the Lamb of GOD that was Foreshadowing the coming Day at the Cross of Calvary. As a Type of the Prophet Jonah, Jesus concludes the 40 Days of Repentance for the Nation of Israel and He becomes the Atonement. Yom Kippur could be the Foreshadowing of the Passover Lamb, the Scapegoat.

It would be Jesus Bar Abbas, another Jesus, ‘Son of the other Father’, i.e., Lucifer, that would be chosen instead to be set Free as Jesus was bound. Based on this Elul Prophetic Pattern, it would appear that indeed, Jesus started His 40-Day Testing in the wilderness on Elul 1 or the Day After. This has Amazing Ramifications as that Year was thus an End to a Sabbatical Year Cycle on one hand and the Start of Jesus’ Public Ministry on the other.

This study postulates that Jesus’ Ministry was for 1260 Days or 3.5 Years based off a 360 Day/Year Count with an additional 30 Day or Month to consider a Leap Year and the 40 Day Time of Testing for a total of 1290 Days. This study supports the Hypothesis that Jesus was born on September 11, -3 BC. This means that Jesus was thus 30 Years Old when He read publicly from Isaiah.

Jesus was 29 Years Old at the Time of His Baptism that correlated to the later part of August, usually around the 20-22nd. What was also Astronomically Significant is how the following Alignments occurred at His birth. The following are the Star Alignments that converged at Jesus’ Birth in Leo and Virgo.

1. Jupiter at King Star Regulus in Leo = Trumpets
2. Mercury ‘birthed’ in Virgo on 20th    = Yom Kippur
3. Venus ‘birthed’ in Virgo on 29th       = End of Sukkot

The Year was 28 AD and based on the Star of David Astronomical Alignment that occurred on -5 BC, one also occurred on 28 AD to configure a ‘Bookend’ of sorts, Astronomically. Thus, if one would count 1290 Days from Yom Kippur, it would result on April, 32 AD.

This Month would correlate to when the Lambs would be ‘Tested’ or Inspected for the Passover. This Time-Frame would Also correlate to when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey and was ‘Inspected’ by the Elders of Zion for 4 Days as well just prior to Passover, etc. However if one counts from when the Feast of Sukkot was finished in September 30 or October 2, 28 AD, thus the count corresponds to April 14, 32 AD which is the Day of the Crucifixion per this study’s Argument.

1. From Yom Kippur on Sep 20, 28 AD + 1290 = Apr 1, 32 AD

2. From end of Sukkot on Oct 2, 28 AD + 1290 = Apr 14, 32 AD

However, there is an 11-Day Discrepancy based on the switch from Julian to Gregorian Calendar. The April 14, 32 AD date would corroborate the Theory that Jesus died at this Time and coincided with the Mid-Night Blood Moon as it was during the 1st Passover in Egypt.

What this study further seeks to examine is that this Elul 1 Pattern, with its 40 Days of Repentance and ‘Testing’ can be extended and applied to the Destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. And more amazingly, to when the 3rd Temple could be Rebuilt also. If one uses this same Prophetic Blueprint of a 40 Day-to-Year Conversion as a Countdown, the similarities are Amazing.

In the 1st Elul Prophetic Pattern, the Countdown would occur approximately about halfway into Jesus’ Ministry, which would be about the Year 30 AD. This would set the Stage, as at that Time, Jesus Cursed the Fig Tree that represent Israel for having no ‘Fruit’ of Repentance.

Kingdom Proclaimed                                                                          Destruction of 2nd Temple
Israel Rejecting Jesus                                                                                           9th of Av
|-------------------------------------- Elul 1 Prophetic Pattern --------------------------------------|
30 AD                                             (40 Years)                                                       70 AD

Perhaps Jesus’ Ministry started the 40-Year Elul Prophetic Pattern Countdown that amazing coincided on a Prophetic Type of a Yom Kippur, that of the 9th of Av around the 1st of August in 70 AD.

As Yom Kippur is when the Nation is said to be Weighed in the Balance, in the case of Israel, it was found Wanting or Deficient, as the Fig Tree Nation. It was from that Time forward that the Jewish Diaspora occurred and the Nation of Israel, which was in fact, the Last Tribe of Judah along with the Levites and Benjamin, were sent into the Nations.

Sadly, in this case, Prophetically, Israel as a Nation succumbed to the 3 Sins of Eve and likewise caused the Fall of the whole Nation and its Posterity. However, as part of the Reversal of the Curse of the Fig Tree, the Grafting-In of the Gentiles occurred due to Israel’s Sin. Due to the Eternal Covenant between YHVH and Abraham, 1 Tribe of Israel was allowed to remain, that of King David’s. And it is from where the Messiah came and will come again, Jesus the Root of Jesse and Lion of the Tribe of Judah, etc.

Thus, in 1948, the same amount of Timespan there was from Adam to Abraham and from Abraham to Jesus was and is the Prophetic Template to have Israel ‘Reborn’ as foretold by Isaiah. Then subsequently, in 1967 the Old City and Temple Mount were secured back from the Muslims. This is one apparent Affirmation that the Elul Prophetic Pattern is prophetic and in play. The last component of this restoration is the reconstitution of the 3rd Temple.

6 Day War                                                                                                    Noah’s Flood Anniversary
Jerusalem Recaptured                                                                                 Countdown to 3rd Temple

June 7, 1967                                                                                                       November 8, 2006
|------------------------------------------- Elul 1 Prophetic Pattern --------------------------------------|
1967                               (40 Years x 360day/year = 14400 Days                                 2006

From 1949, the Year 2006 is a Metonic 19-Year Cycle. Based on the Olive Discourse, the Nation, the City and the Temple are a Prerequisite that have to be in place, during the Last Days when Jesus returns. As Jesus came to Revere the Curse that was caused by the Fall of Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden, so too is Christ Jesus working, to likewise Reverse the Curse of the Fig Tree for His Earthly People.

Likewise, until Jesus’ 2nd Coming, He is individually seeking to Reverse the Curse for each Human on Earth. The Provision is already been made at the Cross of Calvary. However, it is incumbent on each Human to avail themselves of this Condition, of a need for Belief in this Act. It is how the Atonement can be Accredited to one’s Spiritual and Fallen Condition. This Realization will bring one, naturally to Repentance thereafter.

What this study also incorporates into the Timelines is the Factor of the Phi Ratio that appears to be at the Core of the Prophetic Patterns used by YHVH, the Creator. For example, in the 1st Elul Prophetic Pattern concerning Jesus’ Testing in the Wilderness, the Phi Ratio of Time, from Elul 1 to the Yom Kippur Date has the Fulcrum start at the Feast of Trumpets.

In the 2nd Elul Prophetic Pattern concerning the Destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD, the Phi Ratio of Time, from 30 AD, when the Fig Tree was ‘Cursed’ and Jesus’ Ministry reached its Mid-Point, a Type of Yom Kippur, occurred on the 9th of Av in August of 70 AD.

Thus, the Fulcrum of the Phi Ratio Spiral was at 60 AD. And? This factors in the 10 Year Countdown like the 10 Days of Awe that saw the Nation of Israel ‘Judged’ on the Prophetic Type of Yom Kippur, that being the 9th of Av. In the 3rd Type of the Elul Prophetic Pattern, it has to do with the Countdown to the 3rd Temple from 1967.

When using the 14400 Day Count, the Phi Ratio Pattern amazing corresponds to the Delineation of the Fall Feasts of YHVH, starting with the end of Trumpets, to the beginning of Tom Kippur. It concludes on the Type of the End of Sukkot and corresponds to the start of the Year with the Minor Feast Shemini Atzeret. This is just another possible Confirmation of the Elul Prophetic Pattern that could be Prophetic and in-play and about to be fulfilled in one’s Lifetime that will see the Redemption of Jacob.

                                                                            Elul 1 Prophetic Pattern             
6 Day War                                                                    Flood Anniversary                                 New World Order?
Jerusalem recaptured                                                                                                                      3rd Temple?
June 7, 1967                                                               November 8, 2006                                     A Gathering?               
|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ------------------(ɸ ratio)--------------------|
1967       (40 Years x 360day/year = 14400 days)                 2006                                                    2018
‘Elul’                                                                                 ‘Yom Kippur’                                    ‘Shemini Atzeret’?          
                                                                                                                                                  Altar of Sacrifice

One is convinced that the Body of Jesus, Israel and the World are seeing these Event lead to the final ‘Cure’ of the Fig Tree, Israel. And it will be the Rapture Event, a Monumental Event that will End of the Church Age. It will occur in Tandem with start of the construction of the 3rd Temple, as the Spiritual one Jesus has been Constructing will have been finished, Prophetically Speaking.

What was a Precursor Sign of the coming 3rd Temple was that 2018 Event put on by the Nascent Sanhedrin on the Wall of Jerusalem. It was the Rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice. This most assuredly secured the 3rd Temple to come. Why? The Altar is an extension of the Temple.

But in order for the Offerings to be ‘Pure’ or Ceremonially Clean, there must be the Ashes of the Red Heifer. This is required to Cleans not only the Altar, but the Land, and the People that will now be able to go up t the Temple Mount without any Restrictions or Conditions of offering Worship in an Impure Spiritual State.

This is why procuring the Ashes of a Red Heifer is paramount to having the 3rd Temple needing be Build. Why? It is about the Redemption Process of Resorting Jacob or Israel back to a ‘Right Standing’ with HHVH. Although the Intent and Desire is there to ‘Return to YHVH’, the Religious Jews fail and refuse to acknowledge that the Last Sacrifice has been made by the Last Adam.

This Sin Offering has already been made and not just for Israel, but for the entire World. And that Their Messiah has been given over to another Wife, that of a Gentile Bride no less. And that the Groom, their Messiah has been preparing their Bridal Chamber to take her there once that Temple is Completed. So, a Test of the Power of YHVH and His Plan for Israel’s Redemption and Reversal of the Curse, the 3rd overlay of the Elul Prophetic Pattern since the 6-Day War is amazing to consider and its Implications.

If one adds the 14400 Days from the Recapture of Jerusalem, the End-Point was the Anniversary of Noah’s Flood that occurred on November 8, 2006. The Anniversary Day was reminiscent of the 8 Souls onboard the Ark, and the 8th Day of Assembly, Shemini Atzeret which would constitute the 13th Year. Will this Feast be a Significant Prophetic Time Marker that will usher in the Daily Sacrifices? Will this be the Feast whereby the coming AntiChrist will be Crowned as the Jewish Messiah?

Based on the Elul Prophetic Pattern, could this Gathering of the ‘Assembly’ to the King that reads the Law be correlated prophetically to the ‘Confirming the Covenant’? Will it occur in tandem with the gathering of the Bride of Christ in Heaven around the Throne of YHVH? She is to witness the Lamb of GOD, the Lion of Judah as the King read from the Seal Judgment. Realize that if that will be the case, the counterfeit will occur on Earth with the AntiChrist.
He too will ‘sit’ in the Holy of Holies and surround himself with his False Elders of Zion and pronounce Judgments on the inhabitants of the Earth, i.e., the Mark of the Beast, etc. Thus, if the Elul Prophetic Pattern is valid, the Cycle appears to be concluding soon. And a subsequent Time of ‘Testing’ for Jacob and the World is to commence. It will be that of the Daniel’s Last Week of Years as the Church Age finishes her Royal Commission.


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