Arrow of Orion Cosmic Encrypted Patterns

  • Who has designed the major world capitals with this Motif?
  • Why is there an apparent identical Layout as in Cydonia, Mars?
  • What is the meaning behind such a Sacred Geometric Pattern?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to suggest that the Burj Khalifa City Center is configured to the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Cluster. Specifically the Dubai Mall is composed of the Pleiades 6 main circular rooftop design with one in particular that even has a 7 Pointed Star Motif. This Star corresponds to Electra. Many such structures around the World often are associated with a ‘Star Gate’ that is said to be used for Interdimensional Transitions. This is not to say that this Tower specifically does this but that based on the Cosmic Pattern of the Pleiades and Orion, it is referenced and modeled after, at least. This study will show that this particular Pleiades Motif Triune Design, is modeled after the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex with the Pyramid City, the Pentagon Fortress and a Mausoleum of the Face of Ala-lu, or as it is referred to as the Face of Mars. 

The Burj Khalifa corresponds to the Star Atlas. It is said that the tallest structure to date on Earth was inspired by the Hymenocallis Desert Flower. This Flower has a Hexagram Geometry that is replicated in the Tower. In essence, this Burj Khalifa Tower becomes a 3-Dimensional Double Tetrahedron. The study will also suggest that the Tower is an Elongated Design, constructed after Ancient Babylonian Ziggurat Tower Design. The Burj Khalifa would correspond to the Pyramid City with the Mall that has 7 corresponding ‘Star’ Nodes on top of its Roof. Then, the apparent Artificial Water Lake configures an apparent Winged Serpent or ‘Dragon’ Motif, whose face corresponds to the Face of Mars or that of Ala-lu. The center Ley-Line corresponds to the center Calligraphic Stem written in the word for Allah in Arabic. The Burj Khalifa Tower and Lake Outline configures the word for Allah. Perhaps this ‘Face’ correspondence matches with the ‘Face of Allah’ as Ala-lu is attributed to being a type of ‘Allah’, a ‘Snake’ or Dragon.

According to the Cylinder Scrolls of the Sumerians, the Entities, such as Ala-lu were Celestial Beings from another Planet or Dimension that intersected Human History before the Flood of Noah. The next correspondence of the Cydonia, Mars City Complex matches the D&M Pentagon that is yet to be developed as Dubai is experiencing a Hyper Urbanization and Skyscraper Building Frenzy. If the Cydonia, Mars Pattern is what is being portrayed, cryptically, this site will have some sort of Pentagram Design to it. This study strongly suggests that this depiction of the Artificial Lake in the Design of a Flying Dragon is reminiscent of the Snake in the Tree depicted in the Book of Genesis. The Face of the Dragon is patterned after the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex, matches the place where the Face of Ala-lu would be positioned, thus the ‘Face of Allah’. In terms of the Calligraphic Rendering of the Word, ‘Allah’ in Arabic, it is consistent with a depiction of a Serpent in the midst of a Tree.

Lucifer Incognito?

One strongly suggests that Lucifer’s Identity is seen in the Encrypted Identity of the ‘God’ of the Muslims. Again, this is solely based on the Word for Ala-lu, the ‘Rebel’ from the Planet Nibiru that was Exiled and arrived at Earth. Later on, he was Banished to Mars where he was said to have died and a Mausoleum was built in the fashion of the likeness of his Face. Some notable observations about the Burj Khalifa Tower is that the heading is at approximately 333° and is at a 33° arc from North. These are Sacred Geometric Signatures of the Divine or Cosmic Order. These could be very Motifs from Heaven and where the Fallen Angels came from.

These 3 Motifs that comprise both the Dubai City Center and the Cydonia, Mars Complex also configure a Hexagram. In the case of this Burj Khalifa Complex, the Hexagram is more in line with the Rendition of the Proportion matching the Tropics of the Earth, Cancer and Capricorn. The initial Triangle or ‘Pyramid’ is configured from the 3 Motifs of the Pyramid City, the Face of Ala-lu and the Pentagon. Then an ‘Eye’ Motif can be seen from a Top View of this Triangulation. It suggests that the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ of Horus or Lucifer is also attributed to the Khalifa Tower as it is situated at the Apex of this ‘Pyramid’. The following are some measurements taken from Google Earth.

Burj Khalifa
.44 Nautical Miles High
.51 Miles
888 Yards
666 Yards Without Spire
2666 Feet

One can thus suggest that this Burg Khalifa is a Modern ‘Tower of Babel’ corresponding to the Pleiadian Stars. Out of the 7 Stars in the Cluster, it is said that Alcyone is the most Prominent one. This is shown in the Mall Roof-Top as the largest Circular Node corresponds to Alcyone. Out of the 6 Core Nodes of the Mall, the most Prominent one corresponds to Alcyone. It is furthermore believed that the whole Universe actually revolves around this 1 Star. Thus, the Dubai Mall Complex is alleged to be the largest in the World by area. As noted, this Mall is suggested to be patterned after the Pleiades Star Cluster. Moreover the Design of the Corresponding Nodes on top of the Roof are approximately in Phi Ratio to the Mall itself and with the Burj Khalifa Tower. 

This study also suggests that the 3 Roundabouts to the South of the Burj Khalifa Tower appear to be designed in the proportion of the Great Pyramids of Giza. In turn, this Design is mirroring the 3 Stars of Orion’s Belt. The Avenues leading from these Roundabouts also approximate the direction that are associated with the 3 Pyramids. The Design Layout is not exactly a 1 for 1 Correspondence with the Giza Pyramids but when the Great Pyramids are superimposed, the Proportion appears to match. One possible Confirmation that this is an Encrypted Giza Pyramid Pattern is that the Avenue Roundabouts are designed in the Reverse Order of the size of the 3 Giza Pyramids. The Great Pyramid corresponds to the smallest Roundabout and so on. The Pleiadian Motif is usually complemented by an Orion Pattern. It is the Male-Female Depiction in the Cosmos and reflected in the Creation of Humanity by the Creator, YHVH.

Orion Compliment

Another illustration that this study suggests is being portrayed by the Burg Khalifa in Dubai deals with the main Centerpiece. One suggests that from a Top View, it is laid out in a ‘Skull and Bones’ Motif. As noted, the Burj Khalifa Tower is understood to be designed based on the3 Desert Flower that has a Hexagram Design. The Triangular Base also has a Layout that is built upon an Opposite Triangle. This juxtaposition is configured, based on the function of Water Fountains at its Ground Floor. What is also intriguing is that the Design of the Foundation Base resembles a Face, having the 2 Main Fountains as the ‘Eyes’. The Blue Design on the South is as the Mouth Portion. From this Top View, the Tower comprises the core of the ‘Face’ with the ‘Nose;, etc.

The other possible Clue to this ‘Skull and Bones’ Motif is suggested by the design of the Artificial Water Lake that for the most part is in a ‘X” or Cross Layout. It is at a 45 Degree Angle as the ‘Head’ or tower Portion is set at the Apex of this ‘Cross’. Another very interesting aspect about this Rendition of the ‘Skull and Bones’ Motif, that is not usually found in other such Cydonia Mars Layouts around the world, is that at the Center of the ‘X’ or the Intersection, an ‘Eye’ is construed. This would suggest the ‘All-Seeing’ Eye of Horus or Lucifer, etc. Thus, based on the ‘X’ Apex, this ‘Eye’ would be situated at the top of the Pyramid that is commonly associated with the Masonic Emblems.

Lastly, this study suggests that the Burj Khalifa Tower is orientated to correspond to Orion’s ‘Arrow’. The Assertion is based on the Topographical Notion that the Straits of Hormuz or Gate of Hormuz corresponds to the Silver Gate and thus the Tower’s Color. This Gate is at the opposite end with the Golden Gate Typology of the Straits of Gibraltar or the Pillars of Hercules. Thus, a Ley-Line can be drawn to these 2 ‘Gates’. It happens to pass over Mount Hermon at a 33 Degree arc. In essence these 2 ‘Gates’ portray the ones in the Cosmos ‘Guarded by Ophiuchus as ‘Hercules’ and Orion. What is situated in-between? The Garden of Eden or its ‘Gate’, that is the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. This location is at an approximate Phi Ratio to the ‘Gates’ or Straits.

Strait of Gibraltar                                                                                            Strait of Hormuz
Golden Gate                                                                                                           Silver Gate
Ophiuchus (Hercules)                                            Φ                                                 Orion
Entrance to Paradise                                      
                             Exit from Paradise

In fact, the entire Middle East, centered on the Arabian Peninsula is suggested to be the place where the dimensions of Paradise or Eden once was, is and will be. Perhaps the respective Gates that are in Phi Ratio to the place could potentially be the exact spot where even the Tree of Life was situated. Evidence? If the Outline of the Constellation of Orion is also superimposed onto the Core of the Middle East, it would also appear to match the precise Angle of the various Orion Star Constellation Ley-Lines. It appears to connect the major centers of worship like Mecca, Jerusalem, Ararat, etc., with the specific corners pegged to the Temple Mount. If so, then the Orion Star of Saiph corresponds to the Temple Mount. The Star Rigel corresponds to Mecca, etc. Then, the 3 Stars at Orion’s Belt correspond to Babylon, Ur and Eridu that are undisclosed.

The Arrow of Orion thus bisects the spot in Dubai where the Burj Khalifa tower is situated. How this Cydonia, Mars Pattern is configured at the Burj Khalifa Site is based on the Book of Revelation where it describes the exact dimensions of the New Jerusalem. With this ‘Square’ Perimeter in Mind, a Circle can be configured to acquire the Circumference and a Double Circle of the same Circumference produces a Vesica Pisces. This in turn could suggest the actual Region of where the Tree of Life could have been; in a Region in-between Jerusalem and the land of Eridu.

These are but a few of the Motifs the Burj Khalifa City Center Complex has that suggests that its Designers are those that subscribe to the Pleiadian and Orion Cosmic Narrative. And that they have a directly connected Site to the Cydonia, Mars Pyramids. Such Beings are the Fallen Angles that ruled the Nations before the Flood of Noah. Since then, they have handed down the Rulership to certain Chosen Human Family Bloodlines. These are the current ruling elite that control and manipulate the world through such means, for now.

New Jerusalem Border from the Book of Revelation 21.

= 1500 x 1500 miles

From the Temple of YHVH Jerusalem to Mount Ararat and Mecca.

= 666 Nautical Miles or 1,234 Kilometers

This Burj Khalifa Tower Layout based on the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern is seen in Ancient Pyramid Sites around Earth and in Modern World Capitals. Why this Motif is patterned even in the most Modern of Earthly Cities that mimic the Tower of Babel is that perhaps this Triangulation comes from the very place of the Creator and from where Fallen Angels came to Earth to interfere with the Human Creation. In what way? They interjected Forbidden Knowledge and the Secrets of the Universe. Thus, such Structures as the Burj Khalifa are the Encrypted Signatures of the Luciferians that run and control the world through their Money, Media, Militaries and Medicine, etc.

It seems that their End Game is to subjugate Humanity into a sort of Prison Planet on Earth through their ‘Order out of Chaos’. As their Titans were bound in Tartarus, essentially, there is a Prison Planet on Earth for them. So, Lucifer and his Minions are orchestrating all they are and have to unleash their Diabolical Agenda at getting back at YHVH. They seek to prevent Jesus from Returning at Armageddon to establish His Earth 1000 Year Kingdom. The Bible, though, teaches that as YHVH Interrupted Nimrod’s Tower in Babylon, so too will He interrupt Lucifer’s Nimrod and his New World Order. For all the Ages and ‘Great Work’ his Minions have given themselves to prevail over YHVH, they will only be allowed 42 Months to Rule the whole Earth. They will fail.

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