Celestial Motif of the Cosmos in Peru

  • Who were the peoples prior to the Incas in Peru?
  • What purpose did the Pleiades play in this culture?
  • Is Pleiades Pattern a global network from a single source?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Water becomes hard like stone, And the surface of the deep is imprisoned. Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, Or loose the cords of Orion? Can you lead forth a constellation in its season, And guide the Bear with her satellites?’ –Job 38:30-32

The purpose of this exposé is to continue in the study of the encrypted Pleiades patterns found all over the world. This premise is based on Astro-Archaeology that is not accepted currently as a valid science or main-stream school of thought. The theory suggests that ancient pyramid complexes, mostly centers of religious and spiritual significance, are mirrored off the various constellations of the Cosmos. One such template or pattern is that of the Pleiades. This pattern is primarily found in ancient pyramid sites but is also incorporated in modern city grids as it has been shown for London, Paris, Rome, Moscow, etc. This study shows that the ancient site of Caral Supe in Peru is one such site that was unearthed in the mid-1990s by a local Archaeologist. Unapparent to the observer, the pyramids do not appear out of the ordinary in their local area.

What the pyramid positioning does suggest is that the same architectural style is employed as the ones in Teotihuacan and some found even in ancient Sumer. This site was excavated by Dr. Ruth Martha Shady Solís. Based on her findings and date estimations, it is understood and accepted that this site is one of the oldest in the Americas. The date of the Caral Supe pyramid complex is given to be around 2900-2600 BC, which makes it older than the Great Pyramid according to Egyptologists. One must realize that the Great Pyramid of Giza is far older than such would like to admit. Any older date verifications would destroy the paradigm based on the theory of human evolution or Darwinism that cannot accept nor explain a sudden cataclysmic turn of events such as the Noetic Flood.

This universal flood event as told by the Bible is also corroborated in all other ancient pyramid civilization accounts. This paradigm explains the sudden emergence of an entire civilization all around the globe at once after the Flood. It also alludes to a pre-Flood worldwide civilization that could explain the Pyramids of Giza for example and other stipulations based on pure myth at this time such as Atlantis and Lemuria. Peru appears to be the successor of Lemuria as much as North America was of Atlantis based on the lost crafts of Astro-Archaeology and architecture. There are the famous red-headed mummies, the dinosaur picto-glyphs referred to as the Ica Stones. There are the pre-Inca model airplanes that have been replaced and flown. There are the Nazca Lines and animal motifs that can only be seen from the air.

Heavenly Reflections

Peru is the land of Stargates and portals. There is the intriguing ‘Stargate’ of Aramu Maru that is believed according to the local legends to transport people and objects to another dimension or time. There are also the giant megalith building blocks used that are fitted to razor-sharp edges and angles. The whole region of Peru and Bolivia are said to have the same source civilization. This same source was in direct contact with Egypt, Asia and Mesopotamia. Peru as other American societies appear to have used the same mathematics, sacred geometry and astronomy as the ancient Mexicans and Egyptians, at the same time. What is amazing to discover about the Caral Supe pyramid complex is that it is laid out in the configuration of the Pleiades. There are 7 main pyramid structures that correspond to the 7 stars of the star cluster in Taurus.

The most prominent pyramid within the complex corresponds to Alcyone. By some ancient estimations, this sun is believed to be where the entire universe revolves around. There is also a large circular expanse from the structure corresponding to Atlas. This star correspondence is the center of a large circle that could have charted the 12 constellations or the degree of the Precession of the Equinox and/or the months of the year based on seasons denoted by the Solstices and Equinoxes. What this pyramid complex also suggests is that the builders knew of sacred geometry, mathematics, astronomy and Precession of the Equinoxes. For example this circumference centered on Atlas has a perfect north-south longitude. This corresponds to the Ecliptic in the Cosmos. What is also astonishing is that this Pleiades pyramid complex is also oriented to mirror the relationship and position to the Milky Way or the Galactic Plane to the river it is adjacent to and in the approximate same angle.

Thus the pyramid complex is situated next to the river that depicts the same angle as the Pleiades with the Milky Way. Furthermore, the distance of each of the pyramids of Caral Supe has a predominant factor of 13. They either are .13 nautical miles apart or .13 miles apart. It is apparent that 13 was and is a sacred number with esoteric meaning. Based on some current ‘Ancient Astronaut’ theories that are prevalent in the alternative science community, one possible explanation of who these people were and why they commemorated their public squares to mirror the constellations is explained in the Book of Enoch. This book tells that such civilizations that emerged seemingly out of nowhere with intact and complete forms of government, law, writing, art, mathematical and architectural sophistication are explained by Creation and intelligent design.

The Book of Enoch details the civilizations of his day which was pre-Flood as one having direct contact more so in a spiritual way with the Heavenly realm of Beings, most notably the Fallen Angels. The book espouses on the forbidden crafts that the Fallen Angels taught Humanity. Thus it can be for such reasons that the various constellations such as the Pleiades were venerated as they were said to be the abode or stars from where such Angels came from. These Fallen Angels seeking worship of Mankind as Lucifer presented themselves as the ‘god’s that created them and would return one day to ‘save’ Humanity from itself at the brink of its extension. More so, Jesus warned that such a condition would come about as in the Days of Noah with the government ‘disclosure’ of Aliens that will be revealed as part of the Great Deception to come.

The Bible in Genesis 6 along with such books of Enoch and Jubilees for example attribute such sophistication of Astro-Archaeology seen in the Pleiades pyramid complex of Caral Supe to the intervention of YHVH’s rebel Angels that fell along with Lucifer and trespassed the ‘Prime Directive’ of not interfering with the human race on Earth. This is the primary reason why the mainstream archeological and anthropological guardians of evolution reject such premises. It is because the supposed millions of years of human evolutionary timeline cannot explain such structures and sophistication at this supposed time and are thus suppressed or explained away.

It was immediately after the Flood of Noah when the government and the technology and knowledge of the pre-Flood world was understood but monopolized. Only the priestly class from that point on retained total control of such knowledge. It became a means by which they could control the masses. The 3 primary institutions used to control the masses are the financial, government-military and the social-educational sectors. This same priestly class are whom the Fallen Angels continued to have direct contact with such occult sects that became the so called secret brotherhoods and societies and mainstream religions.

Now as then, their contact was and is initiated through fire and magic on one level. These 2 elements are thought to have characterized the Caral Supe societies for example. These same practices are universal it seems as again, such civilizations were in direct contact with each other around the globe. The ley-lines for example from Peru intersect the other major pyramid constellations such as in Mali, Giza, Petra, Babylon, Angkor Wat and the pyramids of China. The following are but some small measure of distances directly associated with Caral Supe and the other celestial pyramid complexes around the world.

To Mt. Hermon, Lebanon
= 7979 miles and in the same ley-line to Babylon

To Great Pyramid of Giza
= 111° map length
= 6696 nautical miles
= 7707 miles

To Chichen Itza, Yucatan
= 33° map length
= 1995.55 nautical miles

To reiterate, the Pleiades is one of the few constellations that is directly referenced in the Bible. This account takes place in the book of Job in chapter 38 where the Creator YHVH is engaged in a dialog with Job. The Pleiades are used as an object lesson and gives perspective that there is order and reason for every action, even those that are not seen nor understood. In the Bible, the Mazzaroth describes the 12 main constellations and their 3 subsidiaries that mark the Cosmos from Earth’s perspective. Such depictions are anthropomorphic and convey a storyline of characters based on the star’s names and attributes.

In the case of the Pleiades, it is attributed to being the Heavenly Congregation as in the Followers of the Creator assembled as it would be in a church service. The Old Testament ascribes the Pleiades as being the Elect that has been subject to a capture by Taurus and needs to be rescued by Orion. To the ancient peoples of the Mediterranean for example, such a celestial depiction was ritualistically rehearsed in their bull fights. In essence, the Matador became Orion, the Bull was Taurus. The ancient myths also evolved into the Greeks pantheon of ‘gods’ primarily that suggested that each star of the Pleiades was a product of the hybrid mixing of ‘gods’ or Angels and human beings.

Could such occultic spirits that had direct interaction then be ready to manifest in these Last Days? In what sense? For example, in the book of Revelation chapter 17:8 states a very unusual circumstance that can now be explained in part due to the context of the modern era. The Beast you saw was once alive but isn't now. And yet he will soon come up out of the Bottomless Pit and go to eternal destruction. And the people who belong to this world, whose names were not written in the Book of Life before the world was made, will be amazed at the reappearance of this Beast who had died.

Although there are many Biblical interpretations of this age-old passage to range from being the Roman Catholic Church to various world empires to the False Prophet, a key element that can now also be aggregated to the argument is that of cloning. Apparently this entity that comes out of the pit is to resurface as it was once recognized as before. It is rather startling that only those during the Tribulation that are not saved will recognize this. This goes to show how important being the Elect or saved is to not be part of this End of Days deception and wrath to come. This will be during the ‘hour of trial’ Jesus promised the Church of Philadelphia it would escape from.

According to the interpretations of Biblical scholar E.W. Bullinger, Taurus represents this ire and wrath of the LORD and judgment because of Humanity’s disobedience and sin. Orion represents the Mighty Hunter or Hero, Rescuer that confronts Taurus as he gives his life for the Elect as his blood atonement appeases the wrath of Taurus’s judgment. The Pleiades are rescued and set free. This narrative is corroborated in the last book of the Bible. As it pertains to the New Testament typology, the Pleiades takes on a more refined inference to that of the Bride of Christ specifically.

The 7 stars are correlated to the 7 Churches of Asia and collectively being transformed and prepared as the Bride to be raptured from the clutches of Taurus’s wrath to come upon the whole world to try them according to the book of Revelation. More so, these Maidens become collectively the ‘Bride’ of the Rescuer, of Christ much like the storyline of the account of the Spy in Jericho where one took a redeemed Rahab and became a noble wife from a former life of prostitution. Amazingly this lineage is traced to the very bloodline of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Did the people of the Caral Supe know of this divine storyline edged in the Cosmos and specifically pertaining to the ‘congregation’ cosmology of the Pleiades?

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