The Sampson Option

  • What is the prophetic significance of theIDF geo-politically?
  • Is there a Biblical connection to why there is an Arms Race?
  • Is there a typology of when the 'Sampson Option' is to occur?

by Luis B. Vega

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'For the Israelites will live many days without King or Prince, without Sacrifice or Sacred Stones, without Ephod or household gods. Afterward the Israelites will return and seek the Lord their God and David their king. They will come trembling to the Lord and to His blessings in the last days.' –Hosea 3:4-5

The purpose of this study, with illustrated chart is to highlight the well-known military might of Israel and its speculative nuclear arsenal. It is believed that Israel possessed nuclear weapons since the mid-1960s. As a result, the nuclear Middle East arms race ensued. Although no official statistics exist, outside of Israel, it has been estimated that Israel possesses 100 - 400 nuclear type of weapons; most are said to be situated underground. Why Israel’s nuclear arsenal is important is because Israel is at the center of the prophetic clock count-down to Armageddon. According to Biblical prophecy, all the nations of the world will come against Israel at the Battle of Armageddon –with nuclear weapons.

Why there is some ambiguity as to the exact count of the nuclear arsenal is that Israel is not subject to the international accounting by way of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. But therein, neither is Pakistan, India, or North Korea for that matter. It was this lack of transparency though that led the USA to invade Iraq on a ‘hunch’ that the country was harboring ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ WMDs, despite numerous UN inspections that reported otherwise. On a side note, Iraq had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks on the USA and yet it was invaded. Nonetheless, Israel seeks to maintain this off-set of balance of power with the Muslims as the neighboring states of Iraq, Syria along with Iran have sought to build their own nuclear programs. The Muslims do have in possession now nuclear weapons, i.e. Pakistan but ethnically they are not Arabs but Hindi.

For the purposes of this study, 1) A comparison will be made of Israel’s alleged nuclear arsenal with that of other current estimated nuclear arsenals of other nations. 2) A possible scenario of a mid-size nuclear detonation over the city of Damascus will be diagrammed to illustrate the scope of its effects. This scenario is prophetically based on the Book of Isaiah 17, which is yet to occur. 3) Some basic definitions of terms of key players will be given to establish some context to the study. 4) Lastly a short Biblical study on the parallels of Judges 6 and Acts 9 will be given. It will be shown that history will be repeating itself based on patterns from the Old Testament.

Pre-emptive Strike Policy
There are some overtones as well between the dealings of modern Israel with the Arabs that are currently in the ‘Promised Land’ as Joshua had to deal with them at the ‘Walls of Jericho’. It appears that there are some profound spiritual implications for our day from the Apostle Paul‘s experience on the ‘Road to Damascus’ as well. From an Israeli point of view, Muslim nuclear programs were and are seen as a direct threat to its national survival. Having come off the concentration camps of World War 2, the young Jewish Nation became legitimately anxious as to its survival. All-out war was declared by all its Arab neighbors starting the day Israel declared statehood on May 14, 1948. Israel had to start off with the fight of her life. Metaphorically, this was a depiction, in one sense of the vision as depicted in the Book of Revelation 12 and 13.

A Red Dragon sought to devour the ‘man-child’ that was about to be birthed of the Virgin with 12 Stars. When one sees a tiny country being invaded by 7 well-armed Arab armies simultaneously, one has good cause to be suspect of the Muslim’s intentions, now as then. Israel has thus embarked on a policy of preempting strikes first to maintain this off-set balance of power. For example, Israel struck nuclear reactors in Iraq in 1981 and in Syria in 2007 as it has been noted in the previous section of the study. If one does a study on the subject of the ‘Last Days’ as stated by the Book of Hosea, one will plainly see that the Arab-Israeli conflict is foremost a religious struggle, though most would refuse to see it that way. Westerners distinguish between church and state, the whole of the Middle East culture does not. The conflict centers on which ‘faith’ and world view will prevail. The Holy Books of Judaism and Islam portray 2 very contrasting views of who ‘GOD’ is and who the ‘Promised Land’ belongs to.

This is despite the misguided Christians who claim that ‘Allah’ is the same ‘God’ of the Bible. At the core of this conflict is the issue of the ‘Promised Land’ and its tile deed. Whom does it belong to? It is a matter of not being able to accommodate 2 people who claim the same space and time. Contrary to popular opinion and even of some liberal misinformed Christians, ‘Allah’ is not the same LORD and God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Islam is not the progressive successor to a failed Christianity as Muslims claim. If this where the case, why do Muslims behead those who ‘convert’ to Christianity if it is ‘the same God’?What is transpiring before the world stage in these Last Days, in the current headlines, are the prophecies of the Bible that are setting the stage for the ultimate conclusion and fulfillment at Armageddon.

Many do not realize or associate that this ‘Last Battle’ is directly associated with the ‘Last Days’ that Hosea spoke about. He alluded to the 2nd Coming or Return of Jesus Christ –physically which at that time Israel will be fully restored to ‘faith’ and in ‘faith’ toward their True Messiah. Thus, Israel is a benchmark in time that stipulates when Israel’s Messiah, Jesus Christ is to return. It will be at the Battle of Armageddon when Israel will have no place to go and nowhere to look, except up. The sign of Messiah’s appearing will be very ominous; it will be when Israel and the world will see all the armies of the world gathered together in the Valley of Megiddo against Israel.

Prophecy in the News Headlines
So those that calculate that Christ comes before this climax happens -rather than later, miss the realization that the dominoes of Arab countries are being put in place for this event to occur. In the meanwhile, Israel fears that if Islamists attain a nuclear warhead, given the opportunity, radical Islamists with or without the aid or control of Arab governments will use the nuclear warhead in attempts to destroy the State of Israel. All the charters of the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood call for the total destruction of the State of Israel. These entities are not even sovereign countries but paramilitary and pseudo-states within a state. They often work hand-in-hand with various Muslim governments. According to the Koran, it is the primary duty of every Muslim to oppose the Jews and Christians. It is a unifying factor for the Arab and non-Arab Muslims of the world; to have this primary religious goal and political aspiration.

These are the groups that the ‘Arab Spring’ has swept into power. These agencies now have stately power and control of the chemical, biological and nuclear arsenals. They have done and will do what no Arab government can or would do as official policy, except for Iran perhaps. Why? The rebirth of the sovereign nation of Israel negates Islam as a ‘true religion’. To reiterate, the mere existence of the State of Israel repudiates the notion that Islam is the final revelation of ‘god.’ The fact that after nearly 1948 years from the destruction of the Holy Temple in 70 AD, Israel is reborn from the ashes of the concentration camps on the verge of annihilation is a direct and concrete witness to the prophecy of Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones vision. Moreover, it is a prophetic countdown to Armageddon as the world and the Arabs and Jews are put on notice, that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob still honors His Land Covenant.

This Land Covenant was specifically given to Israel to be an inheritance forever, to all generations for the ‘seed of Abraham’, mainly the Son of David, Jesus Christ. The lesson learned by the Jewish people after World War 2 is that before Hitler came to power, he published in this book, Mein Kompf what he would do exactly to the Jews, given the chance once he would be in political power to do so; Hitler did just what he wrote about and meant. Why Iran is such a contentious issue and concern to Israel is that the religious leaders and Presidents of Iran has on numerous occasions and in mass rallies, prescribed a similar apocalyptic scenario against the State of Israel and the Jews, Christians included.

The Shi’ite eschatology prescribes a ‘nuclear’ sort of holocaust against Israel in an attempt to usher in their 12 Imam or Mahdi the Muslim Messiah. This world figure will ‘finish’ the job with the Jews and Christians as he will rule for ‘7 years’ from Jerusalem. At that time, he and with the help of the ‘Muslim Jesus’ will fully destroy not only the Jews in Israel but will break all the Christian Crosses and forcibly convert all of Humanity to Islam or be condemned to death by decapitation. This Mahdi is to usher thereafter the true and pure religion of Islam. Any objector will be decapitated, Muslim style. If is prophecy is believable and true, it will surely lead the entire world against Israel to the Battle of Armageddon.

The End game
By contrast, another Islamic country, that of Pakistan which happened to be the first Muslim country to attain nuclear weapons, does not go about boasting publicly from a government’s official policy stance, that it has a divine mandate from ‘Allah’ to eradicate the State of Israel, Jews and Christians. Israel thus takes Iran’s Islamic Shi’ite militant threats, to wipe Israel off the map, literally. Since 2010 there has actually been a de-facto war going on between Iran and Israel over this very postulation; through cyber software viruses, scientists being targeted, killed and nuclear facilities are being sabotaged covertly. Currently Iran has attained nuclear status and is deciding if it will use this technology to weaponize its military with it. As these nations are playing into Biblical prophetic scenarios, Israel may very well likewise preemptively strike Iran and/or Syria because of this perceived threat. This in turn will cascade into several Biblically foretold invasions of Israel by the Muslim nations that will set the inevitable stage for the countdown to Armageddon.

To reiterate, the Samson Option is a term used to describe Israel’s alleged nuclear deterrence strategy of ‘mutual assured destruction’ MAD since the mid-1960s. It is characterized by initiating a massive retaliation with nuclear weapons, as a ‘last resort’, against an onslaught or envision of Israel by its Muslim neighbors. It is taken from Judges 13-16 in the Bible. It is where Samson is tied-up as a spectacle between 2 pillars of the Philistine Temple of their god Dagon. Samson regained enough strength at the end to collapse the whole temple upon himself and upon all that were present. Samson perished but took down several 1000s along with him. This is the principle behind the alleged policy. It could be implemented at a point in time when Israel would deem it so hopeless and necessary -to the point that this desperate act would assure the destruction of all parties involved.

Why this assertion could have some merit is that the Jewish population in Israel is geographically concentrated. Any nuclear attack on Israel itself would literally wipe the ‘Jews off the map’ of the Middle East with just 2 or 3 nuclear warheads. Currently in Israel proper, the Jewish population is tiny compared to other nations. It stands at just over 7 million with another 7 million still scattered throughout the nations of the world. Thus, any threat from a nation or group that aims at genocide involving a potential nuclear threat to exterminate the Jewish race and Faith is taken literally and seriously by the Jewish government. As it has shown in the past, Israel will not hesitate to strike first to preempt any chemical, biological or nuclear immanent threat to preserve its survival.

Hypothetically, a nuclear strike on Israel from either an Iranian nuclear warhead or Syrian chemical and/or biological bomb would be catastrophic. As most of Israel’s population and military complex is concentrated in the Tel-Aviv area, the Jewish population and infrastructure would be decimated by at least 1/3 or 33%. Nearly 2.3 million people would parish over the course of minutes and this would be with just using 1 mid-sized 200 kiloton warhead (20 megatons). It is this region in Israel that would be ideal for a 1st strike by its Arab enemies. The guarantee of national survival really depends on who will be the one who will preemptively strike first?

Israeli Military Complex
It is just a matter of when. The military forces of Israel are said to be one of the best trained in the world. Israel has gotten to the point that it is one of the leading exporters of weaponry to other countries. Current overall Personnel is estimated to be at 3,511,190 with active Military at 187,000. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) differs from most armies in the world in many ways. It is ranked 10th in the world overall according to several military statistics websites. Here is a general overview.

Israeli Army (IDF)
Total Land Weapons: 12,552
The IDF has served as Israel's armed forces in all the major wars and military operations. The number of wars and border conflicts in which IDF has been involved in its short history has made it one of the most battle-hardened armies in the world.

Israeli Air Force
Total Aircraft: 1,964
Israel’s Air Force is said to be the best in the world. Although Israel’s Air Force lacks strategic bombers to deliver nuclear weapons over long range, its F-15I and F-16I Sufa fighter jets are capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

Israeli Navy
Total Navy Ships: 64
Israel is believed to have an offshore nuclear second-strike capability, using submarine launched nuclear-capable cruise missiles. These devices can be launched from the Israeli Navy's Dolphin-class submarines.

This agency is responsible for intelligence, covert operations, assassinations, counterterrorism, bringing Jews to Israel from countries where Aliyah is forbidden and protects Jewish communities worldwide. Mossad's former motto was from Proverbs 24v6 in the Bible: ‘For by wise guidance you can wage your war’. Others translate it to mean, ‘By Deception, Thou Shalt Make War.’ The motto was later changed to Proverbs 11v14.

List of Wars with Arabs
1948 Independence War
1956 Sinai War
1967 Six-Day War
1953 War of Attrition
1973 Yom Kippur War
1982 Lebanon War I
1982–2000 South Lebanon conflict
1987 1st Intifada
2001 2nd Intifada
2006 Lebanon War II
2008 Gaza War

Jericho Nuclear Missiles
This is the name given to Israel’s ballistic missile systems. The codename was taken from the Biblical city of Jericho. The Jericho III is estimated to have a range of 5000-7000 miles. It gives Israel nuclear strike capabilities within the entire Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and almost all parts of North America, as well as parts of South America. A launch from a submarine off the coast of any landmass would arrive in major world cities within 2 minutes from its launch.
Jericho I: 1970s
This is a short-range missile at 500 km 310 miles able to carry only about a 20 Kiloton Warhead (20x) that of Hiroshima. This first-generation system is said to be now obsolete.

Jericho II: 1980s
This is a medium range missile. It could be launched from a silo, a railroad flat truck, or a mobile vehicle. This gives it the ability to be hidden, moved quickly, or kept in hardened silos.
This second generation system is designed to survival any 1st strike attack.

Jericho III: 2000s
This is a long-range missile. It is speculated that it is an ICBM has a three-stage solid propellant. It is possible for the missile to be equipped with a single 750 kiloton nuclear warhead or multiple low yield Multiple Independent targeted Reentry Vehicle (MIRV) warheads.

A Nuclear Detonation Scenario
Given the current volatile political and religious confrontations of the Middle East, scenarios will be presented that will ascertain an inevitable nuclear confrontation between Israel and its Muslim neighbors. The Arab countries that are geographically falling like dominoes seems like a well-designed explosion that could well trigger this confrontation with Israel in the near future.  Syria is aligned with the policy and aspirations of Iran in its stance against the State of Israel. Iran is a staunch supporter of Hezbollah that is also Shi’ite. You have to also realize that since the Armistice of 1948, Israel and Syria have technically been in a constant state of war with each other. They have no normalized diplomatic relations. There are several factors that could play in the scenario in which Israel might find it necessary to strike first, either at Iran, or Syria or both.

Scenario 1:
Assad of Syria or the Rebels that could control the country, in a desperate attempt to deflect pressure from the internal civil war, will attack Israel with chemical/biological weapons to foster nationalism and divert the insurgent’s focus upon a common ‘enemy’. There are conflicting reports that both the government and the armed insurrection in Syria have already used such weapons on each other with civilian casualties. Most of the weaponry that the ‘Free Syrian Army’ has acquired is from the West through the CIA, M16, Saudis, etc. Libyan stockpiles of chemical biological sashes have also been brought in by the al-Qaeda mercenaries with the aid of the West. Despite Assad ruling Syria with an iron fist for so many years, he has now found himself being the target of the same fate as other Arab leaders that need to be ‘removed’.

The Globalists have been toppling these Arab governments by the hand of Western supported al-Qaeda elements, other Arab mercenaries from Saudi Arabia and from government opposition factions. What is means for Israel is that a more Islamic radicalized government will be in power opposing the State of Israel. Thus if Israel suspects that a credible plan of attack by any or one of these groups on Israel will be immanent, no doubt involving the use of biological and/or chemical weapons, Israel will strike first to avert this scenario.

Scenario 2:

A ‘false-flag’ will come from the growing elements of the planted covert black-ops within Syria as a pretext of blaming the government of Syria itself –much like the massacre of Homs. This is has already occurred but with failed results. Many believe that behind the current Middle East scenes, the ‘Black Hand’ of the diabolical Globalists cabal has been designing and implementing their plans, step by step – country by country. There is evidence that this ‘Black Hand’ behind the scenes pulls the strings of world affairs and that initiates wars and conflicts on innocent populations.

The Department of State is one such culprit and is a den of vipers. It has thus far insured the overthrow by design of Tunisia, Libya, parts of Yemen and Egypt. Now Syria and the Ukraine have been designated to implode like the others. This outcome will ensure that, at an opportune time, there will be an eventual united Arab assault on Israel as foretold in Psalm 83. The ‘Fee’ Syrian Army is not free, not Syrian, and not an Army. It is mostly made up of al-Qaida and extremist Jihadist mercenaries imported from Libya and Saudi Arabia, other Muslim nations and by the Western Powers/CIA, SAS etc. If any or one of these elements takes control of the Syrian government by subversion, they may very well initiate a false-flag attack on Israel that will be intended to be perceived as coming from the Syrian government itself.

Damascus - 200 Kilotons
Israel would retaliate before an all-out front could occur with such weapons in the hand of their enemies that have sworn to use them to obliterate the 'Zionist State'. Hypothetically, if Israel were to strike Syria first with a nuclear warhead, it would mean that the perceived threat to Israel would be to such a level that the potential genocide of the Jewish race would be hanging in the balance. This is no small or trivial decision to make for Israel. Such apocalyptic scenarios could surely spark the start of the ‘countdown’ to World War 3 and the prophetic Gog-Magog invasion of Israel that ultimately will lead the nations to Armageddon. 

A nuclear strike from an Israeli submarine off the coast of Lebanon for example, would arrive in Damascus within 2 minutes from launch. A Jericho nuclear warhead from a silo in the Negev desert would arrive in Damascus with 4 minutes. A strike using F15 jets would not be the best options as Syria has advanced Russian anti-aircraft missiles. The city proper of Damascus has a radius of 10 miles which includes the ancient center and ‘Straight Street’ where the Apostle Paul stayed after his encounter with Jesus Christ on the Road to Damascus as recorded in the Book of Acts 9. This is how just a 200-kiloton warhead would do to a city the size of Damascus.

It would be estimated that around 1.7 million people would be killed instantaneously from Ground Zero. Another 4.8 million lives would be directly affected within the metropolitan 30-mile radius. The stats below outline the ramifications of a mid-size nuclear detonation at .8 miles above the city. In all probability, there is no likelihood that just 1 nuclear devise would be detonated. No doubt there will be several warheads launched to assure certain and successful deliveries.

Destruction    Total               Heavy             Moderate                    Mass Fires            Radiation
Miles               .3                     1.6                   2.4                               4.3                   6.5
PSI                  30                    10                    5                                  2                      1

1 Kiloton warhead = 1x Hiroshima                
20 Kiloton warhead = 20x Hiroshima            
100 Kiloton warhead = 100x Hiroshima

Statistics of Damashq

‎- Called the City of Jasmine
- Urban area of 30 square miles
~ 2 million in large metropolitan area
- 50 miles inland from Mediterranean
- 2,230 ft above sea-level
- At Latitude 33º30′47″N 36°17′31″E
- between latitude of Hiroshima 34º and Nagasaki 32º
- 1 of oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world
- 1 of oldest continuous Christian church founded by St. Paul
- Sunni Muslims 85%
- Christians 10%
- Others including Druze 4%
- Jewish 1%

Current World Estimated Nuclear Arsenals
The table below depicts nearly all the top armies of the world ranked by Global Firepower.com. About half the nations listed with current arsenals are not party to the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which requires UN inspection and regular monitoring. Below is the nuclear proliferation demographic make-up of nations that have the technology of harnessing the atom for military purposes. All the major world religions are now also represented: Christianity, Atheism, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

Rank   Country          # Warheads    NPT     Faith
1          Russia             13,000             Yes      Orthodox Christianity
2          USA                10,000             Yes      Protestant Christianity
3          China              410                  Yes      Atheism
4          France             350                  Yes      Catholic Christianity
5          UK                   200                  Yes      Anglican Christianity
6          Israel               150 -400          No       Judaism
7          India                75                    No       Hinduism
8          Pakistan          60                    No       Islam
9          North .Korea   6                      No       Atheism               

Political Analysis
If the Syrian government falls, it will be inevitable that groups like Hezbollah and the other special-opt or covert paramilitary groups will fully control all the chemical and biological stockpiles of the nation as they have been in Libya and Egypt. Current reports state that the rebels have been funneled such weapons already from Libya and Saudi Arabia. Why this is volatile is that given this eventual outcome, Israel will have yet another entire militant Islamist country on its border to contend with. This latest projection of the outcome in favor of the insurrection will have the whole of a country bent on the same quest to destroy Israel. This could be the trigger that might set the stage for a much larger Israeli-Muslim confrontation.

As to why the MI6, the CIA, and British SAS are in Syria working with the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Council remains to be fully explained to the American taxpayer. This situation eerily echoes the same ‘Game Plan’ of imposing economic sanctions and no fly zones on Iraq, Libya, and Serbia, etc. These were used to set up the stage for eventual invasion. The UN and US sanctions against the Assad regime has only put Assad in a corner. He will be forced to use brutal force to squelch the insurrection that has been propagated much like it was in Libya and Egypt by co-opt and foreign subversives supported by the West.

To the Muslim point of view, Israel is seen as ‘Zionists’ bent on expansionist policies that are based on a ‘religious’ Biblical mandate to take ‘their’ land and rule the world. The Muslims view the Jews of Israel as racists on a power quest to dominate not only the region but the world through their international banking cartels and multi-national corporations. Israel’s self-defense tactics used to ensure its security and of its treatment of the Palestinians have caused many in the world to turn against them. Israel will eventually be left to its own demise. Perhaps at that point it is when Israel will have no choice but to rely on its nuclear deterrence for ensuring its survival and perhaps a promised ‘Peace and Security’ deal that is procured by the new emergent leader of the New Word Order to come after such a World War. The following section will breakdown the entities that are prominent in the quest to force regime change in Syria and in the Muslim world in general.

The word literally means ‘The Base’. It is a global militant Islamist organization said to be founded by Osama bin Laden around 1987-88. It ascribes to a radical Sunni doctrine that calls for ‘Global Jihad’ against Israel and the USA/West. It ascribes to a strict interpretation of Sharia Law. It is widely believed that it carried out the attacks of September 11 in the US. But due to increasing and mounting evidence, it is becoming more apparent that 9-11 was in ‘inside job’. Others even go so far as to assert that al-Qaeda is the creation of the CIA during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Muslim Brotherhood
This organization is the largest political opposition in many Arab countries. It was founded in Egypt in 1928. They combine political activism with Islamic charity work to gain popular support. Their agenda strives to have Islamic governments eventually unite under one Caliphate. This ‘United States of the Arabs’ seeks Jerusalem as its capital. Following the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 this entity was legalized and gained a majority seats in the legislature. Of note, the party forbids women or Copts from holding certain political offices. Egypt has an estimated six million Coptic Christians. The organization was funded by Hitler during WW2 and started as a Masonic Lodge that is current to this day.

The word means ‘Islamic Resistance Movement’. Hamas also means devotion and zeal in the path of Allah. It is a Palestinian Sunni Islamic organization founded in 1987 during the First Intifada or uprising against Israel. Their main objective is to liberate Palestine by destroying Israel and establishing an Islamic state in its place. In 2006 Hamas won a majority vote for control of Gaza against the PLO-Fatah party. The largest supporters of Hamas are Saudi Arabia and Iran. Hamas is one that distinguishes between so called ‘Jews’ and ‘Zionists’. Its struggle is said to be solely directed against the State of Israel, although Hamas denies the Holocaust.


The word literally means ‘Party of God’. It is a Shi'a Muslim militant group and political party based in Lebanon. Their main goal was to ensure Israel’s departed from Lebanon during Israel’s occupation of Southern Lebanon in the early 80s. It also calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, which they refer to as the ‘Zionist’ entity. It engages in guerrilla war tactics against Israel. It was the first to use human suicide bombers and the capturing of Israeli soldiers. The forces are trained and organized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The Road to Damascus - Parallels of Acts 9:3
Damascus then as it is now is a key commercial hub with trade routes that made it one of the major cross-point in the Middle East. It was at this city that according to the Bible, Saul's view of Christianity before his conversion is like that of the Arabs view of the Jews now in Israel; they both wanted and want everyone involved with it, destroyed. Saul was nearing Damascus but suddenly found himself surrounded by a very ‘bright light’. He fell to the ground and heard a voice from the heavens say, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?" It was voice was of Jesus Christ Himself.

It was not the Believers of Christ but Jesus Christ Himself whom Saul was opposing. Likewise, Arabs don’t realize that it is not the Jews or ‘Zionist’ that they opposing and seek to annihilate but Jesus Christ Himself whose land and people are both tied to or ‘covenanted’ to the land as an inheritance from YHVH. The Jews and the land of Israel are inseparable in the eyes of the LORD. And the Jews, despite centuries of persecution and slaughter in the name of ‘god’, both Christian Catholic primarily and Muslim can never be completely destroyed.

If so, then YHVH would be reneging on His promise to Abraham, King David and for that matter, YHVH left but 1 tribe, Judah to fulfill and keep His promise. Saul was feared and considered a fierce opposer to those Followers of the ‘Way’ -yet Saul converted due to this encounter with Christ’s direct judgment on the Road to Damascus. Likewise, Syria is considered a considerable foe. Yet according to Isaiah 17, Damascus will face a similar direct judgment as it is perhaps metaphorically ‘blinded’ by a nuclear ‘bright light’. There might very well be a lot of conversions on the part of both the Arabs and Jews after such a nuclear strike.

Perhaps because the Muslim Allah did not protect the Arabs from such a horrific judgment, the Jews because they see their prophecy fulfilled and because the majority of Christians just disappeared right before the detonation or because given the state of war, the either the slaughter of Syrian Christians at the hand of the Muslims have rendered Syria free of the Christian witness. This is a speculation that the Rapture and a ‘sudden destruction’ coincide. Saul experienced 3 days of blindness. Perhaps there will be 3 days of total darkness as the nuclear fires rage and the dark clouds descend on Damascus with radioactive ashes that block-out the Sun’s light. Perhaps as the darkness fall on Damascus, the ‘light’ of GOD’s Word will relieve Israel’s temporary blindness per Romans 11:25. Paul became one of the greatest witnesses for Christ after his conversion. His ministry took him through imprisonments and persecutions for his witness.

As many suggest that, as the Rapture could coincide with a ‘sudden destruction’, perhaps such will be the time and case when the Witness of the LORD will be transferred from the Church to the 144,000 Jewish Evangelist –sealed and anointed as the Book of Revelation describes. These, like Saul are the ones that will see the ‘bright light’ of Christ and come to See Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of Israel. They in turn will have the same zeal and fervor for world evangelism as Paul had and with the same power, effects, and outcome. Paul at the end of his ministry was executed by the Roman AntiChrist type Nero for being a witness to Christ. Many believers during the Tribulation that were witnessed by the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists will likewise be beheaded and martyred for their witness.

The Walls of Jericho - Parallels from Joshua 6
Perhaps is will be in the context of the ‘revived Roman Empire’ many prophecy scholars allude to that will be in place in the ‘Last Days’. There will be a consequence for not taking on the Money Changer’s banking system Mark that will be mandated for any commerce to occur. These are the ones that will not pay political or religious allegiance to the False Prophet and Anti-Christ, whoever they will be but will pay with their very lives. A spiritual comparison between Jericho and Damascus will be made with some overtones alluding to a Rapture type. It will involve the manner in which Jericho was ‘suddenly’ destroyed. Perhaps it may well be the same way in which Damascus is to be ‘a heap of ruins’ IF Isaiah 17 is what it is referring to.

Jericho was encircled 7 times and on the 7th time, the city was encircled 7 times. Here is a 7-7-7 pattern that speaks of ‘completion’ or totality. As a result, the city walls 1) fell down and 2) the fighting men went up at 3) the shouts and sounding of the Jewish Shofars. Some Biblical scholars say this is a type or picture of the Rapture. Perhaps at the time when a ‘sudden destruction’ comes upon a city that opposes Israel’s right to the Promised Land, like Damascus, the Rapture could occur at a Spring term. It is also interesting to note that for the first time since World War 2, the Jewish population has reach nearly 14 million world-wide. The Jewish Population was nearly decimated in the Nazi concentrations camps by the end of World War 2. It appeared that Ezekiel’s ‘valley of dry bones’ came to pass.

Miraculously a Jewish Nation was thereafter born from the ashes to become one of the greatest armies in the world to this day. Since then there has been a steady increase in Jewish demographics that puts Jews now living in Israel proper at over 7 million and another 7 million throughout the world. Here therein is another 7-7 pattern that perhaps might be tied in to the ‘Last Days’ that Hosea spoke about. Perhaps it would be in the ‘Last Days’ when, at a certain point in time, based on a particular number count of Jews being alive, a ‘completion’ will occur. This ‘completion’ could be when all of National Israel would seek and realize Jesus Christ to be their Messiah when His 2nd Return occurs. As many Biblical scholars believe we are now living in the Last Days, such prophetic scenarios could very well be fast approaching us in our very lifetime. This could very well be what Daniel 8:14 refers to.

Jericho’s total annihilation and of its inhabitant, minus Rahab and her family, produced such a psychological trauma for the rest of the Canaanites that remained throughout the land, that they thereafter sought peace with the Israelites. Perhaps so too, once Damascus is a ‘heap of ruins’ as Isaiah 17 describes it, the once fortified and proud Arab city that will fall fast and hard will be so devastating to the morale of the rest of the Arab world that they will seek ‘peace’ with Israel. Or this peace, a false peace at that will occur after the defeat of the Inner Ring of Muslim nations of the Psalm 83 War. To the Muslim psyche, a ‘peace’ is only a reprieve to rearm for a future war. At this time, thereafter, is when Israel, for the time being, will live in ‘un-walled cities’ but with a false sense of security due to the ‘peace’ that ensues. This might very well be the time when the Land ‘Covenant will be confirmed’ by the then identified Anti-Christ and the ‘Many’.

This period of peace will be short-lived as the Outer-Ring of Arab neighboring nations will have only bought time to re-gather strength and ally themselves with Russia. This will culminate in a massive attack on Israel as described in the Gog-Magog invasion of Israel. It is also interesting that the city of Damascus lies at the 33º latitude. This is key in that the occultists, that run world governments and wage world wars, specifically express their dealings through specific numbers and places. For example, Hiroshima lies almost on the same exact 33º line as Damascus. Nagasaki lies at the 32º latitude. Many suggest that these cities were precisely chosen to be destroyed by the first nuclear bombs because of their latitude number association. This happened on 1945, August 6th for Hiroshima and then 3 days later on August 9 that with Nagasaki.

A 6-3-9 pattern which is significant in the occult. Could it be no different for Damascus if there is some validity to this assertion of what Isaiah 17 declared about it and where the city happens to be geographically situated in terms of numerology? In Jericho, Rahab and her family were the only ones ‘saved’ from the city’s sudden destruction. They were passed over due to the red chord that needed to be placed outside their home as a ‘sign’ to the Israelites. This speaks of the red Blood of Christ that spares us from the Wrath of God’s judgment upon sin. In a far larger metaphorical sense, the judgment of God upon this world can be seen as a ‘Jericho’. Like Jericho and possibly Damascus, to a lesser analogy, once the Judgments of YHVH start to be poured out by the breaking of the Seals of Revelation, the vial of our mortality will fall like the walls of Jericho.

YHVH’s People go up as the fighting men did that were led by Joshua, a type of Jesus, the ‘Captain of our Salvation’ that will be calling His Bride to go up. This is when perhaps, at a point in time, the Shout -the Voice of the Arch Angel and the Trump of God will initiate the Blessed Hope. As the LORD spared Rahab and family from the city’s destruction, so too the LORD promises to spare those whose sins are washed by the Blood of Christ, the Messiah. It is the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross that can only paid for sins. The sins are washed away through His shed blood.

Christ moreover has also qualified His Followers to share in Christ’s very own inheritance. Christ’s Blood is that ‘sign’ against the coming wrath of YHVH on this world much like Rahab had on the walls of Jericho. This covering of the Blood was a type of the Passover going out of Egypt and a Passover going into the Promised Land. This sign is the proclamation of the Blood of Christ over homes and families as Rahab had that witnessed against the judgment of the LORD to come upon the nations after the Rapture.

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