Factors Leading-up to Daniel’s 70th Week

  • Is the Tribulation Period to start in the Fall of 2021 and why?
  • What year is being used to determine this start year?
  • When will Daniel's 70th Week of Years begin?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider why many who study End Times are convinced, the Fall of 2021 will be the start of the Biblical 7-year Tribulation Period. This study will show that this will be impossible to have happen for a variety of factors that will be presented. The supposition is that the timeline is set to the Fig Tree Prophecy concerning the re-birth of the Nation of Israel in 1948. This event was foretold and is valid. However, there is a discrepancy as to what is or should be the year marker that starts the timeline or countdown of that Last Generation that will see the return of Jesus. Some would argue the start year should be from 1947 as that is when Israel essentially became a de facto State. This was due to the British Mandate being handed over to the UN. The UN Partition Plan then called for a 2-State Solution, etc.

Israel accepted the ‘Deal’ but the Arab Muslims refused it. In May 14, 1948 Israel did declare Independence and the Arab Muslims declared war on Israel. Then the War of Independence ensued and Israel amazingly won here sovereignty. Thus, most use the 1948 year as the starting point of the Last Generation of the Fig Tree Prophecy. But there are those that argue that if the parallel prophecy of Daniel is in place, the start year has to commence with a ‘Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem’. This did occur but not until 1949 and the rebuilding lasted until 1953. Nonetheless, 1948 is the prevailing formula being calculated by Prophecy Watchers. This study, however, suggests that it should be from 1949 when the ‘Decree’ was made. Most nonetheless, are factoring-in the 80-year generation limit from 1948, then are subtracting 7 years from that to get 2021. And as such, the concluding result is that the ‘Tribulation Period’ must start in the Fall of 2021.

This is regardless of the Sabbatical Cycle Theory as it would be off by a year. And then how the assertion is assumed that the Tribulation Period starts irrespective of the Daily Sacrifices that then demands a 3rd Temple nor of the Rapture event even. Thus, there is much to consider as the 1948 start year is just too simplistic of a calculation based on this Math that is using a Western or Gregorian Calendar year count as it is. Realize that the Tribulation Period is counted using 360/days or more precisely 1260 days, or a total of 2520 days. This is regardless of which Calendar one will end-up using. This study will strongly suggest that many factors are in play and have to come together all prophetically, in sync to converge on the Tribulation Period. Most notably, that if the Tribulation Period is to start in the Fall of 2021, there is not enough time to build the 3rd Temple. And the AntiChrist has to be revealed, yesterday. The actual day count is contingent upon the start, interruption and completion of the Daily Sacrifices.

On Your Mark…

This then necessitates the AntiChrist coming on the World Scene and then this necessitates the Rapture event having to have happen before this. So, given the prevailing 1948 start year, the Fall Feasts of 2028 are when Jesus is to return, then the Tribulation Period has to start in the Fall of 2021. Although it sounds good and it makes for good talking points, this study has to disagree. And those who will put their faith and trust on the Tribulation Period starting in the Fall of 2021 will be disappointed, again.

Now one would agree that the year 2021 could be the Rapture Year though. Here are some reasons. The reasons have been stated before, but they will be revisited. The 1948 base year may not be the correct starting point. If one is using the parallel template from Daniel, the ‘Decree to Rebuilt Jerusalem’ has to also be applied then. This ‘Decree’ did not occur in 1947, or in 1948 but in 1949 when the Knesset made that Proclamation as Jerusalem was virtually destroyed in the War of Independence. So, a more accurate calculation would be the following.

1949 + 80 years = 2029 - 7 years =

One does believe that Jesus along with His Bride will be returning at a future Yom Teruah Fall Feast. It is argued that Jesus is to fulfill those other remaining Fall Feasts in succession within the weeks/days as He did for the Spring Feasts at His 1st Advent. But the Tribulation Period cannot start in the Fall of 2021. For one, it would be impossible to finish the 3rd Temple by then. Even at breakneck speed to erect the Temple, it would take at least 2-3 months. This means that starting in July to August in 2021, the construction has to occur and this is not the present case, not by a long shot. The Geo-Political circumstances leading-up to the Tribulation Period are also not in place that will be initiating the demand for the 3rd Temple as a rallying cry for ‘World Peace’.

It will be a ‘House’ of Prayer for All Nations that the AntiChrist will exploit. He will be like the Nimrod that will rally the Nations around the Temple as the ‘Tower of Power’. And to also suggest that the revealing of the Ark of the Covenant will be the prime motivating factor. It would also mirror the Dispensation reverting back to the Time of the Law and Israel. And as mentioned, what will also be reason for the 3rd Temple and a call for ‘Peace and Security’ is how Israel will have won a major Regional War against its immediate Muslim Neighbors. This might well be the Psalm 83 War. Thus, as one can assess, such variables are not yet fully in place to initiate the 70th Week of Years.

Now, as mentioned, one believes that the actual Tribulation Period is based on the start of the Daily Sacrifices’ day counts, not the Rapture nor the ‘Confirming the Covenant’ event, whatever that will be or look like. Consider that the Tribulation Period to start in September 2021, during the Fall Feasts, in actuality are not technically occurring in the ‘Fall’. This is one evidence that the current Rabbinical Calendar is off and that it should be based on the Equinoxes, or perhaps not. But to reiterate that there has to be the Isaiah 17 event that then will lead to the Psalm 83 War soon after the Rapture. This is as one sees the sequence as the Tribulation Period start year is not independent of such variables and it cannot start instantaneously for no reason.

Sabbatical Cycles

No such events are occurring in the Summer of 2021 but realize that the AntiChrist has to come on the scene. This is after the Restrainer is set aside and the World is in total Chaos so that the AntiChrist can then bring his new Reset COVID World Order. Now, as many all know, one is a big proponent of the 7-year Sabbatical Cycles Pattern of Prophetic Time. This began with the Lunar Tetrad Pattern in 2014-15. Then with the understanding of the Shemitah Cycle, one formulated the Sabbatical Cycle Theory. Meaning that the last Blood Moon Tetrad perhaps alerted the World, Israel and the Church of the last 7-year countdown (2015+7 = 2022) to the start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, or that of the Tribulation Period, which is a Sabbatical Cycle or Shemitah. According to the Rabbinical Counting, Israel is in the current 6th Year of the present 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle and will not enter or begin the 7th Year until September of 2022.

And this is assuming Jesus will wait until the last or 7th Year for the Rapture to occur. This is the question and the unknown variable. So, to mean that the Church Age could not end until end of Summer, 2022. And this is if one believes that a Summer Wheat Harvest will be and is the type for the Rapture timing and the end of the Church Age. However, what is exciting to consider is that with these 7-year Sabbatical Cycles patterns, the 7th Year is always the Year of Rest. This pattern is taken directly off of the Creation Week, where YHVH re-created the Earth in 6 Days and on the 7th Day, He Rested. And this pattern reverberated in Israel with the Land in how every 7th Year, there would be no ‘Harvest’. It is taught that in the 6th Year of the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle, YHVH would bless the Land with a Double-Portion, just like with the Manna.

Now, this is where Israel went astray due to pride and greed, they continued to sow and reap regardless. YHVH took note and count the Sabbatical Cycles the Land was ‘owed’ of its ‘Rest’. That time amounted to 70 years and Israel was subsequently ‘evicted’ from the Land. She was Exiled to Babylon for those amount of years so as to have the Land ‘Rest’. All this by way of background to strongly suggest that as there is to be no ‘Harvest’ in the 7th Year (Fall 2021-Fall 2022), prophetically of Souls, assuming a prophetic parallel here. The Harvest of the Church Age, the ‘Pentecostal Intermission’ is to then conclude with a ‘Double Portion’ in the 6th Year, the current one of 2021. This will remain to be seen as the end of the Summer Wheat Harvest will determine this. Of course, it is only a conjecture but a powerful one to consider and hope for.

The Rapture is a ‘Rescue’. There is sufficient pending danger with the mRNA shots being imposed on all the World as they are deadly and going to be mandated universally in the Fall of 2021. So, it is now a matter of ‘Life and Death’ for the whole World. At no other point in human history has all the humans been at the same time, subjected to the same threat of death. So, one’s hope is that the Rapture could/should take place, if at most by the end of Summer 2021. The timeframe from then to the start of the of the Tribulation Period in the Fall of 2022 would be about right. This time would allow for the major Regional War with Israel, the Isaiah 17 destruction of Damascus, the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ with the Many, the advent of the AntiChrist and the construction of the 3rd Temple. These points cannot be proven until after the fact. But it is exciting to see if it will all come true as one sees it.

70th Year Generation

If the Rapture is in 2021, then such a Sabbatical Cycle Theory will have been true all along. If not, then perhaps in 2022 as that will be the 7th Year of the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle. Or it could even be that the Sabbatical Cycle years are off too. For sure, each year that comes and goes is 1 year closer to the Departure. Realize that just by doing the Math, from 1948, the 70th Year Anniversary already occurred in 2018. So, such an assertion of the 70th Year Fig Tree Generation has come and gone solely based off of 1948. But the 70-80 Generation Theory is a prophetic picture for sure, but there are more complexities to it. And one believes Christ designed it that way. One knows that one only knows in part because certain pieces of Biblical Prophecy are not meant to be known, such as the precise timing of the Rapture, for example.

One cannot know the exact year, but one can calculate a possible ‘Zone’ based on the Sabbatical Cycle Theory. This is as close as one will probably be able to get. There have also been many Celestial Signs like Blood Moons and Eclipses to help discern. The issue is when People try to force an interpretation and when the ‘prophecy’ or timing does not happen, many then get stumbled to the point that they lose ‘Faith’. This is totally wrong as one is then clearly not putting one’s Faith and Trust in Jesus and Scripture but in the Signs and Events or man’s interpretations of them. For example, consider the Wedding Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021. It occurred in-between the ‘Horns’ of the Sign of Taurus. One does believe that Signs, as clearly stated by YHVH are given to signal events to come. One can then deduce a measure of prophecy and signaling from them. This is actually what Jesus expected of the Learned Elders of Zion. Jesus rebuked them for not recognizing the ‘Signs of His coming’, etc.

Such Signs, even Astronomical ones are Biblically acceptable and in fact prudent to study. How so? Well consider that insights come from when and where an Eclipse occurs as it has significance, for example. In this case of the Wedding Eclipse, it occurred in the Sign of Taurus. Significance? Well, it was the Sign of Joseph. One can do a comparative study of the prophetic type of Joseph, as Messiah ben Joseph. This typology would be pertinent of the 1st coming of Jesus. One could then also see the connections, politically even now concerning Israel and in turn of how that even affects the Church. How so? There was a Joseph connection at this time. There were 2 key events with respect to Israel on June 2nd of 2021 just about 1 week before the Annular Solar Eclipse pertinent to ‘Joseph’/Israel and the end of the Church Age. How so?

Isaac Herzog was elected as 11th President of Israel. As Israel is a Parliamentary Democracy, this Office is the ‘Ceremonial One’. He is the Head of State not the Government. It is the Prime Minister, elected by Party Majority that is the Head of Government and where the real power resides. Then the other event that took place on June 2, that same day, the Political Party Coalition was formed to remove Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Netanyahu has, so far been the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel’s modern history. What is particular about this date is that both of these events happened to be the 153rd day of the year. Is this date, prophetically signaling that the Church is being put on notice that the Church Age is about to end perhaps?  How so? The 153 coefficient is reminiscent of the total ‘Catch’ to be had during the Church Age.

What is the Deal?

Will this mean then that the Rapture is to be in the same year then? End of the 6th Year Double-Harvest? That remains to be seen. However, one can prophetically draw a parallel from the inference to ‘Joseph’. In part, that is what the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, the Sign of Joseph is suggesting as he was the 11th Son of Jacob. It is also understood that the number 153 represents the number of ‘Fish’ miraculously caught in the Disciple’s Net, at the direction of the risen Jesus.

Thus, the year 2021 could be the year correlated to the Resurrection and Rapture, a completion of the Age of Grace, of the Harvest of Gentile Souls, etc. It could be the end of the Royal Commission being completed as the Church Age has been one of ‘Fishing for Men’. The Sign of ‘Pisces has thus been the Sign of the Astronomical Age that has complimented the Church Age. Astronomically, that has now passed to Aquarius. Thus, will the year 2021, the 6th Year of the present 7-year Sabbatical Cycle see this transition of Dispensations take place? The 7th Year will be from Tom Teruah 2021 to Tom Teruah 2022. The following is the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle since the Tetrad of 2014-15.

Tetrad                                                                  Rest

2014-15   2016  2017  2018  2019  2020  2021  2022 (Fall 2022 + 2520 = Daniel’s Week?)
   7th           1        2         3       4        5        6       7th

The coming New World Order will be centered in Israel, in Jerusalem and around the 3rd Temple. The Man of the Hour or ‘Tribulation’ will be led by the AntiChrist, whom Israel will accept in ‘His Own Name’ and will have sanctioned the 3rd Temple. Why? To the Rabbinical Jews, whomever gives permission to start the Temple, initiates the Daily Sacrifices and sets-up Israel as the ‘Head of the Nation’s is the Messiah to them. This will be at all costs as even Isaiah warned them that is so doing, they would be making a Covenant of Death, a true ‘Deal with the Devil’ to acquire it. 

All this to say, that Commissions end. In the case of the Church Age, it is also associated with an end of a Summer Wheat Harvest as some interpret it. So, have such Signs above and Political Events below signaled that the final Harvest of Souls is coming to an end in 2021, because the 7th year is one of ‘Rest’ and of no ‘Harvest’ done?? Is the Prophetic ‘Clock’ about to revert back from the Time of the Gentiles to the Dispensation of Israel to fulfill Daniel’s last Prophetic Week of 7 years? And if that be the case, it lends more credence that the up-coming Sabbatical Cycle from 2022-29 would then very well be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, the last Sabbatical Cycle.

As harvests go, there is an urgency to get the crop in. It is just the urgency of the days one is living in, especially due to the COVID plandemic. It is becoming dire, more so every day with the dangerous mandatory Experimental Injections. But despite many dying from its Adverse Effects, it does not compare to the death that will come during the Tribulation Period. Jesus said of the Tribulation Period that nothing can be compared to all the evil and atrocities that have already occurred since Eden. So, Resurrection-Rapture is the ‘Blessed Hope’ for a reason. The Promise was given as there is Hope in such times leading-up to the start of the Tribulation Period to encourage one another with as the Day is approaching.

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