3022: END OF TIME?

Based on Height - Circumference of Great Pyramid

  • Is there a hidden time marker encoded in the Great Pyramid?
  • Does the Great Pyramid height and base suggest end of 'Time'?
  • Will the Millennial Kingdom timeframe match Sabbatical Cycles?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘In that day shall there be an Altar to YHVH in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a Pillar at the border thereof to YHVH. And it shall be for a Sign and for a Witness unto the LORD of Hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto YHVH because of the oppressors, and He shall send them a Savior [Jesus], and a Great One, and He shall deliver them.’ -Isaiah 19:19-20

The purpose of this study is to consider the possible end of ‘time’ as it will cease after the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom. The unknown is when will the Millennial Kingdom begin? Could it be based on the mathematical model found in the Great Pyramid? The number or ‘date’ in question is either 3022, 3024, 3030 or 3033. The Great Pyramid is probably the most studied Wonder of the Ancient World. It is an enigma of secret and sacred information that touches upon the amazing to the divine. The Ancients, whomever built the pyramid knew that within its stones, it contained a code based on math that calculates the circumference of the entire planet, assuming a globe model. It also angles-up with the Equinoxes, something that cannot be explained a flat model.

For example, the determination of an equal day and night depends on one’s latitude. This would not be an issue if the Earth were flat. However, this study is not attempting to assert either theory, in so much as the dimensions of the Great Pyramid also happen to calculate the size of the Moon in ratio to the Earth’s size, the speed of light and true North among many other astounding facts. The Great Pyramid sits in what was the ancient Prime Meridian of the world and mirrors the celestial constellations to include the Milky Way as the Nile in reflection, etc. The Great Pyramid is also not a true tetrahedron but has an octagon design with 8 sides. From there, the famous Christ Angle points to Bethlehem were Jesus Christ was born, etc. At the turn of the 20th century, scientists and theologians then attributed a timeline of human history that appeared to match the entrails of the pyramid’s shafts and chambers.

As one can sense, the Great Pyramid is an amazing piece of architecture that still survives to this day. And the question is asked, was it meant and designed for such reasons? Why? It is because it is essentially a ‘Cosmic Clock’ that is telling ‘time’. Not just any time as one would assert or reference as in a wall clock for the day but for the Ages as it ‘clocks’ the Precession of the Equinoxes, and perhaps thus the very ‘end of time’ itself. This assertion of its mathematical dimensions could suggest then when the last Age will end and ‘time’ itself, and that year is either from 3022 to 3033. This depends on what height one uses in feet. This assertion is predicated on the notion that the delineation of time is segmented with the base number of 7. This coefficient is seen being implemented since the re-creation of the Earth described in Genesis.

In the Biblical account, it is stated that YHVH, the Creator sectioned time by a pattern of 7 days deemed the Creation Week. It is this pattern of the 7-day Creation Week that then sets the stage for enumerating time since Humanity’s creation based on the Sabbatical Cycle of days and thus years. This pattern could have most likely been the standard before Adam. The Creation Week based on 7 then carries over to how time is further defined by weeks, months and years. For example, YHVH then instructs the Israelites later on when they were a Nation to uphold a counting of 7-day Sabbatical Week cycles to then of Sabbatical Cycles, or 49 years and that the subsequent year would be called the Jubilee Year, etc. And thus, there were to be a predetermined number to occur until ‘time’ ended. In this case there are to be 120 ‘Jubilees’, etc. Here is the mathematical rationale for this theory or reckoning the delineation of time.

7 days
7 weeks
7th month
7 years
7x7 days, weeks, months and years

The measurement of the Great Pyramid is based on the Sacred Cube of 25.20 inches or 2.1 feet. This by the way is a coefficient of the sacred measurement YHVH uses to ‘clock’ Prophetic Time. For example, a Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years is exactly 2520 days. Each of the halves are 1260 days each. This pattern is what is talked about much in both the books of Daniel and Revelation and especially how the last Week of Years per Daniel is to be sectioned-off in halves of 1260 days or for a total of 2520 days, etc.

The Great Pyramid is 481, 482, to 482.7575 feet high by one estimate among many. It is also its Radius if placed on a flat plain within a circle. If one multiplies this Radius by 2, one obtains the diameter which would be 965.515 feet, if using 482.7575 feet. If one then multiplies this Diameter by Pi, using 3.1415, then the Circumference would be 3033.1653 feet. Thus, this study strongly suggests that the numerals are actually time markers and, in this case, when ‘time’ as it is known will cease, between 3022 or in 3033 if one uses 481 to 482 feet. Examples will be given. The theory will focus when the Age of Man began with Creation Week of Adam and Eve. Another calculation follows.

482.7 feet high Radius x 2 = 965.4 feet Diameter x Pi 3.1415 = 3032 feet Circumferance=
3032 AD?

If the current Dispensation since Christ Jesus of 2000 years is in play, what would exactly 3000 years excluding end year since Jesus’ crucifixion in 32 AD. Then there is the supposed birthday of Jesus, being -3 BC. Supposing the Jubilee Year that initiated the public ministry of Jesus could be postulated that it occurred in 28 AD. This would make it a 2000-year exact reckoning of time as well. This would mean that if one adds then 2000 years, the end date would be 2028. Why is this significant to the study?

Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years #495th since Israel crossed Jordan / Daniel’s 7-year Week of Years?
1              2               3               4              5               6             7
2022    |    2023    |    2024    |    2025   |    2026    |    2027    |  2028

The Calculations
The point of this study is that if one subtracts the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom time frame from the 3022-3033-year range coefficient, it will result in the year 2022-2033 range. Meaning, is there an overlap in or after the 2022-2029 Sabbatical Cycle that this study suggests will be Daniel’s 70th week of Years? The question remains, are the years from 3022-3033 AD one in the same that are encoded mathematically within the very DNA of the Great Pyramid? Again, will this timeline coincide with the last Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years that is the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years in 2022 and either overlap it or commence sometime after? Or is it 3022 – 1000 years to equal the year 2022 instead? The calculation of the Great Pyramid follows showing the 3022 and 3033 values.

Height of Great Pyramid = 280 cubits high x 440 cubits wide or a 7-11 ratio

Hebrew Year
5776= 2015/16 year = 481.400 feet
5783 inches (adding 7 years) = 5783 = 482

481.333 feet but have it as much as 482.7575
482.7 feet Radius = 965.4 feet Diameter

Pi = 3.14(159265)

482.7 feet Radius x 2 = 965.4 feet Diameter
962.4 feet Diameter x Pi 3.1415 =

3032 feet = year 3032?
3032 – 1000* years =

*Millennial Reign would then be overlapping Daniel’s 7-year Week of Years? Right in the midst.

2022 = Start of last Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years before start of
2022 to 2028 = 7 years of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years or the Tribulation Period

Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years #496th since Israel crossed Jordan / 5th of 70th Jubilee Cycle
1               2               3               4                5                6               7
2029    |    2030    |    2031    |    2032   |    2033   |    2034    |  2035

The key is to consider that if 2029 is the year Jesus returns, then the subsequent year, 2030 would perhaps be then when the 1000-year Dispensation of the Kingdom would thus begin. If so, then it would make 3030 as the end of ‘time’.

2029 + 1 = 2030 + 1000 years = 3030 (A fractal of 33)

Israel as YHVH’s Prophetic Time Clock
May 14, 1948 + 80-year generation = May 14, 2028

But Israel was inducted into the Family of Nations at the U.N. on
November 29, 1949 + 80 years = November 29, 2029
2029 – 7 years =

In Ages Past
Nonetheless, one constant is for sure, the Biblical timeline is predicated on the 7-day Creation Week, meaning that as the Bible clearly inferences 1 day to equal 1000 years. It would mean that there will only be 7000 years from Creation Week until ‘Time’ ends. Based on many studies by Biblical Scholars, it is generally understood that this notion of Dispensations would have the following delineations in this 7000-year Age since Adam. This study is only considering when Humanity came on the scene with the account of Genesis as mentioned. In reference to the Great Pyramid ‘Cosmic Clock’, it has been shown that it is ‘clocking’ the Ages far beyond in ancient times before the creation of Humanity since Adam and Eve. It is believed by many that the Ages are akin to the elements of metal in so much as, for example, there was a Golden Age, a Silver Age, a Bronze Age. Then there was a Season of Light, then of Darkness and so forth.

This is for example why many believe in the Gap Theory that explains how, for example, Lucifer fell in one of those past Ages. It was before Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden on Earth. It is inferenced in part that Lucifer ‘walked among the stones of fire’ there in Eden, the Garden of YHVH. Others believe Lucifer was perhaps the ‘King over the Earth’ or administrated the domain on behalf of a pre-incarnate Christ, Son of GOD, etc. This supposition is also corroborated with many ancient folklore of the Kings List of Egypt, for example. The ancient Sumerians also had King lineages going back Eons as well as the Indians. Such tales speak of celestial or cosmic wars between the ‘Gods’. What is spectacular is that if there was a sense of time still occurring at such Ages, inevitably, the fate of Lucifer and his Fallen Angles’ demise. It is is now interwoven with the redemption of Adam’s race at which time will then end.

It will be at the end of the full Plan of Salvation realized and implemented that will seal the doom of Lucifer. Many also believe that the ’Ages’ are continuous and thus ‘time’ as one understands it will not cease. This assertion will not be true if one takes the Biblical view of how, as mentioned, YHVH will cease ‘time’ as He revamps all that is with a New Heaven and a New Earth. If such ‘Ages’ were of a cyclical pattern that existed far in the reaches of an ancient past before Adam, they will end according to Jesus Christ’s schedule and purpose. The Millennial Kingdom is said to be a time after Jesus Christ returns with His Bride. These are the Followers of His that accepted the free gift of unconditional salvation during the Church Age.

This was roughly a period of 2000 years, the Age of Pisces whereby Jesus extracted from the Nations a People for Himself, deemed the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, etc. Then upon competing Daniels’s last Week of Years, the 70th one of 7 years, the period of the restoration of the Earth will begin. Now if there will be some sort in interlude, that remains to be seen. It could explain the discrepancy of the year range from 3022-3033. Nonetheless, the Millennial Kingdom will truly be the ‘New World Order’ in so much as a true King that is righteous, holy and just will be ruling the Nations and the people that survived. This time of the 1000-year reign is described in Isaiah. It will be a time of universal peace, harmony and good will. There will be no war and the animals will not be aggressive. It is said that people will live for 100s of years. There will be no disease, plagues, or famine. The Garden of Eden will be restored.

Paradise Restored
The 1000-year Kingdom will be how YHVH envisioned His Creation and especially the human race of Adam and Eve to exist in complete and unbroken fellowship with the Creator, directly and in person, by sight and not faith. It will be the true Utopia the Humanists, and Luciferians have always tried to achieve but without Christ Jesus. For them, they rather obey another Christ, the false one Lucifer that deceived the Human race into giving up what they already had. It was and is a deceptive ploy to subjective their authority over the Earth, its dominion and governmental authority. It will be a human, nonetheless, a direct blood descendant of Adam, that is Jesus that will rule from Jerusalem as Israel will be the center pieces of YHVH’s government and example. Jesus will lead the Temple worship as Ezekiel’s Temple will be built for such occasions.

The Sacrificial Rites will be in play as object lessons for both Israel and the Nations. The Bride of Christ, those who put their faith in Jesus will be Jesus’ Ambassadors and Administrators that will co-rule the Nations and perhaps other realms or worlds not yet realized nor revealed. As the ‘Son of David’, Jesus will rule the 12 Tribes of Israel and as the Child given and a Son born, Jesus will fulfill the promises of establishing the Kingdom on Earth, as it is in Heaven. However, during this 1000-year Millennial Kingdom, Lucifer will not yet be destroyed and cast into the Lake of Fire prepared for him and his Fallen Angles just yet. Why not? Sadly, at the end of the 1000-year reign, Christ will let loose Lucifer to temp those inhabitants that lived throughout the 1000 years. It should be noted that such will still have a sinful nature, and untested by Lucifer as it has been since Adam and Eve.

And despite seeing the glory of the Bride of Christ followers with redeemed and glorified bodies with position and power, many will elect to rebel against Christ. Such will rather follow Lucifer instead in an attempt to initiate a coup d'état and overthrow Christ to take over His restored Paradise and Kingdom. They will of course fail as in this case, as they attempt to surround Jerusalem, Christ will devour them with fire. It is at this time that Lucifer finally meets his end and purpose as he is hurled down to the Lake of Fire were then Hell is also thrown down there as well. The summary of this 7000-year Age of Man is as follows. From Adam to Noah would be 1000 years. From Noah to Abraham would be 1000 years. From Abraham to Jesus would be 2000 years. From Jesus to the end of Church Age would be 2000 years.

At this point, the summation would be 6000 years since Adam. This would then leave 1000 years for the Millennial Kingdom on Earth. This Age of Man time mirrors the 7-day Creation was noted, the blueprint of ‘Prophetic Time’. The Millennial Kingdom would be the promised fulfilled of how Israel was to be the ‘Head of the Nations’ with her Messiah, Jesus ruling and reigning from Jerusalem. After Lucifer’s last rebellion of the Gog-Magog War II, there will be the White Throne Judgment wherein all the Sinners that died rejecting Jesus as their only escape or payment for sin and rebellion will be judged for damnantion and cast into the Lake of Fire thereafter. This is the place that the Bible teaches was prepared for Lucifer and his Fallen Angels that joined his rebellion. Sadly, all those humans that sided with him, will meet the same fate. Hell was not designed for humans.

Nonetheless, this study has attempted to present the theory of when ‘time’ will end based on the Great Pyramid Theory. It does appear to match the sacred dimension of the stones having 3022 feet as the circumference that could correlate too the year ‘time’ is to cease. The calculations would match the Sabbatical Cycle of years, especially if one adds that 1000-year Kingdom after 2022, if at least. The Bible is clear in its teaching nonetheless that after the Millennial Kingdom Dispensation, ‘time’ will cease as Jesus is said will make a New Heaven and a New Earth. It will then be the time that Heaven bonds with Earth in some amazing way inter-dimensionally and the New Jerusalem comes down to nest on Earth with its center in Jerusalem. It is at this point going forward that ‘time’ is no more, and Eternity Future commences.

Thus, based on this accounting of the Age of Man since Adam, of the future as detailed in the revelation of Jesus given to the last surviving Apostle, John, the study postulates that the Great Pyramid was designed and constructed to ‘clock’ the segments of the Ages and actually denotes when this ‘time’ would cease. Will that be 3022, 3024 or 3033? Specific to the current Age, that of the Church Age, it is a special time, an intermission whereby the Gentiles are being ‘grafted’ into the commonwealth of national Israel. And that time is fast coming to a conclusion, if such calculation presented in this study are within the range of but only a few years difference. Why are the Gentiles being ‘grafted’ into Israel? Israel is from where the 12 Tribes of Jacob or Israel come from and from where YHVH made those promises to Abraham; of the Kingdom come, etc.

This of course is now only made possible in the sending of the Messiah, Jesus that came from the bloodline of Jacob but led back to Abraham. And even further back to Adam and Eve with the Promised Seed of the Woman as foretold in the first prophecy given by YHVH to mankind in the Garden of Eden. This was on the occupation that the first humans, Adam and Eve failed at trusting YHVH and chose to side with Lucifer’s deception and rebellion against the Creator. Paradise lost. It would be through Abraham’s line of Issacs and Jacob that the Messiah, Jesus would come. He blessed the world with salvation available now to all the human races since Adam. Jesus came to destroy the works of Lucifer and restore paradise. And Lucifer knows that his ‘time’ is short, and his demise is certain.

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