Claw of the Scorpion King coming through Gate

  • Who and what is the 'Dragon King'?
  • Why was May 6, 2023, chosen for the Coronation?
  • How is the Sign of Scorpio Prophetically Significant??

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Let no one Deceive you in any way, for it will not come until the Falling-Away occurs and the Man of Lawlessness—the Son of Destruction—is Revealed. He will Oppose and Exalt himself above every so-called God or Object of Worship. So he will Seat himself in the Temple of GOD, Proclaiming himself to be GOD’. -2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

The purpose of this study is to consider the Convergences of the Coronation of King Charles III, that one deems the ‘Dragon King’. One will seek to correlate the Biblical Inferences of the AntiChrist, as only a Typology that one believes is a Prelude to the coming Coronation of the ‘Real’ Dragon King, which is the Biblical AntiChrist. One believes that the Coronation and its Royal Rituals will model the Pomp and Circumstance, of what the Ritual will actually be like when the AntiChrist takes-up the Seat, that is the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies.

The Bible teaches that during the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period the Man that Israel and consequently the whole World will come to See and Accept as the Messiah and ‘Savior’ of the World will be Crowned as such. But more so, that he will take it upon himself to declare himself to be GOD on Earth and will require Mandatory Worship. Any refusal to such a Mandate will be punishable by Death. This Biblical Comparison is not to Disrespect the Person of King Charles III, but to only draw possible Prophetic Inferences.

There are many People though that do subscribe to the Notion that the ‘Would-Be-King’ is or will be the AntiChrist himself. One does not agree with this Supposition. After 27,201 Days from November 14, 1948, or 74 Years, being King Charles’ Birth-Day, the Coronation of the Dragon Prince of Wales has come to the Day that he is Crowned King. And? Such a Coronation Day is extremely Significant, as one who studies the Luciferian Occult recognizes that this is no ‘Arbitrary Day’ chosen for this Purpose. It is highly Significant and one would say Prophetic. And again, a Prelude to the coming Coronation of the Real Biblical Coronation, yet future.

So, we have a Significant Prophetic Mile Stone and Sign now reached. And to reiterate, no Disrespect to King Charles III, but he himself attributed his Bloodline to Dracula as being a Direct Descendant. And the Real Count Dracula was famed for having ‘Dragon Blood’, as in the Genesis 3:15 Variety and Game of Thrones Theme. Go Figure. Well, if anything to add about this Convergence, is to remind the Readers, all about how the Green Comet will be at the Sign of the Rabbit on May 5-6, the Motif of the Enemy. Is it any ‘Coincidence’ that the Invitations feature a ‘Green Man’?

Claw of the Scorpion King

What this study will also attempt to Correlate is how this Coronation of the Dragon King is depicted, Astronomically in the Heavens. This will be highly Significant and Telling in terms of Biblical Prophetic, in one’s Opinion. And? It has to do with the Motif of the AntiChrist, the ‘Scorpion King’, etc. Before one delves into the Cosmic Interpretation of this Coronation, here are the following Convergences that do occur around this Time, May 6, 2023, that coincide with the Coronation of the Dragon King.

1. Partial Lunar Eclipse.
2. 2nd Passover.
3. Green Comet in Sign of the Rabbit, ‘Enemy/AntiChrist’ Motif.
4. WHO Declares the COVID-19 Plandemic ‘Over’.

And how the Partial Blood Moon will have been in the Star, Zubenelgenubi or Zuben Elgenubi. It means ‘The Claw’. Claw of what? Well, in the Ancient Mazzaroth and other Versions of the 12 Constellations, there was no ‘Libra’, the Scales. Some Ancient Versions had those Stars as the Extension of the Claws of Scorpio. But then, even more Ancient Versions had Scorpio as a Dragon, thus, the Claw of the Dragon. And? OK, here is where it gets, perhaps Prophetic or what this Convergence and Coronation is about and ‘Signaling’.

It is about ‘Crowning’ a King, a ‘Dragon King’, as I allude to. And this is due to his Blue Blood or Nephilim Serpent Blood that they may indeed have, no doubt, to some extent. But then this is what the Star also Signifies. Get this. Not surprised. Look Here, from: https://earthsky.org/brightest-stars/zubenelgenubi-alpha-star-of-libra-the-scales/. The best time to see Zubenelgenubi each year begins in early May, shortly after May Day.. That’s when this Star is opposite the Sun in Earth’s Sky. So, here is a Duality of Opposites going on. This is huge in the Occult, New Age and Luciferian Universe.

Zubenelgenubi enjoys the ‘Alpha’ Designation in Libra because it lies near the Ecliptic in the Sky. The Ecliptic is the Path of the Sun, Moon and Planets appear to travel from Earth’s Perspective. The Sun, Moon and Planets, all pass by the 2 Stars in Libra, Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali. Thus, Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali are considered a ‘Gate-Way’ or Door to Heaven.

Libra’s Name originates from the Word ‘Scales’ in Latin. Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali symbolize Divine Justice. It marked the Position of the Autumn Equinox, just over 2,000 [2032?] Years ago. Time of Jesus? Continuing. From: https://www.star-facts.com/zubenelgenubi/. With Edits. Zubenelgenubi lies 0.33 Degrees North of the Ecliptic and is often ‘Occulted’ by the Moon.

It is also Occulted by the Planets, but this only happens very rarely. The last Occultation by a Planet happened with Venus. It occurred on October 25, 1947.  If you Round-Off the Key Figures, the Star has an Effective Temperature of 6,660 K and a Projected Rotational Velocity of 6 km/s. Zubenelgenubi has an accompanying smaller Star, Librae Alpha. The 2 Stars orbit each other with a Period of 70.34 Days. So, there you have it. Here is a Possible Extrapolation and Interpretation of this Sign, at this Time and Place.

1. You have AntiChrist 666 Numerical Signaling, along with ‘33’.

2. You had the Occultation of Venus when the UN Partitioned the British Mandate between a 2-State Solution with the State of Palestine and the State of Israel. The Muslims rejected the Partition and declared War on the New-Born State once it declared Independence the following Year on May 14, 1948.

3. The Binary Stars of Zubenelgenubi and its smaller Librae Alpha Star, orbit each other in a 70 Day Pace, as in 70th Year, 70th Week of Daniel, etc., perhaps.

4. It is a Sign that is to be ‘Seen’ or taken notice of because it is the most Prominent of the Night Sky at this precise Month of the Year to be Highlighted.

5. It speaks about being in a Path and is considered a ‘Door’, an opening, etc.

6. And to the Romans, they separated the Constellations and attributed it to Divine Justice.

But most Prophetically, then, to Surmise the entirety of the Sign? That the Dragon King is coming through the Door, a ‘Gate-Way’. Who? Charles as a Type of the AntiChrist with the Serpent Blue Blood, ala Genesis 3:15, that is about to Debut through the Door or Gate-Way, on his Path of being ‘Enthroned’ on the Mercy Seat, behind a Veil Motif of the Holy of Holies, etc. Note that this New King will no longer be solely the ‘Defender of the Christian Faith’.

No, he will be the ‘Defender of the Faiths’. This will be just as the AntiChrist will come ‘Conquering through Peace’. The AntiChrist will preside over the 3 major Abrahamic Faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This tenet will make way for the 3 Future Temples on the Temple Mount that will ‘Unite’ the World in Peace and make these 3 Houses of Prayer for all the Nations, but Deceptively.

And why does one ascribe the Name, Dragon King? The Shield of the Prince of Wales is a Red Dragon. The AntiChrist will be the ‘Seed of the Serpent’ per Genesis 3:15. Think about that, a Hybrid or Chimera. Consider how the Partial Lunar Eclipse or that of a Blood Moon occurs on this Day. And where in the Heavens or Sign? In the Ancient Depiction of the Claw of the Scorpion or in Older Versions of the Mazzaroth, it was a Dragon that confronted Virgo, as depicted in Revelation 12. As the ‘Claw’ of the Dragon comes through above all. The Claw that is about to ‘Claw’ someone, something? Event?

Transitive Verb: To Rake, Seize, Dig, or Progress with or as if with Claws.
Intransitive Verb: To Scrape, Scratch, Dig, or Pull with or as if with Claws.

Now, I do not subscribe to King Charles being the AntiChrist. Why not? Too Old. Sorry and he himself said it. Recall the COP Global Summit Meeting in the UK where he said, on Record, that he and the Nations need to give, ‘Him’ all the Power, in a Militarily still approach, to solve the Problems of the World. He already has, ‘Trillions [of Dollars] at his Disposal’. They Print their Fiat Paper Money on Printing Presses. It is the Power that will be given to Him.

Defender of the Faiths

And no doubt, King Charles, ‘Defender of the Faiths’ now, will whole-heartedly oblige to give his Kingdom to this Serpent Dragon Master that is coming soon through a ‘Gate’ or Doorway of Sorts. Here is 1 possible Prophetic Connection to the Astronomical Occurrence of the Blood Moon in the Ancient Claw of Scorpio. Consider what Revelation 9:7 says about Scorpions or ‘Scorpio’ and its ‘Claw’ Connection.

‘And it was given unto them that they should not Kill them: but that they should Torment them 5 Months. And their Torment was as the Torment of a Scorpion when he strikes a Man. And in those Days, Men shall seek Death and shall not find it. And they shall desire to Die: and Death shall fly from them’.

A Video by YouTuber ManyFish highlights the Ark of the Covenant Connection and the Veil Motif that is to mimic the Holy of Holies Enthronement of the coming AntiChrist. See Link in the End Notes. Do realize this is a Prelude the Church of Jesus is getting to Witness before the Rapture Event. But the Coronation is not based on ‘Christian’ Rituals, but rather old Scottish/Norse and Pre-Christian Rites. What is sad is the fact that as noted, it will be virtually a Ritual to ‘Divorce’ Christ from the State Anglican Church.

Many commented on how for the 1st Time in a Coronation, the LORD’s Supper will not be taken, but only ‘Observed’. And why not? Again, this New King is the ‘Defender of the Faiths’, etc. Also, note that from the November 23, 2022 Cross ‘Marking’ that Charles made for the Event, to the May 6, 2023 Coronation is 5 Months and 13 Days or 150 Days (5 x 30 Day/Month) and 13 Days (Rebellion).

It is the same Time Duration of that 5 Months when the Mark of the Beast will backfire and the People will suffer such excruciating pain in their Body they will see Death but will not be able to Die…Incredible. And this due to the Altering of the Aging Gene that the AntiChrist and False Prophet through the 3rd Helix will have tampered with. This is all a Rehearsal. For sure, there is an Occult Connection to Scorpio. Interestingly, for the past 3 Years now, on every May, there has been a Blood Moon associated with this ‘AntiChrist’/Enemy Motif Signaling and related to Israel and the coming of the AntiChrist.

2021 May 2
2022 May 1
2023 May 0

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There is ‘Something Biblical going on here’ with the Coronation of Charles III. Below is a Chart of the Day’s Partial Blood Moon Eclipse in what is the Extension of Scorpio, to include Libra as it was in Ancient Times, depicted. Such are Amazing Signs that Jesus is providing in these Last Days and one is just Documenting them, taking note as to not be ‘Caught Unawares’. One was reminded by a Reader of the same Research one had done way-back-when, regarding the ‘Dragons of the City of London’.

It was around 2010 concerning the up-coming London Olympic Games in 2012. Yes, if you can believe it, the Theme of the Games was, 'The Spirit of Zion', flat-out. The Article, Linked below, then had/has to do with the City of London and the City's Layout Grid one often connects the World Capitals to that Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern Theory of mine. One also used the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Theory to predict the coming New Financial World Order. Looking back, one believes one was 'Off' by 1 Year'....being 2022 that it was determined.

But perhaps 2022 is when the 'Dragons' of the City of London decided to rolled-it-out. And 2023 is when it is being implemented, i.e., the Digitization of Money in the U.S. with the Major Banks. It has started, mainly with the Federal Reserve's Debut of the FedNOW Instantaneous Payment System amongst. It is to begin with Financial Institutions but that will then be incorporated to every Person's Personal Financial Accounts. And? This ‘Beast System’ will now tract every Transaction to be known by these 'Dragons of the Drachma'.

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Countdown to the New Financial World Order



Extension of Scorpio’s Claw

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I pray you are all holding fast, standing firm in your faith in Jesus Christ! His grace and peace be with you all!


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