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‘Our Days may come to 70 Years, or 80, if our Strength endures; yet the Best of them are but Trouble and Sorrow, for they quickly Pass, and we Fly Away. If only we knew the Power of your Anger! Your Wrath is as Great as the Fear that is your due. Teach us to Number our Days, that we may gain a Heart of Wisdom’. -Psalm 90:9-11

The purpose of this study is to attempt to Ascertain what constitutes the ‘Last Generation’ in regard to the Fig Tree, i.e., Israel. Although there is much Debate about what that is, was or will be, one is only sharing the Understanding of it, as best as one knows, in one’s Years of Research. There is Debate if even the Fig Tree Metaphor applies to Israel. One takes the Prophetic Position that it does.

And with that Context, one will, however, present a different Approach as to the Year Count, from what is Conventionally accepted to be from the Year 1948. First, some Background into the whole Notion of what is the ‘Fig Tree Generation’?  Have in mind that even all these Points that one is presenting, are Contested.

1. The Fig Tree was alluded to by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse. That the Generation that saw the Budding of the Fig Tree would be that Last Generation in which He would return.

2. The Fig Tree is a Metaphor for Israel. Nonetheless, Israel was ‘Cut Off’ at the Stump, but was Promised to ‘Bud’ again. What?

3. The Present ‘Intermission’, has been the Church Age. It is Prophetically Parenthetical, in-between the 69th and the 70Th week of Years per 1 Interpretation of Daniel.

4. If one takes a Pre-Rapture Tribulation Scenario, then the Church Age must conclude before that 70Th week  starts, as it is pertaining to the Conclusion of Israel’s Unfaithfulness for not keeping the Sabbath of the Land.

With this simple overview of the Concept, most Students of the Bible attribute that Israel ‘Budded’ in 1947, technically with the U.N. Partition Plan for a 2 State Mandate. This was to be from the Land that was called Cis of the Jordan River, i.e., was it now Israel, and Trans-Jordan, what was East of the River and is presently the Kingdom of Jordan. Would have been Simple and avoided a lot of Murder, Killings and Wars since. So, what the Kingdom of Jordan now would have been the State of Palestine. It was the Larger Land Portion. The State of Israel, would have been all the Land West of the Jordan, etc.

Historical Background
What the British did, though, was a Double Cross. They took the Palestinian Portion and made it the Fake Kingdom of Jordan. No Disrespect to Jordanians. But that is really the State of Palestine. What this now caused, is that out of what Pertained to Israel, that was not to be carved out into 2 States. The U.N. Agreed, the Jews Agreed. But guess did not Agree on a 3 State Solution?

The Muslims on the Cis-Jordan Side. They said, ‘We want it All, or Nothing’. Israel accepted the U.N. Mandate and Declared Independence. The Muslims all Declared War on Israel that was ‘Born’ or Budded in a Day, per Isaiah. Miraculously,  Israel fended off 7 Soviet and British trained Armies. So, most Bible Scholars attribute May 14, 1948, as the Fig Tree coming back to Life. What this means, is huge for Prophetic Implication.

Meaning that it is now a Countdown Clock to the Return of Jesus. And subsequently, the Old City of Jerusalem was Recaptured by the Jews in the 6-Day War. What is left is the 3rd Element that has to be in-place, per Jesus on the Olivet Discourse. What 1948 is doing is Reconstituting was foretold by Jesus would be Destroyed but Rebuilt in Reverse Order.

                                                                  Restoration of the Fig Tree
                                                                           Menorah Pattern
                           1             2            3                    (Church Age)                            3        2            1
Destroyed: 2nd Temple, City, then Nation ------------1948------------ Restored:
Nation, City, then 3rd Temple.

So, now to the Question, ‘What is the Last Possible Year of the Fig Tree Generation?’ Here is where on Diverges for Prophetic and Traditional ‘Orthodoxy’ or Tradition. It is Surmised that the ‘Countdown’ occurred in 1948. This seems Logical, Reasons. But.as this Generation has now come to the End of this Maximum Limit in Years, it is going to be obvious that it is the ‘Wrong’ Start Year. Now other Researchers, will say that it is an ‘Approximation’.

But one says, it is an Exact Year Count. YHVH does not ‘Approximate’. We do. Well, when Jesus will ‘Approximately’ Come, Says the Magi. Or ‘Well, when Jesus should be Crucified,’ approximately. No. It is stated that every Prophetic Marker is Precise. The New Testament teaches that ‘At the Right Time, Jesus Died for our Sins’, etc. The Point is that, if one is using 1948, and one is assuming the Year Template per Psalms 90, then the 70 Year has already Passed.

1948 +70 Years =

Now that was a Monumental Year, in one’s Research. Now so? That is the Year the actual Altar of Sacrifice was Dedicated, on the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel’s ‘Budding’,. And it Prophetically mirrored the Altar of Sacrifice Re-Dedication, that Ezra and Nehemiah did the same on the very Walls of Jerusalem after the Babylonian Captivity, exactly 70 Years later.

2018 +7
Year Sabbath Cycle =

It is about the Sabbaths of the Land Count
What one is Conjecturing, is that from 2018, that was a Countdown to when the Actual Functioning Altar of Sacrifice will perform its 1st Daily Sacrifice. And this in turn, will start the 7-Year Tribulation Period. All Conjecture of course. But if one then adds the Upper Limit of the Psalm 90 Generation, that being 80, then the following.

1948 + 80 Years (If by Strength) = 2028

So, if you can Assess this based on a Pre-Rapture Tribulation Period. It does not add up. Sorry. What this means is that if one then Subtracts the 7-year Tribulation Period, the Year that the Tribulation would have had to have started, was back in 2021. Here is what one has Proposed, thus far, based on one’s often said, ‘Learning Curve’.

Although the Year of 1948 is a Presumed ‘Obvious’ Countdown Year, one submits that it the Countdown has to be and is Synchronized to the Shemitahs. As the Shemitahs or the Land Sabbaths are what the 70 Years of Weeks (490 Years) are all about. It so happens that the Sabbath Cycle in which Israel ‘Re-Budded’, in 1948, had as its Count the Year 1952 being the End-Beginning of the Sabbaths of the Land.

Thus, this is the Key, in the Countdown to Jesus’ Return and when the Tribulation Period is to start, perhaps. One can be wrong and only Time will tell. But the Church Age is now within the ‘Final 4’, and really the Final Year, that being Summer 2024, in one’s Calculation. So, here is what this Countdown Timeline would look like, still applying the Psalm 70 and 80 Year Maximum Limit.

1952 + 70 Years =

This started the Last 7-Year Cycle, but it was not the Start of the 7-Year Tribulation Period, as many thought, including oneself. As the Year came and went, this is where one then Surmised that the Church Age is in a 3.5 Year Transitional Period of Time. It is Synchronizing all the Timelines to Fall of 2025.  One has written several Articles about this already, etc. But if one then adds the Maximum Year Limit of 80 Years, this will the Answer to the Question.

1952 + 80 Year Maximum Limit of a Generation per Moses = 2032

This Year, 2032 happens to Synchronize all of my current Studies and Book of how the Year adds-up from the Crucifixion of Jesus in 32 AD. And if one uses the other Prophetic Template of Peter, the 1 Day = 1000 Years, then this is now long the Church Age is to have been Allotted. And if one then Subtracts the 7-Year Tribulation Period, then the following.

2032 - 7 Year Tribulation Period =

So, the Answer is 2025 is the Last Possible Year for the Fig Tree Generation to see the Return of Jesus. But as mentioned in all my Posting, one is Bias toward this Timeline, at the Moment. It is a Moving Goal-Post. However, the Details are getting Clearer as the Blessed Day Approaches. This is one’s Rationale.

If the Tribulation Period starts in the Fall of 2025, after the Fall Feasts, then one Surmises that there has to be at least 1 Year of a Transition from the Rapture Point. In one’s Understanding, the Tribulation Period cannot happen, like the Next Day the Rapture occurs, etc. The World still has to be totally Destabilized, so severely that the World will Demand the Reset themselves.

Anything to be ‘Secure and at Peace’. Never mind one’s Civil Liberties, Privacy, Bank Accounts, Ability to Travel, exercise Religious Beliefs and Opinions, and have Total Control Medical Sovereignty over one’s own Body. Kiss all that Good-Bye. All this is happening before the World’s Eyes. It is all Planned, of course. But since Fall 2025 is the Last Fig Tree Generation Year, as far as one can tell, as of this Posting, then the Summer of 2024, something in July will be the Highest Rapture Watch in one’s Study of the End Times, thus far.

Again, one is going solely on Prophetic Typologies, such as the Summer White Wheat Wedding Time. Boas and Ruth Typologies. The Pentecost of Acts 2, which was the New Wine, etc. Also realize that a Major Motif of the Revelation 12 Sign is that of the Maiden holding the Basket of Summer Wheat that was Harvested. As one also presently is Convinced that the Revelation 12 Sign was/is a 7-Year Sabbath Cycle of Time Countdown, it appears to also corroborate with the 2024, bit the Year of the Rapture. May it be so, or sooner.

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