Mars Maritime Masters

  • What is the Mars Triangulation doing on Earth?
  • Is there a Secret to the Ancient City Ley-Lines?
  • What Connection did Mars have with Earth in the Past?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to provide Evidence that the Ancient City of Carthage was designed and laid-out in the Pattern found on Cydonia, Mars. It is made-up of a Triangulation of 3 Building, Temples or Structures that construe a Hexagram Geometric Configuration when the Site is 3-Dimensionalized. This Cydonia Triangulation is deemed the Martian Motif and it is Encrypted into the Ley-Lines of not only most Ancient Sacred Sites on Earth, but also are found in most Modern-Day Capitals of the World.

One argues that this Star Map on Earth, is as it was and still is on Mars, designed after the Cydonia Pyramid Complex. Of course, NASA and other Agencies deny this and are Obfuscating the Evidence, mainly Probe Pictures taken in the Flybys of NASA Crafts that have been there. One contends that such Designs were due to the fact that in Earth’s Ancient Past, there was a Direct Connection to Mars and perhaps other Planets in the Solar System. This pertains, mainly to the Notion of the Gap Theory.

This Theory Stipulates that before Adam and Eve were Created by YHVH in the Middle East, the Garden of Eden, there was a Pre-Adamic World, and that Ruled by Lucifer. To some Degree, this is alluded to in the Bible, but corroborated with most Ancient Writings that parallel the Biblical Creation Account. Thanks to the Modern Computer Software and GPS Satellite Imagery, one can have a Bird’s Eye View to make out these ‘Martian Ley Lines’ from the Air.

Why these Ancient and Modern Ley-Lines can only be seen from the Air is that one contends that those same Entities from Mars, are still on Earth, but that such Entities are really the Fallen Angels and their Prodigy that resulted from Lucifer’s Genetic Manipulation of the Human Genome. Why? In brief, Lucifer and his Fallen Angels sought to disrupt the Genetic Makeup of Humans so as to thwart the Birth of Jesus and thus Disqualify Him from being the Genetic Savior of the Human Race that had Fallen to Lucifer’s Lies in the Garden of Eden.

The Gap Theory supposes that the Genesis Account of the Bible, of which there are 2, is such that the Earth ‘Became Formless and Void’. Meaning that some event occurred that basically destroyed it. And the Genesis 1:2 is in actuality a ‘Re-Creation’ of it. And the Battle for the Souls of Humanity has raged and will continue to Rage until Jesus returns, etc. But in the meanwhile, Lucifer, his fellow Rebel Angels and those Humans that have and do believe his False ‘Gospel’ rule the World from such Ancient and Modern Capitals, for now.

It is about Dimensions
And that is why such Martian Motif exists on Earth, to this day. One Contends that the Triangulation Pattern of the 3 Structures produces a Star Gate or Portal in which such Entities can traverse in and out of Dimensions, either from and to Mars or from and to Heaven, etc. The Martian Connection has not ceased. In the case of Ancient Carthage, the 3 Cydonia Structures correspond to the following. The Giant 5-Sided Pentagon Pyramid of Mars corresponds to the Roman Amphitheater area. Then if one uses this Scale of Size, the other 2 Structures correspond also in relative Size, as they are in Cydonia, Mars.

The next Structure is that of the Pleiadian City. This Site at Carthage corresponds to the Main Roman Catholic Cathedral area. The Pleiades is a very unique Star Cluster. It is identified and Associated with the 7 Spirits of YHVH found to be before the Throne in Heaven.  The Pleiades is also associated with the 7 Churches of Asia and are a Euphemism also for the Bride of Christ as Depicted in the Book of Revelation. It is also rather interesting , that Astronomically, the Pleiades Star Cluster, along with the Face and the Pentagon 2 other Structures on Mars may be a Correspondence of some sort of how such Structures also Triangulate in Heaven itself.

Realize that Lucifer and his Fallen Angels have been Evicted from Heaven and perhaps long for such a Place, knowing its Power, they construed such Triangulations on Mars and Earth. The last Cydonia, Mars Structure Association is the Famous Face of Mars. It corresponds to the smaller Roman Amphitheater. This Structure on Mars is the Mausoleum said to be dedicated to the Rebel King, Ala-Lu of Nibiru who came to Earth.

It is he, that splashed-down in what was called Aden. He later found Gold, which was then shipped back to Nibiru to be Chem-Trailed into their Atmosphere to repair it. There were also Mining Operations on Mars, which became a Weigh-Station, as their Ships carried the Gold back to the 2nd Star System, etc. The following will be a bit about the History of Ancient Carthage, in general. In terms of its Ancient Historical Background, Carthage was the Rival Maritime Capital of the Mediterranean.

It was situated just outside of Modern Tunis, Capital of Present-Day Tunisia. It is believed that the City was founded by the Phoenicians from the Land of Canaan as a Colony from Tyre. In fact, many such Colonies stretched all the way to Spain, as even today, the City of Cartagena was 1 of its former Colonies. The Name comes from the Punic Language which means, ‘New City’. The Word, Punic comes from the Latin for Punicus, meaning Phoenician, etc.

The Harbor of Ancient Carthage, which can still be made-out, was legendary in its Design and Function. It has the famous Round Hub called the Cothon wherein, Boats and Ships would be ferried into for Repairs and Shipments. The Military Ships were called Biremes. It is believed that up to 200  Warships could be serviced at this Facility. This Rival Power plagued the Romans who vied for Naval Supremacy and Control of the Seaways all the way to the Pillars of Hercules to the Breadbasket of Egypt.

It is about Supremacy

Those who controlled the Ports and the Sea Gates would stand to be the Supreme Power of the Ancient World. To that End, there were the Sicilian Wars with the Greeks, and then 3 Wars with the Romans or the Punit Wars. Carthage was eventually Sacked and brutally destroyed by the Romans. Why these 2 Powers, Rome and Carthage would be destined to a Duel to the Death was that every Ship in the Mediterranean had to pass between Carthage and Sicily. Again, those that controlled this Sea Lane would be the Masters of the Maritime World on that Day.

Carthage is also the Home of the Legendary Military Commander, Hannibal. He led a 15 Year Conquest of much of Italy before the Republic was Founded. His legendary Campaign against the Latins of Europe had him march his Army through Hispania and over the Alps, and with Elephants no less. Carthage was later rebuilt as a Roman City and even became a Center of Early Christianity. During the Beginnings of the Dark Ages, there were many other Factions that raided the City, such as the Vandals. Later on, the Byzantines came, but the Muslim Conquest of North Africa later changed the once Roman-Byzantine Christian Character of the Place.

In conclusion, one has written 3 Books, a Trilogy of this Martian Motif Phenomena that one has Researched for more than a Decade. One has Cataloged over 400 Sites, both Ancient and Modern through the Earth. One believes that these places are the Spiritual Strongholds of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels that have Authority and Power over such Regions, for now. But it is part of the ‘Ancient Alien’ Narrative that is fast becoming accepted and will play a Role in the Coming Deception. This has to do with the Rapture Event.  Why?

It will be explained-away as the ‘Alien Rapture’. In doing the Research for the possible 2025-2032 Timeline, the Thought came to Mind, ‘This UFO Thing now is off the Charts’. ‘They’, being the ‘Powers-That-Be’ and who Control the Narrative, interestingly are now allowing Top Gun Fighter Pilots to go on National TV to basically ‘Disclose’ that these UFO’s are ‘Not of This World’. Yet, without an Official Disclosure. Why? It is driving L.A. Marzulli, Nuts and even Non-Believers like Dr. Steven Greer, if one is aware of his efforts for Full Disclosure also, etc.

You would think the Pentagon or Biden would jump on the Chance to finally Come-Out, take the Credit, and have the ‘Official Disclosure’ made…But here is what one Surmised. Since back in 1948, with the Roswell Incident, and countless Evidence, Encounters, Eye-Witnesses, since why is the Disclosure not being made? There is a Preponderance of Evidence, etc. One Argues in the 2 Articles, that Lucifer would not want it to be made known or Disclosed. Why not? He is saving it for the Rapture.

The Rapture Event will be so Traumatic, the World will demand and can only accept a Like-Minded Explanation, a Super-Natural one. Nothing else will or would suffice. The World will Experience the Instantaneous Disappearance of Millions, all at the same Time, in a Fraction of a Second, gone? Children…up to the Age of their Accountability, the Handicap, Babies, the Innocent or as with Nineveh, will be Taken.

It is about a Pending Judgment
In Nineveh, it is where there were those that could not, ‘Tell their Right Hand from their Left’. This is in the Context of Pending Judgment and Destruction that YHVH was seeking to avert in that He sent Jonah 1st to Warn them because it such Innocence and even the Animals, etc. The coming Rapture Event will be because a similar Pending Judgment and Destruction is coming upon the whole World. And the Rapture Event is to 1st Remove the ‘Innocent’, those of whom the Blood of Jesus has covered.

Immediately after the Rapture, the World, if they will not be given a Plausible Explanation will go ‘Mad’ and perhaps recall all those ‘Crazy Christian’ yapping about a ‘Sky GOD’ and meeting up in the Air thing and Believe it. So, it was sort of an ‘Ah Ha’ Moment in that, Ah, I see why the UFO Disclosure has been withheld and will be. It is being Saved-Up for the Rapture to explain it away.

And the Sad part is that most of the World will ‘Believe the Lie’ as it is foretold. In part, it is because of the Mass Psychosis they will endure, like with COVID. And when is that ‘Rapture’ going to take place? In terms of Timing…Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars are really what should be ‘Premier’ in Discerning the Times, especially in this Last Generation. Meaning that when YHVH has done something or ‘Moves’ the Prophetic Clock, it is always at a Specific Time and Date and even Down to the Hour.

Is that not what the Bible teaches about Jesus’ Mission, ‘At the Right Time’!? Why would the Rapture be any different? Perhaps? Meaning that, when the Resurrection-Rapture occurs, this is why one does not believe in the ‘Imminency’ of the Rapture as in, ‘It could happen Anytime’. Sure, it could, but knowing enough about YHVH’s Patterns? Events are Scheduled. So, one is saying that the Rapture is Scheduled and although the Church Age Body of Christ is not tied or beholding to the Feast of Israel, this is a Misconception, to a Degree. Why?

They are not the Feast of Israel or the Jews. They are the Feasts, Eternally of YHVH.  Thus, one would not be Surprised, that when the Rapture occurs, it will be some Feast. Perhaps. It could be on a Passover? Hope so. A Pentecost? Hope so. (2nd 50th Day Count, Feat of Wine.) Or perhaps even during the Fall Feasts. The issue is, ‘What Year’?  Until then, it is all a Dress Rehearsal. And really, that is what every High Watch Time is. It is an opportunity for one to Dress-Up and Practice our Faith. Soon, 1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week, 1 Day, 1 Hour…it will happen. No more Dress Rehearsal.

So, 1 Day Closer…In the Meanwhile, we Dress-Up and Rehearse,


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