Rapture Typology and Divine Interruptions

  • Are there any Biblical Parallels to Hurricane Sandy?
  • What does this mean for the Church of Philadelphia?
  • What are the Divine Interruptions going on now?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘For all the Nations have Drunk the Maddening Wine of her Adulteries. The Kings of the Earth committed Adultery with her, and the Merchants of the Earth grew Rich from her Excessive Luxuries. ‘Come out of Her, My People,’ so that you will not share in her Sins, so that you will not receive any of her Plagues’… -Revelation18

The purpose of this study is to highlight the possible Type and Shadows of how Hurricane Sandy that made Land-Fall on the Eve of Halloween, October 30, 2012. It appears to have some Biblical Prophetic Overtones of the coming Deliverance and the Wrath of YHVH as depicted in the Bible. The specific Biblical Inference will focus on the Tower of Babel comparison and its Divine Interruption and the sparing of the Church of Philadelphia. These Biblical Overtones seem to correlate to the Rapture and the Sudden Destruction or ‘Divine Judgment’ that is to come upon an Un-Repentant Humanity as described in the Bible, in the Last Days. These overtones or ‘Prophetic Types’ are based on several Biblical Divine Judgments; Past, Present, and Future in regard to Babylon, the World and the Church.

This Divine Judgment of YHVH, possibly associated with Hurricane Sandy, involves 2 Cities. The 2 Cities that will be considered in Biblical Comparison and Contrast affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, are New York City and Philadelphia. These 2 Great Cities happen to be Prophetically Personified by 2 Types of ‘Women’ in the Bible as well. This study will thus be presented in a backdrop of the classic ‘Tale of 2 Cites’. It is the Bride of Christ vs. the Whore of Babylon; the City of ‘Christ’ Lucifer vs. the City of Christ Jesus. These 2 Cities are Contesting for the Battle of one’s Soul. NYC is a Prophetic Type of the ‘Whore of Babylon’ System that is to be Judged by YHVH. There are actually several Landmarks with that very Name ‘Babylon’ in the General Geographical area of NYC.

There is an area called Babylon in Long Island and Babylon Canyon at the drop-off of the Atlantic Ocean’s floor off NYC. Then Philadelphia. She is a Biblical Type of the True ‘Bride of Christ’, the Christian Type of Believers in Jesus that is to be spared for such a Divine Judgment. It will be by way of the Great Escape due to an open Door, at the Rapture. The Philadelphian Church will be ushered through an ‘Open Door’ to come in the midst of Sudden Destruction. This was much like in the Days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy’s Eye of the Storm’s Path was directly in-line with Philadelphia. Yet, miraculously, she was spared the Brunt of the Force and Damage in comparison to NYC. For example, in NYC, there was a picture of a mangled Crane atop the Luxury Skyscraper at the base or South-End of Central Park.

Divine Judgments

One can allude to it as what occurred at the Tower of Babel. It was being ‘Divinely Interrupted’ of its Construction by YHVH. So it will be that Christ Jesus will Divinely Interrupt or Judges the last Luciferian Masonic controlled Kingdom on Earth. This will happen during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble after the Rapture. In the Book of Revelation is where there are 2 Prophetic Visions of Women. Both are also associated with Cities, Babylon and Jerusalem. Both have Dealings with ‘Dragons’. One ‘Women’ is riding a Beast or Dragons dressed in Royal Purple, Red with Precious Jewels that rules over the Nations of the World.

This ‘Women’ is the very Metaphor for the city of ’Babylon’, Religiously, Economically and Politically. What is striking is that this ‘Woman’ is ’Drunk’ with the Blood of the Saints, those Followers of Jesus Christ. The other ‘Woman’ is assaulted by the Red Dragons, as depicted in Revelation 12. She represents the Bride of Christ among other things; the Redeemed of YHVH that are experiencing Travail and Birth Pangs but will ultimately be Rescued. These Typologies are general in scope and not intended to implicate or vilify the Citizens of NYC or exonerate those of Philadelphia in particular. This Typological Study only attempts to encompass the Divine Judgments: past, present and Future as described in the Bible.

According to the Bible, certain Divine Judgments against Major City Populations on a Biblical Scale did occur in the Past. You have the Destructions of Nineveh, Jerusalem, Sodom and Gomorrah and Babylon, to name a few. In particular the Bible declares that a Divine Judgment is still to come in the Last Days during the Tribulation Period upon the City, Economy, Government and Religion of the Babylon System, all inclusive. The Bible declares that the GOD of Heaven, YHVH is a Righteous Judge; that in fact it will be Jesus Christ who will judge Babylon as He opens the Seals of the Scroll as described in the Book of Revelation, after the Rapture.

Jesus, thereafter, also will have the Legal Authority to judge both the Living and the Dead, on Judgment Day. That is the Ultimate Divine Judgment as depicted in 1 Peter 4:5. Why is there ‘Divine Judgment’? It is because there is Sin in the Universe that has spilled over onto Earth. This Condition is an Offense against YHVH because the LORD of Heaven is a Holy and Righteous GOD. This Issue now involves and is centered around the Human Race on Earth –‘Battlefield Earth’. It will be Earth at the Battle of Armageddon that the Final Outcome and Conclusion of Good vs. Evil will End

YHVH had a Plan from ‘Eternity Past’, to resolve this Issue and Conflict that according to the Bible started with the Rebellion of Lucifer in Heaven. In the ultimate Act of Mercy and Unmerited Favor toward a Fallen Human Race, Jesus Christ took the Divine Judgment for the Sin of all Humanity at the Cross of Calvary upon Himself. This was the Plan. The Payment for Sin or ‘Divine Judgment’ can now be Accredited to one’s Account by Imputation. This Transaction occurs when one puts Faith and Trust in Jesus Christ. He is the Greater Righteousness that has come, apart from the Righteousness obtained by the Law. It is a Free Gift. One can avoid the coming Divine Judgment upon the World and Lucifer by placing one’s Trust and Faith in the LORD Jesus Christ.

Open Door

This is the only ‘Open Door of Escape’ provided by YHVH by which Mankind can only enter through the Gates of Heaven. This Window of the ‘Gospel’s Grace’ Period is about to End with the Rapture of the True Christian Church. Perhaps it will coincide with the Sudden Destruction many Followers of Christ are Prophetically Seeing. Do realize that in one perspective, the Rapture event itself is a ‘Divine Judgment’, but on those that will remain. This still leaves the coming Divine Judgment for an Un-Repentant World during the Time that the Bible calls the Tribulation Period.

A Natural Disaster like Hurricane Sandy on Halloween that meant for Philadelphia but of which New York got the ‘Dark Effects’, can be a Divine Instrument used by YHVH to get People’s Attention and Heart. What Lucifer meant for Evil, YHVH turned it for Good. If the Biblical Type of these 2 Cities and General Prophetic Correlations with prior ‘Divine Interruptions’ are valid, then this Hurricane Sandy Event of 2012 echoes the coming Divine Judgment upon ‘Babylon’. And all the while at the same time, Shielding the True Remnants of YHVH by way of the Rapture Open Door.  Below is how YHVH interrupted the World and His People with Divine Judgments.


YHVH interrupted the History of the entire Human Race by a Global Flood. YHVH interrupted the Tower of Babel Construction of the united singular Human Race. GOD interrupted the False Religious System of Apostate Israel during the time of Jesus Christ. 70 AD was the Destruction of the 2nd Temple.


YHVH interrupts the Full-On Evil by having The Restrainer, the Holy Spirit, in the World operate in the Redeemed. YHVH interrupts the present Successors of the Babylonian False System, Economically in this case i.e., New York City. YHVH interrupts the Sin that is tolerated in the Laodicean Church that closes-out the Church Age.


YHVH will interrupt the World again with Devastation as never before seen called the Tribulation Period. YHVH will interrupt the Last Luciferian New World Order Kingdom of the 10 Toe Confederation with The Rock, Jesus. YHVH will interrupt the Christian Apostate Church i.e., the Roman Catholic Church that is, in one’s Estimation, the Whore of Babylon, Religiously.

There are at least 3 aspects that the Bible espouses about what Babylon entails. It is a Political, Economic and Religious System. Babylon as a City was known for its Opulence, Riches and Luxury. Babylon was also known for its Decadence and Lifestyles that offended the True GOD of Heaven, YHVH. The Book of Revelation speaks of a Center of such Commerce that even the ‘souls of men’ were traded as was Gold and Silver traded as Commodities. In Prophetic Perspectives, many believe that NYC is playing the Modern Part of the Biblical City of Babylon of the Bible. Others believe in the popular notion that the entire USA is Babylon. True, but which one? The Financial? Spiritual? Political? Consider that the U.S. Invasion of Iraq was not about 9-11. That was an Inside Job. No, Iraq was about Babylon and how the U.S. Army encamped about the Ancient City of Babylon and extracted Ancient Aliens or Fallen Angel Technology. The very type that Nimrod contrived to Invade Heaven with.

1st WOMAN: New York City –Whore of Babylon

Why NYC? It is the current Center of World Commerce, Media, Communications and Financial Planning. She dictates Policy around the Globe because of her Position and Power. Even though Hurricane Sandy was not in the direct path of the City, the City suffered the Brunt of the Devastation. In Prophetic Perspectives, it may be perhaps because it is one of the main ‘World Capital’ of the Luciferian Illuminati. According to the Bible, Lucifer and his Minions seek one last assault in the Celestial Revolution against the Sovereign of Heaven. This Plan will engulf the whole of Humanity with Horrific Death, Disease and Destruction that perhaps is being planned precisely from NYC. One possible reason why Lucifer has sought to manipulate the DNA of Mankind, aside from a means to Enslave it, is that by Transhumanism, the Armies amassed to prevent Christ from coming back at His 2nd Advent will be ‘Genetically Conditioned'.

Such an Altercation to the DNA will perhaps, to some degree, enable such Armies to take on even the very Angelic Hosts of Heaven they will be battling against at the Battle of Armageddon. The Illuminati of NYC seek to implement their Diabolical Plan for all of Humanity that will have ‘Hurricane’ Effects upon all facets of the World very soon after the Rapture. These Plans could allude to the coming New World Order, the rise of the AntiChrist, Financial Collapse, World War, etc. Perhaps YHVH has used this Natural Disaster of Hurricane Sandy to forestall such Plans until an Opportune Time. It can also be a Wake-Up call to those Asleep Spiritually to the Condition of their Eternal Soul. In Geographic Relationship to certain Earth Ley-Lines, NYC is the Proverbial ‘Eye of Lucifer’ in the Occult.

The City is the ‘Eye’ of the Illuminati’s ethereal Pyramid Apex. NYC is the Economic Capital in direct line with Philadelphia and with the District of Columbia, the Political Capital of the Illuminati. NYC is home to the Stock Market, the Premier of the world’s Financial Markets. It has often been unofficially stated that the Stock Market Numbers are often tweaked to end at certain Combinations at certain Times. These Stock Market Closing Numbers may serve as ’Codes’ that Signal certain Transactions that involve and go beyond mere Financial Exchanges. It is interesting to note that not since the Year 1888 1-(8-8-8) has the NYC Stock Market remained closed for more than 1 Consecutive Day. It is currently running on Back-Up Generators to stay Open. The Number 888 is very Significant, Biblically. In Gematria, the Number 888 is strongly associated with the Name of Jesus Christ. It is thus also attributed to the Resurrection and Rapture, as they both must coincide together per I Thessalonians 5.

It is considered to be the ‘Perfect’ Number as opposed to 777 which is the ‘Complete’ Number. It appears that YHVH has used this Natural Disaster to interrupt Babylon’s Commerce for one. The LORD of Heaven, YHVH can also ’tweak’ Numbers to provide a ’Sign’ also. Perhaps the Stock Market has been Divinely Judged or ‘Interrupted’ by the LORD GOD of Heaven as a ‘Sign’ to its coming End; an End to its Thievery and Banker Tax-Payer Bailouts; making ill-gotten Wealth off the Backs of Hard-Working Tax Payers by the Money Changers in the Temple of Mammon. Also in New York is the Première Apostate Church of False ‘Christianity’ that is within the confines of the City. At the Apex of Central Park on the North-West corner, one will find St. John the Divine Church. This ‘Church’ is a counterfeit to True Christianity.

2nd WOMAN: Philadelphia – The Bride of Christ

In this ‘Church’ or Temple, one finds the New Age Christ. He is the ‘Messiah’ to come and is suspended in the Navel. It typifies the Religion of the ‘Babylon’ System that worships Lucifer in place of the True Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. What is interesting is that the layout of this Babylonian Temple appears to converge on a ‘Serpent’ head. To the east of the ‘Church’ Building is a Park designed like a Snake. This can be seen from only an Aerial View.

The New Age Christ within the Church is at the Apex of this Serpent’s Head as if to illustrate that either the False Messiah aka AntiChrist is riding on the Beast or the Dragon/Serpent is supporting the False Messiah. Moreover, this ‘Serpent’ at the base of the ‘False Church’ of St. John the Divine watches over in the direction of Central Park’s 5 ‘Kingdom’ Anthropomorphic Man as if guiding it.

In contrast to NYC being a possible Biblical Type of the Modern Day Version of the Biblical ‘Babylon’, Philadelphia can perhaps then be the type of the true ‘Church’ or Bride of Christ. In the Book of Revelation this type of Church Body was spared the Divine Discipline that the other Surrounding Churches did not Escape. The Redeemed can never experience ‘Divine Judgment’ or the Wrath of God because of the Work of Christ on the Cross. Christ paid for the Price of the Bride with His own Blood as He took the Wrath of Judgment at the Cross of Calvary for her.
Philadelphia was and is and will be the only Church Type to be given an ‘Open Door’ of Escape; to be kept from Divine Judgment that is to come upon the world. Perhaps it will be by way of a ‘Sudden Destruction’ Sequence of Events as alluded to in the Bible. When this Divine Judgment is to commence, the Shout and Trumpet Call will be given to have the Door of Heaven open-up at the Time of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ. What is interesting is that the Literal City of Philadelphia in Asia Minor, Modern Turkey was Geographically Centered between Mountain Ranges that functioned much like a ‘Door’ to get in and out of the City.

In YHVH’s Perspective, the Church, the Bride of Christ, as in Philadelphia, was in the midst or ’Eye’ of Hurricane Sandy. It typifies the Redeemed that will be spared and is about to be led through an ’Open Door’ to Heaven at some point in these Last Days before the 5th Evil Empire of AntiChrist is about to arise. The City of Philadelphia which means ‘Brotherly Love’ from the Greek is geographically halfway between New York City and the District of Columbia. Realize that DC is the current Capital of the USA but NYC was the 1st Capital of the USA.

Perhaps Hurricane Sandy is illustrating just how Prophetic the Event will be mirrored in terms of the ‘Woman’ that will be Judged and the ‘Woman’ that will be Spared by the same ‘Event’. This is how the Rapture will go down. How can this be? The Path of Hurricane Sandy veered towards the City of Philadelphia after Land-Fall, around 8pm EST near Atlantic City, NJ. It was a ‘Bull’s Eye’ Direct Hit at first glance. Most not familiar with the Mechanics of a Cyclone would assume the worst Devastation would be suffered by Philadelphia, having the ‘Eye of the Storm’ passed right over it.

Definition of a Hurricane

The ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ might look Ominous, but it is actually the Safest Place to be in comparison to the Periphery of a Hurricane’s Devastation. In relative terms, Philadelphia was spared in comparison to NYC by the very same Instrument of Destruction. To reiterate, in terms of Biblical Typology, Philadelphia is Jesus’ ‘Woman’, the Bride of Christ that is to be Spared the Divine Judgment to come. And New York City is Lucifer’s Woman that will not be Spared. Shall it not be the same when and where the Rapture takes place of the Christian Church, the Bride of Christ? In Acts 27, one sees an Example of this very same Effect. The Apostle Paul also finds himself in the Eye of the Storm, literally.

He was bound in Chains for Preaching the Gospel, headed for Rome to face the Judgment of Emperor Nero. Instead, Jesus interrupted Satan’s Plans for the Apostle Paul. The Ship encountered a Deadly Tempest in the Mediterranean Sea. As the Ship was being tossed about and about to fall apart, the Shipmates were stricken with Fear and Panic. This is where the Apostle Paul knew of Jesus’ Promise of Deliverance. He thus Comforted the whole Crew by having a Meal in the Bowl of the Ship. Paul shared the Fellowship of the LORD’s Provision at a Table reminiscent of the LORD’s Supper Table in the very midst of the Tempest.

His Faith and YHVH’s Deliverance demonstrates that if Christ Jesus is at the Center of one’s Heart, or ‘Eye’ Biblically Speaking, no matter how much is going on around the Destructive Peripheries in one’s Life, Jesus Christ provides Peace, Calm and Ultimate Deliverance in the face of Spiritual Hurricanes. The term ‘Hurricane’ is a Name used to denote a Cyclone. Most Cyclones originate from the Tropical Latitudes of the Earth. Winds generated by the Typical Cyclone can reach an excess of 100 miles/hour. Technically, a Cyclone is an area of Condensed Moisture circulating in the same direction as the Earth, Counter-Clockwise. Cyclones that occur in the Atlantic and the East Pacific Oceans are referred to as Hurricanes. The Cyclones that occur in the Western part of the Pacific Ocean are called Typhoons.

The Eye

Area of Narrow Focus where Wind is minimal, Sky is clear and Pressure is the lowest.

The Wall

Area of Highest Wind Strength and Rain.

The Bands

Areas of Heavy Showers in Convection Pattern that aim toward the Center of the Eye.

As to the Tower of Babel? According to the Biblical Account, the Construction of the Tower of Babel was an attempt by Lucifer to rally the whole of Humanity against the Wishes and Directives of YHVH. This Event took place after the Biblical Flood of Noah. It was led by Nimrod in a quest to unify all the Nations in Defiance against YHVH's wish to have Humanity spread-out and populate the whole Earth once again. Their attempt to build the Tower was thwarted by YHVH. YHVH Divinely Interrupted the Construction of their ‘Tower’ and Cranes by confounding their 1 Language.

Broken Cranes - Tower of Babel Interrupted

This Divine Judgment stopped their construction of their Tower much like the Construction of the NYC Luxury Skyscraper’s Crane was mangled by the force of Hurricane Sandy. This NYC Luxury Skyscraper could allude to being a type of a ‘Tower of Babel’, also being Interrupted. Of note, this ‘tower’ is to be the highest Luxurious High-Riser in the New York City area. What is striking is that this particular ‘Tower’ is on 157 West 57th Street. It has a Number Combination of 57, twice and the crane was at the 74th floor.

It is odd that the Skyscraper or ‘Tower’ is precisely at the base of Central Park. Central Park is said to have an Anthropomorphic Layout i.e., a ‘Body’ or Human Form from an aerial view. The Central Park Layout can be distinctly made out to be the foundation to the 5-Tier Edifice itself. Perhaps this could Prophetically Correlate to the 5 Divisions that seems to correlate to the Statue of the Prophet Daniel’s Vision. Why Daniel's Statue?

The Statue of Daniel’s Vision represents Humanity's greatest World Empires under the guidance and control of the Luciferian Babylonian System. These Empires will ultimately be interrupted or ‘Judged’; stopped by the Rock from Heaven that crashes it at the Base. This is much like the literal Geographic Position for Skyscraper with the mangled Crane. The last World Kingdom of Satan’s Domain will be stricken down by the large Rock of Divine Judgment which will be the True Christ at His 2nd Coming.

But the coming New World Order, whose Kingdom will rule the World, in the End will be Divinely Judged by Jesus Christ, the Rock of Offense. Perhaps the Crane that was struck in the Skyscraper or ‘Tower’ is a Divine Reminder that the Sovereign LORD of Heaven, YHVH has the ultimate say of how far Mankind is allowed to go. Now, normal life for NYC in particular has been interrupted. Perhaps Hurricane Sandy is Prophetically a foretaste of what is to occur in the near future on a Global Scale.

Some Stats on Hurricane Sandy

- ~50 million affected estimated
- ~7 million without power
- 9.5 ft. flood level 4 ft. normal for area
- 50-100 billion dollar cost projected
- 108 year history subway closed
- 1888 Stock Market not closed since
- 40 to 80 mile gusty winds
- Hurricane produced a blizzard
- 26 inches of snow in some places
-1000-1500 mile wide radius
- Complete darkness in NYC
- Water contaminated, non-drinkable
- All previous records broken
- Jersey shore rearranged
- Nuclear power plant put on ‘ALERT’

This Analogy of the 2 Cities, the 2 Women, being possible Prophetic Typologies, is in no way stating that this Unprecedented Disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy on Halloween 2012, was a ‘Divine Judgment‘ upon NYC and the people of the East Coast. There has been a loss of many Innocent Lives. This was only a suggestive Typological Study in Biblical Patterns and how the Current Weather of the Planet seems to be affected by Peculiar Anomalies that could be related to the increase in Solar Flares, Chem-Trailing, HAARP or DARPA Operations.

This Biblical Prophetic Analysis was only a Comparison, attempting to give as this Event has been Unprecedented in Scope. Many if not all of the Meteorologists are in awe of such a Magnitude of the Hurricane’s Peculiarities and Costly Devastation. To have a Hurricane in late October that triggers a Blizzard, on top of that is unheard of. This Meteorological Event however does appear to have peculiar Prophetic Associations in terms of the scope and Symbology related to YHVH’s Divine Judgments as disclosed in the Bible related specifically to the Sparring of Philadelphia.

These Divine Judgments have basically constituted an ‘interruption’ upon Mankind’s Path to Perdition. Perhaps Hurricane Sandy is or could have been a Divine Judgment that has ‘Interrupted’ Man’s Plans that are Prophetically Destined to be implemented very soon by the Rapture. Nonetheless, it does appear that Hurricane Sandy is a Prophetic ’Type’ of the coming Judgment of YHVH; of Deliverance and Sudden Destruction within the same Event, as will the Rapture be also.



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