Heavenly Reflections of Pharaonic Ages

  • Who has designed the major world capitals with this motif?
  • Why is there an apparent identical layout as in Cydonia, Mars?
  • What is the meaning behind such a sacred geometric pattern?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to suggest that the city of Madrid incorporates the Cydonia, Mars pyramid layout. This configuration includes the Pyramid City, the Face of Ala-lu or Face of Mars, and the Pentagram pyramid. From an aerial view, their does appear to be 3 main centers in Madrid that fit this design. These 3 localities are the Royal Theatre next to the Royal Palace, the Hippodrome or race track and the 4 Tower in the financial center. These 3 main designs are also seen in other major world capitals, most notably in Europe that also incorporate a lot of the Pharaonic signatures of the Great Pyramid and the Obelisks. In the case of Madrid, Spain the triangulation of the sites is a near perfect fit, although a bit elongated and rotated 180 degrees.

The major difference has to do with the Pentagon structure that correlates with the Royal Theatre. The Teatro Real or simply El Real, as it is known colloquially, is a major opera house located in Madrid, Spain. It is offset to the left next to the Royal Palace that is will be shown to be also in an anthropomorphic proportion. The actually corresponds D&M Pyramid of Mars corresponds to the Puerta del Sol or the Gate of the Sun, i.e., the Sungate. The Puerta del Sol is one of the best known and busiest places in Madrid. This is the point of the radial network of Spanish roads. It is a befitting place and name as it suggests a ‘Stargate’ perhaps as it was in Mars at one time. It has the following variable associated with the ley-line to the Hipodromo.

322° heading
233 arcseconds

Being that the Spanish Empire was considered the first modern world Superpower, its kings even have the tile of King of Jerusalem. The military concept of the Marines was first utilized by the Spaniards in their world conquests. It would stand to reason that the same Luciferian Templars that rule the world would incorporate their various motifs, hidden in plain sight. As to the specifics of each of the 3 major depictions, the Royal Theatre correlates to the Pentagon pyramid of mars but is rotated 90 degrees. It does have an approximate degree heading of 333 as it is in Cydonia, Mars. The Hipodromo de la Zarzuela has some very unique measurement variables that will be signaled out here. 

.33 nautical miles
1.11 nautical miles perimeter
3.22 nautical miles to the 4 towers

Pleiadian Patterns of Pyramids
The 4 Towers or Las 4 Torres is a fairly new development and although there are 4 prominent skyscrapers presently, there is still plans to build fore that will no doubt constitute 7 at some time in the near future. This location corresponds to the Pyramid City of Cydonia, Mars. It is 322 arcseconds to the Plaza del Sol or the Sun Gate. As this motif is replicated in the major world capitals, its design and significance go beyond the mere architecture of the city layout. It is mirroring more than just a design, but an ideal and plan. Moreover, this pattern is not human but extra-terrestrial in the sense that it does not originate f from the designers on Earth but a suggested cadre of Fallen Angels reminiscent of their celestial abode in the Heaven from where they were expelled from. Those in power of such world capitals and empires are in league with such entities to further their agenda which is Luciferian at its very core.

This study further suggests that the Palacio Real is configured to an anthropomorphic design and proportion. The head region would correspond to the church of Santa Maria. The palace itself would constitute the lower portion of the human body image. The center plaza would correspond with the mid-section, etc.  What is particularity interesting is that a hexagram is also positioned above the ‘head’ of this anthropomorphic palace. This suggests that the layout is corresponding to the chakras of the human body. The chakras are thought to be centers of energy and remanence with the higher frequencies at the head and the lower ones at the base or buttocks. This energy centers also correspond to the color spectrum. Most world and royal palaces are designed in such a fashion because it is though that the Universe itself is laid out in such a proportion and design even. 

The ‘chakra’ point that is above the ‘head’ or the church is in a hexagram design and layout. This would stand to make reason as the chakra correspi9nding to this position beyond the physical body suggests the state of Nirvana or ‘bliss’. It is the center or point that opens up as a result of the 3rd Eye being opened. It is thus a ‘gateway’ or portal, a door to the dimensions beyond the physical body. The study is not insinuating that at such locals inter-dimensional transits occur but that the patterns are based on the sacred mystery schools of esoteric and occultic knowledge.  This spectrum, like the light spectrum ranges from the Satanic to the Gnostic. This study also suggests that the various localities around Madrid, Spain incorporate the Great Pyramid of Giza pattern.

In this specific case, the Almudena Cometary appears to approximate the layout of the Grand Gallery that matches the M-23 motorway. The ‘Pit’ corresponds to the Sacred Family College area. It is suggestive but as the powers that rule and design the various layouts of their world capitals, they incorporate the motifs of their Mystery Babylonian religion. In the case of Madrid, as with many other world empire capitals, there are various pyramid layouts and have actual relics from Egypt itself. They are mostly obelisks and parts of temples as it is the case with the Temple of Debod that was moved from Aswan and rebuilt just north of the Royal Palace. Why the Great Pyramid pattern might be incorporated in the cemetery is that one theory suggests that the Great Pyramid was used as a teleporter of the soul to the stars, mainly Orion. Thus, it stand to reason that the place of the dead could have a vehicle et to journey in the afterlife.

The other prominent pyramid layout involves the Spanish Air Force military base of Torrejon. The runway is the base of the pyramid and an oval is centered on the pyramid in phi ration proportions. In a lot of cases around the world, the various Air Forces of nations are situated next to sacred ley-lines. In many bases, it is believed that secret experiments, alien technologies and abductions are carried out. Based on some eyewitness accounts, even the experimentation with Star Gates goes on. In the case of the Spanish Royal Air Force, the very ensign appears to suggest the winged disk of Assyria. This motif in turn was a depiction of a red Star Gate (Vulcan) to the star from which the entities came from that created the triple motif of the Pyramid City, the Face of Ala-lu and the Pentagon on Mars and on Earth.

4 The purpose of this illustration is to suggest that the Terminal Atocha railroad station is encrypted with a serpent-pyramid design. The rail lines terminate at the apex of the pyramid that extends down to the river. At this apex of the pyramid, the Museo Nacional Centro de Artes is situated. At a 33-degree arc, the Glorieta de Santa Maria de la Cabeza is situated that also correspond the King’s Chamber of Great Pyramid overlay. What is peculiar about this Great Pyramid design is that it is elongated and reversed. The entrance to the Ascending Shaft corresponds to the Plaza Ortega where an obelisk and pyramid are situated. The base of the pyramid is comprised of the Glorieta de las Piramides and the Plaza Legazpi.

In the case of the Glorieta, there are 2 pylons or obelisks that serve as a sort of ‘gate’ to and entrance, in this case the pyramid outline. The entire pyramid complex design is slanted by approximately 33 degrees. The Plaza Legazpi is marked by a 5 lined cross walk that configures a pentagram. What is most interesting is that the distance from the Terminal Atocha apex to the inner base of the pyramid is approximately 1776 yards. This has obvious Illuminati and Luciferian signatures of the ‘Builders’. It is believed by them that 1776 corresponds to the year 5776 in Jewish reckoning of time. What is special about 1776 is that it is called Anno Lucis or the Year of Lucifer, the Light Bearer. Thus, the rail lines that converge at the apex of the pyramid can be suggested as being the year the ‘serpent’ is to cap the pyramid or complete the ‘Great Work’.

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