Revelation of the Risen Christ

  • What do the 7 Stars in Jesus' hand represent?
  • Is there a cosmic mirror of such Stars on the Temple Mount?
  • Who is the cosmic pattern pointing to, Jesus and why?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘As for the Mystery of the 7 Stars which you saw in My right hand, and the 7 Golden Lampstands: the 7 Stars are the Angels of the 7 Churches, and the 7 Lampstands are the 7 Churches.’ - Revelation 1:20

The purpose of this illustration is to suggest astronomically a cosmic map layout of the Tempe Mount in Jerusalem. Taking the liberty to use heavy metaphoric inferences to a Biblical typology of the Church, this illustration seeks to show that there is an apparent cosmological correspondence to the Sirius-Orion-Pleiades alignment and pattern. This study suggests that the Temple Mount incorporates the motifs of the Sirius-Orion- Pleaides star map that compliments each other as the Male to Female typology as disclosed in the Bible, mainly the Bride and the Groom typology. This would be more specific of them being Jesus Christ and His Bride. If this cosmic pattern is plausible, then it would stand to reason as the Bible depicts Christ Jesus currently in Heaven interceding for the Church on Earth and that perhaps the Throne of YHVH is directly associated with Orion and the Pleaides in some mysterious way.

This celestial ‘Temple Mount’ in Heaven is described as having a sea of sapphire, like transparent gold. The Shekinah Glory of YHVH is described as being situated there and associated with a Throne, i.e., the Ark of the Covenant. It is within the Holy of Holies that this study suggests would thus correspond to the star Sirius based on the Sirius- Orion-Pleiades cosmic pattern. In front of the Throne of the Lamb is a 7 prong Menorah with the 7 Spirits. The LORD Jesus is found there as revealed to John and corresponds to an Orion type and the center Servant Stem. The Menorah would thus correlate to the 7 Churches of Asia and to the Pleiades. This study suggests that the 7 prong Menorah as the Pleiades type subsequently corresponds to the olive orchard just outside the Golden Gate in the Kidron Valley of Jerusalem.

This cosmic typology would make sense that as the Heavenly Zion has all these motifs, so would the Earthly Zion replicates them to a degree. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Earthly Zion amazingly has all these correlating elements or motifs. During the days of the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon, the Shekinah within the Holy of Holies was above the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. This element would correspond to the star Sirius as in the headship of Christ. The Temple Mount would correspond to the 3 stars of Orion’s Belt, mainly the Al Aqsa dome, the Dome of the Rock and the Dome of the Spirits. This motif would depict the LORD Jesus in-between as the Mediator or High Priest of ‘a better Covenant’. The olive orchard at the base of the Kidron Valley would correspond to the Pleiades or the 7 Church Menorah type.

The Olive Orchard
This olive orchard motif would correlate to the depiction as Jesus is inspecting the candlesticks of Revelation and as keeper of the ‘Golden Gate’. This is the Gate Jesus literally entered Jerusalem and opposite on the Mount of Olives He ascended back into Heaven through the ‘Silver Gate’, the Gate of Man as it were. These ‘Gates’ in themselves would match the cosmic pattern. The Church is presently outside the ‘Gate of GOD’ on Earth patiently waiting to be ‘harvested’. The Pleiades star cluster does also appear to mirror the outline of the Kidron Valley to the east of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This correlation is highly suggestive but the star map correspondence is amazing. What is unique about these possible cosmic relationships is that at each star marker of the Kidron Valley corresponding to the Pleiades does match the 7 different route intersections. Also notable is that the star Asterope, which means star is thought

to be the cosmic ‘Gate’ that leads in and out of the core of the Pleiades star cluster. This star is a ‘double-star’ that also corresponds geographically to the Golden Gate that also has a 2-prong doorway. Currently these 2 doors are plugged. They were sealed-in by the Muslim Ottomans to prevent the Jewish Messiah from coming through as He did the first time. This assertion obviously has tangible Biblical inferences to Jesus in relation to the Church in that Jesus is the ‘Golden’ Door to the sheepfold or vineyard or in this case the olive orchard. It is also the Gate that Jesus entered riding on a donkey as the Sign of the Messiah. It was 10 days prior to the Passover and His crucifixion to pay the debt of sin for Israel, all- inclusive to include an extension to the world and to extract the ‘Bride’. According to the Biblical interpretation of E.W. Bullinger, the Pleiades mean the ‘Congregation of the Judge’. In ancient Israel, outside the Gate of a town was where the Judges of Israel evaluated the people and the people brought issues of judgment before the High Priest.

Likewise the Risen Savior, Jesus as the High Priest and Judge of the Universe, LORD and Redeemer of the Church is currently functioning in His High Priestly office on behalf of the Church to sanctify her. Jesus is evaluating the ‘orchard’ of the Church as the Good Husbandryman, tending to the flock or the ‘olive trees’ as He seeks spiritual fruit and oil; the oil of gladness and the fruit of righteousness. The Amazing difference now is that although the Church is in real time and space on this side of the heavenly ‘Golden Gate’, a petition, prayer and supplication can be presented through the ‘Gates, through the Vail and into the very presence of the LORD in the celestial Holy of Holies ‘in spirit’. This is accomplished through GOD the Holy Spirit by way of the power of prayer. The Bible actually teaches that this is a reality according to the book of Hebrews.

Conversely there is also the metaphorical depiction as if the LORD is coming down from His Throne through the double gate and into the realm of mortality. Jesus accomplished this at His 1st Advent and will with His 2nd Advent. In the meanwhile, He is interceding on behalf of the Church. The Church of Jesus is being evaluated now; cultivated, watered, pruned, and eventually harvested, etc. This is the vision the Apostle John was shown in the book of Revelation. It was the celestial pattern of a risen King crowned with glory as if a star, a type of Sirius and an Orion, ministering in front of the 7 candlestick Menorah.

The Harvest to Come

This typology is seen also in Exodus. On Mt. Sinai, the LORD also came down as it were from His Throne and communed with the 70 Elders of Zion and Moses at the Cleft of the Rock. The point is that Jesus literally did this on Earth during His ministry with the Disciples as a representation of the Elders and the Bride to be.  When in Jerusalem, the LORD often took the Disciples to this very olive orchard to pray, to teach and correct as the High Priest that come from the Throne of Glory through the ‘Golden Gate’ to the 7 Churches on Earth. This suggested correlation of the olive orchard being the ‘Pleiades’ in front of the Temple is where Jesus is recorded going often for prayer and discipleship of this Followers. The 12 Disciples and other people were as a forerunner to being the ‘Bride’ type and they were as an ‘olive orchard’ that Jesus tended to.

As the Pleiades typology is suggested to be a representation of the 7 Churches of Asia, so are their dispensation of times, meaning that the Pleiades is sort of a ‘time clock’ that will see the maturation of the collective ‘olive orchard’ come to a point of an end harvest at some point in time. This is an inference to the completion of the Bride that will be extracted from the orchard at the end for the Church Age. As noted, this study suggests that the Kidron Valley correlates to the Pleiades or the Church. With such an association, the Church is thus ‘clocked’ or allotted a certain time as it was metaphorically ‘planted’ during Pentecost. This is one of the reasons why the present Church cannot be part of the Tribulation period because in keeping with the agricultural cycles of Israel, as soon as one harvest ended, the planting of the next one occurs.

Based on this spiritual typology, the personification of the Pleiades and Orion match the motif of the vision of the Revelation imagery of Jesus ministering in the midst of the 7 candlesticks of a Menorah. The 7 star Pleiades pattern of the Church is suggestive but the Menorah typology is directly inferred by the LORD to John’s vision of the Church Age as it correlates to its 7 dispensations of prophetic time. These dispensations can be seen as stages of evaluation and ministering by Jesus as a time of planting and harvesting, of watering and pruning, etc. This sanctifying work involved stress and exposure to the elements as it is the case that the olive orchard is ‘outside’ the Gates of Glory for the time being. The Bride needs to be made ready for one day the LORD Jesus will come through the Celestial Golden Gate to call the Bride in. The rendezvous will be in the air as He ushers her through the Golden Gate, perhaps even the Golden Gate of the Cosmos into the Holy of Holies chamber.

As to the olive orchard typology, it is a mystery as suffering and persecution are allowed by the LORD to be used to accomplish this refinement or ‘cultivation’. One day the 7 stage Church Pleiades type will end and the collective harvest will be extracted from the ‘olive orchard’. This typology of the pressing out of the olive oil is reminiscent of the suffering and stress the LORD Himself endured for the Church during Jesus’ hour of testing. It also occurred in an adjacent olive orchard, in the Garden of Gethsemane up in the Mount of Olives. It is amazing that the Creator GOD, as a man, Jesus Christ went through the same sufferings as the Church is currently going through, yet without sin. Metaphorically, Jesus, as a type of olive Himself was so pressed out that sweat drops of blood protruded from his head.

The Sirius-Orion-Pleiades Connection

Due to Jesus’ ministry, the Bride will have been made ready through the same refinement process. What the illustration attempts to suggest is that the motif or vision of the risen LORD Jesus as self-identified in the book of Revelation has a profound symbology that is cosmic in one level of interpretation. Based on this spiritual typology, the personification of the Pleiades and Orion not only match the Temple Mount motif of the Revelation imagery of Jesus ministering in the midst of the 7 candlesticks of a Menorah but it matches the celestial alignment of the Sirius-Orion-Pleiades cosmic pattern. The celestial alignment of the Sirius-Orion-Pleiades depicts a man crowned with glory and as if a tree in front of a Menorah lit with 7 lights or ‘stars’.

This cosmic association between Orion and the Pleiades is hinted at even in many of the Menorah models that are used. The Pleiades is like a Menorah. Atlas is the stem; Alcyone is the center light with 3 stars to the left and 3 starts to the right. On top, the Menorahs have the standard 7 prong candle holders and the stem has 3 nodes. These stem nodes are perhaps correlating to the 3 belt stars of Orion that fuse the male and female, Orion with the Pleiades, Christ and the Church, etc. The motif of the Sirius- Orion-Pleiades pattern is construed when the alignment is flipped and reversed from its current depiction and observation. As noted if one dissects the elements, there is a human form that in itself is like a star.

Given this typology, the cosmic motif of the Sirius-Orion-Pleiades alignment can also be ascribed to what the essence and meaning the Tree of Life and Flower of Life motif is all about, Jesus. The head corresponds to the star Sirius; this is the head that is ‘crowned’. This cosmic motif is centered on the constellation of Orion. Orion’s Belt corresponds to the LORD’s waist, and the 7 candlestick Menorah corresponds to the Pleiades that as a High Priest, Christ is tending to. The Tree of Life and the Flower of Life motifs are a picture of the headship of Christ, the giver of Life. With respect to these cosmic motifs found superimposed upon the Temple Mount, Jesus said the following about Himself.

I Am the Aleph & Tav
I AM the Vine and you are the Branches
I hold the 7 Stars in my Hand
I AM the Door
I AM the Way
I AM the Truth

Another interesting observation is that the cosmic ley-line of the Sirius-Orion-Pleiades alignment amazingly is also at a 33 degree arc form the Galactic Equator that bisects the Dome of the Spirits on the Temple Mount on Earth. To many, this is the site of the Holy of Holies and that it can be correlated astronomically. This ley-line thus can be interpreted as the ‘Way’ and the Belt of Orion as the ‘Door’ and the Pleiades as the ‘tree’ or Vine. This amazing cosmic geometry of the stars clusters involved parallels the respective vision of Jesus in the book of Revelation. To reiterate, this cosmic typology is suggesting that Jesus is as a type of Orion, crowned with glory, the Bright and Morning Star, tending to the 7 candlestick Menorah. Jesus declared the following about Himself.

I Am the Vine
I Am the Rose of Sharon
The Branch
The Root of Jesse

This researcher strongly believes that perhaps Orion’s Belt is the place where the Holy of Holies corresponds to the quadrant in the Cosmos. No other constellations such as Orion and the Pleiades have such an amazing correspondence to the Throne pattern of YHVH. This is the motif that countless designs have been incorporated from ancient to modern prominent building complexes for example. This motif of the Orion Chi Rho cross with Sirius on top and the Pleiades at the bottom is seen configured in many ancient and modern landscapes and sacred worship sites around the world. One such example is the Vatican. This same motif is configured but as a counterfeit because Lucifer has attempted to usurp this glory and meaning for himself.

As to the precise location of the Holy of Holies on Earth, the Temple mount does suggest such an intersection. Based on 3 ley-lines on the Temple Mount, 2 terrestrial and 1 celestial, this study suggests that the Golden Gate east-west ley-line to the Dome of the Spirits, the Jerusalem Old City street north-south ley-line intersect with the Galactic Equator on the Dome of the Spirits. Could this intersection confirm that the Dome of the Spirits is actually the place where it corresponds in Heaven and did and will again on Earth on the Temple Mount? Wherever the Throne of YHVH is at, it is from there that the original conspiracy occurred by way of Lucifer’s attempt to usurp the Throne.

It was from there also that he was expelled, thus to one degree such apparitions and inference to ‘Aliens’ coming from the Pleiades and Orion posing as ‘creators’ or ‘saviors’ or ‘enlightened beings’ are but a mascaraed of Lucifer and his Fallen Army. He seeks to ascribe the significance of such a place, if it is there, of a past glory to his likeness, being and purpose. For example, the occult uses the Flower of Life and Tree of Life to incorporate it into their New Age paradigm and with an alternate ‘Aquarian Gospel’. However this study has suggested that it is Jesus Christ in whom all the celestial types and shadows point to and that this true reality and perhaps celestial pattern is even seen incorporated in the very physical dimensions of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, as it is in Heaven.

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