Israel, not the Church Still Needs to ‘Pay-Up’

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Yes, this is what the LORD says: A Cry of Panic is heard—a Cry of Terror, not of Peace. Ask now, and see: Can a Male give Birth? [No] Why then do I see every Man with his Hands on his Stomach like a Woman in Labor and every Face turned Pale? How awful that Day will be! None will be like it! It is the Time of Jacob’s Distress, but he will be Saved out of it’. -Jeremiah 30:5-7

The purpose of this study is to strongly suggest why the current Church Age, Body of Christ on Earth cannot, must not cross-over into what is called the last 7-Year Tribulation Period. One will liken this Rationale based on the Metaphor of a Tenant and a Landlord, concerning Israel as opposed to the Church needing to ‘Pay Rent’ on the Promised Land. This is why it is about the Shemitahs and the Last 7 Years’ One. And why, thus, the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period concerns Israel, exclusive, and not the Church. It is about the Land, and the Last ‘Payment’ or Judgement Israel needs to make as ‘Rent’ Owed to YHVH for not being Faithful to allow the Land its Sabbath Rests.

And how, according to the Prophetic Calculations given in the Book of Daniel, there is yet, 1 Sabbath Cycle of ‘Rent’ Owed to YHVH. This is the Tribulation Period. How so? It is about YHVH ‘Collecting the Rent, Passed Due’. It is about Israel completing its 70-Year Prophetic Judgment. One argues that as the Physical Descendants of Jacob inherited the Promised Land, it was Conditional upon being Faithful Stewards of YHVH’s Land itself. In how the Land also, as the Tenants, was ordered a Sabbath Rest. And as such, Israel did not keep their ‘Renters Contract’ and were Evicted. YHVH, as the Land Lord charged Israel 1 Year for every Sabbath Rest the Land did not Rest.

This was thus equivalent to 70 Prophetic Years, which 1 Week or a Sabbath Week of Years is yet to be Paid. Why now? One is assuming and going by the Prophetic Narrative and Year Count as taught in the Book of Daniel. Before one delves into the Year Counts and Rational, some Context will be provided as a backdrop. Some Assumptions will be made for this Rationale. There is going to be a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. The Tribulation Period will be 7 Years in Duration. All of those 7-Years or 2520 Days will be ‘Wrath’, all inclusive. The 2nd Portion of the Delineation of the Tribulation is what is called the ‘Great Tribulation’ per Jesus’ Olivet Discourse. Also, this 2nd Portion is what is also referred to in the Old Testament as the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’.

The Impossibility

Herein is the Context for why it is ‘Impossible’ for the Church Age to overlap Humanity’s Last Segment of Time, that one also sees it characterized as being the Last Shemitah, or a Sabbatical Cycle of 7 Years. The ‘Trouble’ pertains to the Descendants of Jacob, as in the Physical Genetic Blood Line, not the Church Age ‘Organism’. The Body of Christ on Earth was Birthed or Initiated by GOD the Holy Spirit on that Pentecost of the 1st Century, as promised once Jesus rose from the Dead. Furthermore, this Theological Delineation between Physical Israel and the Spiritual Church is such that, in relation to these 2 Entities, there are 2 Corresponding Covenants at play. There is the Sinai Covenant made with the Nation of Israel, the Descendants of Jacob.

They received the Law on a Pentecostal Timeframe and became a Dispensation wherein, a whole Sacrificial and Ecclesiastical Order and Protocols had to be implemented and adhered to. It required an Altar of Sacrifice and either a Tabernacle or a Physical Temple that Physically Embodied and Contained the Articles of that Covenant of the Law, etc. It was YHVH who sought and found Abraham to be ‘Friends’ with. Humanity ‘Fell’ from Paradise and the Direct Relationship with YHVH was broken. Even so, the Covenant of the Law only could temporarily ‘Cover’ or Atone for Sin, not take it away or finally deal with it. And the ‘Wall of Separation’ was still intact as YHVH desired ‘Fellowship’ or a Relationship with Humanity.

For Israel, was from a Distance due to Sin. This is not the case with the Church, the Body of Christ. In Jesus, the ‘Wall of Separation’ is removed. A ‘Personal Relationship’, which by the way, the Roman Pope said was ‘Dangerous’ to have, can be had during this Church Age Dispensation. The Body of Christ, although on Earth is not Israel or replaces Israel as some have assumed and teach, mainly Replacement Theology, etc. There is a Notion of ‘The Israel of GOD’, sure but that is found in Jesus as the New Man in Christ makes provision for this. This is the New Covenant. The New Covenant was Promised in the Old Testament, and this was also Initiated and Implemented during a Pentecost Timeframe. This was the occasion that GOD, the Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus, as Promised. He was/is to be the Comforter, that enables one to be a Witness of Jesus through His Body on Earth. The Giving of the Holy Spirit was such that, now Individuals are ‘Sealed’ Permanently with the Holy Spirit, indwelling in a Believer.

The Holy Spirit would Teach and lead People to Truth, i.e., Jesus. He, as Jesus described Him, would be the Restrainer and Convict the World of Sin. One has to now define even the ‘Gender’ of the Holy Spirit as it is now in the Days of Noah and Lot. Why? Many so-called ‘Professing Christians’ have swallowed the ‘Woke Pill’ and are ascribing the Holy Spirit as a ‘She’. If there is any similarity in how both Israel and the Church are the same, it is in how both end-up Apostate. Nonetheless, the New Covenant is a Better One in that there is no need for any Physical Temple, Gory Animal Sacrifices, Rules, Sabbaths, etc. All that was Nailed to the Cross as the Law Killed but the Spirit gives Life. Those who come to Jesus during the Church Age, do not realize just how good they have it. The Book of Joel foretold that the Holy Spirit would 1 Day be ‘Poured-Out’ like Wine in the Last Days. And the Description of the only Condition is that of just ‘Calling on the Name of the LORD’ would be enough to ‘Save’ one’s Soul.

No Double Jeopardy

But, one is assuming a ‘Coming to Jesus’ with a True and Repentant Heart. And that there is an actual Transformation and Regeneration of the Spirit and Soul, presently as one awaits the Body’s Glorification, all inclusive. This ‘Pouring-out’ of the Holy Spirit like New Wine was even referenced on Pentecost, when that Fully Came by the Apostle Peter. Now, to the Rationale as to why it is ‘Impossible’ or will be or has to be, based on one’s Interpretation. The Church Age of Grace is the Time where the Bride of Christ is being ‘Built-Up’ as the Spiritual Temple. Following are the Main Reasons why this is argued that the Church Age is not Bound to the Physical Land and thus the Shemitah ‘Payments’ or the Judgement of Israel either.

It is only in terms of when this Judgement will begin and be completed for Israel that the Church Age will ‘End’. It is only then, that the Last Payment Israel owes YHVH will be ‘Required’. It is Israel that is bound by the Sabbath Cycles of Time. In fact, all of Creation is, inasmuch that YHVH Clocks Prophetic Time in Segments of 7-Years and in Phi Ratio of Time. But for the sake of the study, it is particularly pertinent to Israel. One more Assumption. One does Suppose that if and when the 7-Year Tribulation would commence, it would have to at the start of a New Sabbatical Cycle or Shemitah.

One has to state this because, as with every Theological Point, there are those that hold to the Interpretation, even from Daniel that Jesus fulfilled the 1st 3.5 Year or 42 Months at His 1st Coming and how the ‘Daily Sacrifices’ were cut-off. In one’s Research, this is False. Part of the Argument is actually the reverse in how it is Israel, as the Nation that ‘Overlaps’ the Church Age. This occurred at the Beginning and at the End of the Church Age. How so? One believes that the May 14, 1948 Declaration of Independence by Israel was what constituted the Redemption Process as outlined in the Olivet Discourse.

Up to the Year 70 AD, the Jews were still performing Animal Sacrifices on the Altar of Sacrifice and the whole Temple and Mosaic Laws and Ordinances were being performed, etc. And here is a Main Point. That once the Church Age Ends with the Resurrection-Rapture Event, the Prophetic Time Clock will revert back to the Dispensation of the Law. How so? Having the Restrainer be set aside, the Jews will thus rebuild the 3rd Temple and reconstitute the Mosaic Law along with the Daily Sacrifices and the Noahide Laws for the Gentile in that New ‘Jew’ World Order, etc. At this point in the study, let us consider some definitions based on the Renters Metaphor.


-A Binding Agreement; a Compact. Synonym: Agreement.
-A Condition in a Contract such as a Deed or Lease, Nonperformance.
-Of which in Violation gives rise to a Cause of Action for Breach.
-A Contract.


-The Solid Ground of the earth.
-Ground or Soil.
-A Topographical Locale.
-Functionally Distinct Tract of Land.

-One that pays Rent to use or Occupy Land, a Building, or other Property Owned by Another.
-A Dweller in a Place; an Occupant.
-In Law: A Person who holds Real Property by private ownership, by any Kind of Title.
-Either in Fee, for Life, for Years, or at Will.

Land Lord

-One that Owns and Rents Land, Buildings, or Dwelling Units.
-A Man who runs a Rooming House or an Inn; an Innkeeper.
-The Lord of Land or of a Manor; one of whom Land is held Subject to the Payment.
-Performance of Rent or Service; to Owner or Holder of a Tenement, as a Tenant Pays Rent.

-Payment, usually of an Amount Fixed by Contract,
-Made by a Tenant at Specified Intervals in return for the Right to Occupy or use of Property.
-A similar Payment made for the Use of a Facility, Equipment, or Service Provided by Another.
-The Return derived from Cultivated or Improved Land after Deduction of all Production Costs.


-Dispossession by Judicial Sentence; the Recovery of Lands.
-Repossessing Tenements from Another's Possession by due Course of Law.
-An Involuntary Loss of Possession, or Inability to get a Promised Possession.
-By Reason of the Hostile Assertion of an Irresistible Title.
-Forcible Expulsion; the Act of Turning Out or Driving Away, as a Trespasser.

It should be noted that according to the Bible, it is the Creator, YHVH, through the LOGOS, GOD the SON, by the Power of GOD the Holy Spirit, all 3 in 1 that created All Things, Invisible and Visible. As it pertains to the Earth, or the ‘Land’ as it is called in Latin and in Spanish, ‘Tierra’, it all belongs to YHVH. This makes all Humans, ‘Temporary Tenants’. Also, realize that there is no Nation on Earth that has a Title Deed to its Land, save Israel. This is what in Geo-Politics is deemed, ‘Most Favored Nation Status’. Why Israel? It goes back to the Pack made between YHVH and Abram.

Now, one does have to put this Amazing and Privileged Position Israel was granted into perspective. As Fallen Humans would have it, such a Position is considered now one of a ’Chosen Race’. And with that Privileged Position Israel, it has become Racial and an issue of Superiority and Justification for Israel to Subjugate all other Nations. In the Bible, YHVH clearly states why He chose Israel. It was not because they were the Best Looking, Genetic Specimens, Most Intelligent, Honest and Hard-Working, etc. No.

On the contrary, YHVH chose Israel for the Exact Opposite Reasons. YHVH describes this Race as being the Last, not of the Head but of the Ass where Feces comes out of. And this is seen in Jacob, how even his Name means Swindler. Jesus is yet to Transform this Race of Jacob’s into Israel’s, or Princes of YHVH. And that is what the 7-Year Tribulation will be about. It is about the Redemption of Israel. It is to complete the Rental Contract in Israel paying for the Privilege to have been on YHVH’s Land.

Last Shemitah Owed

This is why the Church Age Body of Christ has absolutely nothing to do with Daniel’s Land, City and Nation in terms of its Rent Debt and Obligations or Covenant. Yes, ‘Salvation is of the Jews’. This is what Jesus stated and is True. The Apostle Paul further Elaborates that it was through the Jews that the Scriptures were given also. But, it is because of their Rebellion and Unbelief that Christ Jesus rather went to the Gentiles to secure His Bride. This is what the Present Pentecostal Intermission between the 69th and 70th Week has been all about. Their Messiah Married a Gentile.

Realize that both Covenants of Israel and the Church Body, have a Bride attached to it. It is about a Marriage Contract that is and can be seen also as a Metaphor. Once the Gentile Church Spiritual Temple is completed, and Jesus finishes constructing the City in the Land of Heaven, the Resurrection-Rapture to close-out the Church Age Dispensation will occur, has to. It will then make way for the 70th Week of Daniel to commence. This is why one believes and is convinced that this coming Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle from the Fall of 2022 to the Fall of 2029 is Extremely Significant.

It just so happens that it has converged on the 70th Shemitah Cycle since 1952, when Israel ‘Crossed-Over’, back into the Promised Land after its ‘Re-Birth’ in May of 1948, although in Unbelief. In fact, the Last Shemitah is what the coming World Order and the Reset is all about also. It is really about how Lucifer, by way of his AntiChrist False Messiah will dupe Israel into forfeiting the Land, City and Temple, once again. The New Reset or ‘Liberal World Order’ will be centered around Israel, its Land, City and Temple.

It will be the Jewish False Messiah that will make Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple the Epicenter of Prophetic Time. It would appear that all 3 Factors converge for the Last Shemitah. But it is Israel that owes YHVH this Last Shemitah and will have to Pay in Full, not the Church Body of Christ. It will be about how the Synagogue of Satan takes it upon themselves to Rule over the Cattle. Their Pretext is their Birth-Right although they rather follow and worship the False Christ or Messiah. But Israel can say, Biblically, that they are the only Peoples on Earth that can have a Claim to their Land.

And this is why, also in the Book of Joel does YHVH warn the Nations and Israel’s Leadership that there will be Consequences for Dividing-Up His Land. And here now is the main Reason why the Church Body cannot, will not enter 1 Second into this Last Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle. Why not? According to the Year Counts from the Book of Daniel, there has been a Prophetic Pause in-between the 69th Week of Years and the 70th Week. Realize that these 70 Prophetic Weeks are all about Judgement against Israel for their Unfaithfulness in not ‘Paying their Rent’ through the Shemitahs.

And as Prophecy has an Immediate Fulfilment, so does it have a Distant Fulfilment. It is clearly understood that when Israel was Judged for its Unfaithfulness, YHVH left 1 Last Tribe, that of Judah to continue the Physical Blood Line of King David and the Messiah. Yet, the ’Jews’ as they were known from that time going forward, were Evicted to Babylon. For how long? 70 Years. But, the 70 Years were also a Prophetic Time Piece of Days, exactly 25,200 being a Fractal of 2520 Days or a 7-Year Sabbath Cycle.

Rent is Due

Now, how Daniel presents the Judgment is clearly seen as pertinent to his Physical Kinsmen. It is actually outlined in the Judgment given to Daniel in that this 70 Years, Prophetically would concern the following Factors pertinent to his Condition. And the Scripture Portion will spell-out the Prophetic Delineation of why there is a Gap of Time and a 7-Year Sabbath Cycle or Shemitah left for the very End of Time before the Messiah, Jesus Returns as Messiah Ben David, etc.

1. His People
2. His City
3. His Temple

70 7’s are Decreed for your People and your Holy City to finish Transgression, to put an End to Sin, to Atone for Wickedness, to bring in Everlasting Righteousness, to Seal-Up Vision and Prophecy and to Anoint the Most Holy Place. Know and Understand this: From the Time the Word goes out to Restore and Rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the Ruler, comes, there will be 7 7’s, and 62 7’s.

It will be Rebuilt with Streets and a Trench, but in Times of Trouble. After the 62 7’s the Anointed One will be put to Death and will have Nothing. The People of the Ruler who will come will Destroy the City and the Sanctuary. The End will come like a Flood: War will continue until the End, and Desolations have been Decreed. He will Confirm a Covenant with many for 1 7. In the Middle of the 7, he will put an end to Sacrifice and Offering. And at the Temple he will set-up an Abomination that causes Desolation, until the End that is Decreed is poured out on him. -Daniel 9:25-27

Daniel surmised the Year Calculation based on when the Messiah, Jesus was to have come, Messiah Ben Joseph, etc. The following is the Prophetic Year of Visitation Calculations.

7 Cycles of Judgment x 70 Prophetic Years = 490 Years of Judgment to befall Israel.

Thus, there was to be a ‘Gap’ after the Messiah would come. Why? This ‘Gap’ would allow for the Church Age, the Mystery Age, the Age of Grace, to graft-in the Gentiles, etc. It would be when the Holy Spirit would be poured-out like Wine upon all of Humanity. That is, all those that would respond to the New Covenant, or New Contract. The 69 Prophetic Weeks equated to 483 Years. This is excluding the Last Sabbath Year or that 7th Cycle. This is why most Bible Scholars surmise that there is yet a 7-Year Timeframe left to complete the 470 Years of Israel’s Judgment, not that of the Church.

490 Prophetic Years - 7 Prophetic Years = 483 Prophetic Years

This is why it is ‘Impossible’ for the Church Age Body of Christ to be under this same Condemnation and Judgment that Israel is being held to. This 483-Year Coefficient is what was then needed to know, that would pinpoint the Exact Day of Jesus’ Visitation. This occurred as Jesus was presented as the Son of David as He rode on a Donkey through the Golden Gate of Jerusalem. One has supposed, based on the Decree of
-445 BC by the Son of Ester, King Artaxerxes II, that it was then on April 10, 32 AD. 

Day of Jesus’ Visitation

Consider that April 10, 32 AD, when also aligned with the Astronomical Synchronization of the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox, would put the Day of the 10th in April of 32 AD as a Saturday or the Sabbath; not a Sunday. Jesus prophetically fulfilled the Typology of needing to have the Passover Sacrificial Lamb be endeared with the People in their Homes and then be examined by the High Priest for a duration of 4 Days. See Online Year Converter below along with Article.

Article #591 Day of Visitation




This Timeline would then suggest that April 14, 32 AD was indeed the Passover, on a Wednesday or in the ‘Midst of the Week, for when the Messiah was to have Died or to be Cut-Off', but not for Himself. And that then 3 Days later, as per the Sign of Jonah, Jesus would be exactly 72 Hours in the ‘Belly of the Earth’ and Resurrected precisely at the end of that 72nd Hour. This leads to the understanding that Jesus rose not on a Sunday but the Sabbath, as Jesus' Day of Visitation was not on a ‘Palm Sunday’ but rather ‘Palm Saturday’. The following is the Mathematical Date calculation based on the CalendarConvert website.

BC & AD Date Calculator
The BCE to CE Calculator can calculate the difference between any 2 Dates in Days, Weeks, Months and Years.

Start Date: March 20, -445 BC

(Spring Solstice Decree on Astronomically Time Marker.)

End Date: April 10, 32 AD

(4 Days prior as Passover Lamb to be Inspected 4 by People and High Priests.)
April 14, 32 AD = Passover

The argument why the Body of Christ, being still on Earth will not, cannot, must not be made to Pay for Israel’s Covenant ‘Rent’ of the Land is because it is about Israel needing to Pay in Full, the ‘Rent’ still owed to YHVH. The Prophetic 70 Year Judgement is coming from the Land Lord for Israel for not keeping the Land Shemitahs. Israel, not the Church Body, thus has 1 Sabbath Cycle of 7-Years to complete the 70-Year Wrath.

As alluded to in prior studies, the present Church Age Dispensation has no Physical Temple, no Physical City nor a Physical Nation. It is all Spiritual, actual and factual, but found and fulfilled in Jesus. This Spiritual Aspect of Israel’s Birth-Right and Inheritance is overlooked in how when YHVH challenged Abraham and the Covenants were to be Agreed upon and Ratified, YHVH instructed Abraham to not only Look Down to the Sands of the Sea and try to count them, but to Look Up to the Stars in the Sky and try to count them. In both cases, they would constitute the Descendants of Abraham.

A Better Deal

Really, the Descendants are of Jesus but how it would be Modeled after the Faith of Abraham that believed Jesus for what He stated and Promised and was believed. Jesus stated that it was Jesus who he had spoken to and ‘Rejoiced to see His Day’. This speaks of how Abraham saw the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus what would solidify the New Covenant that would be Eternal and Un-Breakable. It would not be like the Old Covenant based on the Law and Performance of Man to keep it. YHVH chose to also use this Last Shemitah to not only Judge Israel to complete its Debt Owed, but that the World and Lucifer would be also Judged during this same Time that the Convergence of YHVH’s Wrath will commence.

This is exactly how Jesus, at the Olivet Discourse referenced this Outline of Judgment and Restoration of Israel and the World to the Disciples. Note that this 3-Fold Destruction and Restoration of Israel, not of the Church as it was still a Mystery, had occurred with the Babylonian when YHVH used them to Evict Israel from the Promised Land. Now it was the Romans to come after Jesus that would Evict Israel from the Land. Here is where the Prophecy of Daniels is 2-Fold in its Fulfilment and Implementation. There are 2 Princes, Messiah the Prince, but also, the Prince that came, Titus who Destroyed the Temple, Jerusalem and the Nation, etc.

It is from the same People of this Titus Prince that the Future Prince, i.e., the False Jewish Messiah is the one foretold would come again for the Final Time during the Tribulation Period. But so will the Prince of Peace come again, Jesus, at the End of the Last Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle. As to the coming Wrath of the Lamb? Both Temples were destroyed on the 9th of Av as it was to the Day by the Babylonians and then the Romans. The City of Jerusalem was destroyed. And lastly the Nation was scattered over many Decades to all the Known Nations of the World.

And here we are, Present Day, as in the Days of Noah and Lot. And as such Times, the Wrath of the Lamb is coming. Thus, the Present Church Age Body of Christ, from where the Bride of Christ will be Extracted will not, cannot be Appointed to Wrath or be found 1 Second into the Last Shemitah or the 7-Year Sabbath Cycle of Israel. Jesus Promised the Door of Escape for those of the Philadelphian Persuasion during the Church Age. One is of the Belief that the Rapture Event will only pertain to those True Followers of Jesus that constitute His Bride. The Rapture is All Inclusive within the Salvation Package, but the Rapture that completes the Bride is a Separate Deal or ‘Agreement’.

To be part of the Bride of Jesus required Holiness Unto the LORD, an ‘I Do’. Or in other words, Jesus is coming for a Faithful Bride that has been Waiting, Faithful and True, not those that have willfully gone Apostates like Israel. Now Individuals that Profess to be ‘Christian’, will they or could they be ‘Left Behind’ after the Rapture? That is for another Article. But will all those within such Churches that Perform Same Sex Marriages, allow Drag Queen Story Hours in the Services, call YHVH and the Holy Spirit, ‘She’, deny the Authority of the Bible as Truth, Bless Abortion Clinics and Apologize for having Helped and Supported Christian Pregnancy Center be part of the Bride of Christ, dressed in White, Pure and Spotless and who has ‘Made Herself Ready’?


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