Prophetic Patterns of Orion and Cydonia, Mars

  • Did Cyrus the Great decree to rebuild the 2nd Temple?
  • Is the Tomb of Cyrus is configured to the Orion Stars?
  • Will there be a Cyrus 2.0 Decree to rebuild 3rd Temple?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Now in the 1st Year of Cyrus King of Persia, that the Word of the LORD by the Mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled, the LORD stirred up the Spirit of Cyrus, King of Persia, that he made a Proclamation throughout all his Kingdom, and put it also in Writing, saying, This says Cyrus, King of Persia, The LORD GOD of Heaven has given me all the Kingdoms of the Earth; and He has Charged me to build Him an House at Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Who is there among you of all His People? His GOD be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem, which is in Judah, and build the House of the LORD GOD of Israel, (he is the GOD,) which is in Jerusalem.’ -Ezra 1:1-3

The purpose of this study is to Observe certain Messiah-Type Attributes of Cyrus the Great concerning the ‘Royal Decree’ to rebuild YHVH’s Temple. He is among those that truly earned such a designation of ‘Great’ of the likes of Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander and Caesar. The study will also present an Astro-Archeological Depiction of the area where Cyrus the Great is Entombed in Pasargadae, the Heart of Ancient Persia. It will be suggested that the entire Ancient Capital Complex was configured to replicate the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. This in turn would further suggest that a Celestial Blueprint was comprised, based on the Pattern of the Belt Stars of Orion.

For Prophetic Context, Cyrus was one of the Greatest Men that ever lived in terms of fulfilling YHVH’s Plans concerning Israel and the Temple. This Prophetic Assertion is from the Culmination Typology of the 4 Ruling ‘Beast’ and ‘Metal’ Empires as Interpreted by the Prophet Daniel, in regard to Nebuchadnezzar’s Vision. It was a Vision of a Statue, a ‘Metallic Man’. These Men, on 1 level of Biblical Analysis, served as the Personification of their respective Empires. Such Men had, are and will have a Prophetic Dichotomy of the ‘Christ’ Factor; both a Type of ‘AntiChrist’ and ‘Christ’. Such men would foremost, deal Prophetically with establishing the 2nd of the 4th World Empires leading-up to Jesus’ Return. For Cyrus, he came from relative Obscurity and Humble Beginnings in the Fars rugged Region of Persia, which is Modern Day Iran.

He is from the Ancient Tribe of the Aryans, where Iran is derived from and that later-on Migrated into Europe, thus the term ‘Indo-European’, as in Language for example. He, along with Darius the Mede, became the 2nd World Ruling Empire of Medo-Persia after Babylon once Cyrus conquered the Medes to the north of Persia. Cyrus is attributed to have Commissioned the Cyrus Cylinder that was arguably the 1st Codified Declaration of Human Rights. However, upon further examination, such a Cylinder of Cyrus actually substantiates the claims that the Land of Judah not ‘Palestine’, belonged to the Jews as it documents the end of the 70 Year Babylonian Captivity. Prophetically, it was Cyrus by ‘Royal Decree’ that Sanctioned the 2nd Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem.

2nd Beast

Another Prophetic Attribute about the 4 World Empires, is also disclosed by YHVH to the prophet Daniel. The Succession and Characteristics of each Empire or ‘Order’ would be compared to an Alloy of Precious Metal and a type of ‘Beast’. In terms of Prophetic Typologies, was 1st associated with Gold and then it Degenerated into lesser Spender and Metals. Babylon was the Gold, Medo-Persia was Silver, Greece was Bronze. Rome was and is Iron and the last Rendition of Rome that will be an Iron and Clay Mixture. The Statue also followed an Anthropomorphic Proportion to the Human Body. Babylon was the Head, Medo-Persia the 2 Shoulders, Greece was the Torso that Divided into 4 Sections, as a 4-pack of an athlete’s abdomen. Then Rome with the Lower Section that split into 2 Legs. The Legs Portions were and are the Longest Portion and presently In-Play, as the Roman Empire Split into a West and East Section.

This Split will occur right-down to the Foot with the corresponding 5 Toes of each Leg, Mixed with Clay. Incredibly, this Last Empire or Order is what will be in place when Jesus returns as the ‘Statue’ functions also as a Prophetic ‘Clock’ and Countdown. Countdown to what? The Time Marker would Delineate when Jesus would Return to ‘Rule the Nations with an Iron Scepter’, etc. Cyrus was the one who was the successor to the 1st Beast, the ‘Winged-Lion’ Empire of Babylon. Cyrus, the ‘One-Sided Bear’ diverted the Water System under the Great and Impregnable Citadel of Babylon. This occurred while Belshazzar was revealing with the Holy Articles of the House of YHVH and the infamous ‘Handwriting on the Wall’ appeared to the last King of Babylon. And there was Daniel, in the midst of the Event as he was summoned to Interpret the ‘Code’.

That Night, the Demise of Babylon occurred and it took on its New Successor, all timely and according to YHVH’s Plan. Like Babylon however, Medo-Persia would meet its Demise later-on by Alexander the Great, the Bronze Plated ‘Winged-Leopard’ Empire of Greece who took Vengeance upon the Persians. Alexander the Great Conquered the Persian Capital City of Persepolis, known as ‘Parsa'. His Men burned it to the ground in revenge for the Persians having burned Athens in like manner. It was in 480 BC, that a Descendant, Xerxes I, Son of Darius the Mede personally led the 2nd Persian Invasion of Greece. It was at that time that the Famous Battle occurred, of the ‘Gates of Hell’ or Thermopylae with the ‘300’ Spartans.

They held-off the entire Persian Army led by the King of Sparta, Leonidas I, but not enough to avoid the Invasion and have Athens burn. Cyrus united most of the Ancient Middle East into a Single State. The Persian Empire stretched from India to the Mediterranean Sea, which meant that he possessed the largest Empire in the World at that Time. Is it any wonder why the Shi’ite Muslims of Iran now seek this Faded Glory to return? Iran currently Rages against the Jews and any possible Temple. The Contention is over the Jews Returning to their Ancestral Home. They too are expecting a Messiah or their ‘Mahdi’ like a Cyrus of Old, which they call ‘Koorosh’. The Contention is over the Control of the Temple Mount, as some Jews, like ‘Nehemiah’ and Ezra’ in Israel presently seek to build YHVH’s House, the 3rd Temple. These 4 Empires and their ‘Christs’ had, is having and will have a Prophetic Purpose as they dealt with YHVH’s Earthly People’s Last Tribe, Judah and the House of YHVH in Jerusalem.

Pyramid-Orion Pattern
Within Pasargadae, Persia, the actual Tomb of Cyrus is rather Informal for a King so Grandiose. Such Places on Earth, both in Ancient and Modern Times, are an example of how the Great Men that Ruled and Rule the Empires of the World sought and seek to Glorify their Accomplishments and peg their Tombs and Structures to the Celestial Glory of the Luminaries of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. Based on the Giza Pyramid Complex, so too at Pasargadae, are the apparent Ancient Structures, that are currently in ruins appear to match the Dimensions and Angle of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt. The Tomb of Cyrus corresponds to the smaller Great Pyramid of Menkaure and the Orion Belt Star of Mintaka. The Royal Palace corresponds to the 2nd biggest Great Pyramid of Khafre and the Orion Belt Star of Alnilam.

The largest area, that of the Citadel of Cyrus corresponds to the Great Pyramid of Kufu and the Orion Belt Star of Alnitak. Interestingly, from the 2nd Great Pyramid there is also a replicated Causeway path that mirrors the Great Sphinx. The Perimeter is even in proportion to the Temple of Osiris, etc. This Celestial Correspondence would relate to the ‘Sword of Orion’ where the famous Orion Nebula is situated. However most that study the Typologies of Ancient Motifs, would recognize correctly that the alignment is a Phallus Motif. What the Astronomical Configuration depicts is an Orion Motif rotated approximately 180 Degrees Horizontally and flipped on its Axis entirely. It would stand to reason that the Ancient Great Men of Renown would seek to mimic the Greatest Constellation in the Heavenlies as Orion, represents the ‘Conquering King’.

Orion is attributed to having ‘Messiah’-Like Attributes, but as with the fallen nature of Humanity, such Sacred Knowledge of the Constellation has been Perverted to have now taken-on a Counter or Antithesis of its Character. For example, Orion depicts the King of the Universe, the Messiah, the Redeemer, etc. To the Gnostics and Luciferians, Orion is the AntiChrist, the Fierce King to come and Rule their World. This Phenomenon will play right down to the ‘Last’ ‘Christ-Like’ and AntiChrist-like’ Figure, that will be the Final Rendition of the ‘Beast’ Empire or ‘New World Order’ pertinent to YHVH’s People and the 3rd Temple. What this study will further consider is that the Cyrus Prophecy as in Ancient Times, that pertained to the ‘Royal Decree’ to rebuild the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem and Liberated the Captives of Judah, will be no different in the Future.

This Royal Decree was issued by Cyrus the Great to have the Jews return to Judah and rebuild the Walls and subsequently the 2nd Temple. Many believe that a similar ‘Royal Decree’ type is to recur as an ‘Echo’ of the Prophecy that was foretold by the Prophet Isiah 1000s of Years earlier in that the Bible, even mentioned the Name of Cyrus by Name. What many People do not realize in reading Isaiah 44:28, is that this Gentile King was named specifically ‘Cyrus’. And he was even called ‘My Shepherd’ and ‘Anointed’ or Christ. Isaiah the Prophet was given this Revelation long before Cyrus was even Born. It is a Parallel to how Daniel was given the Revelation of when, as a ‘Sign’ the Messiah was to have come Riding into Jerusalem. Furthermore, it was Daniel that the Understanding of the ‘Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem’, would factor-in, 1 of the Greatest Prophecies known to deal with the Restoration of Israel, Jerusalem and more importantly, the rebuilding of YHVH’s ‘House’, and the Advents of Jesus.

Royal Decree
To reiterate, what is Prophetically Astonishing is that the Foreknowledge of a coming Cyrus and Royal Decree came some 150 Years before Cyrus took the Throne of Persia. The Jewish Prophet named Isaiah vividly described how YHVH would Destroy the Kingdom of Babylon. He then specifically Prophesied that Babylon would Fall to the Medes and Persians in Isaiah13 and 21:1-10. Isaiah Declared that Babylon, the ‘Golden City’ would Fall and be Conquered by a Man named ‘Cyrus’. It is not known how King Cyrus became aware of Isaiah's Prophecy concerning his Life. However, it is entirely possible that Cyrus was told about the prophecy by Daniel who eventually held one of the Persian Empires' highest Offices as Chief of the 3 Presidents over Persia.

Later on, it was Nehemiah, the Cup Bearer to the 6th Persian King who was another High Ranking Jew in the Persian Empire that was given Permission to lead the Jews back to Judah and rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem and the Temple. At the Core of such World Empires, was, is and will be Judah or more specifically the Jews and how they ended-up Embroiled in such World Empires to start with. As the Timeline was given of the ‘Beast’ and Alloy-Type of World Empires, so too was the Timeline paralleling that of Judah’s Redemption and/or Reconstitution. The Fact, that the Jews were given over to Exile and Expelled from the Promised Land, in the 1st Place, attests to their Rebellious Heart and Disobedience to YHVH’s ‘Covenant’ or Promise made.

The ‘GOD of Israel’, that is the King of all of Creation promised an Everlasting Royal Succession to the Line of King David and a Land to the Descendent of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, not Ishmael or the Modern-Day Philistines. However, due to Israel’s Unbelief and Rebellion against the Edicts of YHVH, the Nation got Reduced but to 1 Tribe, that of Judah. It is from this Last Tribe, that the word ‘Jews’ comes from. It was King David that in 2 Samuel 24:24 actually purchased the Land where the Future Temples would be built, in Jerusalem. He Paid it with 50 Shekels of Silver initially. Is there a possible prophetic correlation that a 50 Numerical Value was given to be associated with the Future Temples? In what way? Consider that the Temple Mount was Recaptured by the Jews in 1967. A whole Jubilee Cycle of 50 Years would result in the Year 2017. This Pentecostal pattern of a 50 echoes how a future Temple of YHVH is to be Erected. Will it be no different in how the Jews returned from their 1st Diaspora after 70th years? In 2017, the USA Formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.

The Captivity of the Jews was to last 7 Sabbaths according to the Discernment of the Prophet Daniel, in studying the Prophecy of Jeremiah. Thereafter, the Jews were ‘Liberated’, as in a Jubilee, to Return by ‘Royal Decree’ of the Ruling World ‘King’ to Rebuild a Temple, etc. Jesus however came and Foretold in the Olivet Discourse, that there would be a Sequential Restoration and in place, before His 2nd Coming. Incredibly, this meant that the 2nd Temple was to be Destroyed and that there would be a 2nd Diaspora, which occurred just after 70 AD. Thus the Prophetic Key is ‘70’. Now, the Temple is the last of the 3rd prophetic key of another King of the Jews, that of Jesus Christ ‘Decreed’. Israel has reached its 70 year Time Marker and is looking for a coming ‘King of the Jews’ that will grant them a ‘Royal Decree’ to rebuild the Temple as Cyrus the Great did.

Parallel of Presidents?
The coming of the Last ‘Christ’ Type of World Ruler, per Nebuchadnezzar’s Vision will unlock the Timing of when the 3rd Temple is to be Rebuilt and when perhaps the ‘Cyrus the Great’ Type of World Leader will come-on-the-scene, to make such a parallel ‘Royal Decree’ as of Old. In the Present Time, there have been many that have gone so far as to suggest that this Cyrus Prophecy was to have occurred with the 45th U.S. President. Back in 2017, some People were also suggesting, that even the Biblical chapters of Isaiah 44 and 45 correspond to the Numeration Sequence of the Transition from the 44th to the 45th Presidency.

Others are also attributing the U.S. Presidential appointments of his Son-in-Law, as the Chief Middle East Arbitrator as a Potential AntiChrist Candidate. Many believe, thus that perhaps the 45th U.S. President, in a similar fashion was have the Jews Sanctioned their Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. This was not seen, however the Timing could not be more Pertinent. Many believe that Events, like the Great Sign of the Revelation 12 and the Precursor of the Great American Eclipse, are Warnings of Prophecy about to come about. For many People, the 45th U.S. President was and is a ‘Messiah’ Type as was Cyrus the Great.

President Trump, unlike prior U.S. Presidents, has been 1 that has at least, vocalized his Unwavering Support for Israel. One of his Major Campaign Promises was that he was to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, and he did. However, such an Assertion, that the USA might be involved, like the Persian Empire to help facilitate the coming 3rd Temple, by some sort of ‘Decree’, will be a Double-Edged Sword, Prophetically for the USA, if that might be the case. If the Cyrus Parallels are to be comparable, then the USA will be Judged Nationally, as was Persia thereafter.

The Persian Empire fell to Moral Decay, Debt and Ethnic Divisions, much like the USA finds itself in now. The Fall of Persia gave way to the Young Aspiring, Alexander from Greece, that took-on the Title of the ‘King of Babylon’. This was after Conquering the then Known World in Record Time. He was only 33 Years Old, at the Time of his Death in Babylon. The Point is that if the USA is to be somehow involved in the Affairs of being Prophetically used by YHVH to have this ‘Cyrus Prophecy’ come about. If so, then it spells a Doom Scenario for America. It will be Used and Consumed to usher-in the Next and Last World Empire. Is there any Evidence or Sign perhaps? One such possible Omens comes from the Great American Eclipses. There are 3 of them. The 1st Eclipse of Judgment and Division occurred on August 21, 2017.

Coincidentally, August 21 was Elul 1. And? It signifies a Call to Repentance, National Repentance in this Case. It is then 40 Days exactly to Yom Kippur. This was the same Day Jonah came to Nineveh with YHVH’s Admonition to Repent. YHVH gave the Great City-State the 40 day countdown to repentance as Yom Kippur is the Day of Judgment or in the sense the Soul of a Nation was Weighed in the Balance. For sure, the USA is in the Crucible and Balance, but in the case of the USA, many think she, as a Whole Nation will not to Repent as Nineveh did. Back in 2017, Trump turn-out to be some sort of a Messiah-Like Figure.

70 Year Prophecy Pattern
He did help Israel ‘Settle’ its Land concerning Jewish Settlements in the Golan Heights. And Official Temple Coins were Minted with efforts to rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. Trump’s support for Israel, his daughter’s conversion to Judaism, and the President’s Son-In-Law were and are very interesting Subject Matter. Oddly enough, even some ultra-Orthodox Jews had embraced the Cyrus Prophecy concerning Trump. Such people believe that in some way, a U.S. President like Donald Trump, could be the ‘Cyrus ‘Anointed’ that is to Prepare the Way for the 3rd Temple.

The 70th Year Anniversary from Israel’s Return to the Promised Land in 1948 occurred in 2018. Did something Momentous occur in the 70th Year regarding Israel and the preparations for their coming 3rd Temple? Yes. The Altar of Sacrifice was Rededicated. Consider the Amazing Numerical Correlation that from 70 AD, when the 2nd Temple was Destroyed by the Roman, the 4th Beast Type, to Israel’s Rebirth in 1948, on a Shavuot, according to the Creation Calendar and on ‘One Day’, as Isaiah foretold, is 1948 Years. Thus, many believe Israel is in ‘Countdown’ based on the Jubilee Year Cycle Pattern of 1917-1967-2017.

And also based on the Judah Ben Samuel Prophecy the next 7-Year Sabbath Count will be on the Eve of when the Tribulation is to Start. As prior studies have pointed out. The Babylonian Captivity of the Jews lasted for 70 Years. These were the 7 Sabbaths that YHVH Required of the Jews, for not Obeying and allowing His Land to Rest. This is why the Bride of Christ cannot be seen in the Tribulation. The Church is not ties to an Earthly Inheritance of a Land, City or Tempe. All that is Promised, being far Greater, in Jesus. Thus, the Bride of Christ owes YHVH Nothing to be further Judged with.

To have the Bride of Christ enter Israel’s 70th Week of Discipline would make the Work of the Cross of No Effect, and no Benefit in the 2000 Year Age of Grace, etc. It was Nehemiah and Ezra that led the Campaign to rebuild the 2nd Temple. It was to be a Time of Contention with the Natural Inhabitants of the Land and particularly, some Arabs; much like it is today, Incredibly. On one Hand, the Jews Reconstructed the Walls of Jerusalem with a ‘Trowel on 1 Hand and a Sword in the other’. The apparent Repeating Parallels of History are eerily Similar, as it is the same Today in Jerusalem as it was then for YHVH’s People, concerning the efforts to Resettle their Land and Rebuild the 3rd Temple.

YHVH did Reveal the Details concerning the 70 Year Captivity of the Jews in Babylon as foretold by the Prophet Jeremiah. He also revealed the Date of the Messiah's Death, Resurrection, and Return of their Messiah through a 70-Week Prophecy. However, at 1 Point, YHVH Complained to His People, that they were more concerned about building their Houses, while His lay in Ruins still. The Complacency was prevalent as a Generation passed and Israel only cared to ‘Live a Normal Life’ and not be Bothered by the issue of the House of YHVH. It was too Political. This is also the case now in the Present Time for Modern Day Israelis. Most Jews that live outside of Israel, reside in the USA. Most are more ‘American’ than Jewish, although the Hostility against the Jews is increasing like in Europe.

Decree to Rebuild the Temple
Many Jews are leaving for Israel every Day, due to Safety Concerns and the Overwhelming Muslim Menace. They are Influencing and Swaying the Public Narrative that is co-sponsored by the Liberals and Feminists, for example. It took the Prodding of Ezra, to nudge Israel to finally ‘Set Their House In Order’, and have Priorities reflect the Love and Desire for the Jews to have a House foe YHVH too. For what purpose? The Original Desire of YHVH was built upon the Pattern given to Moses on Mount Sinai after the Exodus from Egypt. It was to be a Facsimile of the True House or Temple of the Creator in Heaven.

It was to be a Place where YHVH could get as close as possible to His People without Defiling Himself due to the Sin Problem and Issue of Humanity. However, it has eerily been no different with Israel now, as it was last led back from their 2nd Captivity by Rome that Echoes such a similar Sentiment amongst YHVH’s Earthly People. Some Jews would prefer to avoid the Religious Contention and not seek a 3rd Temple. Others, a few in comparison, however, long to see the 3rd Temple rebuilt. As noted, the Prophetic Typology of the ‘AntiChrist’, Cyrus was the Agent that YHVH used to Free the Jews on one hand, like Nebuchadnezzar was used to Punish Judah.

Will such a Man rise-up in these Last Days, like a Cyrus the Great and ‘Decree’ that the 3rd Temple is to be rebuilt after the 70th Year? Will the Temple Mount Status-Quo change somehow and Spark a Catalyst of Prophetic Proportions? After the Initial Proclamation by King Cyrus, the Jews were allowed to Return to Judah as the Land was called, and not called Palestine. As the Jews returned to Judah, they encountered Contention and Opposition to rebuilding the City and the Temple –as it is Today. However, with the Leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah, the Return of many Jews from the Babylonian Exile to Judah, the Restoration of Jerusalem and the Rebuilding of the 2nd Temple occurred –as it will be in the Future.

According to Research, the 1st Group was led by Sheshbazzar, a Descendant of the Davidic Bloodline. The 2nd Group was led by Zerubbabel who was the appointed Governor of Jerusalem and Joshua, a Son of Josedech the High Priest. The 3rd Group was led by Ezra who was Authorized to Appoint Judges in the Land of Israel and apply the Torah. The 4th Group was led by Nehemiah. The Prophecy concerning Cyrus’s ‘Royal Decree‘ and the 70 Years of Judgment upon Israel was Complete. They came to rebuild the Broken Walls of the City and its Gates, which had been Destroyed by Fire.

This is no different now since 70 AD when the Walls were also Destroyed by Fire, i.e., 1948, 1967. Interestingly, there have also been 4 Major Waves of when the Jews Returned to Israel since 1948.It has taken nearly 2000 Years for the Jews to slowly be Regathered to Judea and Samaria. However the Prophetic Question remains. It appears that Jesus’ Words spoken at the Olivet Discourse are coming to pass. From that 70 Year Time Marker Signal that in a Reverse Order, the last Prophetic Factor, which is the 3rd Temple, is yet to be rebuilt. How soon after the 70th Year Generation? Also, if this is the case, and also Biblically Speaking, that the Last Prophetic Week of Years per Daniel is about to be accounted for.

Judgments to Come
Iti s designed to Complete Israel’s Judgment, not of the Body of Christ, before the true Messiah, Jesus can Return. To the Christians that study the End of Days, this will be an Affirmative, in that the Last 7 Years will constitute the Tribulation Period with the culminating 1260 Days for the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Truly Dark Times are coming upon Israel. The Last ‘Cyrus the Great’ Type to Rule the LAST Roman Rendition of the 10 Toe ‘World Order’, Mix of Iron and Clay will initially Deceive Israel with a similar ‘Royal Decree’ to rebuild the 3rd Temple. Israel and the World, for that matter will be accepting this False ‘Christ’ as their long-awaited ‘Messiah’. Sadly, he will decimate 2/3’s of the Jewish Population according to Zechariah; the worst is yet to come for Israel.

Until that Time, a Campaign of Disinformation and Deceit is playing-out by the Enemies of the Jews, that being the Muslims primarily, as it has been since Cyrus the Great’s Royal Decree. Many in those days, as now sought the ‘UN’ United Nations of the Day to stop the Jews from making Progress towards rebuilding the 2nd Temple and establishing ‘Settlements’. They were deemed ‘Illegal’ by a similar International Body, as Today. In fact, this worked to such an extent, that the Work of YHVH stopped for a Generation, because of such Efforts by the Enemies of YHVH.

 In fact, as it is now, the Arabs who are controlling the Temple Mount then and even now had Living Quarters carved-out of the Temple Precincts. It took Men like Nehemiah to drive-off the likes of Tobiah and Goshem the Arabian, from the Temple Mount. They were the most Vehement Opposition to Nehemiah to Unite Jerusalem and rebuild YHVH’s House of Prayer for all the Nations. It is no different now, with the Arab Muslims that seek, Unlawfully to prevent the Jews from building the 3rd Temple and expanding their Settlements, etc. Presently, it is the Muslims who seek the UN to Delegitimize the Ancient Claims of the Jews to Judah and Samaria, it is no different now as it was then.

Nonetheless, Islam cannot thwart the Prophecy and Countdown of YHVH, that in fact is being used to fulfill Prophecy based on the 50 and 70th Year Convergence of Time that occurs in 2018. There is the 70 Year Count from 1948 when Israel was ‘Reborn’ in 1 Day that the Prophet Isaiah foretold. The Jews would slowly come back to the Promised Land and later-on, in the Last of Terminal Generation, rebuild the 3rd Temple. Biblically speaking, 70 Signifies a Time of Probation Ended. Based on a Biblical Numbers Study by BibleStudy.com, the Number 70 has a Sacred Meaning in the Bible that is made-up of some Unique Factors.

It is the Factors of 2 Perfect Numbers, 7 which represents Perfection and 10 which represents Completeness, and is related YHVH's Perfect Law. As such, it Symbolizes ‘Perfect Spiritual Order Carried Out With All power’. Since 5778, with a Sabbath Cycle Countdown, Prophetically Speak to the Notion that indeed the Age of Grace or Church Age will be Concluding? What this could Signify is that the last Week of Years could be constituted in tandem with a ‘Royal Decree’. This last 7-Year Transition will be a return to the Economy of the ‘Law and the Prophets’ Domain and Dispensation. This of course, would presuppose the Completion and Removal of the Body of Christ.

Martian Motifs
However, as noted, the 70 Year Time Marker inferences a Time of Judgment. For example, the 70 Elders appointed by Moses were deemed ‘Judges’ that judged, etc. After reading the Covenant or the Law that YHVH gave Moses to read to the People, Moses took 70 Elders, along with Aaron and his Sons, up Mount Sinai to have a special meal with YHVH Himself. This Scene Echoes a Judicial Session in essence, of how 70 is related to Justice, Judgments and Decrees. The Number 70 is also associated with, not only the Temples as noted, i.e., the Destruction in 70 AD but it is also specially connected with Jerusalem.

The City kept its 70 Years of Sabbaths, while Judah was in Babylon. YHVH made Daniel Understand that 70 7’s or 490 Years ‘were Determined upon Jerusalem for it to complete its Transgressions, to make an End for Sins and for Everlasting Righteousness to enter into it’. Daniel is told that this Mysterious 70-Week Prophecy begins with a ‘Royal Decree’, to Restore and Rebuild Jerusalem. Thus, the Key is Daniel’s Prophecy, perhaps employs the Season of when the 3rd Temple to be rebuilt. If one adds 70 Years to 1948, it is 2018 or 5778. To reiterate, if one adds 1,948 Years to when the 2nd Temple was Destroyed, in 70 AD, the years converge to 1948.

Is this Prophetic? Will adding a Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years be as a Countdown Clock that will lead to the ‘Decree’ to rebuild the 3rd Temple? Sometime in the Fall of 2024, perhaps? This study will now observe certain Attributes of Cyrus the Great concerning the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex. The study strongly suggests that, based on the Astro-Archeological Depiction, of the area using Google Earth, where Cyrus the Great is Entombed in Pasargadae, the Heart of Ancient Persia, it appears that the area also encompasses the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Pattern Triangulation. The Signature Motif, comprises 3 Structures; the Face of Mars, the Giant Fortress and the Pyramid City Complex.

The Learned Court Scribes of Cyrus’ City Architects were well-versed in the Hidden Knowledge of the Ancients before Genesis. They, like all other Ancient Civilizations in all Continents, used the same Triangulation Motif to lay-out their City's Sacred Ley-Lines. In this case of Cyrus’ Capital, there was the Ingenious Double-Overlapping Depiction of the Orion Constellation with the 3 Stars of Orion’s Belt. It coincided with the Pyramids of Giza and the Cydonian Pyramid Complex. This Ancient Martian Triangulation is found in the whole of Earth’s Ancient Buildings and Royal Compounds, that are Aligned to Cydonia, Mars and Orion, in varying Degrees of Rotation and Juxtapositions.

In the design of Cyrus the Great’s Capital City, the Fortress of Cyrus corresponds to the D & M Pyramid. The Site is very profound and upon the Expansion of the Dimensions from Mars, the Approximate Dimensions, nearly match the size also on Earth’s Proportion. The very Burial Tomb of Cyrus has the approximate Measurement of the Face of Mars. The actual Perimeter of the Face of Mars coincides with the perimeter that the Cyrus Tomb Structure was enclosed with. Amazingly, the approximate Perimeter appears to match that of the Temple of Osiris, next to the Sphinx in Giza.

Then the actual Palace of Cyrus corresponds to the Pleiades Star Cluster. In Ancient, Recorded History, to have such Structures as Pyramids, Tombs, and various Land Demarcations, based on the Ancient Knowledge of the Anunnaki, exemplified their Esoteric and Religious Belief, connected to them. It was Understood that such a Celestial Frame of Historical and Cosmological Reference, corroborated with their Beliefs of where they came from. Celestial Beings that are said, came from such Locations in the Stars. In general, such believed that their origins were ‘Seeded’ by the ‘God’ that came down from ‘Heaven’, more precisely Orion and the Pleiades.

Thus many World Rulers believed, that not only were they Chosen to Rule by Divine Right, but that they also were Physically Descendants of such Extraterrestrial Hybrid Bloodline, but they patterned their Capitals after their Celestial Origins. They also believed these ‘Gods’ from the Stars would return to Earth 1 Day. In the case of the correspondence of Cyrus’ 3 Main Structures at Pasargadae, there does appear to be an approximate Delineation of the boundaries that match the Orion Constellation. The Cosmic Ley-Lines that make-up the current Roads and Angles have a striking similarity to the Ley-Lines of Orion’s Motif, when viewing the entire complex from a Top-View.

As noted in other studies and Books by the title, ‘Conspiracy of Pleiades’, Ancient Civilizations and Kings were replicating this Cydonia, Mars Triangulation and Orion Motif, even now up to the Present Modern Era. Such an Astonishing Assertion of a Martian Connection is found in all the Present Day World Capitals and Prominent Buildings of the World, Hidden in Plain Sight. In many of the Ancient Wall Reliefs, such depictions of the Kings, as Cyrus would be attributed to having Wings as of an Angel. This is HIGHLY SUGGESTIVE as it would corroborate the Biblical account of Genesis where indeed, Fallen Angels rebelled against the Creator, YHVH. They left their 1st Estate and Physically Inter-Bred with the HUMAN RACE.

They conspired with Lucifer, the Chief Anointed Cherub Angel with 4 Wings, as that is how the Depictions are Rendered. It is he that attempted to overthrow the Creator and Deface His purpose found in Humanity but more importantly, the Role of the Messiah. The same ‘High Priests’ and ‘Builders’ of Lucifer still seek to Venerate their Anointed Cherub, Lucifer with such Patterns, found all over Earth. It is a reminder of the Splendid Glory of how Heaven itself is laid-out, perhaps, the very City that is spoken about in the Bible has such similar Ley-Lines that are Mirrored in the Cosmos, as with Orion and the Pleiades, and then then is Mirrored down onto the Planets, even Mars and Earth, etc.

Nonetheless, out of all of YHVH’s possible Creations, unknown, it was GOD the Son that would take on Human Flesh to redeem Adam’s Fallen Race due to Lucifer’s Intervention and have Humans, at some point, Transformed to Ascend above the Ranks of Angels in Heaven to Rule and Judge Angels, even, etc. This is why, in one’s Prophetic Opinion, and in part, why Lucifer Rebelled. He would have none of it. It has been part of the ‘Celestial Conflict’ ever since that has now involved Mankind. Why? Because if took a Mere Mortal to Vanquish the Might Lucifer. It is really like a Bad Greek Mythology Story as his End has come with Mankind, in Jesus Christ and with His Return to Earth, that part is True.Is YHVH’ Throne and City beyond Orion? Is the Environs of Heaven like the 3 Structures found all over the World like the Triangulated Structures? Perhaps.


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