Inner-Ring Confederation Against
Israel and the Hidden Ones

by Luis B. Vega
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‘For they have Conspired together with One Mind;
Against You they make a Covenant’. - Psalm 83:3 Amplified Bible

Did you all know that the Muslims will also make a ‘Covenant with the Many’? With the COVID Plandemic and the Ukraine War Fatigue now disinterested in the World and Billions of U.S. Taxpayer Monies going to Kill Innocent Civilians becoming a non-major News Headline, the Luciferians have opened-up another War Front, in Israel again. The New Rallying Cry is ‘Free Gaza!’ And it is now the Plight of a Phantom ‘Occupation’ of Gaza by Israel, that is not Occupied by Israel. The Massacres carried-out by Hamas in Israel on October 6-7, 2023, indiscriminately are being overlooked and overshadowed by Israel’s Retaliation in Gaza. And as usual, the Pro-Palestinian Sympathizers around the World and Media are blaming Israel for the War.

For Israel, it seems it is always a ‘No Win Situation’. One would rather assess the Real Situation in how the Hamas Leadership is to blame for the Plight of Palestinians that have been held ‘Hostage’ in their U.N. Refugee Camps since 1948. They have done this to their own People in Gaza. They rather Sacrifice the entire Strip of over 2-3 Million Souls for the sake of their Political Position, Pride and a Fake ‘Religions of Peace and Tolerance’. This latest War against Israel is rather demonstrative of how the Muslim Leadership of Hamas is who is really ‘Occupying’ the Palestinians in Gaza, etc.

The Gaza and Muslim Palestinian Leadership are in bed with the Globalists who have used Innocent Lives on both sides for their Luciferian Agenda. And that is? It is about a Covenant and a Conspiracy against Israel. According to their own Writings and Leaders, such as Albert Pike, the 33rd Degree Luciferian Mason, the 3rd Phase of their Orchestrated World Wars will be between ‘Political Zionism’ and the Muslims. This will be the Psalm 83 War. There are those that argue that the Psalm 83 is just a Prayer, which it is, but it is Prophetic at the same Time. All this is really a Spiritual War that is just as ‘Real’. It is about a Conspiracy and a Covenant among the Inner-Ring of Muslim People Groups that wants to ‘Remember the Name of Israel no more’.

What occurred on October 6-7, 2023 has now launched an Irrevocable Trajectory to that Inevitable Regional War that is to come next. That War will be the Psalm 83 War in one’s Interpretation. The Hamas Attack was not the Psalm 83 War as some purport. One is of the Opinion that it will be the Isaiah 17 Prophecy that will precede this Psalm 83 ‘Covenant’ of the Muslims. It will be to solidify the ‘Conspiracy’ against Israel in Retaliation. What is the Isaiah 17 Prophecy? It is Damascus being Nuked. Why? This latest Iteration of the Arab-Israeli Conflict is different. If you think that Netanyahu or Ismail Abdel Salam Ahmed Haniyeh of Hamas, or Mahmoud Abbas or Biden are making the Decision, you are gravely mistaken.

It is the Man Behind the Curtain

From a purely Biblical Perspective, it is Lucifer that still has the Legal Authority to Rule and Control the Nations. That is, until Jesus Returns at the Battle of Armageddon. Yes, although Jesus defeated Lucifer at the Cross of Calvary, and took back All Power and Authority, Jesus is allowing the Tares to mature alongside the Wheat. The Bible does also say that YHVH sets-up and takes-down Kings. Nonetheless, YHVH allows the Evil Agenda of Lucifer to foment a Last Stand. Why?

It will all be Evidence that will be used to Condemn Lucifer and Expel him from Heaven after the Rapture Event. That is what one calls the Revelation 12 War in Heaven. It will correspond to the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period, in one’s Biblical Interpretation. Until that Time, Lucifer will ‘Reset’ his Last World Order. It will be implemented through his Last AntiChrist and False Prophet that are being allowed to set-up the Stage now in Real Time. Thus, this Escalation of the Hostilities between the Jews and the Muslims is meant to ‘Wear-Out’ both sides. What? Why?

It is so that in the Vacuum, a much needed ‘New Religion’ of Peace and Security can and will come in to take their Prominence in the World. This will be the Luciferian’s Moment and that ‘Reset’ of their Last World Order to fill-in the Void. This will be especially True as one surmises that the End of the Church Age is at the Door with the Rapture Event that will surely leave the World in a Spiritual Vacuum also. The following is one’s conjectured Timeline of what is next in the Prophetic Protocols to come.

    (Rapture?)                   1                                2                                      3                                                    4
      Isaiah 17           Psalm 83 War      Gog-Magog War I        Battle of Armageddon                 Gog-Magog War II
---------|--------------------------|--------------------------|---------------------------------|-----------------(1000 Years)---------|
     Damascus             Jerusalem                 Jerusalem                        Jerusalem                                       Jerusalem

Daniel’s 70th Week
                                                    Beginning               Middle                    End 

Then as the Luciferian Mason Albert Pike stated, the ‘Pure Doctrine of Lucifer’ …of ‘Peace and Security’ will be debuted openly, and accepted by the World that is in Shock of what is occurring in the Middle East that is Designed to fulfill the proposed Timeline above, etc. The Leadership of Hamas and the other many Muslim Para-Military Factions that surround Israel, rather spend the Billions of U.S., EU, U.N. and other Muslim Nations to mount Cross-Border Raids on Israel since 1948. They have nobody but themselves to Blame. This Constant State of War by the Muslims against the Jews has existed since Israel accepted the U.N. 2 State Solution in 1947, but the Muslim Palestinians Rejected.

And that is the same Stance that is really at the core of their Islamic Ideology. It is ‘All or Nothing’. The Palestinian Cry for ‘End the Occupation’ and, ‘We want a State of our Own’ is a Political and Religious Rouse. In the Quran, it is mandated that Muslims only make ‘Peace’ with their Enemies to buy Time and then Destroy them at an Opportune Time. And as written before about this Conflict in the Middle East, it is about 3 Things that Lucifer wants on Earth. Lucifer and all those that have believed in his ‘Gospel’ want the following that YHVH, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Temples of Temperance
As one has argued, with all the Billions of Dollars and Euros, over Decades given to the Palestinian Leadership, the Palestinians should be by now 1 of the Wealthiest People in the Middle East. But as one Interprets these Earthly Geo-Political Events through the Lens of Eschatology, and that specifically using the Bible, it is really a Spiritual War as noted. Evidence? The following is the Covenant that was Promised and Given to Israel.

1- Promised Land                   Israel (From Euphrates to Nile)
2- Promised City                     Jerusalem
3- Promised Temple               Temple Mount House of Prayer for All Nations

Hamas’ Rationale for their Coordinated Attack by Air, Land and Sea was for the Israeli Security Forces treatment of Muslims worshiping in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. They even called their Massacres, ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’. One is reminded that when the Enemy comes in like a ‘Flood’, YHVH steps in. Consider the following Scripture.

‘According as their Deeds deserve, so will He Repay Wrath to His Adversaries, Recompense to His Enemies; on the Foreign Islands and Coastlands He will make Compensation. So [as the result of the Messiah’s Intervention] they shall [Reverently] Fear the Name of the LORD from the West, and His Glory from the Rising of the Sun. 
When the Enemy shall come in like a Flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift-up a Standard against him and put him to Flight [for He will come like a Rushing Stream which the Breath of the LORD drives]. He shall come as a Redeemer to Zion and to those in Jacob (Israel) who turn from Transgression, says the Lord’. -Isaiah 59:18-20 Amplified Bible

Realize, by the way, that the Al-Aqsa Mosque was originally a Crusader Church and will be again in how one surmises the Abraham Houses of Worship will be Replicated on the Temple Mount. One surmises that this will occur after the End of the Church Age comes to a Close by way of the Rapture Event. The other 2 Houses of Worship will be the Dome of the Rock and then the rebuilt 3rd Temple. This Triangulation of the Abrahamic Faiths will instill a False sense of World Peace for Israel. That is the Plan. This is the Ultimate Reset to come. Lucifer’s Solomon 2.0 AntiChrist and False Prophet will rally the World around these ‘Houses of Prayer’. Why?

It will be to finish what Nimrod started and was Interrupted by YHVH. The Illusion will be that there will no longer be a Religious Cause for War. Realize that all this is a Set-Up by the Luciferian Globalists to force Israel to Capitulate and make that ‘Deal with the Devil’, literally. The Hamas Attack of October 6-7, 2023 will Corner Israel to use the Samson Option. This is the Plan. Why? The Hamas Attack of October 6-7, 2023 has now ‘Missile Locked’ the inevitable Confrontation that will consist of a Muslim ‘Covenant’ to Destroy Israel. This will be the Psalm 83 War, that is also a ‘Threat’ to those ‘Hidden Ones’, etc. Realize that Iran’s Proxies are at Israel’s Doorstep in the North with the Al-Quds Iranian Brigades in Syria, just at the outskirts of the Golan Heights. There is Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Conspiracy will 1 Day solidify all of these Inner-Ring Muslims against Israel’s Existence, that their ‘Name be Remembered No More’. This is Reason why one is more convinced that the Psalm 83 War is yet to occur. Why?

Why the Hamas Attack is not the Psalm 83 War
Only since 1948 was the ‘Name’ of Israel used as the Official Name of the New Modern Jewish Nation. Yes, at that Time 7 Soviet-Equipped Muslim Armies attacked the New-Born Nation. It is much like what Hamas did at the Kibbutz of Kafar Azar in Beheading Babies. It is also reminiscent of how the same Spirit of AntiChrist sought to Murder all the Infants, 2 Years and younger to prevent Jesus from fulfilling His Mission on Earth. Thus, this Escalation of Hostilities, being Spiritual in essence, will force Israel to use the Samson Option, i.e., Isaiah 17.

It is as Samson was tied to the 2 Pillars in the House of the Philistine God, Dagon. It was at that Place and Time that Samson ‘Brought Down the House’ in his Last Act. It led not only to his Death, but to all those in the House of Philistia. As it is now or will become, Israel’s mere Existence will be on the Line. It always has been. Thereafter, once the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus occurs ‘overnight’ by the IDF Detonation of a Nuclear Device, the Psalm 83 War will ensue. This is one’s Interpretation of the coming Prophetic Scenario.

It is because only after the 6-Day War and the Yom Kippur War did Israel exist by then to be ‘Remembered’. The only difference now is that it will not be the same Muslim Nations as before that Attacked Israel, but their Proxies. This Time around, it will be those Muslim Para-Military Factions, nonetheless. Then as now, the Agenda is of the Luciferians that are calling the Shots in Israel, Gaza, the USA, the EU, the U.N., as all of them make up the Agent Provocateurs, as Albert Pike coined it. Who are they? They are the Agents of Lucifer.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict is Designed to ‘Cancel-Out’ each other’s Religious Claims so as to make way for Lucifer’s Man of Peace. One calls him the Solomon 2.0. Nonetheless, to get there, one is now more convinced that the Hamas Attack against Israel on the Shemini Atzeret Feast and Simchat Torah of the Jews, on October 6-7 of 2023 is not the Psalm 83 War, just yet.

Now, based on differing Scriptural Translations, there is a variation of the List that in some cases, some People Groups are combined. Only in the NIV, for example, is ‘Byblos’ Mentioned. While in other Translations, Amalek is stated as ‘Amalek of the Philistines, etc. As Israel will launch a Ground Invasion of Gaza and Deflect the Northern Flank, the Eastern and Southern Flank consisting of Jordan and Saudi Arabia will most likely hold-out to the very End. This is only because of the Negotiations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. And how Jordan has a Peace Treaty with Israel at the Moment.

It is not clear if the Hagrites, i.e., those of Hagar are inferring directly to Egypt as that is what she was or were part of her Descendants have now become the Bedouins within Arabia, Jordan and those that live in Israel, etc. In other Translations, the ‘Tents of Edom’ are directly inferred and stated as of the ‘Arabians’. So, there is a slight variation of interpretation of all these People Groups.

NIV Translation

1-Tents of Edom                                             Jordan
2-Ishmaelites of Moab                                    Arabians                     
3-Hagrites (Hagarenes) of Jebal                    Egypt? Bedouins within Israel
4-Byblos                                                          Lebanon

5-Ammon                                                        Jordan (Lot)
6-Amalek                                                         Petra
7-Philistia                                                       Gaza Palestinians

8-People of Tyre                                             Lebanon
9-Assyria                                                         Syria Kurds
10-Sons of Lot                                                Jordan (Ammon, Moab)         


Thus, the Main Reason the October 6-7, 2023 Hamas Attack is not the Psalm 83 War is that the Group listed in the Roll Call of Nations or People Group, the ‘Philistines’ were only involved. But, that ‘Surprise Attack’ is now ‘Missile Locked’ to lead to the Isaiah 17 eventual Destruction of Damascus. That in turn, will lead to the Inner-Ring of Muslims to Conspire to make a Covenant against Israel’s ‘Name’. When?

One conjectures that it might correspond with what one speculates, will be the End of the Church Age in Summer of 2024. It is about coinciding with a ‘Sudden Destruction’ Event. So, within about a Year’s Worth of Time after the Rapture, it will then be just about enough Time for the Inner-Ring of Muslims Para-Military Factions to implement their Conspiracy. It will be their Muslim Covenant against Israel, i.e., the Psalm 83 War.

As Israel will Prevail, it will give the Solomon 2.0 Man of Peace the Stage to ‘Confirm’ the Covenant. One is of the Interpretation that the ‘Many’ refers to the Body of the Sanhedrin 70 Elders of Zion, L’Rabbim, etc. But one believes that there has to be a Gap of Time, not much for the Transition of the Luciferian Reset to solidify their New Order, thereafter. This will then lead to the Goal. And that is? It is to Confirm the Covenant with Israel. Why?

At that Stage, Lucifer will have accomplished his Objectives. And one also is convinced, by Interpretation, that this Psalm 83 War occurs after the Rapture Event. How so? Consider that this Muslim Covenant to Conspire to Attack Israel is also addressed as a Threat to those ‘Hidden Ones’. This, in one’s Estimation in how it has the Prophetic Connotation of those from Isaiah 26 that are told to ‘Come into your Chambers’ and Hide from YHVH’s Wrath. However, this Hamas War has now not only Galvanized the Jews to Unite, generally speaking, but also the Muslims and the World at Large.

‘Come, my People,
enter your Chambers, and shut your Doors behind you;Hide yourselves for a Little While until the Fury has passed by. For behold, the Lord is coming out from His Place to Punish the Inhabitants of the Earth for their Iniquity, and the Earth will disclose the Blood shed on it and will no more cover its Slain’. -Isaiah 26:20-21

Who are the Hidden Ones?

For the most part, the Angst against Israel, from a purely Hegelian Dialectic, has worked to move the Pons on the Chess-Board of Biblical Prophecy. Consider as noted before, that Eschatologically, those in real Control, behind the Curtain are not Netanyahu, Hamas, Iran, Biden or Putin. They are merely Figure Heads that are Appointed. The Real Decisions are made for them to carry-out, or in this case, as one Assesses Militarily, how Israel essentially was told to ‘Stand Down’, just like on 9-11 for the USA.

Above all, most do not realize that this Age-Old Contention and Conspiracy against Israel, or the People of whom YHVH describes in Psalm 83 as the ‘People You Cherish’, is based on Interpretations of Religion and the Birth-Right. It is because of the Covenant made between Abraham and YHVH in the Bible, not the Quran. But the Religious Contention is that the Bible clearly states that the Promises made through Abraham were and are Reiterated through the Bloodline of Isaac and then Jacob, i.e., Israel, not Ishmael. It is not through Hagar and Ishmael with his 12 Tribes. Yet, that is exactly what the Muslims Contend and they are willing to Decapitate Defenseless Babies for it.

And this is what the Confederation that is coming with that Muslim Covenant in the form of the Psalm 83 will be about that. It is about the Sons of Ishmael taking what was Promised to the Sons of Jacob, or Israel. Realize that Hamas called their Military Operation the ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’. And what is it that is being Contended for? It is who will Possess the Promised Land, the Capital City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Realize that these 3 Aspects or Factors will be at and are presently in the Crosshairs of Prophecy, especially at the End of Human History. These 3 Factors are exactly what Jesus warned in His Olivet Discourse that would be Destroyed, in this Order following.

Jesus ‘Debriefed’ His Disciples of what it was going to be like during the Tribulation Period as He pegged it, not to the Church Age, but to the ‘Midst’ of the Abomination that will make all that pertains to the Covenant of Israel, Desolate. The Order of Desolation or Destruction began with the Temple, that the Disciples so much admired and were Proud of as they pointed it out to Jesus. Then the next Destruction would be Jerusalem. The 3rd Factor would end and Israel, with the Diaspora of the whole Nation by the Romans, to be Evicted from the Promised Land, etc.

But one has presented the case that these 3 Prophetic Factors have to be Re-Constituted before Jesus can return. This is why one strongly suggests that the Hamas War of October 2023 has been the Flash Point and the Point of No Return that could be the Countdown to the Rapture and ‘Sudden Destruction’ Scenario. Consider that exactly 9 Months of this Muslim Attack on Israel occurring, is July 23, 2024. And?

Could this be the Time and Place where the Rapture coincides with the ‘Sudden Destruction’ that will turn-out to be the Nuclear Obliteration of Damascus as foretold in Isaiah 17? This Date, of July 23, 2024, with its inferred Numerical Value of 723 has been a Recurring Theme in one’s Research for several Years now. One is not saying the Rapture will or has to occur on that Date. This follows one’s Theory that as the 3 Factors that existed in Jesus’ Day were all Destroyed, they are being Reconstituted.

Olivet Discourse Decoded
But in Reverse Order, they are now presently and Prophetically being Reconstitute. The Last Portion is yet to be Fulfilled. One is of the Biblical Interpretation that the 3rd Prophetic Puzzle is now occurring due to the Hamas Attack of October 6-7, 2023. And that Day, on the Rabbinical Calendar was a 7-23 Code as well, Tishrei 23. Consider the following Check-List of what has to be or exist when Jesus returns to Earth.

1- The Jews have to be Returned to the Promised Land.     Check
2- The Jews have to Recapture Jerusalem as its Capital.    Check
3- The Jews have to Rebuild the 3rd Temple?                  After Psalm 83 War.

One is now more convinced that the Summer, Acts 2 New Wine Pentecost of 2024 is tied to the possible Timing of the Rapture. One is only conjecturing. But the Hamas Attack appears to be In-Sync to one’s current Working Timeline of a Fall or October 2025 to Fall or September 2032 Tribulation Period. Why? One’s Working Theory is that the Psalm 83 War has to occur after the Rapture, per Isaiah 26, as noted. One is only suggesting that the Resurrection-Rapture Event might very well occur in Tandem with the Isaiah 17 ‘Sudden Destruction’ of Damascus.

This will foster then the ‘Covenant’ of the Muslims that will then Conspire to unilaterally Attack Israel, on all Fronts at the same Time, etc. It will then be at that Time, that all those People Groups listed in Psalm 83 will Attack Israel, simultaneously, i.e., the Inner-Ring of Muslims. This is the ‘Covenant’ of the Muslims against Israel and the Hidden Ones as foretold in Psalm 83. It will be, as one Postulates that after the Miraculous Defeat of the Muslim Conspiracy, that will then facilitate the World Reset ‘Order’ Reset.

This will be introduced by the ‘Man of Peace’, the False Messiah, ‘Solomon 2.0’, come on the Scene after the Rapture that concluded the Church Age. This ‘Man of Peace’ will be acknowledged as the Long-Awaited ‘Political’ Messiah of the Jews. It is because Israel seeks a Political Liberator and Protector. This is why the 70 Elders of Zion rejected Jesus. So, this Messiah will then ‘Confirm’ the Covenant that one surmises is that of the Law and Prophets given to Israel.

And in Commemoration of this Event, the Daily Sacrifices will Commence, etc. The 3rd Temple will occupy its former Site and will be the Crown Possession of Israel once again. But in reality, it will be the Possession of Lucifer, Behind the Curtain, literally. It will be at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation that this Solomon 2.0 will Betray Israel and go ‘Behind the Curtain’ of the Holy of Holies and Sit on the Ark of the Covenant that will be the Relic once the ‘Covenant is Confirmed’.

As one has presented and the Bible implies, it is really Lucifer that seeks all those 3 Factors for himself that were mentioned, the Promised Land, the Capital City of Jerusalem and the House of Prayer for all Nations. It will be a ‘Bait-and-Switch’ in how the False Messiah, by way of his Image, Name and Number, 666 will then redirect all Worship to himself there in the Holy of Holies, as ‘God’. Lucifer is just using his Religions and Rebel Humans on Earth that are against the ‘Cherished People’ of YHVH, to cause the necessary Chaos to be intolerable.

This Luciferian Strategy is when Lucifer’s Minions can come in with their imposed ‘Order’. This is what the Hamas Attack was and is all about. Nonetheless, the coming Invasion or Covenant of the Muslims to Conspire against Israel will involve the Inner-Ring of what is now Israel’s Muslim Enemies that are precisely surrounding it and now more emboldened and to be Orchestrated for this next Level of Military Escalation. Thus, realize that as it really is a Luciferian Spiritual War.

And both the Jews and the Muslims are being used, to not only attempt to Destroy the ‘Cherished People’ of YHVH, i.e., the Jews, but the Follows of Jesus too.Psalm 83 has also a Threat against the Followers and Believers of Jesus, the True Jewish Messiah, the Hidden Ones, as noted. Thus, what one is strongly suggesting is that this Hamas Attack was ‘allowed’ to occur much like a Pearl Harbor and a 9-11. Such Orchestrated Evil is Designed to instill Fear and Terror in the average Minds of those that will now Capitulate any and all forms of Civil Rights to be forfeited, just to be ‘Protected’ at any ‘Cost’.

It is even at the Cost of making a Literal Deal with the Devil and that is what the Luciferians are driving Israel to do. It is akin to the COVID Plandemic. Problem-Reaction-Solution. The Objective of the Hamas Attack of October 2023 was and is to instill Fear and Terror so as to have the Masses swayed to do anything to Capitulate to their ‘Solution’. Consider in the USA, the former 9-11 ‘Attacks’ that like this Hamas Attack against Israel have the fingerprints of an ‘Inside Job’. And what came next for the USA? The ‘Patriot Act’ was passed that was and is neither about Protecting the Patriots nor an Act.

This is now to occur also in Israel, as surely a Ground Offensive into Gaza will occur. It has to. Why? The Chaos and Outcry to Israel’s Response is such that the whole World will turn on Israel. It always does anyway. But this time around, it is different. Why? To reiterate, one is more convinced now that the Psalm 83 War will occur after the Rapture because of how the Verbiage is insinuating that a Group has been already ‘Hidden’.

‘They have taken Crafty Counsel against thy People and Consulted against thy Hidden Ones. With Cunning they Scheme against Your People and Conspire against those You Cherish. For they have Conspired together with 1 Mind; Against You they make a Covenant. Come, they say, Let us Destroy them as a Nation, so that Israel’s Name is Remembered no more’. -Psalm 83:3 Amplified Bible

It is not widely accepted as a Plausible Prophetic Interpretation, but one is accepting of it. Why? Consider how the Psalm begins. It states that the Muslim Conspiracy and Covenant is against Israel, whose Name is Known or else it would not make sense that it needed to be ‘Remembered No More’. Realize that it has been since 1948 that the ‘Name of Israel’ has only been Known. It was not known since 70 AD. So? The Hidden Ones? According to @CSWLatAm, the Hamas Commander said that they are not after the Jews, but Christians. He stated the following Threats.

‘The entire Planet will be under our Law, there will be no more Jews or Christian Traitors’. Only then, if everyone adopts his [Allah’s] Law, will there be Peace’.

Ultimately, 1 Day, Lucifer will be Implicated after the Rapture Event. But only after Jesus returns with the Church Age Bride and the 1000-Year Kingdom on Earth is over will Lucifer finally be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Lucifer will be held accountable for all the Wicked Acts his Beastly Luciferian World Empires have brought upon Humanity; False Peace, War, Famine, Plagues and Hell on Earth.

But to get there, the Escalation of Hostilities that will lead to the Isaiah 17 Sudden Destruction of Damascus that in turn will lead to the Psalm 83 Muslim ‘Covenant’ is at hand. Lucifer and his Minions in Power on Earth are preparing the World, Israel, the Earth, Mankind for their Last and Final Order and Wars to make it happen.

Prophetically, the Church Age is at the Precipice of a Transition of Witnesses. It will occur in Tandem with the Transition of ‘Orders’, or of the Age as well. As the Church Age Witness Ends with the Promised Hope of the Resurrection-Rapture Event. Thereafter, the Primary Witness of YHVH, will be picked-up by the 144,000 Jews Evangelists and the 2 Witnesses. This is what the Hamas Attack of October 2023 has initiated in one’s Assessment and Conjecture.



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