Mathematics of Biblical Prophecy

  • How soon will the 3rd Temple be rebuilt on Temple Mount?
  • Temples stood on the Temple Mount, not in City of David.
  • The AntiChrist will Sanction the Start of the Daily Sacrifices. 

by Luis B. Vega
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​‘Let no one Deceive you in any way. For it will not be, unless the Departure comes 1st, and the Man of Sin is Revealed, the Son of Destruction, who Opposes and Exalts himself Above every so-called God or Object of Worship, so that he takes his Seat in the Temple of God, displaying himself as being God. Do you not Remember that I told you these things while I was still with you?’ -2 Thessalonians 2:3-5 (Word English Bible)

The purpose of this study is to Conjecture the possible Timelines of the Prophetic ‘Event’ that could lead-up to the construction of the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. This study will Argue, that in relation to such an event, its Prophecy is a factor of Time based on the Golden Section. Certain Key Prophetic Events always occur on Certain Dates that are based on a Factor of Divine Mathematics. The Golden Section is ‘The Division of a Line so that the Whole is to the Greater Part, as that Part Is to the Smaller Part, i.e., in a ratio of 1 to 1/2 (√5 + 1)’. It is a mathematical Proportion that is considered to be particularly used as the ‘Signature of YHVH’, the Creator. One believes Prophecy occurs in Phi Ratio, just the same.

It is interesting that the Word, ‘Signature’ comes from the Root Word to ‘Sign’ or a Marker. This Mathematical Phenomenon is seen as the Building Blocks in the Measurement in All Things. Pythagoras had it right when he stated that ‘All is Numbers’. Even Biblical Prophecy is about Numbers, Certain Numbers and Dates that can be reduced to Mathematical Variables even. Biblical Prophecy is about Numbers, specific to Days in the case of the coming 3rd Temple as Prophecy is all about its Timing. For example, Jesus Christ gave the Unbelieving Jewish Ruling Council a ‘Sign’ they demanded of Him to ‘certify’ His Credentials as Messiah, Jesus stated that no SIGN would be given to them, except the ‘Sign’ of His resurrection.

Jesus specifically alluded to the 3 Days Jonah was in the Belly of the Great Fish and how if the Temple of His Body would be Destroyed, Jesus would Raise it in 3 Days, etc. Of course, Jesus in the later Inference, was speaking of His Body, of which the Temples were Proportioned after and Modeled. There is also the example of how when YHVH commanded Ezekiel to lay on his Sides for certain Days to demonstrate the Sins and Judgment of Both the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Then there is the Enigma of Various Prophecies given to Daniel pertaining to specific Year Counts related to the 1st Visitation of the Messiah. Daniel also correctly Deduced the Number of Years for the Captivity of Judah to be 70, etc. There is also the Book of Revelation, that Compliments the Prophecies of Daniel with the specific Mathematical Clocking of Prophetic Time. It is subject to Time Periods of 1260 and 2520 Day Counts, for example. The Jubilee Pattern is another Amazing Sign of counting Prophetic Time.

Golden Section of Prophecy
YHVH has Encoded Time, that of the 120 Jubilees, that many have attempted to Decipher, etc. The Timelines suggested on the charts associated with this study appear to converge on the year 2025. These are the most recent Times that such a Marker has attempted to Calculate from Sabbatical Cycles. Thus, certain Numbers or Combination of Numbers can be used to Communicate Prophecy also, in one’s Assessment.

This is the Argument that Israel and the Church Age, for that matter, are subject to Amazing Patterns of Timelines and Time-Specific Events, subject to the Golden Section Pattern or Template. It deals with when Creation was Initiated, what day, when were the 1st Humans created, what was the Succession of the line of Adam, etc. It was also a matter of Time and Mathematics, as to how long the Enslavement of the Hebrews was to last in Egypt and when the Exodus was to take place.

Thus, certain Numbers or Combination of Numbers can be used to Communicate Prophecy also, in one’s Assessment. This is the Argument, that Israel and the Church Age, for that matter, are subject to Amazing Patterns of Timelines and Time-Specific Events, subject to the Golden Section Pattern or Template. It deals with when Creation was Initiated, what day, when were the 1st Humans created, what was the Succession of the line of Adam, etc. It was also a matter of Time and Mathematics, as to how long the Enslavement of the Hebrews was to last in Egypt and when the Exodus was to take place.

Then there is the Giving of the Law and the Moeds were Time Specific and tied to Numbers, or how many Prophets and Judges Israel had. Then there was the factor of how many Kings each Kingdom had, etc. Not only is Biblical Prophecy a Factor of Time, but Events in the Secular World are also often tied to certain Numerical Values, pertinent to Israel. Moreover, the Luciferians also often use the same Time-Tables and Prophetic Templates.

One has even made the case that for example, the World Wars are one such Phenomenon that this study agrees with and is one of the Series of Events that is subject to the Golden Section. For example, if one uses the start of World War I, that of 1914 and the beginning of World War 2 that started in 1939, then the 3rd triangulation results in the Year 2023. What is very Peculiar, Mathematically, at least is that if one Superimposes the Phi Ratio Graphic onto the timeline from 1914 to 2024, the Fulcrum Spiral Portion of the Graphic, completely matches with the duration of the 2nd World War, that from September of 1939 to September of 1945.

Could this Mathematical Projection suggest when a Major War in the Middle East involving Israel is to occur in 2024? What would this War look like and who would be involved? Given the glimpses of Biblical Prophecy, many speculate that this Regional War would involve the Nation of Israel but will involve Russia and its Muslim neighbors. A future War with Russia is coming. It will be the Gog-Magog War. This Confederation would make-up the International Alliance led by Russia, Iran primarily and the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations that will attack Israel.

Mathematics of Prophecy
If this would or could be Plausible, could this suggest that 2025 is such a time that constitutes the start of the Tribulation Period? This study is assuming a literal 7-Year ‘Week’, that will constitute Daniel’s Last Prophetic Week or Sabbatical Cycle. This World War is not taking into account the other arguments that suggest that in order to produce such a State of Geo-Politics in the region, where Israel no longer has ‘Walled Cities’ that the Psalm 83 War then by 2025, perhaps.

This study suggests that these are, and perhaps will be ‘Events’ that are allowing for the construction of the 3rd Temple in Israel. This study also suggests that these Stepping-Stones are a Factor of Mathematics subject to Biblical Prophecy. This Theory can be applied to the possible coming Event that will lead to the building of the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. Using the same Template of the Phi Ratio or Golden Section, the Prophetic Pattern from the Restoration of Israel in 1948 is also Striking. In prior studies, the suggested Timeline presented also has the 2 known geo-Political Markers or ‘Signs’ that have already occurred.

Those would be the Establishment of the Nation of Israel ‘Birthed’ in 1 Day on May 14, 1948. The 2nd ‘Sign’ would be the Recapturing of the Old City of Jerusalem in the 6-Day War. This allowed for the Acquisition of the Temple Mount. This ‘Event’ was a ‘Stepping-Stone’ that had not occurred since 70 AD and coincidentally 1,948 Years from 70 AD was in 2018, the 70th Anniversary of Israel’s Birth. If the Phi Ratio Spiral Graphic is Superimposed onto the Timeline since 1948, the Exact Fulcrum of the spiral converges on the 6-Day War Time Period of 1967. If this Mathematical Template is Extrapolated to Triangulate the 3rd Time on the timeline, it corresponds to approximately 2018. This is when the Altar of Sacrifice was rededicated.

One is Postulating that a 7-Year Sabbath Cycle of Time is in Play since 2018, to suggest that in the Fall of 2025 is when the 7-Year Tribulation is to start, perhaps. Are these Biblical prophetic ‘signatures’ suggesting that the 3rd Temple ‘event’ is to be in 2025 sometime? Of course, this is at best an Educated Guess based on a Mathematical Extrapolation, at this Time. However, there are some unique mathematical variables even leading-up to 2018. What is most significant about this timeline from 1948, as it is related to the destruction of the 2nd Temple is that perhaps it is related to the construction of the 3rd Temple in the following Mathematical Equations for Consideration.

If one takes the Number of years from 70 AD, when the 2nd Temple was Destroyed and one extends it to 1967, the year the Temple Mount was recaptured by the Jews for the 1st time since 70 AD, the difference is 1897 Years. Another way of Measuring this Timeframe would be 271 Years x 7. Nothing would seem Extraordinary, if it were not for those that see Intuitively, the Meaning of the Numbers. First of all, is it Coincidence that the 1st Zionist Jewish Congress since 70 AD occurred in 1897? This occurred in Basel, Switzerland for the sole purpose of designing the ‘Roadmap’ to establish the Homeland of the Jews in Israel.

Hexagram of Time
Furthermore, if one adds 120 Years to the 1897 Years, that Year Count coincides with 1967, the Liberation of the Temple Mount. This Timeline equals 2017, the 50th or Jubilee Year Anniversary. This is possibly Biblically Significant is that the 50th Year Jubilee is a coefficient or Fractal of the 120. This is seen in Genesis when YHVH gives the Mathematical Variable of 120 Years. Many are suggesting the Jubilee Cycles until the coming of Messiah when Daniel’s Last Week of Years are completed. More Astonishing, is the Supposition that many have attributed, that the Time of the Flood of Noah was to be 7 Cycles of 49 Years, corresponding to the Year 2017. This would be 120 Cycles of 49 Years or about 5880 Years. This then means 2022 did start the next Sabbath of 7 Years.

Pertaining to the 271 Year Coefficient from 70 AD to 1967, the Gematria suggests a Factor of a Hexagram. How so? The Number 271 would also seem Uninteresting or Unapparent Prophetically, except that it is very telling in terms of Gematria. According to the Research of the Website The Bible Wheel, the Prime Number 271 is the ‘10th Centered Hexagon Number’ or Hex (10). This Phenomenon is found in the heart of the 10th Star Number, the Prime Number of 541. This Latter Number is also seen in the value of Israel, The Commandments of the Stone Tablets, etc.

It is a prime number, and its Related Number is 1776. Like in the Elements of the Holographic Generating Set (A = 27, B = 37, C = 73). The Number 271 is both Geometric Hex (10) and integrated with the Repunits, since it is the largest Prime Factor in R5 = 41 x 271. It is as though there had to be 7 ‘Stars of David’ or Remphan to others, from when the Temple was destroyed to when the countdown to its foundation was Recaptured and perhaps to when its construction was to begin. And obviously the 1776 Numerical Coefficient speaks Volumes of the Luciferian Truncated Pyramid Motif and the coming of the Capstone, i.e., Lucifer, etc.

As it has been already attributed to a possible Association of the Parable of the Fig Tree, the Birthing of Israel will also coincide with the Astronomical ‘Birthing’ of a ‘King’. Thus, the Prophetic Restitution of YHVH’s Earthly People, Israel are subject to Mathematical Factors of various Sacred Numbers that are to coincide, occur in Phi Ratio Patterns. Technically in the Jewish Counting of Time, this birthing of a ‘King’, is based on the Astronomical Typologies. Will a ‘King’ also appear to coincide with this Temple being raised and from where he will sit from? There is only one place in the Temple that was designed for anybody to sit in, the Ark of the Covenant.

Many believe that as Jesus Christ was Heralded by an advent of a ‘Christ Star’, so too will a Star of some sorts, appear in the Heavens, Announcing the advent of the AntiChrist. In Fact, there will be a ‘New Star’ birthed in the Constellation of Cygnus. Others suggest it will be the Supernova of the Red Super Giant Star, Betelgeuse. The Light of its Explosion will start to be seen in 2025. Who will this coming ‘King’ be? To the Christians, it will be the AntiChrist. To the Jews, it will be their Messiah whom they will accept because for one thing, he will allow for the 3rd Temple to be built and for the sacrifices to commence.

To the Muslims, he is the Mahdi who will come back with Jesus Christ, as his Lieutenant. This Muslim Jesus, ‘Isa’ will help Destroy both the Jews and Christians. It is said because the Christians Misunderstood His Teachings as He is really a ‘Muslim. To the New Agers, this King will be Maitreya. He will be the Avatar Savior for this Coming New Age to ‘Save’ Humanity from itself and Purify Earth of all People of ‘Wrong Think’, etc. To the Atheist, this Coming King will be what the World needs, a Strong and Determined Political, Financial and Military Leader that will solve the World’s Problems of Over- Population, Climate Change Racism.

One is convinced that part of ‘Confirming’ will involve Provision to build the 3rd Temple. It will be part of the Covenant’ with the ‘Many’. Or Alternatively, it would be the Reading of the Covenant, literally, that of Moses as the Kings often did after the Fall Feasts of YHVH. It is precisely now called Simchat Torah. Ezra did it after Returning with the Exiles from Babylon. And Solomon did it when Dedicating the 1st Temple. Ultimately, this 3rd Temple will be the one that will be defiled by the Abomination of Desolation that Jesus warned Israel about concerning the fulfillment of the prophecy given to Daniel.

This ‘Abomination’ will consist of an A.I. Idol being set-up and eventually Lucifer will enter the Temple. This will be by way of the possessed AntiChrist that will sit Literally and Physically on the Ark of the Covenant that will be placed in the Holy of Holies in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Realize that this means that the original Ark of the Covenant will be Unveiled, according to its Timing, as it will be Mutually Inclusive of the 3rd Temple’s need to be constructed. The Question is, will such a Place and Time be subject to any Mathematical Correspondences, a Golden Section of Time and/or Sacred Measurement even? These studies have strongly suggested, a yes.

One has Argued, that the 3rd Time is very Prophetic. It is very Prophetic to be Alive at the Threshold of the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel’s Birth. Why? Israel is the Center-Piece of YHVH’s Prophetic Clock concerning the ‘Time’ Earth has regarding the Plan of Salvation as found Only in its True Messiah, Jesus Christ. The Prophetic Clock Countdown started at this 1948 Time Marker when Jesus is to Return. It is after all Jesus, of which Prophecy was, is and will be Patterned After and Fulfilled. It will be from Jesus’ Return, that the Conclusion to Prophecy will also cause ‘Time’ to Cease itself, as All Things are Consummated in Jesus and for Jesus.

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