Echoes of the Olivet Discourse Warnings

  • What is Biblical Prophecy and why is it important to consider?
  • Why did Jesus admonish His Followers to keep watch?
  • What are the Signs to look for and what to do with them?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘In earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people, today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.’ -Zbigniew Brzezinski

The purpose of this study is to provide some encouragement and perspective in these Last Days leading up to the Rapture event. Specifically, to those Followers of Jesus Christ but also to those that should be in how Biblical Prophecy is important. It will be a matter of Life or Death. The context has to do with this present plandemic that is fast approaching the nexus of the Globalist ‘Reset’. Some historical examples will be given of how Prophecy was heeded by Christ Followers and it resulted in an escape and life preserved. What is this Reset about? It is an orchestrated and comprehensive plan basically to control Humanity. It might sound absurd or conspiratorial, but the effects are being rolled out now. The media is engaging in legal propaganda, the medical establishment has co-opeted health and the politicians are in league with Eugenicists.

They seek along with the true powers that govern the planet from ‘behind the curtain’ to totally reconfigure or ‘reprogram’ Humanity. To them, humans have reached a point wherein there is no more added value to their net worth and/or labor. Or in other words, it is just too expensive to keep people alive anymore. As Brzezinski clearly stated, Humanity has reached a threshold of now needing not only to control people but to murder them. It will be done ‘scientifically’ as it was the same scientific materialism ideology that Hitler and Stan, Mao, Pol Pot used to ‘reprogram’ their subjects with. Realize that ‘Scientists’ are the new religion ‘High Priests’ and ‘Prophets’, un-elected. Due to this plandemic, they now dictate every aspect of Humanity to justify the total control the food, water, power, heath, employment, etc. Or essentially Life or Death.

They now are mandating Humanity get a vaccine, wear a mask, where one can work, how one can work, what businesses can be visited, opened, who can meet, how many can meet, when to ‘worship’, or even assemble to peacefully protest. There are travel restrictions and those not following the ‘new reality’ are to be silenced, arrested and eventually the first to be eliminated. It will be rather easy to identity such people first as those not wanting to go along with the false reality or resisting the imposed ‘new normal’ will be labeled, very conveniently a ‘medical menace’ to society, thanks to ‘science’. Such pretexts and practices to control have always existed throughout human history but presently only in totalitarian nations like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. What is now happening is the implementation of the same controls under the guise of the COVID-19 ‘medical emergency’ for not only industrialized nations, but the whole world.

Medical Martial Law
Case in point is Australia and New Zealand. And this total control grid now in place in the rest of the once ‘Free World’ is unprecedented. The supposed temporary ‘medical emergency’ that has loosed the tyrannical rule and mandates of city officials and state governors will be permanent. What is different now is that this control involves the entire planet, and is dire to know what is coming, if it were not for those that know and aware of Biblical Prophecy. Those that are obedient to watch as Jesus commanded His Disciples to be doing are not surprised or caught unawares. Such a false reality that is being forced upon Humanity presently is exactly what is to occur as foretold by Jesus and the Apostles through Prophecy. They spoke that specifically in the Latter Days, which is now, there would be a coming ‘Reset’ that would transform Humanity away from the ‘Image of YHVH’ and to what the Bible teaches will be the Beast System.

It will be an exclusive digital New World Order and those not wanting membership will be left out to die. One would be totally stunned or bewildered at such a drastic change if was not foretold in Biblical Prophecy. It would be one thing if such would be left alone but rejecting such a coming ‘Reset’ will virtually render one not being able to provide for oneself, much less for a family or loved ones. These anti-Human agendas are diabolical being presented in a ruse of ‘being what is best for the health and welfare of the people’. This is the same Double-Speak that is used to literally do the opposite as their ultimate goal is to depopulate the world to better control it. Only then will they leave those that will be subservient literal slaves that will serve the New World Order masters. The new ‘Reset’ will force all to be tracked and surveilled. And how will this be possibly accomplished? Initially through a vaccine, for now. This is just the preliminary set-up.

This coming mandatory vaccine will not be any normal type of inoculation designed to create antibodies against a given virus, but one in which mRNA will interface with one’s DNA and eventually will be tied to a crypto currency account. This is aside from having an RFID frequency to be tracked by GPS. Many would actually not be in opposition to this type of new ‘Reset’ nanotechnology as it will be so convenient to purchase and sell goods, prevent ID theft and travel freely or go to school, congregate, etc. What is not realized is that it will come at the expense of one’s inalienable rights to be free and safe in one’s person and body. When the actual Mark of the Beast is to be rolled out, it will be a matter of one’s Eternal Destiny, Eternal Life or Death. How so? The Bible clearly teaches and will warn that those receiving such a Mark will be damned to Hell. Why?

It is because such an implant, and/or tattoo will completely alter the DNA code of humanity, which will make a human, non-human and thus unredeemable as Jesus only came to blood atone or pay for humans. Essentially this coming Mark of the Beast will render humans, non-humans, etc. Realize that to these scientific Frankenstein, Dr. Mengele ‘High Priests’, the ‘New Humanity’ they envision is no better than cattle being branded. Also understand that any geo-engineered device that alters the DNA of a living being is thereby patented and owned by that agency/corporation. The point is that those vaccinated will legally be owned. Those that know Biblical Prophecy are well aware that this day would come and has. This present condition is in fact a testament of the validity of Biblical Prophecy and how Humanity is on its last decade or so of existence.

The Hidden Agendas
To the Believers of Bible Prophecy, such know and understand the Signs of the Times in these Last Days as the Sons of Issachar that knew that to do in such times. The Followers of Jesus in these similar evil days know what they are looking at. On one hand, Watchers are sounding the alarm. On the other hand, they are encouraging and maintaining their peace, or should. The day of the Blessed Hope will finally arrive or will is ‘birthed’ with a similar escape that the Saints of old also took heed of because of Prophecy. For them it was a matter of Life and Death. But before Jesus Christ returns to stop all this Luciferian madness, there will be dark days ahead in which many might lose their peace and worry and with good reason to do so. As the Luciferian Globalists are stopping at nothing now to restrict Humanity and strip it of any semblance of Civil Liberties that are inalienable, those knowing Biblical Prophecy are not caught off-guard.

To such, they see and understand the not so hidden agendas of Lock Step 2010, Event 201, Agenda 21, ID 2020, and the list goes on. In such times like these, corporately and globally, the effects of this planned COVID-19, which is now found to be false is causing more adverse effects and deaths than the actual virus would or could have. The CDC has publicly published its figures of who have died of COVID-19 alone. Due to the COVID-19 virus alone, there have been only about 9000 people in the USA that have actually died of the virus at the time this article has been written. This is not the reported 180,000+ deaths that are padded and have been falsely reported. As Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Bible right stated, ‘there is no pandemic’. Yet the emergency powers are still in effect and will not be lifted. The plandemic is being used to justify the continued conditioning of Humanity for the coming ‘Reset’.

As to Biblical Prophecy, what is totally hindering and restraining the full-on Luciferian agendas is that the Body of Christ, the Church is still here on planet Earth. This Body is unique in that it is a divine institution that has been given authority to exist, operate, and administer in all aspects of human affairs. Jesus gave this authority based upon His Resurrection Power and Lordship. And that the Gates of Hell would not prevail over it despite its relentless efforts to do so. However, as the Church Age comes to a close, its power, influence and authority has weakened. This is being allowing now in full measure as the Luciferians take advantage of what is being allowed and what they can get away with. Eventually, according to Prophecy, the Restrainer will be set aside.

When will this happen? It is believed that the Rapture event will trigger this transference of dispensations and allow for a freehand the Luciferins will employ to ‘flip the switch’ to their ‘Reset’ immediately thereafter. Only then can they fully initiate their diabolical agendas for their new version of Humanity that will surface on the other side. Most in the world are not aware of these Agendas. Most Christians also are either not aware, totally ignore it, have not been taught it or outright deny it. Many Christians actually believe the Rapture of the Church Bride will be the midpoint or at the end of the last years of what is called the Tribulation Period. This ‘Tribulation’ will be the time that Jesus Christ executes His wrath and judgment upon the world on Earth due to the full measure of rebellion and wickedness it has achieved by a Christ-rejecting Humanity.

Birthing the New Age

This parallels the events that Jesus stated did occur, were real in history, that of the Days of Noah and of the rescue and escape of Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah. The coming Rapture event of the Church Bride of Christ will be no different. But as the days approach for this event or ‘birth’ to occur, it will parallel prophetically to what is depicted in the Revelation 12 Sign, the Apostle Peter, and what occurred in Jerusalem in 70 AD. As the Man-Child is about to be birthed, the Red Dragon, Lucifer will seek to concentrate on such a person(s) or body to devour it or prevent it from escaping in the Rapture. Meaning? As the days pass and the intensification of the persecution of Bible Believers and Followers of Jesus increases, the Luciferians will seek to suppress and ‘cancel’ the Christian witness of the Gospel. What are the Christians to do?

The Church Body has the examples of Jesus, ultimately and of the Apostles in such similar times as these that existed in their day. In particular, Peter in the book of Acts is a clear example of how there was such a similar time when the ‘Authorities’ wanted to silence and close down, ‘cancel’ the Church in Jerusalem. As then, the ‘Authorities’ forbid the Followers of Christ to not congregate nor preach the Gospel freely and openly, and they threw Peter, their leader into prison. But instead of worrying, being anxious, Peter was sound asleep even though he was handcuffed and in-between 2 Roman Guards with weapons. The Angel sent by Jesus to rescue Peter had to wake him up from a peaceful sleep. This is the example of the disposition individuals and the Church needs to have, peace in the midst of severe persecution, of Life and Death.

It really needs to be spoken of during such conditions/trials individual Christians and corporate bodies or Assemblies find themselves in presently because it will get worse until the Rapture event occurs. And for those who are ‘Old School’, a great axiom still resonates from Dr. Charles Stanley, ‘Obey the LORD and leave the consequences to Him.’ In looking at a history channel online of the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD it showed how the Roman armies, the 4 major Legions descended and surrounded the city. They eventually starved the people out and it was horrific. People resorted to cannibalism and such. However, it is believed that the Jerusalem Church was not present at that time. Why not? They knew and understood Biblical Prophecy. They took heed of the words of Jesus on the Olivet Discourse or ‘Briefing’ as Chuck Missler would say. To them, it became a matter of Life and Death.

That body of Believers took ‘Prophecy’ to heart and seriously and it saved their lives. They were watching the political/social/religious pulse in Israel. They sensed the siege was coming and were not caught unawares. Jesus told them that ‘when you see Jerusalem surrounding by armies to flee.’ The Last Days ‘siege’ before the Rapture is here and it will be no different, prophetically speaking. Of course, Jesus was inferencing to the midpoint of the Desolation to come and specifically of the Great Tribulation or Jacob’s Trouble.

During these Last Days, as then, the Church Bride, the ‘New Jerusalem’ is being surrounded also. In this context, Jesus will himself come down with the shout of an Arch Angel to rescue His Bride, much like Peter. So, the Church Bride needs to keep watch as the 10-Virgin parable and have enough ‘oil’ so when the Midnight Call comes, she will have enough spiritual ‘fuel’ to respond and proceed. One might rightly argue that 'there is no place to flee to' in this modern world with the whole Earth locked down. And although many might literally have the means to actually physically move to another city, state or country, most do not or will not. This then leads to the reasonable assertion that the only way out is up, that is via the Rapture event.

Escape From Jerusalem
A side note will be considered now for a historical perspective about the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD. It is rather interesting in the manner in which Jerusalem was surrounded that correlates astronomically and militarily. One understands that such a pattern will be prophetically fulfilled with the armies of the AntiChrist in the future. They are to come with such an army again that will be surrounding Jerusalem during the Tribulation Period. In 70 AD, the Romans first destroyed the Temple as some were camped across on the Mount of Olives. There were 4 main Roman Legions surrounding the walls of Jerusalem. The walls were eventually breached on the 9th of Av as the Romans converged from the Anatolia Fortress that was adjacent to the Temple Mount. It was from that point and time that the Roman Legions ransacked their way to the Temple and City thereafter leaving no stone upon another or most people dead.

It is speculated that the Roman army wanted to plunder all the gold of the Temple. It is said that Prince Titus wanted to maintain the integrity of the Temple for spoil. Nonetheless, in haste a torch was thrown into the Holies. It melted the gold into the very crevasses of all the Temple platform stones. Thus, to get at the gold, no stone was left upon another by the Roman army. More than that, the Romans wanted to symbolically drive a ‘knife’ at the heart of Jewish resistance and symbol of its sovereignty, The Romans were frustrated at all the Jewish revolts and attacks since 66 AD and wanted once and for all deal with the Jewish symbol of sovereignty. Thus, the Romans ceased the Temple worship services or the Daily Sacrifices.

Titus, the Prince of Rome at the time surrounded Jerusalem with 4 legions. The most prominent one was the V (5th) named Macedonica, then the XII (12th) named Fulminata, then the XV (15th) named Apollinaris on the western side and the X (10th) named Fretensis on the Mount of Olives to the east. This layout has echoes of how the AntiChrist, the Prince that will also come at the End of Days will likewise maneuver his New World Order armies and make his encampment in the ‘Beautiful Land’ per Daniel 11:40. It is prophetic in how the spirit and connotations of the AntiChrist were employed even in the very standards of the Roman Legions that bore their names in 70 AD. As it was with Nebuchadnezzar, the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Holy Temples of YHVH on Earth was allowed by YHVH because of Israel’s abomination and desolations at the hands of His People.

YHVH’s People, the Jews failed to maintain it and honor it as told to the Elders of Israel by Jesus of the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen in Luke 20:9. YHVH allowed the armies of Rome as He will with the armies of the false AntiChrist Messiah to encircle and encamp around His Sanctuary. This by the way will mirror the same Luciferian assault on Heaven as described in the book of Revelation chapter 12. The future encampment of Jerusalem will be because of the coming Abomination of Desolation the prophet Daniel speaks about will occur with the AntiChrist after the 3rd Temple is rebuilt. The Roman Legion configuration surrounding Jerusalem exemplifies this rebellious ‘Spirit of AntiChrist’ that is even now at work in and through the sons of disobedience as the Bible states. This event will be orchestrated by Lucifer in collaboration with one of his demonic entities, the mighty Fallen Angel or Strongman of Lucifer from the Abyss.

Legions of Lucifer
This coming Fallen Angelic Commander will be allowed to rise once again from the Bottomless Pit as foretold by Revelation 9:2. His name is Apollyon or the ancient ‘God’ Apollo that is currently in chains in the Abyss. This Fallen Angel General will be loosed to summon the armies of the Nations to surround Jerusalem once again as the Romans did in 70 AD and perhaps in the same astronomical configuration even. And amazingly, this prophetic template will occur at the end of the Millennial Kingdom as well. At that time, it will be Lucifer himself that will attempt to surround Jerusalem for the Gog-Magog World War 2, but it will be at that time that Lucifer will finally be cast into the Lake of Fire. The Roman Legion’s Standard or ‘sign’ configuration around Jerusalem are as follows.

1. NORTH - Macedonica V (5th): The Eagle
The standard of the Macedonian Legion encamped to the north of Jerusalem was that of the Eagle. The preeminent Legion was named after the place in Macedonia where Alexander the Great came from. Alexander the Great was a type of the AntiChrist to come with its symbol of an Eagle. Rome adopted this ensign as its Imperial Ensign. Alexander the Great was considered a ‘God’ and reincarnation of Apollo. Nonetheless he died in Babylon at the age of 33.

2. SOUTH - Apollinaris XV: The Man (Griffin)
The standard of the Apollinaris Legion encamped to the south of Jerusalem was a bust of Apollo, the Man. Apollo was considered to be more than a mere man but the ‘Son of the Gods’. His other emblem is the Griffin. This other emblem was also used to denote a beast with wings as an Angel. These are all overtures of Lucifer. The Bible describes the AntiChrist as a Beast, as in Apollyon, a demonic Fallen Angel that will devour as such, the Destroyer to be unleased.

3. WEST - Fulminata XII (7th): The Lion (Lightning)
The standard of the Fulminata Legion encamped to the west of Jerusalem had a Lightning Rod as its emblem. It represented the power of the ‘King of the gods’ Zeus as in royalty of a Lion, the King of the Beasts. It also represented the power of fire and thus the giver of fire to mankind - Apollo as the Light Bearer, i.e., Lucifer.

4. EAST - Fretensis X (10th): The Bull

The standard for the Fretensis Legions encamped to the east of Jerusalem was that of the Bull. It was the symbol of Venus. In this case it is ascribed to Lucifer, the ‘Morning Star’ of Apollo.

Prophetically the encampment of the 4 Roman Legions mirrors the 4 Celestial Quadrants of how the Hebrew encampment was laid out around the Tabernacle in the wilderness during the times of Moses. This amazing configuration in turn was a copy of the layout of the very Throne Room of YHVH in Heaven itself and are reflecting the 4 Celestial Points that proceed out from His Throne. The Tribes of the Israelites had their divisions designated around the Tabernacle of Moses by sets of 3 in similar fashion as noted. The prominent Tribe bore the standard that corresponded to the 4 Celestial Astronomical Signs in the Heavens; the Lion, the Bull, the Man, and the Eagle. The standards or ‘symbol’ that accompanied each tribe of Israel grouping are as follows.

1. North           - the
Eagle:     Dan
2. South          - the
Man:        Ruben
3. West            - the
Bull:         Ephraim
4. East             - the
Lion:        Judah

The Great Escape
As the 4 Roman Legions mirrored the 4 Living Creatures and the Hebrew encampment around the Tabernacle of Moses with the exception of the east-west axis being reversed, could the future scenario also play out with the New World Order armies of the AntiChrist in the coming encirclement of Jerusalem? Nonetheless, the Romans were the successors of this ‘spirit and power of Apollo’ or Apollyon. This is in reference to Alexander the Great’s army and empire that the Roman military’s protocols and structure was built upon. The 4 celestial points of the Zodiac with are as follows. The difference is that the east-west axis is mirrored or inverted.

1. North           -
Scorpio or Eagle guards Golden Gate or of God
2. East             -
Aquarius the Man
3. West            -
Leo the Lion
4. South           -
Taurus the Bull guards the Silver Gate or of Man

Yet, this Prophecy template given by Jesus at the Olivet Discourse had a short-term application and future fulfillment in kind. Perhaps in 70 AD, the Assemblies in all of Israel escaped to the mountains or to the other congregations scattered abroad that where established at this time by now. During the coming Tribulation Period, it is understood that when the Abomination of Desolation is set up midway, the faithful Elect will flee to Petra as they too will heed the Prophecy of Jesus. For them, it will be a matter of Life or Death. Thus, there is a similar parallel condition now in play. The Church Bride will be evacuated as a similar attempt to encroach upon her seeks to silence her testimony.

However, according to Prophecy, the Church Bride will not present when the ‘armies will be surrounding’ the New Jerusalem spiritually speaking. Who is this person or ‘Prince’ that will come to do such a thing? It is only after the Rapture, that the AntiChrist will be revealed. It will be none other than the ‘Son of Apollo’. In 1 Thessalonian 2:3, the translation from the Greek, ‘Son of Perdition’, has the connotation that ‘Perdition’ is ‘Apoleias’ or that of Apollo or Apollyon. Thus, the AntiChrist will be the ‘Son of Apollo, the Destroyer’, etc.

Alas the Rapture will provide the Great Escape for her. It will be like Peter being woken up by the Angel, or as the 10 Virgins awakened by the Midnight Call. And the door will lay open to be led out of this Prison Planet as promised to the Philadelphian type of Church. That type of Church was faithful to continue preaching and witnessing despite persecution. They chose ‘to obey Christ and leave the consequences to the LORD.’ It is too bad that most who profess to be Christian, most Churches are not keen to consider Prophecy, of what is to come. It will be a matter of Life or Death for many. Pastors have not adequately prepared their Flocks for what they should know, is now happening. Foremost, knowing Prophecy, is to ‘testify of Jesus’ as Revelation 19:10 states.

Prophecy consoles the heart and gives one spiritual perspective that Jesus is the LORD of time and events. The Blessed Hope or the Rapture has been promised by Jesus, it is the Open Door, of Escape when the Wrath is about to fall upon this wicked world now ripe for judgment. This world is a ‘sinking ship’ as many have metaphorized it, in terms of the ‘rearranging the chairs of the Titanic’. Thus, realizing the times, those who say they see the Prophecy not ahead but has now arrived should be those that are sounding the alarm but being at peace. Jesus told His own to be watching, for Prophecy and the Signs of the Times can be read. Jesus rebuked the so called ‘Learned Elder’ for being able to read the Signs of the Sky but not the coming of their Messiah. They all missed Jesus’ 1st coming, but a few Wise Astrologers, some lowly shepherds, and faithful Saints in the Temple that were looking for the Savior, i.e., Simeon and Anna.

It is crucial that the Church Bride help others onboard the life raft, that is Jesus in these Last Days. Jesus is the Peace in the midst of the Storm because He gives His Peace. No human institution, program, effort, or work can ever come close to substitute this condition that only Followers of Jesus have at the core of their being. And as to Watchers, they are the minority in reality. Christians, especially those that are ‘watching’ the 'Signs of the Times’, are those that are keen in discerning their ‘situational awareness’. Although there is a need to watch what is going on in the world they are to be like a Peter and not worry but be at peace. It is disheartening, depressing, and discouraging knowing what has happened, is happening but what is about to happen. It does weigh heavy on the mind, soul, and body. Yet, one needs to fix one’s eyes on Jesus, the ‘author and finisher of our Faith’.

That whatever befalls the Church in the months to come leading up to the Rapture event, in terms of persecution, even imprisonment or death of a few or the many, may she be found worthy and unashamed as Jesus and Peter were. Jesus, ‘counting the joy that was set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and is sat down at the right hand of the Throne of YHVH’. Thus, one can take heart that due to knowing and understanding Biblical Prophecy, to the measure that Jesus has allowed and has given to the Last Day Disciples of Jesus, there is to be a measure of Peace and Security most other people do not possess and can never fully possess. Thus, before the ‘Reset’ can be fully implemented, the Rapture event will occur. For such, it will be the new reality as the Church Bride has known nothing but tribulation, persecution but will be evacuated at the right time.

She will be set free like a Peter. She will not be present as the world seeks to encroach and besiege her but like the Jerusalem Assembly in 70 AD, it was not present during the siege. Since the Church Age began, she like Jesus who set the example, has taken up its Cross, despising the shame and for the joy set before her, endured it knowing that one day she too will be sat at the right hand of the Throne with Jesus. As it is, the Bible teaches that Followers of Jesus are ‘sat with Jesus in heavenly places’. One day, this will be a complete reality. Until then, the Luciferian Scientific Eugenicist Globalists have decided that ‘it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people’. And this is why it is imperative that the Church Body and those that are not, on this side of Glory heed the warnings of Jesus in Prophecy and that is why Prophecy is important. Ultimately, Biblical prophecy will not only be a matter of Life or Death but of Eternal Life or Eternal Death.

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