Former and Latter Rain

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‘Be glad then, ye Children of Zion, and Rejoice in the LORD your GOD: for he hath given you the Former Rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the Rain, the Former Rain, and the Latter Rain in the 1st Month’. -Joel 2:23

The purpose of this study is to consider the Question, where do the Biblical Dispensations change-over? One argues that they occurred, have and will during a Summer July Pentecost White Wheat Wedding Time-Frame. And that the Pentecost one is referring to is not the Traditional Church one that is correlated to the Jewish Shavuot Feast. One is referring to the 2nd Count of the 3 Feast that were 50 Days apart from each other, the Wheat, Wine and Oil, etc.

This Topic is Important to the Study of Eschatology is that the Correct Interpretation of the Time-Frame will then be demonstrated when one could anticipate the End of the Church Age. This in turn, would render when the Transference of the Dispensation back to Israel, being Under the Law would then ensue. And that Transference would conclude Daniel’s 70th Week to include the Time of Jacob’s Trouble that will culminate with the Return of Jesus. That is what is being Argued.

However, some Students of the End Times and Dispensationalism argue that it is rather Passover that is the Time-Frame when the Dispensations have changed and will. One would disagree. The Argument for a Passover Transition goes like this. Jesus fulfilled the Feast of First Fruits in the Month of Nisan. True, but this was of the Barley and it was not a 50 Day Count. The Argument further stipulates the Logic that it was at Passover that the start of the New Covenant was made. This is True, concerning the Last Supper.

Now, one’s Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Theory is predicated on the fact that as that was the Time when the Corporate Indwelling of the Holy Spirit occurred, it initiated the Church Age. And that ‘Anointing’ was like Fire and Oil, the 2 Elements that work the Menorah in the Temple of YHVH. The Typology of the Menorah comes to Play later on in the End of the Bible where Jesus is in the ‘Midst’, tending to them, the Fire and the Oil so that they do not ‘Go Out’. Given those 2 Prophetic Motifs, the Fire and the Oil, it can be also then argued that the Rapture could just as much occur during the Feast of the New Oil. This is the mentioned 3rd Feast of the 50-Day Interval corresponding to the Wheat and the Wine, etc.

Let it Rain
So, in this Logic and Scenario, it could or would support a Passover and Nisan Timing of when the Dispensation would change over. It is because if the Holy Spirit is depicted as the Former Rain, in the Civil New Year of Tishrei, the 7th Month, then the Latter Rain would occur in the Religious New Year of Nisan, the 1st Month. Furthermore, based on this Passover and 1st Month Logic, it would mean that Passover is when Jesus would then need to Return. Why? It is predicated on the Former and Latter Rain Correspondence.

It would correlate to the 2 Comings of Jesus in which the 2nd Coming would be in the Month of Nisan. The Argument is because it is at that Time that Israel is ‘Ripe’ for the Harvest. But this Harvest is the Barley Harvest. And also, this Passover 2nd Coming Theory would tie-in the Timing of the Rapture in that if the Return of Jesus is to occur in the 1st Month, that being Nisan, then the Rapture should also occur in that same Corresponding Month, 7 Years prior.

It is an interesting Supposition but one is not in agreement. One believes that perhaps the 1st and the 7th Months Exchange that was made by YHVH in Exodus is being confused. Why? One does believe that the 2nd Coming will be at a ‘New Year’. But that New Year will be the Civil New Year of Tishrei, which is the 1st Month, and Nisan would be the 7th Month, etc. And also, this Correlation, would ‘Reverse’ what Month would correspond to the Former and Latter Rain Months.

Now, how the Nisan Month, that is presently denoted as the 1st Month of the Year, as in the Head of the Year or ‘Rosh HaShanah’, is how the Last and 3rd Great American Solar Eclipse occurred on Nisan 1, the Religious New Year in the Rabbinical Calendar. And? This is where one will attempt to make the connection to the Rapture Timing of a Summer White Wheat Wedding Time-Frame instead. This is how the July 23 Astronomical Leo New Year is connected to the Religious New Year.

So, one was considering also a Day Count dealing with Eclipses, Solstices and one’s July 23 or 723 Rapture Code and Theory. Consider that the 1st Great American Eclipse occurred precisely 33 Days out from the Revelation 12 Sign back in 2017. Well, what if one Reversed the Day Count from that July 23 Date by the same Numerical Factor of 33 Days? It is very interesting. And what is the Evidence of its potential Significance? Time will tell.

July 23, 2024 – 33 Days
= June 20, 2024, the Summer Solstice

Consider that Jesus was Himself as the First Fruit of the Barley Grain Offering, but not of the New Wine that GOD the Holy Spirit is associated with and that in consort with the Bride. Consider how the Last Words of the Bible finish with the Wedding Invitation to ‘Come’. And that is given by the Holy Spirit and the Bride, now in Unison. Not that the Bride becomes the Holy Spirit but as a Husband and a Wife are considered now ‘One Flesh’, etc. Yes, the Oil, the Feast of the First Fruits of the Oil, is also used as a Metaphor of the Holy Spirit.

Feast of New Oil
This Feasts is the 3rd of the 50-Day Shavuots or Pentecost Feasts. The prior 2 Feast were that of the Wheat and the Wine, etc. One could allude to the Rapture Event occurring then in the 7th Month, as the Feast of the New Oil would occur in September. This Month usually correlates to the 7th Month in the Rabbinical Calendar, but not always. Consider the difference in the Oil Metaphor pertaining to the Church Age. One is arguing, more so that it is the Wheat Metaphor, etc. On will Counter-Argue that the Metaphor of the Oil is specific to Israel, not necessarily to the Church, being Wine.

The Oil was paramount to have, especially for the Temple Services. Think of the Menorah whose Lamps that to be continually Cleared, Trimmed and Supplied of the Oil to Light the Holy of Holies. And the Harvest of the Grapes is associated with Israel and the World’s Judgment, thus the Tribulation Period and Jacob’s Troubles, etc. As to the Rain Analogy? It is a good one, but one thinks, again, that the Argument of the Former and Latter Rain Metaphor of the Holy Spirit is Correct. But again, pertinent to Israel, not the Church. It

is Israel that Started and will End with the need to take those ‘Spiritual Showers’, not the Bride of Christ. She does not need a ‘Later Rain’ or a Cold Splash of the Holy Spirit. The Body of Christ has that now, an Overflowing and a Constant Flowing, because of Jesus. He is the Faithful High Priest that is tending the Celestial Menorahs in the Father’s House, i.e., Book of Revelation Imagery of Jesus in the midst of the Menorah of the 7 Churches.

Yes, Jesus is to come in the ‘1st Month’, but that of the Civil Year. That is the 7th Month, in Tishrei. In fact, the Former and Latter Rain is what Jesus had promised and will to Israel. Jesus came in the 1st Year, Nisan, being as the ‘Rain’, on the Religious New Year. And just the same, as He is the LORD of Symmetry and Order, will return as the ‘Rain’ in the Last Month, which was the 1st, that being Tishrei. And that in fact, based on one’s 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline, that could very well be September 11, 2032, on the Sabbath of Return. Perhaps.

Now in general, one has argued that it has been during Pentecost, that of the 2ne 50 Day Count that corresponds to the First Fruit of the New Wine, that one suggests is the Time-Frame when the Dispensations Change. But as to a July 23 Astronomical Leo New Year? That is where one is suggesting, is more focused on the Timing of the Rapture that will conclusively End the Church Age. And that although the Dispensation of Grace ‘Ends’, the Day Count, specifically to conclude Daniel’s 70th Week does not necessarily have to start nor will, exactly the Day after.

As mentioned, one believes there is that approximate Time Gap of a 3.5 Years that will then start the Tribulation Period in the Fall of 2025. This is based on the Crucifixion Year being calculated, in one’s Estimation to have been in 32 AD. Now as to the Month of Nisan or Passover being the Prophetic Bench-Mark of when Dispensations have changed Argument? This is an interesting Assertion, just as valid. It is based on how and when the Israelites crossed over the Jordan River, led by Joshua.

Promised Land
But realize that the Day that occurred was not when the Sabbaths of the Land commenced. Based on one’s Research, the Sabbath Count, to include the Jubilee 50 Year Markers occurred 7 Years after Israel crossed the Jordan. It was how long it took Israel to Subdue and Evict the Natural Inhabitants of the Land as Commanded by YHVH. Note that the Scripture states that the Israelites started eating of the Barley Grain that was already Planted and Harvested by that Time. This is because the Manna stopped appearing once they crossed over the Jordan River.

This is to mean that Israel could not or would not be situated and established to have Planted and Harvested a Grain Crop. Moreover, it has been argued that the Jubilee Count or the Time of the Sabbath of the Land did not commence until 7 Years later. This is how long it took for Joshua to clear the Land and Evict the Inhabitants of the Promised Land, per the Edict of YHVH as Judgment against them. YHVH just used Israel as the Instrument of Wrath for all the Generations of Sin and Worship of Ba’al, for example.

One would agree that the Calendar of Months was reiterated by Joshua as it was given to Moses to observe as the Head of the Year. Note that from a Nisan Month to a Tishrei Month is 4 Months. This Time-Frame is reminiscent of the 4 Months Jesus spoke about how long it takes for a Grain to be Planted and Harvested. Just an Observation. This Rationale is based on the Work that one has referenced here before. Here is the Excerpt of the core tenet of why the Count of the Sabbaths of the Land or the Shemitahs began 7 Years after the Crossing of the Jordan by Israel, and not on the Nisan 10th of that initial Crossing.

Reference Article
From Old Testament Chronology


The premise of your argument is faulty. The apostles already received the Spirit on Resurrection Day. They didn't have to wait until Pentecost.
And with that he breathed on them and said, Receive the Holy Spirit.‘ -John 20:22 (on Resurrection Day)

Yes, in Theory, Jesus did bestow the Gift of the Holy Spirit to the Disciples. It is and was a foregone Conclusion. However, once again, you ‘Inadvertently’ prove my ‘Transition Theory’. No, not all Disciples of Jesus, upon ‘Believing’ received the Gift of the Holy Spirit. One must Qualify this based on what occurred with the Disciples that were only Baptized into the Repentance of John. Notice how these People were clearly Disciples and Believers in Jesus. That is the Key. Apparently, there needed to be a ‘Hand-Off’ of Baptisms. Here is the Proof of the Factual Occurrence how, even after the Resurrection, there was a Gap Time wherein GOD the Holy Spirit was still being Set-Up in terms of the Church Age.

‘While Apollos was at Corinth, Paul passed through the interior and came to Ephesus. There he found some Disciples and asked them. Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became Believers? No, they answered, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit. Into what, then, were you Baptized? Paul asked. The Baptism of John, they replied’. -Acts 19:2

The Point is that apparently, the Disciples all had to get on the ‘Same Page’ regarding what constitutes being ‘Put into Jesus’, as that is what the Definition of Baptism is. And by the way, there are 7 Types of them. One thus argues that although Jesus bestowed the Gift of the Holy Spirit, there appeared to be an 'Implementation' Process of sorts as evidenced by what occurred in Paul's Missionary Journeys.



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