Conclusion to the Prophetic Storyline - Promised Open Door?

  • Is the newly discovered Black Hole a Sign of an 'Open Door'?
  • Will the Revelation 12 Sign that came and went still relevent?
  • What does the Great Sign of Virgo have to do with the End of World?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an Open Door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My Word, and hast not denied My Name. Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Because you have kept the word of My patient endurance, I also will keep you out of the Hour of the Trial being about to come upon the whole inhabited world, to try those dwelling upon the Earth.’ – Revelation 3-8-11

The purpose of this study is to present a composite depiction and survey of the Revelation 12 Sign as it was astronomically construed on September 23, 2017 and what have been the major and significant ‘pieces of the puzzle’ leading up to and after the Sign. These factors will both be from a purely astronomical and scientific observable point of view to the esoteric and nefarious elements that seem to have mirrored and/or mocked the Sign in tandem. The study will relay such discoveries, at least pertinent to this researcher’s study of the phenomenon since 2008. It has been a long journey of about a decade. The Revelation 12 Sign phenomena did take a life of its own, for the good, the bad and the ugly. This study strongly suggests that the ‘Sign’ is not done ‘speaking’ or prophesying just yet. In what way?

Perhaps there is one last correlation and prophetic suggestion that will involve the 1260-day count that the Sign in Revelation 12 is directly associated with. As it is a review of over 10 years of research in unveiling of the ‘pieces of the puzzle’, this study will be longer than usual. However, if one wants the summary now, it is that with the identification and image captured for the 1st time of the Black Hole being in Virgo, could be alluding to a soon event of an ‘Open Door’ being set for the Rapture event to take place. Thus, could a 1260-day count be correlated to the Sign that makes-up its very DNA from the book of Revelation? This study is not insinuating that on the 1260th day, that being March 6, 2021 the Rapture Event is to have taken place, but that the window of time to could be a high Rapture watch timeframe and/or its prophetic ‘shelf life’.

This 1260-day count is from when the Woman is to flee to the Wilderness to be protected by YHVH as the Wrath of the Lamb is intensified in the last 3.5 years remaining of Daniel’s last Week of Years, that being 7 years. The Virgo Sign as depicted by the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos identified a numerical midpoint that delineates the timeframe and could be a last clue or piece in the tapestry of this amazing prophetic puzzle. As it is understood that the Women is in direct reference to national Israel, could there be also a 1260-day correlated count from the astronomical alignment since September 23, 2017 for the other Virgin, that being the Bride of Christ?

A Retrospect
As noted, this end date is March 6, 2021. Is it prophetically significant? Perhaps in some way not realized now. One thing is for sure, the Revelation 12 Sign did wake-up 100s if not hundreds of 1000’s of people from all over the world, both within and with-out the Watcher Christian community. Many took note that were also nominally curious people as well as those that were not. Then there were and are still those opposed to such methods of rendering and interpreting such Signs. One would agree that this Revelation 12 Sign, astronomically configured to depict the Sign illustrated in the Bible has been a Sign for this Last Generation in the Last Hour of prophecy that is pertinent to both ‘Virgins’, that being the Bride of Christ and Israel. As the Sign did have a ‘Rapture’ component, this was the primary cause for hope and the sensationalism in part. Perhaps such a Sign could then be attributed as an overlapping prophetic layer ascribed to being a possible Sign to the Church Body as it is foremost to Israel.

Consider that at no other time since the Church began on Pentecost, when it fully came that that such a Sign has been given and would be so pertinent and able to be discerned by modern instrumentation. One is of the opinion that since 1948 with the re-birth of Israel as a sovereign state among the Nations of the world is what has been the time marker of the concluding prophecies, as it pertains to the conclusion of the Church Age and the transference of the Commission back to Israel. It is understood that per Ezekiel, this ‘Israel’ would be brought back in unbelief and still is under the judgment of YHVH for rejecting Jesus as the Messiah. This is precisely the need for the 70th Week of Years per Daniel. As Pastor J.D. Farag states, ‘the aim of the 7-year Tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish Nation.’ It is a time that Jesus Christ will deal with Israel’s hardness of Heart, spiritual blindness and unbelief, etc.

One would agree with such a simplistic rendering of the coming course of Biblical prophecy pertinent to Israel, but what about the Bride of Christ? And what has become of the Revelation 12 Sign since? Many falsely hoped that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ would have occurred on that September 23, 2017 date. Many pushed this narrative and introduced even other doctrines that were suspect in interpreting such an astronomical Sign and even questionable Biblical doctrine. Although it was ‘hipped-up’, it caused sensationalism that brought the best and worst of the Watcher Community and those critical of it. On one hand, there were the throngs that had ‘etching ears’ that wanted this narrative of a rapture to occur and venerated its proponents.

This occurred without proper discernment and expository of Scripture. Such missed and violated the protocols of how to interpret what a ‘Sign’ was/is to say and/or represent; something that was to come later. Then on the other hand, it gave ammunition to rightly criticize those opposed to Christianity, such Signs and their methods of interpretation. A ‘Sign’ is not the event itself but points to a pending and/or future event. This was the case with the Revelation Sign that this researcher still believes is one of the most amazing and profound Signs given and provided to the Church, Israel and the Nations to heed its warnings. The point of this study is to suggest that the Revelation 12 Sign is not done ‘speaking’ or prophesying just yet. The various pieces of the puzzle have gradually revealed its storyline, it seems. However, such a Sign also has a shelf life.

The Purpose of a Prophetic Sign
Based on a decade-long research, one can see that the unfolding of the ‘Sign’ was and is an amazing tapestry that YHVH was revealed and has been revealing much like a puzzle with pieces having been put together to make the Sign or picture come alive and discern what is to come about from it. The pieces of the puzzle for this phenomenon came from every walk of life and perspective which was one of the best attributes of such an endeavor as the Sign was not given to anyone to ‘own’ it or glory in it although in part, the converse was one of the negative aspects of the unveiling of this amazing Sign. One is still of the belief and persuasion that this Revelation 12 Sign was and is significant in terms of disclosing how close the end of the Church Age is and how close the Rapture is for the Bride of Christ, as perhaps the last facet is the ‘Open Door’.

Was it any wonder that the Sign, astronomically came to be during the period where the convergence of key prophetic milestones occurred? Some milestones were the Jubilee anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem from the Muslims. Then there was the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s birth in 2018, which in the Jewish calendar reckoning of time, the Sign was in the same year 5778. Then there was the re-dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice in 2018 that had not occurred since the destruction of the Temple and Altar in 70 AD, exactly 1,948 years and 444 days out. The 70th year correlated to the Babylonian Captivity also as a parallel of the same Altar of Sacrifice that was then also re-dedicated to have the 2nd Temple start construction a year later. So where is the Sign at prophetically? What is the next ‘piece’ and what is it saying ‘prophetically’ now?

Since September 24, 2017, most if not all of the proponents of the Rapture, at that time and those supporting such a narrative pretty much went silent and dark. A few resurfaced to give the Sign some possible last cardiac arrest procedures. It was and is a good lesson in realizing that Biblical Prophecy is of YHVH and not of one’s now interpretation. The aim of all Biblical prophecy is to glorify and testify of Jesus. Such clues and the interpretation of them belong solely to Christ Jesus. It is He that dispenses with the interpretation, if permitted. Nonetheless, the Revelation 12 Sign was given foremost to the Apostle John for Israel. Although it may be viewed as encrypted and fluid in terms of interpretation, one can have a measure of hope and assurance that Jesus is likewise divulging such a mystery to His Body as possible overlays exist.

This is especially true for the final hour, as the Sign is perhaps a closing queue of a coming conclusion of the Church Age or Commission and the restart of Israel’s. It seems that the Church Body has been placed on notice that the Church Age is about to conclude and the promised ‘Open Door’ is now about to be opened next as the Black Hole may have alluded to. Thus, this study will be a composite of the various pieces of the puzzle that at least were presented all along the decade-long research. Many in earnest wanted and want to figure-out not for one’s self glory or popularity but for the Church Body to realize. It must take heed accordingly especially knowing that with each passing year now, how important it is to be looking up and looking out. The ‘pieces of the puzzle’ presented in this study are what one came to observe and of those that were contributed that appeared to be the most significant. Then, based on the latest piece, the Black Hole that is deemed relevant, one will extrapolate a possible interpretation.

The Coming Open Door?
What is this latest relevant puzzle piece of the Revelation 12 Sign? As noted, it is the picture taken for the first time in human history of a Black Hole (Messier 87) and by a female scientist no less. And where was it taken? In Virgo. Can it be any more clearer that the Revelation 12 Sign is perhaps saying, ‘hey, I’m not done yet, do not forget me, I am still speaking, still prophesying’. What is astonishing about where and when this identification of the Black Hole occurred is very interesting. Some will no doubt dismiss the place and time as being non-consequential nor pertinent to the Revelation 12 Sign array of the ‘pieces of the puzzle’. However, consider this. The Virgo constellation depicts the Maiden on her side, slanted along the Ecliptic of her entire body form. In every depiction of her outline and/or line configuration, she is having a gaze or look toward her right shoulder or facing up and away from the Ecliptic. What is the correlation here with the Black Hole?

The Black Hole is directly in front of her gaze or face as if the Black Hole or ‘Door’ opened right in front of her. It is as if it was placed and ‘opened’ just for her to see and perhaps ‘enter’ through like the Philadelphian Promise? Is it any wonder why one of Virgo’s main Stars is called Porrima? This name means the Star of Prophecy and as in a Hero or Heroin in this case. With such a backdrop and foundation to go by, the following will be presented in summary of the Biblical and astronomical association that rendered the Sign and was ascribed to be an astronomical anomaly that has come to be known as the Revelation 12 Sign. The Revelation 12 Sign first gets its legitimacy, astronomically from Genesis 37 in how it was Joseph that had the vision given by YHVH of how he was as the ‘Virgo’ in that the 12 Stars were his brothers bowing down to him and how the Sun and the Moon, depicting his father and mother also.

This sets that stage for a legitimate Biblical direct correlation that suggests Virgo is indeed Israel or Jacob and how there will truly be a ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’ to come. It is this Woman flees to the Wilderness for protection as the Man Child is raptured up to Heaven beforehand. In which case, there is that 1260-day code. It is also from Genesis where Balaam foretold that from Jacob a ‘Star’ would arise and be the Scepter, as a Branch, i.e., the Star of Spica in Virgo to rule the world one day. This is the ‘Branch’, the Messiah that come from Israel and from a Virgin what herself would be a Sign to Israel. For this researcher, the Revelation 12 Sign began around 2008 when investigating the ‘Google Cover-up’ of the blocked-out patch of space in the constellation of Virgo.

Various charts and articles were subsequently published to this affect and many videos were made of it. This apparent depiction of a ‘Red Dragon’ in Virgo seemed to suggest the Revelation 12 Sign, as it had such components. The Red Dragon anomaly was only able to be seen in the infrared spectrum, etc. Then later on, other ‘piece of the puzzle’ came into focus as it was studied to later see the patterns of the moon cycles and Blood Moons that occurred near it. It was the time during the 2014-15 period where the Tetrad Blood Moon phenomena also took a life of its own. How the 2014-15 Tetrad was tied to the Revelation 12 Sign was that from April 13, 2014 to the end of September 23, 2017 date was exactly 1260 days. Thus, perhaps there is still a mirrored 1260-day count to consider and anticipate of how long the prophetic shelf-life was or is to be.

Astronomical Aspects
Then there was the assertion that the 3 planet alignment of Mercury, Mars and Venus in Leo depicted a matching line-up as are the Pyramids of Giza and in the order of size and angle to the Sphynx. Astonishing, the line leading up to the Sphynx also correlated to an overlay of the 3 pyramids with the 3 planets and how the positioning of the Sphynx then correlated dead-center in the heart area of Leo when superimposed. Then as the September 23, 2017 date approached, the actual 3 Pyramids of Giza directly aligned to the astronomical composition of the Sign in particular with Leo and the 3 planets, which was amazing and a confirmation of sorts. Of what? The Sign and its various stages of ‘unveilings’ and/or occurrences are on schedule as they were designed to render. What could have this meant or still mean?

Based on the studies, it would appear that the Pyramids are indeed a ‘time clock’ and thus the Revelation 12 Sign was and is synchronized to the mystery and purpose of the Pyramids and the Sphynx. Is it any coincidence that the Sphynx is a composite of Virgo and Leo, the beginning of the Mazzaroth with Virgo and ending with Leo? Is thus the Revelation 12 Sign suggesting a coming conclusion and beginning to an Age, a transference? Perhaps the transference from the Church Age by way of the Rapture of the Bride, a Virgin too back to national Israel. Then there was the discovery of the Comet 67p that was dubbed the Jubilee Comet as the last time it appeared was in 1967. Thus, that precisely on September 23, 2017 it signified the liberation of Jerusalem, that was like a captured Maiden that in 1967 was liberated. More astonishing was that this comet was the first in human history to have a probe land on it.

Thereafter, back to the Red Dragon anomaly in the Google Cover-Up phenomena. It was identified that the major Stars in that quadrant happen to have the numerical designation of 666 to them. This was clearly another clue that the association with the Red Dragon was none other than that of the ‘Beast’ of Revelation 12. It is a typology of Lucifer at war now but with Israel and the Tribulation Saints to come. It is and will be in direct war and confrontation during the Tribulation Period as it seeks to devour and destroy the Woman and those that have the Testimony of Jesus during that time. Then there was the discovery by a contributor to the Revelation 12 Sign community of the Conception Comet. It was observed that this comet come from Cancer but that for nearly 2000 years, it really did not move into Leo until around the year 2000.

From that point, it catapulted through Leo and in a span of 1 year. It seemed to ‘shoot’ out of Leo’s loins and directly traverse through Virgo’s ‘Womb’, as it were to ‘impregnate’ her. From that point on, the comet regressed to its prior pattern as it began. Coincidence? Not likely. Why it was called the Conception Commit was because around 9 months later is when the planet Jupiter came into this region of Virgo deemed the ‘Womb’ area. Now this researcher had always insisted that Jupiter was actually ‘birthed’ on September 9, 2017 and not the 23rd. This and other peculiarities were noted but not well received as the prevailing narrative took over. The subsequent observation was that from the Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 to the Revelation 12 Sign was exactly 33 days and it suggested an ominous esoteric association of a coming ‘division’ of America. This came to be true, politically, socially, religiously to this day.

Luciferian Parodies
Then amazingly on the exact day of the September 23, 2017 configuration, there was the Space X Dragon pod that passed the Celestial Equator that happens to bisect Virgo of all places in the Universe. The logo of the Space X was a Dragon with out-stretched wings as directed in Revelation 12 just west of the constellation in front of her. Was this a case of reality imitating art, as they say or the other way around? Also, the International Space Station flew by within that same timeframe. Were these 2 fly-bys a mere coincidence? All these astronomical-related occurrence happened in the span from around 2008 to 2017, to the very day as it has been presented. And all these have been ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that were tangible, legitimate and observable. As to their interpretation and inference, sure that is up for debate as they were and still are.

However, the following are the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that come from the esoteric, and realm of the Luciferian kind. How so? Realize that as many dismissed the Sign as nonsense, coming from both within and without the Church Body, the Luciferian cabal were taking note and taking the Sign seriously enough to have presented the following pieces to the puzzle that also came alongside the discernment achieved by those watching and studying the Sign. The first inference of the Revelation 12 Sign being significant came in 2006 with the block-buster movie of the Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks. Towards the end of the movie, a clue was taken from the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton and a projection was obtained that showed a planetary alignment. Which one? The Revelation 12 Sign. This was the hidden ‘code’ of the entire movie.

Many ask, how can the Enemy, the Luciferians that run Hollywood, the Media, the Banks, Universities and Government know or foreknow in most cases more than Followers and Disciples of Jesus? It is embarrassing and shameful as such should be at the forefront of Biblical discernment of knowing the times and knowing what to do like the Sons of Issachar. To a degree the Luciferians are using Predictive Programing as they are Fallen Angels that have a superior handle of the psychology of Humanity. Perhaps such are allowed a peek into what is just ahead or they can sense it and they themselves can and do put the pieces of YHVH’s prophetic puzzle together also. Then in February of 2017, the year of the Sign saw some amazing and bizarre Satanic rituals such as the Grammy Awards. In this case, Beyoncé dressed-up in a glittering ‘starry’ gown as ‘Queen’ of Heaven with a ‘Sun’ Crown and was actually pregnant.

They choreographed a session in which 24 women were subject to this Queen who then reclined at the edge of the stage on a chair. Well, what of it? Consider that the angle was the same as that of the Virgo Sign from the Ecliptic, exactly. She was in a chair in a depiction with her out-stretched hand exactly as the Virgo outline figure of the constellation is configured. Coincidence? Not likely. Consider also that the 24 Elders do represent the Bride of Christ, enthroned and seated in judgment as Jesus then takes the Scroll. He then is to pronounce the Seal Judgments upon the inhabitants of the Earth as alluded to the Philadelphian Church. At this seating, the Bride of Christ will be Queen now vindicated and enthroned. It is Jesus’ Last Will and Testament being read and the Title Deed of the Land being executed of what is decreed; vengeance and wrath. The point? This event presupposes the Rapture having taken place beforehand.

The Story Line of Virgo
Then in March, there was the release of the old 1990s Disney classic of The Beauty and the Beast. Was it also coincidence to have been released in 2017, the year the Sign of a Beast, Leo interfaced with a Maiden, Virgo? In this movie rendition, it was made by real actors and in one of the main posters, they are both looking opposite of each other just as is Leo with Virgo that are orientated in the opposite direction. In the Mazzaroth, Virgo starts the timeline and storyline of the Redeemer, Jesus and it then ends with Leo, as the conquering Lion of Judah, etc. Then there was in June the release of the much anticipated Wonder Woman movie. Again, was the year just a coincidence to have mirrored that of the Revelation 12 Sign? In what way? Consider that in this case, the actor was actually an Israeli. This has direct prophetic overtones during the Tribulation.

The Heroin depicted on one of the prominent posters had her crouched down with the caption of ‘The Wonder’ written across the upper skyline. Then her shield was positioned near her abdomen that in the depiction forms a silhouette of her being very pregnant. Again, coincidence? Not likely. So why take time to rehash this Sign again with all its major nuances throughout the past decade that have come and gone? Have they really? As mentioned, could there be still a 1260-day count left it her? Have more ‘pieces of the puzzle’ been presented? Yes. As mentioned, consider that in 2019, in April a female scientist devised the means to formulate the capturing of a ‘picture’ of a Black Hole by programing a special telescope. Such a phenomena of Black Holes have only been proven mathematically and no one has seen able to capture an image of one due to the fact that they are undetectable aside for sensing their Event Horizons.

The Event Horizon is the edge in which light is attracted and detectable as it is being sucked in through the ‘hole’. And where did this capture of an image of a Black Hole occur? In Virgo. Again, is or was this a mere coincidence? Out of all the infinite quadrants in Space one could have aimed the telescope in the Universe, it was Virgo? Amazingly, the area in which the Black Hole is at is in direct alignment with the Sun as it was stationed during the astronomical configuration on September 23, 2017. Thus, what is the possible significant of such a ‘piece of the puzzle’? Consider what a Black Hole suggests. It is as if it is a ‘door’ a portal or an entry way to another side, another place. Has not Jesus promised an ‘Open Door’ of escape for His faithful and patient Bride?

Is not the Resurrection and Rapture event one in which the Bride will be escorted by none other than the Groom, Jesus as they met in the air and are then ushered to Heaven, on the other side? Is there then a ‘Portal’ or Door that one will need to cross through to enter the ‘other side’ with? It is not likely an actual ‘Black Hole’. However, based on such a possible prophetic type, it is convincing to a large degree of how it echoes what Jesus said to the Church at Philadelphia. Jesus promised to open a ‘Door’ of escape from the 1 Hour that Jesus is to set a ‘trial’ upon the inhabitants of the world to judge them for all their iniquity. Thus, as the Church, the Bride of Christ specifically is not appointed unto wrath, is such an astronomical occurrence and discovery of this ‘Open Portal’ by way of the Black Hole perhaps pointing to the next prophetic occurrence regarding the evolution and even the conclusion of the Revelation 12 Sign? Is the Sign saying, or still prophesying that the ‘Rapture Door’ is about to be open?

The Pieces of the Puzzle
Such will be the Sign for Israel then that at the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period at the 1260th Day, where will be 1260 days left. This is the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’. The Remnant is to fee to the Wilderness for protection as Jesus warned and confirmed the prophecies given to Daniel. However, as a typology and parallel pattern, could there also be suggesting a dual fulfillment with the other Virgo, Virgin, that of the Bride of Christ? Could there also be that 1260-day count factored in somehow? It will remain to be seen. If anything, this decade-long prophetic journey has confirmed that YHVH does speak through the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

The Revelation 12 Sign was interwoven with the Tetrad Blood Moons, the Sun, comets and even mocking Luciferian parodies Eclipses and now even a Black Hole. Has it been for not? Is it a parallel of when the Remnant of Christ are to flee this world and be protected ‘until the indignation passes’ per Isaiah 26? One is convinced of it. Now when is this to occur, time wise precisely? That remain to be understood or not perhaps. The following are the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ in list format, not all inclusive, of course. These main ‘puzzle pieces’ can be found and more in the book entitled, The Great Sign Virgo, the Maiden, Manchild and Monster. It can be downloaded as a PDF free.

The Great Sign Virgo – Free Book Download

The Da Vinci Code Movie having the Revelation 12 Depiction as the ‘hidden code’.

Discovery of the Google Sky Cover-Up of patch in Virgo depicting ‘Red Dragon’.

Discovery of 666 Stars in quadrant of the Red Dragon Anomaly in Virgo.

Discovery of Giza Pyramid alignment matching that of the 3 planets with Leo.

Discovery of a 1260 day count from Tetrad Blood Moons to Revelation 12 Sign.

Discovery of Comet 67p, deemed the Jubilee Comet during September 23, 2017.

-Grammy Awards with Beyoncé depicting Virgo Revelation 12 Sign performance.
-Discovery of Conception Comet depicting insemination of Virgo 9 months prior.
-Movie release of Beauty and Beast alluding to Virgo and Leo in same year.
-Movie release of Wonder Woman depicting Israeli heroin as the ‘Wonder’ of woman.
-Discovery of a 33-day countdown from Great American Eclipse to Revelation 12 Sign.
-First photographed Black Hole in the constellation of Virgo as a ‘door’ opening.

Parallel Portals of Escape?
To reiterate, prophecy does have a ‘shelf-life’ as J.D. Farag also often mentions considering Biblical Prophecy. One would be in agreement in that perhaps the message of the Revelation 12 Sign is that it can’t be much longer before the ‘Door’ is to open and the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to occur. Consider that in the last decade, there have been an amazing array of increasing depictions in the movies and tv shows of how the Rapture Event is portrayed. Surly the Luciferians are seeking to prepare the masses for such an event that when it does occur, they will have been so desensitized, that life will carry on as normal, for the time being. Perhaps many will encounter such studies of this amazing Sign and consider what was being discerned and accomplished and seek Jesus Christ during the Tribulation Period as a result.

Above all, as noted, the Revelation 12 Sign is for the Remnant of the Jews of the coming Tribulation Period. It is directly tied to the Altar of Sacrifice when the Daily Offering of the 3rd Temple will cease and the Abomination of Desolation occurs. These events are linked to the Revelation 12 Sign and specifically to a timestamp or marker of 1260 days. As it is understood, that during the Tribulation Period at the half-way marker when the AntiChrist, whomever he will be will declare a cessation of the Daily Sacrifices on the Altar of Sacrifice. Amazingly, it is from this exact time marker that the Woman, i.e., ‘Virgo’ is to take ‘flight’ from the Dragon. Then, the LORD specifically is to be revealed exactly 1260 days later at the 2nd Advent. Thus, could it be somehow that there could also be a coefficient of 1260 days directly related somehow with the Revelation 12 Sign that ‘another’ Maiden flees and Jesus Christ appears?

If then the LORD is to appear as in the Parousia at the 2nd coming 1260 days out from the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period, related directly to the Great Sign of Revelation 12, could there be a foreshadowing or counting of a 1260-day count likewise from the astronomical ‘fleeing of the Woman’, being the Rapture Event of ‘Virgo’ as the Bride of Christ for the Epiphaneia? It will be contrasted by Jesus only being revealed to His Bride that will be the Resurrection/Rapture event. The questions remains, from what starting date? Not that one is seeking a specific date but a possible prophetic correlation. It could be a totally different spiritual time marker altogether. Nonetheless, the Revelation 12 Sign was and is a ‘Sign’ that signified a future event it is pointing to.

It was and is a typology of a multi-layered depiction of a birthing, a Rapture, a struggle, and a fleeing. As many tried from different angles to ‘solve’ this puzzle, many numerical calculations were presented. For example, this study does suggest that the Revelation 12 Sign was and is pegged to the re-dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice on December 10, 2018. It is also a connecting dot/point dealing with the Rev 12 Sign in the following way as noted. From September 23, 2017 to December 10, 2018 was exactly 444 days. In other words, the number 4 stressed to its maximum Biblical connotation. What does the number 4 signify? From BibleStudy.org website on the meaning of Biblical numbers, 4 has some amazing correlations with perhaps the Revelation 12 Sign, the Altar of Sacrifice and what is next to occur will be all about.

According to the study, the number 4, in brief is connected to ‘Signs’ as it was on the 4th day that the Sun, Moon and the Stars were created, and for ‘Times, Seasons and Appointments’. Their purpose was to divide the day from the night, thus a specific translation and definition of time or ‘Ages’ or ‘Commissions even. The 4th Commandment is to keep the 7th Day holy, etc. Eve is only mentioned in the Bible 4 times. The Garden of Eden had 4 Rivers and then there are the 4 quadrants of the Cosmos, Earth, Heaven, the 4 Leaving Creatures, the 4 Gospels, etc. Also, so amazing in how the LORD arranges His numbers, the 4th Appointed Feast is Pentecost. For those that are into numbers, 4 months at 30 days/month is 120 days or the .33 part of the year. And where has one studied 120 before? There were120 Disciples that first gathered after the Ascension? The 120 Jubilees anyone? Connection to Noah, Enoch, a departure, etc.

It is the ‘center’ or dividing line of the halves of the Menorah typology and the 4th Church of Asia, Thyatira was ‘divided’ in its loyalty and even was the ‘midpoint’, geographically of the 7 Churches of Asia. For sure, the Revelation 12 Sign is thus signifying a coming ‘division’ of sorts or one dare say ‘Dispensations’? As mentioned, that specific count would be March 6, 2021 just before Passover of that year but not sure what it means or if it is significant. Nonetheless, is the image taken of the Black Hole signaling the last the Revelation 12 Sign ‘pieces of the Puzzle’? Will the prophetic shelf-life of the Revelation 12 Sign not go then beyond a 1260-day count to 2021? Until then, the promised Open Door of Escape is getting so close and something to still watch-out for in the Revelation 12 Sign perhaps.

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