Example of a Pharisee and Accuser of
the Brethren

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Cast all your Anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. Be Sober-Minded and Alert. Your Adversary the Devil prowls around like a Roaring Lion, seeking someone to Devour. Resist him, Standing firm in your Faith and in the Knowledge that your Brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kinds of Suffering’. 1 Peter 5:7-9

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A fellow Reader of one’s Articles and Research into Eschatology brought to one’s Attention a Nick VanderLann out of Cyrus that has a YouTube Video discussing the Topic of the Pentecost New Wine New Understanding. The reason the Reader brought it to one’s attention is that a Video, VanderLaan posted on July 22, 2023 mentioned one’s Name, Luis Vega. In seeing and hearing the Video from this, Nick VanderLann, it became clear that it was a ‘Hit Piece’ against Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 and Dr. Barry Awe. It was for their Supposition that not only is Pentecost truly on the Feast of New Wine, which one agrees, but that the Rapture was to have taken place on the 9th of Av, which both calculated, is on the Feast of New Wine, corresponded to this Date.

Although one did not nor does not agree with the 2nd Portion of the New Wine Feast being on the 9th of Av, one does not go as far as this Nick VanderLann to Condemn them as ‘False Teachers’ preaching a ‘False Gospel’. And that they need to ‘Attribute’ the Understanding of Pentecost being correlated to the Feast of New Wine to VanderLann, exclusively. This Synopsis will Critique the Critique of this Nick VanderLann, who made a Deflationary, and Accusatory Smear Video about Tyler at Generation 2434 and Dr. Awe. The Critique will provide Evidence of one’s Research into the Double Count/New Wine Theory, why before VanderLaan became aware of it.

Accuser of the Brethren
One started studying Leviticus 23:15-16 and its 49 and 50 Day Double Count since 2011. One would later Correlate that to what is now Understood to be the Feast of New Wine. The Critique will further demonstrate, from VanderLann’s own Mouth, that he acknowledges that he was not the Originator of this New Understanding or Theory about Pentecost being the 2nd 50 Day Count from the Traditional Shavuot Feast. Nor was VanderLann aware that the Acts 2 Pentecost corresponds to the Feast of New Wine, etc. The Critique of VanderLann stems from his Claims, that both Brother Tyler of Generation 2434 YouTube Channel and Dr. Barry Awe ‘Plagiarized’ his Theory and are Teaching a ‘False Gospel’, etc.

And that the 9th of Av Rapture Assertion for 2023, that was considered only a ‘High Watch’ Time, was based on faulty Date Counts. As one who also researches possible Rapture High What Times, one cannot really argue how other Brethren might Interpreted their findings, and/or calculations. But apparently, VanderLann did have a Problem and does. But that is a Problem. Both Brother Tyler and Dr. Awe provided Disclaimers that the Rapture, ‘could have been on that Date’. They both clearly stated that it was pure Speculation and Conjecture to look into such a Possibility. Nothing is wrong with this as it is part of the Investigatory Process when one delves into the study of Biblical Prophecy.

And it is clearly different from those that do have outlandish Claims or Rapture Date Setting that are Dogmatic. This was not the case with Brother Tyler and Dr. Awe. For example, even within the Dialogue of this New Understanding of the Pentecost being on the Feast of New Wine, Brother Tyler believes in Imminence. Dr. Awe does not, regarding the Timing of the Rapture, etc. The Point is that there is room for Discrepancies and Differing Interpretations or Opinions on a Subject Matter that is not Primary in terms of Salvation. But that it pertains to the Command of Jesus to be Watching and Looking for His Return, thus possible ‘High Watch Times’.

A Spirit of Pride
There is even a Crown, as a Reward for those that like the Apostle Paul, ‘Looked for Jesus’ Appearing’, in Longing. The Supposition that the Rapture would have occurred on the 9th of Av did cause a stir amongst the End Times Watching Community. But one welcomes any Shaking-Up of the Body of Christ to look at Prophecy. Why? The Church is Asleep to what is about to occur in the World. Thus, one considers such High Watch Times a Pruning Operation, in that it allows for those that really do not place their Faith and trust in the Bible and Jesus, but rather a Date.

Such Brethren need to reevaluate their Faith and realize what they are standing on. The following is the Portion of VanderLann’s Assertion that Brother Tyler ‘Knew’ of his Work and ‘Discovery’ of Pentecost occurring on the Feast of New Wine. One will comment on what one has said, is a ‘Hit Piece’ by VanderLann, against Brothers in Christ. It is a Bad Example of how there is still the Prevalence of the Doctrine of the Nicolaitans, alive and well in the Body of Christ. The following is the Video in Question.

2023 Feast of New Wine = Pentecost of Acts 2 & the 9th of Av Nuclear WW3
Nick VanderLaan

To VanderLann’s dismay, he accused Tyler of having ‘Plagiarized’ VanderLann’s Finding that he was the one who ‘Discovered’ that Pentecost was on the Feast of New Wine. Yet, it will be shown from VanderLann’s own Mouth, that he in fact had no clue about this New Understanding about Pentecost being on New Wine. And it was actually a Woman, presumably as Sister in Christ that stated that association as a Comment to a Video VanderLaan had made only. about Pentecost being the Wedding Feast That Video was posted in 2019, some 8 Years after one’s started to Published Articles alluding to a Leviticus Interpretation that there is a Double Count.

7 Sabbaths or 49 Days + 50 Day Additional = 99 Day Count

This New Understanding was then presented and shared with the Revelation 12 Sign Daily Online Blog that can attest to one’s Timeline of the Research. Also, one posted the Research on the Online End Times Website, 5 Doves. One’s Journey of this New Understanding was pieced together with the help of Dr. Ken Johnson’s Work concerning the Temple Scrolls. Ken Johnson is another Brother that VanderLann Slanders. One just Connected the Dots as they say, in how the Double Count of Leviticus 23:15-16 corresponded then to the 2nd of the 3 Minor Feasts mentioned in the Temple Scroll, etc.

One then surmised that the Pentecost of Acts 2 corresponded to the Feast of the First Fruits of New Wine. This occurred way before 2019 as the Evidence will demonstrate. So, it is VanderLann that ‘Plagiarized’ this Researcher and had not given proper ‘Attribution’, given that one’s Articles are readily available to search online. One will list those at the end of this Critique. What Contention VanderLann has with Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 and Dr. Awe is their Business. But once VanderLann involved one’s Name, as being one of their ‘Friends’ that only ‘Congratulated’ and not VanderLann, it became an issue of needing to address the Pride of this Nick VanderLann.

Lost in Translation? No, Usurped in Attribution

VanderLann arrogantly presumed that Tyler even knew or saw his Videos, which is not the case, confirmed. And that Tyler is ‘Guilty’ by mere association with Dr. Barry Awe, that did come to realize Pentecost is on the Feast of New Wine. But this, not because of VanderLann, but because it came from the realization, only because of a Comment made by a Subscriber of VanderLaan, in his 2019 Video about Pentecost. The following is that Comment posted.

Pinned by Nick VanderLaan
The new wine day feast in the old testament is Pentecost in Acts!

Feast of New Wine (2019) - The Wedding Festival
Nick VanderLann

Nowhere in this Video Teaching by VanderLann in his 2019 Pentecost Wedding Teaching did he ascribe the ‘Wedding Feast’ to be associated directly with Pentecost of Acts 2 with the Feast of New Wine. Yet, from that point forward, despite acknowledging that @memajanet1138 had basically revealed the Understanding to him, VanderLann took it upon himself to Reinvent this New Understanding and Attribute it to himself.  And any other Brethren that then subsequently also, Independent of VanderLann, was given this Understanding, now had to Bow-Down to VanderLaan and Attribute all such Understanding to Him or else all would be considered, ‘Plagiarists’ and as he stated, teaching Partial Truths and False Gospels. That is what VanderLann then later called the Brothers in Christ, Tyler and Dr. Awe; that they were ‘False’, and not to be ‘Trusted’.

A Spirit of Hypocrisy
It is this Nick VanderLann that is a False Witness as he has taken the Witness of another and ascribed it to himself. He Accuses the Brethren, not just Tyer, Dr. Awe, Ken Johnson, but anyone that does not agree with his Enoch Rendition of his Calendar that he too has had to ‘Revise’ because it has come to nought based on his Mis-Calculations. Yet no one is doing the Courtesy of calling him out for being a ‘False Prophet’ and Teaching Error. Such Hypocrisy. 
So, in this Exposé and Critique of VanderLann’s Critique, one will Expose him as showing himself to be an ‘Accuser of the Brethren’, a ‘Satan’ that is High Minded, Narcissistic and is very Serious for the Health of the Body of Christ. Can there be even some Mental Health Issue affecting VanderLaan’s Psyche? As a Trained Counselor, one does see such Signs. Consider the following Observation taken from his own Write-Up in the ‘About’ Tab of his YouTube Channel.

I am Nicholas James VanderLaan. I am a first born. My paternal line is from Friesland that I can trace back to 1620. I am Anglo-Saxon. My Y-haplogroup is R1b specifically R-L47.  My mtDNA is T2b.  I was born in Long Beach, CA. I am 42 years old. I am an INTJ. I left the USA on September 24, 2017 (the REAL day of Revelation 12 sign) to go on a 3 week trip that turned into a journey & a mission. My first video I published in October 2017 where
I "thought" I figured out Daniel's 70th Week timeline and failed miserably; at the time I was 99% sure of myself and it was 100% PRIDE. I humbled myself big-time before my El & He reminded me this work can only be done "by My Spirit says YHWH of Hosts." Since then He has taught me marvelous things. HalleluYAH! I arrived in Jerusalem on November 19, 2017 and share my message of the 10 Commandments & 7th Day Sabbath on my March 20, 2018 Spring Equinox video. I do not accept or ask for monetary gifts. Freely I receive, freely I give.

Above anything that could have been said 1st, especially if he considers himself a ‘Christian’, that YHVH’s Honor and Glory would be at the Top? No. Instead, VanderLann boasts, above all, is about his Race and being the ‘1st Born’. He, like the Black Hebrews argues that the ‘Jews’ were ‘White’. The Jews originated from Shem, the Semites that are Asian, not from Japeth, the Europeans nor the Hamites, which became the Black, etc. But in Jesus, Race is Irrelevant. There is no such Pride of Distinction in the New Creation in Jesus.  And he was also, fell for the other Sensationalizing, made by such Brethren regarding the Revelation 12 Sign back in 2017.

VanderLann has also made False Revelation 12 Sign Rapture Dates. And because of that, note when VanderLann took action because of it, September 24, 2017. That was the Day after the Failed Revelation 12 Signs that most presumed was going to be the Rapture. To his Credit, VanderLann did acknowledge his Spirit of Pride and for being ‘Wrong’ in his Eschatological Prognostications. One will hope he continues to Repent of his Pride and Accusatory Nature against Brethren that do not see or agree in his Presumptions. For example, he deliberately uses a Thumbnail of Dr. Ken Johnson who he calls ‘False’ for just having a different opinion of when the Enoch Calendar Starts. 

Accuser of the Brethren
VanderLaan apparently Speaks and Thinks like a ‘Judaizer’, in that he expects everyone in the Body of Christ to come under the Law, i.e., the Sabbath, etc. As to his Claim that he now is the Sole Revelator of the New Understanding that Pentecost occurred on the Feast of New Wien, the following is an Excerpt from VanderLann’s own Mouth. It will show conclusively, that he was not the one who came-up with the Idea or Thought, remotely until a Post/Comment was Pinned by him of that Subscriber that made the Direct Correlation that Pentecost was on the Feast of New Wine. In one’s Assessment, VanderLaan’s Claim of ‘Required’ Attribution, amounts to the Typical Euro-Centric View of the World. And that is?

It is the Notion that a Thing, Place, Land or Theory is not ‘Discovered’ until a European ‘Discovers’ it for the 1st Time. In this case, VanderLann attributes then the Comment of this Person named Jeanette as the ‘1st Person’ to have ‘Discovered’ this Pentecost New Wine Association back in 2019. Absolutely Absurd Logic here. It is not ‘Discovered’ Nothing. It has always been there in the Bible. But what VanderLaan does provide is a Written Record. The following will prove, from VanderLann’s own Mouth, that he was not the ‘European’ Discoverer of the Pentecost New Wine Association. That is a Fact.

…So, I want to go ahead and document the Doctrine origins of the Feast of New Wine is the Pentecost of Acts chapter 2. So, where this thought originally came from, where I can see it came from, it came from a Comment on my 2019 Video on the Feast of New Wine which was 4 years ago. A Subscriber of my Channel by the YouTube Channel name Mema Jeanette. She commented that the Pentecost of Acts 2 is the Feast of New Wine and she said, quote, ‘The New Wine Day Feast in the Old Testament is Pentecost in Acts’.

So, here you can see his Screenshot this Video was from 4 Years Ago and you can see this Comment. It is 4 Years Ago and here is the Channel and I Pinned it. And she says the New Wine Day Feast in the Old Testament is Pentecost in Acts. Now Jeanette did not provide any References to support her Online Statement. But Wow! That was a Big Statement.

And that was the 1st time I had heard the idea, that the Pentecost of Acts chapter 2 was the First Fruits Festival of new wine.

So, I definitely want to acknowledge Jeanette, as being the 1st Person to State it. Now I do not know where she got it from. Was it originally given to her by the Roach Kadesh or was did she find it on some obscure website, and it was 2nd Party Information to her. We do not know prior to Jeanette's Comment in July 2019.

And at the time of my 2019 Video, Barry Awe was a viewer of my Channel. Barry did not start making Videos until 9 Months later on his YouTube Channel. Then in April 2020 was his 1st New Wine Videos he made, almost 1 year after Jeanette's Comment.

Here you see Barry says, ‘I love this Nick. Awesome Nick, thank you so much! in my Video 1 Year Ago on New Wine,
I published several Discoveries I made by the Spirit of Truth, that prove Pentecost of Acts 2 to be the Feast of New Wine. I shared from my Findings, which I found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Temple Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls that the Priests make Atonement for the New Wine at the 3rd Hour of the Day.

It is About Plagiarism
Notice how now VanderLann Usurps the ‘Discovery’ of Jeanette and makes it his own by the ‘Spirit of Truth’, or rather Deception in how he now is taking Credit for the ‘Discovery’. And that those Discoveries are ‘legitimized’ now by his other ‘Discoveries’ made with the Dead Sea and Temple Scrolls that only Corroborate the Subscriber’s Comment. This is bad and misleading Self Attribution as those Associations have already been thoroughly taught by Dr. Ken Johnson and Published in his many Books. The Point is that the 3 Minor Penta-Feasts, of Grain, Wine and Oil were ‘Already Discovered’.

However, Dr. Ken Johnson did not himself ever attribute the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wine with the Pentecost of Acts 2. One did, as far back, starting with the Double Count Theory in 2011. One would not be surprised if VanderLann got all that ‘Discovery’ from Dr. Ken Johnson’s Research, as Johnson is perhaps one of the leading Scholars on the Dead Sea Scroll Translations and Research. VanderLann has not ‘Discovered’ anything that Ken Johnson has already had.

For example, VanderLann claims he ‘Discovered’ that the Feast of New Wine, according to the Temple Scroll occurs on the 3rd of Av. However Ken Johnson had already published such a Finding in his Book. See the following. Ken Johnson's book, ‘Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Calendar & The Prophecies It Reveals’, details the Summer Feasts and places First Fruits of New Wine always on Av 3 each Year. Pages 126 and 112.

He also mentions John 2:1 as a correlation of the 3rd Day, pertaining to the Marriage in Cana. It was when Jesus performed His 1st Miracle of turning the Water into Wine. There are just not that many other Researchers skilled in asserting such ‘Discoveries’ that now VanderLann envelopes his ‘Legitimacy’ in, thinking he now deserves all the ‘1st Born Royalties’ of how he is to solely be Attributed to him for ‘Discovering’ that Pentecost is on the Feast of New Wine.

Now it does appear that Dr. Awe attributed this New Understanding of the Pentecost New Wine Theory to VanderLann. But the Point of this Critique of VanderLann’s Critique, is that VanderLann was not the ‘Discoverer, but that he himself is Plagiarizing it as he was not the Originator of the Theory. The following is what VanderLann then accused the Brethren, Tyler of Generation 2434 and Dr. Awe with, in his Presumed ‘Attribution’, that now all have to give him.

…6 Days later, after Barry's Video on July 30th 2022, Tyler at Generation 2434 went Live on a Video about New Wine. And
he Plagiarized me almost word for word and omit crediting me for the Understandings given to me by the Ruach Kadesh, all while crediting his ‘Friends’ Barry Awe and Luis Vega.

A Spirit of Error
The following is what VanderLann then assessed on Brother Tyler and then Dr. Awe. VanderLann basically called them ‘False Teachers’ with ‘Half Truths and Gospel’. Here is VanderLaan’s Conclusion of what he thinks of the Teachings of Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 and Dr. Barry Awe for just suggesting a High Watch Date around the 9th of Av, as being a possible Rapture Window.

…Do you think he is going to have the Gospel Truth? I doubt it. It is Gospel Lies Guys. Tyler and Barry preach a False and Incomplete Gospel.

So, Nick VanderLann claims he was the one who ‘Discovered’ that the True Pentecost was on the Feast of New Wine. It reminded one of the same Attribution Arguments over the Revelation 12 Sign. Back then the Contention and Accusation was primarily between Scottie Clarke and William Tapley, a Roman Catholic Mystic. They both went back-and-forth arguing who should be ‘Attributed’ in their ‘Discovery’ of the Revelation 12 Sign, when in fact, one preceded their ‘Finding’ or ‘Discovery’ through Publications and Postings to the 5 Doves Website and Rapture in the Air Now Blog.

VanderLann was not and is not the 1st to have started to teach this New Understanding of the Acts 2 Pentecost actually being the Feast of New Wine. Can it be the case that Brother Tyler mentioned ‘Luis Vega’ as an Influence in crediting the Pentecost New Wine Understanding? It is the case, because Luis Vega has shared his Research with Brother Tyler. The following is a Confirmation that Brother Tyler had no Knowledge of VanderLann’s Video Teachings, with emphasis. If anything, Vanderlaan owes Brother Tyler a Public Apology. The following is Brother Tyler at Generation 2434’s Reply to this issue.

Bearing False Witness

One can confirm that Brother Tyler did not even know of this VanderLann Person with his False Presumptions regarding the Pentecost New Wine Theory. And VanderLann, instead of following the Prescription Biblical Protocol of going to a Brother in Private, elected to go Public with his Foolish Accusations and Slander instead. This Action serves only to Divide the Body of Christ and Sows the Seed of Contention that Lucifer is all too Happy to see of such types of VanderLann’s, that the Body of Christ is full of, unfortunately. One can only ask those that read this Critique of VanderLann to Pray for his continued Repentance of his Acknowledged Spirit of Pride and Error.

- Tyler has never watched any of Nick VanderLaan's Videos to his Knowledge.

- VanderLann certainly does NOT have any kind of Influence on Tyler regarding his Views and Insights into Pentecost New Wine Understanding.

- The biggest Influence for Tyler has been the Holy Spirit.

-Tyler replied by stating that he was studying in his Bible last Year, (2022) all of the sudden, he himself had a Revelation from the LORD regarding the "Wheat and the Wine’.

- And how they are not only Connected but they are also a Coded Time Marker.

- And that [Luis Vega] also influenced him by his Excellent Articles.

- Tyler stated that he does not even know who Nick Vanderlaan is other than a brief mention of his Name by Dr. Barry Awe.

- Tyler is aware that Vanderlaan is making these Ridiculous Claims and Defamations.

- Tyler has never watched any of VanderLann’s Videos, etc.

Yet, VanderLaan sees himself standing next to Jesus and Accusing both Tyler and Dr. Awe of teaching a ‘False Gospel’ and stealing his Attribution. To Accuse the Brethren is serious and verging on the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Obviously VanderLann knows best, despite his admissions in this ‘About’ tab of his YouTube Channel that he has been ‘Wrong’ before, ‘Miserably’ as he stated it and that he has a Spirit of Pride. 

This is not the Fruit of the Spirit nor coming from the Holy Spirit despite his claims that he is being ‘Guided’ by the Truth of the ‘Ruach HaKodesh’. Such Hypocrisy and a Spirit of Pride Accusation here. Such were the Pharisees that hindered the Work and Authority of Jesus, yet like VanderLann, thinking they are given the Understanding by the Holy Spirit, when one just proved by the Words out of his own Mouth that he was not the one who is to be Credited. He Shames the Holy Spirit.

The following are many of Nick VanderLaan’s Failed attempts at Date Setting that he too has asserted in many of his Video Teachings. In particular, the issue of the Revelation 12 Sign has been a Point of Interest of his in that he has tried to ‘Break the Code’ and has suggested Rapture Timing, just as Brothers Tyler at Generation 2434 and Dr. Barry Awe. What is the Difference? It is a clear Scriptural Attitude of this Nick VanderLann attempting to take the ‘Splinter’ out of the ‘Eyes’ of Tyler and Dr. Awe, not realizing the Log that is in his own Eyes.

The following is one’s Evidence of how the New Understanding of how Pentecost is corresponding to the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wine was studied long before Nick VanderLann ‘Discovered’ it. These are Excerpts from Articles published since 2011.


The following is evidence of one’s Publication and Research alluding to the Traditional Church Age Pentecost being, not on what the Jews call Shavuot. Shavuot is only the 1st of the 3 Minor First Fruit Feasts after Passover. They start with the First Fruits of the Grain. This this case, it is that of the Barley. It is Jesus that fulfilled this 1st Prophetic Typology, literary.

The Wheat Type awaits, which one surmises will be the Rapture Event to close-out the Church Age. The Study into this New Understanding came about from the Studies and Research into the Revelation 12 Sign. The Background consisted of Arguments of why the Rapture could not have occurred or occur on a Feast of Trumpets, as that is what the Prevailing Revelation 12 Narrative was being propagated. It is from that Argument that one then started to study the Day Count, ‘After the Day of the Marrow of the Sabbath’, to determine the Correct Timing of Pentecost. One’s Research into the New Wine Understand started as far back as 2011. The following are Excerpts.

And the Google Cover-Ups
Revelation 12 Sign
September 30, 2011
5 Doves Post and later incorporated into one’s Book.

The Great Virgo Sign, 2016-2023
Lulu Publishing
Page 27

Revelation 12 Sign: Present
Another possible Interpretation of the Great Virgo Sign of has to do with the present ‘Pentecostal Intermission’. This depiction is that of the Body of Christ and/or the Church Age. On Pentecost, 50 Days after the Feast of the First Fruits of the Grain, the Church was ‘Born’ and commissioned by Christ with the Gospel to take to the World.

In this Prophetic Typology, the Virgin can thus correlate to the Church in general and the Bride of Christ specifically. The Sign of Virgo relates as a Virgin to be presented at a Wedding. The Crown is founded on the 12 Teachings of the Apostles or the New Testament Economy.

Pattern of Virgo Celestial Signs from 2000 - 2025
And the Coming Great Middle-East & Celestial Wars

August 29, 2013
5 Doves Post and later incorporated into one’s Book.

The Great Virgo Sign, 2016-2023
Lulu Publishing
Page 125.

Since Christ arose in Spring, it could be the time of the Rapture and Resurrection then, if not at an Acts 2 New Wine Pentecost. After the Supernatural Defeat of the Inner-Ring Muslim Alliance thereafter, the AntiChrist ‘Confirms the Covenant’ with the Many for 7 Years is implemented. The 3rd Temple is initiated with Daily Sacrifices. However, the insinuation of a ‘Temple’ being completed in 2025 could be in reference to the Bride of Christ since 2018. Why?


Is the Enochian Calendar more Reliable?
July 4, 2021
5 Doves Post

And as it has been shown in the Scrolls of the Essenes, there are 3 Feast of Summer, for the most part that would help designate when true Pentecost was to have occurred. In what way? The 3 Feasts following the Spring Feast of YHVH, to start with Passover were 1) Feast of New Grains, then 2) Feast of New Wine, and then with 3) Feast of New Oil. Each Feast is 50-Days apart.

The reason why these 3 Feasts become significant is that they lend credibility to the Double-Count Theory. Then it would corroborate with how on the day that ‘Pentecost had fully come’, coincided with the Feast of New Wine. This is on account that the Holy Spirit came down that Day on the 120 Disciples in the Temple Precinct. Consider that in terms of Sacred Gematria of the 360-Day Circle, that Day corresponded to the 120th Degree and thus 120th-Day Count.


The following are the Articles where one started to develop the Theory of a Leviticus 23:15-16 Double Count, meaning that the Traditional Pentecost is not on what is now called the Jewish Shavuot. Rather, it is 50 Day later that would then come to find out would be correlated to the Feast of New Wine.

May 26, 2011
Menorah Pattern
I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing. –John 15v5

May 5, 2019
Place and Time Markers of the Resurrection and Rapture 

June 14, 2020
Discussing the Discrepancy of Deuteronomy 16

August 2, 2020
Signals of the End Harvest

July 3, 2022

Prophetic Scope for True Pentecost and End of the Church Age 

July 17, 2022
Rapture of the Brides of the Vineyard Typology  


August 7, 2022
Observations of a Possible Tu B’Av Rapture Scenario 

May 21, 2023
What Feast was Celebrated in Acts 2?

July 23, 2023

A Hebrew Verse Study and Interpretation of Pentecost


Although Dr. Awe acknowledges that VanderLann does not agree with him, he nonetheless noted VanderLann in the List of those that ‘Agree with his New Wine Theory’. Based on the Research of VanderLann online, mainly his YouTube Channel, he claims to have ‘Discovered’ this Pentecost New Wine since 2020. Nonetheless, what Dr. Awe had done is to interject his own ‘Interpretation’ by adding his Connection to it, being on the 9th of Av.

One does not believe the Feast of New Wine cannot ever be on the 9th of Av but is one’s Assessment. If other Brethren have their own Assessment and/or Interpretations, that is their Prerogative and Right to do so and have. Who is one to Judge them for that Well, apparently Nick VanderLann and others are and do. One has written many Articles since 2011 suggesting that the Leviticus 23:15-16 Day Count is ‘Off’.

But as with the Revelation 12 Sign, you will not find more Research into this New Understanding of the Feast of New Wine being the Pentecost of Acts 2, in all the whole Globe. This is the reason for the Book, to compile all the Years of this Research from one’s Perspective and Point of View. It is also why one started out in the Book with Referencing the Excerpts of those Articles since 2011, mentioning the Double Count of 50 Days that should be True Pentecost and that it corresponds to the Feast of New Wine, etc.

What one found disturbing is the Demeanor of VanderLann’s Disposition to Ridicule Tyler of Generation 2434 and Dr. Awe as if to belittle them. And to Reiterate, VanderLann arrogantly presumes, for example, that Tyler ‘Plagiarized’ his ‘Finding’, Word-for-Word, yet without Biblically following the Scriptural Protocols to ask that of Tyler before going Public with his Accusatory Video and Slandering them.

This is a Bad Example of how the World sees Christians being Divisive and Disunite. Jesus stated that if one does not Gather, one Scatters. VanderLann failed to verify with Tyler at Generation 2434 if he indeed had ‘Plagiarized’ VanderLann for a Work he himself Plagiarized from that Woman making a Comment on his Video that Pentecost was on the Feast of New Wine, etc. If that was the case. One doubts that Tyler ever heard of this Pharisaical Nick VanderLann that thinks this is ‘Holier than Though’ and Arbitrator of what is the ‘Correct Gospel’ and True Pentecost on the Feast of New Wine.

He is the type of Follower of Jesus who casts the 1st Stones at others in a very Prideful manner, thinking they Plagiarized his ‘Discovery’ of the Pentecost being on the Feast of New Wine. In fact, VanderLann himself publicly confessed that it was not his Original Idea, but that it came from a Comment of a Woman in one of his Video Teachings. What goes around comes around. And as the Scripture warns, by the same Measure one uses to Judge others, that is what will be used to measure such a Person.

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