Study in the Prophetic Meaning of Sabbatical Cycles

  • How many Shemitahs passed since Israel became a Nation?
  • Will there be a 'Countdown' of sorts to Daniel's 70th Week?
  • What is a Shemitah and is it a 'Sign' to consider for Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
for PostScripts News (PSN) | www.PostScripts.org
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‘Then the Land will yield its Fruit, so that you can Eat Your Fill and Dwell in Safety in the Land. Now you may wonder, What will we eat in the 7th Year [Shemitah] if we do not Sow or Gather our Produce? But I will send My Blessing upon you in the 6th Year, so that the Land will yield a Crop sufficient for 3 Years.’ -Leviticus 25:19-21

The purpose of this study is to consider the concept of the Biblical Sabbatical Cycle of 7 Years and its 7th Year called the Shemitah. Why? It is because from the Fall of 2021 to the Fall of 2022 is the ‘Shemitah’ or the 7th Year in the present Sabbatical Cycle count. The perspective of the study will focus on the Biblical implications, the reasoning behind it and the expected outcomes as defined and required of YHVH. The other aspect of the study about the 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle is how it could possibly pertain to the end of the Church Age and Rapture in relation to the rebirth of Israel as a Nation in 1948.

Then there will be some spiritual correlations made as to the Biblical and Prophetic Implications perhaps of how the Shemitah Year is really needing to be counted not from 1948, but 1952. Why? The 10 Shemitahs started from that year. For the past 2 years or so, one has written about this Shemitah Cycle Theory and how it could play into the Prophetic Landscape of ushering-in Daniel’s 70th Week. How so? In that the 70th Week of Years is a Shemitah. It is now pertinent as the 7th Year has come, starting in the Fall of 2021. This is especially true if one is going off of the traditional Rabbinical Calendar.

In such a case, the Shemitah Year has already started as of September 6, 2021 because it was or is considered Rosh HaShanah. Rosh HaShanah is the start of the Jewish Civil New Year as opposed to the Religious New Year that occurs in the Spring. Now, for the year 2021, there has been much discussion and disagreement in how the Rabbinical Calendar is off in terms of it needing to be synchronized to the Solstices and Equinoxes. Rosh HaShanah should occur after the Fall Equinox of September 22nd.

Thus, the start of the 7th Year Shemitah is presumed to be off then also as in 2021, the Jewish Rabbinical Calendar is entirely off by 1 month. This to say that the Fall Feasts are said to start at the sighting of the Sliver of the New Moon. As it is, the New Moon for September occurred on the 7th but the Sliver did not occur until the 8th. However, the official start occurred at Sunset on the 6th. As one can sense, the ‘timing is off’ as it is said. In reality, if the Jewish Calendar was to be correctly synchronized, Astronomically, the real date of the New Year, Rosh HaShanah should be October 7, 2021. All this is said to provide the backdrop for how and when the Shemitah Cycle is to be proclaimed as it starts on the Civil New Year and concludes with the 7th Year in the Sabbath Cycle.

Biblical Mandate

The following will provide a simple explanation of the Shemitah’s origins and purpose. In the book of Leviticus 25, the prescriptions on how to work the Promised Land was given to the People of Israel. As they were to be the ‘Stewards’ of the Land or ‘Field of YHVH’, they had to be instructed on how the ‘Owner’ of the Land wanted it to be maintained, etc. Realize that the Promised Land was given to the Descendants of Abraham through the Birth Right of Isaac and Jacob. But their Obedience and Faithfulness to such a Stewardship was conditional on having and receiving either its Blessings or Curses.

What is the Shemitah? It is a reckoning of how to count Time. It involves a cycle of 7 Years or a Sabbatical Cycle. The point is that this is the Pattern for Prophecy. It is mirrored off of the Creation Week typology in how the Creator, YHVH ‘worked’ for 6 Days and on Day 7, He ‘Let Go’ or Rested. This is the same principle applied to the Land of Israel. Which by the way, it should be understood that the prescription of the Shemitah only applies to the Jews, living in the Promised Land, that being Israel.

Jews living outside Eretz Israel and/or non-Jews are not required to observe such precepts. However, the following are some insights as to the rationale behind the Shemitah Year and its Prophetic Overtones that could also then affect the end of the Church Age, etc. The 7th Year in the Sabbatical Cycle is called the Shemitah (Shmta). Shemitah means to ‘Let go’ or to, ‘Let go on the 7th Year’. The root word comes from Shabbat or the Sabbath as in to Rest from one’s Work or Labor, to ‘Stop Work’. etc.

On the 7th Year, the Promised Land under the Stewardship of the Jews also had to have a ‘Sabbath Year of Rest’ for 12 months. According to some Oral Traditions, the Shemitah starts 30 days prior to the Rosh HaShanah of that year. So, in reality, the entire length of the 7th Year that the Land was to be left fallow is 13 months. In the Torah, YHVH prescribed 3 main facets of the Shemitah 7th Year Prohibitions.

1. LAND:         Stop ‘Touching the Land’ or as to go on ‘Strike’.
2. FRUIT:        Stop handling Fruit as it was considered ‘Holy’.
3. DEBT:         Stop or have the omission of Debts cancelled.

Pertaining to the Promised Land, the following are more specific interpretation of what were the specific prohibitions in the 7th Sabbatical Year or that of the Shemitah.

-No Sowing
-No Reaping
-No Pruning/Trimming
-No Plowing
-No Harvesting

What this study likes to point out, as to a possible Prophetic Principle is how in Biblical terms, such a Prophetic Pictures of the ‘Rest for the Land’ on the 7th Year or Shemitah can or will correlate to the Church Age and Rapture timing. Why? The reason is that many Followers Jesus have considered how the Shemitah Count is pegged to the rebirth of Israel as a Nation, but not from 1948 as this study will bring-out.

Prophetic Prescriptions

It is said by many who study Biblical Prophecy that the regathering of the Jews back to the Promised Land and the Geo-Political ‘birth’ of the State Israel has been perhaps the most prominent Prophetic Sign in Modern History. Enough so that many are suggesting then just how close the end of the Church Age is and about to conclude. And with that supposition and factor in sight, that the notion of the Rapture event is even more pertinent to consider. And all that is based in terms of just how many Shemitahs have already passed since Israel became a Nation, 10 of them or 70 years in total ‘Time’.

Now consider that many Students of Prophecy have presently a long-held belief and/or supposition dealing with the Psalm 90 factor of Time pegged to the ‘rebirth’ of Israel in 1948. It is based on the 70-Year Generation factor. Many use the 80-Year Time Marker to define the Prophetic Timeline of when either the Rapture of the Bride is to occur and/or when the beginning of the Tribulation has to start. The Math is as follows.

If Israel was ‘born’ in 1948, one adds, not the 70-Year coefficient as that has passed already, being 2018 but the 80-Year coefficient. This is an example of reverse-engineering the calculation using the 80-Year upper limit, being 1948 + 80 years = 2028. Then one subtracts the 7-Year Tribulation Period and presto, the Tribulation has to start then in 2021. One would first say that this could be a valid calculation or formula, but not of when the Tribulation Period starts, but rather when the Church Age ends perhaps. This Psalm 80-Year Theory pegged to 1948 is fast approaching its ‘Shelf Life’.

1948 +
80Year Upper Limit = 2028 - 7 Year Tribulation = 2021

First of all, one is of the belief that it is not the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’, nor the Rapture event itself that will start the 7-Year Tribulation Period. It will be the actual commencement of the Daily Sacrifices as that what is tied to, specifically the Day Count of the set of 1260 and 1260 days, respectfully. One can reverse engineer this calculus then, as both the books of Daniel and Revelation specifically count 42 months, or 3.5 years or 1260 days that reach a Midpoint and End of this ‘Last Shemitah’. This supposition necessitates though a 3rd Temple, which will be built for the Daily Sacrifices to commence. It will then be at the Midpoint when the Daily Sacrifices are interrupted by the AntiChrist, etc.

And this is when the subsequent count of 1260 days or 42 months or 3.5 years occurs. It is how the Revelation 12 Woman then flees to the Wilderness to be Provided for and Protected. What one likes to bring-out in this study is an alternative 70-Year Count that is still valid and still pegged to Israel’s ‘birth’ in 1948 and Psalm 90. But that it is not based on the year count from 1948, but after Israel was again established in the Promised Land, and then only after it had its ability to have an Agricultural Yearly Cycle in Peace. Why? Consider that it follows the same Biblical Pattern when Israel first entered the Promised Land under Joshua. When Israel crossed over the Jordan River, they ate of the Grain they Harvested that was already planted there in the Land. And it was at that time that the Manna stopped as they could then bake bread from the Grain gathered from the Promised Land. Fast-forward to 1948.

Wrong Calculus

Israel had to wait until after its War of Independence to then start to observe the Shemitah 7-Year Cycles. When did this time of relative ‘Peace’ occur? What year? The year was after 1952 when Israel had won its War of Independence in 1949 and as a Sovereign Nation could then start the Shemitah Count once again. This supposition is as Israel had experienced when it crossed into the Promised Land with Joshua and with the Exiles that came back from Babylon under Ezra and Nehemiah, etc. The Shemitah did not start right away with ‘Year 1’ but had to start with ‘Year 0’.

Thus, after 1952, the Sabbatical Cycle of Years commenced. This is the point, that perhaps, what if the Psalm 90 calculation of 70-Year is valid and true but all have based it on the wrong year, 1948? It should be 1952. If this alternative calculus is valid, it shows just how close then the start of the Daniel’s last Week of Years or the ‘Last Shemitah’ is to occur. Which, in such a case will be a start of a Sabbath Cycle or the ‘Last Shemitah’. Starting when? Fall 2022.

1952 Shemitah + 70 years or (10 Shemitahs) = 2022.

The question will be asked, why the Sabbath Year from the Fall 1951 to Fall 1952 was the Shemitah Year? Realize that in 1948, that was the Year of Independence was declared. This occurred in May. That Agricultural Season did not ‘count’ as the Nation was not legally recognized as being a reconstituted Sovereign State. Then, all through the years of 1948 and 1949, was the War of Independence. The Jewish People of Israel were too busy fighting for their lives to be Planting and Harvesting, although that was going on in the periphery. What was declared by the new Jewish Nation were several Decrees by the Knesset to first ‘Rebuild Jerusalem’. Then the Fall 1951 to Fall 1952 was yet another ‘Year of Attrition’ as it was to be the Year of Sabbath for the Land.

As to this alternative year reference, 1952, it is to say that the Fall of 2022 could very well be the start of Daniel’s 70th Week. The Number 10 speaks of the Law and how Israel will be ‘Under the Law’ as it will have its Temple once again. It will incorporate the Great Tribulation starting from the Midpoint when the Daily Sacrifices are stopped. However, since Israel started off as a Secular Nation, only the Religious Jews to this day are the ones that observe it, if at all this Shemitah Sabbath of the Land. Realize though, that the Shemitah Principle reverberates still in their dealings with Debt and Money as such control the Banking of the World. This ‘Last Shemitah’ will essentially be the Biblical Tribulation Period and it will be prepared with a Financial ‘Reset’.

Consider that all prior Shemitah Years have been pegged to Great Economic Crashes or ‘Resets’. And this is how the Shemitah Cycles directly affects the World because the Financial Collapses or ‘Resets’ are coincidentally pegged to occur on the Shemitah or the 7th Year that deals with ‘Debt’. Consider that those that manipulate and control the Money Supply of the World through Central Banks and Reverses are the Synagogue of Satan. Their ‘God’ is Mammon and it is the God of this World, Lucifer that has bestowed the value of their Lucre. Very interesting that the God of Money is Mercury who is also the Patron God of Medicine and of Thieves. But that is for another study.

The 70th Shemitah

It will be and is the case presently that with such ‘Medical Procedures’, at the waving of their ‘Wizard’s Wand’ or in their case, the Caduceus of Mercury, the Money Changers have enslaved the World with their Magic, Money and Medicine. To such Entities, the Power they possess over Humanity is essentially now a Total Spectrum Dominance. It is now over what they deem as Cattle to ‘vaccinate’ with. Why? They seek to transform every Human Beings into Digital ‘Nodes’ or a ‘Battery’ to mine Crypto Currency with. It is the stuff of the Matrix Movie. But this is happening 1 COVID Injection at a time.

Why bring that topic up? It is because these Shemitah ‘Resets’ will eventually lead to the Mark of the Beast of the book of Revelation. It will be a Block Chain type of interface with the Body in order to ‘Buy and Sell’. This is what the COVID-19 Pharmakeía Spell is really all about. But now let us consider the severity of not keeping the Sabbatical Cycles as National Israel did not. For Israel, the Promised Land was robbed by them due to their Greed that led to their Unfaithfulness and Disobedience.

YHVH took note; 70 years were owed. It was the Sin of Unfaithfulness and Disobedience of Israel that brought the Exile of the entire Jewish Nation for 70 years in Babylon. Here is where one can make a possible Prophetic Correlation to affect the Church Age and the timing of the Rapture event perhaps. Why? These same People still ‘owe’ YHVH 1 Shemitah, thus, Daniels’ 70th Week of Years of the ‘Last Shemitah’. But here following is the breakdown of the years listed that constitute the 70-Year Shemitah countdown to Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. The Bride of Christ owes nothing.

1948: Israel ‘born’ in a Day - Isaiah 66

70 Years:
Starting from the 1st Shemitah after Year ‘0

0. Fall 1951 to Fall
1952 +7 =
1. Fall 1958 to Fall 1959 +7 =
2. Fall 1965 to Fall 1966 +7 =
3. Fall 1972 to Fall 1973 +7 =
4. Fall 1979 to Fall 1980 +7 =
5. Fall 1986 to Fall 1987 +7 =
6. Fall 1993 to Fall 1994 +7 =
7. Fall 2000 to Fall 2001 +7 =
8. Fall 2007 to Fall 2008 +7 =
9. Fall 2014 to Fall 2015 +7 =
10. Fall 2021 to Fall
2022 Shemitah = 70 Years = 7
1. Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 = Daniel’s 70th Week?

The 70 Years were for each Shemitah Year in the Sabbath Cycles that Israel did not allow the Promised Land they were entrusted to as ‘Stewards’ to Rest since they crossed over with Joshua. How does the Sabbatical Cycles of 7-Years and the Shemitah play in with the end of Church Age or the Rapture event? Are there similar principles to learn about being Faithful and Obedient? Yes.

Holy Fruit Ready to be Picked

At end of this study, this notion of the ‘Year of Faith’ will be discussed. But the 70 years from 1952 to 2022 = 70 Years seems striking in how it appears the one 70 coefficient is pegged to the last 70 coefficient in question. Is it coincidence? Will it be? The reason why then the Shemitah is important to track, is that when such a Financial Reset is made in the Shemitah Year, that could coincide with the Transition Year needed to then usher-in the ‘Last Shemitah’, Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. The Bride does not owe this Shemitah. And this ‘Last Shemitah’ or New Order will have a new Currency, a Digital One. If such a scenario is plausible, then in order for the AntiChrist to be revealed and lead then the New COVID World Order, the Rapture has to take place first.

The ‘Debt’ pertains to National Israel, not the Church. It is that close but it is the reason why the Bride of Christ cannot be held accountable for a Debt owed by Israel and thus cannot step in 1 minute into the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period. However, until then and up to that time, it has likewise been a matter of a Test of Faith for the Body of Church, no less that it was for National Israel. And this to say that what was promised as part of the Blessings or Curses of the Shemitah depended on being Faithful and Obedient towards YHVH in trusting and believing for the 7th Year Provisions and Protection in the Land. In such a case, GOD would bless the 6th Year with not a Double Portion, but a Triple Portion, amazing. This follows the Prophetic Pattern in the Wilderness in how YHVH also Provided and Protected Israel pertaining to the Manna.

It was on the 6th Day, that a Double Portion of Manna fell from heaven. According to the 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle, the Shemitah, being the Last Year of the Cycle is where there is no Planting, Sowing, Pruning and/or ‘Harvesting’ allowed, etc. This is where then, the People of YHVH would show their Faith or in other words, their Faith would be tested as it pertained to being Obedient and Faithful in trusting YHVH for His Provision and Protection during the 7th Year or the Shemitah. In a Spiritual Principle, this study is suggesting that the Body of Christ is currently facing, this same Year of Faith. Why? Due to the COVID-19 Injection Mandates by the Authorities, those that refuse to take it stand to lose ‘everything’. It would appear that this 7th Year, then has no Provision or Protection to be had. Well, at least in one’s own eyes and/or assessment.

But what if the same Spiritual Principle will apply as well if one exercises the same Obedience and Faithfulness to wait on Jesus to bestow the Triple Portion? Has He already? The danger and the Snare of Satan is that he will and is putting and applying Economic and Financial Pressure. He wants the People of Jesus to not Obey and be Faithful to believe that Jesus can and will provide if they refuse the COVID Injections, for example. Pertaining to the Spiritual Principles of the Shemitah, also consider that pertaining to Fruit, in the 7th Year, the People had to also ‘Let go of it’. And the Fruit was considered ‘Holy’ in that it could be taken by anyone. Meaning? The People on Earth are ‘Free’, that year to be taken by ‘anybody’. What if this can be inferred to the Rapture in how the Souls of the Redeemed are as ‘Fruit’ that are now no longer bound by the Laws of this God of this World and can be picked away? Does all this not sound Prophetic and pertinent to the Church Age and Rapture Timing? Jesus spoke in such terms when teaching about the Souls of Mankind as ‘Fruit’ through Parables, no?

The Triple Portion?

Is this imagery not going to happen at the Rapture event when the ‘Fruit’ of the Redeemed Souls are going to be ‘Harvested’ out of this present Evil World? And out of the grasp of the Evil One? Yes. What if from Fall 2019 to Fall 2021 the Triple Blessing was being bestowed all along and the Body of Christ has not realized it? Has Jesus indeed bestowed in a corollary way the Triple Portion to withstand the shortcomings of the 7th Year ‘Shemitah’? This to say that it is enough to have, spiritually speaking of being Provided for and Protected from the non-sowing and harvesting of the 7th Year?

Or in another spiritualization pertaining to the Harvest of Souls pertinent to the Church Age Mandate, no Souls can be harvested in the 7th Year. Meaning? Will this 70-Year Shemitah timeline converge as the end of the Church Age? Will it coincide before the time comes for the 7th Year or during the time that the ‘Field’ is to be ‘fallow’, where ‘No Man can work’? It might be a case that one is reading too much into these spiritual crossover attempts but consider how Jesus used the same archetypes of words about Sowing, Pruning, Reaping, Harvesting but in inference to the redemption of the Soul.

Thus, what if the 7th Year, this being from Fall 2021 to Fall 2022, the Shemitah Year in the Sabbatical Cycle of 7 Years is when the Rapture is to take place? What if this Shemitah Year is when the Church Age is to conclude? What if the 70th Shemitah’ from Fall 2021 to Fall 2022 dovetails into the 70th Week of Year or the Last Shemitah that is from Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 and to be ‘rectified’ or paid by Israel before Jesus returns? And what of the year itself, 5782? In the Strong's Concordance, 5782H means, ‘To Rouse Oneself’, as in to ‘Awaken’ from sleep. Could such a year then be when the Dead in Christ will Arise at the sound of the Last Trumpet from their ‘Sleep’? Or can it be how in the Parable of the 10 Virgins, all were woken-up by the Call of the Groom?

To reiterate the main points of this study, is that there are 10 Shemitah Years since Israel became a Nation again in 1948. But what if the real application and fulfillment of Psalm 90 is not contingent on 1948 but 1952? In a spiritual sense, the time is tight if this Prophetic Metaphor is to be applied to the end of the Church Age and Rapture event for 2021. How so? Consider that if indeed, the Rabbinical Calendar is off by 1 month, the true Rosh Hashana starts on October 7, 2021. Since that starts the Shemitah where no Harvesting or Picking of the Fruit can occur, in purely metaphorical typology, it means that the end of the Church Age and the Rapture event has to occur before then.

Consider that the Shemitah Principle is of owing a Debt to YHVH, which the Bride of Christ does not and cannot be held accountable to pay also for that time. That the 70th Shemitah is still outstanding and why the Bride of Christ will not be part of this ‘collection’ by YHVH. That the 70th Shemitah appears to thus be hinged to the 70th Week of Years, or the Tribulation Period. But that in Spiritual Correlations, there is a present context to a similar predicament most in the World is in right now due to the COVID-19 Injections that are being mandated to keep one’s job. The Shemitah Year is really all about the ‘Year of Faith’. How so? It is a time of testing to see whether one will be Obedient and Faithful in trusting for Jesus’ Provision and Protection when all of one’s natural Provisions and Protection are taken away.

This is especially true if one does not submit to the pressure of needing to take the COVID-19 Injections. And realize it will not be just 1 Shot but a life-long amount, if one survives its initial Adverse Effects and not kill a person outright. So, what can those in the Body of Christ do that elect not to take the Wizard’s Death Shots and by doing so, one will not be ‘Provided’ for nor ‘Protected’? As mentioned in online conversations about this very condition facing countless Believers of Jesus, one does have to be Prayed-Up.

And then one has to have the Resolve that whatever turns-out or comes towards one’s way, one has to be Mentally, Physically, Psychologically and Spiritually prepared, or doing so, as much as possible. Even if one is denied Medical and/or Religious Exemptions on both accounts, if one then loses one’s job, one will be at Peace, or should be. As the Israelites that Obeyed and Trusted YHVH for the 7th Year Provision and Protection, one has to let Jesus worry about one’s situation.

The problem is that many see that  one is not ‘Provided’ for nor ‘Protected’ if one does not take the COVID Injections. Really? Has the Bride of Christ lost all sense of who her LORD is? It will be a Test of Faith for sure in seeing if one’s level of Obedience and Faithfulness. But if not now, then when? Now one cannot say what will happen if one refuses the COVID-19 Shots and loses one job how Jesus will Provide and Protect. One can only point to the Spiritual Parallels from Israel and the Promises of Jesus in the Bible.

Jesus knows one’s needs but as the Body of Christ knows Jesus’ admonition, ‘Man shall not live by Bread alone but by every Word that comes out of the Mouth of YHVH’. And the Church has been taught that ‘One must 1st seek Christ’s Kingdom and His Righteousness, and then all these Things will be addressed’. And it will be interesting to see what Jesus will do. The point is that if one’s Faith is to be tested like those Israelites concerning the 7th Year the Land was to be left fallow, they failed. And the consequences are still to this day yet to be paid. The Bride of Christ needs to ‘pay’ now then collectively. But if individually, it is one’s time to test one’s Obedience and Faithfulness, then so be it.

So, one needs to be at Peace, have Resolve like the 3 Friends of Daniel that said ‘No’ to the Wizard’s Authorities. They were thrown into the Fire. But the key is that they said, that they knew YHVH is able to save. But that if YHVH chose not to save them from the ‘Fire’, they said ‘No’. Consider a qualifier to this ‘Test of Faith’. If the Body of Christ is not saying ‘No’ now, it will not say ‘No’ then. But one prays that one will continue to say ‘No’ and continue to believe in the Provision and Protection when it does happen. But the Bride of Christ will not pay for what Israel still owes with her Shemitahs.

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5782/2021: A Prophetic Shmita Year - What does it mean?

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Eventually, just on the Law of Probability, one day, a proposed Rapture Date will coincide. Not one to judge any other’s predictions or calculations about the Rapture date, but it is unknowable. What is the difference between such and one like myself and/or that seeks to study the Rapture time sequence?

I for one, only suggest a possible ‘Season’ and do not go beyond Scripture and only what is given as pieces of the puzzle. But one can never say with 100% certainty. No one can. That is why is hesitated in even sharing this Dream about the 723 that could possibly be tied to the Rapture. It is the only time I have ever shared this, and do feel uncomfortable because in my boo, in doing so, then one has crossed over onto the ‘Wild Side’! Thanks Bob. But maybe sometimes a ‘walk on the wild side’ is needed? Nope. Lol Just to say to be careful of the teachings coming from that channel.

It is very interesting though as around this time of the Feast Cycles, the Watchers do start to pick-up on the prophetic type of Tu B’Av or the Jewish ‘Valentines Day’. And that it occurs on the Full Moon. Did not Gary or Jeff at Unsealed.org write-up that if and when the Rapture does take place, that it would be at a Full Moon? Well, as mentioned, the ‘dream’/vision did/does seem interesting and perhaps a prompting but maybe it is a dress rehearsal run-through or to suggest the Season or Time is near.

This time last year, precisely we had also discussed the Prophetic implications and types of the Minor Feast. It is a type of the Rapture, for sure… literally as the Maidens dancing in the Vineyards were ‘snatched’ away, etc. We’ll have to see what pans-out on the 23rd. The Feast does start on that 23rd Sunset, if one counts and goes by the Jewish day count. I read the article about Tu B’Av, the 15 of Av and how it officially starts the Grape Harvest to end on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. It lends credence to how then ‘when Pentecost fully came’ was then the Feast of New Wine. So, I really like all the prophetic correlations as you mentioned.


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