Abode of the False Prophets and Rebel Kings

  • What does the Bible say about Spiritual Stronghold Portals?
  • Is there any Reference or Inference to a 'Face' in the Bible?
  • Are there Spiritual Lessons to be learned from such Studies?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘I know where you live, where the Throne of Satan sits. Yet you have held fast to My Name and have not denied your Faith in Me, even in the Day when My Faithful Witness Antipas was Killed among you, where Satan Dwells. But I have a few Things against you, because some of
you hold to the Teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to place a Stumbling Block before the Israelites so they would eat Food sacrificed to Idols and commit Sexual Immorality. In the same way, some of you also hold to the Teaching of the Nicolaitans'.’– Revelation 2:13-15

The purpose of this study is to strongly suggest that the Ancient Tel or Tell of Deir Alla and its Environs are laid-out in the Configuration of the Pyramid Triangulation in Cydonia, Mars. This study will be under, ‘Astro-Archaeology’. Why? Astonishing, is the Correlation that the Tel or mound of Deir Alla corresponds to the Tel of Ala-Lu on Cydonia, Mars, that is also construed in a ‘Face’ like manner. And both even have the same Name. This Face of Mars, that of Ala-lu, commemorates the Rebel King of Nibiru according to the Sumerian Creation. Deir Alla is in the present Territory of Modern Jordan, within the Balqa Governorate. However, it was the Ancient Tribal Allotment given by YHVH to Manasseh, by way of Moses. It was a Promise kept by YHVH as the Descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob entered the Promised Land.

This study is inspired by the Archeological Work done in the 1960s of the Organization for the Advancement of Pure Research out of the Netherlands. This is the group that discovered the inscription of Balaam in 1967 on one of the Walls of the site, atop the Tel of the Deir Alla Mound. Amazingly, the Texts found, puts the Abode or Dwelling Place of Balaam, the False Prophet of the Bible, at the Very site of the ‘Face’ of Deir Alla, that then links the 2 ‘Rebels’ and ‘Face’ Abodes. What is Amazing, is that the Site remained relatively Un-Excavated, officially enough to find the Book of Balaam within the Rubble that has been preserved since the Days of the Prophet Amos and Zechariah. One only wonders what sort of other Knowledge and/or Information was housed there, that most probably has been pillaged.

Deir Alla is by far, probably one of the most Biblical Impactful Sites that is interwoven with actual Biblical Characters and Personages. It directly interfaces with this Notion of the Martian ‘Star Gate’ Triangulation. And the Confrontation it posed, possess and will pose in the End of Days. The study suggests that those who constructed this Cydonia, Mars Triangulation on Earth, were, are and will be at Enmity with that of YHVH and Christ Jesus. This study will attempt to show that Jesus, coming from heaven, is no mere ‘Pleiadian’ or ‘Being’ amongst many ‘Avatars’ that became a ‘Christ’ for a particular ‘Order’ or ‘Age’. Many People believe this Luciferian Premise.

Book of Balaam

The Study will hopefully bring out the NOTION that, although YHVH interacted with such Personages as with the False Prophet, Balaam, it can be seen that YHVH used him for His Plan and Purpose in the End. This is in regard to the attempt by Balaam to Curse Israel 3 Times. In some Mysterious Way, YHVH uses Evil for Good. Such is the case even with Lucifer himself, in how YHVH uses him to bring about a Desired End. The Outcome is always Good and Holy, although it may not seem so in a Human Perspective or point of view. Consider the example of Job in the Bible, how Lucifer was given Permission to ‘Touch’ all aspects of his Life and even Job’s Body.

In the end, this False Prophet Bal’am or Balaam is the same mentioned in the Bible in Number 22. There were 11 Tablets that corroborate that in fact, the immediate Town was the Biblical Pathor. Amazingly, the discovery of the book of Balaam chronicles the Flood Story of Noah as well. Apparently the saying of Balaam was once displayed on the walls in a Room of a Building that is commonly believed to have been a Sanctuary of some sort or Information Center perhaps. The Site may have served as a Temple of Worship to ‘Ala-Lu’ (Allah) but also as a Place of Instruction and a ‘Star-Gate’, etc. This amazing find is one of many extra-Biblical Pieces of Evidence that validates the ‘Stories’ of the Bible.

What this Balaam Discovery means, is that it Authenticates the Account of Exodus that so many want to Dismiss as mere Fable and that Moses never existed nor wrote the 5 Books of the Bible, for example. This ‘Martian Triangulation, at Deir Alla, as Mirrored in the Cydonia Pyramid Structures, thus confirms that such a Personage of Moses and Joshua of the Bible existed. Balaam was eventually Killed when Moses sent the Israelites against the Midianites, according to Numbers 31. Many believe that Deir Alla is either near or the ancient Biblical site of Sukkot that Jacob built after meeting Esau on his journey back to the Promised Land.

The Question often asked pertaining to Balaam, is how could such a person know YHVH and be bestowed such an Ability to Communicate with, YHVH directly and ‘Sell-Out’ for Hire? The Bible does give Glimpses of how YHVH dealt with Humans and gives Revelation and Prophecy. Such was the case with another Mysterious Figure, King Melchizedek. He was both a Priest and a King of what was to be known as Jerusalem. He was the one that met Abraham and exchanged Blessings, by way of Wine and Bread.

This all had a Foreshadowing of the coming King Jesus and the LORD’s Supper with the same Elements. Like Enoch and others in the Bible, Balaam was perhaps allowed to see the dealings of the Divine Council. Perhaps he had Direct Contact and Interaction with the Watchers as Enoch did and operated the Star-Gate at that place. What is the ‘Divine Council’? This was the instance where assembled ‘Deities’, both Holy and Fallen Angel gathered before YHVH as in a convocation. In the ancient world, such a ‘council’ was known to be an assembly of the ‘Gods’ or the Shaddayin as in El Shaddai of the Bible, and the ‘Elohim’, etc. Enoch, Daniel, John the Revelator and others, such ‘Prophets’ were ordained to know prophecy as well.

False Prophecy

YHVH communicated Messages to Humanity through such Men and even to Angels, as in the case of Enoch about their Pending Judgement and/or Catastrophe. This is why the Ancients all knew, to some degree the Gospel Narrative. It confirms what is stated in the Book of Hebrews of the New Testament that, ‘in Ages Past, GOD spoke’, to Mankind in many Ways, Dreams, Visions and Direct Communication but that, ‘In these Last Days, YHVH has spoken as GOD the Son’, that is Jesus. Thus, any ‘New’ Gospel, Revelation or ‘Prophets’ like that of the Muslims to Mormons are a Lie and are of the Spirit of AntiChrist, or in this Martian Cydonia ‘Star Gate’ of Ala-Lu, etc.
There is a Glimpse and a Suggestion, in the case dealing with the Book of Balaam of how an ‘Executioner’ was sent by the Divine Council to pronounce Judgment. The Text suggests it was Female in Gender though. Is this Biblical? Yes. In the Book of Zechariah, such an Imagery is seen as the only account of how there are ‘Female’ Angelic Beings that are sent to execute Judgment.

In this case, it is pertaining to the End of Days and in the Plains of Shinar. It is concerning the Judgment and Fall of Babylon. As to Deir Alla? In the end, Balaam is revealed be a Wicked Man in both the Torah and the New Testament. Although Balaam had a Disposition of Knowing what was Right and Wrong and Knew ‘How’ and ‘When’ to Repent, he did not like the fact that YHVH Blessed Israel. Balaam saw the Future concerning, not only Israel, and the Promised Land, but the coming ‘Star’ from Jacob, the Messiah, the King, Jesus.

But Balaam's Error and the Source of his Wickedness came from how he thus informed Balak how to Sabotage the Israelites, as they entered the Promised Land. It was through Sex. According to Revelation 2:14, Balaam told King Balak how to get the Israelites to commit Sin, by Enticing them with Sexual Immorality and Food sacrificed to Idols. The Israelites fell into these types of Sin due to the Natural Carnal Appetites of Humans. However, YHVH, being a Holy GOD had and has to Judge ‘Sin in the Camp’.

The Story of Balaam occurs during the Sojourn of the Israelites when they are in the Plains of Moab, East of the Jordan River. This is the Time when a New and Younger Generation of Hebrews came of Age after 40 Years of Wandering, just shortly before the Death of Moses and the Crossing of the Jordan River. The Israelites had already defeated 2 Kings that confronted and impeded them from going into the Promised Land. They were Sihon, King of the Amorites, and Og, King of Bashan.

Balak, Son of Zippor, was King of Moab and naturally became Alarmed that he would be next. He sent the Elders of Midian and his Moabite Princes to Balaam, Son of Beor to come and curse Israel. The Bible only states that Balaam's Abode was most likely at Pethor in the Land as Ammon. This area was settled by the Descendants of Lot’s Incestuous Relations with his 2 Daughters. Balaam sends back Word to King Balak that he could only do what YHVH Commanded him. The Bible teaches that YHVH came to Balaam in a Dream and told him the following.

Spiritual Strongholds

‘Elohim came to Balaam and said, Who are these men with you? Balaam said to Elohim, King Balak Son of Zippor of Moab, has sent me this Message: A People has come out of Egypt and has spread over the Face of the Earth; now come, Curse them for me; perhaps I shall be able to Fight against them and drive them out. Elohim said to Balaam, You shall not go with them; you shall not Curse the People, for they are Blessed.’ King Balak consequently sends Higher-Ranking Priests to Balaam’s likely Abode at his Sanctuary atop the Tel of Deir Alla. Balaam replied to the Servants of Balak, ‘Although Balak was to give me his House full of Silver and Gold, I could not go beyond the Command of YHVH my Elohim, to do less or more’.

But then, Balaam disobeys and then sets-out in the Morning with the Princes of Moab. YHVH becomes Angry that he went and the ‘Messenger’ or Angel of YHVH confronts Balaam. At first, this Celestial Being, perhaps coming through the Deir Alla ‘Star Gate’ that the Geometric Triangulation forms, is seen only by the donkey Balaam is riding. The Donkey tries to avoid the Angel some 3 Times. Balaam then starts beating the Donkey for refusing to move. At this point, the Donkey is Miraculously given the power to speak his Mind to Balaam. And the Donkey complains about Balaam's Unjust Mistreatment.

‘Then YHVH opened the Eyes of Balaam, and he saw the Angel of YHVH standing in the Road, with his Drawn Sword in his Hand; and he bowed down, falling on his Face. The Angel of YHVH said to him, Why have you struck your Donkey these 3 Times? I have come-out as an Adversary, because your way is Perverse before me.’

YHVH then allows Balaam to see the Angel of YHVH, who had a Flaming Sword. The Angel informs Balaam that the Donkey is the only reason the Angel did not Kill Balaam. Balaam immediately Repents but is told to go on. King Balak meets with Balaam at Kirjat Huzoth, and they go up to the 1st Spot, the ‘High Place of Baal’ or Bamoth-Baal. There Balaam instructs Balak to offer Sacrifices on 7 Altars. This leads to Balaam to be given the 1st Prophecy by YHVH of what to say, which then Balaam says to King Balak. However, the Prophecy Blesses Israel instead of Cursing it, as King Balak wanted.

1…’How can I Curse whom God has not Cursed? How can I Denounce those whom the LORD has not Denounced?’

King Balak then takes Balaam to a 2nd Vantage Point, to the field of Zophim where the ‘High Place at Pisgah’ was to try again. King Balak said to Balaam, ‘Come with me to another place from which you may see them; you shall see only Part of them and shall not see them all; then Curse them for me from there.’ Building another 7 Altars here, and making sacrifices on each, Balaam provides the 2nd prophecy that instead Blesses Israel.

2…’He has not beheld Misfortune in Jacob; nor has he seen Trouble in Israel. The LORD their GOD is with them, and the Shout of the King is among them.’

Balaam is then taken by a now, very frustrated Balak to the 3rd Vantage Point, Peor which overlooks the Wasteland. After the 7 Sacrifices are made there again on 7 Altars, there they look upon the Israelites from the Peak.

Spiritual Lose
Then GOD the Holy Spirit comes upon Balaam and he delivers the 3rd Prophecy of Blessing to Israel. Herein, is the Insight to the Dark Heart of Balaam and Enemies of both National Israel and Jesus’ Body on Earth. The Bible reveals that Balaam saw that it pleased YHVH to Bless Israel, His People and Inheritance. Perhaps Balaam became Angry about the coming Messiah, the Christ and knew what would become of his own People and Place.

3. …’ I see Him,[Jesus Christ] but not now; I behold Him, but not Near— a Star shall come out of Jacob, and a Scepter shall rise out of Israel; it shall crush the Borderlands of Moab, and the Territory of all the Shethites.’

As to YHVH using a ‘False Prophet’ like Balaam, as a Direct Consequence to King Balak’s Desire to Curse YHVH’s Earthly People? Yes, as mentioned, YHVH uses Evil to ultimately achieve the Good. Balaam then proceeded to Proclaim the Curses to King Balak, and the other Kings instead that were present in this Satanic Conspiracy against Israel. It is no different now and one’s Point is that places like Deir Alla were Instrumentations of Evil, Spiritual Strongholds, etc.

Such Sacred Sites were and are being used to help the Curses be activated, i.e., the Star Gate Triangulations that existed for that very Reason in those Sacred Ley-Lines, etc. One is talking about Inter-Dimensionality. But such an End Result of Balaam and the Wicked Kings will occur on Judgment Day for such ‘Enemies’ and ‘Beings’. Balaam realized that no amount of Cursing could befall Israel. That instead, YHVH would convert such Sorcery into a Blessing. That is the ‘Business’ Jesus is in. Jesus Reversed the Curse of Sin due to the Deception of Lucifer perpetrated against Eve and subsequently to the entire Human Race.

Balaam knew the Weakness of Men and how through Sex, he could get Israel to commit ‘Sin in the Camp’. Only then would YHVH Himself have to ‘Curse’ Israel and Judge it. And this is exactly what happened. Balaam ‘Coached’ Balak into bringing their Moabite Beautiful Woman to Entice the Israelite Men. Consider that most Men of Israel now were at that Age of their Prime Testosterone; early 20s, the height of sexual Tension and Drive, etc. The Book of Deuteronomy 23:3–6 also summarizes this Incident, and further states that the Ammonites had conspired with the Moabites against Israel.

And the Goal of Lucifer concerning YHVH’s Holy People, is to Defile them. It is not that Israel or the Church is ‘Holier than Thou’, but that YHVH, Jesus has made Israel and makes His Church Body, Holy through His Holy Blood at the Cross of Calvary, etc. Joshua, a Type of Jesus, the ‘Captain of one’s Salvation’, in his Farewell Speech, also refers to this Luciferian Conspiracy. This ‘Conspiracy’ against YHVH’s People was not forgotten by Israel nor YHVH. So much so, that when Israel was Established and Strong in the Promised Land, YHVH Commanded Israel to Obliterate the Ammonites and Moabites. The issue was that these Races had Mixed Nephilim DNA. But because of the Defilement in the Camp of Israel, thanks to Balaam, YHVH’s Protection and Disposition towards Israel was Compromised, momentarily. Sin is Sin.  

Martian Star Gates

And the Point is? Later on, Balaam is listed among the Midianites who were Killed in Revenge for the ‘Matter of Peor’, in how such Enticed Israel but YHVH. Joshua 13:22 records that Balaam Died ‘By the Sword’ during a Battle in which the Reubenites occupied of the Land of Moab. This is when Moses Commanded the Fighting Men of Israel to take such Possession of the Promised Land. Balaam is forever now listed in the ‘Hall of Shame’, as was his Name listed in the Wall of his Sanctuary atop the Tel of the Corresponding Rebel King ‘Face of Mars’, at Deir Alla. This ‘Star Gate’ Sacred Triangulation Site was later-on Destroyed by a Great Earthquake that even Amos and Zechariah mentioned in the Bible.

This is indicative of the contempt YHVH has for these so-called ‘Martian Star-Gates’ and the Spiritual Wicked Powers behind such Tels or ‘Strongholds’ that are manned by Fallen Angels, etc. Likewise, the Enemies of Jesus seek Advantages by causing SIN due to Compromises made in one’s Life. And Sex and Defilement of similar Types are or can be a Significant Means. Most often than not, such areas will be based on one’s Natural Carnal Appetites that involves Sex and/or other forms of Sensual Satisfaction. For a Believer and Follower of Jesus, such Sins, if not checked and continually being Repented of, can cause the Testimony of and to Jesus to be Compromised.

Such were the Warnings Jesus Himself had to make to several of the Churches in the Book of Revelation. For this Reason, Jesus Christ had and has to Address this Spiritual ‘Cancer’ in the Church Body, as such Dispositions of Balaam still are causing YHVH’s Spiritual People, the Body of Christ to Sin by committing Sexual Immorality and engage in the Worship of Idols, for example. The ‘Great Work’ of the Luciferians and the Fallen Angelic Beings has permeated and infiltrated the Body of Christ. What does this look like in the Modern Last Days of the Church Age?

Has not at least half of the Denominations that call themselves ‘Christians’ in the West now embrace whole-heartedly the Lifestyle of Homosexuality? Does not at least half the Body of Christ, now openly Ordain such as Priests and Ministers and perform Gay Weddings? Do not these also support and promote Abortion even? Yes. Balaam saw Visions of the Star of Jacob, Jesus and was granted Revelation and knew the Character and Disposition of the Creator, YHVH. The Luciferians also ‘See’ and Know what is coming, Prophetically. Yet Balaam and Lucifer failed in their Ultimate Conspiracy to Defile. They rather cast their Lot with the Enemies of YHVH’s People, both Israel and the Bride of Christ.

Now, as to the Tel or Ruined Mound of Deir Alla itself? It is very eroded and although the Archeological Diggings and removal of Dirt has contributed to the Investigation and Discovery of important Information, it has contributed to the Erosion and Composition of the ‘Face’ Motif. The Organizations and subsequent Archeological Teams, that have highlighted subsequent Archeological Work on the Site, obviously did not nor have they not associated the Tel with that of the Face of Mars. Nor have they and other Researchers suspected that the entire Tel is but 1/3 of the Structures that one Theorizes is based off of the Triangulation Mirrored on Cydonia, Mars.

Inter-Face with Israel

The Cydonia Triangulation includes the 7-Pyramid Pleiadian City and the Giant Pentagon D&M Pyramid. The advent of Modern GPA Mapping, primarily using Google Earth has this Triangulation Pattern been Ascertained. And one thus Theorizes and has such an Inclination to associate Earth’s Ancient Sites with that of the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Anomalies. And that such Associations are being or can be Corroborated. The following is an Analysis of the Comparison of this Cydonia, Mars Triangulation ‘Star Gate’ configured at Deir Alla. From the Top View and Orientation of the Site on Earth, is exactly 90 Degrees. It is rotated to the Left from the similar Triangulation found on Cydonia, Mars.

This puts the ‘Face’ of Deir Alla or that of Ala-Lu facing directly East. Thus, when the Sun rises each Morning, it would ‘Shine’ on the Face of the Abode of the Rebel King, Ala-Lu. In terms of Measurements, the Tel proper is approximately 500 Feet across, North to South. This is amazing because it is the same Dimension as the Face of Mars correspondence in Avebury, England. Perhaps it was a Contemporary ‘Grid’ as such Martian Triangulation ‘Star Gates’ are Configured in this same Pattern, all over the World. If one compares both the actual ‘Face of Mars’ with that of the ‘Face’ of Deir Alla, the resemblance is stunning.

The level at which the ‘Eyes’, Nose Bridge and ‘Mouth’ appear to correspond is Amazing. Even in terms of the nomenclature, there is Similarity. The Name, Deir Alla is clearly echoing the Name of Ala-Lu, the Rebel King of Nibiru and subsequently that of Allah, the False ‘God’ of the Muslims, of the Moon and Crescent Motif. Who was this Ala-Lu Personage? Was it Lucifer? Was it a mighty Angelic Being? If so, do Angels ‘Die’, if such a structure was made for that Reason? Can they ‘Die’? In the Book of Enoch, it is alluded that due to certain ‘Sins’ that were committed by certain Angels, YHVH sentenced them to ‘Die like mere Mortal Men’.

Thus, this could be the case, as perhaps the Contingency of the Fallen Angels that left their various ‘Estates’. Their ‘Abodes’ may be from the Pleiades, Orion, or Vega that thus, dedicated the Face of Mars as the Mausoleum for their Fallen ‘King’ they once followed and will again. Such is the Luciferian Narrative. But the Bible does teach from the Book of Revelation to a degree, that there are indeed ‘Star Gates’. The Bible states that Apollyon will rise again through a Star Gate, being the King of their ‘Locust’ Types, that is currently Bound in the Bottomless Pit.

Then to the South of the Tel, is the present city of Dayr ’Allah. Amazingly, from the Center Point of the Tel of the ‘Face’ of Deir Alla to the Center Point of the Town Center area, that would correspond to the Pleiades Star Alcyone is 1776 Yards or roughly just about 1 Mile. It is also surprisingly 33 Nautical Miles to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It should be noted that every Martian Triangulation on Earth has a slight Variation as to its Cydonia, Mars Configuration. There is a certain Orientation of the Angles and Size relative to the Structures on Earth. In the case of Deir Alla, the Triangulation pertaining to the Pleiadian Pyramid City is truncated vertically, on the North-South Axis Ley-Line. The Pleiadian City Motif is condensed, precisely 1/2 of the size of the Pleiades Stars.

Celestial Birthright
Based on an Aerial View, the Pleiades Outline at Deir Alla appears to fit the various Street Orientations also. Then the area that would correspond to the Giant Pentagon D&M Pyramid corresponds to a Geometric Configuration situated facing West directly about the middle-way between the Pleiades and the Face Structure Motifs. Biblically speaking, it has been shown that the Bible is thus interwoven in this site of Deir Alla. It has several Indirect and Direct Inferences written about in the Bible Accounts. This place is also associated with the name Sukkot mentioned in the Bible. How so?

The 1st mention of Sukkot or Succoth in the Bible, is how it came to be named and was given the Name by Jacob, the Son of Abraham on his way to Canaan, or the Promised Land. It was the Account in Genesis 33, interesting enough how the Tel, that is the ‘Face’ of Deir Alla in this case associated with Sukkot has an Inference related to it through Esau. It was perhaps near there on such a Plain, that Jacob and Esau met. Esau was Apprehensive at encountering his Brother, whom he had Swindled the Divine Birthright from. Esau had amassed over 400 Fighting Men and much Wealth by this Time also.

Jacob cowardly placed all his Servants, Wives and Children ahead of him in meeting Esau, out of Self-Preservation. Jacob feared Esau would be taking Vengeance and Revenge and would be Decimated by Esau’s Anger and perhaps all would be Killed. However, at this Time and Place, Esau and Jacob Reconciled, to a degree, as they met. It is a case that over Time, Bloodlines and Emotion can and do take Precedence. Nonetheless, Jacob was still Apprehensive and had Suspicions as Esau wanted to leave certain Men with Jacob and Jacob insisted on giving Esau Livestock.

In the Middle East, such an Exchange signified an Obligation of a ‘Truce’. The part of the Scripture that is Inferencing a ‘Face’ with Esau, the ‘Rebel King’, is when Jacob describes how meeting Esau was like ‘Meeting the Face of GOD’, etc. Understand that in the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation, this Ala-Lu is considered a ‘God’ or at least a ‘Demigod’, a Prince, etc. And here is another inference to Ala-Lu, of how he too was a ‘Royal Prince’, the successor to the ‘Birthright’ but that was taken from him just like Esau. Ala-Lu tried to usurp the Throne of Anu but then was found out and it was then that he escaped to Earth. According to Mythology, it involves the Planet Nibiru, etc. Although it is not clear if the actual Deir Alla was the exact Site of Sukkot.

The Bible then states that Jacob went on to another Place to purchase Land and made Dwellings for his Livestock and Family there. This was before continuing on in his Journey back to the Promised Land. This is how Deir Alla area was thus referred to as ‘Sukkot’ which means ‘Dwelling Places’, a Covering, Abode as in YHVH’s Feast of Booths, etc. The next Reference to the place called Sukkot is found in Joshua 13 in the Bible. This is the Account when Joshua was old, but the Promised Land still had areas not ‘Conquered’ as YHVH Commanded the Israelites to ‘Drive-Out’ the Natural Inhabitants of the Land. This was for Judgment as such Peoples were heavily involved in Witchcraft, Sorcery, Infanticide, Homosexuality, and Interaction with such ‘Being’s that posed as ‘Gods’ from the Stars, but were in fact Fallen Angels, and Demons, etc.

Face of GOD

These ‘Beings’ were no doubt the ones that also ‘Communicated’ with the Balaam’s then through their ‘Star Gates’, as they continue to do now in the World. It is rather interesting that the places still to be conquered then are the areas that today are the hotbed of Anti-Israel Hostility. Such Places are what is now the Gaza Strip with Hamas. Then there are the ‘Mountains of Israel’, Judea and Samaria or what is now called the West Bank with the Governorates of Fatah. Then there is the Golan Heights and the Lebanese southern border with the elements of Hizballah, etc. Of note, it was rather amazing that President Trump, of the USA on the very Day of Purim, on the 70th year Anniversary of Israel’s Rebirth in 2018, recognized the Golan Heights as being ‘Israeli’.

As to the Region of Deir Alla, it is considered to have been part of the Towns on the Plateau, that was Ruled by the King of the Amorites, King Sihon. It was such that Moses defeated them all, along with the Allied 5 Midianites Chieftains. This was the Ancient Land of the Rephaites. These were of a Race of Giants that had been a Hybrid Breed between Human Women and the Fallen Angels from Genesis 6. This occurred near there, on Mount Hermon. It was King Og of Bashan that was the last of this Remnant Contaminated Genetic Bloodlines that was taken-out. Lucifer and the Fallen Angels wanted to corrupt Humanity Genetically to avert the coming of the Messiah. Why?

This ‘Messiah’ had to be a Pure Human that was foretold to ‘Crush the Head of the Dragon or Serpent’, as stated in Genesis 3:15. The Bible states that there was and is a Battle against YHVH’s People. It raged before the Israelites Crossed Over the Jordan River into the Promised Land. Moses Commanded Joshua, along with the Israelite Fighting Men to Possess that Land. And it was there, at Deir Alla, where they slew the False Prophet Balaam, son Of Beor whom the Bible states, ‘Practiced Divination’. The 3rd instance of Sukkot, being associated with Deir Alla is found in Judges 13.

This is the Account of when Israel was Established in the Promised Land, but Successive Generations lost Sight of the Deliverance from Egypt and the ‘Sign and Wonders’ performed by YHVH through Moses and Joshua. The People of YHVH became Complacent and Sinful, just as much as the People of the Nations were before them and were judged by YHVH through Israel. YHVH thus likewise judged Israel for such Sins by giving Israel over to her many Enemies. In this case it was the Philistines, ‘Palestines’ for 40 Years. This is the Account of how an Angel of YHVH, perhaps the same that appeared to Joshua and Balaam, came to a couple in the region of Zorah from the Tribe of Dan whose name was Manoah who could not have Children, etc.

The Angel instructed the Couple that they would have a Son and to basically raise him as a Nazarite who would ‘Deliver’ Israel from the Philistines, etc. It is here that also there is a Reference to a ‘Face’, and how the Personage is also then linked to a ‘Rebel’ Disposition, Samson. The Bible states that the Wife of Zorah told her husband that the ‘A Man of GOD came unto me, and his ‘Face’ was like that of an Angel of the Elohim.’ Some believe this ‘Angel of the LORD’ was a Theophany of Jesus Christ. Why? The Couple prepared a Sacrifice upon an Altar but the Angel deferred such ‘Worship’ to be made to YHVH instead. Then the Angel of YHVH went-up to Heaven in the Fire.

Spiritual Strongholds

What is telling is that the Couple then stated, ‘And Manoah said unto his Wife, We shall surely Die, because we have seen [the Face of?] GOD. One can only Speculate that perhaps such an Altar was or could have been where the Tel is now of the ‘Face’ of Deir Alla. The Bible states that this area was ‘In the Camp of Dan between Zorah and Eshtaol. This would put the location of Deir Alla, square in the midst of this Territory. The last Inference to the location of Deir Alla dealing with Sukkot is found in 1 Kings 7. It has to do with King Solomon of Israel building his own Royal Palace that took 13 Years to complete. The Number 13 in the Bible is indicative of Rebellion, etc.

This Section of the Bible chronicles the making of the Elements and Accoutrements for the 1st Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem. It specifically mentions the Gifted Craftsman, Huram from Tyre who fashioned the 2 Pillars, Jakin and Boaz, the Sea of Cast Metal, the 10 Movable Stands, etc. What is noteworthy, is that all such Elements were made out of ‘Burnished Bronze’ that were cast from Clay Molds in the Plain of the Jordan between Succoth and Zarethan. This would place such a location, square in the midst of where the ‘Face’ of Deir Alla is situated and how then this Location is related to the ‘Furnishings’ of the House or Temple of YHVH.

Why such Places on Earth have been chosen to Replicate the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation, to include the Face, the 7-Pyramid ‘Pleiadian’ City and the Giant Pentagon D&M Pyramid, is that they correspond to Sacred Ley-Lines of Energy that ‘Activate’ the Star Gate’ there. Such Earth Energy ‘Currents’, are tapped there, by the Spirit Beings, Demons and/or ‘Fallen Angels’, that in some way allow them to facilitate the Transference from Dimensions. It is at such ‘Energy Points’ on Earth that for example, most if not all of the Pagan Temples have been erected on such Ley-Lines so that the ‘Gods’ can come down from the Stars as through a ‘Star Gate’, etc.

Lucifer, the Fallen Angels and Demons capitalize on Humanity’s Compromised Condition to extract Power through Veneration and Human Blood Sacrifices, for example. Why blood? Consider that the Bible declares that the ‘Life Force’ is in the Blood. In some Mysterious and Amazing Way, the Life Force is constituted in the make-up of the Blood. Thus, to give Blood, either Spilling it in a Sacrificial Rite or by Abortions or Drinking of it as in Vampirism, draws on this ‘Life Force’. This is why such Luciferian Rituals thus associated with ‘Idols’ and Monuments atop Tels, as in the Deir Alla ‘Face’ are Activated. As noted, a Tel is basically an Elevated Earthen Mound.

It is essentially a ‘Pyramid’ with a structure atop. Most of the major Biblical Sites were built as a Fortified City, and their Remains can be found in the ruins of the Tels for this very Reason. There are 100s of Sites with the Prefix Name of Tel or Tell in the Ancient Middle East. Most of the Ancient Sites of the Promised Land such as in Modern Israel have this ‘Tel’ Connotation still, like Tel-Aviv which means ‘Hill of Spring’ or Tel-Hashomer that are Modern Cities or Villages, etc. According to Research, many of the Ancient Biblical Sites, like Deir Alla were Man-Made Hills, that is Tels or ‘Strongholds. They were Fortified and Equipped with a Water Supply, Gates, High Walls, and other Protection Measures.

Abode of the Martian Gods

The Tels were located at a Strategic Location such ar the Crossing of a River, on the side of a Major Road, or on a Highly Defensible Location. The Tels are actually made out of a number of Layers of Construction that accumulated over the Millennia, in some cases. However, the Tel of Deir Alla appears to have been made in Ancient Times and only the buildings on top of it were either modified or renovated based on Modern Archeological Evidence. Eventually, the Tels were abandoned since they were limited in size and the Local Population increased.

The limited Water Supply could not support a Larger City, and the Real Estate was limited. The various Populations then would normally Relocate to a Site nearby and build the New City on a larger ‘Stronghold’. This is the case with Deir Alla. However, the Tel of Deir Alla is just 1 of the 3 Martian Motifs that Triangulate the area. The Tels ranged in Size and Function as in some cases, they were usually a City like Jericho. In other cases, they were relatively small as only containing a Major or Central Temple of Worship, as was the case in the Tel of Deir Alla that no doubt, housed a Ba’al idol.

Or in the case of Deir Alla, the Abode of Balaam. The Point is that the Sites on both Mars and on Earth follow this Universal Standard of a Triangulation that are based on Sacred Gematria and Magic. Such ‘Abodes’ or Strongholds where the Angelic Host abided, on one level of Existence and/or Interaction, as mentioned. Another is that such could also adjust their Composition, as they traversed Dimensions from such places that were replicated on Earth. For instance, it is not known if in fact, Angels have Reproductive Organs as Jesus alluded to that the State in Heaven, for Humanity it will be like that of the Angels that are not given into marriage.

However, this does not mean that such could still Reproduce, perhaps. The issue becomes perplexing in that the case was that when such ‘Beings’ left their 1st Estate or Abode, the Bible does then convey that obviously then if the Fallen Angels did not and do not have Sexual Organs, they somehow then ‘Transformed’ on the Material Dimension on Earth. Obviously, they were able to Copulate and Procreate as they Mated with the Human Women. Thus, it is not a Stretch of the Imagination then to confirm that such Being can also reside and conform to the inside of idols as ‘Abodes’ on Earth, as the Triangulations on Earth configure such Coordinates and Geometry, regardless of size. How so? The Idols or Temples are made out of Stone containing Quartz. Such Stones are made-up of Crystals that are Geometrically ‘Receptors’, etc.

As to the Association of Idol Worship and Temples associated with Fallen Angels and/or Demons, the Apostle Paul Warned and Exposed a Spiritual Truth. When one bows down to an Idol, one is Worshiping a Demon. How so? Demons and other Spirit Entities can abide Supernaturally, and Geometrically in Material Objects. The Tel of the ‘Face’ of Deir Alla is no different as the Temples erected then feed on such Energy Currents, to produce the ‘Star Gate’, etc. The sites were basically a Channeling Grid of Concentrated Energies that made it possible for it to be Transference Points of ‘States of Being’ for the Demons and Fallen Angels, etc. Humans, out of either Ignorance or Commitment ‘Worship’ in such Temples.

Coming Martian Savior

And through such Idols and Temples, they did so to the ‘Gods’ in how Lucifer has Deceived Humanity into thinking they came down from the Stars, Orion, the Pleiades, Vega, etc. And having such Beings display their Super Powers, Knowledge and Abilities, they were and are considered ‘Gods’ that came from the Stars to create Humanity. But most Apprehensively, is that these ‘Martian Gods’, are to return at the End of Days to ‘Save’ Humanity, i.e., the Coming AntiChrist, etc. Many would scoff at the Notion that in the 21st Century, Civilized Human Beings would still be doing this, making ‘Idols’ and bowing-down to them in Religious Worship. This is a sad case.

It is not the Stereotyped ‘Savages’ in the Jungles of Guinea or Africa that do this, although many still do, but Modern, Rational and Intelligent Humans are doing this even in Advanced and Industrialized 1st World Nations. Take for example the latest A.I., Artificial Intelligence in Japan. A Robot has been Programmed to recite the Teachings of Buddha. And Buddhist Priests and Worshipers are bowing-down to this ‘Idol’ Machine that is just Metal. Let it be repeated, Humanity has now arrived at the Place and Time where it is literally bowing-down in Religious Worship to a Machine, made by their very own Hands.

Is it any Wonder why during the 7-Year Tribulation Period, of Jacob’s Trouble, there will be such an Idol of Metal that will be infused with the ‘Breathe of Life’? And the whole World will be Worshiping it? And will it not be at such a Time, that the Balaam’s of the World will once again seek to ‘Curse’ Israel and those who will come to Faith in Jesus? This A.I. Idol will be granted such Powers by Lucifer to obtain this Worship that he so covets. It will be part of the Deception coming upon the Rebellious and Wicked World, and Wicked Balaam’s that have Sold-Out YHVH’s People and rather cast their Lot with Lucifer.

It will be part of the ‘Sign and Wonders’ these same Spiritual Beings will 1 Day reveal themselves, openly and will speak from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. And Billions on Earth will bow-down to them and their Idol and worship this ‘Image of the Beast’. It will be as in the Days of Nebuchadnezzar. Or as the Buddhist Monks are now doing with the Robot that is reciting the Sayings and Teachings of the Buddha. Such was the case with Balaam and the Stronghold of the Tel of Deir Alla. In some interpretations, Deir means ‘Sanctuary’ in Arabic as in a ‘Stronghold’. So, with all that has been presented, it is the ‘Spiritual Strongholds’ of Lucifer’s ‘Star Gates’, that Followers of Jesus Christ still have to Battle and Struggle with while the Body of Christ is still on Earth.

As the Apostle Paul taught, Contention and Warfare are not with Flesh and Blood, necessarily, but with the Spiritual Strongholds ruled by Lucifer. Such Evil Entities that Resided and Reside still, in such physical ‘Strongholds’ like that of Deir Alla on Earth and no doubt in Cydonia, Mars are the very same that seek to ‘Curse’ the Earthly People of YHVH and the Spiritual People of Jesus, the Bride of Christ specifically within the collective ‘Body of Christ’, etc. The Bible teaches however, that if one is ‘Under the Blood of Jesus’, then no Weapon forged nor curse against a Follower of Jesus.
No Divination can enter the ‘Camp’ of the Redeemed or will succeed. Why not?

It is because there is a ‘Shout of a King amongst them’. Jesus is who makes His People Holy and Invincible, so long as on continues to Confess Sin and strive to live a Holy Life as Jesus Commands. ‘Be Holy as I am Holy’. This is only possible by Yielding to the Holy Spirit and Obeying. This Aspect is not about Attaining or Maintaining one’s Salvation, but it is about Sanctification, as that is what determines one’s Degree of Glorification to come, etc. The only ‘Shout’ that will matter in the End, is the one given with the Resurrection and the Rapture of Jesus’ Bride that is to occur in this Last Generation.

In the meanwhile, such Evil Luciferian Powers of Balaam’s, Principalities, and Dominions do attempt to Curse and Defile YHVH’s National People, Israel and Jesus’ Spirit Body, the Church. Lucifer and his Minions, both Spiritual ones and Earthly ones seek to find Vantage Points of Weaknesses in YHVH’s People though, relentlessly and have had much Success, for the time being. In the current Dispensation, the War has been won by Jesus at the Cross of Calvary against the Strongman, Lucifer and his Strongholds of the Fallen Ones. But a lot of Battles, especially Personal Battles, are yet to be Fought. Some lost.

It is therefore incumbent upon Followers of Jesus, who is the true Heir of not only the Earthly Birth-Right but that of the Cosmos to be Covered and Under the Blood of Jesus, in the ‘Camp’ of His Assembly, so as to not be found ending-up like a Balaam or being Cursed or Enticed to Sin and be Defiled to the Point that a Holy and Righteous Father has to then ‘Discipline’ His Children. Such was the case at Deir Alla that one Surmises was a Sacred Site, a ‘Star Gate’ construed through a Sacred Geometric Triangulation of Temples that Mirrored that of the Cydonia, Mars one, on Earth, as it was in Mars.


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