Michigan House Bill 4471 (HB4471)

  • Who is Dr. Parks and what did she say about Shot Mandates?
  • Why are the COVID-19 Injections a growing condition to work?
  • What will the consequences be for Society divided on issue?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this report is to present a transcript of Dr. Parks, a Michigan Doctor Testifying before the Michigan House in support for HB 4471, in mid-August of 2021. It is a bill which would prohibit Businesses in the State from requiring vaccinations as a Condition of Employment. Dr. Christina Parks, who is African-American delivered powerful Expert Analysis questioning the degree to which Government is now wanting to be involved regarding what needs to go into a person’s body.

In her testimony, she basically asserts that it is unethical for the Government to mandate vaccines which, not only do not prevent Infection or Transmission, but actually appear to be weakening the Human Immune System. Dr. Parks further explains how the COVID-19 Injections do not attenuate Symptoms related to the COVID Delta variant. And this has been stated publicly by both Walensky of the CDC and Fauci.

Yet, the Main Stream Media is refusing to communicate this to the public. In fact, the Doctor says the CDC is blaming the ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ for the increase in COVID-related hospitalizations and death. And not realizing that the misinformation is not that Doctors like her are being censored for speaking-out but that it is those that have been supposedly ‘vaccinated’ that are having their Natural Immune System compromised.

She goes on to explain that PhD’s are among the most highly skeptical of the vaccine, or ‘Hesitant’ as well as African Americans who have an unvaccinated rate of 70 percent. And as can be expected, her videos in various platforms were deleted and banned. Then the ‘Fact-Checkers’ and the bought and controlled Media went overtime to label her an ‘Anti-Vaxxer’, ‘misinformation’ and attempts to discredit her testimony like so many other Doctors and Scientists have been.

My name is Dr. Christina Parks,

I received my PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology right here in the State of Michigan from University of Michigan Medical School. And so I’m very well versed in the Science of both these mRNA Gene Therapy Vaccines, this kind of technology, as well as what a vaccine is designed to do in the body, what it can do, what it cannot do.

And the fact that this is extremely complex Science that has been oversimplified in the Media to basically take away our Freedom of Choice. What I want to address today in this limited time is the fact that Vaccine Requirements and Mandates are based on the Faulty Assumption that the vaccines in question prevent Transmission of the Pathogen. Right? Does the vaccine for DTAP prevent Transmission? No. Does the vaccine for Flu prevent Transmission? No. Do the vaccines for COVID prevent transmission? No. In fact, they were never designed to do that.

All right, so you’re asking, ‘What about this 95 effectiveness?’ If you look at those Clinical Trials, they do not say that they prevent Transmission; they expressly say that they are measuring whether they ‘Attenuate Symptoms’. So they are 95% effective based on their Clinical Trials at Attenuating Symptoms for the 1st Variant, which is essentially gone in our population. Right? Now the Predominant Variant is the Delta and CDC Director Walensky basically said that these vaccines have no ability to prevent Infection by and Transmission of the Delta Variant.

So our Policy needs not to be built on the hope of what we think something we want it to do, but what the Data actually tell us. So do these…vaccines prevent the virus from infecting and replicating in the Nose and Nasopharynx? No. They have only been shown to prevent that replication in the Lungs. They are different. The Mucosa is very different than the Lungs. It is very different than the Blood. You inject it to the Blood; you make Antibodies in your Blood. The virus is not infecting your Blood, it is infecting your Mucosa and you do not produce any IGA to neutralize it.

In fact, recent studies have shown that the vaccinated, especially with the Delta Variant, and the Unvaccinated have similar amounts of virus in their Nose and Throat. In Barnstable, Massachusetts, the CDC tracked an Outbreak of 469 cases of COVID, 74% occurred in Fully-Vaccinated and 4 out of 5 of those Hospitalized were Vaccinated. Right, so maybe they are mandating this because they just did not know with the COVID…And so my main complaint is with our Health Agencies and the CDC who basically know better and are misleading the Public.

So, let us look at DTAP which the Scientists in the CDC have known since 2014 that the Acellular Pertussis Vaccine does not prevent people from getting infected with the Pertussis Bacteria and passing it to others. In fact, it was never designed to do that. The vaccine was designed to neutralize the pertussis Toxin. Pertussis, we know it as Whooping Cough; it can be fatal for Children under 6 months, so neutralizing this Toxin saves lives. All right?

I am not going to debate that, but what it does not do is neutralize the Bacteria. So what happens is Fully-Vaccinated Children go to Daycare, they pick up that Bacteria, and they come home. And they give it to their Newborn Brother, or Sister, they get deathly ill and they go to the Hospital. Hopefully our Medical Professionals are able to save them, but who do they blame? Now the CDC is blaming Anti-Vaxxers for the limitations of this Vaccine Design.

I suggest that they be transparent and tell Parents that, although it is preventing severe disease in their Children, it is not preventing Transmission because we have created a whole class of Asymptomatic Pertussis Carriers who are increasing the disease. Now, the old DTP Vaccine that many of you who are my age or older got, did prevent Transmission. When we switched to the safer Acellular Version they knew that it was never designed to prevent Transmission. It was safer, it had less Adverse Advance, but Pertussis cases have gone through the roof.

There is a resurgence in Pertussis because of the design of the vaccine and the Vaccinologists know this. They are trying to address it, and so we cannot mandate that something that does not prevent Transmission. What about the Flu Vaccine? Well, they have shown that basically there is no difference, there is no Statistical Difference if you’re Vaccinated, or Unvaccinated whether you get the Flu or not. But it is even worse, because although that 1st year it is somewhat effective. It is about 65% effective at preventing Symptoms in you. After that, it actually has negative efficacy, and I want to address this because it is very important.

Vaccines are made to a specific variant and when that variant mutates the vaccine no longer recognizes it. And so it is like you’re seeing a completely new virus, and because that is so you actually get more Severe Symptoms when you are vaccinated against one variant and then it mutates and then your body sees the other variant. So, there is the potential, and the Science shows, that in fact with the Flu, if you get vaccinated in multiple years, you are more likely to get severe disease. You are more likely to have more Viral Replication, and you are more likely to be Hospitalized, both in Adults and in Children.

We are seeing the same thing in COVID with the Delta Variant, and so we are mandating that People get a vaccine that could actually make them more sick when they are exposed to the virus. In fact, this week a Paper came out and what it showed is that with this Delta Variant, when you are vaccinated, your body makes Antibodies that are supposed to neutralize the virus. But they were supposed to neutralize the Old Variant. When they see this New Variant, what they are doing is they are actually…the Antibodies are taking the virus and helping it infect the Cells. All right?

That Science was just published this week. We need to be looking at the Science, and we need our Policy to reflect the Science, and we also need it to reflect our Rights. And so, as a PhD who knows the Science, I’m in the category of the most ‘Vaccine Hesitant’ group. Yes, PhD’s are the most Vaccine Hesitant, followed by People who have less than a High School Degree because they know what they do not know. And they do not trust their Government and many People. The other group that is very Vaccine Hesitant are African-Americans. 70% of African Americans have not taken this vaccine. Why? Because they do not trust their Government.

Do they have reason not to trust their government?

Well, between the years of 1930 in 1970, the CDC conducted the Tuskegee Experiment where they took Untreated Males with Syphilis and they refused to treat them. Even after Antibiotics became available, they still did not treat them and they did not tell them that they had Syphilis. They told those People that they were there to ‘Secure their Health’ and they did not secure their health. They abused them. You say, ‘Well that was in the past,’ although I don’t think 1970 was that long ago.

While in 2012, whistleblower William Thompson came forward and said, ‘We published a study that said MMR does not cause Autism, but we lied. In fact, we shredded Data that showed that when Black Boys are vaccinated on time, they have increased rates of Autism Diagnosis. And we shredded it and we left it out of the Paper’. As an African-American and a PhD, I want to ask each of you: are we going to exclude 70% of African-American People from the Workforce and from Education?

My Ancestors did not work this hard, I come up from a Family that worked very hard and I’m very aware that my privileges are dependent on the work of my Grandmother and my Great-Grandmother and I have great respect for these People that put me where I am, and yet you’re telling me that my Son will not be able to be educated if, based on the history of African-Americans in this country, that he does not want to be vaccinated?

So I will leave you with that question: who are we going to exclude from the Workforce? Are we going to continue with Discrimination and Segregation in the United States of America?

Thank you.


What has occurred after her testimony as opposed to other Doctors and Scientists that have essentially said the same thing, is that her videos have been ‘left alone’, for now. There was the initial ‘take down’ of them but as many complained to Google’s YouTube that she is a Cell and Molecular Doctor, some of the videos of her testimony have been restored. One wonders if it is because she is Black? As to her rhetorical questions if the USA or the Globalists want to purposely exclude certain Races from the ‘Workforce’ or ‘Education’? Yes!

This is the Plan. It is a Luciferian Eugenicist Agenda to Cull Humanity, Control all Humans and Contaminate as many with their Liquid Metal to fuse the Human Body with the Internet of Things. And as the Australian Health Chief, Kerry Chant stated that COVID will be for life and so will the need for regular Boosters in the ‘New World Order’. Such State Legislative attempts to create a forced COVID Mandate in the USA will be forthcoming as they have been in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. The difference in the USA is that the Presidential Administration is short of making a National Mandate for the COVID Injections, just yet.

Thus, the approach will be through the State Governments and Private Businesses. For example, a similar controversial attempt was made also in California. It is called a ‘Gut and Amend’. It is a deceptive legislative maneuver that would amend something else entirely as a means of fast-tracking the real intended legislation through California’s State Assembly. State Bill A.B. 455 would have repurposed legislation about Bay Area traffic to impose a statewide COVID Vaccine Mandate. As of September of 2021, it has failed, but for the moment. Sooner or later it will be incorporated with or without People knowing. In California.

Here is the example of the ‘Switch and Bait’. Originally, the Bill was meant to regulate Road Lanes and Tolls on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. But the language would mandate all types of, Public and Private Employers to fire Employees if they refuse to get a COVID-19 Vaccines. And it would have required Vaccination Proof of People to enter any type of Business Establishment. This is the type of underhanded and chilling legislation certain Legislatures have sold their Soul to, either for Campaign Money and/or Promises or for being misguided.

Such, do not fully understand how they are being used to dismantle Democracy; what is little left of it around the world. This legislative deception was introduced by Democratic Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks. She later dropped the effort after leaked drafts of her Amended Version prompted Public Backlash. It would have created a ‘Show me your Papers' type of Society. It would have made the precedence, the 1st in American History. The effort will be reintroduced with similar deceptive measures, no doubt. But this defeat is only a temporary reprieve.

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