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Probably, 1 of the most Enigmatic Riddles or Mysteries on Planet Earth, and in regard to Human History, is where on Earth was the House of ‘GOD’ or YHVH located at, and specifically in relation to Jerusalem, where is it going to be Rebuilt? It seems that 1 of the most Important Relics and Structures on Earth appears to be wrapped in Doubt that it even was erected. According to the Muslims for example, who are vying for full Control of the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, it never existed, etc. How could this Buildings’ locale, that is supposed to have ‘Housed’ GOD-In-A-Box been ‘Lost’? Or has its exact Location really been Lost? Not likely in one’s Book, literally.

One wrote a Book entitled the ‘3rd Temple’ that delves into this Mystery of where the Temple of YHVH stood, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and will again. More information about it will be in the End-Notes. One will 1st go over some Philosophical the Theological Commentaries about where one surmises the 3rd Temple will be Rebuilt. It will also pertain to the Context of the topic of how the 3rd Temple will come about as a result of the End of the Church Age. One will present the Evidence or Proof of where the 3rd Temple was, is Marked presently and will be Rebuilt.

The possible implications of why the 3rd Temple will need to be Rebuilt is contingent on how one Interprets it will have to be the last of 3 Prophetic Restitutions needed to be in place before Jesus Returns. This Restitution has literally occurred in these Last Days since World War 2. The World has seen the Restitution of the Promised Land, although not in full. Then there has been the Restitution of Jerusalem, although not in full. What is left is the Temple. One argues that such Factors have to be in place, just as Jesus left them. It is occurring even based on one’s other Working Theory that Prophetic Time is occurring or occurs in a Phi Ratio manner. How So?

Consider that Israel was ‘Reborn’ in 1948, and it was in 1949 that on November 29, Israel was officially inducted into the U.N. Family of Nations on Earth. If one applies the Phi Ratio Proportions, in terms of Time, the Timeline triangulates to 1967 with the Liberation of Jerusalem during the 6-Day War. And then the Final and 3rd Nexus will occur in 2024-2025. Will this be the Time-Frame when the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple is to begin? Why? In part, one presumes that the Dispensation of the Last Week of Daniel will have to pertain to a Time when Israel is back under the Mosaic Covenant. This is what one also Theorizes will be what is to be ‘Confirmed’ and Strengthened by the coming False Jewish Messiah Israel will accept, etc. It is about the Daily Sacrifices.

Religious Resets
So, why does the Temple have to be ‘In-Place’ after the Conclusion of the Church Age Commission? It is because it is from there and then that Jesus continues and accomplishes the 2nd Half of the Jubilee Proclamation that He did not Decree at his 1st Coming, i.e., the Wrath to come. It is also about never leaving the World without a Witness and Testimony to and about Jesus. Realize that the Temple served for only 1 Function, that was and will be to House the Ark of the Covenant. It was the Altar of Sacrifice that was needed to conduct the Daily Sacrifices. However, they are linked in that the Blood of the Lamb, at Yom Kippur had to be splattered on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant that was placed in the Holy of Holies ‘Perfect Cube’ or Tesseract within the Temple.

During the 7-Year Tribulation Period, the 144,000 Jewish Witnesses and the 2 Witnesses will be continuing in the Testimony and Witness to Jesus, not the Temple. In fact one surmises that the 3rd Temple will be used, instead by the False Jewish Messiah Figure to rally the Nations of the World around this ‘House’. It will be the Focal Point of the Worlds’ New Hybridized Religion that will be Ecumenical in nature. And that one also surmises that on the very Temple Mount, the Abraham Houses of Worship will be reconstituted in tandem with the Rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. This Endeavor will initially create ‘Peace and Security’ for Israel and the World but the AntiChrist will break this 7-Year Covenant, at the Midst of the 1260th Day, etc. 

Since 70 AD, as most Students of History and Bible Accounts accept, the Physical Temple of YHVH, the Creator, the GOD of Israel and Christians was Destroyed by the Romans. Evidently, at that Time, there was no Mystery or Quandary as to where the Temple was or stood. But where were the Blueprints that King David had given to his Son, Solomon to go by when the 1st Temple was built? Who was in charge of guarding such Temple Blueprints, handed down all the way to the 2nd Temple of Zerubbabel? Did the High Priest have them? Or the King? The Scribes? And Council of the 70 Learned Elders of Zion, as in the Sanhedrin?

Nonetheless, as the Jews, as a Nation rejected Jesus as their True Messiah, Jesus warned them that their ‘House would be left Desolate’ or Empty. And that in fact, not 1 Stone would be left upon another as the Physical Temple was leveled by the Roman Legions in 70 AD. Thereafter, the City of Jerusalem was Decimated and by the mid-300s AD, most of the Jews were Killed, Enslaved, or Exiled to the 4 Corners of the Globe, etc. So, one’s Question remains.

Who was custodian of the Temple Blueprints? Where are they? One would think, within Logic and Reason, that the most important Structure on Earth, the very ‘House of YHVH’, would just be carelessly abandoned or its Blueprints relegated to some Shelf in some U.S. Military Warehouse. Such a Scenario is not Far-Fetched. Consider that during the Rule of Josiah, that was actually the case. The House of YHVH and His Word were so neglected, that the ‘Bible’ was literally shelved and left to the Dust of Time. It was not until an intermittent ‘Revival’ during the Reign of Josiah that the Priest came across the Scrolls, in the House of YHVH and were read. 2 Kings 22.

A  Coming Covenant

As the Law and the Prophets were concerned, they were Conditional. Moses and Joshua had Reiterated what YHVH expected of Israel as they entered the Promised Land. It was about the ‘Confirming the Covenant’. It was about the Blessings and the Curses if Israel did or did not uphold their part of the Covenant, or ‘Deal’. Israel did not, for the most part, to this Day. But as to its Prophetic Typology, now that Israel is back in the Promised Land, and Jerusalem is in their Control, as well as the Temple Mount, the coming Biblical AntiChrist, who will be like Moses and Joshua will ‘Confirm’ this same Covenant. But this Covenant does not and will not ‘Save’ Israel.

This is why Jesus is to Return and why YHVH reserved the Last Week of the 70 Prophetic Years of Disciple for Israel. The Last Sabbath of Years or the 70th will correspond to the Daniel 7-Year Covenant with Death, that Israel will make with the False Moses and False ‘Joshua’, after the Church Age ends. And how that Church Age Ending occurs at its Last Day, will be with the Resurrection and Rapture Event of all those Followers of Jesus since that Pentecost of Acts 2. Now, one also has a Working Theory that one has presented over the Years that alludes to the Alternate Day Count of what Acts 2 was really all about. One argues that the Acts 2 Pentecost is not Shavuot of only the 1st Day Count of 50 Days, but rather the 2nd of the 3 50-Day Counts.

These are Factors of the Feast of the First Fruit of the New Grain, New Wine and New Oil. All that to say, that the True Pentecost of Acts 2 was thus occurring on this particular Feast of New Wine. And? One conjectures that as the Church Age started then, Technically with the Descent of the Holy Spirit, perhaps, as in a Prophetic Bookend, the Church Age will End on such an Anniversary. What Year? That is the next Mystery and Piece of the Puzzle yet to be fully realized.

But, as the Years approach the Prophetic End of the 2 Day or 2000-Year Allotment for the Church Age, in one’s Interpretation, one does also have a Working Theory. It is that perhaps, the Rapture Year could be 2024 to then suggest a 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline of when the 3rd Temple comes into Focus shortly thereafter. So, as to where will the 3rd Temple be built? Well, in one’s Estimation, it is not a matter of if but when as the saying goes. And no, the Temple will not be built in the Lower Quarter of what is the City of David. In fact, since the mid-2010s, the Pool of Siloam has been located. And that alone should dispel the City of David Temple Location Theory.

The Pool is where that Crippled Man was at and that for 38 Years, could not get into the Pool, when the Angel came to stir it up that produced Healing Properties. It was also from that Locale that the Ascent to the Temple began that led to the Double Gates and the Triple Gates on the Southern End of the Temple Platform. There Notice the Year Factor given in Scripture. This is an  important Clue. If one’s other Working Theory is that the Crucifixion Year was in 32 AD, then by adding the 38 Year Factor of Israel being ‘Lame’, that would result in when the 2nd Temple, called Herod’s at the Time for having Refurbed it, would be 70 AD. That is the exact Year the Temple was Destroyed.

32 AD + 38 Year Factor = 70 AD

Way back to the House
Once the Pilgrims were Ceremonial Washed or ‘Clean’, they would ‘Ascend-Up’ to the House of the LORD and sing all those Songs of Ascent. They then would also enter the Temple Platform through what is now called the Robinson’s Arch. That Entry led directly to the Top of the Platform and to the Colonnade. That is 1 of the places Jesus would Teach and Preach and the 120 Disciples met, regularly after the Resurrection of Jesus. In fact, one’s other Working Theory is that it was in the House of YHVH, not the Upper Room where that Acts 2 Pentecost Event occurred, in the Temple Precinct, etc. Continuing, the 3rd Temple will not be where the Dome of the Rock Muslim Shine is at presently.

There will be no need to ‘Destroy’ it or have an Earthquake demolish it, as many Religious Jews and Zionist Christian pray for. What one has presented over the Years is that based on several Factors, that one will compile here in this write-up, the actual Spot of where the Holy of Holies was, is presently Marked and will be Rebuilt, based on one’s Research. That ‘Spot’ is over the Dome of the Tablets as some have rightly Suspected. However, there has been ‘No Proof’. Well, at least released to the General Public. One surmises that Lucifer and his Fallen Angels know exactly where the Holy of Holies once stood and will just before Jesus Returns, etc. And in one’s Estimation, the Luciferians that will be Rebuilding the Temple do know as and have the Blueprints.

Now it is argued that the Temple Institute does have those Blueprints literally. And they have made them Public. But their Supposition is that the Temple was and will be over the Dome of the Rock. Perhaps they are saying that now, either as a deliberate Disinformation Strategy or they will be Corrected by the coming AntiChrist and False Prophet. It will ultimately be they who will direct Israel’s Reconstituted Sanhedrin on the precise Place, over the Dome of the Tablets, etc. Its alternate Name is the Dome of the Spirit. Now are not those 2 Names befitting of what characterizes the Location of the Holy of Holies, in terms of how the 2 Tablets of the Law were ‘Housed’ in the very Ark of the Covenant?

And how over the Mercy Seat, the ‘Shekinah Glory’ or Cloud of the Presence of YHVH on Earth radiated from in-between the 2 Cherubim Angels that flanked the Ark of the Covenant? The Ark was a Throne Chair and a Facsimile of what is really the True Type found and existing in Heaven itself. The original Blueprints for this Ark, the Temple, its Furnishings and Courtyard were given to Moses by YHVH during the Exodus Event, etc. One will thus be compiling the following Compelling Evidence, if not Proof, of what one has already presented before over the Decades into this Type of Research, of where will the 3rd Temple be built?

There will be 4 major Pieces of Evidence that one will be presenting. They constitute the following Perspectives that will be accompanied by Chart Illustration and/or Links online for a visual representation to get a better comprehension of what that entails. The 1stt Piece of Evidence will be based on the Astronomical Correlations to how Old Jerusalem is configured to the Star-Gates of Orion. And how the Constellation of Taurus, specifically with the Pleiades ‘Ley-Line’ confirms the Dome of the Tablets.


Then the 2nd Piece of Evidence will consist of the Mathematical Factors that one already has alluded to since Israel’s Birth in 1948. This Mathematical Factor is contingent upon the Phi Ratio Pattern and Theory. Then the 3rd Piece of Evidence will be based on the Topographical Evidence one has presented before of how there are Clues as to how far the Temple was said to be from a certain designated Land Marker, etc. Lastly, the 4th Piece of Evidence will be Scriptural. In this case, it will be shown now certain Spots mentioned specifically in the New Testament referenced the Temple at the Time of Jesus.

1. Astronomical
The following are 2 Charts that demonstrate the Amazing Relationship and Correspondence, Astronomically of how the Temple of YHVH was configured to the Star-Gates of the Constellations. In particular, the preeminent Constellation is that of Orion. Its Celestial Motif exactly matches the Gates of Jerusalem. But with pin-point correspondence, the Belt Star of Mintaka matches the Spot, over the Dome of the Tablets that one is arguing was where the Holy of Holies was, is Marked and will be during the Tribulation Period.

Chart LINK: Temple Orion Jerusalem Star-Gates

The 2nd Astronomical Correspondence pertains to the Star Cluster of the Pleiades. These 7 Maidens or referred to as the 7 Daughters of Atlas and the Congregation of the Judge are found in the Constellation of Taurus. In this case, they are also representing the 7 Branch Menorah Lights that are held in the Hands of Jesus, per the Imagery presented in the Book of Revelation. Based on this Constellation Correspondence the Pleiades Ley Line, Astronomically correlates to the exact Spot over the Holies where the actual Golden Menorah once stood that lit-up the Holies with the House of YHVH.

Chart LINK: Temple Pleiades Ley-Lines


Sacred Patterns of Heaven on Earth
What is Heaven like? Many have had Out of Body Death Experiences and Describe Heaven with the Most Pleasant of Sights, Smells, Animals, Scenery, etc. But in terms of its Structure, how is it Configured? What Measurement Standard is being used? Now one realizes that this will not be possible to Ascertain. But are there Clues as to how it is Configured and what are its Dimensions, perhaps? Yes. Biblically Speaking, the Bible does provide a Patchwork of Data Points that this Book will seek to Investigate and Present as Evidence.


2. Mathematical
The next Piece of Evidence of where the Holy of Holies was located, deals with the Square of the Temple Platform. How so? If one superimposes the Phi Ratio, the Square that encompasses the Dome of the Rock, at its Center, along with the Edge of the al Aqsa Mosque and then the Dome of the Tablets, the Fulcrum of the Phi Ratio Spiral, depicted for a Visual corresponds exactly to the Dome of the Tablets. The following Chart will show that as well as other Charts, this Phi Ratio Template. One is convinced it is also a Factor when taking all of Old Jerusalem and applying this Mathematical Template. The Book linked below will have several Chapters on this phenomenon.

Phi Ratio

Chart LINK: Temple-Ark-of-Covenant


Blood Moon Omens
The purpose of this Book is to provide a Retrospective and Comprehensive study of the Tetrad and Blood Moon Sequences that occurred since 1949 that suggest a Prophetic Reconstitution of Israel, the End of the Church Age, and Start of Daniel’s 70th Week. The various studies provided will look back at how the Blood Moon Phenomena sparked a renewed interest in Biblical Prophecy of the Last Days.


3. Topographical

Sabbath Walk
This next Piece of Evidence has to do with how in Acts 1, 9-11, there is the Account of the Ascension of Jesus on the Mount of Olives. That Spot is now commemorated by the Church of the Dome of the Ascension. That is from where Jesus left Earth and will return to Earth on the Day of the Battle of Armageddon. That will be the Last Day, the 2520th Day of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. But the Evidence is how the Temple was referenced in being a Sabbath Journey from that exact Spot.

Thus, if one uses modern GPS Distance Measurement to determine what that Sabbath Day Distance was, then the Temples’ Locale could be identified. This is of course based on what constitutes a Sabbath Journey. That was the Limit a Jew could ‘Lawfully’ walk within the Day and not be considered, ‘Breaking the Sabbath’. Given this Working Theory, that Sabbath Journey is considered to be around 3000 Feet or 911 Meters. And guess what Spot does that exactly correspond to? The Distance from the Spot of the Ascension of Jesus to the Dome of the Tablets is roughly 3000 Feet or 911 Meters.

Chart LINK: Temple Sabbath Journey


Garden of Eden's Location and Restoration
The purpose of this Book is to investigate and ascertain the possible Geographical Location of the Garden of Eden. The Presumption is that certain Locations in the Middle East as in Temples, Ziggurats, Pyramids and Cities, both Ancient and Modern have been built perhaps on the very Ley-Lines of the Dimensions of Paradise or Eden itself. This study assumes that 'Paradise' had existed Geographically, if the Bible Account of Genesis is to be taken Literally.


4. Scriptural

Olivet Discord
The last Piece of Evidence concerning where the Temple of YHVH stood, is Marked in one’s Opinion, and will be during the Tribulation Period has to do with the Commentary of how the Temple was directly referenced in the New Testament. Its Locale was Topographically related to being exactly and directly opposite the Mount of Olives. This is stated plainly in Mark 13:3. This sets the Stage for Jesus’ famous Olivet Discourse that is also detailed in Matthew 24. And of which also has the Central Theme of how the Future Temple would be ‘Desolate’ by the Abominable Act of the AntiChrist False Messiah desecrating it by going into the House of YHVH, the rebuilt 3rd Temple, Standing there in the Holy of Holies but then most dramatically, sitting on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies.

'Do you see all these Great Buildings? Jesus replied. Not 1 Stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.
While Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives opposite the Temple, Peter, James, John, and Andrew asked Him privately, Tell us, when will these Things happen? And what will be the Sign that they are about to be fulfilled?’ -Mark 3:2-4

The Olivet Discourse basically consisted of a Prophetic Outline or Blueprint that would involve the Restitution of 3 Factors that have to be in place before Jesus' 2nd Coming. The Factors disclosed by Christ start with the Temple, then Jerusalem and end with Israel. Christ foretold that these 3 Factors would be Destroyed, in that precise Order. The Olivet Discourse went on to disclose that miraculously, the same would involve a Reinstitution, but in Reversed Order at the End of Days signaled by the budding of the Fig Tree.


As one can assess, these 4 main Factors of Evidence, although Circumstantial but Compelling lends Credence to one’s Theory of where the Temple or House of the Creator, YHVH once stood, is Marked currently but will be Rebuilt for the Tribulation Period. This Assertion is a Bold Proclamation in stating that ‘I know where the 3rd Temple is going to be built’.

But is because, based on the 4 Factors and 4 Books written on the Topic of the End Times, to include Correlations using Astro-Archaeology, Sacred Gematria, GPS Satellite Imagery and Scripture, one has nonetheless presented one’s best attempt in solving, perhaps 1 of the greatest Enigmas of Human History, Archeology, Religion and Eschatology. But one cannot say, nor ‘Prove’ with 100% Guarantee that the Dome of the Tablets will be that Spot. Time will always tell the Truth.

The following is a PowerPoint Presentation of what one had Researched pertaining to the True Location of the Temple of YHVH. It does not include these 4 Factors discussed in this Write-Up.

PowerPoint: 3rd Temple Location

Online 3rd Temple Resource Webpage




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