A 3.5 Gap of Time Theory 2025-2032

  • What is Shemini Atzeret all about on this Feast?
  • Could this Feast play be the start of the Tribulaiton?
  • Is there a Gap of Time of Rapture and the Tribulation?

by Luis B. Vega
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Will the Rapture Event occur or can it occur on a Shemini Atzeret? YHVH can do as He pleases to have the Rapture Call occur at any Time and Place. However, if Prophecy is Pattern, then not likely that the Rapture Event is Imminent. One believes that the best Feast, if all that the Rapture Event has to occur, correlated to a Feast of YHVH, is Pentecost. One does not believe in the ‘Imminence’ of the Rapture. Why not? One is more convinced that the Rapture Event is tied to when the Holy Spirit came down and started the Church Age. And that logically then, the Church Age is to conclude its Commission on such a similar Day. It is as in the Beginning and an End type of Pattern.

And one is has written that the Rapture is tied to the Harvest Typology of a Summer White Wheat Wedding. This pertains to the 2nd Count of a 49 Day Count to correspond to the Feast of New Wine that one is also convinced is what the Event of Acts 2 was and is all about. This is to insinuate that as GOD the Holy Spirit came down upon the 120 Followers of Jesus at the Temple Precinct, not the Upper Room, the Collective Empowerment of the Body of Christ was there and then ‘Energized’ with the Sealing of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Logic is that when the Call comes for the Bride to be Evacuated from the Wrath to come, it will likewise lift-up corporately, as with now all those that will constitute the Body of Christ that have, collectively the Holy Spirit or the Restrainer that is Restraining.

This is to further insinuated that once the Restrainer is ‘set aside’, that is when thereafter the AntiChrist can only be Revealed. And this then sets the Stage for the Working to finalize the New Luciferian World Order that can only be Finalized after the Rapture Event. This is why one does believe in a Gap Theory of just perhaps 1 Year to have the 3rd Temple Build and the Ashes of the Red Heifer procured and applied to the Temple Mount. This will have to be done to ensure the Daily Sacrifice and all those Offering of the Jews and Israel are ‘Koser’.

This is why, presently the Orthodox forbid the Average Jews from going up to the Temple Mount, but for those exemptions to some Orthodox Jews do, and in many cases with bare Feet as to not desecrate the Temple Precinct. Why? It is because they Realize that they are not Kosher after the Destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. But once the Rapture Event occurs and the AntiChrist comes on the Scene, in his own Name, the Sanhedrin will ‘Accept’ him as Jesu warned. And it is he that will be recognized as the Jewish Messiah that will then sanction the Temple. One believes it will coincide with the Confirming of the Covenant that will be with the Many, as in the Many Rabbi, L’Rabbim or the Sanhedrin that will in some way supersede the Judicial and Civil Laws of Israel.

Daniel 9:27
In other Words, their Religious Law will now be the Law of the Land. And that will apply to Non-Jews as well. No longer will the Nation of Israel be a Secular and Liberal Nation. So, one is more convinced that that the beginning of the Daily Sacrifice is what initiates the specific Day Count of the Prophecy of Daniel to conclude the 70 Years of Israel’s Judgment and Discipline. It is not the Rapture and it is not even the building of the 3rd Timple, etc. And one has proposed the Theory that the Daily Sacrifices will comments on the Sabbath of Beginning on the Week wherein the Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah is performed.

It will be the Day, a Sabbath that perhaps then the AntiChrist will take out the Ark of the Covenant and Parade it before Israel and the World to see, in ‘Confirming’ the Covenant with the Many Rabbi, as in the 70 Elders that made-up the Sanhedrin by the Way and then sanction the Daily Sacrifices. This in turn will commence the 2 Segments of Time of both 1260 Days each to conclude the Last Week of Years that Israel owes YHVH for not allowing the Promised Land to have it Sabbath Year Rests, etc. So, all that to say is that one would see the Rapture event not occur on a Simchat Torah Sabbath, but rather that it would correlated, more logically to the Start of the 7-Year Tribulation.

And that the Rapture would be occurring at a Summer Wheat Harvest Time prior, perhaps about 1 Year before to give enough time for the AntiChrist to be Revealed and orchestrated the Details of their Luciferian Globalist Reset in preparation to Mark Humanity with the Mark of the Beast that is now even in the works, technologically, etc. Now leading to all that, One sees there is a Connection with the October 14 Wedding Ring Eclipse. You all know that as one is looking and is ‘Fixed’ on that Summer White Wheat Wedding Season for the Rapture, perhaps in 2024, the start of the Tribulation Period is the other Working Theory that is kicked-off at a Shemini Atzeret Time-Frame.

More precisely, the Sabbath after the Simchat Torah Event, on the 9th Day that is after Shemini Atzeret. We have discussed this Feast, the 8th Day of Assembly in Years prior. One thinks that there is something to it. However, in some Jewish Communities, there is a 9th Day. This is due to how some Jews observe the Simchat Torah. It is the Day after Shemini Atzeret, etc. This is the Day that the Jews would gather around the Temple and the King would Reiterate the Law, in the Custom of how Moses did it, and then Solomon, and then Ezra and Nehemiah, etc. They would essentially ‘Confirm’ the Covenant with the ‘Many’. One is convinced this is what the coming AntiChrist will literally also do a Solomon 2.0.

According to Research, Simchat Torah or Simhat Torah שִׂמְחַת תּוֹרָה‎, means the Rejoicing with/of the Torah. It is a Jewish Holiday that Celebrates and Marks the Conclusion of the Annual Cycle of Public Torah Readings, and the Beginning of a New Cycle. Simchat Torah is a component of the Biblical Jewish Holiday of Shemini Atzeret the Eighth Day of Assembly. It follows immediately after the Festival of Sukkot in the Month of Tishrei that occurring in September or October on the Gregorian Calendar. The main Celebrations of Simchat Torah take place in the Synagogue ‘House of Worship’ Assembly during the Evening and Morning Services.

Confirmation of the Covenant

In many Orthodox as well as many Conservative Congregations, this is the only time of Year on which the Torah Scrolls are taken out of the Ark, the ‘Bema Seat’ and read at Night. In the Morning, the Last Parashah of Deuteronomy and the First Parashah of Genesis are read in the. On each occasion, when the Ark is opened, the Worshippers leave their Seats to Dance and Sing with the Torah Scrolls in a Joyous Celebration that can last for several Hours. The Morning Service is also uniquely characterized by the Calling-Up of each Member of the Congregation for an ‘Aliyah’.

Notice that it is essentially a ‘Confirmation’ of the Covenant of the Law and the Prophets. One is more convinced that the  ‘Many’ are pertaining to the Word, L’Rabbim or that of ‘More than 1 Rabbi’, as in the ’70 Elders of Zion’, etc. So, all that to say, that for 2025, when one surmises the 2025-2032 possible Tribulation Period, Shemini Atzeret in that Year, going by the Torah Calendar and not the Rabbinical one, is on October 14, 2025. Here is the Wedding Ring Eclipse of the ‘Body of Christ’ Connection. So, from the 14-15th would be that 8th Day. Then the 15-16th of October in 2025, would be the 9th Day or Simchat Torah.

One has presented the Theory before that then on the 17-18th, where the 18th is on the Sabbath of that Week, is when the 1st Daily Sacrifice is to be made, being performed after the ‘Covenant’ is Confirmed. And? Well, this is where one’s Tribulation Timeline factors in with the Daniel and Revelation 1260+1260 Day Count. One has presented this possible Prophetic Scenario and Timeline before in the following Calculation. The Sabbath of the 18th in 2025 is called ‘Shabbat Mevarekhin’. It is about a ‘Beginning’, or Bere’shiyt. What better Day than to ‘Begin’ the Daily Sacrifices, no? It is the last Sabbath before the New Moon in that Cycle.

It would be most appropriate to begin the Sacrifices then and there, in one’s Supposition. Consider that just prior, assuming a 3.5 Year Gap from Passover 2022 to Rosh HaShanah 2025, the Ashes of the Red Heifer would have been procured and applied to the Temple Mount and making ALL of Israel ‘Kosher’ now to present the Daily Offering for Sin, etc. This means that the Geo-Political Conditions would be such, that a Replicated Delineation of the Abraham Houses would be Sanctioned on top of the Temple Mount. That is that the 3 Main Houses of Abraham’s Faith, that of Judaism, Islam and Christianity will be used by the ‘New Solomon’ to bring Peace and Security, not only to the Middle East, but to the whole World, initially.

All 3 would each have their ‘House’ as it has been done in Abu Dhabi, etc. But at the Center would be the House of YHVH or the Rebuilt 3rd Temple, with the Ark of the Covenant rolled-out and placed in the Holy of Holies. Well, as previously conjectured, it will be at this Time and Place that the False Jewish Messiah, i.e., the AntiChrist that the Synagogue of Satan or the Sanhedrin will be accepting him in his own Name, will have Sanctioned the Building of the Temple and of the Commencement of the Daily Offerings now being made on the Altar of Sacrifices, etc. And? Well, here is the Day Count as presented. Consider one’s other Working Theory, about how one in also more convinced that the Present Time is currently going through a 3.5 Gap of Time.

Modern Israel’s Birth – To the Day
The following is taken from a Presentation Lecture Series by the Late Grant Jeffrey. It shows the Year Counts of how, precisely the Year 1948 was 100% a fulfilment of the Prophecy of Ezekiel, chapter 4, to the Day on May 14 of that Year. It is the Prophecy that YHVH instructed Eziekiel not only to Preach it but to Mime it. This was the occasion that Ezekiel laid on this side on account of the Disobedience of both Israel and Judah, etc. However, based on one’s Calculations, there is a 2-Day Discrepancy.

Ezekiel was instructed to lay on each side for the following concerning the House of Israel. The total Summation of Years was 430 Years, that is 390 + 40, etc.

1) 390 Days for at least 1 Hour/Day   House of Israel            Left Side
2) 40 Days for at least 1 Hour/Day     House of Judah           Right Side

Since both Houses did not Repent, YHVH then factored-in the 7-Hold Allotment of Years from the original Decree of Discipline. What happened was that the 10 Northern Tribes were taken by the Assyrian King Sennacherib. Then the Southern Kingdom of Judah was Exiled to Babylon.

But in -536 BC, Cyrus the Great, the Persian that took over Babylon allowed the Jews to Return. Here then is this Mathematical Factor that Grant Jeffrey’s surmised. However, it is Recorded by other sources that the Decree was made and the Start Date was actually July 23, -537 BC.

 -537 BC – 7 Years = 100 Year Factor

Consider that the Ezekiel Prophesied of how Israel was to be Punished for 430 Years speaks to how the ‘Jews’ that have Returned to the Promised since 70 AD are the ‘People’ of the Bible. Sure, there are Jews that Jesus warned are not Jews, but are the Synagogue of Satan.

However, after the 70 Year Captivity in Babylon, YHVH brought Judah back to the Promised Land as He has done now with the Roman Diaspora. Nonetheless, the Ezekiel Decree of Discipline was to be a 7-Fold Decree of Years from the 430 Year Markert. This is according to Leviticus 26. Thus consider the following Year Counts.

430 Year Decree of Disciple per Ezekiel – 70 Years in Babylon equals 360 Years
Then you take the 360 Biblical Years x the 7-Fold Disciple =  2520 Years or 907,200 Days

This Year Count is equal to 907,200 Days. Thus, from the End of the Babylonian Captivity in -536 BC + 907,200 Days = 1948.

July 23, -537 BC to May 14, AD 1948 (2 Day Difference)

= 2483 Years, 9 Months 21 Days
= 129,599 Weeks 5 Days
= 907,198 Days

Using July 21, -537 BC to May 14, AD 1948 
= 2483 years, 9 months 23 days
= 129,600 weeks 0 days
= 907,200 days


Is it going to lead-up to the start of Tribulation Period on October 18, 2025? It is purely Conjecture and a Guess. But realize that the 923 Factor is based on the Rabbinical Calendar. So, more study is required to see how the Torah and Rabbinical Calendars will or can be Synchronized. But it is rather intriguing that the Sabbath after Simchat Torah for 2025, could be the literal ‘Confirming the Covenant’, And in that case, it will be that of Moses with the ‘Many Rabbim’, i.e., the Sanhedrin. If one the adds 1260 Days, it equals Passover, March 31/April 1, 2029.

Day before Passover Eve: April 13, 2022 + 1260 Days?
= Tishrei 1, 5786 = September 23, 2025 (923 Code)

This is what one then conjectures is the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period wherein the same AntiChrist who Ordained the Daily Sacrifices, then stops them. And? This is where Astronomically the Revelation 12 is fulfilled in the Sky as Jupiter only returns on that Year, 2029.And that is when the AntiChrist enters the Temple of YHVH and sits on the Ark of the Covenant, demanding now that the Worship be directed at Him, as God. This is the Place and Time wherein Jesus warned the Remnant Jews to flee Israel. This is Exodus 2.0.

It is then where the 2nd Great Sign is to appear, in one’s Interpretation which one surmises is Astronomically the Appearing at this Pace and time of Planet X with its 7 Planets, etc. But Prophetically, it is then Lucifer by way of the AntiChrist, like a Red Dragon that will Persecute, en masse anyone not worshiping him, i.e., the Mark of the Beast, etc. So, these are one’s Thoughts in regard to the October 14 Wedding Ring Eclipse and Shemini Atzeret, and then Simchat Torah plays into one’s conjectured Scenario.

And that the 2nd Half of the 1260 Day Count from that October 18 Sabbath + 2520 Days corresponds to the ‘Sabbath of Return’ on September 11, 2032. Of course, this Scenario is predicated on the Torah Calendar Day Count that one is not 100% Confident is accurate. Why not? For example, if one compares it to the Essene or other Solar Based Calendars, it is at least 2 Days off as the Fall Equinox would denote the 1st Day of Fall and the New Year and Month of the Civil New Year.

And to be fair, there is a 6 Day Discrepancy that one cannot Reconcile as this Timeline would not have Jesus Return on the very Day of Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets. But if Prophecy is Pattern and one’s other Working Theory is that when Jesus returns, it will be the 2nd Half of the Jubilee Decree. This would mean that the Sabbath of Return in 2032, would correspond to the very Sabbath Day that Jesus stood-up to Read that Portion of Isaiah 61 and Decree the Jubilee, on a very Sabbath of the Week.




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