A Correlation of Year-To-Meaning Study 2022-2029

  • Is there a correlation between Strong's Numbers and Years?
  • Does a Year-to-Meaning study suggest the Year of the Rapture?
  • If so, what does the timeline 2022-2029 suggest is conveying?

by Luis B. Vega
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Eventually, just on the Law of Probability, one day, a proposed Rapture Date will coincide. Not one to judge any other’s predictions or calculations about the Rapture date, but it is unknowable. What is the difference between such and one like myself and/or that seeks to study the Rapture time sequence?

I for one, only suggest a possible ‘Season’ and do not go beyond Scripture and only what is given as pieces of the puzzle. But one can never say with 100% certainty. No one can. That is why is hesitated in even sharing this Dream about the 723 that could possibly be tied to the Rapture. It is the only time I have ever shared this, and do feel uncomfortable because in my boo, in doing so, then one has crossed over onto the ‘Wild Side’! Thanks Bob. But maybe sometimes a ‘walk on the wild side’ is needed? Nope. Lol Just to say to be careful of the teachings coming from that channel.

It is very interesting though as around this time of the Feast Cycles, the Watchers do start to pick-up on the prophetic type of Tu B’Av or the Jewish ‘Valentines Day’. And that it occurs on the Full Moon. Did not Gary or Jeff at Unsealed.org write-up that if and when the Rapture does take place, that it would be at a Full Moon? Well, as mentioned, the ‘dream’/vision did/does seem interesting and perhaps a prompting but maybe it is a dress rehearsal run-through or to suggest the Season or Time is near.

This time last year, precisely we had also discussed the Prophetic implications and types of the Minor Feast. It is a type of the Rapture, for sure… literally as the Maidens dancing in the Vineyards were ‘snatched’ away, etc. We’ll have to see what pans-out on the 23rd. The Feast does start on that 23rd Sunset, if one counts and goes by the Jewish day count. I read the article about Tu B’Av, the 15 of Av and how it officially starts the Grape Harvest to end on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. It lends credence to how then ‘when Pentecost fully came’ was then the Feast of New Wine. So, I really like all the prophetic correlations as you mentioned.


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Unmasking the Luciferian Façade

  • Is there a clandestine network of abducting Children worldwide?
  • What are Innocent Children used for in Satanic Rituals?
  • Is there any hope such Luciferian Networks will come to Justice?

Repost by Luis B. Vega
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‘They have conquered him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their Testimony. And they did not love their Lives so as to shy away from Death. Therefore rejoice, O Heavens, and you who dwell in them! But woe to the Earth and the Sea; with great fury the Devil has come down to you, knowing he has only a Short Time.’ -Revelation 12:11-12

Dedicated to the innocent countless Men, Women and Children that are abused by Sick Perverted Pedophiles. Dedicated to the Fight against Organized Satanic Forces that have been defeated by the work of Jesus Christ. And dedicated to the Survivors of their Ritualistic Abuse and Murder.

We See You.

The Scales have fallen from our Eyes.
The Veil has drifted down from the Sky.
Meandering firmly finally Revealing.
Your depth of Depravity that's Fear you're now Feeling.

We See You.

Your Demonic Bloodlust laid bare to See.
The Statue of Filth on the BBC.
The Prince and the Madam, the Crisper Spy.
The Islands of Horrors in the Ocean lie.

We See You.

A Billion Souls stolen over the Years.
You hid them deep down to drown their Tears.
Perfect and Innocent, GOD's own Creations.
Mutilated by your Sick Machinations.

We See You.

Vlad the Impaler and his Vile Descendants.
Fleeing the Palace from the 5D Ascendants.
The Virus distracted but gave us the Time.
To peel back the Layers of your Heinous Crimes.

We See You.

Run, run as fast as you can.
Back for more orders from the Phoenician Clan.
Out of White Rabbit the Looking Glass Cracked.
Tipping Point reached, odds against you now Stacked.

We See You.

Pizza and Hot Dogs Pasta and Sauce.
Your Sickness Decoded, your lack of Remorse.
Our Slumber is over, our Eyes not Wide Shut.
For the Children of Haiti, a Knife to your Gut.

We See You.

Ascension is powered by the Light of the Flare.
Scramble like Rats to the Ruins of your Lairs.
It's over, it's over, Save our Children! We cry.
Revealed, Reviled, it's your Soul's Time to Die.

We See You.

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The Mark Attwood Show Adventures in a Cosmic Suit


Mark is a lifelong Truther, Entrepreneur, Poet and Father to 5.

Location: Ireland

Mark Attwood with Jeanette Archer on Satanic Ritual Abuse.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/kI6Nhrttb6Tb/n 26/6/21

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