Pseudo Blood Moon Tetrad of 2021-22

  • What are the next series of Blood Moons about and mean?
  • Do the Blood Moons pose a prophetic omen against Israel?
  • What is unique about where the Blood Moons of 2021-22 occur?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘I will show Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The Sun will be turned to Darkness and the Moon to Blood before the coming of the Great and Awesome Day of the LORD. And everyone who calls on the Name of the LORD will be saved; for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be deliverance, as the LORD has promised, among the Remnant called by the LORD.’ -Joel 2:30-32

The purpose of this study is to depict the May 26, 2021 Super Blood Moon that will occur in-between the ‘claws’ of Scorpio. What is perhaps astronomically significant about this Blood Moon is that it begins a series of 4 that occur in May and November in 2021 and in 2021. Technically, this series of 4 consecutive Blood Moons would be called a Tetrad but the 2nd Blood Moon will not be a Total Lunar one but a Partial one. Nonetheless, this study will suggest that this Celestial Nexus is a Sign for Israel. And an ominous one as Blood Moons are considered Bad Omens by the Old Jewish Sages.

This study suggests that Israel will be put in a ‘Crucible’ to test its resolve and to refine it as a possible prelude to the Tribulation Period. The following is the lineup that starts this prelude with the 1st one in the series, being a Super Moon, meaning that the Moon is closest to the Earth when the Lunar Eclipse occurs. This Moon is called a Super Moon because it happens to coincide with the Moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit, also known as a Perigee. Typically, the Moon is about 240,000 miles from Earth, but when it is closest to the Earth due to not having a ‘perfect’ circular orbit but one that is Elliptical, it will be about 222,000 miles from Earth, making it seem larger than normal.

YEAR              DATE              TIME UT         TYPE               SIGN

1. 2021            May 26           11:19:53         
Total                Scorpio
2. 2021            Nov 19            09:04:06          Partial             Taurus
3. 2022            May 16           04:12:42         
Total                Scorpio-Libra
4. 2022            Nov 08            11:00:22         
Total                Aries

According to what has already been written, the Super Moon of May 26, 2021, is called the ‘Flower Moon’. It comes from the Native Americans. The only possible relevance to Israel would be that as a Modern Nation, it has arrived at its 73rd year Anniversary since 1948. If the Fig Tree Parable is valid, and this is the Generation to see the return of Jesus, then the ‘Flower’, being Israel has ‘fully blossomed’ and matured then. Why the Moon is called, a ‘Blood Moon’ is because when there is a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is on the far side, in the shadow of the Earth, which is in the middle with the Sun on the opposite side. The shadow makes the Moon appear to have a red hue. The Penumbra is a lighter part of the Earth’s shadow and just starts to dim the Moon a bit.

Trial by Fire and Blood

The partial phase of a Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon touches the Earth’s Umbra, or the darkest section of the Earth’s Shadow. As to a prophetic meaning then? With the ever-increasing violence and flare-ups in the Middle East, in particular as it relates prophetically between Israel and the Muslim Palestinians, it might indeed suggest a squeezing of Israel that appears to be in the ‘Vice-Grip’ of a coming ‘Bloody Trial’, the Tribulation. As it is, the Biden Administration is not so-much forthcoming in Israel’s support. The Financial Aid to the Palestinians has been restored and Biden has essentially reinvigorated the Iran Nuclear Deal that Trump had withdrawn from.

The Muslims, seeing the Political Advantage as well as being egged-on by Iran and Turkey are taking advantage of their perceived weakness of Biden and a euphemism of the decline and irrelevance of the USA no longer being a Super Power Broker of ‘Peace and Security’ in the Middle East. The Palestinians are looking to Iran and Turkey regardless of the apprehension of their Moderate Arab Brethren like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates. Such see Iran as a bigger threat going nuclear than Israel that already is. It should be noted that the Palestinian cry is ‘Free Palestine’. They should be saying that, not of Israel but of their own Political and Religious Leadership.

Since the U.N. Partition Plan of 1947, it has been they that have rejected the original 2 State Solution. Since 1948, the constant war against Israel has been a sad state of affairs in how Palestinians have lost face and favor with most of the world in how they chose a path of Terrorism in an excuse to have a ‘State of their own’. In every political effort to come to a nexus of relinquishing ‘Land for Peace’, the Palestinians have gone back on their word and continue to attack Israel’s civilian population, indiscriminately. Israel gave back the Sinai Peninsula, gave back Gaza and has allowed the West Back to be essentially Autonomous. Yet, the deal was, ‘No more violence’! No more barrage of rocket attacks, no more border infiltration, murdering, stabbing and killing of Israelis.

This has not stopped the Palestinians, and the point is that it will not stop, no matter how much Promised Land the Jews ‘give back’. The point is that the Palestinians do not want a Jewish State, side-by-side in ‘Peace and Security’. And perhaps the pseudo-Tetrad of 2021-22 is indicating as a Celestial Sign that Israel is in for an intense situation that will be pressed-out. How so? Consider where the Blood Moon pseudo-Tetrad starts? It is in the midst of the ‘Claws’ of Scorpio. In the ancient rendition of the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac, Scorpio was part of a Star depiction that rendered it a Dragon.

Then later on it took the form of an Eagle. In general, regardless of the Celestial Motif, the meaning of the Star’s names has been the same, that of the ‘Enemy Under Foot’. Scorpio represents the ‘Enemy’ of YHVH and thus also of His People, both the Earthly and Spiritual ones. Scorpio is one of the 4-Star Markers of the Quadrants of the Universe. It is part of the motif that is found mirrored from the very Throne of YHVH in Heaven. There is the Lion, the Man, the Eagle and the Bull, etc. These are the divine representation of the Messiah, Jesus and His 4 facets. They are a depiction of His nature and mission, etc. These 4 aspects also show how the 4 Gospels of the New Testament explain Jesus’ dimensions; that of a Man, a King, a Servant and GOD, etc.

War of the Seeds

The Sign of Scorpio also echoes the Eternal Struggle that is presently taking place on Earth as it is in Heaven; that is seen between the Jews and the Palestinians in how it is about the Birth Right, the Promised Land, the Inheritance and Blessings of GOD, etc. No small matter. It is essentially, ‘Winner Takes All’. This prophetic echo of a war and struggle is seen in Genesis 3:15 where the ‘War of the Seeds’ is declared by YHVH. It is between the Seed of the Woman, Jesus and the Seed of the Serpent, Lucifer, which will eventually be also a Man, that is the coming AntiChrist. But sadly, this Man of Sin will be the one Israel will cling to for deliverance from the coming Crucible and bloodshed. But he will only promise a temporarily relief as Israel will be double-crossed and betrayed by this False Messiah Savior.

Astronomically, amazingly, the celestial depiction of Scorpio is one in which his Stinger is puncturing the heel of Ophiuchus, the Man that is wrestling with the Serpent attempting to usurp the Crown or Kingdom. Yet Ophiuchus’ same foot is crushing the head of the Enemy, the Serpent or Scorpio in this case. This is exactly being mirrored on Earth as Lucifer through the Nations, in this case, sadly the Muslim Palestinians in particular seek that which has been promised to Israel, through Isaac and Jacob, not Ishmael. This is why at the Head region of Scorpio is one of the biggest Stars in the Universe known to Man, Antares. It is a massive Giant Red Sun. It is as if the head of Scorpio, being wounded is ‘bleeding’ mortally to its eventual death.

This war depiction is also complemented by Sagittarius in how this dual-natured being, half Man and half Horse has an Arch and its Arrow is pointed directly at the Head of Scorpio. This speaks, as a complementary and 2nd Witness, that indeed, the GOD-MAN, Jesus came as an ‘Ophiuchus’ to fulfill the promise of Genesis 3:15 with John 3:16. It would cost Him his life as he took on the Sting of Death by the bite of Lucifer’s power, Death at the Cross. But Jesus overcame and has triumphed as ‘Sagittarius’ who has won the Victor’s Crown. Jesus through His resurrection and triumph over Sin, Death and the Devil struck the mortal blow into the Enemy of Humanity’s Soul, etc. What is rather interesting is to compare this pseudo-Tetrad to that last true Tetrad since Christ, that being either the 7th or 8th depending on one’s count, the one that occurred in 2014-15. What made these Tetrads unique in that the 4 Blood Moons occurred on either Passover or Sukkot.

The last Blood Moon was a Super Moon in 2015. It also occurred on the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles. And now this pseudo-Tetrad of 2021-22 starts off with a Supper Moon? Coincidence? Perhaps but one could see a possible symmetry and continuation for the record or celestial depiction of this ‘struggle’ that is going to be centered now, not on the Bride of Christ, but Israel. This study, in comparing the 2 Blood Moon series, suggests that the 2014-15 Blood Moons were more so a Celestial Sign for the Body of Christ. How so? Consider again, where the Blood Moons took place then. In the 2014-15 Tetrad, the 4 Blood Moons occurred alternatively in Virgo and Pisces. These 2 Signs are directly associated with the Church Age. So, what specifically were they ‘saying’ or ‘announcing’? One conjectures that the message was to put the Body of Christ on notice that the last Sabbatical Cycle of 7-years was to occur ending with the Rapture.

And then that the transition or translation back to the Dispensation of Israel would occur. In contrast, this ‘Israeli Tetrad’ occurs in Scorpio, Taurus and Aries. These are the Celestial Signs of ‘Sacrifice and Slaughter’ that suggests a coming ‘bloody’ Crucible that Israel will have to go through. It will not be like that of the prior Age of Pisces where the Church Age has been seen as a euphemism of a Woman, a Bride, etc. The Bride of Christ throughout the Prophetic 7-Church Types of Asia has had her fair share of severe persecution and bloodshed, even up to the present day. And many suggest, her end has been bloodier than her beginning.

Nonetheless, could such a Celestial Motif of a ‘bloody’ Crucible now dealing with Israel be signaling that the Transition is about to take place? Transition to what? The Crucible is a tool used to refine and purify a metal. Such is what Christ is doing presently with the Church Body and will with Israel. And Christ has allowed the ‘Enemy’ to do this with. Will the year 2021 then be a turning point? Or suggesting the coming bloody Crucible is to start for Israel in 2022? Will this pseudo-Tetrad be the precursor to the coming 7-year Tribulation Period, centered on Israel?

From the Tetrad ending in 2015, adding the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle would mean that 2022 would have to be the start of the subsequent Cycle. Will this time then from 2022-2029 be Daniel’s 70th Week? Will that be the corresponding time where Israel is in the grasp of the Enemy and will be pressed-out? The Scriptures do attest to this very same scenario as the coming Tribulation Period is also said to be, ‘The Time of Jacob’s Trouble’. And it will be a time of blood, sacrifice and slaughter, more so than it has been already for Israel and the Bride of Christ.

As to a possible ‘someone’? How about the Scorpion King? What if this someone is a type that is being broadcast now through this Celestial Sign, casting his shadow of his soon debut? Who? The AntiChrist. As a type, it is the personage that eventually will hold Israel in the fiery trial or ‘Crucible’ of the Tribulation Period. This will especially be the case at the 1260th day of midpoint. He will be a King to come and demand absolute worship, just like he was in Egypt. Was there actually a Scorpion King? Yes.

Halfway between history and legend is the figure of a Pharaoh prior to the unification of Ancient Egypt and whose symbol was a Scorpion. He was known a Scorpion I who ruled Upper Egypt before the Unification. What is very unique about this mysterious Scorpion King is that as a Pharaoh, he is the oldest known to date. His history is order than that considered until recently as the 1st of the Pharaohs. And interestingly, this 1st King was represented as being half Man and half Beast. These were of the same mythology of the Demigods that mixed their DNA with the Fallen Angels of Genesis 6.

How is he, a type of the coming AntiChrist ‘King’ or Pharaoh? Consider that his same Bloodline, Lineage and AntiChrist Spirit was carried to the one which meet the Hebrews in Egypt that enslaved them. This happened after Joseph during the time of Moses, etc. It took an act of YHVH to deliver His Earthly People from the clutches and ‘Death Grip’ of the Scorpion King then. It was a time of a ‘Crucible’ as it will be during the soon coming Tribulation Period.This same Lineage, Bloodline and Spirit of AntiChrist will have the ‘Scorpion King’ once again come on the scene at the end of Human History. Why? He will attempt an all-out effort to subjugate not only once again Israel but the whole world. And once again, it will take a miraculous act of YHVH to deliver the whole world, but especially Israel through their true King and Messiah, Jesus.

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