Counterbalancing the Extremist Threats

  • What is the Shi'ite Triangle and what is its purpose?
  • Is there a Counter Measure to meet this Threat?
  • Is there a Prophetic Underlining Aspect formulated?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘O YHVH, do not remain silent; do not turn a deaf ear, do not stand aloof, O YHVH. See how your enemies growl, how your foes rear their heads. With cunning they conspire against your People; they plot against those you cherish. Come, they say, let us destroy them as a Nation, so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.’ -Psalm 83:1-4

The purpose of this study is to consider the geo-political nature of the Shi’ite Triangle and define what that is and its objectives. This notion will serve as a bases of understanding as to why now, the Gulf Arab States and the State of Israel are forging normalization of relations with each other. Many who study Biblical prophecy of the End of Days realize just how significant this development is. It is in the prophetic backdrop of Daniel 9:27 and other passages of the Bible, both Old and New Testament that attest to a coming time of a ‘Peace and Security’ arrangement. However, at such a time, the contrary will occur as ‘Sudden Destruction’ will come about as a result. How can this be? The Shi’ite Triangle. The Shi’ite Triangle consists of 3 main Nations, Iran, Lebanon, and Yemen. They comprise a trifecta of radicalized version of Islam known as Shia.

The issue? They stand in direct opposition to the Arab Gulf States who are Sunni. This issue goes far back in history since the onset of Islam come out of Arabia. There is a contention between the succession of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. It is either by a political/religious appointment or that of a bloodline succession. The Arabs chose the political/religious option while the Shi’ite faction had opted and to this day, contend for the direct bloodline that would have gone through Ali, etc. The Shi’ite agenda is primarily to achieve the destruction of Israel. The 2nd aim is to take over the mantle of Islam as the vanguard and control Mecca’s holy sites. The 3rd aim is to control the holy sites of Jerusalem, that is the Temple Mount and ‘liberate’ the Palestinians. The last goal is to actively export their brand is Islamic radicalism to take over the entire globe.

In their End of Days Eschatology, they are waiting for their Mahdi or the 12th Iman along with the assistance of Jesus Christ. They will return to setup their Islamic ‘Paradise’ and rule the world by forcibly making everyone a Muslim, a Shi’ite’. The issue is that this Sunni-Shi’ite contention is also divided on racial and ethnic lines. The Sunni Muslims are mostly Arab in origin aside from many more nations that have since become dominantly Islam as in Africa and Asia primarily and that are not ethnically Arab. In contrast, the majority of Shi’ites are the ancient Persians or what are now the Iranians. Suffice to say that there are considerable pockets of Shi’ites in Iraq, and even in the eastern coast of the Arabian peninsula facing the Persian Gulf. The 2nd nation in the triangulation of the Shi’ite Triangle is comprised of the para-military order of Hezbollah.

War by Proxy
This Shi’ite faction of Hezbollah is in Lebanon. Many see this faction as a ‘proxy army’ of the Iranians as they do support the movement and have fostered their agenda. The 3rd nation making up the Shi’ite Triangle is Yemen. Yemen’s ethnic tribe called the Houthi make up the dominate force and has aligned itself politically and religiously with Iran. Iran in turn has supplied weapons and ideology to attack Saudi Arabia with. In fact, many political analyst would agree that Iran is in a de-facto war with Saudi Arabia as it is. The point? The Shi’ites of Iran, Hezbollah and Yemen are also at war with Israel. Thus, this is the common ground then that the Israelis and the Gulf Arab States now share and have joined together to deal with. Unbeknown to the Iranians in particular and the Turks, there is now a counter Triangulation of Force to deal with. It is comprised of Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

The Shi’ite Triangle is now a common enemy that needs to be put in check. Thus, those students of Bible prophecy of the End Days do now sense something is up if one is putting out the ‘prophetic’ spider sensors. Presently, it is an eerie prophetic time, and many can feel it, as a cliché goes. It is a very high watch time for Daniel 9:27 to occur. Those knowing the lateness of the hour will need to press on knowing that watching will be all that much more important as the New World Order types will tighten their chokehold on all the world in the meanwhile through the COVID-19 manufactured crisis. So, what is the big deal with this apparent ‘Deal of the Century’ and the Abraham Accords if they indeed do settle the issue of ‘Peace in the Middle East’?

On the outset, it would appear the Accord to be noble and just as even the U.S. President has been nominated for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes. However, it has been determined that the details of the Israeli-Arab Abraham Accords are to be kept ‘secret’ until after the signing of them. Why? What is the ‘secret’? This is highly suspect as most probable, the Accord will involve the eventual ‘dividing’ of the Land of Israel, Joel 3:2. This would be the West Bank or what is the Biblical ancient heartland of Israel, Samaria, and Judea. The issue Biblically is that this laying of the foundation of the ‘Covenant with the Many’ is what YHVH sees it as a ‘Deal with Death’, Isaiah 28:18. Thus, when the Abraham Accords is to be considered for perspective if it is or will be the Daniel 9:27 Covenant, many are saying then that the Land will eventually be divided.

The issue is that the political pundits on both sides are not defining the word, ‘divide’ as divide or as Joel state a clear ‘dividing of the land’. Moreover, many also then link the judgment to come by way of those that are mediating or making of this ‘Covenant’ to be cut and implemented, thus a judgment of the USA as it is the broker and mediator at this time. Here are some arguments that see this Abraham Accord as not being the ‘Deal with Death’. First, it is technically not a ‘Peace Treaty’ as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have not been at war with Israel. Second, they are not dividing the land of Israel as it is only forestalling the annexation of the Jordan Valley and/or eventually all of the West Bank, etc. Kushner has stated that a 2-State solution is the course but has not been nor will be part of these Accords. This is unless it is specified as part of the ‘secret’ conditions Israel will be bound to. Geo-politically, the U.S./Israeli political leaders are circumventing the Palestinians, and by their own account as well.

The Covenant with the Many
The point is that Israel is ‘covenant-ing’ with the Ishmaelites as they so often times have done and has been the case in its Biblical history. In these Last Days, it is in an effort to counterbalance the Shi’ite Islamite’s of Iran, Hezbollah of Lebanon, and the Houthi’s of Yemen. As one sees it, such nations are backing the Palestinians and will eventually attack Israel out of spite for the Abraham Accords. (Isaiah 17, Psalm 83) Israel will prevail, and this is when the AntiChrist will come in to then ‘Strengthen’ the ‘Covenant’ of this Abraham Accord that could be alluding to the one in the Bible. Notice a key point of observation. At this point in time, the U.S. will no longer be a mediator or force to broker with. Perhaps as many believe that according to 2 Thessalonians 2, the Rapture of the Church Age Believers of Jesus will have been ‘departed’. This will cause a dire condition that will default the USA as the head of the nations.

Ultimately, the Bible states that the Dispensation of Grace will end and YHVH will shift his prophetic attention back to Israel. In the end, it is about the Land Covenant really. And Israel’s victory, in turn will foment the ‘sweetening the deal’ by allowing the Jews to erect the 3rd Temple. Thus, once that this is completed and the Altar of Sacrifice is set by the hollowing of the entire Temple Mount and Nation of Israel by the Ashes of the Red Heifer, the Daily Offering will commence. That 1st day the 1st animal sacrifice occurs will start the 2520 day 7-year Tribulation Period. As to the Shi’ite Triangle, you have the Saudis and the Emirates ‘triangulated and are scared stiff-less of the Shi’ites. You see there is even an Islamic prophecy in Sura 95 which states that one day Mecca will be destroyed, the Kaaba and all.

Many believe, primarily the Shi’ites of Iran that they are the Vanguard to do it as they see the Sunni Arabs as sell outs to the West and now Israel. And then you have the Turks with Erdogan that want the resurrected Ottoman Empire to take over the Holy Sites and be the leader of Islam as it was in its former glory days. They already started with the takeover of Hagia Sophia by converting it into a Mosque. They then said that the al Aqsa Mosque was next and then eventually the Kaaba of Mecca. This is why the Gulf States that are wealthy now seek to stem the aggression of the Shi’ite Triangle as their standard of living, wealth and power would be in danger of being subverted. Those that have been to Dubai and Abu Dhabi can attest to the wealth and the openness the country has. They are into making money and being open for world trade and commerce.

One is even able to worship at a large Evangelical Church that is not even guarded. It is in the International City Zone but even in downtown, the affluence and opulence are what the Arabs are afraid they will lose if the Shi’ites take over. They will end up like an Iran, backward and radical and a pariah of the world. To reiterate, the Shi’ite Triangle Nations will intensify their backing of the Palestinians by eventually having all the para-military radicalized factions attack Israel. (Isaiah 17, Psalm 83) Israel will prevail, and this is when the AntiChrist will come in to then ‘Strengthen’ the ‘Covenant’ of this Abraham Accord that might very well be the ‘Many’. It is astonishing how many other Arab nations are now jumping onboard the Israel Peace Wagon. Why? To a part, the Arabs are now acknowledging and accepting that Israel is here to stay.

Dealing with the Devil
The protracted wars with the Arabs against Israel in the past have been costly, disastrous, and humiliating. Also, the newer generation of Arab leaders are not the Old Guard, as they are now dying off. With Israel as a counterweight to the Shi’ite Triangle, it is an Accord of Convenience and political maneuvering, really. As the saying goes, ‘the Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend’. With Israel’s high tech, IDF, economy and intelligence, it has check-matted the Shi’ite Triangle, for now. But the ‘Elephant’ in the room is still the Palestinian issue and the Land. The Biblical Abraham Covenant was/is about the Land Covenant ultimately and prophetically. It is sad that the Palestinians have been used as mere pons for 70 years plus now to wage war against Israel all these years. The Shi’ite Triangle will not go away nor be defeated as it will morph into the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations.

These Islamic Nations that will come against Israel during the Tribulation Period. This war is called the Ezekiel 38 War. Why? Foremost, it is a spiritual war, and one of who has the legal ‘Birth Right’, Isaac or Ishmael. So, is the Promised Land to be ‘divided’ to accommodate a Palestinian State? That remains to be seen. If the scenario plays out though, there would be no reason to, as Israel would be coming out on top. Israel will come out from the victory of the initial war that will usher in the coming AntiChrist and the 7-year ‘Peace’ promised by such the figure. It would be so much so that Israel will ascribe to him as being the long-awaited Messiah. To them, he is a Political Savior foremost. And this in turn will foment the ‘sweetening the deal’ by allowing the Jews to erect the 3rd Temple.

When it states in Joel that YHVH says, ‘they have divided My Land,’ one cannot ascribe that scenario to be the Palestinian issue of having a State within a State of Israel. Why not? What or who is to say that this inference is not talking about another entirely different scenario altogether. What if the prophecy of such a future division that is to occur happens when the AntiChrist comes down into ‘the Beautiful Land’ and then divides it into some administrative divisions instead not pertinent to the Palestinian issue? What if at the time of the Daily Sacrifices being stopped also coincides with some sort of land division. Many are confused or not sure when the Ezekiel 38-39 War will occur. Many say it will occur before the Rapture. Consider that if the AntiChrist is to ‘confirm the Covenant with the Many’ for 7 years, he will promise to provide Israel with the Peace and Security it has long sought after with its Muslim enemies.

It will be a time that the cities will not have ‘walls’ of defense and/or protection. Israel will have accepted this Deal with Death as Isaiah states in a false sense of peace. This is how one can assess that in all probability the Ezekiel War will commence sometime within the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period. In one aspect, it will take 7 months to bury the dead and cleanse the land and the fuel used from such weapons detonated in the land and left behind will be used for fuel, 7 years’ worth. Prophetically and spiritually this midpoint marker would very well coincide with the AntiChrist then stopping the Daily Sacrifices and going into the 3rd Temple to then demand absolute worship for such a victory that YHVH had bestowed. The bodies of Gog and Magog along with all his allies will supernaturally lie dead on the Mountains of Israel.

This Land in the West Bank areas of Samaria and Judea will be the cause to have the spiritual eyes of Israel start to open to the fact that this miraculous victory was not of the AntiChrist but of YHVH and that the Nations of the world will also recognize this reality also. It will be an object lesson from YHVH to Israel that no amount of ‘triangulated’ treaties with the Ishmaelites will provide lasting ‘Peace and Security’. It will ultimately be the Prince of Peace, Jesus, their overlooked and despised Messiah that will return to establish the promised Kingdom. Until then, individuals need to make a personal ‘Deal’ away from Death but rather towards ‘Life’ that is only found in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

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