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by Luis B. Vega
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‘So I Prophesied as He commanded me, and Breath came into them, and they Lived, and Stood upon their Feet, an Exceedingly Great Army’. -Ezek. 37:10

The following are some Links to one’s Online Store pertaining to the Israel Defense Force. The Material and/or Merchandise is based on one’s Short Incursion to Israel in November of 2019. It was for a Participation with a Military Program, through Volunteers For Israel to participate in the Sar-El Organization. It is that which is in Partnership with the Israel Defense Force IDF. Sar-El is the Hebrew Acronym for ‘Service to Israel’. The Assignment was at the IDF Base, Anatot, just outside Jerusalem. The Details consisted of Logistics with Furlough Weekends to Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv in one’s case. 

Sar-El’s purpose is to bring Supporters of Israel to Israel and contribute to the Security of Israel and Jewish Communities worldwide. One’s Personal Goal was to Support Israel through this IDF Partnership. It was a unique Volunteer Experience that would foster New Friendships, Internationally. It became a Cultural Exchange of sorts as one represented Mexico and was among others from 7 Western Nations. Unit Members were from Belarus 1, Canada 3, Finland 2, Italy 2, Mexico 1, South Africa 1, USA 5 for a total of 15. The Information provided is all Public and none of the Photographs in the Book one produced reveal any Sensitive Information. 

Why would any person want to Volunteer to give of their Free Time, Money to Travel the Distance half-way across the Globe to work at a Military Base? And that in Israel of all countries to be shelled by Rockets? These were the precise Questions the El Al Representatives asked when Checking-In to board the Flight to Israel for the Sar-El Volunteer Program in Partnership with the Israeli Defense Force, the IDF. Good Question. It is because being a Student of the Bible, both the Jewish and Christian versions, one would understand this Decision completely. One is welcome to Download the following Material for Free.



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Behind IDF Military Lines
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