Hacking the Software of Life

  • Is treating human DNA like a computer to be programmed ethical?
  • If such technology, will humans have sovereign control over it?
  • Who will ultimately control the information in and out of the body?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘In the next 2 years, there will be a Surprise Outbreak. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind about this.’ -Dr. Anthony Fauci, 2017

The purpose of this report is to catalog a Ted Talk given by the CEO of Modera back in 2017. The transcript is taken from TEDxBeaconStreet posted in December 8, 2017. In that presentation, Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer for Modera clearly spelled-out the rationale and engineering being developed. He demonstrated how to precisely come up with ‘vaccines’ that would alter the DNA of a human, through the utilization of mRNA proteins. This alone should dispel any notion of the official governmental narratives that the COVID-19, which is made by Modera in this case among many other manufacturers is indeed engineered to alter the makeup of a human’s DNA. In the presentation he will mention that the mRNA COVID-19 shots are based on cancer research and that is correct. But that inference and connection is used to cover the justification of what it can and will do with this new type of technology never studied in humans, long-term..  

Simply put, when RNA is used to alter DNA, brain functions and behavior. It is Gene Theory. As to the risk now under ‘Emergency Use’? If one is dying, risk is acceptable, but world governments are experimenting on millions of healthy people now. How convenient for these mRNA manufacturers that COVID-19 just happened to be released when the Moderna's mRNA ‘vaccine’ was rolled-out? The Modera CEO stated, ‘We had a group of volunteers. We injected them with a messenger RNA vaccine against a variant of flu influenza and all of these volunteers got the immune response we were hoping to see.’ Now, here is the problem. The  danger is that the human body becomes the ‘virus’ that causes an immune reaction against itself if the ‘code’ or right mRNA is not administered correctly. What could go wrong? Can one explain?

Traditional vaccines took a live fragment, cell line of a virus and weakened it. Then it was cultured or grown usually like in a chicken egg. The solution was then made a salient and that was injected into the body. The body’s own Immune System would react to in and produce the Antibodies corresponding. This ‘memory’ became part of the ability of the body to prevent spread of disease, treat the disease to cure in and would stop the transmission of the disease to others. This is the medical definition of a vaccine. The mRNA shot is not a vaccine. It does not do these 3 essential function. It does not prevent transmission to others. It does not cure the disease but provides only immunization to those with mild symptoms.

And one has to still wear masks and social distance. So much for the ‘cure’. It rather takes the virus itself and fuses it with the DNA of every cell in the human body. One essentially become the ‘virus’ as that is now ‘coded’ in the very Genome. It will now take additionally shots to ‘code’ for the variant that will be identified and in hopes it will be the right one. If not? Then the body will nevertheless attack the virus, but since ‘you’ are the virus’, one will have a ‘Auto Immune’ Respond’, or essentially the body will start to attack its own organs that will lead to death. How does one shut this thing off? One will not be able to, once that type of Gene Therapy is fused with the Human Genome. So,  the side-effects were brushed aside as ‘insignificant’. How many people think genetic hacking the food supply to make them GMO is healthier than the original? 

 This would make sense to the Frankenstein, Dr. Mengele types of people in the world of sociopathy. This is what the CEO of Moderna in 2017 had to say about how mRNA is precisely used to express changes in the DNA, despite the denial of Dr. Anthony Fauci. It is rather astonishing that the media has collaborated with one brand or ‘denomination’ of the ‘religion’ of Science. It is this version of their ‘Scientific Gospel’ that can only be allowed to be narrated, officially and without question or challenge by Science. Any deviation from its orthodoxy is considered, ‘conspiracy’ and will be/is banned. There is no free discourse even within the Scientific Community about this allowed. Is not Science supposed to be non-political, non-religious? It should. It should be the quest of Science to seek the truth. This is not the case presently.

‘So I started my professional life about 30 years ago as a Nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. And I remember this one infant, let's call him Jonathan who came in really, really ill. He seemed to have a rare genetic defect. But in those days. Gene Diagnosis was still in its infancy. So we could not really figure out what was wrong with him. And in the years since, as I had trained as a Physician Scientist, we have been living this phenomenal Digital and Scientific Revolution.
And I’m here today to tell you that we are actually ‘hacking the software of life’. And that it's changing the way we think about prevention and treatment of disease. So here is all the biology you need to know in 30 seconds. Our body is made out of organs. Our organs are made out of cells. And in every cell, there is this thing called Messenger RNA or mRNA for short that transmits the critical information from the DNA, our genes to the protein which is really the stuff we are all made out of.

This is the critical information that determines what a cell will actually do. And so we think of it like an ‘Operating System’ and it is not just in every cell of our body, it is actually in every cell of every organism alive. It is the same thing and so if you could actually change that, which we call the ‘Software of Life’,
you could introduce a line of code or change a line of code. It turns out that it has profound implications for everything, from the Flu to Cancer and I’m going to demonstrate that with three short examples. Let us start with the Flu. So many of us get a vaccine. What is a vaccine? It is an injection in our arm where we get bits and pieces of the virus the proteins. And that teaches our Immune System to recognize the virus. And so when we get infected, we are not sick now. Imagine if instead of giving the protein we would give the instructions on how to make the protein. How the body can make its own vaccine. That is an mRNA vaccine.

And here is what it looks like from the cell. So the traditional approach has Protein floating around your cells.
An mRNA vaccine approach has the cells themselves in your own body making the vaccine. What is more alarming? A stranger prowling the neighborhood or somebody who just broke into your ground floor and tripped the alarm? That is what happens with an mRNA vaccine. You have tripped the alarm wire and now the cell is dialing 9-1-1. It is calling the Police at the same time as it is making the Protein. And saying that it is the bad guy. That is how an mRNA vaccine works. And for the last several years, we have shown this actually works in a whole multitude of animal models. Earlier this year, we published the first actual study in people and it actually works in people.

We took a group of Volunteers and injected them with a messenger RNA vaccine against a variant of Flu Influenza. And all of these Volunteers got the Immune Response we were hoping to see. The Side-Effect Profile was pretty benign; what you would see with any normal type vaccine. So we have proven the principle. This actually can work. It works in people and now we are going to be developing a whole slew of vaccines against diseases for which we do not have one. So that is Infectious Disease. Now for the second example, let's talk for a minute about Cancer; horrible disease. Cancer has affected the lives of many of us and will affect the lives of many more of us as we age.

The problem with cancer at the cellular level is that the DNA is screwed-up. You've got these mutations and this screwed-up DNA leads up to screwed-up information that makes screwed-up protein. And so the cell loses control. Now how do you figure out what is actually screwed-up? Well, you got to figure out the whole sequence, right. It took us decades and billions of dollars to sequence the human genome. And we have done that. We achieved that in 2003 and now we are less than 15 years later, and it takes us a week. And we can do it for every patient. So, now we can go and figure out what exactly is screwed-up in a patient. And we can use that information to make a vaccine. We take that information, say a patient with lung cancer and we take the biopsy. We figure out the sequence. We figure out their Immune System and that all becomes information.

It goes up in the Cloud, into a Bioinformatic Algorithm and then automatically makes a vaccine that we administer into their normal tissue, into the muscle to try and wake-up their Immune System. Now the challenge of course, is that every person's cancer is different. Mutations happen by random chance and so to do this, you have to make it, so this is [for] me. But if every patient is different, what we are going to have to do is make a personalized cancer vaccine for every patient. And that is exactly what we've started to do. Every Patient gets a vaccine that is based on the sequence and their own tumor. So when we started to do this a couple years ago, my CEO stopped by one evening and said… I get the idea, but is this going to work? And I said, look Stephan, I do not know but we have gotten all the pieces to try and answer the question. So we should try.

And today, I can tell you that I still do not know if it is going to work, but I know we are able to actually run the experiment earlier this week. The first patient was treated with a ‘Personalized Cancer Vaccine’ we made just for her. So, in the months and years to come, we will know the answer of whether we can actually wake the Immune System against somebody's cancer with a Personalized Cancer Vaccine. So stay tuned. I am going to finish with a third example of something called Methyl Melanic Acidemia or MMA for short. Now the name does not matter okay. This is just a disease that is caused by an Enzyme that is critical for metabolism. And when [some] children are born, they lack this one crucial gene. And so their body is not able really ready to fight infection properly. Or anytime they have any sort of stress, their body goes into crisis.

They have one gene that is gone awry, and it causes a really significant disease if you look at what happens over time for these children. About one-third of them do not make it to the age of 10. You see, here is the survival curve, whether the gene is completely lost or whether there is just an aberration in it. The survival is impaired and what do we do? Well, there is not much you can do because the missing Protein is actually missing inside their cells. So, what do we do? Well, here is what we do. We take out their liver and we transplant the liver from a donor that is healthy and normal into these kids. Think about it. They are missing one critical piece of information and what we do is transplant an entire organ. Well, it fixes the problem but what if there is a better way? what if we could fix the missing information?

So, based on innovations of Nano-Medicine, a new class of invention that Bob Langer across the river at MIT and Cambridge has been inventing, we are now able to package this information in
Messenger RNA, with a goal of giving it as an infusion and then having it go to the liver to replace that missing information. [Within the DNA].
This is this going to work well. We know the biology works. So together with the National institutes of Health, we have studied this in a mouse model. And this mouse has been engineered to have the exact same problem that the kids have, or they are lacking. They need the same gene, and you can see in the red line what happens to these mice when they are born. Pretty much, immediately they die. They cannot cope with stress. But if you inject Messenger RNA that ‘codes’ for the one missing protein that replaces that information, these mice all of them survive as you can see in the green line.

And if you look at them, they not only survive, they are actually growing. They are gaining weight. They look like they are healthy litter mates.
We are hoping to start the clinical trials in the near future. And the idea is the same thing here. If you think about what it is we are trying to do, we have taken information and our understanding of that information and how that information is transmitted in a cell. [Gene Therapy] And we've taken our understanding of medicine and how to make drugs and we are fusing the two. We think of it as, Information Therapy. I started by telling you about Jonathan and 30 years ago when I was a Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. I worked two night shifts and Jonathan came in when he was about 12 months old. And very quickly became dependent on a ventilator.

And for the next 15 months or so, every time I came into the unit, he was my patient to care for. You know, bathe, feed, treat, play with. He could not talk. He was on a ventilator, but he was very much alive. And you could tell, you could play with him, his eyes would follow me. After a while, he would recognize me. Until one day, I came into the unit for my shift, and he was no longer there. He had died because of an infection in-between shifts. Imagine a world where we cannot just diagnose but we can actually use the information to create vaccines to wake up the Immune System to something like cancer and to fix the missing information for children with diseases like Jonathan, so that they can leave the ICU and live a healthy life.’


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