Lunar Eclipse of July 4th over USA's Capital

  • What does the lunar eclipse at the Golden Gate mean?
  • Is there any esoteric and/or Biblical nuances to this event?
  • Are current events mirroring this celestial alignment in the Stars?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The genius of America may be that it has built The Fall of Rome’ into its very makeup: it is very consciously a constant work in progress, designed to accommodate and build on revolutionary change.’ -Cullen Murphy

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the Penumbral lunar eclipse of July 4-5, 2020. The illustration will approximate the trajectory the eclipse will take on the night of July the 4th. What is peculiar about this eclipse is that it takes place on the Independence Day, July 4th of the United States. The date itself would have not been that much of a deal in that it happens to be in the same hemisphere and longitude as the Republic’s capital, Washington, D.C., i.e., the District of Columbia. The partial lunar eclipse is not a spectacular one in comparison to the January 20, 2019 one that was a total Blood Moon over Washington D.C. as well. That Blood Moon was the 3rd of a Triad series that started in 2018. Interestingly the 1st and 3rd ones occurred on the ‘New Years of Trees’, a Jewish religious holiday.

Many note that the 3rd Blood Moon that appeared over Washington D.C. signaled the exact halfway marker for its President in office, Donald Trump. However, what is particular is that the trajectory of this partial lunar eclipse starts at a very peculiar place. The start of the eclipse occurs dead center at the Golden Gate. The moon rises above the Washington D.C. skyline where just after midnight of the 4th of July, it reaches the Golden Gate position. What is so significant about this location in the Universe? It is extremely significant because it is the double-door Gate, or Portal into Heaven. Its counterpart is the Silver Gate at the opposite side of the Universe, the Silver Gate, whose ‘Guarding Sentinel’ is Orion. The one for the Golden Gate is Ophiuchus.

It is believed in ancient astronomical knowledge that the delineation between Earth and Heaven, the ‘Gods’ and Mortals had 2 doors in the sky from which such would/could traverse the dimensions to each place. One can think of it as a house having a ‘front door’ and a ‘back door’. The Golden Gate is the premiere one as that is the ‘Gold Standard’ and is thus referred to as the ‘Gate of GOD’. Is this notion corroborated in the Bible? Yes. Consider when Jesus Christ entered the Double Gate or the Golden Gate in Jerusalem as the ‘Lamb’, called His ‘Triumphal Entry’. It is believed that Jesus came in on a Sabbath on the exact day foretold from the numbering of days given to the Prophet Daniel. As the rightful King and Heir of the House, that is the Temple, the City and the Nation, Jesus’ entry sanctified this Golden Gate. How so? It was a signal and a mark of authentication of Jesus’ Messiahship. What this means is that once the Messiah was to have arrived and be recognized as such, the Golden Gate was to have been sealed.

Golden Arches

The sealing of the ‘Golden Arches’ occurred eventually, but it was at the hands of the Muslim Ottomans. This occurred when Suleiman ordered the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and to seal up the double gate. Since then, Islam has attempted to oppose the Kingship of Jesus in that thereafter, a Muslim cemetery was placed in front of the Golden Gate in an attempt to prevent Jesus from returning and reigning. Why? Jesus, as a High Priest, aside from being Prophet and King would be defiled for touching the ground of the dead. However, at Jesus’ 2nd coming, when He touches the Mount of Olives with His feet, a great earthquake will ensue, and the valley will split the city in half. It will not be a problem for Jesus as such a cemetery will totally be removed. Jesus triumphantly, will enter Jerusalem as King and Messiah, only this time as the ‘Lion’, at the end of the Battle of Armageddon through those double arched Golden Doors.

By the way, if one is into the study of corporate Illuminati iconography, the McDonald ‘double arches’ alludes to the Golden Gate, etc. How this act alone would have been and will be a Sign of the true Messiah is found in Ezekiel. It concerns the 4th Temple to be built for the 1000-year reign of Christ Jesus after His 2nd coming. How so? The Jews knew the pattern and eschatological significance of the Golden Gate. The Golden Gate is also referred to as the Eastern Gate as it is directly facing East towards the Mount of Olives. This is also why the Temples were not in the City of David. In Ezekiel, it states that when the 4th Temple is finished, the King will enter it through the Eastern Gate, that is the Golden Gate. And amazingly, it will then be sealed-up so that no other human, Angel or Being will ever inter it because of the uniqueness and holiness of King Jesus.  

So, what is the Penumbral lunar eclipse over Washington D.C. on the Independence Day of the USA signifying as the eclipse occurs at the Golden Gate? One has to take the whole picture in mind for context to possibly ascertain any esoteric and/or Biblical significance or interpretation. Only then can one make some suggestions based on the meaning of the astronomical Signs. A bit of Astronomy is in order for background and context. The Golden Gate is identified in the known Universe by the intersection of the 2 most prominent delineations, the Ecliptic, that is where the Sun appears to traverse the 12 constellations from Earth’s perspective. The other delineation is that of the Galactic Plain. This is basically the diameter axis of the Milky Way galaxy as it is seen from Earth. This is what the Ancients depicted the sky as being the Ouroboros, or the Dragon eating its tail, or as in the Aztec Calendar, the 2 Dragon heads meeting in the middle.

This quadrant of the Universe is composed of 2 major constellations and 2 minor ones. The 2 major constellations are Scorpio and Sagittarius. The 2 minor constellations are Ophiuchus and Aquila. This quadrant tells a story of the Redemptive Plan of YHVH of how at this stage, the story-line begins with Sagittarius, Scorpio, then with Ophiuchus and finally Aquila. Sagittarius is the hybrid centaur that represents the dual nature of Jesus, both fully man and GOD. He is the victor and has been crowned with Corona Australis. He has his arrow fixed and shoots it at the heart of Scorpio, the Giant Red Sun or Star of Antares. Scorpio represents the enemy of YHVH and of His People. He seeks to devour and poison all that is true with lies and deceit, as with Lucifer. The Dragon is thus mortally wounded in the fight as Ophiuchus crushes Scorpion’s Head.


Ophiuchus is the representation of a man, a human struggling with a serpent. This is clearly the reference to Jesus who became man and as a man defeated Lucifer, the Great Dragon or that Serpent that deceived Eve in the Garden. This Serpens is depicted reaching-up for a crown, Corona Borealis as it is Lucifer’s quest to usurp the Kingdom and Throne of YHVH. However, the blow to the Serpens' head, i.e., Scorpio did not go without his stinger piercing the right foot of Ophiuchus with a moral blow. This depiction is what exactly happened at the Cross of Calvary as foretold in Genesis 3:15. It was at that place and time that Jesus, as a man, redeemed Adam’s race from the sting of Death through Death. Jesus essentially ‘crushed’ the head of Lucifer but not before with the same weapon of Death, killed Jesus with it.

Unbeknownst to Lucifer and all his Fallen Angels that gathered to witness what they arrogantly and confidently assumed was the death of the SON of YHVH, Jesus destroyed sin, Lucifer and Death by Death. This is seen in the last of the quadrant depiction of the constellations of Aguila. One sees a majestic eagle next to Arrow as if to pierce it with. However, it rises from the dead like a dolphin leaping out of the water or Delphinus that is depicted leaping-up. This speaks of Jesus’ majesty, death but resurrection from among the dead. The Bible teaches that Jesus is the ‘First-Fruits’ and/or the First Born from among the dead. And that those following His, will also rise in subsequent order, file and rank one day. In particular His People since Jesus’ resurrection have anticipated this timing of the Resurrection sequence to conclude the Church Age with, at the Rapture event of the Bride of Christ.

Thereafter, there is to be praise as in the constellation that is associated with Aquila, that of Lyra that speaks of worship, etc. With all the above presented in context and background, one can then perhaps see that this Penumbral lunar eclipse is significant. However, will it be more so dealing with the United States due to the eclipse occurring on its Independence Day and over its capital. Will it also affect the Body of Christ on Earth as a Sign or perhaps both and even more? According to ancient astronomy, a Blood Moon or lunar eclipse involves war and/or conflict. It is a bad omen specific to Israel. The Moon itself is a representation of the feminine aspect in the sky as opposed to the Sun, the masculine principle. This lunar eclipse is mirroring the previous solar eclipse that occurred at the Silver Gate on the Summer Solstice, which is amazing.

The feminine aspect then has ramifications as this Penumbral lunar eclipse takes place over the District of ‘Columbia’. Think of Columbus, Columbine, etc. It is associated with the Moon goddess. It is what the Luciferians have dedicated Washington, D.C. to. It is an homage to the Queen of Heaven, Sirius. It is referred to by the Freemasons as the ‘Blazing Star’ that has its heliacal rising every 4th of July. Sirius is the brightest Star in the sky located in the constellation Canis Major next to Orion. Its annual appearance occurs just before dawn at the June 21 Summer Solstice, yet another connection to the eclipse of June 21, 2020, as it appears this lunar eclipse is corresponding to the Silver Gate with Orion as Sirius is its companion. How Sirius is incorporated in the layout of Columbia's Capital is in the following observations. On the 4th of July, the Sun reaches the altitude of the tip of the Washington Monument obelisk at exactly 8º 36’.

Columbia Calling

If one is standing at the foot of the Reflecting Pool at that time looking towards the Capitol Building, the Sun, the Capitol Building, and the Jefferson Memorial will all align within 1 degree. The Reflecting Pool represents the Milky Way. It serves as a diffusing body of water that reflects the Lights, the alignment of the Stars in the east when the Sun rises in conjunction with Sirius, Orion, Taurus and the Pleiades. This astronomical alignment is commonly depicted in the Masonic tracing cards. The esoteric effect is to receive the cosmic energies emitted by these Stars and channeled to the Capitol Building dome in particular. Why there? That is why precisely, the top of the Capitol Building dome is capped by the statue of Libertas, or ‘Isis’, i.e., Sirius. It is another veiled inference to the Moon Goddess. It is the Queen of Heaven as a further veiled inference to Lucifer celebrating ‘independence’ from YHVH.

In fact, the whole Washington Mall layout is a homage to the male and female sexual intercourse ritual construed with the shadows cast by the Washington Monument obelisk, etc. The other attribute is the place and time this lunar eclipse occurs at, as noted. Could the Independence Day lunar eclipse at the Golden Gate over the Republic’s capital signal what? The eclipse sequence is signaling Sagittarius. As it pertains to the USA, perhaps its position and disposition is heralding a pending ‘strike’ toward the USA as a euphemism for Scorpio that it has become. A coming judgment-event will be delivered as if to give it a moral blow and wound as Psalm 64 states. ‘They devise injustice and say, we have perfected a Secret Plan. For the inner man and the heart are mysterious. But YHVH will shoot them with arrows; suddenly they will be wounded. They will be made to stumble, their own tongues turned against them. All who see will shake their heads.’ Also see 2 Kings 13:17.

-Location: Washington, District of Columbia, United States
-Sunday, July 5, 2020.
-Saros cycle 149.
-Penumbral lunar eclipse visible
-Magnitude: -0.6438
-Duration: 2 hours, 44 minutes, 58 seconds
-Penumbral begins: July 4 at 11:07:23 pm
-Maximum: July 5 at 12:29:51 am
-Penumbral ends: July 5 at 1:52:21 am
-Related to two partial solar eclipses of Solar Saros 156. (Local time America/New York)
-Moonrise to moonset 14h28m
-Moonrise 20:29
-Moonset 06:01
-Distance to the center of the Sun 152,099,101 km
-Distance to the center of Earth 381,554 km
-Moon illumination (at midnight) 100%
-Lunar phase full moon.
-Preceded and followed by solar eclipses by 9 years and 5.5 days (a half saros).

The Need for an AntiChrist

Pertaining to the Penumbral lunar eclipse of July 4th over Washington, D.C., what is being astronomically stressed is the constellation of Sagittarius. The rise of Sirius on the 4th of July heralds the coming rise of Sagittarius and what that personage represents, the coming ‘Christ’ figure. Realize that to the Luciferians, they are expecting the coming of Lucifer and his AntiChrist. It is rather amazing that the previous eclipse, that of the solar eclipse that occurred, amazingly during the Summer Solstice occurred precisely at the opposite ‘Gate’ of the Universe, the Silver Gate. This is no mere coincidence as it shows the amazing handiwork of YHVH in how He has orchestrated the movements of the Sun, Moon and the Stars to a staggering precision. The path of this July 4th Independent Day lunar eclipse spans the breath of Sagittarius.

As the path of the Moon begins at the Golden Gate precisely just after midnight on July 4th over Washington, D.C., it reaches its maximum around 1:30 AM local time and then is positioned to conjoin the alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Consider that there will yet be another amazing alignment and conjunction of these 2 giant planets, precisely on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2020. This will be the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Given the current world situation due to the plandemic there has been a virtual collapse of the world economies, limitation on one’s civil liberties and closure of churches in particular. One can see that what has been the focus of such dramatic change and upheaval in the world has been the United States of America. Therefore, there is a need for a New World Order and Leader.

However, no other nation on Earth has suffered the effects of this planned Luciferian take-down as the USA. In what ways? Consider that no nation has lost over 40 million jobs. No other nation has had its economy essentially destroyed and no other nation has undergone racial violence and chaos as it is occurring in the USA. Many historians are rightly comparing the present situation of the U.S., if not remedied, as the fall of the Republic much like it occurred during the fall of the Roman Empire. The fall of Rome did not occur with invading military armies but from within. The Roman Empire had an over-extended militarily. It had amassed an un-payable national debt. It pampered a welfare state with subsidies. It is estimated that more than half of the population was composed of slaves and/or indentured servants. Its borders were constantly being overrun by ‘immigrants’.

It reached a level of immorality that consisted of rampant abortions, homosexuality, infanticide, fornication/adultery, violence and murder. Yet, within that world and culture, a thriving small sect called ‘Christians’ as a derogatory term for Followers of Jesus meet in homes and in the Catacombs underneath the city. They became a light in the darkness and the antithesis of the prevailing perverted society. Thus, many are genuinely wondering if in like manner, the USA is now at its decline, much like Rome. After all, a Blood Moon or any partial lunar eclipse that darkens the Moon or turns it ‘red’ signifies war, conflict, strife and chaos. This is exactly what the Luciferians strive for, ‘Order out of Chaos’. Thus, does this July 4th lunar eclipse over the District of Columbia further signal the continuing division and downfall of the USA and the rise of the coming AntiChrist with his New World Order? Most likely.

The fall of the USA has taken the same trajectory of Rome’s fall. It is a wake-up call to many Christians in the USA that are relying more so on the national government and a favorable President to be its ‘Savior’. No human government will ever fully safeguard the inalienable rights given by the Creator, YHVH to Humanity. What is only left is the coming ‘Fall’ and a consuming judgment that will usher in a New World Order as Lucifer’s attempt to provide the answers and an alternative ‘Gospel’ to mankind that will only lead it to Hell where Lucifer will one day finally be cast to. One can take comfort in the Promise of Jesus that the coming collapse of not only the USA but the current World Order will be far removed for the Follower of Jesus. The Rapture event is promised and can be likened to the evacuation of the Hebrews from Egypt during the Exodus account.

At that time, the world was in disarray, darkness descended upon the land and it was the cause that due to the plagues, the People of YHVH were gathered unto their own homes. It is said that within that community, they were the ‘lights of the world’ and had the protection of the Blood of the Lamb over their homes, their ‘Gates’. There they remained until Moses commanded the blowing of the trumpet to assemble and evacuate the land. Many Watchers of the End Times have noticed a prophetic parallel that during such a similar quarantine time now due to the plandemic, true Believers of Jesus are now likewise gathered unto their homes. Such now are anxiously waiting for the Trump of YHVH and the shout of the Archangel to ‘move out’ or in the case from the planet to be gathered unto Jesus Christ in the air.

This study is not insinuating that the Rapture event is to take place on particular lunar eclipses. However, as a ‘Sign’, and particularly for the USA, it is a milestone achieved that is already written in the Stars. Like Lucifer has his woman, ‘Sirius’ and focuses all of his energies on her on Earth, so too does Christ Jesus have His Bride. At the point of the Resurrection and Rapture, all energies and focus will be upon her as Jesus comes to call and gather her in the clouds to usher her to Heaven through the Golden Gate perhaps. The Rapture can be compared though to the ‘come up here’ as with John the Revelator. At that time, the Bride of Christ will ‘exodus’ out of this world for a little while; for she has a wedding to attend to, hers.


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